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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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here is a look at the power of 5. all of that blue is snow falling. we'll take you out live in less than a minute. we'll take you out live with mark johnson. you have been track this snow. >> yeah. it is snowing in most parts in northern ohio. out here we have our snow advisory for northern ashtabula county. most of it will fall tomorrow and tomorrow night. it is the inland two-thirds for
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already reports coming in out of ashtabula all the way into painsville and mentor. that area 2 to 3 inches just this evening. scattered snow continues to fall. it is already beginning to pull up towards buffalo but wrap around snow coming around. 1 to 3 inches a good bet. out here over towards chardon and chesterland and portions of 271 around bedford if you get 2 to 4 by dawn i would not guilty be surprised. current temps lower to middle 20s. we're going to stay right around the numbers as we head overnight. here is what we are tracking for your wednesday, heavy squalls.
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entire event and are you ready for valentine's day frigid cold? all of that coming up. we'll track it hour by hour coming up. snowfall is tracking everything in sight. this is what it looks like in downtown cleveland tonight. sit a similar scene in many communities. we'll tell you what's happening in communities around our area. >> reporter: yeah. it's been on again off again. the real problem out here is the wind. you can see it is a few inches deep. the cars in this parking lot all covered but the roads don't look anything like this. they are all pretty much like this. crews have been out and about. i'll show you what we grabbed earlier this evening. what you'll see coming up is brooklyn. snow had just started falling.
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drivers were moving through the area. now, salt trucks weren't far behind. in downtown cleveland just after 8:00 p.m. tonight you can see visibility is pretty poor. more snow on the ground and plows were moving in the road. and the wind was a big problem. it was a little later in mentor. the snow was thicker. this is just after 9:00. parked cars covered in snow. they are salting this area too. the wind making it difficult to see out here. we should tell you some calls, no reports of any serious accidents out here. that is in deed the good news. we are live in mentor. newchannel5. >> and we are keeping a close eye on school closings and delays.
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we'll update you on air and also on our newchannel5 app. we want the excitement they november. remember, you started it. >> victory celebrations already bernie sanders and donald trump for their victoryies. >> reporter: yeah, i have to tell you it seemed something that was almost unimaginable. kasich almost didn't make it. one of the criteria is you needed to be -- over the next month he would work this state
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many of them here tonight to celebrate in the second brace victory they are calling it. here is what he had to say a while ago. donald trump tonight on his victory. >> we have had tens and tens of millions of dollars spent against us with negative advertising. maybe just maybe we are turning the page on a dark part of american politics because tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. tonight we head to south carolina and we will move all across this country and will end up in the midwest and you just wait. let me tell you, there is so
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if you don't have a seat belt go get one. [cheers and applause] >> thank you all very much and god bless you. >> reporter: he had a sense that this was in the works. when you look at the exit polls it showed the late deciders went to 20% for donald trump. we talked about the town halls but we decided the fact that more than half were held since the beginning of the year. he needs two things to get out of november. he got the attention tonight with his second place this year now he moves onto south carolina. our 2016 coverage will begin in minutes.
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this second place means for kasich. a 21-year-old man confirmed with the zika virus. another case was unary unrelated but they had both visited haiti. still health officials expect to see more cases diagnosed in our state. hundreds out in the cold tonight to remember a man apartment. nick massa was shot and killed this weekend. a 17-year-old charged with delinquency for aggravated murder but prosecutors want him charged as an adult. the u.s. army corp. of engineers wants to dump tons
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some say it is a serious health risk that could contaminate our drinking water. we are live with joe pagonakis at the cuyahoga county office. >> reporter: and they are already looking to stop the dumping. the cuyahoga river. in a few short months it will have to be dredged to open it back up as a u.s. shipping lane. now they want to take all of the sediment removed and dump lake erie. the port of cleveland but others say the sediment is filled with contaminants. >> you put it in the bottom of the lake. fish eat worms. we eat fish.
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>> reporter: an officer agreed the hazard is real. >> we are an industrial city. 200 years of our industry past lies in that lake bed abdomen they want -- and they want to dig it up and dump it? not on my watch. >> reporter: port of cleveland leaders want to take a closer -- closer look. >> let's keep doing it the way we have been doing it until we are absolutely certain they are not adding toxins. >> if we have to go through a legal process we'll end up winning. >> reporter: phone calls have not been returned. northeast ohio leaders would likely try to obtain a court order. reporting live, i'm joe pagonakis. >> they can come back and eventually do you in or finish
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>> prime victims left to feel like their lives are in jeopardy as fugitives are left to run free for months or even years. >> people out there on the run are desperate. >> a dangerous problem putting all of us at risk, why ohio's parole system some times waits months to track down fugitives and what's being done to capture them. lake effect snow warning. it will be a tricky morning commute. mark will have everything you need to know. and chief meteorologist mark johnson is working hard to pinpoint to snowfall. your power of 5 forecast in
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ron reagan found it gives them a big head start. >> we found at least 1300 on the run, felons who might eventually be caught running a red light or worse, committing more crime. we found a significant loophole that is giving them a huge head start. >> joseph mcalister. >> it took officials nearly
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>> a warrant for escape. >> it is those escape charges that triggered this. >> cuyahoga county deputies trained to track them down and capture them. >> off in the left corner he was spread out. he had the card board box under that bin. >> it included breaking and entering and drugs. >> heroin. >> and while they usually commit even more crime they allowed him to roam free for months. >> why is it decided to actually go out on the street
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>> we are kind of opposed to indicting guys if they didn't report for a month. >> but felons are allowed to remain on the run for far more than an't no. >> brian adams broke in fire ago shot. >> when i woke up i had seen that my tee shirt was ripped apart and my intestines were scattered. >> he adams has been on the run since october 2014 after escaping from a half way house. and again, parole officials gave adams who remains on the run, a nine month head start before filingest tape charges,
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>> they can come back and potentially do you in or finish the job. >> cleveland handled up to 150 cases each. it is now up to 97 and case loads have been cut in half. last year in cuyahoga county alone we found 86 fugitive that is roamed free from three months to almost a year before escape charges were even filed. overall we found 238 fugitives in cuyahoga alone. >> wouldn't it be more effective to file that indictment right away and get deputies out to a location to round him up? >> maybe. again, a lot of times what we do if we get too premature indicting the guys that escape
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show up in our office because they forgot to report. >> they are often desperate and deadly. wayneleon was shot to death 16 years ago. >> police officers have been killed in the line of duty in the last 20 years, nearly half of them killed by fugitives on the run. >> his murder launched the federal fugitive task force in ohio. it is this task force that just last month captured captured ramon flores. on the run for 40 years. >> people that are on the run are desperate and they can do anything. that's when our job gets very
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they lo do anything and they have. >> they say ohio has a low rate of parolees. still, some fugitives are getting a big jump on law enforcement. i'm ron regan. this is mentor. the snow continuing to fall. it is setting everything up for a potentially dicey morning commute. >> right. the showers persist overnight tonight. there will be some that move off the lake through the overnight. roadways will be slick for many of you. all of the kids want to know on social media, what about school loadings and delay -- closings and delays? snow felt belt areas may get 4 or a little more. normally it wouldn't be enough. if it is just coming down on him he may go all right. you get the day off. so we'll still wait and see. >> we'll have it all.
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right now on our tower cam we have snow falling downtown cleveland. a little murky on the lens there. these are not lake effect purely. these are what we call lake enhanced. we have a low pressure area right here spinning in moisture and pieces of energy. they pick up extra moisture and deposit it over here. we have had reports from a good 2 to 3 inches. it is all the way up towards ashtabula. if these continue to sit here you could get another 2, 3, 4 inches overnight. it could be enough to trigger school delays or closings. there is a pretty good band in this area right here, 271 and
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we have had good snows up into chardon and into curtland hills most snowfall. it could continue or the bands may shift a little bit. we'll watch it overnight. we'll have more tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll have 25 in elyria. winds out of the north at 12 -- out of the west at 12. it feels like 9 in medina and 8 in mentor. the coldest air is yet to come. low pressure pulling in. it will continue but what's going to happen, the low pulls away and this arctic air here spills in beginning friday. thursday it will be chilly as
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saturday the peak of the cold single digit highs, below zero, low temperatures. you snowfall between now and let's say thursday afternoon, 4 to 8 along the belt. 6 to 12 chardon into the andover area. 23 degrees overnight. scattered snow. a trace to 4 across the area. tomorrow lake effect snow, 26. another 3 to 6 or 4 to 8 east. morning snows 18. coming up -- >> go ahead. >> count on us for your school closings and delays. >> we have the latest online
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more on the new hampshire primary. i am joined by tom sutton. all right. our governor john kasich did what he had to do winning second place. >> this is a must-win for john kasich. everything is all or nothing as it was for christy. we saw a big one, a 16%. it sets him up well. >> as we head into south carolina, what does he need to do well? >> it is a ground game. most of them have not built it. they have to build it quickly. it is the 20th of february. >> did he survive to get here? >> i think at this point with
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and the drive he has he will make it to ohio. who knows? maybe they will say we like john kasich. >> and a big win. how big of a win was it? >> the fact that he won 85% of support for women under 30 we saw all kinds of things breaking his way it is really strong going into south carolina and nevada. for those it is hillary clinton's camp. >> how much trouble is she in? >> she needs to reorganize. it has to happen for her to be competitive. >> great incite as always. we appreciate it.
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mike says manziel was drunk at practice at the end of the season and they lied about him having a concussion. they say lied was maybe a little too strong. johnny was tested by an independent neurologist. cavs welcome kobe bryant one more time. lue has great memories of bryant. >> he drove baseline and i was at tell bow.
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dunk and i blocked him. he came down and brian shaw went oh, he blocked you. so kobe wanted to fight you and then he wanted to play one on one. after that he went after me every single day. >> i hope he get to play tomorrow. ohio state hosting northwestern. lisle hits the three pointer. ohio state wins 71-63. akron at home tonight. 16 of 32 and they go onto maintain their lead in the east. wrapping up with kent state hosting northern illinois. 17 to the hoop and how about jimmy hall? he had 75-74.
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homeowners on alert after break-ins. >> akron police received about a dozen home break-in complaints but they do not believe they are connected. everybody needs to stay close to the weather in the morning. >> good morning cleveland 4:30
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