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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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as many as 7 people are dead, two dozen others injured after a series of shootings that started at a work place in kansas. this is video of the intense situation that continues to unfold at this hour. we have the latest information from the live desk. >> the exact numbers of how many people were shot still coming in at this hour, as authorities deal with at least four different crime scenes. this is happening about half an hour north of wichita at a plant that makes lawn mowers. you can see how frantic it was. the suspected shooter was a former employee who was shot and killed by police after shots were fired in the parking lot, into the plant, and at two different intersections.
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he saw and heard. there was a gentleman, guess his name was adam. he had got shot. i walked over, tried to him him as much as i could. >> and police saying at least four people killed including the gunman, some some critical condition at area hospitals. federal state and local authorities are investigating. we'll update you as soon as we know and more. >> here at home, panic still plaguing two local communities tonight. the fbi investigating after four children escaped abduction in just one day. the first happened in olearia at a home just before 4:00 a.m. today. >> someone yours add ladder to climb into a 10-year-old girl's window and tried to take her. that home just feast from a school. and in lorraine, one woman said a man punched her, another says
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received he tried to grab her from behind. >> chris, everyone in lorraine is now on high alert. >> reporter: yes, they certainly are. two of those attempted be a tuxes happened here at admiral king elementary school. i spent time here tonight, and i can tell you, it is on edge. >> reporter: maurice taylor walking his neighborhood tonight with his stepson elijah, still shaken by what happened. >> i'm nervous and scared because i live in lorraine, and it hurts me, because so it's sad. >> reporter: a man tried grabbing three girls on their way to school this morning. i first around washington and west 9th. >> you know, this is a very good street, you know, i have never had any problem around here. but i don't know what is going on now, so -- >> reporter: the second attempt at abduction about an hour later at 7:20 in the area of observer land avenue and west 8th, all of the lorraine schools then ordered on lockdown.
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third attempted abduction. >> well, it made me scared where i don't want to go to school, because sometimes i have to walk, and it makes me, like, scared where i don't want to go to school no more. >> reporter: the three girls all gave police the same description of their attacker, a white man, about six feet tall, in his 20s or 30s. >> it's so scary right now, man, it makes me nervous. i've got a three-year-old niece, man, it scares me, man. >> reporter: and tonight police telling us all three girls are okay. they are urging parents to else courts their children to and from school or the bus stop tomorrow morning. we're live in lore he any, chris plan in a began, newschannel 5. >>al cleveland cop fired for sexting crime victims may soon be back on the streets. vincent was let go the years ago, and has been fighting to get his job back everyone since.
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ordered -- arbitrator ordered the city to rehire him. the police union wants him reinstated immediately and get back pay. he was never criminally charged. ohio shawshank fugitive frank fresh waters has earned his freedom legitimately. he spent 56 years on the run before getting caught last year. a parole board voted today to release the 79-year-old. he escaped from a prison camp back in 1979 while he was serving time for hitting and killing a man in akron with his car. the domestic violence case against browns quarterback johnny mansfield has been handed to a -- johnny manziel has been handed to a grand jury. manziel's ex-girlfriend said he hit her and threatened to kill her after a night out last month. not guilty on all charges.
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the case of timothy wolf, the manner behind the wheel of a crash that killed two bicyclist last year. he was convicted of wanten disregard of safety. he was driving his truck when he may have had a left turn into a group of 8 cyclists last september. he killed two, seriously injuring three. new at 11:00, why a group said they are stunned and disappointed with today's verdict. >> this could have happened to anybody, and i would expect anybody that it happen hens to, even if it's myself, to be held accountable. >> we're told the families of the two cycle it's killed do plan to file a civil suit against the driver. a kayaker is safe tonight after a trip down the rocky river took a turn for the worst today. a 44-year-old was out kayaking with a friend when he went down a water fall near columbia road and femme out. he malfed it out of the water
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get to him. it is a call thursday night, and downtown cleveland the snow has been absolutely -- it's out of here, and i i don't think we need to see it for the weekend. >> not so fast! there's a little more snow coming balk our way. i'm aisle show it to you now on our -- and i'll show it to you now on our doppler radar. notice a stream here and here. these should not amount to a whole lot during the overnight. if you get under one of these, maybe an inch or two of lighter snowfall coming down on you. the rest of the region, just generally flurries. it will stay cold overnight tonight. let's show company what weir tracking. things you need to know before you go to bed. lake effect snow. i'll tell you how long it's going to last. a cold friday and a question mark here, is it going to warm up for the weekend? i've had to change things around a little bit. stay around. we'll take a look later.
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dollars in property taxes going uncollected in cuyahoga county. >> one business owes near $30 million alone, so why aren't they being collected? we went to county leaders to get answers. delinquent companies are hard >> reporter: and they know how to work the system, so that's why one cleveland veteran says the county would rather go after the little guy. >> my god, look how much money they owe! they're not being asked to pay this up! >> reporter: we showed cleveland air force veteran michael k. johnson this list of cuyahoga county's top 12 property tax comers, who owe more than $29 million. johnson who owes just $4,000, and is now facing foreclosure, bonders why these big guys. >> reporter: been pinched. >> that's a slap in the face, man! >> reporter: how can these
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i asked the county treasure err where he was collecting from the big 12. he explained it's not easy with coyotes county prosecuting 2200 cases a year. some of these delinquent companies would only look through the blinds. keysearch properties llc wouldn't open the door. ass for the policy on collecting both big and small amounts if >> i would say that each delinquent taxpayer is treated with the same carol and due diligence as all the rest. >> reporter: but michael johnson sees the county collection policy differently. >> it's easy to get somebody that's on the bottom rung on the ladder than it is to get one of these companies, because they've got all these lawyers. >> reporter: and the county says 1 of the top 12 have gone bankrupt, make small payments, and constantly ask for reassess's to slow down the payment process, meanwhile, johnson who has lived in his home for 40 years could lose it
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i don't want a supreme court justice that you have to deal with harry reid because he will -- >> when you are say crazy zell out, are you taking about you? you? give me a break. >> marco rubio and ted cruz launched a battery of attack in connection in the presidential debate tonight, against donald trump. john kasich and ben carson basically be a accident. kasich didn't even speak on an issue until 30 minutes into the debate. >> when it comes to the religious constitutions, that it are invie oh lat in my mind, and i would -- invie is let in
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>> bernie sanders made a stop today at a college, speaking to the crowd, talking about free tuition, wall street reform, and affordable child care. his next fight for delegates against hillary clinton is saturday in south carolina's primary. new developments on a strip investigation that prompted a federal investigation into a problems at an ohio v.a. medical center. >> two officials are being punished. nearly three dozen current and former workers came forward with concerns about the care veterans were getting at the clinic. protection order 0ers that don't always -- orders that don't always protect. >> he was going to kill me, with the gun he purchased that morning.
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winding up hurt, even dead, at the hands of men, they thought the law was protecting them from. >> it doesn't stop them from obtaining a weapon. >> plus a lift earial outbreak
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tonight we are launching an exclusive year-long 5 on your side investigation. >> uncovering significant loopholes in ohio law, loopholes that leave women across the state in serious danger. in just the last six months, all three of these women were shot, murder victims of domestic violence. we are digging through nestic violence reports and court records finding out how easy it is for the accused in ohio to continue to own guns. >> last year alone in ohio, we found more than 34,000 domestic violence cases in courtrooms across the state. >> and we're also finding 94% of female homicide victims were
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>> we was going to kill me and then himself with the gun he had purchased that morning. he threw the protection order that he had a copy of toward as me, on the bed, and then he turned around and shot me in the leg. >> reporter: a protection order that is supposed to keep guns out of the hands of abusers failed to keep her safe. they're issued by judges who, with the check of a box, can ban boozers from entering -- abusers from entering home, order keys surrendered, or turn guns over. >> it did not keep a gun out of his hands, because he went and purchased one. >> reporter: purchased from a gun collector, where background checks are not required. but we found even at licensed gun dealers, where existing federal law requires background checks, many protection orders
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emergency temporary orders, like the one issued in rhonda's case, are not even filed in the federal criminal database. and ohio has no state law requiring protection orders and criminal backgrounds be checked, as well. >> it doesn't stop them from obtaining a weapon. nobody asked to see, or if there is a protection order against the -- anybody buying a gun. >> reporter: even more troubling, if an abuser already owns a gun, ohio also has no state law authorizing the cops to take it away. >> we don't have anything else in the law that allows for them to go to somebody's home and say you have weapons, i need to get those weapons. >> reporter: alexandria is an expert on ohio's domestic violence law, representing
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>> i think that in this particular area, that a law could save more lives. >> reporter: lives of women like emlip young. she had a protect inch order against her husband, but just one day before he was supposed to be sentenced on the domestic violence charge, he shot and killed emily, while their 6- month-old twin daughters sat just feet away in the back seat of their suv. >> reporter: both emily young and ronna are victims of a system riddled with loopholes, a system that abusers are intent on exploiting. we found close to 113,000 convicted abusers, and nearly 48,000 more under protection orders, still walked into gun shops around the country, and tried to buy deadly weapons. near ohio, every single one of
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a protection order. but despite specifically requiring abusers to turn over weaponens, all were able to get guns. >> there saint lot of confiscation that is happen -- there isn't a lot of con face case that is happening. >> reporter: here at john hopkins center for gun policy, women have found to be five times more likely to be murdered if the abuse err owns a gun. >> where we've looked at, there really aren't systems in place that follow up on those check boxes and say sure that the guns that are possessed -- and assure that the guns that are possessed are removed from that violent situation. >> reporter: in the last five years, we found 31 cases involving abusers who had guns, despite protection orders. and in this case, the alleged
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in another case, deputies confiscated a half dozen weapons but the abuser kept another tucked away. >> you've been told by the court to do something, and we're going to trust that you are going to follow the court's orders, and i'm not sure that we do that in many areas of law, when the stakes are so high. >> reporter: but gun advocates argue new state laws are not needed, just better enforcement of existing federal law. even victims can be more victim length. >> don't accept police saying there's nothing we can do. it's a lie. >> reporter: sounds like you're blaming the victim. >> no, but i'm saying for the victim, what i would tell them is, in police aren't doing their job, stay on top of them. >> reporter: jim irvine is association. >> i think everybody has rights, and we just don't want to terminate anyone's rights,
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-- not matter who they are without -- >> reporter: but if someone dies, this a high price to pay. >> it is, but also taking someone else's ability to defend their own life away is a high price to pay. >> reporter: in spite of those loopholes, in-state law protection orders remain an important tool for abuse victims, because abusers can be locked up if they violate them. >> and in the coming months, both sarah and i will continue to uncover the flaws in the system, and how you can be better protected. >> well, right now, we're going to take another live look at a beautiful and clear downtown it's a much different scene than what we were seeing during live on 5 at the 6:00 mark. >> that's right. now it's quieter, but we are
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across the lake. >> let's see show you what it looks like around the region. cloudy sky. right now, the snow is is out over lake erie. indeed, you can see it here on the power of 5, and some lake effect snow beginning to traverse the lakes, heading toward northern ohio. it should be primarily light here. we're going to go with two inches or less if you get under one of these bands. and we're see something shower is coming on shore. avon lake, if through the western suburbs. 31 in new philly. 28 in canton. we still have wind gusts of 30. look at cleveland, wind g.s of 29 miles an hour -- wind gusts of 29 miles an hour. wind chills in the teens. tomorrow there will be some scattered least snow.
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storm pulling off into the canadian maritimes. this goes all the way back to the rockies. once a big winter storm like this goes through, it tends to use up all of the moisture in the air. pressure tomorrow, and that should bring in sunshine through the afternoon. we'll still be cold, but then winds shift around to the south by saturday. i think sunday will range between 45 and 50 degrees. so it's going to be a little warmer for the weekend. tonight, 23, scattered snow, generally a dusting to maybe as much as two inches if you get under one of those bands. mostly cloudy. bus stop tomorrow, some lighter clouds 20ss. 20s coming home. we'll go with a high tomorrow of 27. here is the 7-day. you notice saturday 42 and dry, sunday not bad, 48 and dry. rain/snow mix monday, and then looks like rain to snow again by wednesday. >> all right. take a look at this.
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trooper, and it is caught on camera. the trooper of missouri had just been next to his cruiser when moments later a semi sideswiped it. thankfully no one was killed or even hurt, but i think that cruiser is probably totaled. the semi-driver was cited. new information tonight on that recall that cleared store shelfs of bad salads. three more people, including two in ohio, have is gone sick in the listeria outbreak linked to bad salads made at the dole plant in springfield, ohio. 18 people in 9 states have gone to the hospital in the outbreak since july of last year. well, tonight's democracy 2016, coverage isn't over yet. >> that's right. we're coming back with
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time now for the gop debate break down. tom sutton joins us. we're going to get right to it. early on, cruz and rubio, they went right after donald trump. >> absolutely. so this was fight night for the gop, the big debate before super tuesday with 11 states. and we saw rubio really coming out on talk. strong attacks against trump. buckley on the immigration issue -- particularly on the immigration issue. >> and a shortage of time for a couple of can cats on that podium. ben carsen and john kasich. this doesn't look good, right? >> well, for kasich, it looked good. in some ways, he came in as the adult in the room. ben carson, i think in some ways, his remarks said why tonight they attack me showed he was completely marginalized in this debate.
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tonight. what are those comments that were made? >> i was looking for a little more substance in the donald trump positions, and at one point we heard rubio attack him on repeating himself, the same thing thatth we say rubio suffer from in another debate. >> but overall, the substance to here? >> well, look, i don't think trump supporters goring to change, but the must win state is texas for cruz. if he doesn't take texas, i don't think we're go doing see much emotion of him. >> super tuesday is next. texas carried ofs 155 delegates. you think those are still up for grabs in this debate? >> cruz has support is up in the polls, but trump is strong, and growing stronger. tuesday night will tell the tale. don't go anywhere.
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