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tran20 for this man said he was going to the club with him when he was shot. spirit there is a quarrel over a parking spot. stack nobody said anything to me. they only said it was over a parking spot. i don't know. >>reporter: jackson's father thinks the gunman may have been with someone else. >> i believe there were more people. i want this guy in prison. >>reporter: jackson had a 10- year-old son and work for the miami-dade water and sewer department. dozens of family members and friends cried and prayed a saturday night at a candlelight vigil at the spot where he lost his life. >> we are shocked. we are trying to figure out why this happened. >>reporter: police have leads and they believe the shooter was in a dark colored pickup truck , possibly a ford f1 50
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>> if somebody has some information for the police, that they can use, so they can pay for this crime. they need to pay for this crime. today for miami-dade water and sewer employees have been made aware of the death of jackson, who came to the us from young. if you can help them with this case called them or miami-dade crimestoppers. there is a reward of up to $3000. we are live in miami. a man was arrested for exposing himself very school. he was on a public sidewalk naked touching and exposing himself. just a few hundred feet away from wilton manors elementary school.
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with lewd and lascivious behavior. a man charged with a carjacking of the weekend has died. happens saturday morning at a home near sw. 116th st. and southwest at a home near sw. 116th st. and sw. 104th ave. he picked up two men from the lynnwood area took them to his home. someone shot him several times at the home and took off in his car. detectives are looking at if a body found in a canal is connected to the case, but police are still searching for those men. a child was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car after 9:30 am near pond ridge circle. they tell us the boy was riding his bicycle to school when he was by a car. the chopper was over the scene as he was rescued the driver remained on the scene and the
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student has died after falling from an apartment building. old chance, wolf. police say he fell sick stories after tumbling over a glass partition at an apartment complex. wolfe was taken to a hospital injuries. police did not suspect foul play. he played hockey, and the high school team tweeted yesterday we lost our brother, chance, wolf, we play for him today. thoughts and prayers out to the wolf family and chance was a great kid and a great a student with tons of friends. enjoying college life. he was interning at the local nbc station near gainesville to get his journalism degree. we will miss him greatly. start the seminole tribe presented its plans for expansion for the hard rock casino in hollywood.
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we have more what we can expect to see if those plans are approved. is a gambling contract worth $3 billion in revenue over the next seven years.>>the 100 acre property will get a huge makeover. here's a rendering of what the renderings look like. it will take shape of a giant glass, qatar. restaurants, pools, a beach and an expansion of a casino floor for more gaming. spirit. this is not ratified by the legislature. it can impact as many as 3700 people. >> melissa belleview works of the steakhouse and her sister recently passed away, leaving her sister to care for her children. they depend on her job to get by. in the past few months it has been different. now that we have kids aware
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providing for them. >>reporter: vanessa is not alone. there are thousands of employees and vendors in the same boat. in addition to saving current jobs. the agreement for expansion will create thousands of jobs in the state in south florida. 14,500 direct jobs with construction and 4700 permanent jobs. tran20 for the agreement is expected to bring in $9.9 billion for revenue over the next two decades. gov. scott approved the expansion in december last year. it is to be approved by the senate and the house he is not sure when he will get to it. new emerges are on the way. people are excited. we will let you know when they will make it onto your phone. semi-dramatic video of a car
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shabbat country music announces its nominations for the academy of country music awards. the milestone will mark the end of an era when cindy crawford is calling her modeling career. a pretty rainy day today with time lapse video of the clouds. wet streets and lots of moisture. drive times ahead of us. your forecast coming up. all new at 6 pm. we are looking at what's behind the drop of drunk driving arrest. our drivers making better decisions are due police departments need more resources? start the miami-dade police internal affairs unit has a new investigation. a woman pulling over a police officer, accusing him of
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caught on camera a huge pileup involving 50 vehicles per this accident happened on a major highway due to heavy fog. you can see cam video shows cars repeatedly slamming into the pile unable to slow down. authorities essay for people
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big news for anyone who loves to use emojis they could make their way to your phone by the end of the year. here are images. an avocado, fingers crossed, a black heart and a butterfly and clicking glasses. the la times says 70 for percent of americans use them every day. to make it knocked me. google is testing solar power draws. they are underway in new mexico. the results could deliver high- speed internet from the air. 40 times faster than 4g. the project is code named sky better. shabbat school you can send you are emojis even faster. behind the scenes of the super bowl with the nfl today . later on. a train ride.
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virginia tech students faced a judge today in connection with the murder of a 13-year-old girl. elliott rodriguez is in the
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investigation. >>reporter: that girl ran away from home by climbing out her bedroom window. police say she was abducted and murdered by college track star who disposed of her body with the help of a fellow student at virginia tech. police discovered 13-year-old nicole's body on the side of the road in north carolina. authorities believe virginia tech freshman david eisenhower abducted and killed her and another student, 19-year-old natalie keefer's helped him get rid of her body. >> of these two were acquainted prior to the disappearance. they use this relationship to the advantage to abducted and killed her. last wednesday. the family believes she climbed out of the bedroom window. after blocking her door with a dresser. the missing child poster noted she required daily medication following a liver transplant. her father issued a desperate sac. if you're out there, you can count to me.
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>>reporter: her facebook page showed she was a member of a not clear. she meant eisenhower online. last march, a local news station recognize the track and field champion from marilyn as the student athlete of the week. sunday, virginia state police searched a pond on virginia tech's campus, although it is not clear what they were looking for and over the weekend. a vigil was held to remember her as the reality of her death set in. >> is a sickening feeling to know that this could have been one of my children. it really hits home. traffic for online. the father hit his devastation say i am so in shock. i know nothing more to say. i am broken. david eisenhower and natalie keefer's mate court appearances today.
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both will be held until the next court date, march 28. elliott rodriguez cbs4 news. stir my new details on the three fugitives who escaped from a california jail. tonight we are hearing the 911 call made after one of the men decided to turn himself in. snake santa ana police 911. >> i am calling about--he is here ready to turn himself in. he is scared to turn himself in. so they asked me to call. >> he just wants to turn himself in peacefully. so the other fugitives were also captured on a man in san francisco spotted the stolen van they were using. inmates were able to escape by cutting through steel climbing through plumbing tunnels. a prison english teacher has been arrested in connection with the escape. stroke amtrak officials are investigating after something had a passenger train and correctly when david the train was traveling from washington to new york. a spokesperson tells our sister station in philadelphia. they think it was a rocket hit
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to the area of brides bird, pennsylvania around 7 pm. there were 201 passengers on the train. no injuries were reported. some of the u.s. navy launched a new worship into the waters of wisconsin. earlier this afternoon. hundreds attended a christening ceremony for the uss sioux city. you can see the moment the ship drops into the ocean making a massive splash for this ship will have a crew of 50 sailors and is scheduled to be docked in florida. cindy crawford said she will retire from modeling this month. crawford is turning 50 later this month. can you believe that? she recently teamed up with fellow supermodel's family campbell and claudia schiffer to model. the mother of two, said she is proud of her career and will make way for the next generation of models and that includes her 14-year-old daughter. should looks great.
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the 51st academy of country music awards announced on cbs this morning. eric church and chris stapleton we did the nominees with three each, including male vocalist and album of the year. church was also nominated for the first time in the entertainer of the year category, along with garth brooks, luke bryant and miranda lambert, chris stapleton earned some nominations in the obelisk career category with the traveler as the artist and producer pretty can only watch the 51st annual american country music awards live from the mgm grand garden arena in las vegas, nevada at 8 pm on sunday, april 3 right here on cbs4. our meteorologist is joining us now wanting to know when the front will move through. snake is on its way out. right now, so that's good news. first of all of the radar. we have a shower plaguing us
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a few left--a few left over showers. here's a live picture. here's a sign in the west we will see plenty of it. the next few days and temperatures in the low to mid 80s today. 78. despite the rain and enough of the atmosphere to get us into the upper 70s. look at the morning lows again. well above normal as the humidity levels have come up. miami is two thirds of an inch of rain, an inch in fort lauderdale a half in key west. temperatures in the mid-70s everywhere and we will cool off a few more degrees but clouds are going to act as a blanket but they are clearing out and fog is possible. the ghostly disturbance off to the east.
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the levels are going down and is time to push and a chance for showers. we will not see severe showers. just thursday and friday and saturday is looking great and sunday we may see showers as moisture continues in the area. and unsettled pattern. later in the weekend. temperatures over the southeast are warming up. everybody in the 70s. south of the warm front in the northeast and unsettled day with temperatures mild. the midsection of the country. the big low-pressure area is winding up through snow in parts of the rockies and the severe weather outbreak expected ahead of the system. our forecast tonight, showers will fade out and fog developing and tomorrow. warmer & and stray showers possible.
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everything is luck taking us through the end of the weekend we will have some warm days ahead of the next cold front comes through showers possible friday and the weekend is looking okay. on the health watch a new study suggest eating lots of fiber as a teenager could lower the risk of breast cancer. researchers say those who reported consuming the highest amount of firepower had a lower risk of developing breast cancer, but the risk was 12 to 19% lower among women who ate more dietary fiber in their youth. eating more fiber drain teenagers is bigotry 60% lower risk of breast cancer. researchers are looking at blood pressure drugs treating alzheimer's. a team at georgetown university found blood pressure drugs can reduce cell damage and prevent or delay cell damage and hypertension is a risk factor
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to the brain. san francisco is the place to be this week for the super bowl. some of the cbssports crew is, they are preparing for the big game. entertainment tonight catches up with them before things get too hectic.
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a south florida we are counting down to the super bowl is sunday on cbs4. split final preparations underway. nancy o'dell is in los angeles with a look behind the scenes. >>reporter: kevin frazier is in san francisco today with our special super bowl correspondent.
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frank gifford, her dad broadcast the first super bowl so was full circle when she got a sitdown with the guys who are broadcasting super bowl l.>>you don't look like him. >>they transition from the field to the broadcast booth. said he was prepared. it would be different. he would try to equate it for me. for you. how is that?>> i love the fact that to prepare and make sure i know everything i can about the players as far as what they do on the field. spirit tony gonzalo san boomer followed frank's career path. >> we have been a part of this for many years and it was built on the backs of people like your dad. smith the last few years of my dad's life. i remember sitting and watching it with him. he was glad to see these guys up here. smith this game has everyone talking about the matchup between peyton manning and cam
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survey peyton manning is frank sinatra and newton is jay-z. it is certainly a different style. so if i have a pair of pants some larger that. so again, she got the sports chairman to break some news. spirit we announced today that we are renewing thursday night football. sean's father was the legendary abc broadcaster jim mckay, who worked with frank gifford for decades. so it is ironic that the offspring get to sit here and do an interview, so there's something very serendipitous about it. will have much more on super bowl. check it out tonight on et. story for more on the super bowl watch entertainment tonight at 7 pm and the insider at 7:30 pm and we will be headed to the bay area for the super bowl. look for gems live report. starting this thursday,
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away in santa clara, california and can watch the big game. february 7 right here on cbs and this is a football game is more than a football game and even if you are not a football fan. everyone says jenna checks out the super bowl. >> is not just the game but is the commercials and i love the family connections. we just saw in that excitement. and the coordinator with the carolina cancers. surrogate-i for carolina panthers made and as such a beautiful city. in general is a lucky guy. surrogate will be fun. i want to watch for it. don't forget the halftime show was called played in fiancie and stay tuned after that for the late show with stephen colbert.>>thanks a lot guys.
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citizen justice. spirit i pulled you over today. >> a woman stopped a miami dade officer that she says is speeding gets worldwide attention. and caucus night in iowa. voting begins two hours from now. we will take you there life after today's campaign frenzy. a dramatic drop in drunk driving arrest. our florida drivers making smarter decisions or something else that work? confronting a cop. a woman who pulled over this miami-dade police officer accusing him of speeding has now filed a formal complaint against him. that woman. posted the video on facebook. shows her stopping the officer and scolding him for driving too fast. the video has gone viral.
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police headquarters with today's new developments, tran27? >> she said she is doing what is right. she would do it again. despite the backlash is receiving for publicly shaming the police officer. the police unit said that officer acted professionally should be commended. >>reporter:. determined stride a video evidence in hand . claudia castillo walked into the miami- dade affairs to file a complaint. she wants to draw investigations to investigate the driving habits of one of the colleagues who is speeding without lights or siren's. to make. he was driving recklessly going about hundred miles an hour and i was hitting 80 and could not spat-catch up with them. >>reporter: castille yuk pulled over.
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like that talking.
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