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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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he was not seriously hurt when he was taken to the hospital. also, a judge ruling bill cosby' s wife must attend a hearing involving a lawsuit filed against her husband. camille cosby was fighting the deposition she most likely will be called to the stand to testify. seven women have filed a lawsuit defamed them after they accused him of assault. the 78-year-old cosby has been charged in a separate case out of pennsylvania. heather: breaking news out of oregon, the standoff at a wildlife refuge is over tonight. the fbi confirms the 4 occupiers who have spent weeks at the refuge have surrendered. all 4 join others facing felony charges tied to the standoff that lasted for weeks. they will be in court tomorrow. the group has been protesting the arrest of two ranchers on arson charges. anchor: a light look at the city. it looks spectacular. enjoy any time you spend outside
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plunge. >> harvey leonard has the timeline. harvey: it is a one-to punch. the weekend is going to be the most harsh because this is where air is going to be coming from. let' s back it up. a look at syracuse, we have it cold, a bitter cold night ahead of us tonight. most have eased. still a few leftover. following one to the north, a snow shower. a couple to the west of us , as we go through the evening they will dissipate. in the teens and low 20' s, when does gusty. wind chill already running at zero. we have some below zero wind chill' s tonight. wind chill'
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back to the low 20' s tomorrow. we talk about which areas could see some snow and the timing on the harsh cold in a little while. >> all you have to do is download the free mobile app for iphone and android. anchor: an attack on a child has a shelter worker facing charges. live now with the disturbing details. reporter: this is not only a disturbing incident because it took place at a shelter but the victim was autistic. rafael abreu-prado is accused of dragging and hitting a four year autistic boy at a shelter in lawrence saturday night. the suspect was a worker at the shelter, the boy' s mother told police she was in the kitchen when she heard the child' s screams. police found welt on the boy' s back the size of a large man' s handprint. >> that is shocking that
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place there to provide security and safety for the families in transition. reporter: abreu-prado was arrested for assault and battery on a disabled person, he was released on $1500 bail. police say he was very remorseful during booking, claiming it was an accident. the shelter' s director declined comment on camera but told me the man is no longer working there. and they do background checks on all employees. >> a warning for parents. >> and online predator is using a popular show stroll -- social app. reporter: 50 kids have received requests from this suspicious user. they say they are being asked to be friends with this person and when they open it up they see
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police are investigating. >> why not this school as opposed to another school? we have no details. they could be out of the country . they could be in another state. it could be a former student. reporter: they do have information. they are making progress. we will hear from the kids at the school later on. heather: a rockland man who admits to killing his wife has been sentenced. witnesses say he stabbed his wife at the couple some after accusing her of cheating. add: we are learning into the standoff in boston. heather: suspects were in court but allowed to stay out of view. boston police say they robbed a
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last night and the man attacked him before stealing cigarettes and a few hundred dollars. >> i came in open the register. i went over there. heather: one suspect had a gps monitor. police tell us one of the suspects lived in the home with his mom who was in court today. anchor: a second person has died after a fire. flames broke out early wednesday morning at the home on walton street. their brother is being treated for his injuries at this hour. heather: nine people have to find a new place to live after a fire tore through their home in laconia, new hampshire. firefighters pulled one man from the second floor. another was taken to the hospital for breathing problems. the fire does not appear
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anchor: a new quest for answers in the sinking of the alfaro. they are calling for a second search of the ship wreckage. hurricane joaquin. ship' s back blocks -- blackbox. commitment 2016, and just two days after the new hampshire primary, democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton return to the debate stage. heather: they' ll meet at the university of wisconsin-milwaukee. sanders, of course coming off a big victory in the granite state, clinton looking to bounce back. the next contest for the democrats is the nevada caucus on saturday february 20. heather: a major endorsement for hillary clinton as she fights for new hampshire. today, the congressional black caucus held a press conference announcing it endorses the democratic candidate.
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the republican presidential candidate talking to a crowd in florence. to the right of him you see south carolina senator lindsey graham who endorsed bush last month, after dropping out of the race for president. heather: let' s go live to simpsonville, south carolina. that' s where marco rubio is talking to supporters and undecideds at a town hall. rubio placed 3rd in iowa but 5th in new hampshire. heather: new at 4:30: more than 30,000 people registered by last night' s deadline to vote in the massachusetts primary. 136,000 people either registered for the first time or changed their enrollment status. the primary is march 1. ed: families of the people murdered by james whitey bulger have been offered a financial settlement. heather: one family member says they' ve been offered a split of $822,000 and proceeds from an auction of the killer' s belongings. that'
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d agree to not sue the government. ed: a north andover couple pleads guilty to the abuse of two teenaged girls. 35-year-old justin ladd admitted to abusing his two step-daughters because their biological father is dominican. ladd is an alleged white supremacist, who beat and harassed the girls for several years. he will serve up to 5 years in prison along with probation. their mother also pleaded guilty for failing to protect her children. heather: at least 52 people are dead after a riot brks out at a prison in mexico. 12 others were injured. swarms of police and guards spending hours trying to gain control. government leaders say there have been no escapes reported. they believe the fight involved a faction led by a member of an infamous drug cartel. ed: the u.s. is enforcing new sanctions against north korea, s push for nuclear weapons. the senate has unanimously passed the legislation. it targets north korea' s ability to finance the development of nuclear warheads, and long range
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the house passed a similar sanctions bill last month. we are learning tonight that kim jong un has executed one of his top military leaders. the military commander faced corruption and other charges. he joins a list of officials ordered to die by the dictator since he took office in 2011. heather: right now, the driver of this tractor trailer is in serious condition after it crashed on the mass pike in charlton. the accident happened this morning, and caused a big traffic backup. state police say the driver was unconscious when he was pulled from the wreck. ed: new at 4:30: five people have been indicted york' s east village. among those charged are the owner of the building and the contractor for construction at the site. prosecutors say an illegal gas delivery system led to the explosion and the tragedy was preventable. two people were killed when this building exploded last march. heather: heather: new at 4:30: police arrest a woman at the
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hampshire. they say she was naked and performing what is being described as lewd acts around 2-30 this morning. police say 35-year-old kristin woolf of quincy was under the influence of drugs. she' ll face a judge in april. right now, boston police want to question this woman in connection with several incidents of bank fraud and identity theft. investigators believe she is into cars and steal personal information. if you recognize her, give boston police a call. anchor: live in hillsborough new jersey, firefighters fighting a large fire. only one building is involved. nonetheless, that one also is involved. sick black smoke is bellowing through the sky. this is a large fire at an
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the city of cleveland is apologizing to the family of this 12-year-old boy shot and killed by police in 2014. tamir rice' s family was ordered to pay $500 for the boy' s ambulance ride. tamir rice was killed after pointing a pellet gun at an officer on the playground. the officer was not charged. >> we have made the determination to withdraw that claim. the mayor said we sincerely apologize to the tamir rice family for any additional pain or suffering this may have caused. reporter: the family will not be responsible. the mother has filed a lawsuit against the officers and the city. heather: right now, police are searching for a motive after a deadly shooting inside a maryland panera bakery location. investigators say david evans shot an officer in the head inside the restaurant yesterday afternoon after the officer was called to check on the man. police chased evans. both he and another deputy were killed in a shootout.
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in florida, and one in maryland. ed: time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. heather: these bold athletes are taking flight in a first of its kind event at fenway park. how are cold temperatures are helping these big air daredevils in the competition. then at 6:00: >> the geeks will explain why they are so excited about gravitational waves. heather: and new at 7:00: kids can' t hail a ride with uber but their parents can find drivers for them through a new cambridge company. reporter: it' s getting colder now but already a wind chill watch has been issued for our area. it will last into sunday. we have lots of cold to discuss. heather: and we are following breaking news the driver in a hit and run in woburn arrested today. you see the video here. the suspect is also accused of
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investigating a theft.
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the pike. that is slow going.
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the volume is -- you can see the sun rays. you can have the very latest information. you will go slowly down south. even a little early for that. you just saw the stretch , a slow ride to the toll. that extends halfway to 495. 40 minutes to get to 495. that is what it looks like in both directions. not too bad. that is what traffic looks like right now. heather: the solar glare is slowing people down. anchor: it is a tough thing. i guess it is nice the sun hasn' t set yet. heather: the camera was -- anchor: that doug
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heather: i do too. i' m nervous about the weekend forecast. anchor: that' s a permanent condition. we have to deal with that. let' s show you what is going on. we are now under a wind chill watch. this goes into effect when the one to surge arrives and will be with us into sunday until 1:00. it is still going to be a very sunday. this is what we have been talking about. this incredible cold and a big piece is going to come down right for us for most of the upcoming weekend. we start to feel the intense combination of wind and cold.
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the first part of that, we go from the 20' s to the teens. we haven' t even had sunset yet. we have a bitterly cold night coming up. there is the shot. we have a 24 mile-per-hour wind. it feels like eight degrees. right now it feels like zero. temperatures are in the teens, north and west. there are the gusty wind. it will be windy. the wind will die down a little bit. look at these temperatures. single digits. t get real warm. s for high temperatures tomorrow. that is it. let'
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we start with the sign. we end up with clouds. there is going to be storm developing south and east of us. saturday morning we follow possible snow squalls. that is the leading edge of the real arctic air. we may get a brief snow squall. the wind and bitter cold will take over. this is the amount of snow that could fall friday night. 2-4 inches. here is a look at your next seven days. things we want to focus on, the cold we are talking about, temperature estimates that 1:00 in the afternoon. look, by 7:00 saturday
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single digits may already be below zero in worcester. it could be double digits below zero and below zero in boston. that is mighty cold stuff. we are cold ones that settles in. monday morning clear, call. -- calm. most indicators are the next storm could start as snow and changed her rain. we make it from subzero cold to rain during the day. that is how it is looking so far. >> you have seen the series that we would love to know about your good news. send us your video and pictures of people making a difference and doing good in your community. share them on the wcvb facebook page. or email them to ulocal at and we' ll share them here each night on newscenter 5 at 7. do some good. ed: focusing on your health, some troubling new findings
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of two women in the u.s. have been tied to that virus. the cdc says the women miscarried after returning home from countries where the virus is prevalent. the virus was found in their placentas. these are the first two cases of zika-connected miscarriages reported in the u.s.. the mosquito-bourne virus has been tied to a rare condition called microcephaly where babies have abnormally small heads. researchers say some dementia rates are falling and the reason might provide hope. the boston university study found people at high risk for dementia who made an effort to improve their heart health also decreased their dementia risk. researchers say that also means some cases of dementia might be preventable or at least able to be delayed. ed: a new move from a new hampshire town banning e-cigarettes from some public places. dover' s city council has banned the tobacco alternative in all locations where tobacco products are banned. that includes parks, school grounds and athletic fields.
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heather: a multi million dollar market tonight. ed: the questions surrounding the sale of this pricey piece of real estate. a national chain takes a big interest in a local bakery. what the owner hopes will come heather: here' s another look at the number wall street.
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an update to breaking news out of new jersey. firefighters are battling a large fire. there is no word on what is burning inside the warehouse that we are keeping and i on it. it was on the markets for $37.5 million. phil: the penthouse of the millennium tower has been sold. it has been sold. 13,000 square foot penthouse on the 60th floor includes panoramic views of the city in 2000 square foot terrace. heather: an arab red is showing interest in a local bakery. the have bought majority stake in tatte bakery and cafe. tatte has 5 locations in boston, brookline and cambridge. the bakery'
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magazine the deal with panera will give her access to panera' s resources to support growth. still ahead, -- an incredible sites. anchor: what they were able to capture on the international
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anchor: take a look at this video. all those flashes, they are lightning. tim peek posted this time lapse to show what a lightning storm looks like from space. the video was captured as the international space station flew over north africa and turkey. anchor: three meteorologist over here glued, watching the video. you also see jc behind us. >> now on newscenter 5. anchor: the man accused in this wild ride caught, his unusual hiding spot and the charges he is facing now. anchor: dangerous cold on the way.
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egg room a home -- beaten in a group home. >> and kerry washington on the future of her show and the oscar controversy. >> this is wcvb newscenter five at 5:00. anchor: we begin with breaking news, a driver caught on camera hitting a man before taking off has now been captured in boston. anchor: let' s get to john mack water. >> as you mentioned he was found in boston. he was in a relative' s home found hiding under a bed. they found their man, officers brought him to the police department. now he is behind bars. he is facing several charges. he was being investigated for a theft at a company where he used to work. he assaulted an officer as he tried to get away and then ran


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