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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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michelle: jason: this happen your jackson near 436 and curry ford. search for the attacker. the search for the attacker. >> orlando police say the two students were on their way to school walk into jackson middle school when the man grabbed one
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the lycee the man is believed to be homeless. the students try to wrestle with him and that is when police say he bid one of the students on the hand and ran away. the suspect is still on the loose. police say he did have a knife on him. he did not stab anyone. a k-9 unit was called but could not track down the man. residents i talked to were shocked. we will continue to follow the investigation. we will bring new information to you. in orlando, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. jason: the middle school' automated call to parents to inform them of stranger and desk stranger danger. michelle: maitland middle schools operating with extra security today after the principal says threats were made on social media. the principal sent out two called -- automated calls. not acting appropriately on
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she did not specify what the threats were. she did say that they she notified police immediately. it woman she took -- we talked to said -- others say they are happy with the school' s response. they are doing everything they can to protect the children. >> i feel safe in my daughter to school. she is an eighth grader. i think it is fine. we are comfortable. michelle: staff and law enforcement will be on hand at the pta meeting to address parents concerns. the first battle of 2016 in the race for the white house is over. jason: the republican had their death republicans had their i will caucus winner fairly early. the democrats had to wait. nikole killion has the winners and losers. >> the candidates are on the ground in new hampshire campaigning furiously following last night' s iowa caucuses. on the democratic side, a razor
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hillary clinton edged out bernie sanders. >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> after counting all night, clinton was declared the apparent winner by the narrowest of margins. less than half a percentage point. >> iowa, thank you. >> bernie sanders had this reaction after he landed. >> we look forward to doing well here in new hampshire and after that, we are off to do battle in south carolina. i think we will surprise a lot of people just as we did in iowa. >> ted cruz quoting the bible, claiming the biggest victory ever in iowa caucus history. >> tonight, iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming. morning is coming. >> donald trump landed in second place, barely ahead of marco rubio.
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hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> rubio, a close number three with the first to declare victory. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. >> all of the candidates pledging to battle it out in new hampshire. new hampshire is a primary state that. the dynamics of pulling very different there. there were lessons learned in iowa that these candidates can take to new hampshire. one of them, turnout. it wasn' t records, but it was strong here last night. from iowa, tracy potts. jason: we will have much more in the iowa results, including the impact of marco rubio' s strong third-place showing beginning at four. wesh 2 is your source for complete to commit 16 coverage. you can stated -- stay up-to-date on the politics section of the morning got off to a very soggy start. poor visibility caused problems on roadways. accidents caused backups and there were delays for flights
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international airport. the fog has burned off. there. eric burris stepped outside. how high will those temperatures go today? s. we are looking at daytona beach. an area that saw low clouds a few minutes ago. visibility at about 10 miles. that is a nice, clear sky. 70 degrees in sanford are ready. 78 daytona, 77 orlando and 79 in ocala. the first few frames of this show that blanket of fog overhead. that has burned off and we are watching an east coast she seabreeze pushed in. we will push to 84 in orlando. not record-breaking, but warm enough. quite warm as a matter of fact. 5:00, that sun angle gets lower and those temperatures will drop off into the 70' s. we will get into the 60'
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that said, we have warm temperatures and thunderstorms in the forecast. i have you covered neighborhood by neighborhood in a couple of minutes. michelle: latebreaking this noon, bill cosby is spending his day in court. his attorneys are trying to get a judge to dismiss a felony sexual assault case against him. he has been accused of drugging and violating several women. only one brought charges. he was arrested december 30 in that case just before the statute of limitations expired. this morning, a former prosecutor said he found inconsistencies in the accuser story. he says the investigation was invested in the early and did not find any reason to charge cosby. kissimmee police have released a sketch of a man who they say tried to rape a woman. take a good luck. this man threatened to stab a woman with a screwdriver unless she had sex with them. it happened on fine street near rival baptist church on saturday. the woman was able to escape.
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brevard county store is still running today. jazmin walker shows us his fought back. jazmin: take a look at this video, it was just after 11:00 walked into the store. he pulls out his gun and a the clerk hand over cash. it wasn' t long before he wrong guy. surveillance footage shows the along. suspect forces them over to the front counter. the military veteran clark plays it smart. he tells the robber to back the cash on his own. as the suspect taken to the register drawer, the clerk takes his chance. he tackle the suspect to the ground, knocking almost everything off the counter. moments later, the clerk is the guy a right jab and he is begging to be let go. eventually, the clerk chases the deputies say the suspect had an that may explain why he ran so
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begun and the when he walked in. both of those items were taken in for dna testing. it has been a week since this happened and this guy is still if you know who he is, call the sheriff' s office. i am jazmin walker. jason: here is one more clue for you to be on the lookout. deputies say the suspect got into a maroon four-door car. possibly a lincoln town car with he was the passenger. there is no information on the driver. a silver alert has been issued for a winter park man. charles smallwood. with a thin mustache. he was last seen wearing a blue longsleeved t-shirt, jeans, blue sneakers and a tan fishing hat with the sides buttoned up. he may be driving eight silver toyota camry. if you spot him, call police. a woman is headed to court in
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police say she drove drunk and sent a parked car flying into a cocoa beach yard. take a look at this video. police say hillary brown was drunk when she hit that park car and pushed it through a wall outside home. the collision woke up the family that will -- lived in the home. no one was hurt. her first appearance is scheduled for 1:30 at the park county jail. jason: police say a child took his parent' s pickup truck yesterday. a driver in and what called 911 and follow the truck. the 11-year-old boy crashed into charges are pending. no one was hurt. an appeals court says a local jury was wrong when they convicted man of second-degree murder. craig sandhaus was sentenced to jail. it happened outside the lodge in 2011. an appeals court says a jury should not have convicted him
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his charge was lowered to manslaughter. sandhaus acted on instinct, rather than having evil intent. he will be sent back to court to be resentenced on the new charge. a suspect in a sanford police judge on other charges. roshad smith was already out on bond. and then fired at officers. a bystander was caught in the crockpot -- crossfire but is excited to be ok. he will enter a plea on charges relating to a case back in december today. michelle: police are looking into whether more kids were abused at the hands of a daycare director. kimberly reed was caught on video abusing a child. now, another mother whose son goes to the center has come forward with concerns. katie phillips says her son is, only few times with unexplained bruises.
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schools, he had friends. he also said might teacher hit me -- she spanked me and threw me in timeout. it is upsetting to know how much i pay for daycare a month just to know how they are really cheating -- treating these it is despicable. michelle: phillips has filed a report with claremont police. read stays in jail based on previous charges. friday. jason: students at one brevard county school are mourning the loss of a teacher. sandra cook was shot and killed alongside her estranged husband in the melbourne home. officers would not confirm it was a murder suicide, but they call that a suspicious death and said they are not looking for any suspects. sandra cook was denied a restraining order during the divorce process. advocates for domestic violence tell us there are a number reasons why this could happen. >> oftentimes these injunction gets denied not because the judge make a mistake, but because the information is not
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jason: the superintendent calls sandra cook one of the finest people walked the school halls. michelle: it is february 2. it was time to figure out how long this winter will last -- phil. >> there is no shadow to be cast, and early spring is my forecast. michelle: thousand stood on goblet' s knob to hear the famous forecast and celebrate that we could have an early spring. squirrel. two wrestlers brutally attacked on a team bus. michelle: the latest on the the crime.
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jason: for high school wrestlers in today to face charges that they raped two their teammates. michelle: the shocking attack allegedly took place on a bus month. three juveniles brutally 12-year-old on the bus. they assaulted the 12-year-old again at the school. >> we had audio and video of the
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identify who is doing what. supposed to be supervising the students was fired. a second coach has resigned. a man who attacked a passenger on a plane heading to tomorrow. detectives say joseph sharkey placed a passenger in a headlock on a flight from washington dc on sunday. two flight attendants restrained him until they landed. prison. jason: 23 nations fighting the islamic state are discussing how to prevent the group from gaining a stranglehold in libya. no one is ready to launch a second military position in the north african country this decade. john kerry says the last thing anyone wants is for isis to have access to libya' s billions of dollars in oil revenue. the u.s. senate partners should increase security training and help libya' s military. north korean leaders say they plan to launch a satellite later this month. the koreans report it will be an
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the u.n. and other critics say it may be a cover-up for any legal long-range missile test. a tampa man is in federal custody after agents say they found eight pipe bombs in his house. they raided michael ramos' s home after a tip. in addition to the pipe bombs, they found bomb making materials , an ak-47, pistols and ammunition. they cleared out the place. while ramos would not said what he planned to do with the materials, he did admit to having them. ramos is a self-proclaimed member of an antigovernment militia. michelle: the debate over guns capital. state representatives will discuss the bill that will allow concealed weapons -- concealed weapon permit holders to carry on campus. the senate version of the bill is facing some major opposition and is like -- unlikely to make it out of committee hearing. if you are a season ticket
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team, changes could be on the way. a subcommittee will debate a bill which would allow you to sell your tickets to whomever you want. some teams and try to limit season-ticket holders and brokers from reselling the majority of their tickets. this would stop any penalties. jason: the national transportation safety board is hoping to lower the legal alcohol blood limit. they are asking states to lower it from .08 2.05. in the last 15 years, one third of all highway deaths have involved alcohol. a jury is hearing testimony about eight and $1 million dispute in seminole county. a seminal county man said is extra front for broke an agreement if they ever won the lottery. they did in 2007. she says she doesn' t have to share the $1 million limit. they each claim to have purchased the ticket. browning says she split after the ticket hit.
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michelle: the people of iowa are measuring snowfall not ballots today. this is the scene outside of the blizzard conditions are pounding iowa and eight other states. snow was falling at a rate of two inches per hour. they could see up to a foot of snow before the snow and. parts of colorado are expected to get more than three feet. snow was causing some big delays for air travelers in that region. jason: what do you choose? snow or sweat? eric: you can still go into the water. water temperatures in the oceans, upper 50' s. it is very nice. outside of this hour, it is beautiful. you don' layers on to go out and enjoy it. sunshine. florida. downtown orlando, just a few fair weather cumulus clouds.
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we are working a heat index that that is how you know you live in the tropical climate. one of the reasons we saw that , the wind can' t down. now to the wind picked up, we are seeing that fog burn off. if you look over the first few frames, you can see those white shades of all that fog. we are watching those fairweather cumulus clouds coming in. first solar doppler radar is nice and quiet. high-pressure in control giving us this southeasterly wind. we are tracking that same storm system that you were talking about a moment ago bringing look at the size of this thing. the reason i am showing to you, the southern fringe developing range for -- rain for porcine -- portions of texas. that will be our next chance of florida. for today, that is not going to get here. we have bright sunshine and warm
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83 in bellevue, 84 in groveland. 83 in umatilla. 85 degrees in poinciana. 84 degrees in celebration. 83 in zellwood. 82 pierson. as you head to the beach, 78 in daytona. the lower 80' the brevard beaches. one or two sprinkles trying to sneak in. we will keep that at about a 10% mentioned. fog developing once again. readings down to about 60 or 65 depending on where you are. wind. a little closer to florida. we will track showers and storms thursday, it is our turn as that to central florida. we are really going to bring that rain coverage for you. until then, it is warm and
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85 degrees tomorrow. 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms for your thursday. clearing out and a bit cooler on friday. a few sprinkles saturday. more storms on sunday. jason: a historic building in downtown fresno has been destroyed. a massive five alarm fire ripped through the state -- state we report home. no one was inside. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. the 4000 square-foot home was just built after the turn of the registry of historic places. firefighters in california came to the rescue of a puppy stuck in quite a tight spot. michelle: valentine was trapped in a shack in an abandoned building in lamont. a woman reported hearing whispering coming from the building and crews found this little guy peeping out from a whole. a firefighter was lowered into the hole and scooped them up. valentine is said to be in good health.
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michelle: an increase in security at maitland middle school today. jason: threats. staff and law enforcement will be at a pta meeting to address concerns her parents. we will get more information about the threats and what is being done to protect your student. michelle: this video is disturbing. a daycare director charged with child abuse for this incident. some tips parent should know when selecting a daycare. jason: all right, it was supposed to be a serious drill to show what an escape of animals from a japanese you might be like. michelle: it served its purpose, but it got a lot of laughs and you will see why. a zookeeper dressed as a zebra acted out and escape. he tore down netted fences and
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he was strutting around before he was finally enclosed by the net. and then sedated. not really. 150 people took part in this drill at the zoo which in the past has seen the escape of a panther, an elephant, and more recently, monkeys. i want to see video from all of those. eric: i have seen video in the past. it looks at a fake dart. , on guys.
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