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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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sacrifice he made for his the recipient of a purple heart is asking for help to find his stolen bike. how you can land a hand. good morning i'm chris riva. riva.i'm kathrine're waking up to warmer temperatures and it's only going to get better as we get a taste of spring.lets get rigth over to 9 on your side meteorologist jason adams who got the scoop on what is goinf to be a beautifil day. expect a mix of clouds and sun southerly winds. highs will reach the low to mid-70s. into the low to mid-50s, which high for this time of year. this morning the desperate search continues for a missing mom and her young son from
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kallie carnes and her 22 month old son, grant, were last seen on wednesday. investigators say carnes left a note for her mother saying that she was leaving.her mother says carnes' phone is off... and her facebook page is deactivated.authorities are concerned the two are with josh craft.he was accused of assaulting the boy.. and was ordered to say away from them. police think kallie carnes may be traveling in a 2001 white buick lesabre with ohio plates gmk- 5233.if you have any information - call police. this morning a new poll shows a very tight race between donald trump and governor john kasich in ohio... just a week before the ohio primary.the public policy survey gives trump 38 percent to kasich's 35 percent... easily within the margin of error. ted cruz gets 15 percent.. and marco rubio gets five percent. there are a couple of democratic and republican primaries will be held today. voters on both sides of the
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michigan and mississippi. republicans also have a primary in hawaii. all the candidates spent yeterday campaigning for last minute votes. a poll by our scripps station in detroit gives hillary clinton and donald trump the lead in their respective races. but.. kasich is hoping for a surprise win in michigan. "kasich: i think we have momentum and we see all these national polls, we'll do better than what they're saying and we're rising. most of them were taken before, long time ago, i think we're going to have a good day here." "trump: "one of the polls just came out and a number of them have just come out i am beating hillary clinton quite easily. thank you. (cheering) (cheering)that scripps poll shows ted cruz in second place.. and rubio a very close third in michigan. intense debate in a race much closer to home... who will take former house speaker john boehner's seat in congress? 14 republicans who want the job lined-up last night to face-off over who would be best for the eighth
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on our side's rose-ann aragon was there as each tried to make their case. 14 candidates -- one stage-- and dozens of people waiting to hear what these candidates had to offer"there was a lot of good questions asked and the candidates gave a lot of good answers and it's going to be tough choosing."13 questions from these moderators in an hour and a half-- questions form the community and other crafted by a committee--the goal-- substance."it was a good opportunity to get beyond what you hear in 30 sec ads. it tends to be negative. it tends to be kind of nasty. this a very positive discussion of policy."taxes, immigration, the us role in the middle east and much more-- once question abotu gun control and safety, specifically citing the madison school shooting. each
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of time answer-- otherwise-- "the bell. it was a bit jarring."nats: dingding.ding. one candidate chose not to answer a question."i pass."in many said they got what they needed."you actually got to see and hear each candidates point of view.""prior to this i only heard of 3 of the candidates, but i liked the ones i hadn't heard from."roe, 9oys. this morning we know former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest on friday. she will be buried next to her late husband president ronald reagan at his presidential museum in simi valley, california.
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but she will lay in repose wednesday and thursday for those who want to pay their respects. nancy reagan died sunday. she was 94 years old. ohio governor john kasich yesterday ordered flags at public buildings in the state be flown at half-staff in her honor. the speaker of the kentucky house renews his call to give communities more control over their sales tax. specifically.. greg stumbo wants a constitutional amendment that would let communities raise the sales tax for a limited period of time to pay for big construction projects. the sales tax increase would be limited to one percent.. and local voters would have to approve it in a referendum. the idea has now been approved by three house committees. this morning we are learning officials in sebring knew about lead detected in teh drinking water two months before first said. emails show the villiage manager was told the water had failed test by a plant manager in october.richard giroux had said he wasnt arawe of it until december.this morning giroux says he doesn't remeber
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two twenty year olds will be in court today accused of a drive-by shooting. shooting.aliyah jackson and marquis nelson were arrested in sycamore township last night.officers say the couple admitted to firing multiple shots at a car on kenwood road. two people were inside that car at the time-they were "not" hurt.the pair will be arrainged this morning. jennifer will call for graphic fullexpect a mix of clouds and sun again today with gusty southerly winds. highs will reach the low to mid-70s. tonight, lows will only fall into the low to mid-50s, which is already above our average high for this time of year.
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heroin and prescription drug problem sweeping the nation. the steps they're taking to to put an end to the epidemic. nuclear concerns...north korea continues to make threats of bombing the u-s.but officials doubt they have the capabilities.the kind of attack officials think is more
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mercy health cincinnati wants to help you quit smoking. smoking.the hospital is offering free smoking cessation education classes
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the classes will be held at the mercy health clermont hosputal at 300 hospitla drive in batiavia.they are bing offered today and next monday and'll need to hurry and sign up, class sizes are limited to 15. the heroin and prescription drug epidemic has been sweeping across the country. now lawmakers are trying to tackle opiod and heroin abuse. abuse.senators will cast their first vote monday on the comprehensive addiction and recovery act-- or 'cara' for short.among other things, cara would look at alternatives to imprisoning drug addicts and give grants to governments and nonprofit groups for education and prevention efforts. an australian naval patrol siezed more than two thousand weapons believed to be from iran.they were siezed aboard a small fishing vessel off teh coast of iman.ak-47's rocket propelled grandes.. just some of what was taken.the u-s believes the weapons were on their way to yemen where
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north korea is again banging the war drums this mornig.this time over ongoing joint military exercises between the u-s and south korea. korea.pyongyang has made these threats before but with it's recent missile tests should they be taken more seriously? while as of this morning north korea doesn't have the capabilities to strike the u-s, the secretive nation's continued efforts are aserious concern. (john kirby/state department spokesperson)"we do take those threats seriously, and again call on pyongyang to cease with the provocative rhetoric, cease with the threats and, quite frankly, more critically, cease the provocative behavior." behavior."as it stands today, analysts say north korea is more likely to launch a conventional or cyber attack than attempt a nuclear strike. expect a mix of clouds and sun again today with gusty southerly winds. highs will tonight, lows will only fall into the low to mid-50s, which
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a wounded veteran's motorcycle is stolen -- right out of the driveway! the reason it's especially devastating. it was the first of it's kind surgery performed right here in the tri-state.this morning we'll hear from the woman who recieved the gift of being
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morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" a wounded warrior's prize custom harley davidson is stolen from his home.the design of that stolen bike reflects the sacrifice purple heart recipient brandon bailey made for our country. this morning...police need your help to find it. 9 on your side's john genovese has the latest from florence.
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"the ied blast ended up putting the truck that i was in on top of me"his hip crushed.with too many broken bones to count. at first - doctors were sure 'brandon bailey' would die of infection. 15:51:25"to kinda give you an idea my mother spent 362 nights in a hospital with me in a 2-year period that kind of wounded"but he beat the odds - and so much more. 15:51:33"never thought that i would ever get back on bike again - they told me i'd never walk" the marine gunnery surgeant was injured in afghanistan - during his 3rd deployment in 2009. after recovery and retirement he sent his prized harley davidson to california to be customized "he hand painted a purple heart medal on the front - left side of the tank - kinda if i was wearing my dress blue uniforms where my purple heart would be positioned" then sunday night- during dinner at his parents' house in florence--"the house kind of rattled - and it startled me because i know what it was but it was like, why is that happening" barely
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the purp trying once and getting spooked. then a second time - riding off with the bike 15:56:31"that's my release - you get a lot of guys that deploy that see things they shouldn't see, they do things they shouldn't have to do - thats my release" for a guy who put his country above his own life-this - he tells us - hurts to the core 15:52:24"possessions are great - but that bike - that was part of me. and i just can't wrap my head around why someone would want to do that" jg, 9oys. this morning police are deciding what should happen next after a meeting for an on-line sale ends in ginfire. nine on your side first covered this for you friday night. police tell nine on your side a man was selling a laptop to another man at the mc-donalds on monmouth street.
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computer and ran.. the seller fired a warning shot.. ran after the man and fired four more shots. no one was hit. police now hope survillance video sheds more light on the incident. it was a fire residents said they could see for miles. of our viewers posting this picture to twitter.we're told it was from a pile of old tires burning on ody road just wast of independence station reports of any injures or what started the fire. california has been under drought conditons for more than a year but a powerful storm has brought with it much needed rain.but it has also caused flooding damaging both homes and cars. more than 10 inches fell over the weekend in the santa cruz mountains.the san lorenzen river crested a few inches above flood stage casing the flooding.and a little further north multiple rock slides had cars swerving out of the way.
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check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. wednesday morning, there's a slight chance for showers, but that should clear for the afternoon, leaving us with partly cloudy skies and highs back in the low 70s. thursday, soggy weather should return, especially to the western half of the tri-state. highs will reach near 70. showers continue into friday and
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no traffic issues, minute-by-minute updates on and at the bottom of
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trailblazing here in the tri- state.we told you last month about how doctors at the cleveland clinic performed the first ever uterus transplant here in the u-s. s.this morning we are hearing from recipient lindsey blake. speaking for the first time she thanked all who made her surgery posible.doctors expect it to take a year for the uterus to fully heal.but the surgery had been a success in least four babies
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had uterus transplants. it a day that only come around once a year.national pancake you can get start your morning off with a free stack of flapjacks. illinois police hope this picture really is worth a thousand words.the messge they
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american
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what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. expect a mix of clouds and sun again today with gusty southerly winds. highs will reach the low to mid-70s. tonight, lows will only fall into the low to mid-50s, which is already above our average high for this time of year. it's national pancake day ... which could mean free flapjacks for you! you!i-hop is offering a free short stack of pancakces today ...but you'll have to dine-in. and you're asked to make a donation for children's miricle network hospitals. national pancake day has helped raise 20 million dollars since pancake at a time. paid sick leave is quickly
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more and more u-s companies are phasing it out.a new report finds that a third of full-time workers don't get medical leave. now.. a report from the centers for disease control says that can affect your health. researchers found people without paid medical leave were three times less more likely to delay going to a doctor when they are ill. they were also three times more likely not to go to a doctor at all. listeria fears are promting starbucks to recall one of its pre-packaged sandwiches.this is it... the six-ounce package of sausage, egg and cheddar cheese on an english muffin. the food and drug administration says the sandwiches may be contaminated with listeria.fortunately they weren't sold in the tri-state. the sandwiches in question were sold at starbucks stores in arkansas, texas and oklahoma. hundreds of job opportunities are up for grabs today.or you can take your career to the next level.'s the cincinnati career fair is taking place at the clarion hotel on hauck road.there are multiple
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you'll get a chance to meet employers face to up, apply, and get hiredall inthe same day.everything get underway at 11. a big shake up within the little miami school district this morning. next year- all pre-school and kindergarten students will attend salem township elementary.first and second graders will either attend hamilton - maineville or harlan - butlerville. the district says it's grown by six hundred students in the last three years. we all know drinking and driving is bad.but in hopes of the mesage hitting home, an illinois police department is releasing a bizzare picture.'s a car with a 15 foot tree lodged in its front grill.police pulled the driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road back in january.that person was arrest and charged with d-u-i.some peole didn't think it was real, so police posted the dashcam video with the
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drink and drive.. 56 accidents...26 injuries.. that's just at one tri-state intesection.coming up we'll take look at some of the most dangerous and we have some tips on how you can keep safe.
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breaking overnight...more than a dozen people are injured after a commuter train comes flying off the tracks.where one of those passenger cars landed. a tri-state veteran... asking for your help this morning.the special gift that a thief stole... and how you can help find it. good morning.if you're enjoying the spring
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a treat today... today...9 first warning meterologist jason ams has a look at the warm-up. expect a mix of clouds and sun again today with gusty southerly winds. highs will reach the low to mid-70s. tonight, lows will only fall into the low to mid-50s, which is already above our average high for this time of year. breaking overnight... more than a dozen people have been hurt after a commuter train went off the rails in california. this is a look at the accident scene in sunol... just north


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