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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight. >> strong winds, flooding already a problem down the jersey shore. a coastal flood warning in effect for tomorrow morning. >> and here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway. heavy rain could certainly put the brakes on, so you might want to build in extra commute time. >> our team isdicated to tracking the different threats. so let's begin our live team coverage with sheena parveen who is tracking the timing of the storm. >> that's right. and as you both mentioned, during the morning commute, we expect some of the heaviest rain and highest winds for parts of the area and we could see a wintry mix. so tonight through tomorrow being even wednesday, it will be a first alert weather day. slow moving nor'easter with flooding rain for parts of the area. high winds especially at the
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shore with a wintry mix. a chance of that north and west. so a big area of low pressure in the atlantic. it will eventually be redeveloping gaining a lot of moisture and moving up the eastern seaboard. so that is sour developing nor'easter. the time line as we go from now until midnight, rain will be approaching the area. most of it coming after midnight, possibly a wintry mix north and west. we'll see rain, wind, coastal flooding concerns 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.. glenn will talk about that in a minute. and then heavy rain possible until noon. so glenn has more details on the flooding concerns for the area and also of course the coastal flooding concern. >> we have the flood threat there juthere just the rain itself. so flood watch in effect for tuesday for much of the area. a couple of inches of rain much of it fouling in a short period of time tomorrow morning in the
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midday hours. hour after hour of the east wind coming right in towards the shore. we've already had high tides. we had a full moon credit. so it would normally be high, so that's why it's all combines to produce pretty significant floodin floodin flooding. winds of 50 miles per hour. moderate coastal flooding. if your area flooded this morning, it will flood tomorrow, but the water will be higher. i'll be back with more on the timing of this storm and it will last much of the week coming with the 7 day in a few minutes. and our live team coverage continues with ted greenburg who is in ocean city. >> you spot some had flooding at the shore today, but people were
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out preparing for the chance for more tomorrow, right? >> reporter: we did. and i'll tell you what, the winds seem to have picked up since we last talked with you at 5:00. and that flooding tomorrow is expected to be quite a bit worse as glenn was saying compared to what we saw earlier today. emergency management officials staying now is the time to prepare. as water is escaping, sid brown quickly moved debris to higher ground. >> you don't want this floating down the street. >> reporter: in 234r50d prone west wildwood, police shared this video with us of waterlogged streets. high water forced the city to shut down the causeway in and out of town for part the day and flooding during tomorrow morning's high tide is expected to be significantly worse.
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on long beach islands, we found similar scene. this driver took his chances by maneuvering through a street pilled with caorrosive saltwate. sgli >> i was getting a little worried. >> reporter: public works crews in seaside heights piled up sand to build a temporary barrier along the beach before the nor'easter makes the waves even larger and rougher. emergency management officials are you wering peope i urging p cars to higher ground. p. >> predictions are winds coming on shore, so even low tides won't look low tide for the next 24 to 48 hours. >> reporter: and again the high tide tomorrow morning concerns
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between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.. ted greenberg, nbc 10. >> count on our meteorologists to keep you ahead of the nor'easter. follow them on twitter for updates. happening right now, a live look at students from bryn mawr and haverford colleges. they marched on lancaster avenue. looks as though they are now once again on the move down lancaster. at 7:00 p.m., the students plan to hold a candlelight vingil. a similar protest has put a high school counselor in the spotlight after threatening to shoot protesters. doug shimell tried to track down that guidance counselor today. and you found out what the
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school is doing about the situati situation? >> reporter: the school district says they're in the fact finding part, so they have suspended the fwid answer counselor with pave until they're done. in the world of social media, the threat surprised them. >> it's kind of a disappointment that she would say something like that if she actually did. >> reporter: during protests, mattery kate blankenburg posted on twitter if my child cannot get to the eagles game due to protest tors, i will personally shoot every one of them. you have been warned idiots. >> comments where r. i don't think whether or not you say them or think them. >> reporter: blankenburg was immediately put on administrative leave. we immediately began an investigation, he says in a statement, including verification of the source of the post and we will take appropriate action once we learn
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all the facts. i also notified the district attorney's office and we're working with them as they investigate. the content does not reflect the beliefs or values of the school district. dae te detectives showed up at her home. >> this was referred to other office. >> reporter: for many of the students, they want to believe their guidance counselor didn't do it. >> as a teacher, up a responsibility to set an example. >> reporter: mary-kate blankenburg was quoted saying perhaps a child may have gotten a hold of her ipad and written that post while blankenburg was teaching sunday school. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. leaders spoke out today about recent grand jury decisions not to indict police
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officers in the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. they met at the prince of peace baptist church. members of the legislative black caucus say they're trying to pass a statewide band on chokehold. meanwhile others at today's news conference expressed the frustration of their communities. >> i stand here to represent an organization that for years fought against lynching only to have to stand here with this same organization the naacp to fight 21st since chcentury lync. >> a new task force will be co-chaired by charles ramsey and they hope to be included in the dialogue. new the at 6:00, pottstown police are pushing for cameras to combat a recent wave of crime. the police chief suggested it to
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council last week and local vendors have offered to have the cameras set up near their businesses. this just into nbc 10. another setback for bill cosby in the wake of recent sex assault accusations. the des moines civic center just announced it is postponing indefinitely cosby's performance scheduled for march. ticket holders are will get a refund, a number of cosby performances have been cancelled in other states. cosby denies the allegations and he has not been charged with a crime. >> also new, police want to know who drove a car on to a high schoolful field. take a look at the damage on the grid iron. you can see tire tracks burned into the grass. police say the vandals drove on to the field, made a wide turn and then drove off. the super i
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spri they're renewing calls for a fence. lawmakers investigating lane closures on the george washington bridge argued over the debt, finances and motive of the investigation. panel released its interim report which does not show enough evidence for link governor christie to those lane closures, but they say many questions are still unanswered including why the governor and his chief of staff deleted a series of text messages that could have been used as evidence. >> all the documents are there. we didn't make up one thing. >> what we have is a runaway committee perhaps driven by agenda not rooted in determining truth but rather by blind ambition. >> they will call for a new bill aimed at better transparency. we continue for follow developing story out of maryland. six people are now dead after a small plane crashes into a home and bursts into flames. the victims include three people on the plane and a woman and her young son who lived inside the
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home. preliminary information shows the plane was attempting to land at the nearby montgomery county maryland air park. one of the victims on the plane has been identified as dr. michael rowsenburg, founder and ceo of health decisions which is based in durham, north carolina. "nightly news" will have more on this crash after this newscast. but next, a slow moving storm is bringing a mixed bag of threats. we're tracking the nor'easter headed our way. >> and the rain will start to move in overnight. and the storm will stick with us for the next few days. i'm tracking the different threats sgedepending on where y live. plus a high price for their presidents. four local universities nationally ranked for their presidential payroll.
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we're tracking a authorinor headed our way. a winter storm warning is in effect. mountains could see a mixed bag of rain, freezing rain and snow.
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and the conditions will vary depending on where you live. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will let you know what threats you can expect, his full forecast is just minutes away. we'll take you bh ke you bas a live look at students at bryn mawr and haverhaverford, they a still on the move. they stopped at founders hole, they have been moving down lancaster avenue. these students are froesi s arp handling of the michael brown and eric garner case.these stud handling of the michael brown and eric garner . these student protesting over handling of the michael brown and eric garner case. at 7:00, they will be holding a candlelight vigil. it pays to be the president of a private college. the presidents of four local universities ranked in the top 50 when it came to salary.
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that's according to the chronicle of higher ed indication. rankings are based on 2012 salaries before about university of pennsylvania was fourth with a salary of $2.5 million drenks he wi drexel was 28th, and widener 37th, and lehigh number 50. big crowd expected tonight at a supervisors meeting in. residents want answers about how the township ran up more than $3 million in budget deficits. because of that shortfall, girls laid off six police officers and four other township employees. and they also raised taxes 19%. first alert weather tracking a nor'easter moving in. taking a live look from cape may. coastal flooding is one of the biggest threats from this storm.
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the changing conditions the nor'easter will bring. >> it really depends on where you live. >> and we're talking about coastal flooding on one end and a winter storm washing on the other end in the poconos for significant snow. and this is going to last for quite a while. the first alert goes from tonight through at least wednesday because of the slow movement of this nor'easter. we have enough rain to get some flooding. coastal flooding at the shore. gusty winds across the entire area. and wintry mix to the north and west. some of it tonight and some at the end of the storm. so now to midnight, the rain is approaching, but it's going to be closer to midnight, maybe ebb after that we see any of this north and west.
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the rain and wind increases, coastal flooding gets started and peaks around 6:00 to 8:00 a.m.. heavy rain and wind in the morning to midday hours. and then it's still raining, windy in the afternoon. look at these temperatures. allentown didn't even hit the 30s. it's cold, below freezing already. night fall. we have precipitation moving up. will it warm up fast enough? it's already warm enough in delaware and south jersey for it to just be rain. but the center of the storm still far, far away. it will be moving fairly quickly until it gets offshore. that will stall. but look at all of that wind coming in for hundreds and hundreds of miles right off the ocean, right at the jersey shore. that will cause problems. the winds will shift, colder air comes in and then that could change any rain over to snow. so speaking of the snow, winter
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storm warning for the pocono mountains. a winter weather advisory later this evening into 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. it could start as snow and sleet before it changes over to rain. high tide at the shore. moderate coastal flooding expected. higher and worse than it was this morning. just a question of how much worse. and the flood watch for much of the area for tuesday. there is the rain. starting to come up, some of it on the heavy side. and there is some of the icing possible up in the lehigh valley. but that is just braef because t brief. so rain mainly late tonight. during the day tomorrow, what an
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ugly day. rain, some of it heavy. coastal flooding in the morning. wind gusts to 50 at the shore. cold air comes in wednesday with snow shower, maybe steady snow north and west. chance of flurries thursday. wind continues all week and the cold weather tips all week. >> thanks. seahawks are talking a lot of trash. and why lesean mccoy was playing with a she have industry heart. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph,
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it was boom and gloom for the eagles yesterday against the seahawks. birds have nfewest points of the season. they were talking a lot of trash after the game. defensive he said miend michael said tell the philadelphia police to put an tpb out, sanchez is trying to impersonate a good quarterback. richard sherman said he never felt threatened by eagles receivers. he says they really miss his buddy desean jackson. >> i think they miss him tremendously. he was a triple threat. still a threat in this league. you can tell by the things he's doing out there in washington. i think he mitt lead tght lead e in explosive plays. a player like that, a defense has to account for. you have to be worried where he is. we can stand up across the board and play. >> mccoy was playing with a
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heavy heart. his consist sin died a few days before the game. he was excused from practice on friday. his cousin was like a brother to lesean mccoy. first play of the second half, shady fumbled. he says it was terrible timing. he didn't feel like himself out there. >> the last protection, sack against martin, that was my guy. just missed him. >> eagles are a 3 1/2 point favorite against the cowboys sunday night. if the birds beat the boys and beat either the red kskins or giants, they will win the division.
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i asked rory what he thought about eagle fans. >> it's nuts. really is. so many sports fans are definitely a lot different than anywhere else. but very fashion nat about their team. a great sense out here today. >> carter williams is at the link. mo'ne davis shoports kid of the year award. back after this. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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a long lasting storm that will be affecting us. it will be cold. very have wayrain moving in. heaviest tuesday. then it may change over to snow on wednesday. wake up with nbc 10 news today as we track the nor'easter overnight. get the forecast and traffic before you hid oyou head out th.
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reports begin at 4:00 a.m. p. thanks for watching. . on our broadcast tonight, high alert. big cia secrets about torture are about to be intentionally exposed. tonight, u.s. embassies and marines bracing around the world over warnings these revelations could cost american lives. towering inferno. it looked like a bomb went off. a massive fire levels a city block right at the intersection of many major highways setting off a traffic nightmare in los angeles. inside the raid, stunning new details tonight about what went wrong on a mission to save an american hostage being held by al qaeda. and royal engagement, while kate charms new york, the prince meets the president where he shares a crucial detail about the birth of his son. "nightly news"


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