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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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and around the world are showing their support r for belgium. >> yes, they are, martha, from the eiffel tower being lit up with the colors of the belgium flag to people surrounding this makeshift memorial in brussels. the signs of respect, mourning and defiance. and investigators searching for the people responsible for these attacks. >>reporter: police on rooftops. and soldiers on the ground, all hunting for a suspected terrorist. these images on twitter show alert. officials say two bombs went off at the airport, while a third was found in and deactivated. >> they are search fg for maen on the right side of this -- the picture. >> so many people panicked, so many people cried. >> everyone was scared, so everyone run. >>reporter: hundreds of terrified passengers ran for their lives after the airport explosions.
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an hour later, and 14 miles away, inside of a is subway sfags in the heart of the -- station in the heart of the city. an arrest of a major suspect in november's terror attacks, investigators have not linked the two. >> we all stand together with our ally, belgium, on this dark day. >> in a show of solidarity, and defiance, the streets of bustle ls are covered with messages of hope and prayers for the victims, including these three americans from utah, recovering from their injuries. . belgium investigators say inside one of the houses they raided, they found the makings of a dirty bomb and an isis flag. right now, i'm looking at how the fbi is now getting involved and we will have more on that part of this developing story in 20 minutes. bob. see you then, marty. the brussels airport, meanwhile, will be closed through tomorrow. and while officials say there is no credible threat here this the u.s., they've still stepped up security across the country,
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channel 9 continues the live team coverage now at orlando international airport and steve, officials say security has been increased there, but even travelers say it's not affecting them. >>reporter: that's security, bob, was increased almost immediately this morning. what we are seeing is in areas like this that are far away from the security check points, areas like this one right here, there have been police and tsa officers crawling throughout the airport. in a way, it's a whole new world for airport security today, after suicide bombers in brussels targeted an airport area encountered long before airport security check points. right now, orlando has large crowds gathered at ticket counters like those a k toed this morning. >> -- attacked this morning. >> you're not safe anywhere, you know, just mind boggling. >>reporter: many heard after
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>> we didn't notice anything different while we were in the travel. >>reporter: but things are different, blue tsa shirts, dogs and men with guns, seem to be everywhere today, scanning crowds for anything out of place. >> i feel pretty good, safe, though r because i see a lot of security. i never gave it a thought that not being secure because i see all of the security. >>reporter: and for all of the security that everyone here could very obviously see today, the airport authority says that there are just as many things going on bind the scenes is, including officers that are walking around here that aren't in any kind of uniform. reporting live t at orlando international airport, channel 9 eyewitness news. there were 269 people on a
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that landed in sanford. they were bussed to the terminal explosives. >> i felt blessed because where happening when it was right there, could have been something like missed a ticket or, you know, my bag needed to get been in that situation. >> we're hearing from the crew at sanford that they're talking to the passengers that got off the plane, we'll l have an update at 6:00. governor rick scott has ordered flags at all local and state buildings to be flown at half-staff to honors the victims of the brussels terror attacks. his thoughts and prayers are with the victims and everyone impacted by the acts of evil. they will be at half-staff until march 28th. in a show of solidarity and support, the orlando eye is going to be lit up tonight in the colors of the belgium flag. here's a live look at the eiffel tower in paris, it is also bathed in black, yellow and red lights.
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also stunned by multiple terror attacks. and isis claimed responsibility for those as well. since the attacks this morning, we've been getting reaction from state leaders and from viewers like you. you can see what's being said and get caught up on the latest developments on gunmen are on the loose tonight after forcing their way into an apartment right across the street from the ucf campus, and robbing the young man who lives there. >> the seminole county sheriff's office report says two men wearing hoodies and armed with a pistol went through an unlocked door at the apartments, demanded money, and then stole the 23-year-old victim's laptop. theys also took about $100 in cash, most of which was in coins in a coffee can. >> do you always make sure your doors are locked? >> yeah, every time, before we go to bed, or just even walking in like the first thing i do when i walk in is lock the door immediately behind me. >> the gunman unplugged the
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that may help them track down the robbers. can we have an important warning for you tonight, if you live in orange county, the environmental protection division says the water in lake rose could make your sick. yesterday, we showed you the thousands of gallons of raw sewage that poured into the channel 9 talked with the officials and they fwaif row the test results -- gave you the test results they just got back. >>reporter: yeah, and e they want people and their pets to stay away, the test results show that that water is contaminated. and trust me, after you see this video, you won't want to get anywhere near it. >> it could take up to a couple of weeks for mother nature to help kill off the bacteria, the waste bacteria that comes from the sewage. >>reporter: thousands of gallons of raw sewage poured into the lake tuesday. collected this sample that does
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county environmental crews took samples and this water could make you sick. >> it's toxic in that if you ingest it, it can cause gastrointestinal problems. but usually if people touch it, it's you know, it's not going to cause a toxic reaction. >>reporter: crews will be back out to retest the water thursday, but it could take time for the bacteria to clear. for now, using this water for recreation or irrigation is not recommended. bottom line, it's best to stay away. >> the results in the canal, came back relatively high, which we expected. and the sample results in lake rose came back above state standards. >>reporter: residents asked what the county is doing to keep this from happening again, while they say it's rare, they also tell us the sewage leak came from a private said and they have no control over those sewage systems. >> this was a private system, and orange county doesn't inspect these types of systems. >>reporter: orange county will however, continue to monitor and test that water every couple of days for now, they've also
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environmental protection about this contamination. we're live in orange county tonight, channel 9 eyewitness news. today was the final day of president barack obama's historic trip to cuba. >> president barack obama talked about the big changes happening in cuba, those include the internet slowly becoming available, and more american tourists being able to come and visit the island nation. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war this the americas. [ applause ] i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. >> after his speech, the president met with the group of cuban activists were who imprisoned for speaking out and he praised them for their courage. obama and his family attended today's baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. we'll have highlights from
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sports, at 6:00. orange county mayor teresa jacobs was on capitol hill today, telling members of congress what's being done here in central florida to combat a growing and serious heroin epidemic. she appeared before an oversight committee. channel 9 anchor vanessa echols listened in on that. and she called heroin deaths a historic epidemic in america: his committee is examining the scope of the problem, how to treat it and its number one goal, how to keep it from getting to our streets and families in the first place. >> heroin has absolutely exploded. >>reporter: orange county county mayor teresa jacobs came to capitol hill with statistics. 84 people died of heroin overdoses in orange county last year. a 600% increase from 2011. 2000 heroin users were in the orange county jail at one point last year and 100 of those expectant mothers. >> our county jail has become the treatment center of last resort.
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>>reporter: but the mayor also told the members of the committee, what orange county is doing to try to stop what she calls a serial killer in our community. she told them about the county task force she put together last summer that came back with 37 recommendations last week, and a 370 heroin arrests that have been made since the task force began the work. she also urged the federal lawyers to do more to prevent heroin from ever reaching our community in the first place. something congressman john mikeca sharing the committee demanded as well. >> treatment is at the end of the process, they've already been addicted. we have got to stop this stuff at our borders, these are murders can we can't stop them, they're bringing deadly substances in. >> now, he didn't testify before the committee, but west fwaet's resort ceo david seeing l was with mayor jacobs. bob. thanks, vanessa.
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person behind the brussels attacks, u.s. presidential hopefuls are starting to weigh in. >> the woman accused of beating this elderly man for his pain pills, could walk out of jail tonight. all new for 5:00, we're asking why a judge just made it easier for her to post bond. at 4:00, we told you what the state is doing to figure out what's causing this major fish kill. new for 5:00, we now know how some local groups are trying to help. i'm tracking the temperatures you're going to notice when you step out the
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many think the state isn't doing enough. why patients who say they need the drug may not be any closer to getting it. yns news. right now, many thousands of dead fish are floating in the
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you the likely culprit is an algae bloom. melanie holt has spoke to lagoon advocates say this should be a wakeup call. they say this is largely a man made problem. >>reporter: they say we're all having an impact on the la fwoon, even when we try not -- lagoon, this is the result. marty is an indian river keeper, when he looks at the latest fish kill, he says a largely man made problem. >> right now, one of the big issues is even if all of the nutrients stop going into the lagoon, we have all the nutrients in the sediment. >>reporter: it's been evident in the lagoon for the past few weeks. that decomposing algae may be responsible for low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, that could have triggered the fish kill. >> the bottom line is, everybody has an ip pact. we all -- impact. we are all a knife.
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even when you try not to, you are. and there are so many of us now than before, this adds up. >>reporter: the county, which is still conducted water testing, says residents can help, by keeping grass clippings out of storm drains and following the county's fertilizer ordnance. there's no quick fix. >> four months ago, our river went brown. i knew it was going to impact us, i knew where it was going as it warmed. >>reporter: this weekend, alex, a charter captain, is organizing a demonstration to raise awareness about the lagoon. >> let your neighbors know that something is really wrong here, because unfortunately, until just a few days ago, very few people knew there was even a problem with the water. >>reporter: and i just found out that tomorrow morning, county officials will meet with volunteers and other regulatory agencies, to organize a koord thated cleanup effort -- coordinated cleanup effort out here to try to get rid of the fish that are littering the neighborhoods, it does not smell
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live here in cocoa beach, that incredible fish kill in brevard county is one of the most talked about stories on facebook today. conversation on tonight, friends, family and law enforcement can and members of community will gather to remember a windermere police officer who was gunned down two years ago, by two run away teens. the candle light memorial service will be held at 7:00 for officer robert german the service will be held at the windermere police department and is open to the public. tonight, there is still no sign of a missing 12-year-old seminole county girl, 12-year-old jayden ramirez was last seen yesterday, but her grandmother told investigate r tos when she went in to check on her, she found a note from jayden saying she'd ran away. she is believed to be without her medication and her cell phone. urge to call the deputies. some west melbourne police recruits are being called heroes after they rescued a man from
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they saw this car crash into a drainage canal and they jumped in to help this elderly man who was behind the wheel. they completed first aid training and it helped them care for the man before those paramedics arrived. congratulations to them. >> awesome stuff. >> awesome stuff. and awesome weather in the weather department. >> yeah, the weather is always going to be good when the chief takes off. a little tidbit to throw in there. so we know. >> we're happy to have you here. >> it is just gorgeous, and up. we're going to warm up right through the end of the week, into the upcoming weekend. 76 now in orlando. winds out of the east-southeast at 10. that continues to get later and can later sunset. we have these 60s and 70s with east smyrna beach. elsewhere, 73 the villages, mount dora. we are going to
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the average high is 79. on thursday, close to 90 ahead of the first storm system. on friday, still running this the mid 80s. light winds, they're pulling more out of the southeast, the easterly flow that could kick in a few more clouds across the coast over the next couple of days. the next chance of rain is thursday. nice night towards daytona. still cool, not as cold as this morning. all right, future track as we head into tomorrow, throughout the day, we are going to be looking really nice, again, a couple of more clouds along the coast and that will be it. speaking of the coast, nice segue, brian, water temperature is 79-63, seas 2-3 feet, rip current risk on the moderate site. it won't be too windy. not as chilly, 55, the numbers under clear skies, 47 in ocala, a little bit colder. 52 palm coast. but either way, it will be nice tonight. a great day for tomorrow. warmer than today, inland, we're
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leesburg, clermont, temperatures around 83. 81 in kissimmee, 81 in st. cloud, again, nothing too windy, winds southeast 10-15. but yesterday, when it was cool, we kind of had that northerly flow, but that is switching more off the water, water temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. and that is overall, going to help to warm us up, that little kick of a southeasterly wind, that will be with us. big changes ahead, here's your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. by thursday, we're going the see the first storm system approach, ahead of it we get warm. not a washout, but a 40% chance of afternoon showers and storms kind of like a summertime day on saturday. friday, a 30% chance. it stays in the mid 80s into the upcoming weekend. saturday and sunday, still hanging on to about a 50% chance of showers and storms. and as a bigger front will approach. not all day washouts, but especially by sunday afternoon, easter sunday r we'll see some afternoon showers and storms, i want to track that second storm system coming up in the next half hour. martha.
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is moving forward with new rules for a medical marijuana, but 9 investigates why it's still not enough to help patients who desperately need the drug. seminole county leaders are accused of violating federal law when they randomly drug tested, woers: all new at 6:00, what the county manager told me enwhen i confronted her about this -- when i confronted her about this audit. >> the woman accused of attacking an elderly cancer patient for his drugs could soon
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this 74-year-old man from apopka is suffering side effects from the beating he took last month, when a robber came, for his legally prescribed pain pills. and the woman accused of bashing him in the head with a cutting board, could end up walking out of the orange county jail. all new for 5:00, channel 9's field sutton has been asking why it's become easier for her to get out, and field, the originally $60,000 bond is down to $10,000. >>reporter: that means that tash sha mullins has to come up with $1,000 to walk out of here, it's
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because the state missed a paperwork deadline. eyewitness news was there when she and her girlfriend were cuffed and waiting to go to jail. our cameras were rolling as deputies pulled what appeared to be pills and drug paraphernalia out of every nook and cranny of their car. the state attorney's office told me a delay testing the items for illegal narcotics led to the release on three of the five charges. her mug shot is more than a month old, the florida law -- called an information, or watch mullins walk free until her trial. >> the basic rationale is so defendants will not languish in jail, while the state waits to formally charge. >>reporter: wftv legal analyst told me the law is there to protect the potentially innocent. >> the judge in this case had no choice. >> he's definitely terrified they're going to get out, try to come out at him again.
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eyewitness news their dad remains convinced mullins, his death. and we've learned the state has two witnesses who say the same thing. >> if she doesn't retaliate on my father, that she's going to want her drugs again, she's going to need money, she's going to need -- she's going to hurt somebody. and the next person might not be as lucky as my dad. you know, she might kill the next person. >>reporter: mullins' girlfriend has not had the charges troped. i asked what the fdle why the delay, but i have not gotten a response. live in orange county, field sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news. orange county deputies have been called to this apartment complex 120 time this is the past year. -- times in the past year. why the people who live there tell us they worry it's going to get worse. >> this 15-year-old could spend life prison. how she tried to blame the victim, when detectives questioned her. >> plus, all the presidential
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the attacks in belgium.
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channel 9 eyewitness news
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in the wake of terror attacks in belgium, presidential candidates are giving their two cents. >> this is not an isolated incident, this is not a lone wolf. >> reneed to move aggressively against isis. >> some of these candidates are now being accused of trying to use this tragedy to help their campaigns. it's been more than 1 hours since two bombs went off in the airport and a third blew up in the subway in the heart of brussels. >> dozens of people were killed, hundreds more injured, and now, the search continues for whoever is responsible. abc news is reporting at least 34 people were killed in the attacks, 180 wounded. belgium police have searched several houses. they found the makings of another bomb and the isis flag. they are looking for a man in a white jacket who was captured in surveillance video at the airport. >> you can see smoke out of the building, and when he left work, this afternoon, he said that


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