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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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to kill his girlfriend and then kill himself. police are still searching for that suspect. but we do know that a young mother and one of her children are now dead, two others are in critical condition at local hospitals. now what we know about this young mother is that she's 25 years old. this call came in around 10:10 this morning. the family apparently lived inside of this hotel. they are a shelter family. this is one of the hotels that works with dhs to shelter families here. and again, the call coming in at 10:10 of multiple stab wounds the. young mother was taken to the area hospital. her three children all girls two of them are infants. one about four or five years old. and they were taken to staten island university hospital. one of them has since died two. are still in critical condition. and now what we don't know, again, is a relationship necessarily between the young mother, her children and the
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but we do know that police are still looking for the suspect. he is still on the loose. nypd helicopters are circling around right now. there are nypd on the ground, detectives searching the area. and we have much more information coming up as soon as we get it. from staten island, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. now to the campaign trail. the two big winners last night in new hampshire headed straight for new york after their victory speeches. >> donald trump did a round of media interviews this morning and bernie sanders had a meeting at a political power spot in harlem. andrea grymes reports. >> reporter: supporters cheered and reverend al sharpton greeted him with a hug as bernie sanders arrived shortly before 10:00 this morning. >> it's just so exciting to see him. i believe in him so much. all my friends are behind him. >> reporter: what specific issues do you like? >> the economy, debt.
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finance and ending mass incarceration. >> reporter: while sanders lost by a razor thin margin to hillary rodham clinton in iowa, last night in new hampshire it wasn't even close. he met with sharpton this morning while look ago head to the next contest in south carolina where there's a more diverse electric. >> i asked him about clinton. i have asked him bluntly about affirmative action. i have asked him bluntly about the issues of police brutality and police misconduct. >> reporter: sanders left without talking to the media. on the republican side, donald trump is also back in new york this morning coming off his big win in new hampshire. >> we are really happy about it. really great. >> reporter: while trump came in second in iowa, he won first place last night by a large margin. the ohio governor john kasich came in second. and texas senator ted cruz in third. trump believes he is getting support because he is self- funding his campaign. >> i am not controlled by the
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and these other people. and a lot of people say they checked charlie, checked the results and they say that was a big reason, people are tired of it. politicians are controlled by the people that put up the money. >> reporter: trump does have support here in harlem. >> a good business man and i want to be on your team to make america great. >> reporter: for sharpton, he spent about 20 minutes with sanders and he says he plans to meet with hillary rodham clinton and will announce his endorsement after that. andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. former mayor michael bloomberg is considering a presidential run. i asked donald trump what he thought about another new york billionaire joining the race. >> reporter: what's your retox the former mayor saying he will consider a run as an independent candidate? >> i hope he does. run. i would love to compete with him. but i would love to see michael run. >> bloomberg's people indicated
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he plans to make a decision within a month. meanwhile, governor chris christie has left the campaign trail and back home in new jersey after a disappointing sixth place finish. christie told supporters he would be reviewing the final vote count before making a decision on the future of his campaign. two police officers and a suspect are hurt after a traffic stop on long island. it all start when a gas station was robbed. carolyn gusoff is live with that story here at noon. >> reporter: good afternoon. two police officers were responding to a theft at this gas station. and they're going to be okay but it was indeed a close call. they were struck by the opened doors of a moving car as the suspects got away. this 76 gas station on busy route 112 in medford, the scene of a police-involved shooting after fleeing suspects backed into a police officer and patrol car. events unfolding quickly at 1:00 a.m.
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attendant hit a panic button when he feared a customer was stealing beer. police responded and stopped three suspects outside in the car. with both doors open, the suspect's car backed up. >> there were two officers at either open door. the suspect put the into reverse, backed his car into the officer's car, the opened doors forced the officers back. >> reporter: to stop the car from fleeing, police say one officer fired at the moving vehicle. >> one of the officer fired three shots at the the car. no one in the car was hit. >> i heard one big bang. >> reporter: neighbors heard the gunfire as the suspect's car kept going setting off a location search, ending five miles away. police located two men at this dwi. charged. police say they're still search ising for a third man.
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lives say they were awakened by choppers overhead. at the gas the station, workers are shaken about how a petty theft played out. >> a dangerous business. >> reporter: but they're relieved that the injuries weren't worse. and now one of the fleeing suspects did sustain minor injury, not from the bullets but from shattered glass. and the two officers were happy to report were treated for minor injuries and released from a local hospital. live in medford, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. police have identified a man wanted for a sexual assault on the upper east side. the nypd is looking for the 32- year-old gregory anderson, accused of attacking a woman on east 94th street saturday morning. police say he stole $40 from the 36-year-old woman and then groped her. the victim is seen on surveillance video going into a store for help. her alleged attacker followed her. the clerk said he claimed to be looking for his wife.
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jury deliberations is underway in the trial of the nypd officer. he is charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of a man. he had his gun drawn as they patrolled a dark stairwell in east new york. the defense says the gun went off when the officer heard a noise but the prosecutor claims he was aiming for suspect who was unarmed. he faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. police in queens continue the search for the driver accused of hitting a teenager crossing the street and leaving her to die. it happened overnight. cbs 2 news' janelle burrell reports. >> reporter: pieces of medical equipment on the pavement where paramedics trying to revive the 16-year-old girl. the teen walking in the crosswalk of this intersection of francis lewis boulevard and sunrise highway when police say a van slammed into her and did not stop. >> i've had a couple incidents where i'm almost hit walking with her to school. >> reporter: christina tucker and her 5-year-old daughter cross here almost every day. >> the turn right there, they
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if there's cars stopped, they don't want to wait. >> reporter: the collision happened just before 12:30 this morning. investigators collecting evidence overnight, trying to locate the driver of what they describe as a dark-colored van. the speed limit along the stretch is 25 miles per hour. and on sunrise highway, 40 miles per hour. but pedestrians like john charles say people often drive much faster. >> you have to stop and look around. otherwise, someone going to kill you. >> reporter: even with the crossing light, they say getting across the four lanes of traffic and the median can be difficult. >> because it's so wide that by the time you reach halfway in the road, the light starts, you know, like you have to run across. >> reporter: so there's not enough time to get across. >> no, for such a wide intersection. >> reporter: police have put up a sign with information about
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locate the driver of that van. reporting from the rosedale section of queen, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. police have not yet released the name of the teen killed. the nightmare continues for damaged at sea. possible. we don't want to be here anymore. >> when the ship is expected to arrive back in new jersey and who is now calling for the feds to investigate. plus, caught on camera. an intense rescue at sea with only seconds to spare. and the beginning of lent. catholics line up to mark ash wednesday. johnny -- >> a little bit of sun trying to break through. we're also dealing with left over snow. we've got that and a big chill
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don't forget to the follow us on facebook and like our page. take a look at this water rescue. the coast guard released footage of a rescue crew swimming out to pull a migrant from a sinking boat. the man was seen clinging to an almost completely submerged boat before the crew was able to pull him to safety. more delays for passenger
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hit high waves. >> royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was supposed to return to port this morning but that's not going to the happen and now there's a call for an investigation. >> reporter: the video and pictures are startling, 30-foot waves crashing into windows on the anthem of the seas off the coast of north carolina sunday. winds topping more than 100 miles per hour sent chairs flying around outside. there were broken vase, passengers struggling to maintain footing. large chunks of ceiling were left dangling and other damage was snapped by passengers on the nearly 200,000-ton liner. >> something separating the cabins, like those, i don't know if you can see. but it flew away. >> reporter: speaking via skype, he shows us the mini bar snacks they ate during the 12- plus-hours they were asked to stay in their cabin during the storm. >> my wife got seasick.
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we don't want to be here anymore. >> reporter: he says initially they were told they would 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. but he shares with us the most recent message from the captain. >> the time for arrival is still a little bit undecided. local authorities. >> reporter: and he shared this video of the captain explaining to passengers that wind speeds were higher than forecasted. >> in 24 hour, it went from being this to what you see here. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson wants the national transportation safety board to investigate. >> the thing about this storm was that it was forecast for days. so why in the world would a cruiseship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it? >> the new estimated time of arrival for the cruiseship, 9:00 tonight. now more on the breaking
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jim smith is in chopper 2 over information for us. jim -- >> reporter: yeah, mary, we can tell you as police and emergency service units are still investigating the scene here, just a recap, four people ramda inn. two have died and two are in critical condition. police are now releasing a photo, 22-year-old michael him. and they are investigating the scene along the street. and if you have informs related to the situation, contact the local police. police now looking for 23-year- old michael sikes in relation to this incident. cbs 2 news. >> thank you. christians around the world marked the beginning of lent today with the celebration of ash wednesday. hundreds of the faithful stood in line to receive ashes. they held mass to celebrate the day of fasting.
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reflection and sacrifice to prepare for the celebration of easter. panic in lower manhattan after a scary site at one world trade. smoke appeared to be coming from the building. what happened. and the snow is gone but the cold is now on the way.
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> the scariest part of surgery is the fear of the unknown. >> that's right, turns out, one in five patients is unhappy
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change all of. that tonight at 11:00, the doctor reveals his new look created with the help of 3d facial features and explains this new try before you buy approach. we've got some changing comes for this weekend. >> first off, i didn't mind the way max looks right now. >> he looks like tom cruise. >> yeah, i know. speaking of the facial features this weekend, the national weather service alertings to the fact that this weekend, wind chills will be below zero for almost everybody for the entire weekend. especially in the evenings. so yeah, make sure you're mindful of that. and let's talk about weather watchers and what they're watching right now, 33 jason in ridge. his neighbor in plainview, raffle 0 ralph has 35 and this comment, it's cold and cloudy but at least we made it above freezing. and i like this number too.
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another .25 of snow last night. so we're creeping toward 5 inches for the season. bear that in mind. we were dealing with 30 inches in one event closer to the city in and long island, and up into the hudson valley. 5 inches for the season. so let's keep the tally going. and now this is from this morning. north and west, success had 1.1 inches. -- sussex had 1.1 inches. and parts of the jersey shore, about .75. so this has not been a significant snow event but north and west, at least it tacks on to the meager totals that you have seen. we are seeing some, well, a little bit of sun in the city but still mostly cloudy and 37. wind out of the west. numbers 37 in white plains and greenwich and sparta as well. 36 in babylon. savor it. it's going to be the warmest day of the week. we will try to tack on two and get you to 39, still two shy of where we should be. record 61 and 6 below.
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left over snow for suffolk county. you will add to your much more impressive total, not only from earlier in the week but from the event a few weeks ago as well. and then you have a few more passing snow showers during the course of the afternoon. timing it out for you, a few this afternoon, tomorrow morning, a brief burst of snow and then we see a few more thursday afternoon. what's interesting is that arctic air gets ready to take over and we could see a burst of snow on saturday but then we're talking about winds driving those wind chill values to almost, well, 30 to 35 degrees below zero. the worst of it, i know, is going to be overnight saturday into sunday. so a serious situation. plan on the cold this weekend. >> layer up. >> yeah. >> serious. thank you, john. well, winter is the perfect time to eat your greens. >> fresh grocer tony tantillo
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tantillo has your tip of the day. >> reporter: this time of the year, cooking greens are at their peak. cold temperature, especially at night. actually enhances the flavor and adds more nutrition. a little bit more. but the flavor this time of year is beautiful. and look how beautiful this is with the nice, wide, white right here. when you buy them, white all the way through. the vains going through the leaves have to be white. the green has to be nice and green. any yellowing whatsoever. and squeeze it, when it's nice and fresh, you can feel the freshness. when you bring them home, store them home in the fridge, open up the back so they can breathe. and a super food, loaded with nutritional value. i like to par boil them for a little while. and then put them in a cold bath, cook for two minute, hot, salt water, cold bath, extra injure vin olive oil, chopped
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news, if you could avoid a colonoscopy, would you? plus, should you let your pet sleep in the bed with you? experts say it depends. those stories and much more on cbs 2 news givenning topped at 5:00. and that's it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us, i'm mary calvi. >> and i am chris wragge.
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