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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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secretary of defense just meeting with military leaders here in tampa, as we try to stop the threat that is isis. but first, breaking news in pinellas county. st. pete city council members have just approved a plan that will let the tampa bay rays look for a new home. you may have received a push alert. we've been streaming it live online. the 5-to-3 vote does not mean the rays will leave tropicana field. it just gives them the option. the deal includes monetary incentives if the team stays and financial penalties if they go. the rays are going to talk about this approval coming up in a few minutes. we'll have much more coming up tonight on abc action news at 11:00. we also have complete details of the vote on our website, now to the fight against isis. the terrorist organization just claiming responsibility for yet another deadly assault. >> abc action news reporter clifton french joins us live with the latest on the global fight that's being led from our own backyard. clifton? >> reporter: secretary carter today continued to stay the course that the military has
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been doing, which has been airstrikes and then relying on native forces in iraq and syria to fight isis there. now, it's hard to believe it has been four years since we pulled our troops out of iraq, the situation in that country gone south ever since. the islamic state holding large cities in iraq and syria, even though there have been some recent gains by iraqi forces and syrian rebels. secretary carter and command saying attacks like the one that happened today in jakarta show two things. the enemy is desperate and on the defense, and they must be destroyed at their center to show the world the islamic state is just a temporary thing. >> job one has to be to destroy isil in iraq and syria. that's not sufficient, but it is necessary, because it's necessary to show that this movement has no future and this movement is not something that should be attractive to
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somebody far away who has a cause or somehow wants to link up. >> reporter: now, this doesn't mean that there aren't ground troops there. the military sent 200 special operations troops to iraq recently. they should be starting their operations there very soon. another deployment of about 1800 army troops is scheduled for the next few months to go to iraq and to afghanistan, where isis has also been spreading its influence. but the strategy still relying heavily on indigenous forces who can re-take those areas that isis has taken. but the main point here is after the fighting is over, they can also maintain those areas and keep them peaceful. reporting live in tampa, clifton french, abc action news. >> despite international efforts so far, isis continues to be an ever-present threat around the globe. you can see here on this map all of the isis or isis- inspired attacks that have been carried out in 20 countries
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over the last 18 months. those attacks claiming the lives of nearly 1200 people and injuring 1700 more. the latest attack, a paris- style assault in jakarta, indonesia. the attackers used grenades against a police station before engaging police in a fire fight. a starbucks coffee shop was hit by another blast at the same time. two people were killed, and 20 others were hurt. a bizarre mystery playing out right now in tampa. police looking tonight for the people who stole a coffin and three sets of bones from a tampa cemetery. abc action news reporter carson chambers joins us live with the we'll-known victims of this horrific crime. >> reporter: right. this is a well-known, prominent tampa family. they are reeling tonight after finding out that their family's mausoleum was broken into. it happened at the italian club cemetery. the grave robbers actually broke into this wrought iron fence here on north 26th street
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and then into their family mausoleum. the spicolas are a well-known tampa family, some of ybor's most prominent founding families. tonight, they are asking for their family members' remains to be returned. someone visiting a grave noticed the mausoleum broken into just last night. charlie spicola's grandmother's skull, as well as his great grandfather and aunt's remains are all missing. >> you could assume they were looking for jewelry or something buried with the dead. but then seeing that the caskets, two small caskets are missing and one has been looted, there may be people that are even worse intentions. >> reporter: so tampa police investigating tonight. they do not know what the intent of these grave robbers actually is. they do tell me this is a felony, desecrating a grave. all the spicolas want is for their loved ones to be returned right away. live in tampa, carson chambers, abc action news. >> carson, thank you. right now we're watching
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something we haven't seen in more than 70 years. a january hurricane. the national hurricane center issued hurricane warnings for parts of the azors islands, where hurricane alex is expected to hit friday morning. alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938. hurricane alex won't have any impact here, but we are experiencing some pretty nasty weather tomorrow. chief meteorologist denis phillips is here now with what we're going to see. jamison, we're tracking what could be a squall line. in other words, a line of strong storms out ahead of a front. well, there is the low pressure center. there is the trailing front. now, it appears pretty likely that most of the heaviest weather stays off to our north with that actual low center itself. but that doesn't mean all of it. so that is certainly something all night long we'll be tracking, updating on facebook, updating on, and shea will be here first thing in the morning to give you the latest. temperatures now in the 60s, they will actually rise a little bit later on, as a warm front comes through.
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then we start to see the other area, the stronger area move in by first thing in the morning. notice some of the worst storms are up to the north, but that certainly could change and we'll take a closer look not only at that, but our next area of heavy rain. that's sunday, coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thanks. new developments tonight in the brutal killing of three people in polk county. two men are behind bars and at least two more are still on the run tonight. sheriff grady judd finishing up a news conference for the first time releasing images of the men they believe were involved in the execution. abc action news is live with the latest out there. >> reporter: wendy, it was last wednesday we brought you the story as breaking news. three people murdered inside that lakeland home. the sheriff saying tonight that these men were executed and he believes they have gone around to other areas because they bragged about killing everyone during other drug hits where they go in the home, steal the money and leave no trace behind. in this case, one person survived. the sheriff says some of the
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the suspects, two of them you're about to see on your screen, caught on some of the toll cameras as they were passing through those tolls. one man is in a u-haul van, wanted in connection to this brutal murder. another man was captured in a surveillance picture from a police officer's cruiser after he was pulled over just weeks before the crime had been committed. this is a haitian crime ring, according to sheriff grady judd. he says they are extremely dangerous. three people, as i mentioned, were shot to death inside that home. two were women who begged for their lives. face, but was able to hide. at this point, he is still unable to communicate with investigators. >> bloody foot prints to gloves these murderers together and tying them to this scene here in polk county. but we need your help. >> reporter: that help will come in identifying the men that you just saw on your screen, those pictures. andrew joseph you see here is
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one of the persons arrested. he is considered the ring leader of this gang. he was arrested this week, along with jonathan el sigeri in miami. as for how you can help, the sheriff hopes a $10,000 cash reward just for information in this case leads to an arrest, having people coming forward. we'll have much more coming up tonight at 11:00. for now, live at the polk county sheriff's office, abc action news. back to you. >> michael, thank you. manatee county deputies need your help finding this man in this surveillance picture. deputies say he followed a 70- year-old woman into her home on lakeview drive in palmetto this morning and demanded money. deputies tell us the woman's husband then fought with the guy before he ran off. be sure to check with our abc action news twitter feed and you can share this picture with your friends. a new initiative now under way to combat all the violence among teenagers in st. petersburg. we were given exclusive access into a meeting with the group spearheading this movement.
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with more on the men in the making program. rodney? >> reporter: well, wendy, many of the members of this organization say they were actually born and raised here in st. pete. that's why they are stepping forward in hopes of saving young lives. in fact, this area where i'm standing right now, just last month, a 17-year-old was shot and killed right in the alley behind me. now, many of the officers i spoke with this morning tell me that this initiative for them is personal. >> it means a lot to me. it means everything to me. >> reporter: sargent matthew first knows the streets of south st. pete. >> it's where i'm from, where i'm raising my family. >> reporter: it's painful, discussing the young lives lost here. >> but you want to know why. you want to know what brought us to this point. >> reporter: this memorial in honor of 17-year-old tyler lord, shot and killed in this alley. sergeant first, one of the responding officers. >> unfortunately, we see too many of these memorials in our community. >> homicide detective -- >> reporter: he's one of a group of men looking to make a difference. we were the only media invited
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in the making, the group of pastors, police, and community leaders talking about solutions. they are hoping to bridge the gap between police and local teens, changing their thinking in the process. >> they are all right. it's okay. >> reporter: so far, the group is focusing on about 30 kids, creating enrichment programs, job training, anything necessary to keep youngsters off the streets. for sergeant first, it's about saving the next teen. >> going to take a loot of boots on the ground, you know, and more of a movement to change the culture. >> reporter: and this group is also reaching out for more help and support from the community and they are hoping to form a partnership with the mayor's office to develop programs to keep kids here in st. pete on the right track. for now, reporting live in south st. pete tonight, rodney dungan, abc action news. >> rodney, thank you. still to come, ride denied. a lyft driver refused to let a florida woman in his car. the outrageous reason he left
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what the ride-sharing service is now doing about it. >> plus, police say a florida man used his wife's head as a mop.
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. we want to get to breaking news from the tampa bay buccaneers. espn and several other outlets are now saying the team s hired its new head coach. current bucs offensive coordinator dirk koetter. tom korun will have more in a moment. ridesharing service lyft is offering a big apology, after a south florida woman says she was refused a ride because she is blind. dora williams says she ordered a ride to take her home from the west palm club because she missed the bus. but when lyft arrived, dora said the driver wouldn't let her in the car. >> tears came out my eyes.
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>> if she is blind, i don't want her in my car. i don't want to ride her. i'm not going to ride her. >> a lyft spokesman says they are committed to a welcoming community, saying this behavior is unacceptable and a clear violation of antidiscrimination policy. the driver's account has since been disabled. verns say they worry about a different kind of danger. tonight, jackie callaway is exposing the problem and asking the va for answers. jackie? >> reporter: one retired special forces sergeant told us that he never imagined that after three tours of duty, spent jumping out of choppers in the persian gulf, did he think you would have to worry about the va putting him at risk right here at home. but that's exactly what happened. >> when i opened it up, i went briefly through it -- >> reporter: former marine seam rivera wants to know, how did this happen? >> i had all of his information. >> reporter: sammy, who lives
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pages filled with another veteran's personal information in his mailbox. it included a social security number and medical records. >> i was outraged. >> reporter: i tracked down the man listed on those documents. he's a former special forces soldier who lives in texas. he had no idea the va mailed his documents in error. >> that's scary. >> reporter: a recent report documents more than 10,000 privacy breaches at the va since 2011 and they include well over 600 cases right here in the bay area. >> they need to assure me personally and everybody else that our records are secure. >> tonight at 11:00, you'll see exactly what happened when we repeatedly asked the va to go on camera and respond to our questions regarding privacy breaches, plus just how many documented violations have taken place at each va facility right here in the bay area. that's tonight at 11:00. wendy? >> thank you, jackie. an unbelievable case
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using his wife's head as a mop to clean up spilled milk. police say it started when keith davidson woke up to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. well, he got angry when he couldn't find the jelly. his wife then spilled milk on the floor while they were arguing and that's when he attacked her, using her head as a mop. she says it's not the first time he's done this, but it will be the last. we want to tell you, abc action news is committed to taking action against domestic violence. if you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation, you can call the state-wide hotline, 1-800-500- 1119. you can also find information on our website, facebook page and on twitter,@against dv. i was thinking about washing my car today, until i saw the forecast. >> mother nature will do it tomorrow morning for free. we'll see heavy rain at times and there is even a chance of a couple of severe storms.
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eyes on the threat of more of a widespread rain event than anything else. there's still a lot of cloud cover out there, maybe just a peek of sunshine out there in the distance. the low center itself, the main area of low pressure is out just southwest of, say, baton rouge, louisiana. that's your low. the trailing front is going to be coming this way. by tomorrow morning, that rain will be rolling in. now, the question will be just how heavy the rain is going to be. there will be pockets of heavy rain. the severe threat is obviously our biggest concern. while i do not anticipate a widespread severe event, i do think there could be a few isolated to strong, maybe even severe storms later on tomorrow morning, into the afternoon, as temperatures now are in the 60s, but they will rebound tomorrow, back into the lower 70s as a warm front pushes in from the south to north later tonight. in fact, that's the main reason why we'll have the energy and
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significantly warmer tomorrow. warmer temperatures, more energy. the two usually go hand in hand. mid-60s across the entire area right now. lot of clouds. boy, we have been socked in over the last several days, right? with that warm front, there will be a few areas of showers developing tonight. of in fact the rain, while it won't be that heavy, will move in later this evening and will continue through the early morning hours. that in itself is probably good news for us, because when we get clouds and rain early, that cools things off a bit, sort of takes away the energy from an impending storm, and probably limits our severe threat. remember last saturday? we got nasty storms, but they got a tornado in cape coral because they had more sunshine in the day. i think that very same thing could happen tomorrow. by lunchtime, we are going to have that line move through and it's not out of the realm of possibility that they won't see an isolated severe, maybe even tornadic storm. but right now, storm prediction center believes the highest
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skies clear later in the day. saturday looks to be a very nice day and still mild, with temperatures in the mid-70s. then we get another area of rain that rolls in on sunday, so saturday, definitely the better of the two days if you have to get anything done outside. there's the low, taking shape. temperatures up north, 20s, 30s and 40s. there are certainly cold temperatures up there. yeah, they are coming this way by early next week, another freeze for our northern counties. it is going to be gusty tomorrow. gale warnings offshore. southerly winds up to 25 knots. do not want to take the boat out tomorrow by any stretch of the imagination. you'll be dodging the storms and the very heavy wind. there's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. rains start first thing in the morning, 80% likelihood of rain through lunchtime, clearing later on. saturday looks good. sunday, we get more rain. then there's the cold weather, returning by monday afternoon. . hello, folks.
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since we've heard from jason licht. there's obviously been a lot of speculation as to what is going on behind the scenes over at one buc. though we've heard nothing officially from the buccaneers, we do anticipate, as we have all along, that dirk koetter will become the buccaneers new head coach as early as we believe a deal is being done right now and we should know early tomorrow morning. now, just to refresh our memories, this is what licht said the day after lovie got fired about the search and what direction licht would intend to go with their new head coach. >> we're going to look at several different candidates from several different backgrounds and make the decision based on our feel for them, what we think they can bring. there's no, there's no drawn-up certain details of a person that we need. he's been a coordinator for x
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football coach that we find. >> he did talk to several people. it appears that whole process is now over. dirk koetter will become the new head coach. and now that they have a head coach, player personnel director john robinson will become the new gm of the tennessee titans. now, you would assume that robinson will now be involved in the hiring of a new coach at tennessee. doug malone was interviewed today. mike malarkey and terrell austin are scheduled for tomorrow. word is the titans will add a couple of more names to the list, but one of those will not be dirk koetter. he is, as we say, going to be hired shortly by the buccaneers. another coaching job has been filled just weeks after getting jettisoned from philadelphia. chip kelly has landed on left coast in san francisco, so he will have his shot at reviving
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quarterback in colin kaepernick. or how about rg-iii or johnny manziel? that's very unlikely. the bolts are back home, ready for a nice little home stent and a big opportunity to continue this winning streak before the break on january 28, and it all begins against pittsburgh tomorrow night. we're back in a minute and
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. while we were in the break, the rays responding to the st. speed city council saying the rays can now start looking for sites in hills and pinellas county. they say they are excited about the opportunity, but don't have any sites in mind just yet.
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