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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a 3-year-old little girl shot during a driveby could get out of the hospital today. she was on her grandmother's porch who someone drove by and started shooting. police are searching for the gunman. a warning in tampa about bad spice.
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talk about the number of calls they are responding to about the drug known as spice. tampa rescue responded to nearly 2 dozen phone calls. a group of researchers is white shark exploration. they hope to tag great whites in our waters and track their travels. it's 4:01 on this friday morning, and i believe it is going to be a beach day. >> if you like today, you will like tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, and we are waking up. temperatures around 70 degrees in hillsborough, and we are in the upper 50s. a few high, thin clouds moving through this morning. not completely clear, but we morning.
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mid- to upper 60s this afternoon, and partly sunny and warm. the high temperature around 83 degrees, how about traffic meredith? >> good morning. approaching 4:02 a.m., not a lot going on aside from road construction, and this is 32 avenue north otherwise quiet for your commute. the bay area bridges are up to speed. you want to use heinz here as the alternate route. one accident in pasco, southbound 75 between 52 and 54. off to the colder of the road, not seeing any delays. gayle and gene, over to you. this morning a different tone for the republican presidential candidates.
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took a civil approach and focused on the issues, and listen how donald trump describes the face-off. >> we are all in this together, and so far i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> that change in tone is an indication of how important the next round of primaries are for the presidential candidates. >> including our marco rubio who took on trump. keith cate has news of a key endorsement today. >> reporter: what a night last night, the republican debate, the 12th debate before the primary, it was impressive and different from what we have seen. a come of things came out of there that was interesting. donald trump said dr. ben carson will be endorsing him today. i look forward to hearing why he picked donald trump, and one of the biggest exchanges came
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about his comments earlier this week regarding islam. does he feel that islam hates america, and when the question came, donald trump did not back down but neither did marco rubio. >> last night you told cnn "islam hates us" did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. >> the problem is presidents can not just say anything they want. there's consequences here and around the world. >> you can say what you want and be politically correct if you want. i don't want to politically correct. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct, but i want to be correct.
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enough. marco rubio down in the polls. >> reporter: and ted cruz was trying to show they are the last two candidates standing. we heard a lot more than ever before, the issues, where they stand. >> and if all the debates prior to this, there was the moment when it was oh goodness. >> reporter: we were in a room of reporters who said they will have to look for something extra. >> youed -- you wanted an issue-oriented debate? you got one. >> keith and candace, thank you. the democrats are
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chelsea clinton will campaign in florida just a day after her mom was in tampa. she told voters she has their back in the heated political season. >> i will fight for you ever day through this team pain, and most importantly f i'm so honored to be your president. >> clinton's challenger, senator bernie sanders also stopped in the bay area, attending the rally at florida state fairgrounds. thousands packed into the expo hall. >> this campaign is asking people to think outside of the box, outside of the status quo and ideas that the television people and the newspapers and the radio do not talk about.
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the florida primary is march 15th a few days from now. early voting is right now check out the don't miss it section of when you visit that section of our website, you will find out everything you need to know for the florida primary, and you will see all the polling locations available to you. an 11-year-old girl has admitted that a girl made up a story about a person trying to abduct her. >> the reason she lied, she has to walk approximately 1 million home, and she doesn't like walking home. >> she had to write a letter to
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explained she was scared, but now she will be charged with a misdemeanor and she will have to go through counseling. this is deadly flooding from louisiana to tennessee. crews used boats for many strappedded by the high water. at least five deaths are -- more man stranded by the high water. at least five deaths were caused by the flooding. here at home today at least we are dry. satellite and radar showing dry weather, and clouds are move in today, a few more clouds than we had yesterday. partly cloudy this morning with
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upper 60sin afternoon, and still just as warm. topping off near 80 degrees. how about traffic on the 8s, meredith. it will be warm for the strawberry festival. right now, very quiet. park road here, that's westbound traffic, 20 minutes for this point over to i-75. a light trip right now. speaking of 75, northern tampa, looking really good. light travel conditions, and maybe you use the veteran expressway, and it's in the green. look out for ongoing construction there near waters, but right now, southbound, moving without delay. gayle? gene? you want to check your freezer this morning. >> ahead the food company recalling frozen meals, and the dangerous ingredient that does not belong in the meals. the wild ride on the long
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what happened when one teenager took the curve at 45 miles an hour. >> ouch! >> that will make you say ouch, just like gene did. >> i said it. we have to change our clocks this weekend, and next, the health dangers of the time change. you're watching news channel 8
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we are all dreading it, especially you early birds like us. we lose an hour of sleep, pushing the clocks forward. >> not only does it make monday morning extra rough, but daylight saving time can affect your health it can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke just by moving the clock. >> we have to stop doing this. >> lindsey mastis is live. >> reporter: maybe we can just keep falling back, right? >> losing that hour of sleep
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affects those with health issues. in the first 2 days after springing forward, heart attacks increase by 24% and the risk of stroke increases 23%, and the change can also increase blood pressure and create blood clot, and sleep deprivations can make us all more vulnerable. we all know, and you get it, and doctors agree. >> sleep deprivation long-term, it can really affect the risk of heart disease, stroke, and your diet. >> reporter: many are blaming mistakes on sleep deprivation. there's multiple petitions hooping online to get rid of daylight saving time. do you find it helpful or hurtful?
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you can reach out to us on facebook and twitter using #8alert. >> looks like you gave us a reason to call in on monday. thank you, lindsey. now some eerie images to share with you this morning on the 5-year anniversary of japan's big earthquake. the 9.0 quake triggered a massive tsunami, and 20,000 people died, and it damaged the fukushima nuclear power plant, causing a meltdown. a teenager going down a steep hill on his board lost control. it's believed he was going 45 miles an hour at the time when he went off the cliff. he describes what it was like.
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i went off the side of the cliff, and i slid on gravel, dirt, and cactuses all the way down, thankfully. >> the teen is not letting the accident keep him from his long board. he said he will be more careful. >> is that a helmet or a hat? >> i can't tell. nestle is recalling several meals. you may find class. some items under recall include digiorno pizza as you can see here, and also stouffers lasagna and many other lean cuisine meals. we have all the recalled food on
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as i have learned they are spiritually. >> reporter: after more than 20 years of staring at blank walls inside of the many church, alto were answered. the painter has had exhibitions in mexico and the u.s. this is his contribution to a 2-year healing process. we told you about the problems at this temple. the then pastor committed suicide after $200,000 disappeared from church coffers, money needed for improvements. >> reporter: people were hurt by that? >> they were deeply, deeply hurt by that but you know what? we are in a healing phase, a
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>> reporter: good things like volunteers landscaping and painting the church exterior. >> it brings the community together, and it's just love. >> reporter: and now the finishing touches of the alter mural. this is is a mural from the group of revelations. a group has different as the parishioners praising god after tribulations. >> my painting is not my painting now. it's the beautiful st. joseph. >> that will be revealed on palm sunday, and it goes to show regardless of what god you believe in or faith you practice, which when a community comes together, you
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tribulations. temperatures right now around 70 degrees. headed into polk, temperature in the upper 50s it will be warm again today. 83 this afternoon, and then we will get a bit of rain on sunday, and it will drop us down to 80 degrees, and a big cooldown there, and we are days. satellite and radar picture showing a few high thin clouds moving through no rain with these clouds, and more cloud cover than yesterday. high pressure parked offshore, and that's what is keeping all the rain from being able to move eastward, and that's why mississippi and louisiana have seen so much rain, and in fact, check this out, parts of louisiana have seen nearly 15 inches of rain over the last 4 days and the high pressure will start to weaken a bit and allow the rain to move eastward. this morning, a mixture of sun and clouds, and temperatures middle 60s this afternoon, and
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partly cloudy skies, and highs in the lower 80s moving into tomorrow. and a few more clouds, 10% chance of a shower, and on sunday, 40% chance of showers as the rain finally moves in. this afternoon, 83 degrees, and it's a warm day. 40% chance of showers on sunday, and again, we are turning the clocks forward one hour on saturday night. meredith? this time of the day, a lot of folks getting up early to head to the airport, maybe to catch a flight, and we wanted to show you this area. near tia. maybe you're headed that way across the howard franklin bridge, and this is the st. pete side, and it looks fantastic. great. 17 minutes for 54 all the way in through the i-4 interchange.
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at 75 if you're headed northbound, currently 14 minutes for 301 up to i-4. minutes. back to you. a box of puppies dumped on the tampa road are getting up. next, -- up next, what's next for the puppies. how much money one drugstore plans to spend on their new campaign and who they are targeting. you're watching channel 8 news
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we are back, and it's 4:23. more than a year after they stopped selling cigarettes, cvs is making moves to get people to stop smoking, and they will be investing $50 million on the antismoking campaign over the next 5 years. their audience is the youth. #bethefirst campaign will push for the first tobacco-free generation in perk. these pups are now 2 months old, and they were just 6 weeks old when we told you about their rescue. their mange was so severe, they had no fur. the story broke our hearts and now the dogs are in good health and ready to go home. >> what a difference! they don't even look like the
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>> they were so cute before, but wow, so different. weather and traffic on the 8s is 3 minutes away. where this doctor was practicing and the procedures he was performing. a five-car pileup, coming up, we will show you the terrifying video of the moment of impact. you're watching news channel 8
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and good morning. it's 4:28 a.m. right now the temperatures are pretty nice. you probably don't need a jacket in the upper 60s. no rain. just a few high, thin clouds. similar to what we had yesterday and warm. a high of 83 degrees, and meredith? a road destruction in pinellas county, southbound near 38 avenue north, and everyone is off on the right-hand shoulder of the road. sunshine skyway bridge, looking
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a 10 minute drive between the toll plazas there, and there's ongoing road construction for the lakewood ranch area, and expect to see work in that area and also road construction in tampa.
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4:30 on this friday morning, good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. police are on the scene of a shots fired call and then the scene of a chase this is from east hillsborough avenue, and police say no one was hurt. all suspects are in custody at this time. also breaking, deputies in spring hill are investigating a shooting that killed one and injured two others including the shooting, and it was just a few hours ago at the bamboo bar


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