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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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taking home a third of the more than $1.5 billion jackpot. there were three winning tickets sold last night's drawing and one of them sold here in florida and another in tennessee. the third in chi know hills, california. near l. a.. now none of the winners have been identified at this point. but even if you weren't a big winner you might have won a smaller prize. so check carefully. hey, our office pool won $100. that means shay we're taking home a little less than $2 apiece. what do you think? >> boy, we're lucky. [ laughter ] >> not even enough to buy another powerball ticket. >> almost. all right, let's take a look at the river gate tower tampa cram. and you can see -- camera. and you can see house this morning, we are nice -- outside this morning, we are nice and clear and dry, things are looking good. there are no issues for you as you're heading out the door this morning and check out the temperatures, a little more comfortable again this morning in some spots. we have low 40s across much of citrus county. homosassa though at 39. our cool spout out there. we're -- spot out there. but we're in the upper 40s to 50 degrees around hillsborough
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to the south also in the low to mid-50s. so this morning we're starting off with a lot of cloud cover and will stay that way throughout the day. 60 by noon and then topping out in the mid 60s today. mostly dry today. so and i say mostly because there's a slight chance we could have a shower inland or to the south later this afternoon. but the best chances for rain are going to hold off until after sunset and then it all just starts going downhill from there. and we could end up with a very wet, even stormy commute tomorrow morning. i'll have more on the timing and the potential for severe storms tomorrow in the seven day forecast. but let's talk to janelle now about what's happening on our morning commute today. what's happening out there? yeah, traffic looking pretty good right now. we're going to head outside corey dierdorff is watching 275 northbound right through down tampa because this is where it's been getting messy the last couple of morning,. you know they switched those traffic patterns and narrowed the lanes a little bit and drivers just haven't gotten used to it.
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area. so we're going to watch that throughout the morning. if you're heading that way i early. all right, here's what it looks sunshine skyway bridge. no trouble there. just nine minutes to get from toll booth to toll booth. and as you're coming around into the st. pete area, on in pinellas area on 275, this is boulevard. pretty light out there. again, up to speed right now in pushing 70 right now from bridge to bridge. and checking your drive times, this is a drive time i was telling you about through that downtown area right now it is just six minutes to get from i- 4 to the howard frankland. five minutes in the opposite direction and that bottom number, that is what we are going to be watching throughout the morning because this is what it should be. and later on we'll show you how bad it can get out there. back to you ashley. all right thank you. happening today pivotal vote in st. pete that could impact the rays' future at the trop.
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years at this point for a new stadium. looks like today they'll be given permission to get out of the contract with top comma field and actually start that search. -- tropicana field and actually search that search. lindsey logue. what's different this time around? >> reporter: ashley, the difference is -- the difference is a november election and two new city council members who not only back the team, but they also support development here at tropicana field. this afternoon, st. pete city council will vote on that agreement between the city and the tampa bay rays. we do expect it to be approved and if it is that would mean the rays get out of their contract here at the trop and they are allowed to search for a new home elsewhere. whether in hillsborough or pinellas counties. the big stipulations here, the rays must search for at least six months and it gives st. pete city leaders time to build their case and show the rays why the trop should be the permanent home.
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contract and choose to move before 2027, they're going to have to pay up as much as $24 million to the city of st. pete. and if they choose to leave, well, they can't before the 2018 season. if you've been to a rays' game you may have noticed attendance here disappointing here at the field. the rays in fact come in last place when it comes to major league baseball attendance in ten of the 18 seasons here in st. pete. so st. pete city council meets for a vote this afternoon at 3:00. live at tropicana field, lindsey logue, abc action news. >> 26 minutes until 6:00. some florida teemers taking matters into their own hands this morning. in their fight for better pay and also for fewer startized tests. abc action news reporter adam winer is get egg ready to go along -- getting ready to go along for the ride as they prepare to head out to tallahassee to make sure their voices are heard. adam joins us now with on of the teachers joining -- one of the teachers joining the cause today. good morning adam. >> reporter: good morning, we have three buses full of
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headed up to tallahassee for the enough is enough rally. this specific group behind me, was organized by the polk county -- [ applause ] teachers' association, the president of that local teachers' association marion with me this morning here on the bus as you guys about to kick off -- you guys so many people fired up. what are you guys exactly making -- looking to make a change about? >> listen, we need reform on the reform. we have been tested to death. we have seen workload jump that does not make any difference for student learning. it's just putting crap on pieces of paper. quite frankly. and the teachers are tired. and we're losing teachers. we're losing good teachers. we did a recent survey and 2,703 teachers responded and 71% said they were either thinking of leaving education, leaving the county, or leaving the state or retiring early. we cannot sustain that kind of loss. it's not fair to our kids. we believe we're robbing our
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and these teachers, it takes a lot to get teachers to leave their classrooms and these teachers and support staff because we represent teachers and support staff in our association, and parents have gotten up to go up to tallahassee to say it's time to listen to us. it's time to listen to the actual experts. the people in the classrooms doing the work. >> reporter: and there's going to be upwards of 2,000 teachers, parents, gathering in tallahassee today. we're going to be talking with myarian and some of the other folks on the bus headed up to tallahassee on the -- bus it's going to be a fun morning for you guys and for us as we talk about these important issues for our students and of course kids in florida. and we'll have more coming up in the next half hour, but for now live here in bartow, adam winer, back to you. thanks adam. we're staying an top of bridge this morning. malaysia just raised its security alert to the highest level following the morning's deadly attack in indonesia.
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attacked a busy shopping area popular who are copying the recent paris attacks and probably connected to the islamic state terror group. seven people died in today's assault. and speaking of combating isis, secretary of defense ash carter will be in tampa today for talks on the group. during a visit to sent come at macdill air force base, he will meet with military leaders the discuss how the campaign is proceeding. in democracy 2016 the race for president is revving up right now. now just hours away from the first gop debate of the gear. >> and top republican hopefuls with the sixth debate which will start at 9:00 tonight on fox business network. there's a debate watch party here in tampa too. 7:00 p.m. island's pizza on davis island. organizers say this is a good way do get out there and network. and along with tonight's debate. republican parties also preparing for a contested convention in case no candidate wins enough delegates to secure the party's nomination. >> and with less than three weeks to go before the iowa caucuses on february 1st, there
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republican candidates in the race. a republican national committee member says it will hold a private briefing outlining possible scenarios with party officials is also the presidential campaigns today. meanwhile the three democratic presidential candidates are also gearing up for their first debate of the year, they will go head-to-head this saturday night in south carolina. this will be their fourth debate altogether. a former back street boy and "dancing with the stars" alum nick carter is facing charges in key west. we pulled a mug shot from the monroe county just after the arrest wednesday night. here it is. there are reports the ruskin native got into a scuffle at the hog's breath saloon and not clear what led up to it. he lost to bindi irwin on "dancing with the stars" last season and revealed his wife is pregnant with a boy during his time on the show. this morning wrestler hulk hogan is betting ready for trial in march. we told you yesterday morning he was headed to court. a hillsborough county judge refused to dismiss $100 million
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posting a sex video of him online. new information right now about the man who kill -- accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. in a telephone interview from jail with the denver news station, robert dear says he didn't plan the attack and says it was a spur of the moment thing. he also says he believed fbi agents were following him the morning of the attack. a judge has ordered dear to undergo a mental -- undergo a mental competency exam. he will be treated at a hospital in until a judge ruled him competent to stand trial. also this morning, as we wait to find out if the remains found near jacksonville are in fact missing toddler lonzie barton, we have now learned a man has already taken care of that toddler's funeral arrangements. the funeral connector is offering to bury -- director is offering to bury barton free of carjack. he says they de-- charge. he says they deserve some closure. this morning, a pinellas county neighborhood is grateful
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no longer in operation. abc action news was there as s.w.a.t. teams stormed that home yesterday. people nearby applauding. investigators say numerous complaints were made about the house on fifth avenue north in the historic district of st. pete. in all, 14 people were detained and four of them arrested. the investigators found cash, drugs and a weapon. >> i think relief. that i can walk around you know, safely. >> that ared coics detectivings purr -- narcotics detectives were able to purchase drugs from the sellers prior to raiding that home. all right, we are off to another cool start to the day. temperatures are a little closer to average though this morning. and this afternoon, as well top out -- we top out in the mid 60s with mostly cloudy skies. i think you'll still call this a cool day ahead. by -- our standards for this time of year. but we will at least be mostly dry through our daylight hours. after sunset, things start to change and they really go downhill tomorrow. we'll have more on that coming
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deiah? thanks shay. 20 until 6:00. still to come this morning, it was news that rattled parents all over the country. a little boy suffering brain fumigated. but this morning, the pest parents. why the company says they are >> then, don't cut yourself a bad deal when you buy a new car, we go through the top
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welcome back. 5:44 on the early thursday morning. thanks for getting up with abc this morning. here's a live look at -- state road 60. courtney campbell causeway there at the memorial highway. in big issues toed -- no big issues to report there. 50 degrees right now in tampa. and shay has all the details just ahead. new developments in the ohio house explosion first showed you on tuesday morning. yesterday the state fire marshal announcing somebody intensely set the fire that killed a family of four living in the home. investigators not saying who they believe set the fire or what caused the deaths of jim and cindy mather and their two young daughters. neighbors described the matters as a wonderful caring couple and both active in the church they helped found. their deaths now being investigated as a criminal act. meantime officials are still trying to figure out the cause of this incredible scene outside oklahoma city. crews rushed to control this massive fire at an oil drilling
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an oil rig and spread quickly to that fleet of semis you see there. parked nearby. that fire forced several highways to be closed by state police, you can see why. that thick black smoke. good news is we learned this morning the owner of the site says all of employees are safe and accounted for. an employee of a t-mobile store in chicago is being praised this morning for jumping into action to stop two armed robbers. >> officials say the robbers entered the store and they acted like they were shopping for phones and then they whipped out the guns. the store was left riddled with bullet holes and police say if it hadn't been for the employee carrying a weapon this might a different story. -- might have been a different story. >> i think i'm so -- it's a great opportunity for mcs and workers and employees -- managers and workers and employees to protect themselves in these cases and an employee did a great job to protect himself and the other employee. >> the robbers took off and went to a nearby hospital where they were arrested.
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times within the last month. now with meteorologist shay ryan. it's thursday and you know we're already thinking about the weekend. >> already thinking about the weekend. but we've got to -- well, somewhat stormy day ahead of us on friday to get through before we can really settle into the better weekend weather. at least for today though, we're still on the pretty cool side. we're starting off near # degree -- 50 degrees and we will be ending the day in the mid 60s. we have a lot of cloud cover today and very low chances for rain. until we get closer to sunset. but it's really after sunset that we'll have our best chances for rain. and then that's where it all begins. we'll have off and on rain overnight so you may be waking up to some wet roads. and into tomorrow morning, that area of low pressure that we've been advertising all week, well it starts to get a bit closer to us. and then with a frontal boundary attached to it we're going to see scattered rain off and on through the day on friday but i think between 8:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon, is when we're going
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rain with that chance for an isolated severe storm. as those storms are rolling along the coastline, that's where we could get a little bit of spin. see a waterspout or a brief tornado. again, it would be short-lived but this -- is not the kind of weather that you want to -- that you want to not be informed about. so we're letting you know as soon as we can that there is that potential for it. if you don't have storm shield as an app on your mobile device, put it on there now so you can be alerted on the go tomorrow since a lot of us will already be out the door as things really start to get cranking. then on saturday we're in the in-between stage and our next cold front moves through on sunday. that's going to bring us aered of some showers especially -- a period of some showers especially early in the day and then the cool dry air moves in in the afternoon and sticks around into next week. i'll have more for you coming up on that chance for rain tomorrow morning. the bottom line is expect that there could be a wet commute this morning though the commute is looking pretty decent. janelle what's going on out
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yeah we're going to head outside. corey is on 275 southbound in pinellas county. right around park boulevard as you can see traffic is still pretty light out there. i just checked the average speed in that area. 67 miles an hour from bridge to bridge. all right we do have one crash to tell you about this just in from fhp in port richey. westbound ridge crest drive at congress street. some roads blocked in the westbound lanes and just leave yourself some extra time if your morning drive tyke takes you through that intersection. all right opening up the cameras and we are taking a look outside. this is i-4 in the plant city area right around the road. traffic starting to pick up a little bit as you can see the cars heading towards the tampa area. all right, let's check those drive times so you can see exactly how long it's going to take you. we're starting all the way back at county line road to downtown. 22 minutes. 14 minutes from county line road to 75. and just seven minutes from 75 down to 275. and checking your drive times
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all in the green, 17 minutes from 54 down to 275. deiah? thanks janelle. we have the update this morning on the 10-year-old boy who suffered brain damage after his flamiest home was fumigated last summer. this morning, two pest control companies are pointing the blame on his parents saying it's their fault he got sick. court documents show terminix and sunland pest control claim payton mccaughey's parents were negligent and careless and the parents should have known their son was being poisoned when they all started feeling sick after reentering their home. but the parents argue the pest control company that fumigated their house left a note saying it was safe. >> about 9:30 or 10:00 peyton was complaining that he wasn't feeling well. somewhere around 3:00, 4:00 i start today feel sick as -- started to feel sick as well. >> sunland's pest control license is suspended and officials tell us a criminal investigation is now moving forward.
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your mattresses this morning. pest control company orskin naming the tampa st. pete area 31 in the country for worst in the bedbugs. this ranks the number of treatments from january to december of 2015. that includes both residential and commercial treatments. chicago was number one on the list. the orlando area came in at number 38. miami ranked 43rd. 2015 was a record year for new car sales. but a survey finds seven in ten of new owners are driving off the lot with buyers' remorse. so what can do you to avoid common mistakes that lead to regret? don't go into a dealership unprepared experts say. narrow your choices to one or two models and know the features. you want to avoid being talked into buying what you don't need. second, are you just focusing on getting a low monthly payment? well, that can be expensive and keep in mind by doing that you may end up paying much more in interest over the length of the loan. finally, a new car depreciates by about 11% as soon as you drive it off the lot.
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coming up the morning, doing what -- this, doing whatever it domestics -- morning, doing whatever it takes to win the lotto. tampa -- people here in tampa did hoping for that billion
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5:54 right now. the river gate tower tampa camera, just as clear as we
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cloud cover right there. but that's helped to keep us a overnight. get me wrong. starting off in the 40s and 50s this morning. and we'll be topping out in the mid 60s today. clearwater beach mostly cloudy but we remain dry through sun set. going way up. so yeah, maybe today will be an all right day the take a walk on the -- to take a walk on the stand. i'll have florida's most accurate seven day and is the chance for some severe storms into tomorrow coming up in just a bit. right now we're waiting to find out where in florida a winning powerball ticket worth millions was sold. >> it was one of the three to hit the record-setting $1.5 billion jackpot. we're hoping we're related tot winner. >> this morning we'll be checking back with a group of friends who went above and beyond to make sure their odds of winning couldn't be beat. a total of 292 people went in on a massive pool buying $73,000 worth of tickets, they paid hundreds of dollars to get into the pool.
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you had to get into the pool and metro park in i store -- market in ybor city printed thousands of tickets to keep up with the demand on sunday. >> so far no word on whether they struck it rich but we are watching the wires and also monitoring social media this morning and as soon as we get word on where in florida that winning ticket was sold, of course we'll let you know and you'll be our new best friend. still ahead this morning, a bus driver fights back against a knife-wielding passenger. we'll explain the disagreement that turned violent without warning. >> and breaking details on the death of a florida woman in itly. how authorities caught up to a suspect nearly a week after her
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and as we come on the air at 6:00 check the powerball ticket carefully. you could be the person who hit a record-setting jackpot worth nearly $1.6 billion. one of three tickets that
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numbers was sold here in florida. here are the numbers again -- 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. we're posting them right now on the abc action news app. the winner in florida will split the highest lottery jackpot ever with two other ticketholders in mumford, tennessee near memphis and chino hills, california outside los angeles. you are looking right now at the 7/11 in chi knee hills that sold that -- chino hills that sold that winning ticket. a crowd celebrated as the owner of the convenience store showed off the winning machine. >> this is the luckiest machine on the planet. so make sure everybody come here to play. [ laughter ] that's it. >> that's one of three of the luckiest machines on the planet i guess. and even if you aren't a millionaire several times over the lottery here in florida
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were 11 million dollar prize winners in our state and even
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