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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> yes, start off with meteorologist lissette gonzalez. >> good morning! great view, broward county, we're waking up with temperatures well above average for this time of year, we should be waking up in the mid 60s, instead we're seeing mostly 70s on the map. 71 for you in fort lauderdale. 74 miami, upper 70s down through the keys. it's cooler inland around kendall and homestead, you're enjoying the upper 60s. the wind still fairly calm or light and we are dealing with those mid to to upper level clouds streaming from the gulf. plenty of rain across north florida. and we're going to see a better chance of rain as we head in the weekend. visibility, although fog forming throughout the morning and afternoon, very warm with the upper 80s and a chance of some showers as we head in the evening too, and an even better chance of storms for your saturday and sunday. more on that coming up, right
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>> a crash of the dolphin exit ramp temporarily shut down from both directions. on the palmetto, looking better typically than this, dwoe have every single morning, no problems as far as crashes. a little bit heavier volume than usually because there are c cars this morning, but no crashes right now. in broward county, we do have it busier, southbound 95 before pembroke, a crash blocking the left lane and then on 75 northbound a brand new crash just before royal palm, that accident is blocking off three left lanes. got my seatbelt on, i'm danny rivera, back to you guys. >> all right, danny thank you. now at 5:00, an nfl player is badly injured in a dirt bike accident in northwest miami-dade. baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker was struck last night while riding the bike. >> gaby fleischman is live with the details, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and walter. police telling us that tray walker was brought here to rider
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detectives still looking this to exactly what caused the crash and they're also looking in to reports that a second nfl player from a different team may have also been on the scene. a dirt bike crash in northwest miami-dade that sent nfl player tray walker, who wears number 25 to the hospital. the baltimore ravens cornerback listed in critical condition. his uncle showed up at the scene. >> we're here, we hear that it was very bad. >> reporter: at 8:00 thursday night, walker, a miami native and northwestern graduate was driving his dirt bike with no lights heading northwest on 75 street when he crashed in to an suv. >> dirt bike travelling westbound on one of these dark streets, and dressed in black and no lights, could be a contributing factor. >> reporter: and jackson memorial hospital, family and friends gathered emotional, waiting to hear an update. >> we planned, we asked
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make sure he come out of the surgery. >> reporter: family says walker has been home for a couple weeks, elected by the ravens in the fourth round of the 2015 nfl draft. and late last night, ravens head coach john harbaugh released the statement saying this is devastating news, our prayers and hopes are with tray and his family. we are being told by police that the driver of that suv did stay on scene and that she is cooperating with detectives. we're live from jackson memorial hospital, gaby fleischman, cbs4 "this morning". two people in hialeah, the shooting happened in the 1280 southwest 62 street, no word on the condition of those three people or what led to the shooting. now at 5:00, we're getting our first look at a man severely burned when a performance during a high school pep rally went horribly wrong. the man caught fire in a gym packed with students who then
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that man was taken to the hospital along with several students, cbs4's hank tester has the story from delray beach. >> reporter: the inferno challenge, ricky charles will bring his fire and basketball dunking show to your event. and that's what he was up to thursday morning at atlantic high school prep rally in delray beach. the grand finale? and then this. it all goes wrong. so wrong. ricky charles engulfed in flames, a fire breather's nightmare, teachers and performers scramble to put out the flames, he's taken to a hospital, this from a member of his crew. >> got burns from the neck up, portion of his nose, side of his face. >> reporter: performer duane kid visited his boss in the hospital, said he never lost consciousness. >> in the fire, what he normally does, he noticed there was a small spot lit on his shirt.
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i guess fumes or what not, maybe something on his neck, it immediately sparked up. >> reporter: at first students not sure what was going on, act. it was not. >> performing well and then after the guy dropped his torch, first his face caught fire then his jacket, at that point, the on fire. >> reporter: 2,000 students in the gym, seven transported with breathing difficulties, all will be fine. and ricky charles burned, but tweeted out this picture from his hospital room. the questions from parents about the decision to allow a fire act in a crowded school facility. >> i don't think it was a wise choice, but like i said, i'm just glad that the kids are okay and my child is stable. >> reporter: you saw the picture of ricky charles in the story, ricky charles the fire breather, he told cbs4's joan murray he's going to hold a press conference, right here in
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i'm hank tester, cbs4 "this morning". ask -- and now to campaign 2016, the secret service, fbi and new york police department are investigating what sources tell cbs4 news is a threatening piece of mail sent to one of donald trump's sons, eric trump, manhattan residents at 100 central park south, also known as trump park east. a source close to the investigation said the letter had a massachusetts postmark and threatened harm to his children if he doesn't drop out of the race. the envelope also reportedly contained suspicious white powder that preliminary tests show not hazardous. donald trump meanwhile is also facing threats from hackers, the online hacker group anonymous reportedly published the social security number, cell phone number and other personal information. the league apparently only targeted trump among all the candidates, his campaign has not commented. and former senator marco rubio is back in dc and talking about life as a politician.
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being cruz's vice president? >> no, i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. i'm not interested in being vice president, i don't mean that in a disrespectful way, i'm not running for governor of florida, finish my job here, we have some things we are going to achieve and then a private citizen this january. >> senator rubio went on to make it clear he's not running for reelection in the senate, not said who he'll support in the nomination but says it's not trump. climbing back in the political ring, former congressman david rivera e-mailed supporters to say he's filed to run for the florida house of representatives. rivera fwan his political -- began his political career in the house, he lost his seat after he was embroiled in a federal investigation in to a finance scheme, never charged. on the democratic side, the results from the missouri
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confirm a clean sweep for hillary clinton on tuesday. senator bernie sanders conceded the primary in arizona, the sanders campaign thinks it has a good shot winning the states including arizona. clinton took the day off the trail to attend to closed door fundraising events as she looks toward the general election. stay with cbs4 news and for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. now through election day in november. and now to president obama's historic transcribe to cuba. the cuban foreign minister says that forming the political and economic conditions will not be discussed during talks between the president and raul castro. however, president obama's planning on making a speech directly to the cuban people where he'll be able to talk about his hopes for the future of the island nation which includes reforms. president obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit the communist island since 1928. in the meantime, the cuban national baseball team is getting ready to take on the
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of 55,000 fans and president obama as well. players said they all dream of making it to major league baseball one day but for now, they're just happy for the chance to prove that they can play at the major league level. and cbs4 news will be live in havana covering the president's historic visit next week, look for elliot and rudabeh's reports. march madness is here, kings representing south florida and they survived a stare. here's jim berry. >> reporter: well, the canes have a tough time pulling away from buffalo in the first run of march madness but they finally get it going thanks to some senior leadership. jim and the canes getting ready to go in the first run in providence, they're fired up. but so are the buffalo bulls early on as that driving lay up has um down by five early but they regroup before a half time as they swing the ball around.
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defender fly by and then he knocks down the three very calmly, starting to feel it and starting to play like they mean business, rodriguez on his game, 24 points adding seven rebounds as the canes go on to win 79-72 and afterwards, jim singing his signature dark praises. >> he's just great floor general, a great leader, lots of energy and lots of fight. he's got a big heart, he loves to compete ask in an event like this -- and in an event like this, he just wants to win. that's all he cares about is winning. >> and since they did win, the canes will live to fight another day, saturday they will take on wichita state, an upset winner over arizona. i'm jim berry, cbs4 sports. the music festival is here. >> it officially gets underway this afternoon in downtown miami, we'll tell you what you need to know p you want to the navigate around the huge clouds. the bitter battle over
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the supreme court intensifies. and trending this morning, a clerk being hailed a hero for saving a baby whose moth had -- mother had a medical emergency right in the store, see how it unfolded. and finally friday, all students getting ready for school, parents, teacher, staff, the bus stop forecast showing the low 70s, mild and pesky fog this morning. you'll notice i have two things checked off, shorts, short sleeves because it will be warm and humid with the upper 80s and umbrellas. we'll see the potential for a few showers later today.
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this weekend, i'll hey there, south florida, welcome to the weekend. ask as we look live from our biscayne bay camera, dark and
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changing though over the next 24 hours and in to your saturday and sunday, so make sure you get the rain gear ready and in fact today, i would say pack the umbrella, there could be showers. it's a mild, muggy start again. we're seeing temperatures above average with low 70s near the coast and fort lauderdale, miami. upper 70s already for you in marathon. and down through key west, checking in with kendall and homestead where it is slightly cooler there with the upper 60s. a little closer to where we should be at this time of year. winds fairly calm haening we could -- meaning we could see patchy fog, checking on the visibility throughout the morning, right now looking good across the board, dealing with mid to upper level clouds streaming in from the coast, and we're seeing active weather across the panhandle. it's not going to get here, yet another front that will be bringing us a chance for some storms out ahead of it through the weekend. looking at the future radar most of the day is looking quiet and dry except until we get in the afternoon with the heating of the day.
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you have here and there -- pop up here and there, 2:00, and 4:00 p.m., not widespread and in fact we'll see more of the showers and storms for your saturday and sunday. right now we're seeing the gulf coast states and the central portions of the country dealing with not only rain but even some snow right now, but the threat of severe weather, the greatest threat around texas and in to oklahoma and louisiana, mississippi, alabama, even portions of the florida panhandle. here we go in to your saturday, the winds out of the south pumping in the moisture leading to instability and spotty storms. passing storms on sunday ahead of a cold front that will arrive on monday and that will usher in some more comfortable, less humid air. for today, 87 degrees, again, we're talking the potential for a few showers today, not a washout by any means, a light chop on the bays and for tonight, lows will fall around 70 degrees with a chance for some scattered showers. but really, you're going to need those umbrellas this weekend he was will see highs in the upper
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hey, with the equinox, and then sunday, highs in the low to mid 70s with pleasant sunshine through the middle of next week. vanessa's off, a check of your traffic now with danny rivera. thank you, lissette, good morning. miami-dade roadways a little more busy than usual, the dolphin crash, the dolphin exit ramp temporarily shut down from both directions in the, on the palmetto you can see here 122 street, things moving along nicely. no crashes, light travel in miami-dade behaving all the way around. broward county, a bad crash 75 northbound just wf you go to royal palm, more extra time, that crash will be there awhile and luckily on 95, no headaches as of now. got my seatbelt, i'm danny rivera and now back to you guys. now, news traffic alert. just a reminder to be prepared for delays and detours due to a busy downtown miami and south
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this is the scene here on the beach just yesterday for spring break. plus, the ultramusic festival starts. shut down southbound on northeast fourth street and northbound traffic will be reduced to two lanes along the festival water front. meanwhile, the ultra music festival says they're working closely with local officials to keep everything under control. >> we work very closely with the city of miami, police and fire and sanitation. we've got 300 officers in the event some undercover, 350 private security personnel in the event itself. lots of security, lots of security for the residents of downtown and the businesses as well. and just trying to make it as safe and as fun as possible for our festival-goers. >> now to beat the traffic, officials recommend using mass transit and also keep in mind that ocean drive from seventh to 11th will also be closed from 7:00 p.m.
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now to the political back and forth surrounding president obama's nominee for the supreme court. merrick garland expected to resume making courtesy calls to senators today, some republicans say they won't meet him face inform face, much -- face to face, much less put his nomination to vote. >> reporter: harry reed emerged from his meeting with merrick garland thursday, poised for a bitter battle with republicans who refuse to consider the supreme court nominee. >> i am confident, i'm just going to get approval, republicans cannot cannot this, it won't work >> reporter: the 63-year-old moderate appellate judge also sat down with ranking democrat lahey during his first official visit to capitol hill. >> you guys are paid to do your job, hold your hearing, then make up your mind. >> reporter: garland did not meet with republicans opposed to granting him a confirmation hearing.
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labeled the visit as a stunt orchestrated by the whoeus. former presidential contender marco rubio also stood firm. >> i don't think we should be moving forward on a nominee in the last year of this president's term. i would say that if it was a republican president. >> reporter: a handful of republican senators up for reelection this fall have indicated they're open to meeting with garland, including judiciary committee chair chuck grasslee. >> if i can meet with a dictator in uganda, i can meet with a decent person in america. >> reporter: the white house says it will set up meetings when lawmakers return from their easter recess in two weeks. don champion, cbs news. now to news making headlines across america, a construction worker falls to his death from a high rise building under construction in los angeles. >> yeah, he fell right on to a vehicle with a woman inside. witnesses say the man dropped about 50 stories from the wilshire grand tower, currently being built in downtown los angeles, pronounced dead at the scene.
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clearance to work above the third floor and had removed his hard hat. the woman inside the vehicle he landed on was not physically injured but was taken to the hospital anyway to get checked out. the fbi says a student who went on a stabbing spree at the university of california merced last year was inspired by isis. police say mohammad stabbed four people in november then campus police shot ask killed him. all his victims fought back and survived. the fbi said he had a backpack filled with a two page plan, a photocopy of an isis flag and more tools to make more damage. he was kicked out of a study group and plotted the attack for at least a week. the merced county sheriff says he reached out to these extremist groups but never got a response. >> straight ahead, a mother carrying a baby at a convenience store had a seizure and the clerk saved the day. also trending this morning, looks like ted cruz has a twin or at least doppelganger, i guess.
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media are saying the presidential candidate looks like. and call it eagle watch 2016, why the internet is so obsessed with watching two live web cams and how you can take part in the excitement. here's a look what's happening in south florida. for more on the fort lauderdale
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here's a look what's trending this morning. looks like ted cruz has a stand in should he need one. michael sweet, the frontman for the band striper surrendered to popular demand and said i guess my dop he will ganger -- doppelganger is ted cruz, guess i should cancel my tour and focus on the campaign. the two do share the same religion, striper is in a christian heavy metal group. sweet says he tends to vote republican but still undecided. i don't know, you be the judge. i guess the hair is different. a colorado convenience store clerk's quick thinking trending
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was working the cashier when a woman walked in, she had glazed eyes. and starting swaying. she grabbed the baby from the mother's arms before she started falling. she says she's no hero. one lucky german shepherd is back after being lost at sea for over a month, what a reunion, the pup whose name is luna disappeared in february when she fell off her owner's fishing boat off the coast of san diego, but just this week, someone spotted her on a naval island miles from where she fell in to the water. the people who found her say with the luck of the el nino storms, puddles formed and luna survived off of eating dead seagulls and fish corpses. eagle watch 2016 is on, the internet is obsessed with watching two live web cams of an american bald eagle perched in a nest waiting for its baby bald eagles to be hatched.
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checking this out on social media using #dceaglecam see it getting comfortable there, the proud parents have been dubbed mr. president and first lady, they're in dc. they're making an appearance, so it could truly happen any minute now. this is a live shot from there, no action just yet but stay tuned to that. if you want to see the live feed and take part in eagle watch, go to our website for more trending stories like our facebook page and let us know what's your favorite story of the day. that's what's trending this morning. >> all right, i guess those chicks will be named sasha and malia. lissette, our forecast. >> baby watch any day, guys. i have a special announcement by the way at the end of the 6:00 a.m. newscast, stay tuned for that. it is regarding maternity leave and things of that nature, but right now let's talk about mother nature and the fact that, hey, the spring equinox takes part this sunday, the first day
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over the e-- sun is over the
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shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. from miami-dade, broward, and the keys, this is south florida's cbs4 "this morning ". >> right now at 5:30, an nfl player is badly injured in a dirt bike crash in northwest miami-dade. we're live with an update on his condition. deputies are searching for a brazen burglar who broke in to a home and held a 91-year-old


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