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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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( tt2w rg)_s pd#b6 now at 11. a local steel company investigating the death of one of its employees. and a family displaced by a fire. news channel 11 brought to you by first merit bank. live always investigating and always on your side. newschannel 5 starts now. the first day of spring felt more like winter in northeast ohio. flakes were applying earlier this afternoon but at least mother nature treated us to the stunning sunset. hello and thanks for joining us. i'm tracy carloss. let's go to terra blake. we could see the snowflakes.
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lake-effect snow early in the morning and no accumulation before you start worrying about the drive into work. even the snowfall is not making its way to the ground other than a few flurries just flying in the sky. 29 cleveland and skies clear and 28 in wooster and 34 in canton. 31 in new philadelphia. we will show you where we have a bit of action. if you are traveling east the snow going with it and in carroll county the snow disappearing well east with much bigger snow totals than here which amounted to a dusting across northeast ohio. rather than talk additional snowfall we talk chilly, chilly temperatures.
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overnight in the upper 20s and lower 30s but a warmup is ahead. i will tell you when next. we are following a developing story tonight out of canton where timken steel is investigating a death of one of its employees. a fire technician was found unresponsive. a spokesperson for timken steel was conducting a check of fire extinguishers. the coroner has not released a name. timken steel released a statement saying they are deeply saddened by the loss of our colleague and extending our sympathies to his family. a death of an 80-year-old man found dead in a driveway. it happened at 10:30 on osceola avenue.
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information is asked to call cleveland police. the search for a mission kayaker in portage county ends in tragedy. 20-year-old luke collins in the water earlier this afternoon. he and a friend kayaking in ravenna when they flipped in the water. collins never surfaced. he friend taken to shore and he was treated at the hospital for hypothermia. >> they have been waiting all winter but the water temperature takes longer to warm up than the air temperature. thus, problems can arise. >> the coroner says collins preliminary cause of death is drowning but the incident does remain under investigation. the university of akron football player is recovering after he was accidentally shot by a former teammate.
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shot andrew sprat after he entered his apartment without announcing himself. he thought pratt was a burglary. both agree it was a mistake. massillon firefighters on the scene of a fire at a wendy's restaurant. crews will keep an eye on hot spots overnight. the fire chief says the blaze broke out after ten this morning. when firefighters arrived the restaurant roof had collapsed, five employees inside at the time but they managed to escape. the restaurant had severe damage and it had served the area for more than 40 years. two of my kids worked here and the first job. all of my kids, all 8 have been here and we have eaten many times here and a lot of memories here. kind of sad to hear about it and see it. >> now wendy's insurance investigators are expected to arrive in massillon tomorrow to look at that damage. the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight.
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around the victims of a deadly apartment fire. several people displaced for two weeks. lauren wilson tells us how families are coping and what is being done to help move them forward. >> reporter: i spoke with jennifer that lost her arrangement two weeks ago in those fires. she is slowly trying to piece her life back together. meanwhile community churches and local businesses like this business wants to ease the transition. >> really good to be in my own place. >> reporter: jennifer and her family finally get to walk in their new place after weeks of being homeless. >> my sister, rene, took us in and she has been taking care of us and it is overwhelming. >> reporter: the clothes and food and other belongings and a few things lost when one of the two fires went ablaze affecting 20 families and killing a 4- year-old girl. >> there is not a day that goes
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i try to tend to forget about it and i don't like to talk about it but my family is getting through it. >> reporter: even though she is waiting on her refund from her own landlord it feels good to have a fresh stop. >> i want to forget about ticker hill. >> reporter: and the community is trying to help any way they can. >> i can't even imagine losing all of my belongings. >> reporter: days after the fire saint ambrose and the red cross took up donations and tomorrow paninis will donate 100% of the proceeds to the victim. >> it is a very giving community and we wanted to be part of that and support the community that live here. >> paninis will be open tomorrow and have a place for cash donations if people feel so inclined. like in brunswick, lauren wilson, newschannel 5. new information p about an
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pennsylvania turnpike. police say a retired state trooper shot and killed a tow collector and security guard during a hol up this morning. clarence briggs confronted the workers and opened fire. one is on the turnpike employees had been on the job for three months. we have lost one member of our turnpike family. and one member of our extended turnpike family during a hold up attempt this morning. now after the shooting briggs took off but was later killed in the gunfight with troopers responding to the robbery. he retired back in january of 2012 after 26 years of service. and new details tonight in a shoot out in indiana that left a police officer dead. the 27-year-old deputy was
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that officer, a new father, had less than three years on the force. a second deputy was shot and wounded in that incident, the alleged suspect was later found dead. his name has not yet been released. we just learned that f.b.i. is investigating a threatening letter sent to donald trump's sister. mary ann trump, a judge in philadelphia received the letter on friday. now last week trump's son eric received a threatening letter urging the republican front run tore quit the race. it is not clear if the threats came from the same source. happening now, history is being made in havana. the president of the united states is spending the night in cuba with his family, something that has not been done in nearly 90 years. marcy gonzalez reports that the trip is important step in mending relations with the communist country. >> reporter: a warm welcome to cuba. president obama taking a
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to mend the decades of tensions between the u.s. and the communist island nation. >> it has been nearly ninety years since the u.s. president stepped foot in cuba. it is wonderful to be here. >> the president visiting with u.s. embassy staff and claimed tourists along with the first family in old havana and passed vintage cars and weathered buildings before he sits down with president raoul castro. >> building ties between the two people and for me the layout my vision for a future that is brighter than the past. >> but problems are in full view. before president obama's arrival. outspoken opponents from the castro regime arrested and parts of the human rights concerns that the president plans to discuss. >> he needs to challenge the regime, if you want to move
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normalization, you got to do this. >> and while there are plenty of critics of this visit and president obama's mission here in havana we have clear excitement about the possibility of change here. marcy gonzalez, abc news havana cuba. >> president obama's trip is opening up opportunities. kent state architectural students left for havana to study the historic buildings. they will work on a project. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> having an opportunity and study there is interesting and being able to make connections and hopefully future connections may be even future job opportunities or anything like that can come from the interaction. >> in and out students will be
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oil site there, the group is expected to come home on friday. well tomorrow rta is expected to begin public meetings about proposed fare increases and service cuts. the agency needs to close a 7 million-dollar gap in the operating budget. it is to impact the least number of customers possible. coming up, sticker shop at the supermarket. 'tis the season for sneezing, why spring allergies could be use than usual. and it doesn't exactly feel like spring, does it? it feels like temperatures in the lower 20s so when does temperatures start to rebound for the season? we'll take a look at your power of five seven-day forecast in just minutes.
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twin comets coming close to the earth.
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you are watching newschannel 5 at 11. to comets are headed for a historic trip. they could planetary twins. one might have been broke off.
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two million miles away. but the event will be the third closest comet fly-by in history. the u.s. is sending more troops to iraq to fight isis. it comes after a rocket attack kill a marine and wounded several others. the exact number of troops being deployed is not known. hundreds of marines quietly deployed to iraq over the past year to assist iraqis in claiming territory from isis. investigators are that crashed in russia. the boxes are badly battered but officials have started to recover data that could answer why the jet plunged to the ground and burst into flames. all 62 people onboard were killed. investigators say the pilot tried to land during bad weather. cleveland based sherwin williams is expanding. announced plans to purchase
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the move will broaden the company's reach in asia and europe. it will close this time next year but subject to approval by val shareholders. >> the the average price for gas has jumped 17 cents a gallon. we did find prices of cleveland's east side at 1.69, the hike is due to growing demand for gas across the country and higher crude oil prices. you know what? it is not just gas prices you may have noticed prices on the grocery store staple are creeping up a little bit and i is not just beef taking a bigger bite out of your wallet. consumer reporter john matarese has a warning about a number of items costing you more this year. gas may be cheaper than in a decade but a trip to the
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than it did ten years ago. that's according to the government. shoppers like natalie brown. >> the meat has gone up a lot. >> shoppers had no problems naming items that cost more than they used to. >> mostly milk and dairy. cheese has gone way up. >> toilet paper is expensive. the hunches are correct. so if you two are juggling rising grocery prices, you may want to know which ones are up the most. the web site 24/7 wall street checked prices. eggs up 100% since 2005 and chicken because of the bird flu and ground beef up 25% because of droughts and loss of fields and oranges up because of fruit decease and canned potatoes up
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up 35% due to a swine virus and rice and pasta up 30% and natalie got hit by higher prices. >> normally its 7. 99 and it is up to 9.99. >> and you will have higher prices. stock up on nonperishables. half prices on canned vegetables. grab a punch. spring has sprung and so are the allergies. 60 americans suffering. thanks to record high temperatures in the first few months of the year, trees and plants blooming and that means that pollen season will hit earlier and harder. doctors suggest using antihistamines and nasal spray and steam to help relieving the symptoms. no allergies today though.
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think we are okay with the allergies. we are thinking no it can't be cold now. it is supposed to be warmer. we do have better weather in the future but we have to get through the cold before that. quiet conditions out there. currently seeing a few clouds in the sky but they are clearing as well. want to put this into motion. did you see the sunset? i have incredible pictures to show you from northeast ohio. so make sure to stay with me. here we go with current conditions. 29 degrees your current temperature. southwest winds at 6 miles per hour. means you have a wind chill temperature, bone chilling 23. heater will be running and jackets will be a must and i would suggest gloves and hat. 28 elyria and 27 menner and 28 for what it feels like in wooster. 23, that feels like temperature in mansfield.
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will help in the overnight. but with the clear skies temperatures given the chance to drop off. 32 downtown. now to 29 in euclid and 31 in menner. 28 in burton. 30 in jefferson here. and 11:0019 in barberton. 30 in avon lake and 28 in vermilion and 29 in medina. the lows brought in the opportunity for a little bit of snowfall, even rain as well. continuing to shift east. we will see the pressure and cold front to the north trying to bring in, rain or snow about it midpoint of the week. as we move towards monday forecast a shift in the wind. you can see them coming right
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no accumulations out of this but the potential is there for a little bit of lake effect. model not thinking much will happen but i want to mention it because we know what happens when we underestimate the lake. it likes to surprise us. there is that chance that no concerns when driving which is good news for us. bad news for your monday, it is still cold. we will stay in the upper 30s. warm front for tuesday though and back in the 50s. maybe even close to 60s, a way from the lake. and we will see another 60- degree temperature in there by the end of the week. breaking down tonight and tomorrow, 20s and 30s, 40s for highs. lake flakes and cold, the bigger story. for the bus stop the winter jackets a must for us. as we expect the breezy conditions to make it feel cold in the afternoon as well. and power of five seven-day forecast, showing warmer temperatures in the near future and maybe even storms with wind
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a few sprinkles for us, at least a chance for rain on easter. look at the gorgeous 6ers. thank for finding me on facebook and twitter. mark carlson in rocky river and loving this. i was asking for spring snow pictures and everybody had gorgeous sunsets. debbie i love that one and erica, a sunrise and it is spring. isn't that nice to see? guys over to you. so pretty. so many pretty picks. andy has a look at the sports and do you have sports news. >> great sports news. a great story coming up from connor cook. we will give you sneak peek but you will want to stay up and watch that. is it time to push the panic
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brian answers that question in just moments. five on your side sports brought to you by brunswick auto mark. the team is one game shy of wins and wondering what is going on. cavs one 53 games last year and remember last year the second best team in the east. all enroute to the best season in cavalier history. on paper this year's team is better and got beat by miami. i asked the question it is the same question everyone is talking about tomorrow. >> should cavs fans be worried. >> i think they should be. the way they are playing defensively, they are not improving and i don't think they are worried about not advancing in the playoffs but if you watch the cavs play the
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against the warriors, you saw a completely different dedication to defense and focus. one team getting worse and two getting better and that is worrisome. >> ohio state's basketball season came to a close at the hands of florida. the gators on a 14-2 run. ohio state, 74, 66 losers in the second round. buckeyes end 21-14. >> there is a lot of things to work on. i feel like we got pretty good experience see that we had a very young team and being able to extend the season and after the regular season. >> remember the feeling for next year, remember how you come out flat like that and how the game ends so keep that in the back of our head going to next year as well.
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more than a month away. lauren bro catches up with conner cook. here is a sneak pick. >> the whole originalie griffin thing. mishap and that was caught at the moment and i reached out to him and call him on the phone and apologized. >> what do you think the biggest misconception is that people have? >> people misunderstand me and kind of being a cocky guy that is wrong. i am a competitor. i will do whatever it takes to win. i try to be perfect in everything you do. not just football. perfect in everything you do. >> that is a tidbit of what you
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after this. the cincinnati zoo is sharing new pictures of five cheetah cubs born in a rare c-section. the three boys and two girl cubs born march 8th and they will receive round the clock care. the cub's mother is recovering from surgery tonight. look at how cute. >> sure sign of spring. all of those new little babies being born. can you believe easter is next week and snow today. if you go out take a coat. >> if you are planning the morning, have the jackets and the sweat shirts and the jeans. we are not ready yet.
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thanks for watching. sports sunday is next. my and welcome. i'm andy baskin. we had a cavs blow out in miami. diving in the psyche of the cavaliers with brian lyndhurst. lauren has exclusive one-on-one with grad conner cook as he


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