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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> kim: wild weather from the south. tower can tornadoes destroy homes and businesses killing at least five people. >> adam: high tech thieves stealing your credit card information. >> kim: and they're going to a spending spree. >> and when would the gas station learn about it? >> gas station night not. >> kim: tonight hank investigates. >> adam: and. >> give me your hand, guy. >> adam: officers rush toward the flames to rescue a trapped driver. 6 realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> kim: first at 11:00 breaking news. brockton police arrest an 18-year-old for stabbing his mother inside her home. a relative knew something was wrong and begged you neighbor to call 911. >> adam: they questioned the son you'll night and tonight he's charged with her murder. the night team's alex di prawto live for us. >> reporter: 18-year-old franz
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homicide and saab with assaultd battery with a dangerous weapon at the home in brockton. sweaters are here taking photographs and gathering evidence. >> i knew it was something bad only because she was wailing and screaming and she did say "911, 911." >> reporter: marianne montero dialed 911 was a desperate grandmother who speaks mostly creole pulled her toward the house on merritt avenue. >> she just grabbed my hand and started pulling me house, and at this point in time i now know it was to get her daughter out of the house. >> reporter: but it was too late. 44-year-old maria had been stabbed to death, charged is her son 18-year-old franz polynice. a neighbor says he also lunged at his grandmother during the attack. >> he came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing, and i just pulled the grandmother out of there and i said, no, you're not going in. i just kept pulling her away from the house.
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they went into the housey then held down polynice who had come nowdz until police arrived. >> >> just tried to keep the grandmother, she kept trying to get to the house, back to the house, so we had her sit over here in the driveway and tried to keep her, you know, warm and calm. >> reporter: the attorney says they have recovered a knife. they don't ket yet know a motive. >> the mother-son relationship and for it to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic, and we need to make sure we find out at >> reporter: polynice is expected in a court tomorrow. the neighbors tell us here that the family had come from haiti in the last few years. we're live in brockton, i'm alex diprato. >> kim: also tonight new england is drenched and we are still dealing with the rain tonight. plus, the wet weather will continue overnight. it's going to be heavy at times again. let's check our forecast with
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all over the place and you also had these narrow plumes of locally heavy rain, n.o.w. one now crossing the pike north of the city heading up through the merrimack valley, the north shore of the seacoast and south of the pike it is nothing. braintree hardly anything. then you find yourself into another band of locally heavy rain down through portions of providence. this is working its way up north into the city of of boston in the nex m and this is going to go on overnight tonight. the rainfall totals thus for far for the last couple of days generally between 1 and 2 inches of beneficial rain. granted the timing isn't good with the evening commute fouled up. but i think we can wind down most of the rain as the morning commute is getting underway. at 5:00 a.m. a few isolate showers, and sunshine is coming back tomorrow and a mild day for the 1st of december. we'll pick up the story from there in a few moints. >> announcer: now from the
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day-long cleanup in chinatown. >> adam: a water main break, manhole snroationz, streets cleefdz in streets evacuated. more than 15 hours later crews are still in chinatown trying to cleanup the ez mess created this morning. tim compute oh live. >> reporter: the good news is they are making significant progress. in the last half hour or so they have reopened washington street over this shoulder. that's where the break happened. but there are also fires and smoke issues so they are still working on that now. ever source well into the evening hours hoping everything gets back to normal by tomorrow. thick and potentially toxic smoke billowed from manhole covers on kneeland street right on the edge of chinatown. the plumes ofy dense smoke coming from multiple manhole fires. >> typically with manhole fires they travel in sequence so the just starts popping down the street. >> reporter: concerns over
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forced the evacuation of the boston youth who is tell. >> the alarm went off. ever got booted out by the firemen. we still don't know what's actually going on. >> reporter: the issues began with an early more than water main break on washington street. a 20-inch pipe burst spewing thousands of gasoline out onto the street and into businesses and apartment buildings. some restaurants were forced to close for the day. >> this is a precautionary message. there were about three to four feet of water in some of the baseiments so we want to make sure everything is clean and pr ordeal snarled traffic in an already congested pafortd the city. we got a bird's-eye view of the damaged pipe which was removed and replaced by early evening. city officials have not determined why the pipe burst but the mary has his sus missions. >> some of these pipes have been in the ground for decades. maybe some even a century long. certainly that's something we're working on but boston is an old city and we have old infrastructure throughout the entire steft have city of boston. >> reporter: tufts medical center right across the street
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there was concern early on that the hospital might have been affected by a lack of water or the smoke that was coming up from the ground. thankfully the hospital was not impacted in any the way. we are told by city officials is plan is, the hope is to have all these roads reopened by rush hour tomorrow morning. live in boston, tim compute oh. >> kim: a car smashes into a bar in avington. see that car? it went right through the wall of j.p. ryan. emergency crews came. they towed awa one was hurt. wild weather ripping through a number of southern states. tornadoes touching down in mississippi as well as alabama and florida, leaving a trail of destroyed homes and businesses. at least five people have died as a result of these storms, and countless families are left without a home tonight. the night team's tomgz joins us with moe more. >> reporter: at least five people are now dead and several structures destroyed after a
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southern states overnight. one of the hardest hit areas northeast alabama. one twister caught on cell phone video. more than a dozen tornadoes confirmed by the national weather service in two days across the stowth. and rosalie alabama up to 20 builds destroyed, piles of debris all that's left. neighboring polk county, tennessee -- >> and i thought thee were going to die last night. >> reporter: -- jennifer young and her family narrowly escaped. >> my husband said there's grab the kids. >> reporter:a son and mom are recovering mr. the hospital after a storm destroyed their home in tbam. this is what's left their three bedroom trailer, just prunl rescue crews racing against time. >> it was kind of chaotic because we had a lot of community members that was up here frying to dig them out and help them out and trying to get order so we would know what was going on. >> reporter: in winston county, alabama more than 70
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the community center next the shelter destroyed. now officials are grateful for the community who are out helping each other. >> everybody is pulling together as team efforts. people are out here trying to help their neighbors they don't even know. >> reporter: alabama's governor has issued a state of emergency across the state, and officials say more than 6,000 homes are still without power tonight. in the the roorm jaddian thompson 7news night team. >> adam: the night team turning to a clothing that could cost the fire chief his job. they say he used public money to buy women's clothing. >> reporter: police aren't buying that story. it's common for firefighters to get a clothing allowance but they say he thank hey was buying the clothes for a twom. after an investigation, police say dighton's fire chief used public funds to buy women's clothing for his girchtd.
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town, whether it be $235 or $235,000. >> reporter: the chief admits he baud ladies clothing on a police and fire gear website and then filed paperwork to be reimburse pd investigators say he used taxpayer money to buy a women's rain boat, a compression cam hole, capri pants and a black tube top. a report says the chief was embarrass pd but claimed he lost 30 pounds and women's clothes fit him berpt paper, would said the chief even the clothing on to prove it fit him. it did but tightly. >> live next to the fire station. he's done an outstanding job for us as long as he's been chief. >> reporter: the chief's attorney said, he is saddened by the allegations and strongly denies hem. chief roderick maintains his innocence. >> why do they single him out over 200 and something dollars, now they're saying it's more. i don't know, but. another a crying shame. he's a good man.
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>> reporter: now, the chief is out of job without. a he's charged with larceny and violating public employee standards. we're live in dighton. >> kim: a medicine mix-up causes you scare at a blackstone elementary school. seven-year-old madison young says she hurt her elbow during recess, and she went to the school nurse but instead of motrin, the nurse accidental gave her ritalin. school officials stay the nurse immediately called poison control. >> apparently another little girl is school, and she thought that madison was the little girl. >> because they look alike? >> because they looked alike yes,. >> kim: the school principal said it was an honest mistake. the nurse feels very bad about it and will not face any disciplinary action. >> adam: former patriot and convicted killer aaron hernandez suing over an alleged invasion of privacy. hernandez is suing a prison technology company after some have lifnedz in on jailhouse
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while waiting his murder trial. another not known how they eaksd the calls. he is awaiting trial for another double murder. >> kim: president-elect trump filling his team tonight and he turned to billionaires and wall street veterans. in the control room. whose in, ryan? >> reporter: as mr. trump smells his cabinet he is coming under fire for his picks. someem isn't draining the swamp but adding the alligators to it. >> what donald trump is doing is he's literally handing the keys to the treasury over to a wall street banker who helped cause the crash. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren fired and up condemning president-elect trump's picks. steve maturein will be as a treasury secretary. >> and picks a guy who had actually been one of the people who helped do all those lousy mortgages that not only broke
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>> reporter: niewch expin a longtime bank are working as the goldman sachs but starting his own hedge fund but some say he can't be trusted, and he's already talking about tax cuts. >> we're going to have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. >> reporter: mnuchin will be joined by wilbur ross as commerce secretary, a billionnaire businessman known as the king of bankrupts well a history of going after strugglingy companies. this all comes as mr. trump anat keep around 1,000 jobs in indiana. it's something the president-elect promised in his campaign. >> we're going to stop it dead in its tracks. >> reporter: the company teting dweer pleased to keep close to 1,000 jobs in indy. more details soon." carrier wags threatening to move their operations to mexico. and in a few weeks mr. trump said he will announce how he is removing himself from his business completely to focus on being president.
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schultheis. >> kim: up next tonight, stwiepped, and swiped. >> adam: a new techy twist on a credit cards credit card crime of. what to watch out for when you're filling her up. tonight hank investigates. >> come would be bro'. you got to get out of car. give me your hand. >> dinch ever cinch a man trapd if his burning car and police rush in to make a fiery rescue. >> meteorologist: downpours overnight tonight. december gets off to a sunny start. >> adam: also a wild sight o a great white tagged next on
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>> kim: high tech thieves target drivers and going on spending sprees. you probably heard of credit card skimming at gas stations. erring investigative reporter hank phillippi ryan has discovered a new twist on that crime. >> adam: thieves are going
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tonight hank investigates. >> reporter: he thought he was only buying gas at this quince pump, but on this man's credit card there were charges forte tuxedo, jewelry, and furniture. joe it wasn't to hide his identity, but listen to this. >> how much did they charge to your account? >> $1,000. >> reporter: $1,000. >> we just called the police and everything. that's what we're supposed to do. >> reporter: how did it happen? look here. inside t used, police found this computer cable. criminals had attached it to the credit card reader. that transmitted joe's credit card data to bad guys who download it to their computers. >> it made me angry. >> reporter: experts showed us how criminals pry open the pumps, sometimes lately at night, often using a pump farthest from any surveillance camera, and then they install the cables. >> you unplug it from one side or the other, plug your unit in.
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pump and wait for the next victim. >> and it will read whatever this reads. >> and take the information. >> and take the information. >> reporter: the gas station gets paid, but your credit card info is swiped. >> and when would the gas station learn about it? >> gas station might not. >> they might never know. >> no. >> reporter: detectives told us the computer assisted crooks are fast. >> these can be put on within minutes. >> reporter: and their schemes pay off. >> a lot of money is lost veryqu realize it. >> reporter: we have learned this stow-called gas pump skimming is on the rise in massachusetts. >> they're really everywhere so you have to watch out. >> reporter: we found chases in quincy, weston, bridgewater and more. now is the t. state is pushing gas stations to protect their pumps with tamper resistant seals look these, and asking customers to watch out. >> it was surprising to me that there were so many. >> reporter: and here's how you can protect yourself. if there's a seal on the pump,
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inside or even use cash. in the newsroom, i'm hank phillippi ryan. >> adam: following more news tonight a thief in new york grabbing gold and getting away. you can see h'm walk up to the armored truck left open by the a distracted guard, grab the pot of gold flakes. police say the gold flakes are worth about $1.6 million. >> kim: caught on camera in >> come on, bro. let's go. come on. everybody fete away from the car! >> kim: a risky rescues for police officers in the town of winlt on, e. expt a man was trapped inside that burning car and officers ran over with fire extinguishers, clearing a path. took several minutes but they finally knocked out the windows and dragged that man to safety. >> adam: also caught on camera, a snowplow catches on fire in maine. this happened in the front of a
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way too intense a volunteer fire crew arrived and they put out the flames. >> kim: we will need those snowplows soon. can we play the rain/snow game. if this were rain, how much snow would we have? >> meteorologist: if you assume a ten-to-one ratio, we'd be talking in booster 17 inches of snow in worcester. >> kim: good be a foot of snow. who is with me? who is with me? click, there is the tvs. port smoth 8/10 of an inch of rain. this is good news. it goes a long way in wiping out the drought. we need several days of a storm like this. i mean, you don't just get out of a significant drought like we are in after a couple of days of rain, but if we could have this pattern last through the winter, and again some of that would be, of course, in the form of snow, and then going into next spring, it would be great.
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of heavy rain north of the city. it shut down temporarily and then more heavy rain south of town. these bands of rain will quickly move through, and it will rain like the dickens for about two or three minutes and then shut down to drizzle. a lot of us are in for the night, not driving, but if you are allow extra time because we do anticipate the steady to occasionally heavy rain overnight tonight. now, here is the back edge of the weather system moving through eastern pennsylvania. this will work up into morning, but in doing so i think most of us will picking an additional half inch to almost an inch of rain on top of what we have already picked up so that'll bring the whole total, the whole shebang yip wards of . 3:00 a.m. we're still awj talking about the rain moving at a good clip, so that by 7:00 a.m. most of the rain sowft here. again if you have a morning commute that gets going 5:00, 6:00 with 7:00, there could be a couple of isolated showers but as we move through the morning hours quickly the air dries out,
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mild. temps hnt haven't moved since the afternoon. they're up a degree from the afternoon. i think as we head toward the morning commute the temps will continue to rise so that by 6:00 a few isolated showers but look at these temps. lower 50s. by noirks mostly sunny, breezy, temps will be in the low 50s, and your first day of december is a warm one. temps between 52 and 58. the only knock i have on tomorrow other than the large puddles from the rain tonight will be a westerlyin between 15 and 25 miles per hour. boston tomorrow afternoon at 57. lakeville close to 60. drake in the middle 50s even into the worcester hills. fitchburg 52. barry at 49. worcester at 49. and that'll be it for the warm weather, folks. i know some of you are are chomping at the bit to get this winter pattern going. it will take some time. although monday cloudy and there may be a few isolated snow flurries on monday morning.
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how about this up close look at shark hunters in action. osearch a great white shark research showing us this final expedition of the year. they're just relegals the video from october. y. digs in nantucket reeling in tt huge great white shark. a male tagged for tracking and put back out to sea but they did name it sisco after 1st cobeach. >> adam: don't cout the underdog. maybe that was the tonight or were they underdogs? >> joe: in some way because you would have thought the underwould go do two have been the pistons. the celtic may have doubted them and they paid dearly. that's next in 7sports. ?
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joanch celtics thought they had a "w" all teed up tonight. the pistons come into the gearnld playing on back-to-back nights on the road and a barely average team to begin with. what the celtics got bass theis. tons' best game of the year. al horford back after the birth of his second child wasting no
11:26 pm
here he draws the double team. 3 he hits amir johnson for the easy dunk. celtics trail by 3. in the first quarter. the second quarter isaiah thompson gets crafty. andre drum ond spinning it in. down 6. pistons kept the pressure on all night. ish smith leaves it off to her rescue bias harris who flushes home two of his 21. celtics close to gap to start the third quart. rows ear -- celtics up 95. 94 but the pistons respond with a 9-0 run of their own. can't taif just caldwell-pope, 25 for kpc. celtics lose it 121-114. if last weekend the start of this week is any indication, you can get used to the patriots practicing without tom brady and rob gron cow ki and the league's best quarterback-tight end combo
11:27 pm
injuries. bready and gronk not the only one sitting this session out. julian edelman sitting it out do due to a foot injury. the calendar is about to flip over to december and as devin mccordy will tell you, the stakes only get higher from here. >> i think that's what december means. it's almost over. we have five games left in this regular season and you can't get those five games back. you can't make up for them later in the the sea >> we want to play great football late. this is what it it is. it's crunch time. want to get ourself in good position. >> announcer: play of the day brought to you by capital one. >> joe: peng wings-island perps staring down john tarvaris on eye 5-3 is definitely desperate measures but matt
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murray is our play of the day. major league baseball and its players union striking deal for a new collective bargaining deal. the previous contract set to expire at midnight. >> kim: now here's jimmy with what's coming up next on the the tonight show. >> felicity jones is my guest plus billy, and anabel superlatives. do not change the channel.
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 581, quebec! yeah! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much! thank you. oh! that is a hot crowd! [ cheers and applause ] that's amazing right there. hey! right back at you, man. welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, to "the tonight show." this is it, baby! this is it! [ cheers and applause ] this is the show.


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