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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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brief weeks until the heat it's tuesday, march 8th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." authorities call it a miracle. no one is killed when a packed california commuter train goes off the rails, sending some passengers into a creek. voters in four states take part in the presidential vote. front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton hope to pull even farther away from the field. a tearful farewell from peyton manning. after 18 seasons, two super bowls and a trove of nfl records, one of the greatest players in pro football history says good-bye. and caught on camera. a police officer stops a woman
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from the front of her car. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, crews are on the scene this morning of a california commuter train derailment. nine people were taken to the hospital, four with serious injuries. the altamont corridor express. the sheriff's office says the train jumped the rails after hitting a tree that fell on the tracks. the first car with about six people on board fell on its side and into a creek. rescue crews had to battle fast-moving water to rescue passengers from the partially submerged car. >> i held on to the rails, and right then, the train tipped over. and then i saw people falling over from the other side of the train because the train flipped. and then the next thing we knew, the water -- we started seeing water coming into the bottom of the train. >> the second car derailed but
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it was raining heavily at the time of the accident. more severe weather is possible today in the southern plains. a strong storm system threatens texas, arkansas and louisiana with widespread rainfall and powerful wind. there's the potential for tornadoes today in north texas. a possible twister touched down last night west of fort worth. at least 12 homes were damaged. residents said the storm hit fast. >> i just ran into the hallway, johnny's in the kitchen. i said, come, johnny. there's something going on. about that time the roof goes off. >> power lines are down and other buildings are damaged, but there are no reports of serious injuries. well, voters in four states cast ballots today in presidential primaries or caucuses. democrats hold contests in michigan and mississippi. republicans seek votes in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. the big prize is michigan where record turnout is expected.
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delegates and 59 republican delegates up for grabs. a new poll finds donald trump with a 13-point lead over ted cruz, but john kasich is making a late charge. don champion has our report. >> reporter: campaigning in mississippi monday night, donald trump kept ted cruz in his crosshairs. >> lyin' ted cruz who really is a liar, really a liar. >> reporter: trump leads cruz by only 80 delegates. cruz claims he's the only candidate who can beat the billionaire. >> if you vote for anyone else, a vote for john kasich, a vote for marco rubio, is effectively a vote for donald trump. >> reporter: but ohio governor john kasich says he's on home turf now and expects to do well. >> things i want to say are solution oriented. you know, i want to tell people how we can fix this mess. >> reporter: marco rubio is using automated get-out-the-vote calls featuring 2012 gop nominee mitt romney.
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clinton leads senator bernie sanders by more than 600 delegates. she campaigned in detroit monday night. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans! >> reporter: sanders told a crowd in ann arbor clinton was wrong during sunday's debate when she accused him of being against the auto industry bailout in 2008. >> of course, i voted to defend the automobile industry. what i did not vote for was a middle-class bailout for the crooks on wall street. >> reporter: michigan election officials are expecting record turnout today. also this morning, we now know former new york city mayor michael bloomberg will not be making a third-party bid for the white house. in an editorial yesterday, bloomberg said he worried his independent bid would mean a trump or cruz win.
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not a risky can take in good conscience. anne-marie? >> don champion here in new york, thanks a lot, don. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll talk to donald trump about his campaign, today's contest and what comes next. funeral services for former first lady nancy reagan will be held friday. first lady michelle obama will attend. mrs. reagan will be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california, next to her husband. president obama says she'll be remembered for her grace, charm and the extraordinary love she had for president reagan. >> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. and i'm sure he'd be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> nancy reagan died sunday from congestive heart failure. he was 94 years old. the somali extremist group
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the u.s. has bombed an area it controls, but it claims casualty reports are exaggerated. the pentagon says more than 150 militant fighters were killed saturday when drones and manned aircraft launched missiles and bombs on a training camp. the pentagon says the militants were preparing for a large-scale attack. al shabaab claims responsibility for a bomb that exploded at an airport checkpoint north of somalia's capital, mogadishu. the bomb was hidden in a laptop computer. two other explosives were found and defused. three people were hurt. a chicago man is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a 9-year-old boy. police say 22-year-old dwight boone-doty was already held on unrelated gun charges when he was connected to the shooting of tyshawn lee. he was lured from a playground in november and shot in the head because of his father's gang ties. sportscaster erin andrews is thanking her family and lawyers
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andrews cried monday as the nashville jury's verdict was read in the lawsuit over a nude video. jurors blamed the owner and operator of a nashville hotel plus her stalker who made the secret recording. the hotel may appeal. >> we believe, and we continue to believe, that this was not foreseeable. that what mr. barrett did was unforeseeable to industry, had never occurred prior to that and again, as i said has not occurred since then. >> andrews gave tearful testimony last week saying release of the video led to embarrassment, humiliation and shame. well, a shocking announcement from tennis star maria sharapova. the russian singles champ announced monday that she has failed a drug test at the australian open. she tested positive for a drug used -- she says she's used for the last decade for health reasons. but in january, the world anti-doping agency banned meldonium now considered to be a
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>> i don't want to end my career this way, and i really hope that i will be given another chance to play this game. >> so far the women's tennis association has not announced a penalty which could include a multiyear ban from the game. coming up on the "morning news," hulkster takes the stand. he testifies in his sex tape lawsuit. later, a brazen display on a big rig. a woman stops traffic when she strips down on top of a semitruck. this is the "cbs morning news." if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec . powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptom* ,all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort allergy spray.
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from a pop star against producer dr. luke. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the washington post" reports on the arrest of a failed fence jumper near the white house. officers say he tackled -- he was tackled yesterday afternoon after trying to breach the fence. the secret service says that he didn't reach the grounds of the duplex. "the new york times" is reporting backlash among latinos against donald trump. some immigrants say they're rushing to become citizens so they can vote against him. trump's presidential campaign has included harsh comments about mexicans, citizenship applications are expected to jump 20% this year. "the boston globe" reports on a survivor of the boston marathon bombings who died in a car crash. 23-year-old victoria mcgrath is in this iconic photo. she's carried by a boston firefighter away from the carnage. she was just feet from the finish line when the bombs ss went off. the northeastern university
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crash over the weekend while on vacation in dubai. her roommate also died. "the tampa tribune" reports on hulk hogan's testimony in his $100 million sex video lawsuit. the former pro wrestler is suing the website gawker for publishing part of a video that shows hogan having sex with his best friend's wife. he said he was humiliated by the recording, and he confronted his friend about it. >> when the video was released, my whole world changed. it put my world upside down, and i was desperate to know if he did this because my whole life had changed. >> hogan said he did not authorize the tape to be made or for gawker to publish it. "rolling stone" reports on a new controversy about music producer dr. luke. pop star kelly clarkson said her record label forced her to work with him on her 2004 album. that record included the hit "since you've been gone," which was cowritten by dr. luke. the producer is in a legal fight with singer ke$ha who says he
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"the missourian" reports on spike lee's plans for a short documentary about the university of missouri football team. the director visited the campus over the weekend to view a movie about the team. players refused to compete last fall until the university president resigned over his handling of racism on campus. "the houston chronicle" reports on a massive traffic jam caused by a naked woman dancing on top of a big rig. the woman climbed onto the truck after a crash involving three other vehicles. >> she sat down on top of the hood, and she stood up, and she started acting like she was shooting at them like she had a machine gun. >> the woman stood, sat and danced for two hours. deputies and firefighters used a rope to lasso her. she was taken to a medical center for evaluation. well, a garbage truck driver gets the scare of his life. coming up on the "morning news," dashcam catches the moment the truck goes over the side of a
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and it's a case fit for the gang from stoobcooby-doo. why cops are looking for the
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dramatic video shows the moment a garbage truck flew off an elevated highway in miami and crashed into a playground below. the newly released video from inside the cabin shows debris flying everywhere. the driver survived even though he was not wearing a seat belt. he has been cited. the playground was empty at the time of the crash. police are investigating how this all happened. on the "cbs money watch," apple has to pay up over a price-fixing case. and the supreme court makes a decision on a superhero's ride. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. stocks on wall street were mixed following another jump in crude oil prices. the dow gained about 67 points. the s&p finished a point higher. the nasdaq lost 8 points. the supreme court declined to hear apple's appeal in an e-book price-fixing case. that left a lower court ruling from june of last year stand. apple was found guilty of conspiring with five major
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apple has to pay $450 million as part of the settlement. most of that money will go to e-book buyers. the union for pilots at american airlines calls the company's product embarrassing. the complaint comes in a letter addressed to ceo doug parker. it says its members are tired of apologizing to passengers. american and us airways merged two years ago. american says it's working to improve employee relations. you'll notice a special google doodle today in honor of international women's day when you press play on the website's home plaj page, you'll see the rallying cry for women around the world. it's called one day i will. calls for women to inspire to achieve their goal. it's what the company calls the movers and shakers of tomorrow. and a knock-off batmobile builder. the california mechanic who built replica cars and sold them.
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a lower court ruled in d.c.'s favor. the higher court's decision means that ruling will stand. anne-marie. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. another fictional ride is in the news. a van decorated to look like the mystery machine from scooby-doo led police on a high-speed chase over the weekend. police in redding, california, say that they're still looking for the driver. a 51-year-old woman who abandoned the vehicle. just follow the scooby snacks. still to come, spring training savior. a dad heads-up play and prevents his son from a serious injury in the stands of a baseball game. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself.
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mayday! mayday! we're sinking! coast guard 16! >> well, the coast guard swooped in just in time to save two fishermen off florida's gulf coast. the captain and crew member abandoned ship with their 37-foot boat started taking on water monday morning. they fired several flares before getting into an airlift just as their boat sank. the coast guard crew brought the pair on board. ooh. well, a quick-thinking dad saved his son from potential disaster over the weekend at a spring training baseball game. you've got to see this. pirates' outfielder danny ortiz lost his grip on the bat. and it went flying into the stands right toward a boy who was looking down at his phone. dad's quick reflexes and strong forearm shielded the boy from the bat. no one was hurt. looking at your phone during spring training? come on.
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retiring on top, leaving football as the nfl's all-time leader in passing yards, touchdown passes and wins. >> i finished my football race. and after 18 years, it's time. god bless -- >> the denver broncos' quarterback announced his retirement monday. his final game with denver's win last month in super bowl 50. manning joked about a conversation he had with his daughter before the game. >> daddy, is this the last game ever? and that's when i shook my head in amazement because i was thinking adam schefter had gotten my daughter to cultivate a news source. >> manning refused to address a sexual harassment claim from his college days that recently resurfaced. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," victoria's secret model lilly aldridge.
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making several million bees behave. the truck was carrying 450 hives when it tipped yesterday near nashville. the swarm made it difficult for emergency crews to reach the driver, and people with bee allergies were warned to stay away. coastal oregon is dealing this morning with an invasion of sea lions. dozens have taken over the docks in the town of rainier. they might look cute, but they can be pretty destructive. their weight can damage the docks, and the marina loses mooing fees when these big guys block boats. the worst part is for locals. the animals' loud noise all day long. a young woman who was told she could never give birth is looking forward to having a
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she received a uterus transplant. we have more from cleveland on the breakthrough operation. >> reporter: when lindsay was a teenager, doctors told her she would not be able to have children. >> from that moment on, i have prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy, and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> reporter: lindsay who didn't give her last name was born without a uterus. now she's the first patient in the u.s. to receive a uterus transplant. >> a moving, a healthy uterus from the deceased healthy woman of reproductive age. the uterus is cooled, transported and implanted in the recipient. >> reporter: the groundbreaking nine-hour surgery was performed last month at the cleveland clinic. the hospital has screened more than 250 women to find 10 who qualify for the research study. >> women really crave that experience of carrying their own pregnancy. and we know that those women will get that experience through
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>> reporter: lindsay will have to wait a year before trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. doctors say after one or two pregnancies, they will remove the uterus so lindsay is not on rejection drugs the rest of her life. lindsay took a moment to thank her donor's family. >> it has provided me with a gift that i will never be able to repay. >> reporter: lindsay and her husband are already parents to three adopted sons. weija jiang, cleveland. we are getting a glimpse this morning of the royal family's vacation as a family of four. prince william and his wife, kate, traveled with 2-year-old prince george and charlotte who will be 1 in may. how cute. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll speak with republican presidential front-runner donald trump about today's elections in four states. plus, astronaut scott kelly on how he's adjusting to life on earth after nearly a year in
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and dj diplo sits down with charlie rose in cuba to talk about his historic performance on the island. that's the "cbs morning news"
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live from studio 46. this is cbs2 news this morning. it is 4:30. 52 degrees. we're getting a real taste of spring with temperatures in the 60s. this is a preview for tomorrow's record temperatures. good morning welcome to cbs 2 this morning. breaking news a hit-and-run in the bronx leaves a woman in critical condition. she is now fighting for her life while the hunt is on for the driver. we are live from the scene this morning. >> reporter: investigators are hoping video from this near by deli will help lead them to the driver who left the scene. this was the scene last night as they combed williams bridge road to lead them to the person


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