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tv   Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and a fun day monday to you, everybody. november cyber mop. hope you had a really fabulous and blessed thanksgiving with your friends and family. it is all about shopping, it seems to me today. >> so was friday. so was saturday. when saturday was small town -- small business saturday. you're right. what the heck is tomorrow? >> tuesday. cyber tuesday.
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wednesday. >> thank you. look who's with us today in our kitchen! >> he's got an eggplant or something. >> now he's shining up his eggplant. there used to be a word for that. >> all right, marcus. we have a great off today's buzz. we teamed up with "people" magazine for our second annual beauty awards. we'll show you today the best hair products from the drugstore. very important. >> why are we showing makeup right now? >> it is all the best-of. this week five chefs are cooking up a dish they say that they would make if i came to their house for dinner. last summer we had the greenwich
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wonderful fun in greenwich. these fantastic were there for it. i just hosted -- moderated a panel with all of them. i asked every one of them -- we know what you do at your restaurants. it is all fantastic and when you make on the "today" show. but if you were invited just personally to come to your house, what would you make for me to represent who you are and what your home is and everybody had such a completely different answer that i said, you guys, so we put it together. we've got everybody coming all this week. marcus is heading it out. >> i am. i'm super excited. i'm going to do a cocktail, then a little fish. >> darling picture of you and your wife and your little boy in "people" magazine. >> how cute. >> super great thanksgiving for me and my wife. >> awesome. he's so beautiful. what's his name? >> zion. >> beautiful! >> beautiful. >> yes.
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black friday? i'm not. >> i didn't. >> no, no, i didn't. we'll show you how to make some extra money for all your gift shopping without leave your house. and our favorite things are later. >> oh, my gosh. you had tons of family and fun stuff. we had family and friends from michigan and florida that came to stay with us for a few days. i don't like to play any kind of games. we just played games. we had such a good time and it was a nice mix of our traditions with theirs. they have everything on thanksgiving. they have the thanksgiving turkey but they also have a ham and a tenderloin. >> they like it do it big. >> very midwest. do it all! so we did it all. of course cotes and cass were home. that's all i care about. i might as well say my favorite thing right now. because that was part of the weekend.
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years and he's always been good to me. good to me. i hated "pulp fiction" so i said it on the air to regis. the next day i got a basket this big from harvey. i've never met him before saying, i'm so sorry you hated "pulp fiction." so did my mother. he said but here are some things that she loved and i hope you will, too. so classy. we've been friends for a long time. he sends me occasionally ones he thinks i'll be moved by. there is a movie out locally right now but is goi full, full nationwide next week. it's "lion." with dev patel, nicole kidman and rooney mara. it is simply stunning and you'll sob your eyes out. it is so moving. that's all i'll tell you about it. >> love it! you know what else? went to see "allied" yesterday. cody had seen it before, he's my guy. he said, mom, i think you would really like it. he took me and his girlfriend,
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mel gibson's movie "patriot," it was an unbelievable one. years ago. but does it stand out. >> you had like movie palooza. >> and cody got me hooked on "the crown." i've never binge watched anything. i was bleer ary-eyed. it is all about queen elizabeth and prince philip. i kept saying how much of this is based on truth. wow! the intrigues of court and the crown. gh >> is it on pbo? >> net flishflnetflix. i think every episode costs like $7 million. you cannot believe the attention to detail. >> on netflix? i'm going to watch that. >> tell babout the little show you put on. >> i had my nieces and my mom and my brother and his wife and everybody at my house. we did all the things. it reminds me of how much i love new york when your family's that. because you go do the radio city rockettes.
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random sighting. tom's daughter sara was there and their son. we were at the thanksgiving day parade. the kids kept screaming can you see me, san today? last year santa looked the other way. it was very depressing. this year he yelled and screamed and looked. there's joel. we ended up doing so many things that you do in new york. we had a great thanksgiving meal. >> you've got more room now in your apartment. >> you know what i did? i have the same table, i just shoved them in. how about that! >> you're a mathematical genius. >> i couldn't believe -- how awesome it was. >> how about you get a table with a leaf? >> but i never have people over. that's the most people that i'll ever have in my case. >> unless you have a table that expanded. >> maybe. my nieces every morning when we woke up, we would raise the shades and we would all say, good morning, new york. so we decided that was going to
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so i got my guitar out. horrible. and we sang and we did this -- they go -- ella kept saying, can anybody see us? i said look at all these windows. some freak is watching us right now. >> wonderful. >> we had such a great time with the whole group. there's -- we went and saw "wicked." we did -- the rockettes -- >> you're the best aunt in the world. >> we went to the park. by the way, the rockettes -- if you haven't been, please i just took this. >> which is illegal. >> it is? >> yes. >> well, watch it anyway. >> they do this every year and it never gets old. >> then it went all crazy. >> i love it. it never gets old. you might have seen it 100 times. my niece, i took her ever, every year. my kids, too. then all of a sudden -- they've done it and they don't want to do it anymore.
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lease let that be before i die. >> every time you go, it is different. yeah, you're going to have grandchildren. by the way, congratulations are in order for kathie lee gifford. >> why? >> how many followers do you have on twitter right now? >> i guess -- a million. thank you, everybody. >> where is the confetti! >> what does that mean? >> it means lots of people are paying attention to your tweets! be careful. >> my friend pykyle mel you -- you did it without one nude picture. i would have lost followers if i'd have done a nude picture. we need a great story today. tell this one, hoda woman. >> we need to give a shout out to this guy in illinois, a guy named jim ford. he's been a repo man for more than 20 years. his job is to repossess cars. okay? so he had to repossess one day a 1998 bluick. the owners were 82-year-old
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jim found out this couple was sinking deeper into debt and that was because they had to pay so much for their medications. they only had $30 left until their next social security check. but the kiplings understood that jim had to do a job so he took the car. there they were without their car. so it really bugged jim. a lot. >> i bet he sees everything, too, in his line of work. you know? >> he's probably seen the best and the worst. he decided, you guys, to start a go fund me page. he wanted to raise $3,500 to pay not only did they raise that $3,500, they received $17,000 in donations from more than 400 people. here's what jim did. jim repaired and detailed the buick, he delivered the cash and a thanksgiving turkey to the kiplings. stan said it was like hitting the lottery and patty says there are very good people out there. >> there are. there are. >> there are beautiful, wonderful people. >> love that story.
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i couldn't take someone's things. i'd go broke. >> just keep it. we lost a good friend. i've known her many, many years. she was one of the first people you meet when you went out to hollywood. florence was everywhere. the lovely fror florence henderson passed away on thanksgiving day. she was still like pinch me, i get to make my living this way she was a half-full type person. >> she did everything you could imagine in show biz, including anchoring a whole hour. she did so many wonderful things. most people i remember her from "the brady bunch" and how you really did learn life lessons. it was just so funny you learned about things. your family -- >> you wanted her to be your mother. she was also the first woman
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when johnny carson took off one time. >> congratulations. just so you know here, just three days before her death, she was in the audience at "dancing." which shows you just how -- >> cheering on marcia. >> she didn't like ill. >> they said it was a fast illness. they thought she would be in and come out and just get over it. and she didn't. >> wow. >> her manager told the "los angeles times" that she had not been ill so it was a surprise. our love to her family. favorite thing. imanticipate dying to see "lion." can i tell you what it is the time of year for? these are called satsumas. i'm just going to tell you because i want someone to try them. zach, please come forward? >> i'll try it, too. zach has never turned down everything. >> so true. just bite it and please do close-ups on each of their faces. >> so much better than "ihoda." mm.
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but they're sugar sweet. it's that time of the year. it you can get setsumas, they are a type of citrus. it is the delicious. it is the time of the year. >> they're delicious. thank you, sweetheart. something new for "star wars" fans. find out what had tinseltown talking in "today's buzz." and more right after this. p
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nous shade. preference is uniquely blended for color that's incredibly dimensional, luminous. all that and fade-defying up to 8 weeks. what's not to love? in over 50 luminous shades. superior preference. it's a love thing. l'oreal haircolorist paris. and you're worth it. if you were too busy watching football and shopping this weekend you probably missed all the juicy celebrity scoop. >> we are about to get you caught up today in "today's buzz". >> here with all the hot hollywood happenings. >> love that. >> special correspondent for imbd, dave karger. >> so much fun. total blast and happy to be here with you. >> happy to have you here. >> talk "star wars," shall we?
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the new trailer for "rogue 1" the "star wars" story came out over the weekend. people are flipping out. the first time a stand-alone movie of "star wars," coming out 16th of december. about three weeks away. all new characters with the exception of darth vader who makes an appearance is. i'm excited about the new droid you see in this trailer, and really reminds me of 3 cpo. that vibe. >> i was that for once. >> yes, she was. >> people will be lining up for this and people expecting about $130 million opening. >> how would this compare to the last "star wars" movie? >> not the business of the last one that was mammoth and part of the overall main -- >> had harrison and it had carrie. >> but this is going to be huge. >> talk movies. weekend box office. how did things do? >> "moana" came out thanksgiving weekend, disney animated film. loved it so much.
11:17 am
lin-manuel miranda, a great female character, by the way, not looking for a man or boyfriend. >> saving the world. >> fabulous. >> and it made $81.1 million, if that number holds, the number two thanksgiving opening weekend of all-time behind only "frozen," which made $93 million a few years ago. huge. "fantastic beast" a great weekend made over nows over $150 million. the news unfortunately not all good, first movie in 15 years called "rules don't apply." i really liked. a great old hollywood -- >> what happened? >> people didn't care. made $2 million over the weekend. >> in wide release? >> very disappointing. i felt bad. did an interview with warren and annette, the academy appreciated the movie but the audiences did
11:18 am
you know "star wars" is going to do -- you'd think an interest in seeing -- >> sad. because i want hollywood to make more movies like "rules don't apply" that are differ and new. >> how about "allied"? saw that yesterday? >> i liked that. >> i didn't hear good things about it. my son in the film world said, mom, you're going to like it. >> not a huge blockbuster, looking for an old-fashioned hollywood movie with some romance and some go wrong with that. >> maybe because brad has not really been 3r0e6789 promoting it. >> true. >> selena gomez made news? >> decided to take time off, deal with health -- panic attacks, sides of lupus. came back on the amas and did her first instagram post. most followed on instagram in the world, by the way. did a post the last couple of days with a great picture of her
11:19 am
needed to take time off. i think people are happy to see her back in a good way. >> she handled it so well. you and i talked about this so many times. young kids get into a situation like that. take a break. go back and get in tough with yourself. she's a deeply spiritual girl and you can see he's healing. >> when she made the speech at the amas, i was a fan before, after seeing that, she's got courage. >> got are >> you can go now. you're a sweetheart. come see us again. all right. about to surprise or fan of the week. could be you, but maybe not. >> unlikely. then, never, ever have a bad hair day again. putting the best hair products to the test, coming up, right to the test, coming up, right after anyone with type 2 diabetes to the test, coming up, right after knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around?
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dplo globe. today it's landed in -- >> all: glendale, arizona. patti's here by skype. >> hey, patti. >> are you surprised? >> yes, very surprised. >> we are, too. that skype is actually working! [ laughter ] that never happens. happy thanksgiving-post. >> happy thanksgiving to you both. >> all righty. tell everybody why you were chosen. pat ip been watching our show as long as she can remember and watched me -- since the regis buzz and likes to hear us talk. were why, we don't know. >> and helps at an elementary school helps children live to write and read. >> and married to her beautiful husband dan 39 years and two beautiful children. amy and dan. >> put you to the test with a trivia question. 15 seconds to confess and you'll win the grand prize. are you ready? >> yes. >> all right pip. >> here we go.
11:24 am
here's the question -- which are the following is not one of joy bauer's reg sar segments on our show. junk food to joy food, joy fit club or joy to the world? >> joy to the world! >> yes! you and your husband dan head to williamsburg, virginia, where you'll spend four days, three nights at wedmore place, sits on 300 acres of vineyards and forests. beautiful. >> it is gorgeous. also treated to a tour, wine tasting at williamsburg winery and you'll sail on the "alines" in yorktown. admission to the revolutionary city and choice of a spa treatment or round of golf. >> and lunch on the york river and a meal in a historic tavern. round-rip airfare included. >> how does that sound? >> thank you so much! >> enjoy your trip. >> yes. now, get ready to tame your mane with the best drug store hair products. >> all coming up after your
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hmm. it's fun day monday, and time for our second annual beauty awards. >> once again our "today" style team joined forces with "people" magazine and had 25 beauty obsessed staffers try out nearly 500 different drug products from hair care to makeup and skin care. >> today we reveal the best of the best hair products of 2016. to do that we brought in our experts. "today" contributor jill martin. love our jilly girl. >> and "people" style and beauty direction, just had a baby 29 days ago -- >> all: andrea lavinthal! >> all right. so we got the top products, drug store products. right?
11:31 am
everything is well under $10, and unbelievable products. we're going to show you the best of the best. you'll see why, because this is a spa party with a lot of our friends. >> okay. >> cheers to the second annual awards. >> cheers! >> start with something that's a little -- flipping the switch a little bit, because this is tresemme. this one, and this is conditioner before shampoo. >> you put the conditioner in, leave it on for a minute, and then you put the shampoo after, and this is really great for people because it's voluminous. gives you more body. for people whose hair is dried out with shampoo, laura said it's great, to put condition other than the end, then the shampoo and then the -- >> at the end. >> then the conditioner. that really helps to -- >> conditioning. >> this is under $6 for each one. >> got it. >> great. you've been using this a couple of months. >> i love it. love it. >> joelle looking good. >> oh, thank you. >> next product?
11:32 am
sounds like a delicious dessert. >> yes. >> smells like one, too. it's delicious. >> yeah. >> what do you do? >> our tester said this worked in her hair, left it softer and shinier than her $62 conditioner. >> what? >> wow. >> money speaks frnchs shiny, healthier looking hair. >> thank you for all you do. >> all right. all switch, do-si-do with you. >> what's here? >> this is our not your beach babe soft wave sea salt spray. >> a before picture? >> yes. >> okay. >> jillian has awesome textured hair. >> nice, jillian. >> but when she spritzes in the texturizing spray it gets that beachy look. here she is -- >> it has salt in it, right? like saltwater? >> and smells like a vacation. right, jillian? >> like coconut. >> smells good. right? >> hmm. smells really good. you have keratin, don't put it
11:33 am
>> step right down. there you go. i don'tname, hon? >> jackie. >> jackie's here! >> dark and lovely. on that. >> this you put in, you want to do it? >> yeah. >> look how great she looks and how much volume it will give your hair. >> dry it? >> use it on wet or dry hair. i prefer it on dry, because i wash my hair every day and i use it as a styling product, really. so either i use it before i set my hair or i do right now when i need a refresher end of the day before i go out. >> love it. >> to give it a little umph at the end of the day. >> that oomph. >> what's jamie doing down here? >> jamie is using the first-ever alcohol-free hairspray by pantene. >> what? >> people love hairspray because of the holds but don't like the crunch. >> feel? >> no alcohol, no crunch. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow! >> beautiful hair. >> thank you. smells fabulous. >> like heaven. >> i love it.
11:34 am
>> yeah. >> and this -- >> yes. >> dry shampoo, we can all relate to. saying, because she just had a baby. not getting a blowout. >> 27 days ago. look at this woman. >> dry shampoo really gives you that, removes oil, it's not greasy and gives you that extra lift for those day us don't want to get another blowout. >> how i wash my hair now. >> looking good! >> and it's so affordable. this stuff is like $4. >> all righty. shop these items nnd see the whole 4ri689 of awardni tomorrow, more. award-winning makeup products just in time for holiday parties. and award-winning chef, whipping up a dish, nice fish dish. i think ? ? ? and off you go, ?
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>> i grew up in sweden. a little bit of vodka. right?
11:40 am
pineapple vodka. >> hmm, nice. >> and no straw. check it. no straw. >> real men don't use straws. >> okay. what are you making? >> what we do, we do rub the eggplant with olive oil. how about that? >> we witnessed that. >> how about that? you saw that! no comment. >> highlight of my day so far. >> yeah. >> so here. my favorite dish. >> yeah. >> and -- a little bit of roasted eggplant with a halibut, halibut on the bone. i brought from the water, you know, in >> yes. >> but eggplant is super delicious and we're going to char this. rub it with olive oil. >> every time you said it. >> right. >> weird. >> wrap it up, put it in a broiler. feel that. it's soft. right? it's cooked. it's soft. >> squishy. >> and then put it in the blender. hoda, you can do that. >> what do you want me to do? >> put the garlic, jalapeno, put in olive oil and then put this machine on. can you do that?
11:41 am
i would like to. on. >> perfect. you can cook! >> we've got it. >> that's all? >> turning into puree and then add in a little bit of spinach. this is so delicious. we have spinach -- with our beautiful -- puree. >> eggplant puree. >> this could be a hummus dip, use for chicken. use it with fish. >> you're adding the spinach to it? >> absolutely. we're going do that. look at that, you little star chef. come on, come >> okay. >> so mark murphy. >> mark murphy is coming. >> alex. >> and michele mishon. >> and evelyn. >> look how you just flip it like that. >> exactly. it's my job. i'm a chef. i should be able to do that. >> you cook it um like that. >> yes. >> that's chef 101. isn't it? >> boom! and halibut on the bone. >> looks so good! >> if people don't like fish, one way to do it.
11:42 am
sweet soy. garlic and dill. just put that in. >> garlic and dill. >> kind of glaze that on top of the halibut. this is going to caramelize. that's how you get that golden -- see? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> this is the type of food that i grew up with in sweden. very simple, on the bone, boom. just kind of cook it, with a little bit of butter. >> both sides, do you? >> yeah. normally start with some olive oil and add in the butter and baste it. >> can i glaze that side? >> glaze. come on. >> sweetie? >> i would say two teaspoons. >> how long do you cook it? >> four minutes each side. >> four minutes. >> because we cook it on the bone, right? it's going, the fish is going to stay juicier and -- taste. >> oh, my gosh. falls right off the fork. >> come on. >> get outta town! >> not you, marcus. >> got to get involved. >> and -- >> yes! >> wait, wait. >> wait a minute! >> wait a minute. >> ooh. just right.
11:43 am
underneath. right? >> it's crazy good. >> hold on. >> healthy! >> a perfect dish and not that complicated. >> you're going to have it -- >> oh -- >> in my restaurant. marcus, in national harbor, opening at mgm. >> marcus, delicious! this is truly delicious. to get these recipes go to need extra cash for the long list of presents? >> gift of more money without leaving your house. coming up, next.
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it's cyber monday, the holiday gift-buying season in full swing. how would you like to earn extra cash? >> say yes. make hundreds of dollars in time for christmas. here's the thing, you barely have to get off the couch. >> lauren groupman should know. she made $500 a few years ago and now this frugal living author and expert is here to
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>> people love it when you come on, concrete advice. >> exactly. i've done it all myself. these are all things to do to make money now. >> do it! >> make thez bucks. >> first one is a phone. >> cell phone. >> weird. >> what you want to do, take surveys at home on your couch while you're drinking wine or watching tv or whatever you're doing at night. a is great website, app to go to. take surveys, watch video, shop online doing cyber monday shoppi shopping. >> they want your feedback? >> you get points. trade them in for gift cards. >> cash, turns out to be buying pow power. >> right. getting out of debt a few years ago, only way, got $550 to spend for christmas that year. >> a blessing. >> >> great. >> wonderful's. >> wow. >> this is exciting. a neck tie? >> a neck tie.
11:50 am
this time of year and make money right now. so there's a great app called the field agent app. say you go a home improvement store, get a notification, there's a shop to be had through the app. go take ten pictures of this display and make $4. >> wait. they tell you where to go? you take pictures? >> tell you where to go, what to do, take pictures. also sign up for northforkrear search. to go to that are legit ways to do mystery shopping to make money right now. right this minute. it's fun, too. >> oops! >> the ladies fell over. they were fighting before we came out. >> veronica? >> this is becoming a toy tester. >> yes. >> lots of companies want your opinion for toys. she wasn't staying up earlier today. they kept on tackling each
11:51 am
blocks, playskool and test their toys. get free toys and give your opinion. >> you get the toy to keep? >> toy to keep, yes. >> they want your kids to test them? >> kids to test them. test them and package them back up and -- >> wow! pretty good. >> yeah. >> and -- >> gift cards. do you have any, like, little gift cards laying around? >> yes. >> that you don't use. >> what do you do with them? >> this is shrikelike a $1 laying around. those you don't want to use, store you don't like, trade them in for cash at websites like giftcardgranny, and, trade them in for money and use that cash to buy chris mitt presents. >> expired? >> if they're expired -- >> no. >> expired gift cards? >> a way of -- >> we can do it. >> catalogs. sign up for catalogs.
11:52 am
sign up for the catalogs. easily find them -- >> what is under here? >> oh! drugs. good. >> this one. okay, so, a lot of stores give you gift cards if you switch your prescription from store to store. you want to switch prescriptions you good get a $20 gift card. they want your business. you switch your stuff, get free money just for that. >> wow! >> last, not least, become a -- >> cranberries! >> become an this is a baggy stand, as an example. amazon buying program. >> not a secret any more. >> it's not. invite-only program. if you give a lot of -- buy a lot of things at amazon and write those reviews they invite you to be a part of this program and give you free stuff all the time. >> test out their things? >> exactly. >> fantastic! >> all great things. way to go. >> thank you. what is hiding behind the curtain this year? >> we're kicking off a special
11:53 am
"today" on nbc. >> what is it? donnadorable? ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans
11:54 am
, you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love. so call now to learn more about our plans that offer everything from annual wellness visits to routine hearing and vision exams, and prescription drugs. we have new dental coverage options too. and we even offer plans with no medical deductible and no referrals. plus, all our plans come with the peace of mind that you get when you have a health plan with over 50 years of medicare experience. u. that's why we're here. to learn more, contact us for our free medicare guide with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at
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how excited are we? kicking off our 23rd annual toy drive, spreading holiday cheer and giving to kids across the country. collected 2.5 million toys for kids this year. >> just started! over the past two decades we've collected over 430 million dollars worth of we are giving a generous donation from -- drum roll, please -- >> all: hashtoy trucks! >> general manager, how are you? you're back. >> i'm back. >> so glad. this is a brig treat for everybody every year. >> yeah. a holty tradition over 50 years and giving back is part of that tradition and something we've gn doing for decades. >> always the hess family way about doing everything, too.
11:57 am
donate thousands of trucks every year. happy to do it again this year. >> this guy saddle new. isn't he? >> two for the price of one. >> yes. s-toy truck and dragster. lights and sounds and really when you pull it back, let it go. >> showed you us the other day on the air, yes. >> how many are you giving? >> 5,000 this year. >> fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> enjoy. fun to see kids play. >> with old-fashioned toys. >> thanks so much. >> thank you again. starting this thursday, celebrity in the plaza. come down in person or donate on it, details go to our website, and tomorrow, lauren graham and kelly bishop.
11:58 am
breaking news at ohio state university after reports of gunfire. several people hurt and a suspect is now dead. >> breaking news about a hit-and-run in brockton to all caught on camera. >> president-elect donald trump claimi several states, including new hampshire, just as a recount bid is launched. >> today dozens of memorials are scheduled throughout cuba as people pay respects after the death of fidel castro. >> plenty of sunshine for your
11:59 am
12:00 pm
we begin today with breaking news out of ohio. an attack at ohio state university a suspect is now dead. the scene we're told is now clear but classes are canceled for the day. >> many students reported hearing gunfire on campus. let's get to dan hausle with the latest. >> that all clear sign came about 25 minutes ago. there are reports a suspect was shot and killed by police and the fire department said seven people were taken to local


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