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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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a crew braving bubbling hot lava to rappel into an african volcano. a cat is stuck in freezing weather for daze. >> 33-foot electrical pole -- >> see the heroes who jumped in when the fire department wouldn't help. we are joined "right this minute" -- >> youtube star's interview with rtm is suddenly interrupted.
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distraction turns frightening. bone nuts give-away day means your shot at a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. and meet gate who's letting his brother pull his tooth. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. >> psyching myself up. >> why there's a reason why you don't do dentistry at home. >> is that even the right tooth? this video was beautifully captured by one of our favorites jeff mackley. she's guys are rappelling into the crater of this volcano in the democratic republic of congo. soon enough you start seeing the absolutely beautiful lava lake that is down below, it's boiling, the surface is cracked so you can see the fiery red in between the cracks. the burning lava. it's amazing.
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on that edge. it's probably deadly. but i just imagine having a tent there, being able too watch the sunset and the glow come from below. >> you might not want to do that, you have to keep in mind even though it is beautiful, yeah, it is a lot of sulfuric gases coming from -- one, it's not going to smell good. two, yeah, not good -- well, you may be okay. >> this shows howers is just this living, moving, changing thing. this just shows that the planet is still changing. >> the volcano is believed to be active since the late 1800s. they don't know exactly howl. long. it doesn't matter, all you have to do is go there and admire how beautiful it is.
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trouble you. this is from russia, a chubby tabby. >> garfield! >> it does look like garfield. >> it's frozen. >> i always say these cats don't need to be rescued. somebody save that cat, please. >> this one really did need help. it was on top of a 33-foot electrical pole. it was running from a dog when it ran up there. it was up there for three daze. neighbors in the area felt bad for it. they said they called the fire department for them to help. they said the fire department and the electrical company refused to come and assist the cat. so guess who they pressed into service? the local satellite installation guys. they got a ladder and 3 got up there. >> poor thing. it's scared. but get it down this guy does. now this woman, not the owner, took the cat in to feed it, get it warm. they're looking for the owner
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company for not bothering to help. >> the upside is the cat now gets 300 channels for free. every time we see it it's just as shocking. mind the gap. the folks in queens land need to start to use that phrase. another train platform, another small child breaks away from mom, and no! >> you would think that that area is too small for a child. but it's not. >> it is not. swallows that kid right up between the platform and the train. minor injuries for that little boy. but if it seems like you've been seeing these types of videos on our show quite frequently, it's because you have. reportedly there's 25 of these types of accidents in the last financial year. >> what? >> it seems that they just can't get a grasp on it. they're doing lots of education in the schools to try and let kids know it's dangerous, don't run away, hold on to your parent's hand.
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crossing the road with them. >> why not close the gap? >> that would take an engineering feat that would cost a lot of money and probably slow down service. >> camerases around the world capturing incredible situations like this one. on a highway in brazil. >> oh! >> holy cow! >> the ride ain't over. second camera picks up the rest of it. that comes down after an emergency landing onto a highway. thankfully no traffic coming its way. around. three people on board this airplane. you can see the wreckage afterwards. quite devastating. >> it looks like the kind of thing you could have walked away from. >> you are right. all three people got out of this incident without any injuries. thankfully there was nobody on the road at the time this plane came down. in fact some local news agencies are saying one guy just happened to get a cell phone call and pulled off the road. otherwise he would have been right in the path of this plane.
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this is why you pull over to talk on the phone. it's time give away an i-pot mini and bonus, a flat screen tv. >> two winners today. to enter you need to be at least 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz word coming up in just a moment. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini gave ive-away. >> on top of the water, half frozen, hopefully not hypothermia -- >> oh, okay, that's cold. >> definitely cold. this is a drep lin addiction. he's going to take his snowboard down this frozen river. >> why not, right? a snowboard, a wakeboard, fundamentally the same. >> water, snow. fundamentally the same. >> we'll see how it works out. >> no hypothermia. >> he's doing pretty well for
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>> that's pulling him on a car. >> yes. >> like i don't know what the problem is. >> i'm surprised to see how well the snowboard works. you can see the flexing of the board. that seems to be where he gets the wobbles going. >> i'm surprised how bad the snowboarding is. >> hey, it's all perception. and he wipes out a few times. >> these guys, their wipeout is just a wipeout, doesn't matter how you look at it. >> oh my god. >> it actually worked pretty well. >> yes. >> that's great. if you're a kid you've got this in your backyard, you're just imagining that. >> imagine being on bmxs in the summer. >> an urban snowboard park in the your backyard. >> mom's not going to be happy about that. three youtube pranksters are going hollywood. >> these guys have a movie
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closed captioning provided by -- essive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at some of our favorite videos are show prank videos. some of our favorite pranksters, these guys. dennis, rhode, roman atwood, vitale are we love watching their videos on our show. how cool would it be if these guys went big-time? >> what does that mean for these guys?
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>> these guys have a movie coming out. >> what? >> wow. >> oh, yeah. youtube going hollywood. the pranks look awesome. this is the trailer to their brand-new movie called "natural born pranksters." >> oh my god. >> dial 911 now! >> congratulations, george. beautiful baby. >> oh. >> this is our baby if? >> wow. >> this is exciting. this is going to be good. >> that's what we call the milk man's baby. >> to tell us a little bit more about their big news we are joined "right this minute" by dennis roadie. yeah. this is huge, man. tell us how this all came about. you guys are going hollywood now?
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backyard's street prank to these crazy, more elaborate pranks, to come to hollywood, we're going to give you a big movie budget so you guys can make your own movies for the big screen. this is a prank on us? april fools. like, we pulled the biggest prank on the biggest youtube pranksters, they think they have a movie, so emmany baresing. >> are you the new johnny knoxville and group of jackasses? >> we do like the public pranks. stuff out in the public. >> three of you guys. who's the diva? >> hold on a second. >> a huge fan, man. >> [ bleep ]. >> what's up, bro? >> it's so hollywood now. >> are we being pranked? >> yeah!
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>> i was right. >> that's amazing. epic stuff. >> i will die if he actually had his computer going right now. >> maybe that whole thing was set up. >> of course it was. >> i'll text him. part of me wants to believe that's real. i mean, it looks -- i don't know. >> that is not, it was set up. >> either way. i texted him. so far i'm not getting any response. watch their movie april 1st, "natural born pranksters." when it comes to gold it's all about precision. . twitter. dustin johnson is shooting a taylor made commercial. pretty good at his wedge game.
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>> d.j., hit the camera! >> hey, hit the camera. >> what are the odds is, right? that is a good joke. >> he is like 150 yards out. they're just shooting a commercial. it's all a bit of fun. and then -- >> no, he didn't. >> yes, he did. he basically landed the golf ball and had it boxed in within an inch of the front of the camera that is shooting this commercial. >> whoever that guy is that yelled that should go on tour with him. >> yeah, just concentrate. >> in the hole! >> d.j., a hole in one! witness one man's extreme dream come true. >> a bucket list item for sure. >> on the next "right this minute." still to come, this kid's talking like famous music, dude. >> d.j. >> another one. >> see why things are about to get hilariously inspirational.
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it's bonus give-away day. don't miss the buzz word for your chance to win an an ipad mini
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new selsun blue full & thick shampoo. promotional considerations provided by -- new selsun blue full & thick. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 72 percent. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. ultimate skin. your brother is there for you. your brother is there to support you. your brother is there to get in trouble with you and bale you out. that happens right here. this guy has a problem. a $400 problem. but his brother's going to take care of it so they don't have to make that co-pay. this man is about to give way, way, way, way, way --
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>> there's more to your oral health than just yanking the tooth out. >> you're right, pick. but the immediate problem is that he does have a loose tooth. >> the immediate problem is he needs to go to the dentist. >> he does but he was puffing on a cigarette and letting his brother come at him with a tool. i don't think the dentist is going to be his first call. >> his brother shouldn't have a tool in his mouth. >> get the smoke out of your mouth or i'll pinch your nose off. okay, keep your mouth open. >> he's going to bleed to death. >> he's going all the way to the back, man. >> come on! >> aah! >> that went quick, i didn't have a chance to close my eyes. whoo, yeah! >> was that the right tooth? >> the brother did a good job, though. he went in and committed. he didn't just -- the second that fire hit the tooth you know
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>> that's amazing. that's sleight of hand, mate. >> amazing. >> you don't know how tough that's going to be. >> i've got phantom pain now, my tooth hurts watching this. >> my mouth's gone numb. >> if you want to see the video, go to, click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. there comes a point in every young lady's life where she just has to make tough decisions regarding the fellas. little quinn, her decision-making has started early. >> i think i'm kind of young to have a boyfriend. but it's like -- he looks so happy. >> she's 5. this is just way too much for her. >> i don't want to break his heart. he looks so happy.
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his heart, sweetie. you worry about you. you can't stave everyone. >> how do you feel about him? >> i feel different. >> mom posted this with the hash tag struggle is real and god help me. >> what are you going to do? >> i guess i'll just tell him it's time to break up. >> where do kids get this stuff? >> these kids grow up so fast and they're so aware these days it's scary. >> the kids on this youtube channel, all day digital, are hilarious. they're going to talk like dj calllet. deejay, producer, entertainer, the list goes on and on. he says inspirational things that sometimes come off pretty funny. >> smart. you loyal. you're grateful.
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go buy your mama a house. >> what if his kids gave the same inspiration to adults? >> i never said it was easy. some people can't handle success. >> i can. i know what it comes with. >> some people can't handle it. >> i can. >> most of these inspirational quotes come from his social media account. so they've taken off like wildlife. >> the other day the grass was brown, now the grass is green. >> because i never give up. i never give up! >> up, down. up, down. stay focused. because we're on an elevator. that is basically life. so what do you want to do tomorrow?
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it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. today's buzz word is -- a challenge. >> click on the win ipad button and enter thursday's buzz word academy. academy. >> enter today. it's also a bonus give-away day. we're also giving away a flat screen tv. >> good luck, everyone. to embarrass their future kid --
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons...
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go. a little phone doing a vibration dance. >> who doesn't recognize this
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my life got flipped upside down >> then it's about to get crazy. this is the story all about how my mind got flipped going upside down it might take a minute just sit right there we'll tell you about it we think you will care >> these guys are going to use videos to embarrass their future kids. we got up to no kid had a couple drinks more than we should couple of days rate and i got scared we're now three and not a pair >> they're not natural-born rappers but they are telling the story of their love to a beat we all love, "the fresh prince of bel air" theme song. we were thrilled when it was clear we would get a beat this year baby coming soon in august of this year >> yeah! >> wonder if will smith had this
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i think this is a better rendition for parents who don't understand. yelled to my hubby yo bro some cupcakes oh man what are we in for >> i want to hang out with those two, i wish they were my friends. >> the kid is already embarrassed. >> oh, yeah. >> cringing inside. >> they're going to be fun parents. imagine being a little kid running around with parents this fun. i think this baby's lucky. lots of laughs today. thanks for sharing them with us. join us on the next "right this
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when an angry customer suddenly pulls a gun on a cashier -- >> security guard's having none of it. >> old man's strength puts a young punk to shame. with those floodwaters that guy shouldn't chance it. >> watch what happens next. >> the moment he's swept away as good samaritans race to save him. an experienced race driver is going head to head with his wife. see who ends up celebrating and/or sleeping on the couch. bonus give-away day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. and don't even call her a grandmother.


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