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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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we're following breaking news of deadly shootings in michigan. the number of deaths has changed so far this morning. the suspect is under arrest and police say the victims were chosen at random. when you win it's beautiful, and we're going to start -- we're going to start winning for our country. >> republican front-runner donald trump gets his second victory in a row in his race to the white house. democrat hillary clinton comes out a winner, too, taking nevada. we like this, spring-like temperatures on the way but we're also tracking rain for today. good morning, katy zachry. it's just 9:00 a.m. on sunday. talking about mild temperatures
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let's get a check of your first alert forecast with meteorologist karen thomas. hi, karen. >> good morning, indicakaty, go morning, everyone. it's feeling mild outside. no matter what your plans are, i think you'll like the forecast, at least three-quarters of the forecast. sunshine in this morning's region. clouds will be moving in and will be thickening through the afternoon. who is going to argue with temperatures, 55 in millville, 54 in wildwood. a little cooler in philadelphia at 47, then, of course, the cold spot up north and west of philadelphia. all in all, though, not too bad of a day. a little cloudier, not warm as yesterday. we are expecting showers to move into the area late this afternoon into the evening hours. temperatures across the region still average this time of year, 55 to 58 degrees. i'll be back with more weather in just a bit. katy. >> thank you, karen. breaking news out of michigan.
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police revised death count in shooting rampage in kalamazoo. they now say six people died. two others, including a 14-year-old girl were seriously hurt. now, according to authorities, they say a gunman drove around the city randomly shooting people at a car dealership, restaurant and apartment complex all last night. >> there's seven people that tonight were engaged in every day life, going out to eat, going to look at a new car, and baby-sitting is my understanding. they had no participation in what led to their not being with us anymore. >> police arrested jason dalton early this morning. officers say he did not resist arrest and they found weapons in his car. authorities expect him to be arraigned this afternoon. back at home roosevelt
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boulevard back open after three crashes early this morning. 11-year-old boy and a man in critical condition following crashes and several other people were hurt. you can see there were dozens of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances in both northbound and southbound lanes in the nicetown section of philadelphia around 2:00 a.m. we're told one car overturned and another car wrecked in the same area close to broad street, a mile sous of the wyissahickowissahickon. it was closed several hours and just reopened. decision 2016, here are your winning presidential candidates from yesterday donald trump ran away with south carolina's republican primary and hillary clinton hung on to win nevada's caucus. in south carolina donald trump won with 33% of the gop vote. marco rubio finished just ahead of ted cruz, both around 22%. in nevada, hillary clinton came out on top with 53% of the vote. bernie sanders got 47%.
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here is part of clinton's victory speech. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. the fight goes on. the future we want is within our grasp. >> clinton was expected to easily win in nevada up to a few weeks ago but had to rally women and minorities and union voters to claim that victory. bernie sanders voiced optimism after his second place finish in nevada. the vermont senator told supporters democrats in philadelphia for their national convention this summer will see one of the great political upsets in u.s. history. now, in the republican race for president, primary voters in south carolina gave billionaire businessman donald trump an easy victory. trump's family joined him on stage during his victory speech in spartanburg, south carolina, last night. he congratulated his opponents and referred to gop nomination saying let's put this thing away.
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senator marco rubio sounded confident after his second place finish in south carolina. rubio said he's ready to claim the mantel of leadership. senator ted cruz, who finished just behind rubio, said his campaign defied expectation of pundits. also last night republican candidate jeb bush bowed out of the race. listen to his comments. >> i am suspending my campaign. >> no. >> yeah, yes. >> bush finished a distant fourth in south carolina following poor showings in iowa and new hampshire. later this morning presidential hopeful donald trump, marco rubio and bernie sanders will talk with chuck todd on "meet the press." it comes your way right here at 10:30 on nbc 10. new from overnight, a 20-year-old man is dead after a double shooting in philadelphia's hunting park
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section. we're told the second victim is a 17-year-old girl who was shot multiple times. she was taken to temple university hospital and listed in stable conditions. both found inside a car. no word yet on a suspect or motive in that. also new from overnight, a suspect is under arrest in the stabbing of a 13-year-old boy. nbc 10 was on the scene along holding street in west philadelphia. police tell us the stabbing happened just after midnight. the boy is listed in stable condition medically treating him for a stab wound to the arm. two new york city police officers are expected to recover after being wounded in a shoot-out with a suspect. >> a bus en route to the location. officer down at the location. >> police hearing that call raced to help two of their own in brooklyn yesterday. this is the alleged shooter. police recovered this gun you're looking at from his vehicle.
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they say one of the wounded officers was saved by his protective gear just like his detective father was 27 years ago. >> heavenly father, son, a number of years apart, both saved by the vest we now require all personnel to wear. >> you're looking at one of the two wounded officers, both in stable condition. the suspect, who was also shot, was listed in critical condition. police say he used an alias. he had 19 arrests on his record and was wanted for crimes across the country. well, hundreds of people in philadelphia are showing their support for an nypd officer convicted of killing a man. hundreds rallied in philadelphia's chinatown yesterday from peter laing. laing was convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 accidental shooting death of an unarmed man in brooklyn.
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protesters believe it was unjust and the result of political pressure and influence. >> what's unjust >> what is unjustice by the victim can't be better by unjustice to the police officer. it's society that should do better. >> protesters tell us the police department does not give officer laing adequate training. this protest was one of dozens across the city in support of officer laing. it's 9:08. happening today, a salute to philadelphia's first responders at the rothman rink at dilworth park. roth man officer free admission with scale rental for first responders and family members. the event runs from 1:00 to 4:00 and is designed as a thank you to the city's emergency workers the mayor, son of a philadelphia firefighter, is expected to attend. the mayor also honored
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firefighters in center city yesterday. he was among denies at the mass, they honored those who lost their lives in the line of duty. a man rescued after a staircase crumbled under his feet. church street in old city last night, investigators tell us the victim injured his leg when the stairs gave way under him. he was trapped until firefighters could free him. city inspectors were called to the building to investigate what happened. happening today, hundreds of penn state students will finally get a chance to sit down after spending 46 hours on their feet to raise money for families affected by childhood cancer. this is a live look at the dance marathon better known as "thon."
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they have been dancing since friday night in the jordan center and will continue doing so until noon. good luck with that. just ahead, prison guards say they are under attack. now their union is calling for help. the change they say is needed before an officer is seriously hurt. and the man accused of leaking secret government information says he's ready to come back to the u.s., but edward snowden has one condition and that's ahead on nbc 10 today.
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who didn't like those spring-like temperatures yesterday. it took the edge off the polar plunge in chester county. dozens rushed to take a dip in
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the brandy creek. the plunge raised money for the alliance to national natural resources. that was yesterday. today more of the same, maybe a little cooler but so much on the mild side. let's get a check of the first alert forecast from meteorologist karen thomas. hi, karen. >> hi, katy. those pictures, still bone chilling cold yesterday to be in a bathing suit and river for sure. on the mild side, we like that. heading out this morning, you may need a light jacket. if you're up in the poconos, you definitely need ski wear but skiers are out nice and early because they want to take advantage of the very tranquil weather up there. 40 in the pocono mountains, not much wind to speak of. feeling pretty good, peeks of sunshine, perfect skiing weather. 47 in philadelphia. look down closer to south jersey and southern delaware, it's 53 in dover, 57 in atlantic city, 54 in wildwood. so really feeling quite nice outside.
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we are above average for this time of year. satellite showing we do have clouds moving in, so you want to take advantage of this early morning sunshine while we have it because the clouds will be thickening as we move through our afternoon. you see some showers pushing into hagerstown and pushing into northeastern maryland, parts of pennsylvania right now. those showers will be headed our way later this afternoon. for today we'll call it mild and breezy. may need the umbrellas later on today. all in all, temperatures still on the mild side, 55 to 58 degrees. i'll be back with a look at a mid storm coming our way as well. katy. >> thank you, karen. this summer philadelphia will the center of the political universe when dnc comes to town in july. to get you ready, the national center has a brand-new exhibit showing voters the history of running for president. nbc's randy gyllenhaal reports >> to win the white house,
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you've got to have a compelling campaign. >> i accept -- >> national constitution center. >> a firm, strong grip. >> reporter: matthew shows us how it's done. he runs the museum here history of presidential politics, a bobby kennedy button. >> we really take a look at the evolution of the process, how presidents have campaigned for office. >> this year's campaign might be one for the history books with the surge of outsider, anti-establishment candidates. >> it's a total new wave election. >> we caught up with this group of democrats conflicted between choosing an outsider like bernie or an insider like hillary. >> i think she's a creature of the system, whereas bernie is an outsider candidate. >> it feels like a big paradigm shift no matter what but i haven't decided which direction i would like to go for that. >> with dnc coming to philly this summer, voters are hoping the issues they care about take center stage. at the end of the exhibit you can write a post it note with
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your most important issue. >> i want to make education great again. we work in the schools in till dell. it's really hard to watch the state they are in right now. >> voters hoping their voices heard as the country once again chooses its next president. that exhibit, by the way, runs through the election in november. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are proud sponsors. meantime, voters in pennsylvania have two months to make up their minds. the primary here in late april. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. well, today is the biggest day in stock car racing, the daytona 500 is ready to roll. nascar rookie chase elliot has the pole position in florida today but dale earnhardt jr. is considered a strong choice to win the daytona 500. a field of 40 cars will get the green flag this afternoon. we will have more sports ahead at 9:50. we'll be right back.
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the weekend warm-up came just in time for the mummers' parade yesterday. the string band division strutted down main street for their second annual mardi gras celebration. the crowd got a front row seat to the glitter, the feathers and that music. >> a wonderful parade of the people are along the streets, packed like new year's day. that's what fires us up collectively. the parade is a fundraising effort for the string band who rely on donations to pay for
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costumes and set. this week's wednesday's child is looking for a family to support and encourage her as she faces life challenges. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to natasha. >> reporter: natasha is a sweet and fun loving young lady full of energy and determination. she wanted to try out bowling so we met up at laurel lanes in new jersey. natasha suffered a brain injury as a baby that caused developmental delays but she doesn't let that stand in her way of making friends. >> she loves life. she's one of those people you love to be around. >> she's also able to communicate despite her challenges. >> she does know how to sign language sometimes. maybe she might point to what she wants or might take you by hand. >> children with needs like natasha thrive in home environments where families have time to give one-on-one attention. >> that family is going to need
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some patience, understanding of a child with delays. >> her forever family would be forever trained based on her needs. she has a great therapeutic team who would be there along the way when she moved her new home. >> we would be able to train the family and they would be able to meet her current staff so we would be able to successfully transition her into her new home. >> natasha's happiness and enthusiasm are sure to brighten the lives of any family. >> she does little things like cuddle up in your arms. she's a princess and that's how we treat her. >> natasha is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make natasha's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to and suffrage wednesday's child. call national adoption center. now, nbc 10 first alert weather. >> checking your forecast, it's a busy weekend for a lot of
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folks. when we hear warm-up, you get outside and get things done. still mild, safely head outside with a jacket, light jacket perhaps. we don't need the hat and gloves today, at least not today, maybe the umbrella later on. we are tracking some showers coming into the area and a storm moving up the coast come midweek. 47 degrees currently is our current temperature in philadelphia. winds are calm and relative humidity 77% as we go ahead and check area temperatures. not doing too badly. get warmer on the way to southern delaware, jersey. we have southwest wind bringing in warm air now so temperatures not looking too bad. if you enjoyed yesterday and thinking what was our temperature yesterday, in philadelphia up to 60 degrees. our record was 70 degrees. we were 10 degrees away from that. still nonetheless, these temperatures we hit the high yesterday were well above where
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we should be this time of year. next 12 to 24 hours, temperatures dropping off, this evening, a steady decline overnight in the temperature reading. but the moisture should be out of here by the time hit those freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. so the rain developing as the cold front moves through bringing clouds and this low pressure system moving west to east. that will be bringing us shower activity we're anticipating late this afternoon into the evening hours. you see it already moving pretty well here and just pushing out of west virginia into parts of maryland and parts of south central pennsylvania. so those showers will be with us not with like heavy rain. if you want to take the umbrella along this afternoon into the evening hours, probably a good idea. mild with the upper 50s, our temperature reading across the area. as i said, some showers moving through. this system gets out of here fairly quickly according to the models. should be out of here by tomorrow morning's commute and then high pressure coming in. you see this bubble of clear
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skies here. we will be colder tomorrow but we'll have more sunshine in the forecast. so all in all not looking too badly today. i would have to say the majority of our sunshine would be early part of today as opposed to the latter as the clouds will be increasing as that system gets a little bit closer to us afternoon. temperatures on the mild side for sure. once again 55 to 58 degrees across the area. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. as i mentioned, we will be getting colder monday, tuesday, and then we stay in the warm sector of the storm coming. this is the way it's looking right now, the low pressure system and storm will to the western track. the inland of our area. that's going to keep us in the warm sector, so we should have all rain, extreme north and west, might get a wintry mix out of the system. for us, looks like all rain and some could be heavy. we'll keep a close eye on it for you. katy. >> i've been loving music every
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since i can remember. >> the love of the music. that's why a lot of these "voice" hopefuls lining up for a chance of a lifetime. you still have a chance to sing your heart out today. we'll tell you where and when coming up next.
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it's 9:27.
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the union representing new jersey corrections officer calling for change, it comes with reports of attacking officers. four officers in recent weeks. ep these injuries happened addingly at the hands of inmates. they want to establish a bill that would establish a fund for officers injured on duty. still to come on nbc news, we'll tell you how identifying these three men seen in the video could solve a stabbing near a state university.
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in the race for the white house, donald trump and hillary clinton claim victory and jeb bush says good-bye. and here is a live look outside at boathouse row in philadelphia. spring-like temperatures are going to stick around. we might see rain in the forecast. with first alert meteorologist karen thomas coming up in just a minute. wet weather, as we said, is hitting west virginia right now but it is headed our way as
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karen thomas will break down for us. karen, let's get a look at the forecast. mild temperatures sticking around. >> yes. you know, i'm happy about that. we have people out there that still want snow. i say, enjoy really warm temperatures while we have it, because we will be turning cold as we move through the workweek. we'll get to that. we have early sunday morning skaters making their way out to the river rink. a great morning to do so. look at the temperatures, 48 in philadelphia. if you have to be on ice, this is the way to go. 57 in atlantic city, 55 millville, 55 wildwood. these temperatures are above where they should be. what we don't have yesterday, a wind, but calm everywhere, along the line a bit of a southwesterly wind at 5, that will be turning north.
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today not doing too badly at all. i'll be back in a little bit. >> karen, thank you. turning to decision 2016 you're looking at yesterdayed candidates. donald trump ran away with south carolina's republican candidate and hillary clinton hung on to win nevadaed democratic caucus. in nevada hillary clinton came out on top with 53, in south carolina donald trump won with 33%, marco rubio finished just ahead of ted cruz, both around 22%. here is part of trump's victory speech last night. >> nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's me mean, it's vicious, it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. we are going to start winning for our country. >> trump congratulated the
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republican run up saying he's now focused on gop nevada on tuesday. senator marco rubio sounded confident after his second place finish in south carolina. rubio said he's ready to claim the mantel of leadership. senior cruz finished just behind rubio, told supporters his campaign is making history by defying the expectations of pundits. republican jeb bush's quest for the white house is over. marco rubio's berth into the top tier of republicans forced bush to quit the race. the former florida governor showed emotion announcing to supporters last night he'll suspend his campaign. bush finished a distant fourth in south carolina. turning now to the democratic race for president, former secretary of state hillary clinton took momentum back from her opponent by winning in nevada last night. clinton was all smiles during her victory speech in las vegas last night. she was expected to easily in win in nevada a few weeks ago but had to rally women, minorities and union voters for victory. senator bernie sanders may have lost in nevada but he's still
9:35 am
looking ahead to the democratic national convention in philadelphia this summer and he's predicting an upset. listen. >> i believe when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the result of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> next up for bernie sanders and hillary clinton is the south carolina democratic primary on saturday. later this morning presidential hopeful donald trump, marco rubio and bernie sanders will talk with chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press." it comes your way this morning right here on nbc 10 coming up at 10:30. we continue to follow breaking news out of kalamazoo, michigan. police the man who you're looking at allegedly shot and killed six people and will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. he's jason dalton and he was arrested this morning. officers say they found weapons in his car.
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authorities say he randomly shot the victims at a restaurant, a car dealership and an apartment complex all last night. two other people, including a 14-year-old girl, are listed in serious condition. police in berks county searching for three men wanted enconnection with the stabbing of a student at kutztown university. they are looking for the three men running in the surveillance video, one wearing a red kutztown t-shirt. the victim was stabbed a few blocks from campus. right now he's listed in serious condition at a local hospital. we are learning more victim of the deadly apartment fire that took place in burlington county. we first brought it to you as breaking news late friday night. a viewer watching nbc 10 news this morning recognized the building because her aunt lived there. the woman became worried after she realized no one had heard
9:37 am
from her relative so she went to the scene of the florence tollgate apartment and told firefighters. they did another search of the building and found 72-year-old irene thorn avillion dead on the couch. the victim's family told us they didn't even know about the fire until they saw it on the air. >> called the hospital, called the red cross. i kept calling everywhere and they said, no, we don't have her, we don't have her. >> eight people were displaced by the fire, six people, including three first responders treated for minor injuries. the cause of that blaze is still under investigation. starting today, septa is offering new bus service in north philadelphia. the agency extending route 53 in east hunting park avenue to include stops in feltonville, juniata park and hunting park. tap nbc 10 app or for a link to the website with details on the new route. hundreds of people are lining up for the chance to become the next "voice." nbc 10's drew smith is live inside the pennsylvania
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convention center with what all the hopefuls are doing, how they are practicing and all that. hi, drew. >> reporter: hey, katy, this is a room with a lot of energy in it right now. people getting ready to spend 30 seconds singing their best. people have been practicing out here, hydrating. there's a lot of nerves in this room as well. people have been cheering. it's make or break today. this is the room where people are before heading into the audition room. we're going to talk to somebody who is about to audition, daniella from ocean town, new jersey. what's it like it to be here? >> great, uplifting. i'm very, very nervous but being here with everyone is making me more excited. yeah, i'm really happy. >> what are you going to sing for the judges today? >> yours by ella henderson. it's a slow songs but we'll see. >> you think you're going to make it through. >> i don't know. we'll see. we'll. >> a little nervous. >> very nervous. >> good luck. good luck to you and this whole room has been shifting in and
9:39 am
out all day. this is the last audition for this coming season. we were talking to producers, this crowd one of the best so far, a large amount of people turning out right here in philadelphia. a lot of people from a lot of different. we've been talking to them. they are excited to go in and see the judges in a little bit. live at the convention center, drew smith, nbc 10 news. ♪ >> in the face of adversity, this philadelphia teen has never lost her voice. her dream is to become a singer. today she hopes to make it a reality. coming up in the next hour, one of the teen profiles on the face of homeless youth is trying out for "the voice" where you just saw drew smith. we'll track her down before her big audition. still ahead, the little girl who captured the nation's heart as she bravely battled cancer, she does it again.
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we'll show you how leah still brought down the house at penn state this weekend. the island of fiji is described as a disaster zone. after a deadly tropical cyclone tears thereto pacific island nation. although the storm is gone, the emergency is just beginning. we'll explain.
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the death toll is rising in fiji. at least six people confirmed dead after a tropical cyclone tore through the south pacific island yesterday. a month long state of emergency is in effect. schools there are closed and there's a curfew through today. officials say police are able to make arrests without warrants to keep order there. much of fiji is without water, power, communication. former nsa contractor edward snowden says he's willing to be extradited back to the u.s. if the government guarantees him a fair trial. speaking via skype from russia,
9:43 am
snowden addressed a group of supporters yesterday. he said he'd like to make a public interest and let a jury decide guilt or innocence. he released details of a government program and left the country. he faces charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years. you're looking at north korean leader kim jong-un inspecting his military. north korean state television broadcast still photos of kim observing some areas with artillery drills. they didn't give locations of the drills. the images and one day after north korea fired artillery rounds in the sea near a disputed border with south korea. take a look at this. this is a 1st look at a rare tiger cub that was born at an indonesian zoo this week. the baby sumatran tiger weighs about 5 pounds. they don't know the effect to
9:44 am
the cub. they estimate less than 400 tigers alive today. the population is tiny because of deforestation and illegal poaching. getting ready for philadelphia flower show. shops across philadelphia have displays in lobbies. you're looking at strain in manayunk. all ahead of the festival next month. the shops with the best displays get free tickets to the show. and people looking to give an animal a good home now have a new option in delaware. we'll have that coming up. we enjoyed warm weather yesterday, mild temperatures today, but you're going to want to just don't put away winter coats yet. we have colder weather in the forecast. it's a changing forecast.
9:45 am
you want to tuned. the full forecast after the break.
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>> announcer: now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather. good sunday morocco, i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we'll go ahead and check the forecast for you as we check our weather headlines, another mild day on tap already out there this morning. you're seeing mild kts. we do have a chance for shower activity later on this afternoon into the evening hours and we are watching a midweek storm that's already beginning to develop in the early stages and will be headed our way. 47 degrees officially at philly international. right now our winds are calm and our relative humidity is 77%. temperatures not doing too badly at this hour. 40 degrees in the poconos, 39 in reading. colder area north and west of philadelphia, 47 in philadelphia. look what happens when we go south and east. upper 50s in atlantic city, 58 in stone harbor. that's not checking in there but i read that, 50 in dover,
9:48 am
delaware those temperatures will be bumping up just a bit as we move on through the rest of our midday. checking, interesting high temperatures around the region yesterday. hopefully you get outside yesterday and were able to enjoy it. city skyline not too bad at this hour. peeks of sun but clouds on the increase. stay with the temperatures, look what happened 7:00 tonight. mild. boy, a steady slope we go overnight into early tomorrow morning for our temperatures. watching a low pressure system developing, it's moving west to east out of the ohio valley. clouds moving in at this hour. a few clouds filtering into the area all on the leading edge of precipitation that will be heading our way this afternoon into the evening hour. this is what i say, watch this here just sort of pushing along at a percentage to northeastern maryland, parts of pennsylvania, south central pennsylvania. not a heavy deluge we're anticipating but shower activity
9:49 am
that will continue through the overnight and skirt out of here pretty quickly tomorrow morning. mild today, upper 50s for temperature reading. sun will go away, clouds and showers move in. then this model has it at midnight, shower activity but look how quickly skirts of here by early morning commute. that's looking like it will stay on track. high pressure moving in for the start of the workweek. looking for sunshine and clear skies for our monday but we will be turning colder. enjoy this 55 to 58 for high temperatures across the region. our normal high temp this time of year is 45 degrees. we'll take it for now. we do turn colder as we see in the seven-day forecast and we are watching the storm system coming in tuesday into wednesday. that's looking like it will stay all rain for us simply because we will be well above freezing. we'll be back.
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>> we are -- we are -- thank you. >> that does not get old. the crowd pumped up during "thon" weekend, fighting cancer. leah fought and beat the disease. she got to see a younger version of her father and former penn stater devon still when he wore the blue and white. from our delaware bureau now, a new animal shelter is waiving adoption fees for most of its adult dogs for today to celebrate the grand opening. the brandy wine spca opened on south street in newcastle. in addition to adoptions, the new site hopes to offer
9:53 am
affordable veterinary and wellness care for pets. also today ringling brothers and barnam and bailey circus elephants will perform their final act in philadelphia. fans can see them at three shows in the wells fargo center. after this show they will retire to the center for elephant conservation in florida. if you've ever watched an episode of cheers, frasier, friends, will and grace, you probably have, you've seen the director of james burrows. cast members from some of his biggest hits reunited for a celebration of his career >> we would do anything for jim burrows, because he really gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. >> when jimmy laughed during rehearsal, you knew it was funny. a two-hour special must-see tv, all-star tribute to james burrows airs tonight right here on nbc 10.
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it was a warm day for february. we enjoyed it. a lot running in their underwear. hundreds of runners hit the streets in very little for cupid's undie run in philadelphia. all for a good cause we assure you, raises money for kids tumor association. nbc news continues in just a few moments with another half hour of niece. nbc 10 drew smith is live inside the convention center where "the voice" hopefuls have taken over. drew. >> reporter: yeah, it's time for the auditions here in philadelphia. we're waiting to see which one of these talented people are doing to make it through to the end of the final season -- or next season of "the voice." we'll bring you here live next. yesterday our high temperature in philadelphia got up to 60 degrees. we're on the mild side again today, maybe not reaching 60 but we're in the upper 50s for a high temperature today. so if you're enjoying the mild
9:55 am
temperatures, you're going to love our temperatures. actually, if you're heading out early this morning, not doing too badly as we look live right now. i believe that's cape may. boy, you don't get tired of that shot right there. temperature reading in cape may, 57 degrees. so if you want to just put a jacket on and maybe take a stroll on the beach or the promenade there, you're going to joy it. it's a beautiful morning there. stepping outside just across the region, temperatures are on the way up. 47 in trenton, 48 in mount holly. we've got 57 in atlantic city, 57 in wildwood all around the region temperatures are ticking upward. we do have sunshine, clouds are increasing as we move on through the day. we do expect some shower activity later this afternoon. have the umbrellas handy. i'll be back with a complete look at your forecast. we'll talk about rain midweek as well.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now we are enjoying the spring-like temperatures but also tracking some rain in our future. here is a look at the first alert radar. you can see the system moving our way. we'll have the timing and what you can expect in your neighborhood straight ahead. singers are lining up in new york city for their shot at belting out some tunes on television. it's audition day for "the voice." a live report is coming up. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. it is just before 10:00 a.m. on sunday. let's get a check of your sunday weather with meteorologist karen thomas. hi, karen. >> good morning, katy, good morning, everyone. we are watching temperatures sort of take off sunday morning. if you enjoy outdoors yesterday, today is a good time to get
9:59 am
outside. first part is better than the second half. look at temperatures now, 61 in millville, how about 63 in atlantic city, 55 in wildwood and almost 60 recorded right now in dover, delaware. we did have a wind yesterday, today not bad. calm just about everywhere, poconos, shoreline temperatures southwest of maryland. really helping to usher in warm air. mild conditions for sure. a little bit breezy. winds will be turning to the north and we're watching a system that is expected to bring us on and off shower activity later on this afternoon into the overnight hours. katy. >> karen, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of kalamazoo, michigan. authorities say this man, jason dalton accused of shooting and killing six people will likely face multiple murder charges when he's arraigned tomorrow afternoon. police say he randomly shot the
10:00 am
victims at a restaurant, a car dealership, and an apartment complex all last night. two other people, including a 14-year-old girl, are in serious condition this morning. back here in our area, new this morning, the roosevelt boulevard is back open after three separate crashes. an 11-year-old boy and a man listed in critical condition and several other people were also hurt. you can see there were dozens of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances both in northbound and southbound lanes in the nicetown neighborhood around 2:00 this morning. we're told one car overturned and another vehicle wrecked in that same area closer to the broad street exit. the third crash was about a mile south at wyissahickon exit. new police investigating a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. they tell us the man was found on


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