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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  October 27, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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wind chill maybe 25 by sunday morning. >> ouch. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> and i'm jim rosenfeld. the news continues now with "nbc nightly news." on our broadcast tonight, quarantine fight. the governors versus the ebola nurse, held in a tent even though she is not sick. tonight, she's out as members of the military are isolated on their way out of the hot zone. are we headed for bush versus clinton again? one week out from a cliffhanger election did the son of jeb bush just give away the family strategy? line of fire, a slow moving disaster taking place right before our eyes. a giant flood of lava headed straight for homes. we're in hawaii tonight where evacuations are underway. and making a difference, would you believe a night on the town with clooney for $10? a big idea that is changing charity giving as we know it. "nightly news" begins now.
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. there is more evidence tonight that the panic over ebola, the public fear of ebola is getting in the way of the facts surrounding ebola in this country, like the fact that it is very difficult to transmit. and the fact that thousands more will die of the flu this year. on friday the governors of new york and new jersey declared a blanket 21-day quarantine for health care workers coming back from west africa. by today they had changed their tune. after complaints by the white house and a nurse who felt victimized and criminalized, when she returned from volunteering in africa and spent the weekend in a quarantine tent. now members of the u.s. military are headed back from africa and into three weeks of quarantine. that includes a two-star general. and so tonight some distinguished doctors are speaking out, and the feds are now coming forward with new
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rules to try to reign-in some of this chaos. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's kate snow. >> reporter: kaci hickox spent the weekend in a quarantined tent. the nurse became the face of the debate over quarantine. >> i think this is an extreme that is really unacceptable. and i feel like my basic human rights have been violated. >> reporter: after she complained loudly on cnn, hired a lawyer and threatened a lawsuit, state health officials said she'd been symptom-free for 24 hours, so she could leave but is still subject to a 21-day quarantine at her home in maine. >> very happy that she's going to leave. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie said he took action because the federal government had not. >> inconvenienced her for a period of time, that's what we need to do to protect the public. that's what we will continue to do. >> reporter: in the last few days a patchwork of new guidelines. at least seven states have enacted some kind of quarantine. the state rules are not
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consistent, so this afternoon the centers for disease control outlined measures they'd like everyone to follow, putting people in four risk categories including a high risk group who should voluntarily quarantine at home for 21 days. >> you don't throw everyone into the same bucket of evaluation. for example, there's high risk, there's some risk, there's low but not zero risk and there's no discernible risk. you match that to the kind of monitoring you have. >> we've had health care workers returning to this country from west africa for months now. why wasn't there a rule already in place? >> there were. there were guidelines there, but now looking at what can happen and the kind of fear and the kind of situation that might arise, we now want to make sure that people understand the stratification of risk. >> reporter: as for u.s. military personnel serving in west africa, the government said today soldiers will all be quarantined on a military base in italy for 21 days before returning home. new jersey has plans to put people in an old psychiatric
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hospital if needed. plans like that have activists concerned about the stigma being attached to ebola. >> we know that when people fear that they'll be quarantined, that they'll be less likely to report. we know that they'll be scared away from helping and actually addressing the very, very real and very terrifying public health crisis in west africa. >> reporter: now, we did get some good news here tonight. a 5-year-old boy who was transferred to a new york city hospital overnight with fears that he might have ebola, he has tested negative. he does not have the virus. again, worth remembering, ebola is only transmitted through contact with bodily fluids. and that's why, brian, so many medical workers are more vulnerable, because they have that contact. >> our national correspondent kate snow on the story to start us off. kate, thanks as always. and we wanted to let you know new jersey governor chris christie will appear live exclusively tomorrow morning to take questions on this. that's on "today" here on nbc. now, with travel to and from western africa suddenly a hotly
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contested topic, it is true that most american officials debating the response to ebola over there will never see it with their own eyes. that is not the case however with samantha power, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. she's now the highest ranking member of the obama administration to travel to the region. nbc's chris jansing is the only television journalist traveling with her and has our report tonight on the ambassador's journey to sierra leone. >> reporter: ilt took a plane, bus and water taxi to get samantha power to freetown. the almost-empty airport another victim. to beat the disease more foreigners will have to come to help. but restrictions in the u.s. have made people nervous about coming. the last thing we want is to stigmatize people who are doing work here. power is trying to get a handle on just how many health care workers they'd lose if they are mandatory quarantined.
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>> there's a category of people we need to be persuaded to come who are waiting back and wondering. so those are the people we're in constant communication with. >> reporter: the topic came up repeatedly today across ten meetings and site visits for power, often carrying her green notebook jotting ideas. you take a lot of notes. >> i do. my background as a former journalist, i can't help myself. >> reporter: at every stop everyone washes their hands in chlorinated water and gets a temperature check. at least six of them today. and we travel with a local health officer. what power isn't doing is coming in contact with any ebola patients, to avoid the risk of infection. and she'll follow whatever quarantine rules are in place when she gets back to new york. but it's just that uncertainty who has americans who work here now unsettled. >> thanksgiving and christmas is going to be tough because we do have people who want to go home and we're going to feel not welcome in our own country. >> reporter: and she's heard these stories and says she gets
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it. her own 5-year-old son was nervous about her coming here. but she definitely wants to send a wider message that you can come to west africa and help and be safe. brian. >> chris jansing, sierra leone tonight. now in this country an update on the deadly school shooting we reported. we are learning the suspect had lured his five victims via text message to sit with him at a table in the cafeteria bringing them all together right before he opened fire. we get more tonight from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: the marysville pilchuck community paused for a moment of silence at 10:39 this morning, the time of friday's shooting. >> i ask us all now to take one minute to be silent and to reflect. >> reporter: it was especially emotional at the hospital that has treated four of the victims. last night one of their patients, 14-year-old gi gia soriano, died.
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the hospital read a statement from her family. >> gia is our beautiful daughter and words cannot express how much we will miss her. we've made the decision to donate gia's organs so that others may benefit. >> reporter: another victim died friday. she was honored at a candle light vigil where a family friend delivered a message from zoe's mother. >> she loved her baby so much. just let them know how much i love my baby. >> reporter: before killing himself jaylen fryberg shot five of his friends including two cousins inside the school cafeteria. >> the information we got is the five people targeted were invited to the table. it's our understanding he did so via texting. >> reporter: three victims remain in the hospital, 14-year-old shaylee and 15-year-old andrew fryberg are in critical condition. nate hatch is now awake and breathing on his own. on twitter he wrote a message to the gunman, i love you and i forgive you, jaylen, rest in peace. fryberg was a popular freshman,
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homecoming royalty. but some friends say they noticed a change in his demeanor a couple days before the shooting. >> he was having problems, i guess. if he had any kind of problem, he didn't tell me. >> i think the question that everybody wants is why. and candidly i don't know that the why is going to be something that we can provide. >> reporter: investigators said today the weapon used by fryberg, a .40-caliber handgun was owned by and registered to a family member. they're still trying to figure out how he got ahold of it. as part of the investigation, detectives are combing through phone records and text messages. brian. >> thank you for that report tonight from marysville, washington. the cruelty of the terror group isis knows no bounds. in their latest video they show a british hostage named john cantly. in it he is forced to play on-camera correspondent from the syrian city of kobani where a fierce battle for control has been waged for weeks now. he claims in what appear to be the scripted remarks forced upon
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him that isis is now mostly controlled by kobani in contrast to most of the media reports out of there. after 13 years of war, there's been a changing of the guard in afghanistan. u.s. and british forces have officially lowered their flags and pulled out of helmand province, which became known to many americans of course as the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of the entire war. 378 american troops were killed in action in helmand, nearly 5,000 wounded. it's also the place where 80% of afghanistan's opium crop originates. it's now up to the afghan forces to continue to fight there. u.s. forces, by the way, are leaving behind $240 million worth of equipment for the afghan army hoping we never see it again used against us. in this country we are just over a week away from the 2014 midterm elections that have both parties sweating it down to the stretch. but perhaps the political headline that had most people
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talking today is about 2016 and the possibility of another bush versus clinton race for the white house. especially after what jeb bush's own son revealed about the family plans. we get our report tonight from our political director, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd is on the road tonight in another critical battleground. >> reporter: there's been a bush 41 and a bush 43 in the oval office. is there a bush 45 in the future? jeb bush, the former governor of florida, consistently ranks among republican presidential front runners. and just this weekend bush's son, george p. bush, a candidate himself for statewide office in texas, fueled speculation about whether his dad will run in 2016. >> i think it's more than likely that he's giving this a serious thought. >> reporter: more than likely that he'll run? >> that he'll run. >> reporter: something his presidential brother endorsed back in may on cnn. >> i hope jeb runs.
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i think he would be a great president. >> reporter: today in north carolina a state bush 41 and bush 43 both won twice, voters told us how they'd react to yet another bush. >> i'm more concerned with the issues with the topics and where they stand on that then the fact that they have a famous last name. >> i just want whoever is in office to do their job. i don't care if they have the dynasty. i don't care. >> reporter: analysts say mainstream republicans think bush's executive experience and moderate positions on immigration and health care make him more competitive. >> i would find it concerning if i were a republican strategist to be running ted cruz or rand paul against hillary clinton. i don't think that's going to end up with a republican in the white house. >> reporter: jeb bush has left the door open, telling fox news -- >> and it turns out that not running has generated more interest than if i said i was running. kind of weird. >> reporter: but the bush whose voice is perhaps the most influential, is already on the record. >> there are other people out there that are very qualified. and we've had enough bushes.
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>> reporter: now, people close to bush tell me that the one hurdle in this, brian, is the conservative turn of the republican party. if jeb bush thinks his more moderate positions on education and immigration won't pass muster, he'll take a pass. >> chuck todd on the road tonight ridgeway, south carolina. chuck, see you from your next stop tomorrow night. if you filled up your car or truck this weekend, then you know gas prices haven't been this low in almost four years. average price for a gallon regular is now $3.04, that's down 30% in the past month. and it corresponds to a steep drop in oil prices. still ahead for us on a monday evening, a giant lava disaster now just about a hundred yards from homes. our team is in hawaii tonight where entire neighborhoods are being evacuated. and later, an unbelievable white-knuckle landing captured on video. (woman) the constipation and belly pain
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in hawaii tonight, what they've been fearing is now coming true, sadly, as a lava flow wider than a football field is now within about a football field of several homes. evacuations are now underway. nbc's hallie jackson is on the big island for us tonight. >> reporter: in hawaii they call this the will of palae, the goddess of volcanos.
6:47 pm
red hot lava oozing over roads and fields, now moving dangerously close to homes with some refusing to leave. >> i had my trailers ready, but i'm not putting anything on them until the guy across the street's house is burning. >> reporter: on the lava's leading edge, methane explosi s explosions. >> they can be very violent. there's times where it can really blow the ground open. >> reporter: molten lava wider than a football field moving slower than a snail's pace, but unrelenting, directly threatening some 50 houses. people are already choosing to leave their homes. the lava now less than a hundred yards from the closest property. the banisters loaded up their final few boxes walking through their empty house for what may be the last time. >> we live on an island we have active volcanos, we know this is always a possibility. you just acclimate. >> reporter: even in the daylight you can see smoke from the lava floe a few hundred yards from where we are.
6:48 pm
that's why the crews are rerouting pow eer poles here. they want to make sure even if the lava crosses the street, people will still have a chance at getting electricity. >> reporter: it's a slow-motion natural disaster they saw coming for weeks and miles. triggered by a volcanic eruption on the big island of hawaii four months ago. since then the lava has come closer and closer to pahoa threatening to melt the main highway and anything else in its path. here they watch and wait hoping palai will spare them knowing they can do nothing to stop her. hallie jackson, nbc news, pahoa, hawaii. we're back tonight with a security scare for the british prime minister today. and there's video of it all. e, doctors have been prescribing nexium to patients just like you. for many, prescription nexium helps heal acid-related erosions in the lining of the esophagus. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea,
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aircraft on to the ground. this is portugal, home to some wicked winds, forcing the need to crab down the runway and fly downright sideways until planting those wheels on the concrete. all souls on board delivered safely to their destination. this next scene could have ended much differently. grainy video showing british prime minister david cameron walking to his car when out of nowhere a man bumps into him, delivers a small shove. he is quickly enveloped by british security. cameron was hustled into his vehicle, but it seems to have been an accident. seems he was just a guy out for a run who later said on facebook he brushed into the p.m. while running and was "assaulted by half a dozen coppers in suits." if you're an nfl fan, then you know these days it feels like there's somebody celebrating their own achievement after just about every play when they should probably just return to the huddle. case and point, the bears were losing to the patriots by 25
6:53 pm
points when defensive end lamar huston for the bears, a $35 million player, sacked the backup quarterback. the cursory celebration ensues, but houston goes down. then he goes down for a second time. torn acl. celebration injury. out for the season. this clip should probably be shown by every pop warner coach to every kid and pop warner. file this next one under dare to dream. the boston globe called it the photo that melted the internet today. it's from a massachusetts nonprofit that supplies bullet proof vests for police dogs. this guy cannot wait to some day be able to wear the vest and the shield of the boston police department. when we come back, the red carpet with george clooney, seth rogen as your prom date perhaps, this and more could be yours for nearly $10.
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cause. imagine your best possible day, or event, you get to spend it with the celebrity you admire the most. and ten dollars will buy you the chance to make it happen. we get our report tonight from nbc's harry smith. >> reporter: only arnold schwarzenegger would have a tank for a toy. and how cool would it be to get to ride along? or imagine being stageside with your new best friend for life j-lo. with the purchase of a $10 raffle ticket, you could win a walk down the red carpet with george clooney. >> it was ten dollars a day, which is probably about what i'm worth at this point. but we raised a million-two. >> reporter: matt and ryan have turned charity, celebrity and social media into a business. it starts with a funny video. >> ben's left eye twitches every time you say the word -- >> reporter: in it is a pitch for a chance at an experience
6:58 pm
you can't buy. >> last year we raised $3 million in that first year. this year we did that in just january. >> reporter: what do you think you're going to do this year? >> we're on pace to raise about $20 million. >> reporter: their company pockets 20%, the rest goes to charity. seth rogen recently invited fans to buy a chance to be his date at a grown-up prom, a fundraiser for alzheimer's research. >> we very quickly and with not a ton of effort raised over $100,000. >> reporter: the winner, stephanie buffalo, an advocate whose mother-in-law suffered with alzheimer's for years. >> i want to ask if you'd go to prom with me? >> are you serious? >> uh-huh. [ applause ] >> reporter: the company recently partnered with rogen's group, so she was going to the prom anyway when she decided to enter for the chance to go with seth. the big night was like a story your friends might not believe. the giant limo. and then the walk down the red carpet. so is this your dream come true?
6:59 pm
>> it's pretty freaking awesome. >> reporter: money was raised, a cause was served and a good time was had by all. >> thank you all so much for coming. >> reporter: harry smith, nbc news, hollywood. >> that's our broadcast on a monday night as we start a new hugh jackman's new health scare. is his cancer back? now on "extra." ♪ extra extra >> new photos, hugh jackman with a bandage on his nose after two bouts with skin cancer, why a a
7:00 pm
beloved star just went back in for treatment. "extra" in vegas. >> with the gorgeous birthday girl herself, kim kardashian. >> decked out in a white dress, we're inside her blowout 34th birthday with kanye's big surprise. >> they got woken up at 4:00 in the morning. >> plus new photos from george and amal's weekend wedding number two. oprah to the rescue. >> how she sprung into a after her suv ran over a woman's foot. >> could honor he boo boo's mama june lose custody of the kids? new clues she lied about her relationship with a convicted child molester. our new interview with rihanna taking on the giant rumor she's the next bond girl. plus halle berry talking about her new lingerie line. stay focused, a.j. >> i'm dancing inside. >> this is "extra" at universal studios, hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a.