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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. good afternoon, everybody. i'm leon bibb. breaking at this hour is new the investigation of that house explosion in northfield. the sum met county medical examiner -- summit county medical examiner said the death of the family is being a murder/suicide. yesterday, we learned the fire was intentionally set. it was under investigation yesterday and began as a case rey and cynthia mather were killed as a result of the home explosion and also killed in the fire were the couple's two
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continue to bring you updates on the murder/suicide, say the officials there. right now, the police department said an emotional goodbye to one of its own, thro. you're looking at live television pictures right now, that memorial is underway. hundreds are filling the seats. k9 jethro, a n shepherd was shot in the line of duty this weekend. he and his partner were on assignment. he was shot in the line of duty this weekend. his partner and he were responding to a burglary at fisher foods in e dog was shot three times. jethro died a day later. a k9 police officer in canton. >> the man who was arrested jethro, kelant re barefield, age 22, was shot during the exchange. he is in jail and held on a $5 million bond. he's not been arraigned yet. bob jones is at the service for jethro, and we'll have more on that story
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and also new at the noon hour, aaron dunnings, one of the two men g two-year-old -- three-year-old major howard. he was in court this morning for a bond, a $1.5 million bond was set for dunnings, age 23, gravated murder. cleveland police say he shot at the car major howard was sitting in on september 15th, killing the three-year-old. in the same case, the police are looking for a second ect, identified as 23-year- old danel lindsay. and developing at this hour, the british actor alan wreckman known for his role -- alan role in the harry potter series and die from cancer. often a villain in the movies, he cast a softer side as well. alan rickman was 69.
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there were three lucky ohioans who did manage to get all five numbers in last night's drawing, but missed the powerball. one of the ohio winners bought n cleveland. if you have not done so, check your tickets. if you bought the ticket at the newsstand in galleria on clevelan that lucky winner gets to cash in as a million dollar winner. not the big, big, much talked about prize, but the world was if you know what i mean. and other big >> reporter: even without a winner coming forward, it was a party at this chino hills 7- eleven where a winning the browns flooding in after the news came last night that this store in the los angeles area sold a winning powerball
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the owner of the store thrilled. >> i am very happy and very excited and i am very proud. >> reporter: two other jackpot sold. one at a melbourne beach, florida, grocery store. >> and we were informed this morning about 5:30 that this location did sell one of the winning tickets. >> i think it's awesome and >> reporter: one was sold in mumford, tennessee, a city of just 6,000. >> hopefully they're out there getting the best legal and financial advice they can find before they come in and ful prize. >> reporter: past winners have their advice for success: giving -- judge we want to -- . >> we want to unity and our church. >> and saving. she stretched a $224 million jackpot, one with co a budget, and i am disciplined. >> reporter: millions of other powerball players today living with the fact that they don't have to worry about managing a rtune. >> i try. i try.
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>> reporter: we don't know who won at this store yet. in california, lottery officials say ticket holders have a year to claim their prize and, once they do, can't remain anonymous. lauren lister, chino hills, california. and there is other news at&t customers are reportedly experiencing problems with their data service. customers from cleveland heading south toward akron and canton are having issues connecting. there is no word when that problem will be resolved. and let's check in on weather situation. jason nichols is looking at >> there you go. gray skies and notice we are a good 15 degrees or so warmer today than where we were at day. so, the warmer air has moved in and the good news is that it's going to stick around. we're not tracking much in the way of rain, at least today and for the beginning of your day ere is a live look. overlooking the city.
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and sunshine moving through hey, how about temperatures in the lower 30s. we're at or above freezing across many ight now at strongsville; 32 also in north royalton. the temperatures again running 30 to 34 degrees. no snow to speak of, no rain. mostly cloudy skies and there is a little bit of a geauga county and eastern cuyahoga county and into canton. overall, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies today as warmer air has moved in for the notice here to the south and west, 30s and 40s. all of that will move in over the increase few days -- the next few days but ugh a halt into the upcoming weekend. in the 30s, we keep things dry with some breaks of sunshine, day, leon. >> and many thanks, jason. still ahead, how dealing with construction at cleveland- beneficial to your wallet. >> and also, it's a product
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your lips from getting chapped. what customers say about this doing to their faces.
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at, we're always looking for ways to speed up your car insurance search. here's the latest. we haven't figured out how to reverse it. for now, just log on to plug in some simple info and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. . there is good consumer news for ohio aps this afternoon. in general, we ohioans are great at managing our money. credit released their report showing ohioans are
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comes to controlling their montana. south dakota. maryland, alaska, and our nation's capital, washington, that list. and already thinking of time? the first time in a long time, cleveland-hopkins airport is the place to fly out of airfares for flights out of hopkins dropped 20% for the second half of 2015. across the nation, fares only dropped an average of 3% and so we had to ask why the cheaper flights out of cleveland? >> now that united left as a hub carrier, the ultralow cost carrier is primarily spirit and jet blue have come to cleveland, and they're running fares better, significantly could operate. >> and the drop in price welled to an increase in passengers who had to maneuver through that maze of construction at leafland hopkins airport, and
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in time for the republican convention this year. a popular lip balm backed by numerous celebrities is facing a class-action lawsuit. eos customers say the balm is giving them painful rashes. the suit was filed in california by a woman who said her lips felt like sand paper. several hours after putting on the lip balm. she wants the company to address potential health concerns, but eos said it stands behind its product. and it's the day that film stars in hollywood often look forward to. the nominations for the oscars. one film in particular has more than a dozen nominations. brandy hit has more on the big announcement from los angeles. >> reporter: the brutal drama the refinant leads the pack, receiving 12 oscar nominations. >> where is he taking them! with 10. both films are among the 8 nominated for best picture.
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dicaprio and the revinant. >> reporter: golden globe winner leonardo dicaprio is among an a-list group up for best actor, including brian cranston, matt damon, michael suspender and eddie red main for his role in the danish girl. he took home an oscar last year. >> i'm scared. >> i know. >> reporter: nominated for best actress, bree larson, who spoke to "good morning america" just minutes after the announcement. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> i am shaking right now. i am confused. >> it's the highest form of flattery in my field. >> reporter: she's competing against kate blanchett, jennifer lawrence, charlotte rampelling and sheer sharonin. >> it's a whitewash in the acting categories. >> reporter: white actors representing all 20 acting nominations again this year. the blockbuster star wars the force awakens also received categories. as the countdown now begins to oscar sunday with this year's host, chris rock.
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out of compton was not nominated for a best picture nor directly ridley scott for the martians. see who wins on nbc. >> by the way, catch the oscars here on newschannel 5 on february 28th. and as we continue still ahead, ohio governor john kasich is preparing for tonight's republican presidential debate. flow here's jason. >> and we are preparing for warmer weather. it's all moving our way. look at this, 55 in st. louis. the temperatures in the 30s and 40s elsewhere. we're going to tap into this warm air.
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. the murder of an american woman in italy, it was a copdom and cigarette butt that led prosecutors to make an arrest in the case. it's the case of ashley olson of florida, whose body was discovered saturday morning by her boyfriend. marcy gonzalez has more on the story. >> reporter: italian investigators say they now know who killed american ashley olson in her apartment in florence. arresting the suspect and revealing what they believe led
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death. >> and in this case, it's rich probably fingerprints, think witnesses. >> reporter: investigators said early friday morning, olson pictured here from with a man she met. a senagalese immigrant, who had been in italy a few months and known to police for suspected drug-related activities. investigators claim both olson and the man were intoxicated on alcohol and possibly drugs, walking to olson's studio apartment where prosecutors sex. investigators believe when olson asked the man to leave, there was a fight. according to italian media, the suspect pushed olson and show hit her head fracturing her skull in two places. on saturday, her body was found naked on the floor with bruises and scratches on her neck. the official cause of death, chain.
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as far as crimes is concerned. >> reporter: investigators say they found the suspect's dna on a condom and gret in the toilet and -- cigarette in the toilet and took her cell phone, which helped police track him down. there are reports the suspect claims he didn't intend to kill olson. he is now in police custody homicide. york. ohio governor john kasich will be in the main debate in south carolina tonight. it will be the second to last republican debate before the iowa caucuses scheduled for february 1st. last night, the governor spent time meeting and greeting with the supporters in charleston. the debate is set to air on fox business network at 9:00 tonight. the network will live stream the debate on the website. and we connect check in on the weather situation. your friend in mine, jason nicholas presiding over a great day. >> gee. >> and warmer temperatures. >> and talk about the big debate. the iowa cauceses -- caucuses are coming up.
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>> and in the middle of the summer when the republican national convention kicks off in our time. >> in july. >> sorry. >> and the finals are in june. >> that is going to be a busy summer. >> a very busy summer. >> yeah. >> and let's get through and show you what is going on outside right now. there is a live look. mostly cloudy skies over the nice day, especially considering here we're in mid- january. have been seeing. mostly cloudy skies overlooking the city currently. 32, 33 degrees currently in downtown cleveland. that is an improvement, a good 20 degrees warmer than where we were this time yesterday. how about menner, 36. lower 30s again and strongsville and royalton in westlake. avon, avon lake in the low 30s. not finding any type of snow, travelling around today should be a-okay regardless of where you're going. overall, it's not that cold and you will need to have the heat on, obviously, and probably the hat. you don't need the gloves,
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i don't think you will need everything today. the temperatures approaching 30 degrees. it will be chilly and not bitter cold. that is to the north and east. it's interesting when we have a few days of the temperatures in the teens. you go out and we're in the mid- 30s. you're like oe man, it feels warm. look at what is -- like oh, man, it feels warm. this is hurricane alex. where are we? there is europe, madrid, spain, motor gal, this is -- portugal, africa and morocco and canada. we're in the middle of the atlantic ocean to give you an idea. this is hurricane alex. the reason why it's significant, it's the first hurricane to form since 1938. it's not the first january hurricane since then. that happened in 55, but the first one to form in the month of january since 1938. and that is a pretty big deal. a lot of reasons for that. really too much to get into during a three-minute weather cast. the temperatures in the mid-30s through the afternoon today. we're mainly cloudy and we're dry. we're in the upper 30s by later on this afternoon. we keep things dry, even
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temperatures tonight, not bad. this is tomorrow morning and not bad at all. the mid- to upper 30s. notice we make it into the mid- 40s tomorrow, and even with sunshine, rain showers, though, they do creep in. any time after supper time tomorrow, much of the day will be dry and that is after 5 or 6, we'll track some wet weather and behind the system, it turns colder. we'll see a little bit of snow on saturday and sunday, but certainly you will feel the cold air. the rainfall amounts between now and saturday morning. not that much. maybe a quarter inch, not a big deal. and this is pretty good. spring. 65 and counting. who is counting? i am. forty. today. mostly cloudy. rising temps. tonight, we're in the mid-30s, not nearly as key. is. notice a cooloff and this happens through saturday and certainly sunday. how about next week, highs in the teens and lows in the winter returns for martin luther king jr. day on monday. we're on the radio, too, all
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. >> mr. nicholas, what do you think? >> pretty good today, 40, 45 tomorrow and we chill for the upcoming weekend. no big stores in the forecast, but it gets cold again into early next week. teens for highs on monday. >> it is winter and we're doing okay on the snowy on fall. >> and not bad. that is going to do it. take care.
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. >> hi, i'm sally. today, we're checking in with retirement and financial expert bill smith. he's president of wa smith financial group and is standing by in the retirement solution studio with today's retirement tips. >> and what can help the overall return? the deductibility of your fees. is it possible? currently. what are your current fees? what kind of an advisor are you working with? depending on that advisor that you're working w and the way that they're investigating your money for you, it may or may not be possible. so, here's several things to determine. number one, if you can deduct your fees to help your overall tax picture, which in turn helps your return.
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the 2% of agi and that deduction is taken under what is called miscellaneous itemized deductions. we see this thing missed a lot. why? because there is not an open line of communication between the advisor and accountant, or you, as a taxpayer, simply aren't aware of how to accomplish this or how to do it. what type of advisor are you working with and how are they charging you? let's analyze and look at it. you have a broker or an insurance agent. most of those platforms you're paying commissions. and so, it's a tough thing to be able to get. and you can deduct advisory fees and the only place you will find that is if you're working with a fiduciary or ia affirm. the other thing that -- iaa firm. the other thing to remember is you can only do this through the use of after tax money. non-qualified money. so, what is your communication
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you're working with your cpa. do they understand the rules? are you deducting your fees? most importantly, does your cpa have an open line of communication with your advisor. >> thanks, bill. if you would like more information, tune in to retirement solutions with bill smith this sunday at noon here on newschannel 5. call the
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