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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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looking for three men. >> belgian officials say it started with two explosions. smoke, dust d debris covered the area as people ran for cover. a third device was also found but it was deactivated. then about an hour later and a little more than 14 miles away, investigators say another explosion rocked belgium's capital. it happened at a subway station right in the heart of the city near the embassies of several countries. now, authorities say these three men were behind it. investigators believe two were suicide bombers and the third is on the run. >> we were looking at each other speechless and trying to do anything. >> just after 8 a.m., brussels time, two explosions, seconds apart, rocked the brussels airport. >> i was dropping off my luggage near the international departure
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explosion and the ceiling started to collapse. >> 14 miles away, another explosion, this time in the subway. >> i jumped off the metro one stop before where the explosion took place. >> some witnesses admitted they didn't realize what happened at first because brussels has been under constant construction. >> when i first heard the noise, it wasn't entirely clear that it was an explosion. >> the front of the subway station turned into a make shift triage as first responders tried to help the injured. about four hours ago, isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. investigators also released this surveillance picture. they believe two of the men were suicide bombers and were killed in the explosions but the third may still be out there. investigators are in the midst of a massive man hunt with police raiding several homes throughout the city. belgian officials say a house
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an explosive device and they also found chemical products and an islamic state flag. investigators say they are not tying the attacks to the paris attacks last november just yet. >> we're checking in with our local airports. our own cameras noticed an increased in the number of dea personnel and the increase in law enforcement that the public would not see. though there are no threats to american airports, officials say they couldn't be too cautious and their passengers seemed to appreciate that. >> i don't know that i can say i feel necessarily less safe, but i'm not surprised when i hear about things like this any more, which is really scary. >> and port security forces are also asking the public to be much more vigilant and let them know if they find anything suspicious.
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shannon butler was there when passengers on board said they had no idea what they missed until they got here. >> reporter: yeah, this flight was one of the only flights that got out this morning before the terrorist attacks. passengers told us that the plane took off at 7:04 a.m. just before the terrorist attacks. they said they had no idea what had happened back home until they touched down. family of passengers aboard a flight from brussels patiently waited after a long, agonizing morning, not knowing if their loved ones made it on the flight or not. >> it was the best feeling ever to talk to her again. so they're safe, they had no idea what was going on. >> reporter: just before one, jet air flight 218 landed at sanford international airport. the airliner was greeted by law enforcement, passengers detained
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passenger's bags were checked by dogs for explosives. >> they told us there was a situation and it's going to take time for security, just be patient and the cars and the vans started pulling up and everyone kind of got the idea something was wrong. >> reporter: this flight one of the only ones to make it out of brussels before the explosion went off. people on the plane slowly started to hear what happened back home just as they landed here in the u.s. but the magnitude of the devastation not yet known to the 269 passengers and 10 crew members. landing now gives them a glimpse into how much that terrorist attack has rocked their nation. you can see here that family members are still waiting for those passengers to get off the plane. it has been three hours now since they touched down, but the bags are being checked and rechecked and customs is a little more stringent today because of what happened.
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then the flight will turn around and go back to brussels. it's being diverted now. it was supposed to land in the capital city. we are live tonight in sanford, shannon butler, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> as you can imagine, family members who anxiously waited for the passengers to arrive were very emotional when we talked to them. you can listen to their interviews and what the passengers told the families at click on the video section. we just got the latest update from health officials and there are no new cases of zika in florida this afternoon. yesterday, health officials confirmed four new cases, one of those in osceola county. the total cases in florida stands at 71. nearly all of those patients got the virus while traveling out of the country. an armed home invasion right across from the ucf campus in seminole county has students on >> investigators still don't know who was behind it.
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kathy belich is there. do investigators have any leads? >> reporter: not right now. investigators could not get a good enough description from the victim of the gun man to draw up any sketches. the report says the victim's front door was not locked. they did get away with about $100 in cash, but $75 of that was in coins in a classic roast coffee can. 23-year-old nelson schaefer told seminole county sheriff's investigators a loud bang woke him up just after midnight. he turned on the light and saw two hooded men in his apartment, one with a pistol. he said they demanded money and threatened to shoot him. we reached out to him but he did not want to talk to us about the attack, saying obviously it was frightening. the news is spreading through building 1457. caleb hook lives right above the the scene. >> they haven't caught him yet. >> oh, really?
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>> reporter: two people. >> oh, wow, two. i guess i'm going to have to be extra cautious and stuff like that. >> reporter: the victim told investigators he eventually point he said out his classic roast coffee can full of change. investigators say the gunman also took his $500 dell laptop computer and ran. the report said his roommate was a couple doors down and heard loud knocking but did not see anything. >> it's all unsettling. you want to do as much as you can to be safe, be aware of your area, be with someone when you're walking around. >> reporter: the report said the gunman unplugged the victim's computer so detectives are now examining the power cord for fingerprints or dna. until there are arrests, people here will be on edge. reporting live in seminole county, kathi belich, channel 9 eyewitness news.
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man police say may have tried to lure a 14 year girl in daytona beach. take a look at the guy police say approached the girl on hill crest drive. the man asked where she was going and told her to come closer. the man was driving a blue jaguar that they say has been seen in the area before. environmental crews in seminole county told us the water in lake rose was toxic. today officials determined the levels of bacteria are above state standards. >> a short time ago we found out deputies identified a few persons of interest in the shooting death of another apopka teenager and they're still looking for these people. you first heard about the shooting yesterday. if you get breaking news alerts from the wftv news app. channel 9's mike man zony is back at the scene for us. investigators told you they're
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anyone to talk about what happened. >> reporter: george, that's why investigators went out today pass examining out this flyer to anyone who would take one but i talked with a guy who said he saw the victim's body laying right on the ground and he tells me he has no plans to talk with detectives. >> i heard a siren in the backyard, you notice, i said well, you know, i better get up and check it out. >> reporter: this man didn't want us to show his face or use his name. like so many people who live in this neighborhood, he just doesn't want to get involved. he told me he rushed outside yesterday when he heard sirens and saw dozens of people standing around 18-year-old ka tan dray bryant's body. >> i looked and saw cops on one end of the street and 10 on another. i went down there and i saw a guy laying on the ground. >> reporter: so far, he hasn't talked with investigators and he's not the only person keeping
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that's why orange county deputies knocked on every door in the neighborhood this afternoon. they passed out a flyer reminding anyone they can give an anonymous tip and get a cash reward. investigators say they have names of three persons of interest but they don't have enough evidence to call any of them suspects. >> here's a look at the flyer again that investigators passed out. you can see at the bottom no faces, no names, no hassles. that is the message they want to get out to the community tonight. this is the third deadly shooting i've covered in apopka in just the past week and a half. i asked an orange county commissioner what needs to happen for this to stop, he said it all starts with parents keeping an eye on their kids. a big story tonight, information keeps coming in if
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attacks in belgium. >> we'll update you again in the half hour with the extra security many people are seeing across the u.s. no one noticed a buzzing menace in a polk county neighborhood until now. >> it's big. >> why it took residents so long to notice a hive right by their homes filled with tens of thousands of bees. >> today we're taking a tour along the banana river to take a look at what can only be described as a fish kill. i'll tell you what state biologists are doing right now to explain all of this. >> those temperatures definitely warming up.
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major fish kill along the indian river lagoon. today, brevard county reporter melonie holt got a better look. mel, it's hard to describe the extent of this kill. >> reporter: it is, but for residents living anywhere along the indian river lagoon, they've likely seen the problem. just like these residents off fourth street south here in cocoa beach. >> just get a whiff? >> reporter: for the first time in 24 hours, michelle and tonya were back on the banana river for wild side tours. it's known for its wildlife boat expeditions so a major fish kill is more than a passing concern for these women. >> usually this time of the year, there is a little bit of visibility. and normally what happens in the summer we get these algae blooms and the cold water in the winter kills off the algae blooms but
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>> reporter: what's visible were the casualties that included all variety of fish. >> killing all species. we're seeing stingrays, there's horseshoe crabs, there's sheeps head, there's the mullet, flounder, so everything is being affected by whatever is going on here in the lagoon. >> reporter: brevard county natural resources and florida fish and wildlife are still conducting tests but the county says there are a lot of nutrients in the water causing the algae to bloom. when the algae starts to decompose, the dissolved oxygen drops and it kills the fish. >> i have never seen a fish kill like this. this worries me, it really does, because everything's dying and it's just sad. >> reporter: the one thing everyone seems to agree on is there's no quick fix. on eyewitness news at five,
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hoping this is a wake-up call. some lakeland residents were shocked when they found unwanted visitors in their neighborhood. >> those visitors were honey bees and there were more than 80,000 of them. >> there was an inch and a half of bees on the outside of that comb. >> you can see them piled on the hive. experts say the cone has been up there for up to two years but people living there didn't notice them until last week. bee keepers slowly vacuumed the bees into the box and put them in a new hive. >> without bees, we got trouble. >> yeah, but do they have to be in someone's backyard? the bee keepers say the honey bees will be taken to a place where they can continue to live and pollen
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>> to do that, did they have to "be" in someone's backyard? >> i didn't mean that. we're going to get back to summer in a hurry. downtown orlando, bright blue skies and the temperatures starting to bounce back. mostly sunny conditions through the evening hours. 47 right now, comfy and calm winds, which is good, because it's still dry. we've been watching that fire threat all day long but unlike yesterday, it's not as windy. few 60s around. a couple of those along the coast, daytona beach shores, 66 new smyrna beach, 72, white's landing and 72 lake louisa state park. the 24-hour temperature change numbers, 5 to 15 degrees warmer and by the end of the week, a few of us near 90. light winds are going to be turning more off the water in the next couple of days. you see a hint of those clouds
4:19 pm
we'll see more of a southeasterly flow tomorrow and that will warm us up. cool tonight but not nearly as chilly as last night. 63 by ten and most of us wake up with 50s by morning. then you see a sprinkle or two along the coast but we're going to be mainly dry. looking good all the way through our wednesday forecast. mostly sunny and again staying on the warm side. it's not until thursday when we see our next chance of rain. water temperatures, 69 to 73. those are a little bit cool. seas running at two to three feet. rip current risk will be on the moderate side but the beaches will be looking good. clear skies tonight, around 55. let's go over the numbers for you, 47 in ocala. still a little bit chilly in spots but not like this morning. most of us in those 50s. winter garden apopka, running about 53. then tomorrow you see the temperatures getting back near 80.
4:20 pm
weekend always in view, 40% storm chance on thursday. a 30% chance on you friday and then we'll see some mid-80s as we get into the weekend forecast, but another storm system approaches. we're looking at about a 50% chance of some showers and storms saturday and sunday. overnight lows in the 60s and we're going to cover that next storm system coming up in the next half hour. vanessa. researchers at ucf may have found a way to keep you safer in your own backyard. the test they're developing to help you see which mosquito is carrying the zika virus. the landmark sporting event president obama watched with president castro today. orange county mayor teresa jacobs was in washington to
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know you can save today for what's important tomorrow. president obama finished his historic three-day visit to cuba with america's past time,
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>> bob, the impact from today's belgian terror attacks was felt in cuba, too. >> reporter: the president certainly reacted and he used his key note speech to the people today to condemn the attacks. president obama has left cuba now. his last day there year shadowed by the attacks in brussels. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people in belgium. >> the president went on to focus on his mission in cuba, rebuilding the relationship between the u.s. and the communist country after decades of tension. >> i have come holder to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. >> reporter: his nationally televised speech was followed by
4:25 pm
disdents who were imprisoned. >> this is an area where we continue to have deep differences with the cuban government and my hope is that by listening and hearing from them, that we can continue to refine our policy. >> reporter: from working toward policy change -- [ singing ] -- to a bit of baseball diplomacy, the first family ended their historic trip to havana at a game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. side by side with president raul castro. terrorism in belgium. >> reporter: observing a moment of silence for the victims in brussels. this is video of the first family leaving cuba. president obama is facing some criticism for continuing his trip to south america instead of returning to the u.s. in light of the terror attacks in brussels.
4:26 pm
bob, the first cruise to cuba has been approved. carnival cruise line said it got the okay today. it will use a smaller ship for the trip to the island. it sets sail may 1st from miami. it will be the first time in 50 years that a cruise ship was allowed to sail to cuba. many worried about more attacks after the attack in belgium today. >> we refuse to be afraid. we refuse to change who we are. >> still ahead at four, how security officials here in the u.s. are making sure we're ready for anything. >> plus, more reaction to the terrorist attacks coming into our newsroom. what governor rick scott said this morning on a visit to orlando. up next, how that funding
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a capital city rocked by terrorists. >> the terrorists are getting more fist sophisticated. we have continually be learning and getting ahead of these thugs and cripples. >> a massive man hunt is under way for at least one suspect as isis claimed responsibility for what happened in brussels. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium. >> now we're getting a better idea of what's being done to protect the u.s. from something similar. officials in belgium are saying it's too early to confirm whether these attacks are related to the paris attacks in november. >> all hands are on deck to find out where the suspects are. all hands are on deck here, as you can see. >> security has been beefed up at travel hubs around the globe following the attacks in brussels.
4:31 pm
across the u.s., travelers saw heavily armed police, tsa agents and bomb-sniffing dogs. >> one minute people are going about their day. the next minute, people are running for their lives. >> reporter: this is the chaotic scene in brussels that house speaker paul ryan talked about this morning. more than 30 people killed, 200 more injured and multiple explosions at brussels airport and a key subway station. immediately, belgian police jumped into action as did security teams and law enforcement here in the u.s. >> we in new york city stand ready to fight against terror in everyway. >> reporter: from new york's airports and subways to miami international and even dfw in texas, security was ramped up nationwide. >> i think what we're doing is perfect. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there is no specific or credible
4:32 pm
now but security is on high alert, especially in new york city, where residents survived attacks. >> people with dogs walking around in uniform help me feel safer. >> reporter: -- >> we refused to be afraid. we refuse to change who we are. we are going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order, showing our society functioning. >> reporter: and the show of support for belgium has stretched around the globe. this is a live look at the eiffel tower in france, lit up in yellow, black and red, the colors of the belgian flag. france's president said his country will support belgium no matter what. this afternoon, governor rick scott is sxressing his sympathies for the people of brussels.
4:33 pm
up with him to get his reaction on the attacks. >> changes everybody's life over there. >> reporter: remembering victims in brussels, governor rick scott took a moment of silence before we joined him on a tour of one of the city's top manufacturing plants. >> we're not talking about job growth years ago, now we're talking about job growth each and every day. >> reporter: one of the biggest points scott focused on today was the 53,000 jobs created here in orlando in the past year, which not only leads the state but also the nation. >> you look at orlando, 150 jobs a day. >> reporter: still with the belgium attacks top of mind, we wanted to know if scott's support was still behind donald trump. are you comfortable with his ability to handle a similar crisis here? >> absolutely. he's an individual that's accomplished in business. he understands we have to keep our country safe. >> reporter: scott told me that's why he's against a
4:34 pm
before we left -- convention. >> i had no idea. i'm working on this job. >> reporter: your thoughts? >> i got two years and nine months of this job. >> reporter: in orlando, lancaster la jacobs -- angela jacobs, channel 9 news. >> professor tim brown was in munich, germany, when the brussels attack happened. he said the violence hasn't convinced him to stop his trip. >> we are going to do the things we are going to do. if we alter them dramatically, then this works and we on our part decided not to let it work. >> dr. brown was asked to get to the airport an hour earlier in order to get through heightened security. and the attacks in belgium impacted stocks around the world, especially those are airlines. u.s. stocks, they're mixed on wall street. here's a look at the numbers.
4:35 pm
nasdaq rose more than 12 and the s&p 500 fell almost two. we have you covered on air and online about the latest developments involving the brussels attacks. to show your solidarity with the survivors, head over to our wftv facebook page. cape canaveral is getting ready for a night time rocket launch. 7500 pounds of supplies and experiments going to the space station. once the mission is complete, scientists will set the craft on fire to see how it reacts in weightlessness. if it happens, you can watch it on news at 11 and at the parents of a toddle whose body was found are sentenced to prison. they're the parents of lonzie
4:36 pm
he died last summer after drowning in a bathtub. the toddler's mother only received five years in prison and her attorney said today's seven-year sentence was a punishment for that. >> they don't feel like she got enough in duval county and this was a way to add extra punishment on. >> lonzie's father was sentenced to three years in prison and three years probation for the drug-related charge. today, 20 bills, including one that makes it legal for unmarried men and women to live together, were sent to governor rick scott's desk. since 1878, it was a second degree misdemeanor for couples to live together if they weren't married. a new effort is under way in tallahassee to help floridians to diagnose diseases earlier.
4:37 pm
those illnesses made up 75% of all health care costs. now it's 86% and advocates say prevention and early detection are the only way to bring down the cost. >> that impacts your everyday life, how you interact with your family, how you're able to focus in school, how you work on the job. >> health officials say 62% of floridians have at least one chronic condition. a big tuna recall includes two popular brands. early whier this week, bumble bee issued a recall of more than 35,000 cases for a possible spoilage concern. new tri-union sea foods is recalling cases of chicken of the sea light chunk tuna for the same reason. we have a list of codes on our website, a popular children's drink is being recalled. bug juice international said some of its drinks could be contaminated with plastic or metal. no one has gotten sick.
4:38 pm
are asked to throw them away or return to the store for a refund. you can find more information about this recall at a day care in jacksonville is under fire this afternoon for hiding children in closets. >> one mother said she found out when an employee came to her home and told her. dcf said when they found five kids in a closet at kids and kids academy, the director admit id they were hidden there to try to conceal them from the capacity count, meaning the number of kids you can have in the place. parents were understandably upset. >> i was very appalled. i could not believe it. >> that isn't the only serious violation. a dcf report revealed that a 6-year-old had left the day care alone and was returned by deputies and the vehicle used to transport children had an expired tag. plans to build a high tech hub in osceola county are one
4:39 pm
the governor has approved more than $15 million for the project and the state's backing could help bring thousands of high-paying jobs to the area. >> reporter: two cranes marked what could be the future of osceola county. the crews are putting together a technology center. >> it's extremely important for not only osceola county but florida as a hole. >> reporter: the equipment will go inside the facility. harris corporation has already struck a keel to use the site. commissioner cheryl greebs said those potential projects they need the support. the project is he can't anded to create high-paying jobs and move the county's economy beyond the tourism industry. the facility is expected to
4:40 pm
they could pay between 60 and 80 thousand dollars. the commissioner said they want to give the children that grew stay here. >> how we take the kids from grade school and high school and beyond. >> reporter: the facility will provide companies with a space to develop a product and expand on the surrounding property. if all goes as planned, the project could be finished by summer of 2015. lopardi, channel 9 news. >> osceola county is covering more than $72 million in construction costs. if you own a kindle, you soon could be disconnected from the internet. >> the deadline consumer advocate clark howard says you can't miss and what a headache you will have if you do. dry right now but we're going to time out some storms week.
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as the number of zika cases in the state of florida continue to grow, researchers from the university of central florida are working on a new way to protect your family. jamie holmes found out how a new test could pick out whether the skeets in your backyard are infected with zika and show you right on the spot. >> reporter: thankfully these giant mosquitoes are just props but the concept could somehow save lives. this it how it works. mosquitos are attracted to a wick. when the mosquitoes feed, they
4:45 pm
with zika or any illness that can harm humans, they turn blue. the change in color is because of gold nano particles, particles so small they're invisible to the eye. the particles cling to the disease in the mosquito and turn it blue. >> they are able to detect the different bio markers present in the various pathogens or insects of the mosquitoes that we can detect what kind of disease they're carrying. >> reporter: who when these contain cages are put out. each mosquito tested one at a time. but researchers that use these traps would know right away if there are infected mosquitoes in a neighborhood. >> if we can give them that in real time they can know right then and there where they have to take action. >> so researchers will begin testing live mosquitoes in a lab
4:46 pm
that means these traps could be used by mosquito control officials in the next two years or so. deputies say a marion county man was caught with a pile of street signs in his trucks. deputies admitted keith belcher admitted to taking all the signs so he could sell them for scrap. officials say they need about 75 to 90 lifeguards on duty at one time. last year, during memorial day weekend, lifeguards rescued more than 300 people in just one day. right now they have recruited 27 but officials hope to fill the gap with returning lifeguards from last season. >> and boy, the 40s this morning didn't keep people off the sand today. >> take a look at this shot outside at daytona beach. now getting a lot of sunshine.
4:47 pm
that goes hand in hand with when you were just saying, need a few more lifeguards out there. let's get a look at the temperatures. 69 right now. winds out of the east-northeast. for northerners, that feels like 95, 100, for us it feels like 50 so a little bit of a difference all those folks from up north. outside, current temperatures 76 apopka, winter park, we're checking in at 74. seminole county in the 70s. even lake mary, we're getting close to 80 degrees right now. we swing back through volusia the coast. we have some of the 70s, 76 in deland. lighter winds, too, which is good because we're still dry. nothing too gusty. looking good on the small picture and broader picture, no big storm system quite yet but we are going to see a couple by the end of the week. tonight, few fair weather clouds.
4:48 pm
50s inland but not as cold as last night. 10:00 tonight, you'll see a dot or two of green action. by tomorrow, few more clouds along the coast. still staying dry. mostly sunny skies through our wednesday and warmer tomorrow, a return of some 80s. then we take a look at thursday. by thursday, see more moisture, especially back through south florida but some of that will find us as we head into the afternoon. look at the rain chance increasing, about a 40% chance on thursday and even friday, a few showers and storms, we'll get another storm system approaching by the time we hit the weekend. not as chilly. clear skies tonight, numbers around 55. we could have a few 40s, most of us in the 50s and a couple 60s as we get into brevard county. melbourne, 77, 76 in cocoa beach, mare it islands -- merit islands and 78 degrees in daytona beach, 75 in new smyrna
4:49 pm
flagler county, palm coast, around 77. and 77 degrees in ormond beach. looking ahead, we're going to keep an eye on the second storm system. this is easter. again, we're going to fine tune this as we get closer. looking for a 50% chance of scattered showers and storms. we're still talking five, six days away. easter, highs in the mid-80s, sunrise time at 7:21. we'll keep you posted on that important forecast as we go through the next few days. it's your five-day forecast with our weekend always in view, look at the warm weather. again, we cover tomorrow. it's going to be a warm but nice day. thursday, not a washout but kind of like a summertime day and really warm. a few of us near 90 and 40% chance of afternoon showers and storms. friday, about a 30% chance of an isolated shower, highs around 84. then into the weekend, we are
4:50 pm
approach. as we get into saturday and easter itself, we're looking at a 50% chance of scattered showers and storms. they look to favor the afternoon but we'll watch out for that. the overnight lows will be running in the 60s. we're working on two new stories for eyewitness news at five. a paperwork mistake could help a woman bond out even though these accused of brutally attacking an elderly man who is still affected by the alleged assault. >> still gets headaches. he still nervous. >> who the state attorney's mix-up. >> we just got our hands on the police interview of the 15-year-old accused of stabbing her boyfriend at school. her unusual behavior after she was arrested. >> and an environmental crisis that is affected people in brevard county. >> we're along the banana river
4:51 pm
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in afternoon the f.b.i.'s heated battle with apple to unlock a terrorist's iphone may be over. information. investigators say an outside party may have found a way to do it without deleting the phone's data. >> also there may not be anything on there. >> apple said unlocking the phone would require them to rewrite the software and jeopardize the security of any iphone out there. the court hearing set for today to discuss the issue was was postponed. users of older kindle e-readers will be disconnected from the internet if they don't install a critical update by tonight. consumer advisor clark howard
4:55 pm
and what happens if you don't update in time. >> amazon giveth, amazon taketh away. the kindle, which is a fantastic device for you to read on, there's a change going on and today is your deadline. if you have a colder kindle, you don't update the software today, it is dead, dead forever, ever. so the stuff you already have on it, the books you have, you'll still be able to read them but you'll never be able to use it again to download anything. if you don't get the updates done, what's your alternative? kindle has a number of very cheap models, the no. 1 seller is this one, it's $49, it's full color and works pretty much like any android tablet. 7-inch screen, it is a real deal. different than just the plain white readers. it's much more than that for less money. i'm clark howard.
4:56 pm
9 unit look out for consumers like you. orange county county's mayor is on capitol hill to get help fighting a growing heroin epidemic. >> last year we lost 84 lives. >> new at five, what she wants congress to change to keep you safer. at four, we told you new tests confirmed the water in lake rose spill. we asked when you'll be able to use the lake again. >> we got an update on the
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00, coverage you can count on. >> 34 dead. and nearly 200 hurt. in a series of coordinated attacks, that left parts of brussels in ruins. >> big bang, everybody cried. >> everyone is scareded,
4:59 pm
>> tonight, while the man hunt for at least one suspect grows, we're seeing how security right here in central florida is intensifying. as the world is on heightened alert. at least nine americans were among the injured this morning, in the explosions at the brussel ls airport and at a subway station. >> belgium authorities are searching the country for this man, we don't have a name, but investigators believe he was one of three who helped plan the attacks and escaped while his partners died in suicide bombings. right now, u.s. homeland security says there's no specific credible intelligence of a similar attack on american soil. but no one was taking any chances as security ramped up as airports and subways all across the united states. for the past hour, our team of anchors and reporters has been working every angle of this story to find out how you're being protected and what's happening in belgium right now. channel 9 anchor martie salt is reviewing new information and
5:00 pm
and around the world are showing their support r for belgium. >> yes, they are, martha, from the eiffel tower being lit up with the colors of the belgium flag to people surrounding this makeshift memorial in brussels. the signs of respect, mourning and defiance. and investigators searching for the people responsible for these attacks. >>reporter: police on rooftops. and soldiers on the ground, all hunting for a suspected terrorist. these images on twitter show alert. officials say two bombs went off at the airport, while a third was found in and deactivated. >> they are search fg for maen on the right side of this -- the picture. >> so many people panicked, so many people cried. >> everyone was scared, so everyone run. >>reporter: hundreds of terrified passengers ran for their lives after the airport explosions.


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