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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight. the showdown. the battle even before they take the stage tonight. a dead heat between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa. and now, the gloves come off. what ted cruz said about new york city and how he's explaining questions about his finances now. the new terror attack, similar to paris. westerners, a starbucks targeted. also breaking tonight. the record win. we're in three towns across america at this hour, where powerball was won. and the first clue. the teachers now racing to get
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developing now, a rare hurricane brewing in january. and now, the nor'easter about to barrel up the coast, dangerous driving tomorrow. and the envelope, please. the new oscar nominations tonight. and nearly 40 years after rocky balboa stepped into the ring, is he back for his final knockout? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin tonight with the giant battle this evening. less than three weeks until iowa now. the republican candidates on the stage, donald trump, center stage again. but he's in a virtual tie now with ted cruz in iowa. and trump has come out swinging, after cruz said trump embodies, quote, new york values. senator ted cruz, meanwhile, taking heat for something else, his finances. after railing against the big banks, there is new reporting tonight that he got nearly $1 million from loans in big bank loans where one of the banks where his wife worked.
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he is now explaining that, and says he's ready for incoming fire tonight. and abc's tom llamas, leading us off from south carolina. >> reporter: the arena packed to the rafters. all for donald trump. president donald trump knows how to make america great great deal from strength or get crushed every time >> reporter: but surrounded by adoring fans, trump clashing with an unruly mike. >> i don't like this mike. whoever the hell brought this mike system, don't [ bleep ] who brought it in. so we're not going to pay. i guarantee i'm not going to pay for this mic. >> reporter: tonight, we'll see if trump clashes with his closest rival, senator ted cruz. and whether cruz repeats his new attack on trump's quote "new york values." >> what do you mean, new york values? what are you getting at there? >> you know, i'll tell you, the rest of the country knows exactly what new york values are. >> reporter: trump fighting back, invoking 9/11. >> the way they handled that attack was one of the most incredible things anybody has ever seen.
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when you want to knock new york you have to go through me. new york is an amazing place with amazing people. >> reporter: tonight, will trump jump on the new controversy about cruz's loans from big banks? cruz, for years, railing against wall street. >> the federal government has bailed out wall street but somehow seems to abandon main street. >> reporter: but now, "the new york times" reporting wall street powerhouses citibank and goldman sachs, where cruz's wife heidi worked, loaned cruz nearly a million dollars for his 2012 senate campaign. cruz long said he and his wife used all their money to run. writing in his book, "i sat down with heidi and told her, sweetheart, i want to put all of our liquid net worth into the campaign." but he never mentioned the loans in the book, or out on the campaign trail, and failed to in include them in a public filing with the federal election commission, as required by law. when the news broke, cruz huddling with his aides, before meeting reporters. >> if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the fec requires, then we'll amend the filings. >> reporter: cruz calls failing
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the question tonight, will donald trump pounce? >> i hear it's a very big thing. i hope he gets it solved. >> and tom llamas with us live from south carolina tonight. and tom, there's been so much talk leading up to tonight, trump asking if ted cruz is even eligible to be president because he was born in canada. is that expected to come out tonight? and is cruz ready to respond? >> reporter: well, david, i can tell you that trump has been hammering the birther issue for weeks now. and polls actually show this has hurt cruz. but when i spoke with the cruz campaign, they say, if this is brought up, if he's attacked, cruz is definitely going to fire back. david? >> all right, tom llamas on the campaign trail every step of the way. tom, thank you. and, on the democratic side tonight, new numbers coming in, showing hillary clinton with a razor thin lead over bernie sanders in iowa, leading sanders by two points, down from a nine-point lead one month ago. the call ucus just 18 days away now. from the poll numbers to the
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we are all still here tonight. but our cameras are in three separate towns across the country. three tickets that won the whole thing. were they individuals, were their groups? those three tickets will now share the $1.6 billion. there were other winners, too, lesser prizes, still millions, though, including a group of teachers who talked to us late today, racing to pick up their check. abc's steve osunsami in tennessee, where one of the big tickets was sold. >> reporter: in suburban los angeles, on the eastern coast of florida and in small town western tennessee, the rumors are flying tonight. >> i think it would be someone local. >> can you imagine? >> reporter: no. at this hour, not one of the three winners has come forward to claim their share of the largest u.s. jackpot ever. but that didn't stop thousands of neighbors from crowding this 7-eleven in chino, california, just in case the new multimillionaire showed up. >> i'm envious.
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i love it. >> reporter: instead, they found the store's owner, who, today, received a million of his own for receiving a winning ticket. >> it's the land of opportunity. so, anybody come, you will achieve your dreams. >> reporter: each of those hot little pieces of paper is worth $528,800,000. most winners take the cash payout, which is $327 million. this week's winners are lucky. all three tickets were sold in states that don't tax lottery winnings or have no state income tax. north of memphis, the winning ticket was sold in a small town with one stoplight and fewer than 6,000 people. dana owns the mom and pop grocery store that sold it. >> my gut tells me it's a local person, because most of our lottery customers are local people. >> reporter: in melbourne, florida, this is the chaos outside the home of a family who swears they didn't win. but word on the street is that they did. for most of the day, they couldn't even get out of the house. and at least 26 states, there
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were plenty of consolation prizes. million dollar and two million dollar winners who matched five out of six numbers, including a group of preschool teachers in kentucky, who rushed to collect their check. some who still owe student loans. more than 80 tickets were million dollar winners, or second place, as you might say. all of the big winners live in states where they have to be identified. david? >> all right, life's going to change for them. steve osunsami with us. steve, thank you. we do have breaking news coming in at this hour. images from outside dallas tonight. an amtrak train slamming into a tractor trailer. the truck bursting into flames. the train appears to still be on the tracks there. it did not tip over. at least one person killed. no one on the amtrak train was injured. we turn now to the extreme weather tonight. we have a major nor'easter brewing and dangerous driving on tap for tomorrow. the system will bring a blast of heavy rain, wind and snow all the way from florida up to maine. we're also tracking tonight hurricane alex. that's right, a hurricane. a rare winder storm powering up
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in the atlantic, as well. but first, the nor'easter tonight. hour by hour and meteorologist rob marciano has the late track coming in. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, david. i know it feels cold out there in the northeast, but not cold enough for an all snow event. this starts in the gulf of mexico. watch as we time it out here. we'll stop the clock here mild afternoon, across the carolinas. heavy rain. this should be a fast-moving system. that's the good news. by the time saturday rolls around, already off the coast of cape cod. the playoff game in foxborough should be okay. and mostly rain for the bigger cities. about that hurricane, there it is. alex, a january storm, about 300 miles south of the azores. by tomorrow morning, it will still be a hurricane when it crosses those islands, potentially doing some damage. this is the first hurricane to form if january since 1938. >> just four, right, in january. >> reporter: that we know of, yeah. >> rob, thank you. we turn overseas tonight and to a new terror attack. authorities are saying the strategy looked a lot like paris. tonight, isis now claiming responsibility for the seven
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gunmen in the heart of jakarta, ibd neez ya. the gunmen targeting westerners, striking this starbucks during rush hour. a police station, a shopping center, as well. there was panic in the streets. police shielding themselves behind a car. abc's chief global affairs correspondent marl that raddatz with the images coming in. >> reporter: the seven attackers, believed to be affiliated with isis, armed with an arsenal of handguns, grenades and homemade bombs. at 10:50 a.m., the first explosions. two bombs tossed into a starbucks. panicked customers flee. the attackers open fire. a canadian outside killed. moments later, a second wave. two attackers, there, hiding by that fence, blow themselves up. as police swarm the busy shopping area, a brazen display. one of the gunmen firing randomly as he moves steadily
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and directly towards police officers. 11:00 a.m. now. more suicide attackers. two of them descend on a police traffic post, killing one pass er er passerby and wounding a police officer. with rumors of more attacks, the streets, including those by the u.s. embassy nearby, shut down. police searching buildings. americans told to shelter in place. it would be nearly five hours later before it was all over. >> and martha is with us live martha, this was awful. two dead, 20 wounded. but with seven heavily armed attackers, this could have been much worse. >> reporter: it could have, david. it seems clear the attackers wanted a paris-style rampage. there had been warnings in jakarta of a credible threat and there were thousands of extra security forces on the streets, which may well have saved lives, david. >> martha, thank you. now, to new images and new questions tonight about those u.s. sailors, detained by iran then released, now on their way home. but those sailors on their knees, their hands on their
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heads, seen around the world, recorded by iranian cameras. tonight, this new image of the boats that entered iran yab waters. but questions remain about how they ended up there at all. and tonight, the defense secretary calling it a mistake on our part. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran now. >> reporter: forced to kneel, those troubling images of the ten u.s. sailors in iranian hands, triggering questions tonight about the whole incident. and this new image released today, the two boats back with the american fleet. the ten sailors taken to the u.s. base in nearby qatar to be debriefed. today, defense secretary ash carter told jorge ramos of fusion, it was all really a big mistake. >> it appears, the information they have given us and through their commanders, is that they did stray accidentally into iranian waters due to a navigation error. >> reporter: so, they got lost, somehow, on a routine now near from kuwait up to the fifth fleet's base in bahrain for maintenance. but they ended up way offcourse
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and in iran's waters. >> were they told to be inside of iranian territorial waters to test the reaction of the iranians? we don't know. >> reporter: and what about the sailor who apologized to the iranians? >> it was a mistake. that was our fault. and we apologize for our mistake. >> i think he apologized in an effort to diffuse the situation, not that he believed in that. >> reporter: tonight, those boats are here in bahrain, and pentagon officials tell us, they're being looked over very carefully and inventoried to make sure everything they went out with came back. david? >> terry moran in bahrain tonight. terry, thank you. back here at home, and now to chicago. outrage growing this evening after new and disturbing video showing a deadly police shooting in 2013. it's just been released. a 17-year-old african-american, police in pursuit on foot, firing at home, as he ran away. they say he was carrying what they thought was a weapon, it was not. here's abc's alex perez in chicago. >> reporter: tonight, that newly released surveillance footage
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shows two officers chasing 17-year-old cedrick chatman. an officer darts in the middle of the street and opens fire. chatman, already running out of the frame, but another camera captured the scene. chatman, a carjacking suspect, is struck twice. an officer later can be seen handcuffing the teen and stepping on him. chatman died from his injuries. chatman's family filing a wrongful death lawsuit. >> it's less than ten seconds and he's lying on the street mort mortally wounded. >> reporter: in a statement, an attorney for the officers calls the shooting "justified." and argues "office s s officer fry opened fire after chatman pointed a dark object at them. >> we've had enough. our voices are going to be heard. our young people are going to be on the street. and we want justice. >> reporter: and david, prosecutors did review this case, but determined criminal charges against the officers were not warranted. david? >> alex perez tonight. thank you, alex.
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remembering the beloved actor alan rickman. men, women, and a generation of children after "harry potter." here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: whether he was the bad guy in "die hard" -- or in "robin hood: prince of thieves." >> no more merciful beheadings. and call of christmas. >> reporter: nobody could do irritation quite like alan rickman. he won our hearts and broke them in "love actually," as the cheating husband caught. >> classic fool. >> yes, but you've also made a fool out of me. >> i can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. >> reporter: as severus snape, he could kill with a glance. >> clearly fame isn't everything is it mr. potter? >> reporter: the acting challenge of a lifetime, he told "the new york times." >> holding a wand is not the
6:45 pm
do. and pointing it at dame maggie smith. >> reporter: today j.k. rowling called him, "a magnificent actor and a wonderful man." alan rickman, a master of the dark arts, second to none. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. a major development involving the american woman killed in florence, italy. we have new reporting tonight. there is also sad news coming in from a meg daystar this evening. word from seal lean dion about her family. with the bitter cold outside, the real money team is here tonight with three easy ways to cut down your heating bill right now. and nearly 40 years after rocky balboa was in the ring, he's back tonight, in a big way. the oscar nominations are out. will he have another knockout? come on back. whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison.
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next tonight, the real money team is back. with the big chill here, we have three easy tips tonight to cut down on your heating bill right now. and here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: as winter sets in, heating our homes is key. there are some easy ways to stay warm and, guess what? they don't cost a penny. here's an easy tip. if you have a fireplace, once that nice, warm fire is out, you're going to want to reach in there and close the flue like this. that will keep the cold air from coming into your house. and i bet you did not know this. if you just flip a switch, most ceiling fans will go in the opposite direction and push the warm air that rises right back down. back on the ground, make sure furniture isn't covering up air
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vents. and you want to look around your house for any spots where cold air might seep in. we've got a heat camera here, so, let's take a look at the bottom of this door. you see all that blue? that's cold air. an easy fix? just roll up some fabric, a towel, an old sheet, and put it right at the bottom of your door. small fixes, but big savings. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> gio, thanks. when we come back tonight, new developments in the case of the american woman killed in italy. we also have sad news coming in tonight from megastar celine dion. and america strong tonight. the famous nfl kicker and the first graders who had a message for him. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process.
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ibs with diarrhea, talk to your doctor about new xifaxan. to the index of other news tonight. major developments in that murder mystery in florence. the american woman, ashley olsen, found strangled in her apartment, and now, an arrest tonight. the suspect, his dna found inside her apartment. police believe they met at a nightclub, revealing she also had skull fractures.
6:53 pm
the suspect reportedly telling police the who had argued but he never intended to kill her. there is sad news tonight from a music icon. celine dion, her husband rene passing away after a long battle with cancer. they met when dion was young and was her manager. the couple have three children together. he was 73. america strong tonight. vikings kicker blair walsh, the target of angry fans after missing a field goal in sunday's playoff loss. but first graders near minneapolis sending hill letters of support, and listen. >> we love you so much. >> i know you can do it. you can win the game. >> and maybe you need to practice. love, cody. >> maybe you need to practice. well, today, look. he showed up to class to thank them for cheering him up. from the mouths of first graders. when we come back here tonight, nearly 40 years later, rocky balboa, right there in the background, and coming into new focus tonight, the big oscar news, and the other nominees, right after the break. ter choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to
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finally tonight here, leonardo dicaprio, jennifer lawrence and sylvester stallone, all going for an oscar knockout. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: the top three most oscar nominated films, all vying for best picture, are all about survival. >> but i'm still alive. surprise! >> reporter: "the martian." >> survive. >> reporter: "mad mention: fury road." >> i'm not afraid of dying. i've done it already. >> reporter: and the academy showering "the rev nant" with 12 dominants. among them, leonardo dicaprio for best actor. this marks his fifth affecting
6:58 pm
a statue home. but tonight, the president of the academy saying she is, quote, disappointed about the omission of african-american-driven films, starring including will smith and e dris elba were not nominated. jennifer lawrence, at just 25 years old, got her fourth oscar nomination for "joy." a record for an actor that young. >> that's who i am. >> reporter: and we all know who he is. 39 years after we first met rocky balboa -- >> show me something. >> reporter: sylvester stallone nominated for "creed" after just winning a golden globe. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend ever i had. >> reporter: you could see him have another friend named oscar. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> rocky's looking pretty good. thank you for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir. and of course i hope to see you right back here tomorrow.
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