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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 20, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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cloudy. this trend will continue through the weekend with unseasonable warm, not just today by tomorrow as well. after that we've got storms to talk about. details in my full forecast. back to you. thanks. breaking news in brooklyn, two police officers and a suspect have been shot after a dangerous chase and collision in bed stuy. >> ilana gold joins us live from the scene with the latest. >> reporter: we can tell you those officers are at the hospital recovering and they're expected to be okay. they were shot out here down malcolm x boulevard around 3:00 this morning. police have had this area blocked off and talking to witnesses, trying to figure out what led to this confrontation. we can tell you the suspect is in custody in critical hospital. a frantic morning on malcolm x
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police say a man was firing shots in the area, and two housing officers tracked him down in a car. he reportedly pointed a gun at them and drove off. they called for backup and eight other officers chased after him. he went down a wrong way street and crashed head head-on into a police cruiser. shots were fired. >> officers struck him multiple times. two police officers were struck by gunfire. >> reporter: they say a bullet struck one officer in his bullet-proof vest. hip. >> we've had the opportunity to visit them and their families who are with them. they are both alert and in stable condition. >> these officers pursued their work last night with vigor, with focus. they're debt kateed officer --
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>> reporter: both officers now focused on their recovery. the nypd released a picture of a revolver found at the scene. >> this morning is a reminder of the important and dangerous and crucial work that our police officers do and the way they put their lives on the line for us every single day, and that is why this city is kept safe because these men and women step up for us. >> reporter: here's another live look at the scene in brooklyn, where two officers were shot and injured early this morning. at this point their names are not being released, but that could happen later on this afternoon. live in bed stuy, brooklyn, ilana gold, cbs2 news. thank you. also new this morning, brooklyn man has died in a possible hazing incident at buffalo state college. bradley doily played on the men's basketball team during his first two and a half years. the 21-year-old died thursday night at the hospital.
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been hazeed off campus while pledging alpha phi alpha fraternity. the college and fraternity's national association have suspended the state chapter. investigators say a man can be seen inside this restaurant with wearing a hoodie. he was apparently asking for basketball league. the teen returned later on and slashed the worker across the face. video shows him outside the straint with two other -- restaurants with two other teens. franklin reyes junior was 17 when he struck a woman and her grandmother while being chased by police in 2013. the girl died, her grandmother was permanently injured. before sentencing yesterday, reyes apologized for the first
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>> i have hurt the russo family in a way that their pain will never be heeled and forgotten. i am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering i have caused. >> what kind of person are you, franklin reyes? are you a bad person that wants to harm others? are you going to end your reckless ways and try to do something meaningful with your life? >> he is eligible for parole in august of next year. the russo family says they'll be there to oppose his release every time he's eligible. a new revelation in a sexting scandal. despite his calls for a criminal investigation, he has yet to sign a complaint. he claims x-rated texts were sent by a hacker. he said he filed a criminal complaint with the police department. his spokesman now says his office will offer an additional comment when the investigation
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service at penn station is back to normal after a small fire led to delays last night. it broke out in a signal box around 9:00. it caused a power outage in one that outage led to the temporary sus suspension of new jersey transit and amtrak service. the lirr was not affected. the bayonne bridge is closed this weekend for construction. it shut down at 9:00 last night for the ongoing roadway raising project. it will stay closed until 5:00 monday morning. similar closures from next friday to monday february 29th. during the closures traffic will be diverted to the goethals bridge. a final farewell for supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> plus, high rollers and holy rollers? who is favored ahead of today's races in nevada and south carolina. >> a scam alert. find out how thieves are taking advantage of your civic duty.
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to find a parking spot, but could the new technology trigger road rage instead? >> looking lovely out there now. we have a warm weekend ahead. but tomorrow night we have another storm on the way that could bring wintry weather and a big storm that will impact the second half of your work week. details coming up. first a check on the community
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campaign 2016, republican presidential candidates are gearing for today's south carolina primary. the day could help weed out the crowded field. >> one of my problems is i'm straight. i tell it straight. i tell it like it is. >> the next 24 hours we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties we've blessed to enjoy. >> democratic primary is today. polls show hillary clinton with a slight lead over bernie sanders.
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released 562 more documents from hillary clinton's e-mail account that she kept on a private server while secretary of state. the department says portions of 64 of the documents were upgraded to the confidential level, but officials say none of the information was marked classified when the e-mails were sent. funeral for superior court supreme court justice antonin scalia is set for this morning in washington. the president and first lady were among thousands who were at the viewing yesterday. his son paul, who is a catholic priest led a prayer service. vice president joe biden and his wife will be among the dignitaries attending today's funeral. he died last week in texas at age 79. scammers posing as authorities are calling people and telling them they'll be arrested for missing jury duty. then they demand money to get out of it. the federal trade commission says these kinds of scams are
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>> get a phone call that says that there was a bench warrant out for my arrest, that i had missed jury duty. >> he says all you need to do is send money via paypal and was wrong. >> in many cases the criminals use technology called spoofing to make their number look like it comes from a local court or police department. we have new video out of expected to hit. winter warmup. let's head over to vanessa alfano who is tracking all of it. >> today, tomorrow will feel more like april. we'll have lots of warmth. it will be lovely. then a storm system that will move through tomorrow night,
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and another one that will really kind of take up the end of the work week. but that will be, both of them looking to be mainly rain. but nonetheless still a mess. not as we start off this morning, though. let's go ahead and take you live outside. i love this picture this morning. so beautiful out there. blue skies. warming up. 45 degrees. now winds are calm, on the breezy side generally speaking today. out of the southwest 10 to 15. spring-like today and tomorrow, and late tomorrow showers, yes, in the form of rain and then snow north and west of the city late sunday into monday. as this system wraps south it is possible for all of us to see a little bit of snow. then we are watching that mid- week storm system that i think will have a bigger impact on the weekend. or rather, the week. as we look at temperatures last saturday, do you remember? it was so cold.
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more than 35 degrees warmer and feels like early april. will feel like 80. countdown to spring, it is on, 29 days to go. of course it will feel and look so much like spring today. we have sunshine over the city. skies clearing on the east end of long island. looking good to start the day. but we'll have clouds filtering through. we're calling for a partly sunny afternoon. very mild, though, entering into the warm sector of the storm system moving through. tomorrow's system will be moving to the south. we want to start you off tomorrow afternoon at 2:00, so you can see what's happening. wet weather moving across the midsection in our direction. here we are tomorrow night at 10:00, it moves in as rain for us here. as we look to the north and west of the city this model wants to project it being dry at this point in time. i think perhaps we'll see more moisture to the north and west. snow north and west, everybody else starts as rain, and as the
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morning, cold air dives in, a little bit of snow as it makes its exit. by monday afternoon, skies are clearing and generally the afternoon will be quite nice. for today, 58 degrees. mixture of sunshine and clouds. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. tonight partly cloudy and 43. 30s in the suburbs. tomorrow a high of 54. we'll have the clouds thickening through the day. wet weather moving in in the evening. rain to start for most of us. as it exits overnight into monday morning, we'll wrap out as snow. dusting to an inch areas north and west of the city. most of us, no accumulation, just take it slow on the roadways early monday. into wednesday through friday, it will get messy, wednesday showers, thursday windy with heavy rain, and then friday snow showers as the system moves out. >> just when you get your hopes up for the warm weather. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. his job was to clean the city, but police say a city
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doing the opposite. >> he was throwing bottles, he was throwing stones, he was throwing whatever he could find. >> and that's not all. find out what happened when officers confronted him. >> a bus full of children barely clears the train tracks in time. guess who the driver is blaming?
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morning. police have arrested a city sanitation worker accused of
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fence and leading officers on a chase while in his street sweeper. investigators say roman protas was on duty when he was caught on camera throwing trash at a statue of jesus in burrough park, brooklyn. >> he was throwing bottles, he was throwing stones, whatever he could find over into, cursing and yelling. he got back into the truck, took all the bottle, started drinking. >> investigators say the 38- year-old returned to the church 40 minutes later and threw flowers at a statue of pope john paul ii. almost every driver can relate to the frustration of finding a parking spot. a new app is hoping to ease the stress, but will it help or create more parking wars? cbs2's jessica schneider reports. >> reporter: how many times did you circle the block before you found this spot? >> like 10 times.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: those days of circling the lot for a spot might be over. an app puts parking on par with an exact science. >> it connects people looking their spots. >> reporter: 32-year-old founder robin gerver got the habits. >> he puts a piece of paper on his car and a frowning face if he's not leaving that day and a smiley face if he is leaving that day. and people actually know to look out for his car. so i thought there's got to be an app for this. >> reporter: rather than wait for a parking spot to open up, which is rare, you can find it on your phone. it will show you within a 20 block radius if a spot is open or not. the dots tell you which driver is ready to leave. it works on an honor system.
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the person pulling in has to say if it was successful or not. >> reporter: so far, 1,000 people have signed up. but aaa wonders if problems might arise. >> different people with getting the information that a space is available, might they all descend on that spot and you'll have more problems than before? >> reporter: jessica schneider, cbs2 news. greg on camera 2 says he'll stick to it the old fashioned way. >> drive around and wait until you see someone? a bus driver comes within inches of a fast moving train, and why the driver is blaming the students. >> bayonne bridge closed until midnight tonight. motorists should use the
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midnight tonight until 9 sunday, brooklyn bridge closed for rehabilitation project.
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we have video now of a terrifying close call in houston. a train nearly slamed into the back of a school bus full of high school students. they were on their way home last week when they recorded the incident. the students say they were
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>> we were all screaming and telling her to move forward and everyone was just really freaking out and really terrified at the moment. >> the driver actual blamed the students saying they were being so loud she couldn't drive safely. the school fired the bus driver, saying she didn't follow protocol. >> lucky to be alive. sports now, the mets are in florida for spring training and excited to meet with fans. >> here's otis livingston with your sports update. >> good morning. want to talk about excitement here in florida? 1500 met fans showed up. the mets tell me that's a record since they started having training here in 1988. my photographer, joe, is already in mid-season form, keeping up with the guys as
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it's not all about baseball yesterday, as matt harvey took time out to meet with seth proctor, a fan from connecticut stricken with huntington's disease but works out every day. a number of position players light david wright and grander son were there in. successful for collins for the on. >> tremendous, our fans coming out today was incredible. very, very fun to see that. it was very fun to see the guys out there and the energy level in the morning. didn't have much to say today except let's go get them. >> as much as we want to be home with our mom and dad and wives and kids, you look forward to getting a chance to be with your brothers, your army, to be with your team you're going to do battle with.
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new gm marks. brooklyn takes a 13-point lead. knicks kept it close, but not close enough. knicks lost 109-98 the final. i'm otis livingston, have a great day. just one more final update on the breaking news we've been following in brooklyn. two police officers and a suspect are in the hospital after a shooting in bed stuy. 34-year-old after hearing gunfire after 3:00 a.m. they say he crashed his car into a police vehicle. officers opened fire, shooting him several times. one police officer was shot in the hip, the other in the chest, but his bullet-proof vest stopped the bullet from going through. they're recovering at kings county hospital and expected to be okay. police say the suspect is in critical condition at brookdale hospital. final look at your weather
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warmer than it's been, right? >> yes. huge warmup today. about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. 15 degrees above seasonable levels. it will be a beautiful start to your weekend. just a little breezy. sunshine today and clouds as well. 58 in the city. 61 in toms river. note the high in montauk of 49. temperatures cooler near the water. tomorrow in the 50s, more clouds, though. >> enjoy it, because we get snow later, right? >> yes. >> thanks so much. >> that wraps up today's cbs2 news saturday morning. our next newscast is tonight at 6:00. >> but you can check news all day long on >> thanks for watching, have a great saturday. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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