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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now, justice for king
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the community is in giving up after a 6 room boy was shot and killed in broad daylight. >>plus a 13-year-old allegedly tries to pull off a brazen crime. how the tables were turned on the team crook. it is 531 on wednesday february it is 531 on wednesday, february 24. >> the ladies are with us. we're standing by with a look at our roadways. you'll hear from her in just a moment. >> let's check in with our meteorologist first. >>let's take advantage and enjoy the fact that we are waking up to a great start. make sure you have your rain gear handy, the kiddos as well later this afternoon especially this evening. we are waking up with crowds -- clouds in broward county . the radar showing us that we are bring free but don't let that miss you -- mislead you as we are seeing a line of strong storms as it moves across the panhandle. north central
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watch. there are also warnings for south carolina and portions of georgia. winds out of the south ahead of it. that is pumping in the moisture that is making it feel mike. we are in the low to mid 70s already. that warmth, humidity, moisture will provide for the ingredients for the severe weather. gusty storms this afternoon. ahead of the storms 84 degrees. it will feel closely -- close to the 90s. as we go into the evening, here comes the gusty storms. we could see a slight chance of tornado and definitely possibility of damaging winds. let's get a check of your traffic alert. palmetto drivers, it is a 26 northbound right around northwest hundred and 63rd street. where you see the curve, you will see the right lanes
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everyone is having to push over on the left-hand side. this will cause some delays but you are not seeing backup. you don't need an alternate route this morning just watch out for the crash. the only other problem we have out there, road repair on pembroke road. all of the other construction is cleared up. no other accidents to report and the turnpike drivetime looking good. northbound, lots of green arrows only up to the don chillers expressway. the reward for information that could lead police to an arrest in the murder of a 6- year-old child stands at $26,000. last night the community rallied in his honor. we have more for miami-dade police headquarters. >> reporter: night 2 of peaceful demonstration seeking justice in the death of 6-year- old king carter. >>we are asking you to bring the killer to justice.
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killer to justice. >>little king carter shot in broad daylight saturday afternoon. a stray bullet as a result of a gunfight. locals tell us it was between rival drug gangs. the community is outraged. there was a march and rally on monday night and now this tuesday night at the scene of the shooting. yes, the rally cry -- that was a rally cry of local rappers. this group is hoping for results. the little boys father. >>nobody is doing anything about it. they come through with a fake loves and fake support. >>but it does have support of liberty city residents and the police hard on the case. earlier they were conducting a routine community policing visit. this week just happens to be at the complex where the shooting took place. >>we are exhausting all of the information that we get. we're asking a lot of questions
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a lot of times we feel the community knows more or as much as we do. >>there is a big reward for information leading to the capture, arrest and conviction of those responsible, $26,000. if you have information about this case, 30547, 305471 tips. that is crime stoppers. funeral arrangements have been made for king carter. there will be a viewing for the boy this friday at the friendship missionary baptist church in miami starting at 4 pm. his funeral will be on saturday at new birth missionary baptist church on northwest 135th street in miami at 2 pm. there is a $26,000 reward for anyone who can lead police to a person that they can then arrest. you're asking to call crimestoppers at 305471 tips if you have any information. hear more of your
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a man is likely -- lucky to be alive after his home went up in flames. he was sleeping when the fire started and he was woken up by his dog. he managed to call -- climb out of the window but the dog stayed inside. firefighters were able to rescue the dog. no word on what started the fire. >>a domestic dispute leads to gunfire. investigators were conducting surveillance when they saw michael guzman pulling his wife by the arm and putting her in the car. the woman opened the passenger door and jumped out of the moving vehicle. police tried to stop him but he drove toward them forcing officers to open fire. he was later taken into custody . >>the republican presidential candidates are now turning the focus to super tuesday following last nights nevada caucus. donald trump rolled to an easy victory. marco rubio and ted cruz battled over 2nd place in their quest to become the alternative to the republican front-runner. a severe storm system that
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deep south is now moving east. several tornadoes touched down along the gulf coast including one in pensacola. at least 3 people are dead in louisiana, and mississippi. today mark 20 years since 2 brothers were struck -- since 2 brothers were shot down. there on a humanitarian mission over international waters when a cuban air force fighter plane the group known for its opposition to the cuban government would -- will drop leaflets over cuba. there will be a memorial at the airport today. the victims family will hold a rally at a university campus at 3. >>police say just after midnight yesterday on or think -- northeast 16th avenue 158
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shot at a boy. >>he was afraid for his life. he was protecting himself and a girlfriend.>> what is a 13-year- old doing out after midnight. they should be in red getting ready -- in bed getting ready for school . >>police are still looking for 3 others who were with the 13- year-old. >>a person is under arrest a connection with a hit and run crash that critically injured a boy. boykin turned himself into police think he was behind the wheel of that mercedes that hit the 15-year-old monday morning. his cousin is miami commissioner. he says boykin did not have to be convinced to turn himself in . >>you can make the assumption that he was afraid. i was under the assumption that he would come to his senses when he spoke to the family. once he let us know what was
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do the right thing which he did. >>his uncle tells cbs4 news that boykin was driving with a suspended license. 2 dozen people are homeless after a massive fire swept through an apartment building. the fire started after someone left an iron unattended. once the flames were put out, crews used a drone to assess the damage. no one was hurt. >>a severely injured bird is getting a 2nd chance thing to -- thanks to good samaritans who founded on the beach. he got life-saving surgery after a hook was found in his throat. he was found in delray beach monday morning. that is one rescuer lori levine jumped into action and rescued the bird. >>i started crying watching the surgery. despite -- he was strong enough to be a fighter. i'm praying with his wonderful
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and i can be there for when he is released. >>the bird has a tough recovery ahead. the huge hook for the birds of esophagus meaning there could be an infection. the doctor says he has a 50-50 chance of surviving. >>miami beach has new additions and they are impossible to miss. they revealed 6 new lifeguard towers. they were designed by architect william lane who started working on the project over 20 decades ago after hurricane andrew wiped out many of the old towers. the plan is to replace all 29 of the old lifeguard husk within the next 2 years. >>those are some pretty good- looking towers. mastercard is planning to use the power of self these -- of a selfie to protect you when you shop online. caught on camera: a wild thing when an officer tries to pull over a heavily armed driver who didn't want to stop. >>and they work out like you
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more of this video that has gone viral. that is some inspiration. [ laughter ] 5:41 in the morning, we have traffic alert. a 26 northbound right after you pass miami lakes drive. the right lanes are blocked off by unfortunately an injury accident. that is causing delays on that approach. we will talk more about this traffic alert and any other issues out there after the break . >>a tornado watch into -- issued for north and central florida and portions of the southeast. here in south florida, it is quite for now . however, we will see the potential for
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today. welcome back south florida with the past few weather events that we have had with the to 2 -- to tornadoes that we have had, most of the activity have been in the earlier part of the day. today it is looking more like the severe storms will be more possible in the afternoon especially through the evening. right now we are mainly quiet and dry. but i don't want that to mislead you. we are going to see the
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weather especially into the afternoon and for the evening commute. right now we are enjoying the dry start. make sure you have your reindeer handy and keep your eyes to the sky throughout the afternoon. stay tuned on our website. we have a wind advisory that has been issued. that is the blue you are seeing on the radar. we're not seeing any green just yet. winds out of the south. they are pumping in the moisture that is making it feel oh so sticky out there. we are in the low to mid 70s. part of the reason we are going to see the potential for severe storms is the fact that it will be so warm and humid today. we also have a powerful cold front on the way. you can see the line of danger storms pushing toward portions of the panhandle and across the southeast were tornado watches and warnings have been issued. there is a slight risk of tornadoes here and there through south florida but it is looking more like we could see
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winds pushing through. this is more likely around the evening time especially for the commute and even around 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm tonight. it is looking unsettled. overnight we could see lingering showers even tomorrow morning before we finally clear things out for thursday. today, the possibility of gusty winds, like poor -- lightning, downpour. here's the wider view of that storm system that already led to a dozen tornadoes across much of the deep south. it is still spinning and bringing not only rain out ahead of it across the golf course states -- coast states. we do have a marginal risk of severe weather in south florida . there is even a higher risk for the carolinas and portions of the southeast. we are breezy and warm for today with the storms developing later on.
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and a much cool -- cooler breeze. tonight is looking fabulous -- we will so close to the 90s for some spots. for tonight we have storms that are cooler and breezy. we will wake up to lows in the 60s. tomorrow, highs in the low 70s. highs in the upper 60s and saturday morning could feel even colder with inland locations waking up in the 40s. we are highs -- we have highs in the upper 60s with sunshine for the weekend. >>we have traffic on palmetto boulevard. cars are only being left through on the extreme left lane. all of the right lanes are blocked off for an injury accident this morning on the palmetto northbound right before the big curve. you may want to stay on the
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onlooker delays whatsoever. you don't have to worry about those of you that are driving on the northbound side. there is the only other accident we have out there. no other accidents to report. >>now, a traffic stop in oklahoma turns dangerous when the officer realizes the man he just pulled over is heavily armed. take a look. >>don't you reach for. drop your hand right now. have you lost your mind. on the ground. don't you touch it. sir i will kill you right now. get on the ground. >> the man didn't get on the ground even when the officer tried to take him. the guy jumped in his car and took off leading police on a high-speed chase for the next 20+ miles. he eventually lost control, crashed and was arrested. police found 2 guns including a loaded assault rifle. >>a 6-week-old lab makes his
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after he was shot 18 times with a bb gun. a utility worker at an apartment building saw the puppy bleeding while several children were playing with a. he called police who drove the puppy to a hospital where vets found 18 bb pellets lodged in his skin and muscle. thankfully the puppy named brody is expected to make a full recovery. nor rest have been made. -- no arrest has been made . >>he gets set for a showdown with the golden state warriors plus the marlins hit the field for the first full workout for the spring. here's your morning sports report. >>the marlins are in jupiter spring training believing this year they have a shot. the marlins are all smiles because they feel this could be the season they finally put everything together. they have a new skipper, a new
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confidence, but still very hungry to turn things around after 6 straight losing seasons. >>we all have to improve, we all have criticisms and we all have our thing that we need to do to be better. we all feel they can't anyone make us or break us. the heat will play tonight . the golden state warriors are in town. the team will have a chance to stop stephen curry and his bomb shooters. the warriors have an incredible record of 50 and 5. they are confident the heat are impressed that, no they are not intimidated. >>we have kids and our children are fans of watching steph curry do his thing. when you have the deuce you enjoy it.>> your kids a steph curry sans? >> my kids are basketball fans.
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>>gator fans are not happy about this, vanderbilt locking their shot. what a three-point shot that was. here it is again. that is something you can't plan for. they lose to vanderbilt light life -- last night. the way way just ended -- said it, if you are basketball pan you are a steph curry fan . i think i'm a little bit of both but today not a steph curry fan at all; right? >> you may not be a steph curry fan but i think there are a lot of people that would like to see his show at its best tonight. /brothers, thompson and curry have been unbelievable. they score a lot of points. it is a fun show to watch. i call it the best show in professional sports right now. i will tell you what, they're
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they are playing some of their best basketball. the way they played at the last 3 games, i really curious to see how this miami heat team will look tonight against the best team in basketball. every time i look at that record at 50 and 5, i don't know if i have ever seen anything that just makes you look -- now once , not twice, 3 or 4 times, it is unbelievable. >>it is very impressive indeed. at least i hope it will be a really fun game to watch tonight. an interesting little side know, whiteside and green, apparently they don't like each other. they have never met each other but some social media drama playing out, what is this all about? >> well, whiteside said i sure hope they go to that small lineup. everyone knows golden state likes to play to the small lineup and run up and down and score a lot of points. green said, oh really, is that what you think. what have you done that you think that you can say anything in this league.
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i am a walking triple-double. it is going to be fun to watch. green doesn't back down from anyone. if you make a comment on twitter, you know you are getting something back from him. whiteside has been known to hold his own on social media as well. so, we will see what happens. that is just a little nice sidebar for 2 nights game. >>it seems like they know how to push each other's buttons. but hopefully whiteside will continue his good plays that he has had in recent games and will revert back. we will talk later on. >>thank you. take care of yourself. your voices sounding a lot better. >> i am trying. >>you are doing good. a video gone viral of the california mom and her wine workout. billions of people has reviewed the video. she says she wants to show people that fitness is something you can do every day,
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other workout videos without the wind, this one here's my favorite. you can cheat. >>in my house between my son running around and my dog running around my wine would get knocked over. time right now is 5:54. how the sweet tooth -- had a sweet tooth ? there is a major recall to tell you about. mastercard has a big way to protect you the next stop -- time you shop online . >>work cubicles are disappearing. will take you to one of the largest co-working spaces in
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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welcome back: a major airline may be headed take you to -- cuba . plus a chocolate maker issued a recall. hannah good morning.
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by the chocolate candy maker, mars, they are recalling candy bars and other items in 55 countries after plastic was found in several products. the affected products include mars, milky way, stickers and celebration. this recall does not affect the us. >>johnson and johnson has to pay $72 million after a woman died of ovarian cancer. her death was linked to the companies baby power and shower to shower powder. both of them are health-based products. the corporation faces other claims it failed to warm -- warn consumers that the products could cause cancer. >>southwest airlines may be headed southeast to cuba. the company ceo says the carrier could begin flights this year after the us and cuba agree to resume commercial air traffic. currently only charters are flown their. us carriers face a march 2 deadline to submit applications.
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pairing close -- paying close attention to that. we're also paying attention to how annoying it could be whenever we have to buy something online and we have to enter passwords and you have all of these different things that you have to authenticate your purse it's -- purchase with. now they are changing it. >> that is right. mastercard is letting you pay with your face. they are allowing customers to make online purposes -- purchases. the company will be able to tell if you take a selfie and it is legit instead of one previously taken by requiring users to blink while shooting the picture. >>interesting. very interesting.. >> i don't know about the selfies but i really like using the thumbprint technology. that is dangerous. i buy things way too quickly. >>you don't want to take your picture and then they deny
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cbs4 at 5.>> cbs for -- cbs4 at 6 our train out .-- starts right now . good morning south florida, it is 6 am on this morning february 24. >>thank you so much for being with us. traffic and weather are also with us. >> let's get our 6 o'clock hour started with our meteorologist. were saying don't get too comfortable with the clear skies? >> not at all. take advantage of the fact that


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