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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the space where the gray car is. police say the owner of the gray car was going to move, but apparently wasn't moving fast enough. words were exchanged and then the gunshot. neighbors can't believe it was all over a parking space. >> we're from tennessee. we never did this. like, i mean it snows and gets bad. it's not that bad to shoot somebody over a parking spot. ridiculous. to that. it's never that serious over a parking spot? it's not even a lot of snow out here. ridiculous. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect's car was spotted just down the street. but they're still looking for him. the commissioner says the issue here goes deeper than parking spots. >> i think it goes to the point all the time that there's way too many guns and when people are shooting over a parking spot, we've gt a problem. >> reporter: police say they know who they're looking for even though they haven't found him yet. the victim is going to live. they say that's in part because
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called paramedics who were nearby and able to get him to the hospital quickly. we're live, dan hausle, 7news. >> also breaking tonight. fire people rushed to the quincy. a look there on the right. can you see see smoke billowing from what the massachusetts water resources authority building. let's head out to steve cooper. what are we learning about the blast and hick hurt, steve? >> reporter: well, five workers are at the hospital tonight. you look behind us here and see emergency responsiblers still on the scene. in fact, a short time ago, several more pieces of qiement and the quincy fire department arrived here. you can see see there's smoke coming from the building. this was a difficult fire to fight because it was so far down below ground, and five workers were rushed to the hospital in all of this. >> they were down in there working. and boom! there was an explosion. >> reporter: emergency responders racing to reach five
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explosion here at the nut island waste water treatment plant on c avenue and quincy run by the massachusetts water resources authority. but reaching the flames and choking black smoke was no easy job. >> extremely difficult to access. it's about 100 below the surface of the building. you're about seven stories down. >> reporter:the injured were transfor theed to boston medical center and treated for breathing issues. neighbors say they were told there was an explosion but that was it. >> we have problems occasionally. but usually it's just a pipe goes down or a fire truck goes down and back. but everything was down there today. >> reporter: officials say first reports indicated there was a problem with a piece of equipment known as an air scrubber. >> it was a scrubber that exploded? >> we don't know exactly what created that. that was a report we gotten route. >> reporter: the head of the mwra says the drinking water was never in any danger for the public.
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now they're trying to figure out why. >> the state fire marshall has been here, and i would assume they'll be doing a look at what happened, and most importantly how to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: it's taken firefighters six minutes to get from the area here down to the fire scene, itself. this has been the scene all night long. no word on a dj estimate here at this hour. we are being told that those injured workers are expected to be treated and released from the hospital later on tonight. live in quincy, steve cooper, 7news. >> an alarming attack is caught on camera what two armed men storm a convenience store. they demand money and then pistol whip the clerk. tonight police are still searching for the suspects. kelli o'hara live with more. celi -- kelli. >> reporter: good evening. police say two men stormed into
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everyone inside especially the clerk. after they pistol whipped him inside. police want to you take a close look at the faces of these two >> something that we're not going to tolerate. >> reporter: just after midnight investigators tell 7news these men walked into the market on broadway and everet with an agenda, they wanted money. >> that's bad. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: you see the dangerous duo showing the clerk a gun then jumping behind the register. cameras capturing the terrifying scene as the clerk puts up his hands to defend himself before he was hit in the head by this gun. the pair made away with the cash in the rench certificate. people around here, not surprised. >> it's an easy target. it's the only store that's open on this entire strip. >> unfortunately people are crazy now days. really have to worry about everyone. >> reporter: and the mayor says perhaps they need to make sure stores like this aren't open late anymore.
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like, for instance, one clerk working at 11:00 a.m. in -- 1:00 a.m. in a business. hours of operation are concerning to me. >> reporter: the mayor says they'll look into the licensing of establishment to limit hours so this will not happen again. anyone with information is asked it call police so get these guys off the streets. in everet tonight, kelli o'hara. >> students at boston latin school calling for change protesting the elite school over allegations of racism. the school is promising to make changes. ryan schulties in our news room with details on today's protest and the response. >> reporter: the students taking a stand against what they're calling racism at the school. students wearing black today as a sign ever solidarity. they say the scood administrators are ignored complaints about raisism for more than a year. the mayor says he'll address the problem.
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what happened here with these young students. something that should not happen. we have to look at what will happen districtwide. the experiences that our kids in our schools should not be racism. they should be positive. >> reporter: mayor walsh says there will be an investigation into the claims. >> police in wooster are investigating a terrifying encounter during a home invasion. officials say a mother reported the crime on thursday. she told police she came home with her one-year-old baby and found four men in her house. her two other children were in their rooms at the time. the men put the family in the bathroom, took jewellery from the home and ran off. >> again, two of them were in the apartment while these four suspects were there. they didn't know it. so that was a little unnerving. but we're looking into it. we want to know why they were there. we're trying to find out what their purpose was. >> at this point no arrests have
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>> police identify a suspect in connection with that tea stop shooting that happened in east boston. detectives say they're looking for rojelio alvaroado. they're asking for your help to find this 21-year-old but warn he could be armed and dangerous. police believe he's the one who shot the two people last week in boston at the maverick square blue line station. he faces a number of charges including armed assault with attempt to murder. >> police in durham are searching for answers after a dog is found out in the cold. an animal control officer found this dog this morning when he responded to a call. the dog is suffering from severe starvation. sick to look at there. it is dehydration and a number of other problems. officials say stitch had no
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they say coeasy died if someone didn't see him this morning. they're asking who recognizes the dog to call police. >> governor charlie baker stepping in and tackling addiction. the governor signed a bill intended to give women with drug and alcohol abuse issue aiz fighting chance. we have more. >> reporter: well, kim, the governor making a big move for women with alcohol and substance abuse problems today. instead of housing them in the women's state prison where they're currently sent, the women will have access to treatment services that have been set up at two state hospitals. the governor says both parties work together to make this happen. >> this is the third time we've stood here as an administration and signed legislation dealing massachusetts. i look forward to doing this again and again and again as we
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sides to continue to pass laws and to execute on reforms to make the no onewealth a better place for people who are battling addiction. >> reporter: the governor thanked lawmakers for including fund touring the project when it was proposed last fall so it could go into effect as soon as he signed it. in the control room, jonathan hall 7news. >> a brighter future is in store for boston city hall plaza. mayor marty walsh unveiling this rendering today of the new sustainable led lighting, highlighting the building's architecture and creating a safer area for pedestrians. the project is exexpected to be completed by the end of the summer. >> people call it an eyesore. >> every little bit would help. >> exactly. just ahead, students are selling out hoping that generous donations are shell out some cash. >> a lot of sunshine today. more clouds tomorrow. but temperatures heading for the 40s tomorrow.
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>> students selling out. giving up their most treasured piece of technology and it's all for a very good cause. they're having the police department hold the phone. literally. locking up their cell phones for a few weeks.
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started a couple of years ago with a simple gesture and now it's turned into something much bigger. the high school students are making the ultimate sacrifice teenagers can make. giving up their cell phones. more than 50 student as greed to turn in their phones for 21 days to raise money for cancer. >> one of the most a raising things you can ask of kids today simply because they don't know what life is without it. >> selling out for a cause. two years and $75,000 later a boy in leukemia is cancer free. a freshman on the jv hockey team. >> one of the fathers on the team thought it would be a great idea if we gave up our phones in order to, like, raise money for ian. >> it's my lifeline. you see every teenagers using it 24/7.
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affected by cancer is chosen as the recipient. once again students lined up. zipped up their phones and watched them get locked away. but they all say the sacrifice is well worth it. >> it's nothing compared to what ian goes through every day or went through, i should say. >> and the students say meeting those they've helped makes it easier. >> it's easy to help someone else in ways i never thought i could help someone. >> the school faculty is on board, too, thankful for a great cause and that teenagers can survive without their phones. >> i just think the sacrifice of giving up the phone is just nothing compared to cancer. like seeing how appreciative, like, michelle is, every time i see her she gives me the biggest hug. i know she means it. >> we've done a lot of things for community service, but absolutely nothing as powerful of this. i think everything everybody would like to see their teenager put their phone down. just even for an hour would be nice, never mind 21 or 30 days. >> wow.
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as well as helping out local families in need about 10 percent of the money raised goes right to the dana farber cancer institute. >> just a post freezing mark at logan airport. jeremy, what are we expecting? >> temperatures will hold in the 30s this evening. much warmer on the way for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that up next. >> the announcer: tomorrow, behind any door, inside any home, they may think it's their secret but child predators can't hide anymore. >> i'll show you how police are catching them by pinpointing
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>> the announcer: now 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> good evening. no bitter air in sight. mild tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow in the middle and upper 40s near 40 on wednesday. next chance of any snow, perhaps a few snow showers on friday. at this time it does not look significant. look at this beautiful picture. beautiful sunset. this is her twitter handle here. again w. we had a lot of sunshine this morning. few more clouds now showing up. 33 in town. bedford, 30 . pittsburgh, 32 . norwood, 28 . we did melt snow today and there will be areas of refreeze later this evening.
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as we look off to our southwest, more clouds. ohio, west virginia and pennsylvania. underneath those clouds the air is not cold or a storm. it's milder in the ohio river valley. 40s and 50s at this time. detroit, 41 . nashville, 52 . i point those out because that's inbound into new england for tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. coldest part of the night is actually just after midnight. usually the coldest part is around sun rise. but what happens tonight with the southwesterly breeze and the clouds coming init town the . your tuesday morning commute not as cold as your monday morning commute. more clouds tomorrow. nothing more than that. temperatures tomorrow between 45 . . wednesday morning clouds and sun in the afternoon. windy on wednesday but temperatures above normal. upper 30s to around 40 as a weak cold front moves through. it will generate wind. thursday, lots of sunshine. seasonal.
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at the bottom of the screen. that's a storm system that will race up the east coast. there's another storm that dives out of the great lakes today. this storm near buffalo will try to grab the coastal low and pull it up init new england. if that were to happen it would be a problem. i don't think that's the case. i think this storm swings into new england with a couple of snow showers on friday. that's how i see it now. 7 on 7 forecast. saturday, flurries near 40 on saturday evening. sunday and early next week warming up. mid and upper 40s. >> the announcer: and now, time for 7 sports with alex. >> it's easy to say they were doomed in denver by a kick and a pick but neither the missed kick or the failed two-point conversion cost the patriots the loss. unfortunately thaiz how the loss may be remembered. despite holding peyton manning to three points in the second half the pats couldn't
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hole and thanks to the missed extra point, they were forced to go for two late and just like that, bill belichick is off to the season. >> it's the same feeling 30 other teams have. and another team will have it next week. we've been in those situations. we've been on all sides of it. been on the good side of it and where we are today >> player like myself, i'm closeer to end of my career than the beginning. you realize how hard it is to get to that game. you realize how much is put into that. it makes it tougher because you know there's no guarantee to get back there. >> it ways tough day, man. hard fought football game. >> it's going to be hit from behind and drive. >> snapped brady a little bit off. at the goal line. hit by miller and sacked! >> denver with the blitz. steps up. >> can't block anybody today. >> it's football. i think there's a lot of plays i got hit hard today.
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weeks worth of frustration over being called underdogs on tom brady hitting him more than 20 times more than any other quarterback was hit in a game all season long and admitting it felt better because of who it came against. >> well, that's why i hate him. they're always in the way. and, you know, they were in the way this time and we showed them they were in the better team. got them out of the way. >> all week, everybody counted us out. they said i couldn't every edleman and their receivers and tight ends and/or whatever. we eld them to how many points did they have? 18. that's the number one offense in the league and we shut them down >> we the number one seed. we got the number one defense. and picked the losing game. y-all going to do what you do. we do what we do. pick who y-all like. it is what it is. >> the broncos now their dance partner in santa clara, the
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the cardinals getting four touchdowns from cam newton. if you tuned out anything that didn't have to do with the patriots pursuit of another super bowl we'll forgive you. the bruins and celtics have been batting to gain some traction. let's get you caught up. they woke up in a tightly packed eastern conference where themes three through 12 are just separated by five points. the 142 goals good for second in the east. but home ice has not been kind to the black and gold. they're 11-12-2 at the garden this season. brad stevens has taken five of the last seven holding down fifth place in the east. they've got room for improvement when things get tight. the celtics are one in five by games decide bid three points or less. back in action tonight.
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>> that's our time here for 7news at 6:00 on a monday. as always we appreciate you being with us. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. have a great evening. we'd love to see you tonight for
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