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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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manslaughter. the victim was just blocks from his southwest miami home on an uber ride home. the driver was making a turn when police say a drunken speed speeding chica. >> and a clomian -- colombian flag. >> saying wasn't trying to run. >> referring more than likely to a colombia soccer match. and i have the tickets here which is in fact, in a few days. >> supporters relieved for the bond. >> going to school and graduated four years ago. this is just a tragedy.
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>> two days ago, the victim's devastated family said they were suing the driver and the company. the grandmother said the dui arrest is a glimmer of hope in the family's darkest hour. >> why dve drunk? why do this kind of thing? ? >> now i spoke to the family's civil attorney. saying that doesn't change anything in regard tsuing uber and the uber driver. saying he was making a left- hand turn and should have seen the driver coming toward them. in miami, joan murray, cbs4 news. a family asking for your help to find a killer after a teenager was gunned down riding his bike. happened on northwest tenth avenue.
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murder. >> this could have been your brother, your nephew, your cousin. not -- his mom lost him. >> the mother couldn't speak about the murder of her son. so her sisters did it for her. >> good person. he didn't deserve that. my sister doesn't deserve to be crying. could have been anybody's child. >> saying he had learning disabilities and spoke softly and loved children. >> loved kids. talk to him, he loved him. can't get no better view. he ain't in pain. not in his life. he wasn't off the porch yet. >> looking for yeeds. and the sergeant -- looking for leads. the sergeant became emotional. alder just left a visit with
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when he was attacked. >> taken off his bike and i can only imagine the horror he was feeling when he came from that corner to this field. an execution that occurredere of a 15-year-old child. >> the mother had to leave the news conference. >> we know for a fact that unlike some of the homicides, this was an innocent child that his only mistake was riding his bike maybe through a wrong neighborhood. >> a party with as many as 15 to 20 people could have seen something that could have brought down the shooter. so far, only one tip. >> some of those potential witnesses came here while the body lied here and took pictures of it before the police arrived. still not getting cooperation
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seen something. and a 21-year-old man murders a few yards away. police are not saying if they think they're connected. if you have any tips, call crime stoppers. new details of a woman accused of robbing several jewelry stores across the state. the judge denying bond for the 24-year-old in six jewelry ores in five states for millions of dollars of bling. likely she will face additional charges. at 5:30, the celebrations outside of 7-11 in california. where one of three winning powerball tickets were sold.
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the $1.6 billion jackpot. >> edward is live in chino hills, california. a lot of excitement out there. >>reporter: it was a party atmosphere. thank you this is one of the stores that sold one of the winning ticket. people are excited and we do not know who the winner is. and the stores will get mone just for selling the tickets. >> there was no stopping the celebration. the dream come true. this 7-11 in chino hills. and that includes the store owner, got the million dollar check for selling one of the winning tickets. >> so great. >> california sold 386 million $386 million worth of powerball tickets. >> hoping for luck for the next drawing.
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maybe the lucky one. >> fwelt in on the -- get in on the action. >> overcoming astronomical odds. one in 292 million. shrillu splitting it with two other winners. >> the winning ticket in florida was sold in this grocery store. >> my god, my store. >> the retailer got a $25,000 commission for selling the third winning ticket. >> as the local person, hope they love tipton county and give back. >> each of the three powerball winners will bank 529 mlgdz before taxes. . >>reporter: and the winners have a year to come forward. in california, the name is going to be public record. eventually, in this state, we'll know who the winner is
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>> thank you very much, edward. >> and the friends and family are going to come calling right away. the story you want to stick around for is adele d james cordin. how people are reacting to that next. >> an american kild in italy. who was arrested and what his attorney is now saying happened. >> a taste for the town and a taste for time. going to see more on that. keep the umbrellas handy if you're going out for dinner or anything. nothing heavy. just some pesky, light to moderate rain. more storms on the weekend. i'll let you know what to expect. the forecast is straight ahead.
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and police arrested the couple accused of burning restaurants with gasoline. >> one of the nation's three winning powerball tickets was sold. worth more than $528 million.
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spokesperson coming up. . . new at five, it'the car pool karaoke, adeal and james cordin singing not only hehe songs. they chatted and sang her biggest hit and other songs. >> her rapping skills may have stolen the show. >> what you may have missed. >> hello, can you hear me? >> you know her for her voice, elegance and grace. >> i heard a rumor.
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>> adele, the queen of ballads, rapping from monster by kanye west and nicki minaj. >> . . >> the unlikely rapper wowing audiences and artists alike. got one from nicki mini-minaj as well. >> revealing she grew up listing to the spice girls. >> . >> obviously, adele had a blast. tweeted this out to james cordin.
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we met seven years ago in an airplane hangar. love you, mate. >> . . >> that was dwraet. >> how much fun is that? all up here dancing to it. and the four and a half million that have dpsh. >> that's mad ratchet right there. >> and what about the franchise. car pool karaoke. been a huge part of james cordin's show. >> stars love it. seeing more and more. especially after adele. i don't know how you top that. >> we should do that. >> i don't know -- i can rap. not commenting on that. >> and remember, you can watch
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late show with stephen colbert. >> what is on the menu.
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her apartment in italy, who . now to the war on terror. isis is claiming responsibility
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killing several, five of them are the attackers. one of them in a starbucks. one of them accidentally set off the vest. set to mimic the paris attacks that killed 130. first in indonesia. since 2009. police have made an arrest in the murder of a florida woman. ashley olson was found strangled in her apartment in florence on saturday. dna traces from a condom and a cigarette tie aegal -- fought with olson after they had sex and did drs. but left her alive on her bed, that's according to the defense attorney.
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her skull. a town hall meeting in louisiana. the president oun outlined the plan to expand medicare. and making louisiana the 31st state to expand medicaid. >> it was the right thing to do. ananby the way, it's going to actually help the state's finances. >> and took questions from the crowd include whether first lady michelle obama would consider running. the response was a quick no. blair walsh visited at an law school. >> first graders sent letters of support after the big loss. he missed that field goal in
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card game ainstr seattle. >> signed autographs. not a hard -- i couldn't have made it. for a kicker in the nfl. >> if that was from the extra point and the weather and the laces and -- just a bad kick. i feel bad for the guy. how nice for the kids to make him feel better. >> a nice biew from the camera. nice view. and it's not raining everywhere. where it i it's not heavy. nuisance rains. heavier tomorrow afternoon probably after 7:00 p.m.. what you see is what you're going to get. take the umbrella with you. and giving way to some periods of light to moderate rain
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72 in key west. the humidity is high. heavier totals in a few spots. and as you get into dade and home instead, just -- homestead, just -- pretty much in the rower 70s. you see the pattern. the heavier totals. not all that heavy, but in the keys, the rain has been falling longer and having trouble making its way farther north. some of the rain is evaporatin before it hits the ground. nor in the gulf of mexico. the storms in the western gulf. very dense storms. the radar is not pking up a lot of rain. hundreds of miles away. confidence and heavy storms out there heading off to the east as we go through the night tonight and into the day
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tonight, light rain and 68. light showers around seven in the morning. what happens after that that has us concerned. the system in the guff starts -- in the gulf starts coming this way. a few blobs in the radar. by six, look at that line of very intense and flooding and gusts. entirely possibly. by tomorrow, it's gone. tomorrow is the day we wanto focus on. 68 tonight. periods of rain. small craft advisory. bad day for the boaters. rough on the bay. 80 degrees. that's the good news. bad news, tough for the morning xhutd and tougher for the evening commute. the sun is going to come out on saturday. nice for half the weekend. rain again on sunday. florida achers are saying
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>> a rally in tallahasse . hope you're hungry. time for a new edition of taste of the town. a chef with roots in thailand has a new restaurant that is authentic to the homeland >> going to where street food has never looked or tasted so good. >> known as chef b. born and raised in thailand, he came to florida to pursue his passion. started an an so a -- in the harbor area of miami beach, specializing after thai street food.
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a symbol of fur country. honesty and long life. . relaxed and open. elements of thai land everywhere. this column of a newspaper clipping and miss universe. >> 40 years ago. want to go back to 40 years ago in thai lala where i -- thailand where i grew up. >> grew up near the river so fish is a big part of the menu. not all. the menu is quite eclectic. in fact -- >> it's like miami. every culture around the world. ask all the tourists around the world. this asian country that they love the most, thailand.
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>> creamy, melt in your mouth. little kick on top with the jalapeno. super fresh, super light. slides right down. >> and next, bok choi. preparing that for him when he was a small child. >> fried with soy and garlic. >> wow. totally different and unique. crunchy, light, sometimes bok choi is heavy. it's like air thin. >> and these dumplings, chicken and oysters. >> kick with the sauce and the chicken is so moist on the inside.
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>> where two worlds meet harmoniously. >> open seven days a week. dinner only with a truly authentic taste of the town. . lisa petrillo, intours. >> located in sunset harbor. >> love thai food. >> i want a bite of heaven. >> don't we all. here's what's next at six. >> under arrest, how police caught two people were said to be threatening people withas bombs. >> i believe god does everything in our lilis. >> marco rubio on his faith and its role as president. >> never think it's going to be in your neighborhood. >> live in florida where someone struck powerball gold.
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at six, robers arrested. turned into police by people they know. family members who saw them on tv and turned them in. the couple was saep at restaurants and a convenience store and gas bombs and if the clerks didn't give them more. gary has more on the arrest. >>reporter: this duo is on lock up. not going to be going anywhere any time soon. the relatives turned them in after the images were out for fear that they might kill somebody. >> a self-professed drug addict -- and his partner, hauled off on robbery charges. dubbed the gas bomb robbers
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them on xv and turned them in. showing them enter a dennies and a clerk emptyinghe cash register under a smell of gas. a bomb filled with gas and had a lighter, threatening to ligh it. >> could have set themselves on fire, could have set the cashier on fire. the whole restaurant. >> and another denny's with a note claiming they had gas and gas bombs. and she claimed that they were homeless and she only came to florida to attend a drug treatment program, but went back to the dope apparently. video captured the pair in a 7
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