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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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quickly enough, police say the other man shot him in the stomach. right new they're looking for the shooter. and in quincy an explosion at a water treatment plant sent five people to the hospital. they were all employees of the massachusetts water resource authority. officials say the explosion happened three floors below ground. firefighters immediately evacuated the building. investigators say they believe they know what happened but right now they're trying to figure all of that out. all five victims suffered minor injuries in the blast. officials are emphasizing this has nothing to do with drinking water. we'll be staying on top of both of these stories and bring you the latest as soon as we get them. >> a patriot accused of foul play off the field. a member of the team's practice squad in trouble with the law. police say jk what areton attacked someone. >> leaveing a customer roughed at a restaurant. jonathan hall is live for us in foxborough.
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patriots wide receiver j.j. what areton faced a judge today in court. he faces three felony charges. foxborough police say two women positively identified him and officers handcuffed him after an incident here at this bar saturday morning. >> reporter: foxboro police charged 20-year-old j.j. what areton with two counts ever indecent assault for inappropriately touching two young women as a left a bar and one count of assault and battery. 6' 2", 210 pounds, employee say he went to the irish puck friday night and got into trouble as he left at 1:00 a.m. officers initially responded to the bar, got a description of a car, then pulled over the vehicle and found what areton with a man and two women inside. police say what areton claimed he had just left boston but later admitted he had been at the pub.
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up against the butttocs of the boyfriend. the report says he tried to run away from the boyfriend but was forced to defend himself by punching him in the face, knocking him unconscious. we got no response from a door knock tt a home where the male assault victim lift. the pub had no comment except to say they're cooperating fully with the police department and the patriots are not commenting. what areton is now a free agency after his short tenure with the pats and the smart money says he summer. we're live, jonathan hall, 7news. >> we're following more news today. mayor marty walsh saying congratulations to the city's newest firefighters. he spoke at a graduation certificate hone for those firefighters this morning. the mayor says he wanted them is. >> certainly my message to them today is to be safe and care out
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we're working on new technology and new equipment for them. >> nine firefighter who's will join the quincy fire department also graduated today. >> fugitives making a call for help in california. the two men were on the run when temperatures plummeted and it started snowing. that's when things took a dangerous turn. suspects dialling 9-1-1 in the freezing sold. >> reporter: in the high sierra in california, it started with the traffic stop for swerving but then -- >> two pails jump -- males jumped out and took off running. >> reporter: the two males, both with warrants and parolees, took off running into the woods. authorities also found a gun. >> in addition to the firearm there were three different types of controlled northnarcotics in the vehicle.
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down a canyon and crossed over the south fork. american river. now wet and cold, they ignored law enforcement warnings to su run der with the winter storm in full force. by nightfall the fugitives were freezing and called 9-1-1 begging to be arrested. search and rescue teams from the el dorado county sheriff's office quickly joined the hunt. >> we knew, based on weather conditions, that yes they would not survive very long. >> reporter:the two wanted men hundred dollars led to go overnight to keep warm. then on saturday morning the s.w.a.t. team found them and they were transported across the river to a waiting ambulance for treatment. >> i've never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew they would be dry and warm. >> reporter: both were treated at a local hospital and turned over to authorities to be arrested. in the news room, i'm sarah french, 7news. >> jimmy fallon taking action in an effort to help with the water crisis in flint, michigan.
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donated $10,000 to help residents get clean water. he said how about 10 friends match me? the city is in a smerj after the water supply was poisoned with lead. the u.s. government pledged $5 million in federal aid. city officials coming under fire for allegedly not taking action to prevent the crisis and not alerting residents to the threat. >> class is cancelled due to a similar story in ohio. federal officials say alarming levels of lead have been found in that town's water supply. now the epa is stepping in. a monster response to the water crisis in seabring, ohio as the lead testing results are issued and makes statements on the three-month delay in telling the public about the contamination. the epa director says it's become apparent that our field office was too patience in dealing with the city of seabring's cat-and-mouse game and should have will closer scrunity on the water system
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>> they still have questions to answer about what they've done in the time period from august to december. all of that information is going to be fleshed out joo. on friday the epa testing water fountains in school. many were lead free but one was contaminated. one elementary school had detections of lead but at low levels . >> we're closing tomorrow just so we can found out. there's a fountain detected with the high levels to close them off. until we know for sure. >> reporter: they've been tested for lead in the water. the county tested blood samples for traces of lead for expectant mothers, children, and infants. >> we wanted to make sure everything was ok and our children had not been exposed. >> reporter: out of 178, five tested positive. in the press release the ohio
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of seabring requiring a plan to fix the lead pipes, a schedule for lead alerts, and furthers testing of water. the epa says they'll provide up to $25,000 to provide water filtration systems for the town. >> new video of a powerful earthquake rocking alaska. now experts are warning aftershocks may be felt for the next several weeks. you can see the items shaking in this home video. even the vehicle. the magnitude 7.1 quake destroyed four homes and knocked out power to about 5,000 people sunday. officials call it one of the strongest quakes in the anchorage area in decades. >> hundreds of people honoring the victims af a school shooting in canada. you see people here laying out candles at a vigil at a weekend. four people were killed when a gunman opened fire on friday. a 17-year-old boy has been charged in the shooting. >> the announcer: also on 7 -- >> it's my second amendment. my life was in danger by crooked cops. >> a man accused of shooting a south florida police officer facing a judge. you see him there.
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officer in the hospital. that suspect with some choice words for law enforcement and his own attorney. 7's walter morris has the shocking video. >> i got seven men on the wall over there, huh? >> reporter: day ved mejia holding nothing but in a brief and bizarre bond court appearance. the 24-year-old accused of shooting a poof defiant as he heard the charges against him. >> you got more on you than i got blood on my hands. what about my brother trey? >> reporter: police say he was driving this car friday morning when he pulled up to the police s.u.v. and opened fire. hitting officer david materialing once in the lower body then taking off and shooting at other police cars. amendment. my life was in danger by crooked cops. >> reporter: saturday, showing little restraint from front of the judge even combat tiff with his own lawyer. klan member.
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eventually denying bond triggering this response. >> a white kid that shoots a church gets a bond and i can't get one? >> reporter: and while the officers recovers mej. ia will have to wait to his next day in court behind bars. >> he's mentally ill clearly. your arguments are accepted. >> coming up, serving up support a restaurant owner going above and beyond. how the community teamed up to help give her a boost. >> and hearing from the other side. the prosecutor from "making a murderer" opening up and sharing his story. >> and the end of the road. pats players speaking to the media as they clean out their lockers >> and an alarming assault. an armed robber unlshes a violent attack on a store clerk. the suspect on the run this afternoon.
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her food to go and making a big difference. after hours she drives through town feeding the poor. she's serving up a handful of hope a meal at a time. >> when word got out, she received something special in turn. >> goi through the neighborhood blowing the horn. >> free food! free food! >> reporter: lola stevens has been delivering free meals for more than 30 years. during that time she opened up here own restaurant. when a car and a van weren't reliable for her special deliveries, something told her to keep looking. >> i needed one of the moving trucks. that's what i thought i needed. god woke me up. he said you need a bus. >> reporter: after searching she found a mini bus on crig's list. when word spread about her good deeds. she got an unexpected surprise. >> oh, my god. look. tyson foods donated a bigger bus, part of its commitment to
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it has a sink, warmers and everything lola needs. a gift those who know her well say she deserves. >> she always been like this. loving, sweet person. cares about everybody. >> reporter: and everybody doesn't just mean her neighborhood. >> i be touching every person we can and every hundred -- hungary area. i never be ok. i won't be ok until i know that the word is heard that we've got to take care of each other. >> and lola says she's keeping her first bus and wants to add two more for her hunger project. >> coming up here on 7news calling for backup officers giving a group of kids a super sized surprise. we'll explain next. >> yes. now. clear skies and more clouds for tomorrow. warmer tomorrow. forecast up next. >> we're following several breaking news stories for you at this hour. one a fire ignites an explosion in a quincy plant.
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>> a florida police officer calling for some backup bringing in, i doan know, shaq. >> the officer responded to a noise complaint about kids playing basketball too loudly. instead of reprimanding them, he joined in. then he wanted to make sure he had help. >> hey! >> look at that. shaq showed off his moves with the kids there. officers say the basketball star wanted to keep his appearance quiet to surprise the kids. that must be a surprise when he shows up to play with you, right? >> wow. that's a story for the record books. >> speaking of record books, no records here. >> no.
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wow. >> jr? >> yes. you're, like, your turn,jjr. city. right on the edge of the storm system, city of boston six inches. to start the week. we will watch the threat of some snow showers on friday. we'll get into that in a second. at least we don't have bitter air between now and our next potential storm. the city at this time, 33 . wooster 35 . there are a fair amount of clouds beginning to move in and these clouds not the sign of another storm. it's actually a warm front. it's the front edge of warmer, happier times with temperatures middle and upper 40s off to our southwest. nashville, 54 . so partly cloudy skies.
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probably just after midnight. usually it happens around sun rise but i think what will happen tonight is as the clouds come in, then the numbers will start to climb into the lower 30s by the early morning commute. so tomorrow features a lot of clouds. but the big thing about tomorrow, mild. some of you may get close to 50 . this time of year it can be tricky with snow on the ground where the snow reflects the sunlight back up into space, even though tomorrow we have a lot of clouds. 50 or not, a mild day. boston around 49 . brockton at 46 . the only thing tomorrow is breezy at times. sometimes that can cover up the mild feel to the air. wednesday, morning clouds. sun in the afternoon. more wind on wednesday but it's more of a cold wind even though the temperatures are the upper 30s to 40 . late afternoon. n on wednesday, you'll feel that colder chill. as we work into wednesday
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to the sunshine for thursday. thursday looks like a nice winter day. as we work towards thursday afternoon you see this green block here -- blob here. that will be an interesting situation. there are two weather systems trying to come together. if this storm system here can grab his brother and pull him closeer to new england we'll have issues on friday. the other possibility, the one i'm leaning on is that the two storms never really get together. they pass off like this and then they join when they're east of new england. when that happens, it's usually the result of a couple of snow showers but nothing more than that. we'll watch it for you. see you at 5:00. >> all right. see you then. let's get a check on the ride home with joe. >> reporter: thank you, ryan. plying along here on route 128 northbound and southbound through the lexington and burlington areas.
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taking a look right now, it's been a slow ride here along route 185 northbound. we have a crash at the top of the screen just before route 3 in the lowell area. 93, plenty of green up through the lawrence area. and a tough ride south of town as well. southbound on the expressway earlier crash turning that into a half hour ride now from boston down into brain tree. on the pike westbound, mickey way, not moving too badly clear. -- here. joe stipulate lton, 7news. >> in today happens healthcast benefits during child birth. many pregnant mothers turning to dulas to ease their pregnancy. >> and now there's research being done to back up the benefits. nancy chan explains >> this is where you're having the baby at. >> reporter: as claire littleton nears the end of they are third pregnancy a dula has made the big difference.
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does he move a lot? >> reporter: since claire and her husband had their first child medicade expanded services of dula services bringing her here. >> a dula provides emotional support for moms during and after practicing nancy. >> there's a lot of things that a lot of woman of color want within the community but we just can't afford it >> i wondered why it was not more accessible. >> reporter: it's why katy, a professor and mother, her sf, authored a break-through service showing low income women who receives this education and support are less likely to have a pre-term birth. >> those are the women that tend to be at highest risk of poor birth outcomes. and they are women whose births are covered by medicade. and as taxpayers we finance that program. for our own sakes, looking for coverage of services that
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>> reporter: katy hopes the findings will bring more outcomes close to claire sharp's heart. >> for someone to say that this work is important, these women can get the help. x that this deserve and need it meant a lot. >> reporter: delivering reassurance as claire approaches a healthy 37 weeks. >> i hope i have a speedy birth. >> experts hope this study will make a study for the cost benefit. >> and straight ahead it's a documentary series that captured the nation's attention. details on the next chapter of today in america, almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up
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"enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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>> "making a murderer" has blown up on social media. >> it has. but now we're hearing from the other side of the courtroom. writing a book and finally able to tell the whole story and share theresa holbock's story. >> chris rock is on board with the oscars but he's not leaving race at the door. he says he's throwing out his original monologue and replaceing it with a new one. a number of stars have talked about boycotting the awards show >> live from new york it's larry
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the comedian will host ""saturday night live"" on january 26th. he'll be joined by the musical guests 1975. >> mark zuckerberg hitting the pool with his baby girl. sharing this photo of her first dip in the pool. he said she's a natural swimmer. beautiful picture. >> so interesting to see him posting on facebook. it blows my mind a little bit. >> started with him. >> much more to come for the next 90 minutes, everyone. thawm for joining us everyone. >> 7news at 5:00 starts right now. >> breaking news. a parking problem triggers a shooting in dorchester. where the search for the gnman stands >> also breaking. an explosive scene complaint in quincy. five people hurt what led to the blast. >> and cameras capture a violent crime in everett.
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>> the east coast digging out. crews working around the clock to clear several feet of snow. >> police detailing a daring escape in california. how three inmates made it out of a maximum security prison. >> 7news at 5:00 starts now >> we begin at 5:00 with breaking news. boston police investigating a shooting in dorchester. investigators say it was all because of a parking spot. tonight the gunman remains on the run. >> and the driver who was shot was rushed to a boston hospital. dan hausle is there covering the story for us. dan. >> reporter: well, a few moment as ge the police thought that the suspect might be in a house on this street. case. but that would make some sense. the parking shot he was arguing about is right up there. car. he had parked in a spot that someone else objected to. that's when the shooting happened. a sing shot rings out on this dorchester street. police say one man was shot in
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>> i was watching tv.
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