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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 9, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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move in caterpillar? i say welcome to the club. the club that defines this market, especially on days like today where the dow sank 109 points, s&p lost 1.2% and the nasdaq plunged 1.62%. let's learn from these clues and see how we can spot similar runs in the future when the market is going down, not up like it did today. take home depot. you know i've been recommending this ever since the show started 11 years ago. periodically it sells often. when it does last thing people if you don't want to miss the next opportunity you have to be ready to buy it in two weeks. in the beginning of february home depot stock fell five straight days. it dropped from 126 to 111. did anything happen during that period to explain this? it's a severe decline.
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check out everything that happened during that period. there was only one piece of serious relevant information that popped up as having any sort of report. they put out a press release saying they were going to hire 80,000 workers for their biggest season, the spring garden season. i read it over and matched it with the previous year. when you put the language side by side, when you parsed these two press releases, you realized a couple of things. first, home depot was more -- than last year indicating they needed many more people out doors where the plants are. second it urnltly needed to put people to work in its rapid distribution centers to meet online demand. that's it. that's the only news that came out about home depot during the period when the stock was crushed. there are other things that impacted the stock.
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companies. there were worries about its ability to pay back the convertible bonds. however, that should have made you want to buy home depot, not sell it. what else? the price of treasury sored during that period. with the yield from the ten year sinking to 1.6%. meanwhile, because of the decline at home depot stock, it was yielding 2.5%. how about oil? home depot's sales are indeed correlating with lower gasoline prices. so how is oil doing during the period? it was low to 26 bucks. it's another positive. in short, the only input you have are positive ones. the entire market sold off and you're taking the stock down with it. if you stepped up around the
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could have had a gigantic game. fear probably kept you out of it. let's use verizon. you know what the verizon has is the letter of rallies. going into the quarter, verizon stock fell three straight days. then on january 21st, it announced the review as being so, so by robotic headline writing community. it has a massive amount of depreciation or english distorts the actual numbers in a negative way. verizon's statement was extraordinary. $3 billion verses 30 billion the year before. a one time gain of 2.4 billion is still spectacular. much more to cover future stock. the robo headliner riders are
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capture that message in the headline. meanwhile, the churn. meaning how many people they lost. accompany at 1.5 million sign ups again better than expected. this was no average quarter for verizon, it's a game changer. it still wasn't back where it was. how can that make sense? especially when it was yielding 5% at the moment. they used it to gauge utility stocks like verizon. they give you almost three times the yield of treasuries. ift wasn't the end. it was the beginning of a brand new one and the stock went from 44 to $52. how did you miss it? what happened during the period. china, european bank issues and chatter about oil and gas loans in american banks. in short, everything that should have driven you into the old domestic stock of verizon, not
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how about caterpillar. caterpillar, this one is tougher than the others. there's a ton of negative news all over the place about caterpillars customers when reported back on january 28th this year. the accompany had earning expectations. $0.74 verses the $0.69 people are expecting and it wasn't made up of smoke and mirrors. it was a real number that showed you all the cuts in jobs and the cost that the accompany had taken out. they indeed weren't paying off. they had a yield at the time and the cash flow insured you that the dividend was safe. the cat didn't give you any positive guidance. you know what, that's okay. we grown tired of when they did and then they missed it. if anything, cat made it clearly there's tough selling ahead.
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the next thing we have a rally pretty much every sector of the caterpillar sells the machines. they run $75. while we tend to think of cat as china play. we shouldn't invest in its stock, not on the basis of the exporters but on the prices of the actual commodities that its customers produce. on those grounds, cat was screaming bye, bye, bye. they have finally allowed demand to catch up with supply. this is economics 101, people. when they reach equilibrium and then some caterpillar orders begin to rise. there are four sales. we'll get more push especially if it seems to fall today. in fact, i bet there will be a
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probably when it breaks $70. i think they'll see a massive number of. every sell off is a buy in the market. that would be way too live. i am saying with each stock you should kick yourself for missing them. home depot with its spring hiring spree. especially the internet. that was the division that powered the accompany's earning supplies. with verizon, all you had to know is the cash flow, not the earnings. that's what mattered. knowing that it didn't get stock to where it was a few days before they reported. with caterpillar you had to know what a trade in conjunction was. it's natural to expect it to rebound. here's the bottom line. i don't want you to beat
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i want you to remember that the s&p 500 futures take down a lot of stocks that don't deserve it. you need to stay clear headed. let's go to mike in michigan. >> hello, mr. cramer, thanks for taking my call. i love your show and incite. i got a question on positions in juno and astrozenica. >> that's easy. i think astrazenica is in a yield. juno is the market no one really wants. until i start seeing positive action i'm not going to embrace juno. let's go to allen in washington. allen. >> this is al lenl. >> how are you? what do you got? >> from the land of the seahawks. i wanted so ask about energy partners. >> it's a accompany that yields
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flag. that's too high. many of these companies although it's more conservative, have not been able to maintain that. i would say they're in a situation too risky. how about chris in georgia, chris. >> this is chris from kennesaw, georgia. >> there you go. what's going on? >> i was just wondering with all the growing issues in the world, do you think they can continue and will perhaps perform? >> i think lockhead martin is in full market mode. now, it has been stalled hereunder we do buy it.
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>> i'm feeling better. thanks for asking. what's up? >> i'm calling about microsoft. like many companies it took a hit and dropped quiet a bit during the market. many of these companies return to their highs after oil had rebounded. >> right. >> but microsoft still has not. microsoft is a buy here. they're turning the cup around. i saw it go back to 50. every time it goes there, it's safe to pull the trigger. great balance sheet, good earnings profile, i think it's terrific here. if you buy a little here, you have the good fortune of going under 50. don't kick yourself to death. instead, learn something.
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a lot of stocks that shouldn't go down. learn from them. mad money tonight when it comes to television, cord cutting over hearing these days. i'm giving you a picture. then the stocks rallying under the radar and matt got a wake up call this week when news broke about malicious software designed to hold their computer
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yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. we all know netflix and amazon prime is the way of the future. i mean, look at the performance of netflix verses time westerner cable. shouldn't we give up all things
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when you past the headlines about cutting and check out what's happening with the higher quality cable stocks it's clear we're dealing with a different story. he's a terrific transition. get a sense of what's happening with my new york city provider. collins stock is one of the most favorable long term charts around. when he suggested this, i said no way, i haven't spent enough time. when you look at the monthly chart, it's clear when it comes to cable, these guys haven't gotten the memo.
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everything we want to see in a chart. you have the lower left to upper right and even though time westerner cable has had the occasional pull back, those are contained. whenever this stock is broken beyond the resilience, that soon becomes the new floor of support. you can see that process has happened repeatedly over the years. ceiling, floor, ceiling, floor, pretty perfect. time westerner cable will be struck and then break to the upside and nool to down side. that's a fabulous play book for higher stock prices. for collins, time warner gives you a picture on your wall.
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turned sideways. the last three breakout movings anywhere from 15% to 70% higher. this is what happens. it was so early they believe time warner set up the terrific upside news. the great thing to get to the outline of clear floor support and resistance. for example, if we get a monthly close below 175, that tells you time warner is down below the floor of support and then the pieces underpinnings, they're dead.
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stock currently at 193 it's broken out and they believe the next stop could be 225. that's the price starting. next what else does collins like? in fact, it hasn't spent more than 150 for the past four years. there's only a hand full of stock. in the meantime when you look at the balance and a tool that measures the buying and selling pressure, it's been steadily high. i know it's a picture perfect situation. really incredible.
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bring bullish chart. just amazing. zooming in on the chart, this picture gives you a better sense of what it looks like. it also shows you the stock in the near future. right now, it's been in place since the summer of 2015. plus that matches the blue. it has now crossed the red. the stock has gained. time warner cable has performed well. the average converts to map d down here. it moved in just three weeks ago. at the same time here's a new
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the force index, never heard this one until today. that's a tool they used to measure the strength of a given move and turning points in the stock projecture has also moved in after a short period of consolidation. that's right here. put it together and that seems to be a recipe for not lower ones. they always have inserts. first of all, they close to week below 190. this week. second the stock still isn't open from the last big upside breakout. and if we fill in that gap time warner could go back to 170. collins doesn't think this is much of a concern right now. if stock pulls back, he says you need to worry about a potential move forward. the support of 177 which is right here, collins would expect the stock to travel down to 170 in a short period of time.
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one of the most favorable long term charts of any one of the cap stocks he follows. here's the bottom line, the stock suggests that time warner cable. it goes from 25-$35 here. much more mad money ahead. a few down and out stocks. once left for dead and come back. i'm investigating the 28 hour mystery and i'm talking with the side mark to see if it's time to circle back to the business. a $2 million hair cut in one day.
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in urban outfitters up more than 16%. why? when the accompany reported it, it's not as bad as it thought it would be. it's more of a home good -- it's what the consumer wants. all the hot categories. they're doing extraordinarily better than expected. i didn't say they're doing extraordinarily well. urban is doing much better than we're use to urban doing. that's a very similar dynamic to what we saw with jc penny. it was these two retailers figuring out what the customers were buying to take advantage of
3:26 am
both are classic examples of getting it. just really understanding what's selling and what isn't. it's a constant reminder of the fact companies can reinvent themselves at the moment when you've written them off for good. to be fair, it's only since the second week in february that this market hasn't embraced any of these beaten down names. i think that's because there's been such a goal between the stocks, not the companies, the stocks of that haves and have notes. yes, it's a difference. you know what else, at least until the last 48 hours another former market darling. whole foods. i was mystified by the fact this stock didn't jump after the last quarter. they gave you the preview of so many good things happening. there's more stores, better delivery systems, plus whole
3:27 am
just like chipolte. i can't say i disagree with them. can we please admit that the imnant demise and smaller natural organic competitors has been a real win. while kroger has a whole foods killer may have reached its apex when they reported last week. i think the stock is a buy here. it's only where i expected it to be, a merely effort reported first good quarter in anyones. here's the bottom line. we may be in a new era here. this is an era where we forgive and forget. the idea companies just repeating the same mistakes over and over again is indeed the definition of insanity.
3:28 am
urban outfitters, jc pen 234i and whole foodsings shows nothing ecstatic in this country and markets will be rewarded. go to josh in new york. josh. >> -- >> solar city is a concept name. it's basically without really the kind of traditional earnings i like, it's a accompany that for instance when they announced the deal last night for a hundred roof tops, people went crazy. i am not interested in that kind of stock. i would much rather see you in first solar great technology, inexpensive stock go on much higher. not about theories but actual cold hard earnings. this is where we're no longer out.
3:29 am
advantage of changes. the internet of things is making it connected. the threat is real. i'll see if they can keep you secure. then tabloid software is down 50%. high growth companies i'm examining and all calls in tonight's edition of the lightning round. >> tomorrow, kick off the trading day with squawk in the street. live from post nine at the nyse. >> what the heck? how about a little like empathy?
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the israeli cyber security firm helps companies protect privileged accounts or administrator accounts which have been targeting for hackers because these accounts control the keys to the digital kingdom. here's a stock that's been obliterated with the rest of the cyber security.
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down 15% from the fwining of 2016. the accompany kbaif what some thought was a mixed outlook for 2016. the guidance sinks over 10% the next day. however they're working their way higher. i've got a wonder for the potential weakness baked into the price. let's take a closer look. he's the founder and ceo of the software. find out more about where the accompany is heading. home depot is going to pay $13 million composition to effect the massive breech.
3:34 am
they control their network. 2015 had big data breeches. >> i was going over what row recently had they asked do people cut back when things get >> customers want to make sure they control their network. 2015 had big data breeches. >> i was going over what row recently had they asked do people cut back when things get tough we were around in in 2008 and did well. it was a report year.
3:35 am
growth opportunity. >> one of the things i thought was important on your presentations, people leave and they, the accompany forgets that they have the privilege. your somehow with the new cyber threat 3.0. are you able to detect that? that's got to be a principal worry. >> yeah, we constantly promote and protect against the insider threat. also people that leave and the back doors stay in there. we're protecting the passport authority. the active director which is giving up passwords into the network. we project active attacks and preventing a full take over. >> when we had cisco on recently and i was speaking to chuck robbins, they offer a platform. is it entirely possible what's happened is that some companies
3:36 am
>> we work with these guy. we're complimentary to other security providers definitely to cisco. the security thing is important. they want to buy it from the best provider. >> i have to ask you because you're a security expert and know a tremendous amount more than i do. were you surprised that the fbi couldn't crack the apple phone? >> a little bit. it's a good testament to the apple products and the encryption behind it. >> would you be able to do it? >> so sales force is a accompany that's been on the show many, many years. when i see them, i see them as a platform. what do you offer a software accompany? >> we actually secure companies like sales first because they have servers and applications and people on the inside. their customers want to know they can put their day that in sales first and administrators
3:37 am
they're definitely good customers for us. >> it makes sense. i know you do a lot in health care. what could you do for conagra? >> every accompany has consumer data and their whole business runs on it. a trucking business runs on it. we use to mostly sell to financial services. now we're seeing energies and business to protect. >> it seems like europe has gotten strong for you. is it just like the up to it or they didn't have enough money to spend on it? what changed? internationally. it's actually a result of being there, being in the market and they were really strong here in the u.s. it's expanding eastbound. >> last question. how do you not look at the stock
3:38 am
they've done absolutely, it's not at all with the business. business has been very hot. we can sell a million charts. just like this. you pay no attention to it? >> i care about our shareholders and this is my job to make sure they see great returns. don't look at the stock on a given day. i'm a founder. we're here to grow large global information security accompany. we've been executing great. we're very confident and our employees are very bullish about the business. >> one day, people expect the stocks again. this is one based on a lot of terrific technology. the founder, president and ceo of cyber art. mad money is back after the break. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance.
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it's time for the lightning round. play the sound then the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. let's talk the michelle in texas. >> hi, jim, washington has rejected the keystone pipeline but that could all change next year when we get a new president. i own kinder morgan stock and they've recently purchased additional shares. >> i've got to tell you, i don't think morgan is all that related and will not go up or down on that pipeline. what matters now is they've spent a fortune building new pipelines. let's go to james in california. >> jim, smith and wesson holding corporation. >> here's a accompany that reported a big upset.
3:43 am
starting to come back. i think you have to wait. i do prefer to stock of taser which was down today a little bit. let's go to curtis, north carolina. curtis. >> hey, jim. thanks for taking the call. i would like to wish a happy birthday to a great american. talk to us about crocker. is it over or is there more room to run? >> it is the ultimate gasoline play. every time it's pulled back it's been right. i'm going to say. >> bye bye bye. >> let's go to kevin in florida. kevin. >> hey, how are you doing? i wanted to get your thoughts on the property trust. opt. >> i know this accompany. it's not special enough for me. it's got a descent yield. i had rather see you in epr which has a good yield. let's go to danita in illinois. >> hi, jim. thanks for taking my call. my question is about starbucks. >> okay.
3:44 am
since the last quarter. i've got to tell you i think the prospects are great not to take a quartly view. this is a multiyear play and i like it very much. let's go to omar in florida. omar. >> way too respect evidence. i know all these stocks have moved up. every one of these stocks whether it be trance ocean or this one, i just don't care for them. let's go to dave in arizona. dave. >> hey, jim. how about energy transfer? >> i like it for a long time. we decided to leave it, why? we still don't understand how we're going to fight longer term. that dividend given the deal that energy trends for equity is doing. that's the conclusion of the lightning round.
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a little more than a month of the software panel analytics
3:48 am
everything. i think upon further review, it's safe to say the tableau was an outlier. in other words, now that we've heard from all these other play, it's become clear tableau's results were all about what's going wrong at this one specific accompany and had little to do with the rest of the sector or the broader economic backdrop. i mention this because it's important to mention that the pin action is wrong. sometimes you simply can't generalize about an entire group from one accompany. when you do you make a mistake which is exactly what happened when they layed the tech to waste. consider when tableau reported on february 4th, everyone was terrified that the analytics accompany spelled disaster. it didn't help that linked in,
3:49 am
obliterated the same day. tabloid sales for the full 2016 fiscal year were so far below what they were looking for that the stock declined from $81 to $41 in one session made total sense. afterall, here's a accompany that said we're going to generate half the earnings you thought we would. maybe less. to make matters worse, they took a conference call which begged the question what the heck were these guys smoking? even with the off key sing along, tableau ceo told us the competitive dynamic has become more crowded. with low cost from other companies taking a larger piece of the pie. when investors heard that, they assumed the story of brutal competition must apply to the entire space and everything largely connected the the
3:50 am
this couldn't possibly be isolated to a single accompany. it's too large. and the down term wasn't just in the guidance. they reported a major deceleration in license growth. down from the previous quarter. the explanation, management said their existing customers had grown more softer. again, people assume the softness couldn't be happening at tableau software. it had to be inflicting the entire sector. that's why it was so incredibly brutal. let me give you an examplele when tableau imploded, the hardest hit stocks were its fellow travellers in the day of analytics space. that same day tableau reporters and stock got cut in half, they
3:51 am
>> the house of pain. >> however, at least it made a certain amount of sense. when they start talking about a crowded difficult competitive environment, you can understand why the people would panic about the rest of the industry, investors assume it's spunk. that's why over the following weeks the stock plunged from 37 down to $40. talking about collateral damage. you know what, if you assume they would be crushed by the same forces you would have been dead wrong. the truth is the stock was a raging buy down at 30 bucks. why? when spunk reported, the accompany delivered a top and bottom line beat.
3:52 am
guidance for the next quarter and the full fiscal year. the forecast couldn't have been more different than the hideous guidance we got from tableau. do you think they were in a different industry from the losers at tableau? spunk's existing customers continued to expand their spending. the accompany added a ton of new customers and their licensing revenue came up higher than anticipated. while they complained about the competition, that's why they jumped 8% after the quarter. that's why it's almost all the way back to where it was before the tableau inspired sell off. yep, it turns out the guidance and commentary from the tableau software couldn't be extrapolated to the rest of the analytics place yet alone the whole cloud base. the lesson being when you get a really horrible quarter and disappointment, the weakness could be and has to be considered accompany specific
3:53 am
the rest of the industry. look, it's not just the strength of spunk. we saw a host of high growth get in the implosion many of which had little to do with the wheel house. sales force, work day and adobe saw their stocks get obliterated. adobe fell 8% same day. shur enough. when we heard from some of these companies, it turned out they were doing just fine. they had come on mad money the same week as the tableau blow up. they told us the business was strong. what in heavens name would lead us to believe either of these two companies were snowing us? they completely blew away reporters. i think sales force run by
3:54 am
all though this is the kind of stock you want to wait and buy. work day, you heard them on the show. when reported the last day of february, they were phenomenal which is how to stock worked 60 up to 71 in change the next day. again, i like work day. maybe more than at that weakness. finally i have tremendous faith my point is all these stocks got killed when they gave us awful guidance and about the competitive environment and soft business spending from its customers. the tableau isn't a cloud of play, not a social play, mobile play like you saw the companies. the earnings season is over. everyone who sold these other text docks from similar analytics place could barely relate to cloud space software. they made a huge mistake. turns out the cloud isn't dead and big data is fine. here's the bottom line. the next time we get a situation where a high flying accompany
3:55 am
blames the entire industry causing everything else in the sector to get crushed, please remember it's possible. this accompany could be the outlier. the reality is they have their problems and everyone else is doing fine. if you realize that at the time you could made a fortune. stick with cramer. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there.
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didn't get a chance to talk oil. i still expect it to pull back under 35. you know i don't like the fossil fuels anymore. remember, when you look at these stocks for the long term, oil is going to stay lower longer for much longer than the people you hear when they come on these shows. the oil guys have been too bullish. i urge you to reign in your
3:59 am
time soon. instead, i think it's just going to flat line. i like to say this one more time. i like to find it just for you on mad money. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow. it's wednesday, march 9th. coming up on "early today," the donald wins big and bernie sanders score as major upset as the delegates add up, so do calls for some to step down. sir george martin has died that age of 90. weather alert. bill karins warns of flash flooding and torrential rain today. and hulk hogan is back on the stand in his $100 million sex tape trial. the bazar scene of what happened next.
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good morning. i'm dara brown. more primaries, more results. donald trump was a big winner, while bernie sanders had a huge upset in michigan. trump handedly took michigan and followed closely by ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. cruz did win idaho, and a state trump didn't even campaign in, although he said he liked their potatoes potatoes. and michigan, where bernie sanders edged out hillary clinton, although clinton dominated in the mississippi primary and nbc news called trump as the winner in hawaii. speaking from florida last night, trump thanked supporters while talking about a growing movement. >> thank you very much, everyone. this was an amazing evening. i want to thank the public, the people of michigan, i want to


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