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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> tonya brown questions the cleveland police force policy. her son, brandon jones kill by a cleveland officer during a petty theft. tim russell and melissa williams shot and killed during a 2012 cleveland police chase and now this survey issued by the city asking residents about the use of force policy. how will the families react. >> candidly, i think they would feel insulted. >> attorney paul christello that represents the jones and russell families believe the survey is not likely to be filled out by residents hose opinions are badly needed. >> i think it is fooling yourself to think a lot of people in the community who are victims of excessive force and know people have been the victims of excessive force will sit down and answer the question about how do we make the city of cleveland improve the police department. >> and there are questions about who has access to this >> what about people that don have the internet or access to
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>> that's a great question and we met the activists and the community leaders and we will take the hard copies and some want to go door to door. >> christello believes the questions need to be more specific. >> if you have lost a loved one or the victim of excessive force at the hand of a police officer these questions are real superficial. >> and the 27 question survey will be available to cleveland residence and a link posted on i'm five on your side investigator joe pagonakis. the data from the survey will be compiled in may. it will be used in connection with the justice department consent decree to improve the police policy. they should come down, if they were any other organization in this city, we would demand that they come down. fireworks over another hot button issue in cleveland. the cleveland indian chiefs
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how native americans took their fight against the logo in a new direct questioning whether permits were needed for banners the indians put up on street poles. city council called for the banners to come down and new legislation is in the work to make sure that the chief does not appear on the banners next year. and outside city hall top, city rights leaders raising questions about how cleveland is using $50 million. it is getting from washington d.c. for security during the rnc. as the public has a right to know the security equipment being purchased to protect the city, they say. it is an embarrassment to the city of cleveland if they are going to do something like this and not consult with the people of the city of cleveland. >> and they want them to put
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militarize the police force after the rnc is over and we asked police about that and we have not heard back. >> he may have won the republican primary in ohio but many across the area are not feeling love for governor john kasich. feeling the crunch trying to balance the annual budget and they say john kasich is to blame for something he did five years ago. homa bash live at city hall where they just passed the budget. >> they did and the mayor admits it is tight but cleveland is not the only one feeling the pinch here. >> it is not a budget that makes me happy at all. it is one that is difficult and painful. >> cleveland city council passed a budget top. >> it will be felt everywhere. everywhere across the board. >> right now no major cuts or lay offs, mayor jackson thinks
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most part but that is not good enough. >> we can't increase our capacity, we can't hire more police officers and we can hire additional building inspectors to inspect the vie can property. >> and cleveland is not alone. lorain is facing the deficit. and to save 200 grand the mayor proproceedsed a retirement age of 57 for police and firefighters and a moment with hostility and before the council meeting withdrawn. >> we are dodging several bullets and more are coming our way. >> that could mean lieoffs and longer response times and figuring out ways to increase the revenue. the reasons for the deficit across the board but much of the blame put on john kasich cutting funding back in 2011. that is $30 million from this year alone and more in the last four years.
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while we have to vote for a half million dollar budget after losing over one hundred million dollars in state aid. >> columbus has a two billion dollar rainy day surplus and it is raining here and we are not getting any relief from columbus. >> reporter: and mayor jackson is pushing his half percent income tax increase for the two 2-17 budget and give us 82 million-dollars to improve safety and services instead of maintaining this status quo. voters will vote on that coming up in november or spring. live at city council, homa bash, newschannel 5. governor kaisch hoping to be the next president of the united states and hoping to win more delegates tomorrow. that is when voters in arizona, utah and idaho head to the polls for their primaries and caucuses. today every candidate but bernie sanders making their case for votes at the annual
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>> we must be counted on to stand by and invest in our friend instead of abusing them. donald trump is the top republican in a new cnn poll and hillary clinton the top democrat candidate and 70% of republicans say john kasich should drop out of the race. chilly temperatures making you will feel spring has not sprung. >> a warmup is coming but not now. 32 degrees in cleveland, cold and 32 elyria and akron 29 and 28 in wooster. why? because we have watched the skies really clearing out. now there is a bonus here, skies cleared out and you got to see a nice site. you got to see jupiter, the planet right next to our beautiful moon outside. facebook. keep them coming. mark jay weather on twitter.
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the warmup is coming and beginning tomorrow actually i will show you the warmest day of the week and believe it or not in the next seven days tracking storms and snow. oh, boy. we are not done with the white stuff yet. danita and lee. federal investigators calling the death of a man at timken steel unacceptable. >> we have learned this is not the first time, serious problems at the fair crest plant in canton. the 5 on your side investigators looked at the osha safety records and found there have been 13 investigations in the last two years and more than 40 violations were found. last august a worker fell more than 40 feet from a crane. there were two incidents in may, a thousand pounds of equipment fell on a worker and another worker was exposed to nitrogen. that's the same thing that likely kill ken ray, jr. this weekend. it is simply unacceptable that company continues to not protect their workers from workplace hazards.
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immediately. timken is disputing many of the violations and says that safety is its highest priority. 20 people have been murdered in cleveland this year. the 51-year-old woman found dead inside a garage on folk avenue this morning was the latest victim. the medical examiner is trying to figure out how she died. but police are investigating it as a homicide. the north field home where a family was found dead after it exploded was demolished today. our cameras were there as crews tore down what was left of the burned out home. investigation ruled the death of jeff mather and his wife, cindy, and their two daughters, a murder-suicide. jeffrey committed suicide by using gas to set his home on fire and cindy died from an overdose of prozac and the children suffocated. learning about medical student accused of stealing a prescription form to write
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>> 22-year-old crystal faithmeyer from menner stole 156 forms from the heart doctors she worked and estimated that she sold over 9000 pills at $15 a pop. that's worth over $100,000. it appears she used facebook to hope her pull off the capper. >> she was able to get dates of births from family records or from facebook. faithmeyer faces numerous felony charges and being held in the lake county jail on one hundred thousand dollars bond. musea top at 11. the government's battle with apple takes an unexpected turn about spying. president obama done with politics in cuba and the surprising last day in havana. the weather tracking a warmup and how long will it be around. we got snow and thunder in the
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and why you may have to consider your next night out to the movies. what one chain is doing.
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tweet us at a somber day in central indiana where people are lining
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deputy killed in the line of duty. 27-year-old deputy carl koonts was shot and died. the suspect died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. a suspect file for bankruptcy last year and has been accused of domestic assault. the 54-year-old was killed sunday after state police caught him unloading stolen toll money in his car. a fundraiser for people left homeless by a deadly fire in brunswick is still going on right now. the paninnis is donating its sales today to the people affected by the fire and the place was packed when our cameras were there earlier. we checked with them and they
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>> two state reps are calling for the removal an guns from domestic incidents. a 5 on your side investigation revealed loop holes in the law that allows abusers to get their hands on guns. the feds are helping sebring keeping its water safe giving the villages $400,000 for technology to alert operators that the water is too acidic. high levels in the water earlier this year forced schools to close. people stopped drinking tap water and led to the firing of the water plant manager and two epa workers. paris stepping a step forward four months after the terror attacks. the restaurant targeted during the attacks reopened. the cafe was renovated and a memorial with the names of the 20 people killed there was painted at the entrance.
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carry the emotional scars from the attack and hope the new look of the cafe helps everyone move on. the f.b.i. is turning elsewhere for help breaking into the cell phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. a hearing over whether apple must unlock the phone for federal investigators have been canceled at the request of the government. federal prosecutors say that an outside party has shown the f.b.i. a possible way to get into the phone. but they need time to figure out if it will work. if it does, then they no longer need to force apple to unlock the phone that the company has been fighting. president obama is spending his second night in cuba after a day of historic meetings. earlier the president met with raoul castro calling it a new
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there were tough talks about democracy and human rights. ab c david muir asked about the message of change he passed on to castro. >> i indicated that we can't force changes on cuba but what we can do and will continue to do is to stan up for the rights that we consider universal. >> president obama will talk to the cuban people and watch the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team play ball. it is costing us more to fill up our gas tanks. the average price for a gallon of regular in ohio is now 1.92 and triple a says that is 22 cents more than a month ago and getting a better deal than the nation as a whole. it is also 43 cents less than we were paying a year ago. experts say the increases because of the decline in surprise and strong demand. all right. mark. >> yes, you don't like the cold, do you? >> no.
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>> it is circulating. >> they want mark johnson out here. here we go the good news is the warmup begins tomorrow and temperatures go above normal for a couple of days and we will have the battle of the warm and cold, march and april. we will have all of the seasons. >> all of them. >> the next 7 days and tomorrow is a better day and let's take a look. outside right now here is a live look downtown akron. nothing to worry about weatherwise. look at greater cleveland, an earlier shot of that beautiful, sunset and nice weather for the evening as long as you had your warm coats on. flakes were flying earlier today but no longer. we are dry around the area and here is the good news. we have cleared things out and skies wherever you go across the region with the exception of a few high clouds mainly clear and again you can see jupiter up to the moon, a great night for stargazing as long as you have a winter coat.
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and 29 in akron and 32 in canton. i think temperatures are close to the lows tonight. we may drop another degree or so but as the warmer air shifts in temperatures will begin to warm up probably middle and upper 30s by the time you get up and go our car thermometer. 32 down and the winds have shifted to the south. northeast breezes for much of the day and a stalled out front right there and notice all of the weather, the snow and the rain here. you think it is coming our way. here is the front. let's draw it in. right there with a northeastwardly flow we have been standing cool. winds beginning to shift around to the south as the high pressure builds in from the west. it will slide in carolinas late tonight and tomorrow. southerly winds should help warm us up while the front is stalled here, this is the precip. north of the front. we will see a couple of isolated showers coming in
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best chance for rain and thunder is when this area of low pressure moves directly east into ohio. that will be thursday afternoon and evening and that's the best chance for rain and thunderstorms. even some thunder during the week here. 30 overnight, mainly clear, dry and cold. your bus stop forecast 30s to get going and look coming home, 50s. clouds and dry. a little bit on the breezy side tomorrow. here it is. 56 for cleveland and a cloud- sun mix and winds out of the south, 20 or 25 miles per hour. another one of those breezy days. 31 for akron and canton and we will go 58 tomorrow. even a little warmer. wednesday, 58. showers 60s and some inlands in the lower 60s. the a.m. mix, a snowflake, 39 and the
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53, dry, saturday and we'll mention an isolated shower on sunday, 6161 6161 more snow on monday. you have heard the negative impacts about the changes. it could be making wines better. mr. johnson. researchers look back and find higher temperatures in europe led to an earlier grape harvest that means higher quality wines. we have a warning for those that love to read. >> your e reader needs an update. >> if you don't update by tomorrow you can connect to the internet and can't connect to the kindle store. made in 2012 or earlier are affected. and if you dop update by tomorrow, you will have to do
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to get back on line. the cinemas are tightening the rules over rrated movies. why would you bring a young child to an rrated movie. the old policy was allowed as long as you had a parent and you had to be 18 to see an rrated movie unsupervised. my dad took me to see the movie slap shot and we thought it was hockey and i watched my dad on mayfield road and it was like i and my dad was like hiding underneath the desk. that's my trip down memory lane. talking radio here. i thought we would talk radio. >> cav needed a pick me up. this is the game that everyone was waiting for. they win the central and what
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we will show you the highlights
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come back. t-shirts from championships in cleveland and the old central t-shirts, now a new one to put in the floor. the 5th central title conference. lebron james got the troops fired up against the nuggets. lebron was on fire. his 41st career triple double 33 points and 11 rebounds and 11 assists and speaking of assists the cavaliers moving the ball thanks to lebron.
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with passion. especially on defense and the cavaliers win 124-91. you never take for granted what you are able to accomplish. very difficult to win this league. attribute it to the guys and the coaches and the staff and the fans give us everything and we try to give it back to them. i don't know if ratings were down that watched the game. kevin love was ill and didn't play but chanin fry played and he didn't disappoint. 14 points and fry made his mark tonight. i'm cool now. i wasn't playing much or anything. i never asked a question like why do i don't play. i am getting used to a couple of things. i'm just trying to go out there and play for as long as i can. it is what it is.
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and they can do worse than the second season. owners are meeting in boca raton. the league will wait on josh gordon and will make a jump when he comes back. robert griffin iii. the question says he could happen this week. nothing to stop the story from moving forward. it sounds like things are heading in the right direction. maybe he is your starting quarterback. will the browns pick up a quarterback with the number two draft? this is where the dilemma comes from. please daryl, help me out. >> looking for someone that can get them through a 16 game schedule and it has happened once in 17 seasons. rgiii part of the process and they have talked to the san
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possibility of getting of getting kyle kaepernick. you can put this on your refrigerator with the crayon drawings of the weather. indians and the white sox in good year. home run. giovanni. indians came back and i hope
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back after this. a little bit warmer tomorrow. just spring coats, not the winter coat like today. 50s and 60s on wednesday. things are looking up. and snow on friday. goodnight. closed captioning of newschannel 5 at 11 is
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