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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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demetrius wade is scheduled to start today in roanoke. wade is charged with two counts of murder after a shooting on shenandoah avenue in january 2015. two men died in that shooting, and four others got hurt. another man, william cabbler, is also facing charges in that shooting. stay with wdbj7 for all the latest on this case. the defense and prosecution in the kevin quick murder trial will present closing arguments to a jury today. the day will also likely include jury instructions, and the jury could begin deliberations. six alleged gang members of the 99 goons syndikate are on trial in the case. the jury will have to decide whether they are guilty on all or some of the 34 counts they face. the prosecution has called more than two dozen witnesses and entered 400 pieces of evidence in the case. ohio governor john kasich will hold a town hall meeting at virginia commonwealth university tonight. three of the six
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candidates have scheduled events in our state before the march 1st. primary. donald trump will take part in regent university's presidential candidate series on wednesday. ben carson will also be at that series next monday. today's event with john kasich starts at 6:30 p.m. super tuesday is close and that means several deadlines are coming up for voters who want to participate. since you can vote absentee in primaries, the deadline to request a mailed absentee ballot is tomorrow at 5-pm. the deadline to vote absentee in person is february 27-th. you can only vote in one political party primary election when multiple party primaries are held on the same day. voting officials say make sure your voter details are correct now. andrew cochran city of roanoke director of elections "you can go to elections-dot- virginia-dot gov and in the upper lefthand corner is a red box that says citizen portal you can go in, put in your information and it will pull up your correct voter registration information. " voter registration is 3 weeks from an election. if you haven't registered to vote yet you can't vote in this primary but you can
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the presidential election in november. ((cold toss to leo)) the forecast is unsettled through the middle of the week. a dynamic system will approach the area monday bringing 2 waves of rain though midweek. heavy downpours are likely along with gusty winds by wednesday. surface temperatures will be above freezing throughout the event, thus, we will be mainly concerned with plain rain &
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the area would strong gusty winds you forecast roanoke smith mountlake lexington mid upper forties with astray shower possible lynchburg what sin appomattox near fifty degrees
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south bostondanville gretna area new river valley southwest traveling through that direction. maybe heading from floyd radford with bill taz will be in the mid 40s plus and minus with astray shower highlands greenbrier in the 40s for the most part new castle earlier this morning get 50 you been worries today tuesday action weather day because of the rain likely wednesday rain falling heavily times flooding concerns there finally by thursday will see increasing sunshine leading to nicer weather friday saturday and sunday nice time and that we dry out for the weekend but every things can be squishing by that point time squishy by that point, $ i you that right exactly you are is are is are is biking is huge in southwest virginia, but there's a growing trend of a new type of bike coming from the northern states. for this morning's my hometown segment, i caught up with an expert during last week's snow storm. 05:29:18 here at the tinker creek greenway as you can see it's full of snow. so what happens when you want to get out and exercise. there's always running but that's a little bit harder to do with all this snow. your road bike's a little too thin but there's a different
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05:29:36 there's a fat change in the way jeff cheng has been biking. 05:33:40 the tires allow you to grip, they also allow you to float over less than ideal surfaces 05:33:44 the fat bike is a growing trend that's sweeping from the northern states to the south. 05:33:22 the big thing about the fat bike is the tires a bit different than what you would see with a normal mountain bike with a bigger tire you have more stability and traction which in turn gives you more confidence on your ride--it's a bike made for ungroomed powder. 05:35:25 it's kind of like going snowshoeing or cross country skiing but there's no tracks and you have to work a little harder. with the fat bike you can go to places others t-can'-it just takes a bit more effort. 05:36:48 some folks see the wisdom in it and some folks think it's a little too cumbersome. 05:36:53 so far in virginia, cheng says its usually a second or third bike for people but with the amount of snow we've been getting and the fact it can get you away from the crowds, why not make it your first bike? 05:37:07 that's the
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able to tackle things that i sometimes wouldn't consider doing. fat biking is about challenging yourself to see more of your hometown. price wise it's a bit more expensive. you can find fat bikes for about $1500 compared to a trail worthy mountain bike that's between $800 to $1000. cheng says he expects prices to go down when the demand grows for the bike.
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austin decided to make a change. now two years later, she's down 110 pounds. one thing austin told wdbj7's jean jadhon is that she is not on a diet. erica austin: if you don't like it you're not going to stick with and i think that's why diets don't work 00 it's simply because there is a set of rules that you have to follow you have to focus on perfection. jean: so question how many uh diets did you have you tried in your lifetime did you try a lot of different diets. probably all of them yes what happened would be that i would lose some weight aned then i would gain it all back and more coming up tonight on wdbj7 at six, from heavy to healthy- erica austin tells us how she got started, how she lost the weight without any fad diets. we'll also find out how she went from coach potato to incorporating exercise in her life. that's all coming up tonight on wdbj7 at six. miss wheelchair virginia ditched her wheels for a visit to wintergreen adaptive sports this
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angela west lives with cerebral palsy, and travels the commonwealth showcasing her ability in her disability. wdbj7 photographer brandon oubre shows us how she makes it down the slopes, while teaching an important life lesson. angela west, ms wheelchair virginia 2015: "i'm adaptive skiing. it's freedom. it's telling people that i have a disability but i can still do anything i want. i'd like to give to the world-- teach can still do anything i want. i'd like to give to the world-- teach people that the wheelchair is just a
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angela hopes to travel to iowa in july to compete to be ms wheelchair america. she's trying to raise 15 thousand dollars because she has to pay her way during her tenure. the roads may already be wet from the rain overnight, and more rain is heading our way. we'll have the latest traffic alerts, coming up in your i- hometown traffic report. good morning, i'm amanda kenney. periodontal disease is one of the most common conditions in cats and dogs. we'll teach you how to care for your pet's teeth and gums, after
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mornin' stray showers today with heavier rain tuesday and wednesday. we're keeping an eye on an accident on route 29 in pittsylvania county.
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lane is blocked near dry bridge road. that's about five miles north of the route 29-chatham construction could slow you down this morning in montgomery county. is closed in both directions near den it's expected to re- open at noon. the valley view interchange project will affect northbound 581. one lane will close near the mall exit at eight tonight and a close at 10. blocked from midnight to three a-m tomorrow. overnight drivers will have to use the hershberger exit instead. we often brush our teeth first thing in the mornning, after a meal, and before bed. it's part of our daily routine. but when do you brush your pet's teeth? wdbj7's amanda kenney is giving up some lessons on oral care for out pets this morning. good morning garrett and kimberly. in honor pet dental awareness month, ### is with us from angels of assisi.
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mindless task, we do it everyday. but when should we brush our pet's teeth? 1 pick a time of day that will become a convenient part of you and your pet's daily routine. brushing before a daily treat can help your pet actually look forward to brushing time. if not possible daily, at least every other day. it will be a little while before both you and your pet get used to the process, but it will soon be routine. follow with praise and a treat each time. 2. it sounds easy enough, but i've seen how hard it can bed. but how do you brush your pet's teeth? start by offering your pet a taste of the toothpaste. next, let your pet actually taste the toothpaste, and then run your toothbrush along the gums of their upper teeth. get the
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toothbrush along the gum line of the upper back teeth and angle bristles get under the gum line. work from back to front, making small circles along the gum lines. it should take you less than 30 seconds to brush your pet's teeth. do not try to brush the entire mouth at first. coming up, we'll talk about what signs to look for if you think your pet is having oral health problems. a special event is happening in bedford today in honor of black history month and some d-day veterans. and, you can go to
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but as it turns out,
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tomorrowtemperatures around midnight started off in the low to mid fifties will be dropping into the mid forties an and would a lot there throughout the rest of the day right now 48 roanoke that's xt down alanna thirty nine new york city look at chicago minneapolis only twenty nine degrees cool air trying to slide down to the south will you get that easterly component to the when today walking the clouds mist and drizzle in place looking out from lane stadium the campus of virginia tech in blacksburg where it's forty four degrees winds are calm but notice this visibility down toward mile some areas in around the region alas in a mile some areas can see that far ahead
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easy out on the roadways couple astray showers right now they drift to the south and east and then overall just mainly cloudy skies today maybe a little mist and drizzle steady rain moves back in on tuesday and then a heavy rain moves in on wednesday wednesday the best timeframe that we have to watch upper across our problems of flooding across the area and then thursday friday saturday begin to dry out but today pretty much locked in the mid forties he can see in the forecast model today couple showers but and steady a rain moves back in tuesday tuesday evening a little bit of a while an and that heavy rain begins to build in with all the snow well to our north and our west how much rain we talk about today tomorrow a few tense here and there but then watch this on wednesday boom we go to 1 to 2 inches by the time it's all said and done. you forecast across the area forties to near fifty clouds patchy fog and drizzle tonight cloudy rain developing again that steady light rain lows in the upper thirties seven day planner rain falling heavily at times on wednesday and him we begin to quiet down
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that dryer air exact that's we needhim will see how that goes well here's you weather bug quiz question on this monday we all looking at the thermometer who invented the mercury thermometer was a daniel gabriel fahrenheit
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william there's a cute new addition at a zoo in boston. the franklin park zoo welcomed this baby nigerian dwarf goat last week. her name is chewbacca, like the character from star wars. she weighed just four pounds, and was able to stand hours after her birth. nigerian dwarf goats are known for their range of color patterns, and easy- going nature. some patience has finally paid off for a set of twins in california. laura and lisa have been playing scratch-off lottery tickets for years, without winning much. but that all changed when they won six- million dollars earlier this month. lisa bought the ticket after seeing a yellow ladybug on her car.
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week. they say they'll split the money 60-to-40, with the sister who bought the ticket getting the most money. a michigan uber driver will be in court today to face murder a michigan uber driver will be in court today to face murder a michigan uber driver will be in court today to face murder charges, after police say he went on a deadly shooting spree this weekend. what we know so far about the suspect, and the victims. the university of tennessee is facing a sexual discrimination lawsuit. how many women say school leaders ignored claims of sexual misconduct by several student athletes. and, if you're having a tough time keeping your new year's fitness resolutions, we'll show you exercises you can do literally anywhere.
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healthy living. good morning it's 6:30 on monday, i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. a michigan uber driver is due in court
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on a weekend shooting rampage that killed six people. as don champion reports, the crime spree has some uber riders worried. jason brian dalton faces multiple murder and weapons charges connected to a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. officials say the 45- year-old uber driver targeted his victims at random. mark dunton gets chills thinking about his encounter with the accused killer: (mark dunton/ uber passenger) "it's crazy to think that someone could have gone out and just done all these horrible things and came to work straight-faced -- like he's just coming to work (-59) dunton and his friends heard about the killing spree and got nervous when dalton picked them up in a car that matched the one police were looking for.. (mark dunton/ uber passenger) my buddy scott actually said something to him said hey this isn't the hhr, you're not the guy are you? and he said no 53-year-old richard smith and his 17- year-old son tyler were killed car shopping at this dealership. barbara hawthorne was among those killed at this cracker barrel. (patti jones) when a tragedy like this strikes you never expect it to be this close at home
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shot multiple times at an apartment complex. she is expected to survive. the sheriff says her quick actions saved the lives of several children including 12-year-old joi coleman: (joi coleman, 12- year-old survivor) he shot her once, and she was still running, and then he shot her again, and she fell and she was asking joi help me joi help me. dalton, a married father of two, had no prior criminal history. don champion cbs news. a 6-year-old boy in miami was shot and killed over the weekend. king carter was playing outside his home saturday when someone opened fire and hit him. carter's family says he loves cartoons and football. the district superintendent is now pleading for the community to stop the violence. (district sup. albert carvahlo/ miami-dade co. public schools) "over 60 children shot over the past 12 months. over 20 killed." "too much pain, too many tears. and it has to stop." the first grader's dad says that gun violence in miami is out of control. he also lost his 14- year-old brother in 2003 to an accidental shooting. carter's aunt, a
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school district, asked community members to come forward with any information they might have. there is no word as to who may have shot carter. ((cold toss w/stinger)) the forecast is shameand keeps getting heavier today stray shower tomorrow light steady rain an and wednesday rain falling heavily at times even a chance chance for thunderstorm 48 writenow roanoke 42 lexington forty four blacksburg louisburg coming in at thirty seven danville fifty degrees and back toward the with bill area reporting a temperature of forty five we of a line the showers making the way through the south side. these are him and stray and very light they'll continue to push to the south and east not much going on upstream just meaning overall today will just be mainly cloudy stray shower can't be ruled out. maybe little mist and drizzle here but no real big areas of
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in that's can wait till later tonight and tomorrow see the showers down toward south west that will start to had in our direction tonight and tomorrow that first wave is on the light side but steady we will see cloudy conditions today temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 40s sunrise 701 sunset at six oh 606 of the days are getting longer you look today will have more clouds than anything else there comes that first wave they'll bring is that steady a rain tomorrow would talk about a few tense of an inch of rain here and there that will start to drive to the north and east will get a little bit of wall later tuesday tuesday evening but late tuesday night overnight into wednesday. this next low-pressure center will be traveling up to the northeast and this has that heavy rain associated with it rain falling heavily times flooding possible across our area with another one to two inches a rain before it's all said and done the good news is by thursday friday into the we can will see that dryer weather returning to the region you forecast across the area would talk about temperatures in the upper forties to low fifties with an isolated shower down toward
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appomattox near 50 southern virginia gretna danville south boston low fifties 50s mainly cloudy seeing astray shower. right now newer valley southwest a little mist and drizzle temperatures in the mid to upper 40s highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia were in the 40s to near 50 that fifty that region occurred earlier this morning you'll you be stuck in the 40s as well other impact day tuesday with the steady light rain rain falling heavily at times on wednesday would, temperatures near 50 flooding concerns and with all the snow melt all the rain an and the heavy rain on top of that thursday will see increasing sunshine during the afternoon friday saturday and sunday all looking nice and dry we can begin that drying process which were really do need after the next three days that is 17 people are dead after a record- breaking storm hit fiji saturday night. the tropical cyclone has now passed, but it left massive damage in its wake. winds that reached 184 miles per hour knocked down trees, put out power, and caused heavy flooding. some residents say it was the worst
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schools in fiji will be closed for a week so families can evaluate their situations. the prime minister has declared a state of emergency for the next 30-days. isis is claiming responsibility for an attack in syria that left at least 60 dead and more than 200 hurt. the bombing happened at a market in the capital city. the islamic state says two fighters set off a car bomb before detonating their explosive belts. a triple explosion in the same area killed 45 people last month. people who live in upstate new york have been hit with a water crisis after new york health officials found p-f-o-a in the water supply of petersburgh. it's a toxic industrial chemical that was used for years in nonstick and stain- resistant coatings, among other products. officials believe the contamination could be coming from the taconic plastics plant, but the water is still under investigation. (jim malatras/director of state operations): "one of those tests that we did was testing the town's public water system. the well was tested at about 95 parts per trillion of pfoa." (basil seggos/department
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"we're going to move very quickly. we're going to put out the facts and science and make sure the public is aware of every step of our investigation." those affected will have to drink bottled water until the crisis is clear. another town's water is contaminated after an oil spill saturday. people in pine grove, west virginia, have been advised not to use their water until testing is completed. more than 75 workers are cleaning up the spill from fishing creek. it is not clear as to what exactly caused it, but officials have moved quickly to distribute bottled water. in the meantime, pine grove has been able to switch over to an alternate sourc eof clean water. the university of tennessee has been slammed with a major sexual discrimination lawsuit. eight women are claiming that school officials ignored alleged sexual misconduct by some student athletes. one of those women had accused a basketball player of rape in 20-13, but prosecutors did not pursue any charges. in the current suit against u-t, plaintiffs say the school has "a hostile sexual environment and culture." but not everyone agrees with this
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defense attorney): "there are women that are sometimes predatory in nature that are seeking out relationships with these athletes and later turn those around to allege sexual assault in hopes for some financial gain." u-t's head football coach says the incidents are not representative of the entire sports later today, bill cosby's wife camille has to give her deposition in her husband's defamation suit. it's scheduled for nine a-m in springfield, massachusetts. his attorney's are still trying to stop it. eight women have sued the comedian for defamation, claiming he called them liars after they accused him of sexually assulting him. around 50 women have blamed him for sexual misconduct, but cosby continues to deny any wrongdoing. are you keeping up with your new year's fitness resolutions? if the answer is no, we have some convenient exercise ideas to get you back on track, in this
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living. mike look is the fitness director with workout anytime, and joins us now. good morning, mike kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: it's so easy to say oh, it's too cold outside to go to the gym...or i don't have time for the gym...but you have some exercises that people can do anywhere at anytime, right?
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mcbroom/wdbj7: what's the minimum amount of exercise that we need to do to at least maintain our opposed to losing weight? kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: let's talk about workout all have a gym in salem that opened a few months ago... . we'll post this segment, along with
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site, wdbj7-dot- com. we're keeping tabs on an accident in pittsylvania county. in your i-hometown traffic report, we'l let you know about any other problems on the roads this morning. bad breath, swelling, or abnormal chewing. we'll tell you what signs to look if your pet is having oral health problems,
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wdbj7 mornin' mainly cloudy today with a stray shower. steadier heavier rain moves in tuesday & wednesday. we're keeping you updated on an accident on route 29 in pittsylvania county. the northbound right lane is blocked near dry bridge road. that's about five miles north of the route 29-chatham ramp. construction could slow you down this morning in montgomery county. lusters gate road is closed in both
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it's expected to re- open at noon. danville drivers will want to expect delays today for electrical work. both lanes of newton street will be closed from monument street to lynn street. that's going on from seven this morning to five this afternoon. there will be a detour to help you get around. we're taking a live look at i-64 in lexington from a virginia department of transportation camera. there are no major problems on the highways this morning. your pet's teeth your pet's teeth should be checked at least on year. but sometimes, they may need to be checked sooner. wdbj7's amanda kenney is letting us know what signs to look for. that's right. your pet's oral care is so important that the month of february is pet dental awareness month. ### joins us from angels of assisi. 1. if you think your pet is having
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teeth or gum, what signs whould you be looking? bad breath, broken or loose teeth, extra teeth or retained baby teeth, teeth that are discolored or covered in tartar, abnormal chewing, drooling, or dropping food from the mouth, reduced appetite or refusal to eat, pain in or, around the mouth, bleeding from the mouth, swelling in the areas surrounding the mouth. some pets become irritable when they have dental problems, and any changes in your pet's behavior should prompt a visit to your veterinarian. always be careful when evaluating your pet's mouth, because a painful animal may bite. 2. what should you pet is having oral
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again, february is pet dental awareness month. if you missed any out tips this morning, you can head to here's a look at what's trending on twitter this morning. hash-tag thewalkingdead is trending. amc's drama series had an episode last night. it's a big talker every monday. -------- hash-tag typical-
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also trending. it seems every week there's a quirky tweet like this. so far one of our favorites was "wasting my life on twitter." -------- and hash-tag daytona500 is big in the sports world. the race had one for the record books. denny hamlin beat out martin treux in one hundred tenths of a second. it was a photo finish. hamlin said he didn't even know he won until about 30 seconds after he finished. now let's see who's celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary today. birthdays for 2/22/16 (monday) thomas hightower, jr. - chatham - 62 labella ferguson - 2 carmella carter - riner leatt preston - 3 michael clark - 6 ella frazier -
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ridge - 8 amanda largen - 11 tony overstreet - thaxton keith hodge - radford - 44 tanner roach - martinsville - 14 thomas tatum - martinsville - 70 emma morris - evington - 8 tyra mcenheimer - 16 michael vernon - bassett - 8 elaine bland - christiansburg - 22 krystle black - 26 marie barlow - roanoke - 76 samantha roberts - martinsville - 19 raheem caldwell - roanoke - 22 averi peters -
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youwill be talk about patchy dense fog this is what would talking about this is looking at interstate five eighty one you barely see the headlights right there we are seeing a few cars going by every now again be can see that far ahead of the car in front of you so please use caution out on the roadways visibility at a mile or less in around the roanoke valley some areas less than a quarter-mile same story toward the louisburg area parts of the new river valley and this will be the trend over the next several hours so please give east of little extra time is you heading off to work or school this morning 48 roanoke 39 new york sixty 60 down
6:51 am
tennessee coming in at fifty three taz well middle school your still stuck at forty three degrees really not can a move that much today temperature wise dew. forty three making the relative humidity near one hundred percent you to are finding some patchy dense fog in around the area you'll find some mist and drizzle throughout the day patchy mist and drizzle not all the time the steadiest of the rain down toward southern pittsylvania county that's is really astray shower heading to the south and east the rest of our locations other than the mist and drizzle when i really seen any rain showers at this point time temperatures stuck in the mid forties we will see astray shower from time to time. today within those pockets a mist and drizzle front to our south easterly component to the when see this area of low-pressure this is been be the steady rain that arrives here late tonight during the day on tuesday that you been fairly light steady rain an and the rain falling heavily times moves in on wednesday you forecast today clouds patchy fog some of that on the dan side what we just on roto drizzle temperatures in the
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day planner steady light rain tuesday heavy rain on wednesday flooding concerns become an issue the good news is thursday friday saturday and sunday we begin to dry out with h here's a look at today's top stories. the murder trial for demetrius wade is scheduled to start today in roanoke. he is charged with two counts of murder after a shooting on shenandoah avenue in january 2015. two men died in that shooting, and four others got hurt. another man, william cabbler, is also facing charges in that shooting. stay with wdbj7 for all the latest on this case. the defense and prosecution in the kevin quick murder trial will present closing arguments to a jury today. the day will also likely include jury instructions, and the jury could begin deliberations. six alleged gang mebers of the 99 goons syndikate are on trial in the case. the jury will have to decide whether they are guilty on all or some of the 34 counts they face. the michigan uber driver accused in a weekend shooting spree that left six people dead and two hurt is expected to appear in court
6:53 am
police say jason dalton targeted his victims at random. the first victim in the shooting spree was a woman who was shot multiple times at an apartment complex. she is expected to be ok. the suspect, who's married and a father of two, has no criminal record. investigators haven't yet figured out a possible motive. police are still searching for the person who shot and killed a six-year-old boy in florida over the weekend. king carter was playing outside his home saturday when someone opened fire and hit him. the first grader's dad says that gun violence in miami is out of control. he also lost his 14- year-old brother in 2003 to an accidental shooting. sp far there is no word as to who may have shot carter. i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. cash money the biggest discount and understand...
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safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah.
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stray showers today with heavier rain tuesday and
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 22nd,
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welcome to "cbs this morning." an uber driver is suspected of a deadly shooting spree in michigan. this morning, we hear from passengers who say he picked them up after the rampage. marco rubio hopes a shrinking gop field will make him the anti-trump candidate. only on "cbs this morning," we will take you inside the american girl design studio to reveal its new historical doll. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. these were very matter of fact killings. they weren't rushed, they weren't hurried. he just walked up and shot people. >> a deadly shoot spree in kalamazoo. >> really heart breaking. take me a long time before we move on. >> we won with highly educated and pretty well educated and poorly educated. short people, fat people, skinny people, just one. >> the candidates for president
7:00 am
carolina. and the nevada -- >> our message is resonating and, obviously, the proof of that is that hillary clinton is more or less echoing more or less of what we are sayinging. >> supreme court returns to work today without justice antonin scalia. >> the battle over filling his seat is just beginning. >> we are >>. the death toll growing from a cyclone ripping through fuji winds reaching 177 miles an hour. >> fire engulfed a megabust outside of chicago. >> fire came from everywhere. >> all that. >> 106-year-old virginia mclaurin danced her way into the white house. >> the closest finish in the daytona 500 ever. >> and all that matters. >> bob, do this with me. >> i declare you both the winners. >> bob, it wouldn't be a presidential campaign without you.


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