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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11 pm starts now. on the move and the storm hours away from delivering a winter wall up to the east coast . the capital bracing for a direct hit after something that had people slamming. 77 million people are in the edge of the storm, it sounds like the heaviest storm will be close to us. this keeps us right on the edge
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in louisiana and you get a sense about where this is and a dynamic system. this is a different animal by the time you wake up it will be a full- fledged storm and for us tomorrow it's a quiet day. no issues at all. much like the clouds that will increase tomorrow morning it's dry and we head towards the afternoon hours and the snow tries to work its way up towards the south coast. right now the heaviest snow bounds move from the midshipman atlantic to around long island and then just offshore as we had through saturday night and it will be a close pass which is why it's a tough forecast. no changes from this evening, 2 to 5 inches of snow and really focusing on the highs and
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states. including the north shore there could be some ocean have to create some snowfall and a much lower impact. coming up we will talk about the wind side which will cause some visibility issues. this will have a major impact on air travel in 3000 flights already counsel -- >>reporter: in anticipation of the storm so many have changed their flight today and flew out of logan because tomorrow will be another story. call ahead or arrived bright and early. >>reporter: inside the visit are you people are scrambling
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i packed my bags saturday afternoon. what happened? the weather. i did not want to be stuck till monday or tuesday so i am getting out tonight. >>reporter: air travel will be virtually impossible in more than 3000 flights have already been canceled for friday. i got a notice from american that i could change the and i took them up on it. flying is one thing, driving another and a burst of flurries paralyze the nation's capital yesterday. commutes did not just double or triple, they ran into the wee morning hours and that is the president's motorcade. >> we are sorry for an adequate
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maher walsh has offered to help. >> this is the same way you prepare for an natural disaster. >>reporter: airlines have agreed to waive many fees but friday you might already be out of luck. live for wbz news. charlie baker delivers his first state of the commonwealth address. if i had to sum up the past year it would be the following, don't be surprised when you get a surprise because stuff just happens, some good and some bad. >>reporter: highlighted accomplishments and focused on challenges ahead including combating the opioid crisis and expanding charter schools. john keller joins us now and the governor cruised in on a wave of popularity. >> he entered with one of the
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any governor in the country but with broken agencies and the chronic budget pressure to deal with modesty was the order of the season. >>reporter: how has he rocked up skyhigh ratings? in part through registries and more customer friendly items. >> i must admit that this makes me smile.>>reporter: after years of bickering about legislator, this first year of smooth sailing has been a pleasant surprise but what goes up must come down and baker laid down the gauntlet on one of beacon hill's most utterly contested issues. expanding the
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one that places such a high value on education should not have arbitrary limits on parent's access to high-quality schools and we should not sit idly by why so many parents feel the pain of missed opportunities for their kids. they will fight that with all they have. >>reporter: if they can cut opioid abuse and hold the line on property taxes they will help 20 of -- plenty of political capital to gain. >>reporter: the governor employed legislature to include high controversial transmission lines which is another example of key hurdles that face the agenda. thank you the senate passed a bill making it illegal to
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gps, or read and write email by driving. anything you do would have to be hands-free. fines could range from $100- $500 and the bill has to pass the house and get the governor's signature before it is lost. the patriots pack up tonight for an afternoon flight to denver. the team is leaving early ahead of saturday's storm and steve is live with us. i imagine it they need time to get used to the thin air. >> the will had straight to denver and they had perfect attendance today heading into their first game of the year. the broncos tom brady will become one of the first quarterbacks in history to win five super bowl rings if he can do it. he is already up there with legends but he does not feel
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>> i don't think about those things too often. meanwhile dan roach is out in denver and they have the reason to play the new respect card on sunday. >>reporter: the patriots have been installed as a 3 point road favorite on sunday and they are playing with a chip on their shoulder and they will try and use this to their advantage. there is no question that we will need them in a big way on sunday to keep us going and disrupt tumor we are playing. peyton manning could use that running game and cj anderson and ronnie hillman ran in the patriots fell to the broncos in denver. manning could use this again come sunday and with the broncos i am dan roach and wb z
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they say experience does not matter at this point. we will get you closer to the action happening behind the scenes and what goes into a game day broadcast. stay with us sunday for a two-hour edition sunday. this is the post game live. we are following a developing story and several police officers are hurt after a chase and we understand that the injuries are minor but this started when a man robbed a store in south norwood and they tried to stop them and then he was arrested and now is facing charges. an armed robber was no match
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surveillance cameras captured this whole thing and louisa was fearless. >>reporter: she was fearless and she felt like she was being pulled away from the danger by a guardian angel that is to her daughter that passed away. >> he said give me all the money in your cash register. maria alba says heard gut instincts took over. i went like this. >>reporter: on wednesday the owner of the market single- handedly beat away a would-be thief yielding a knife and this entire ordeal included a wall up caught on surveillance store
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kirk and she is a neighborhood mother that is friendly with customers and would rather bring a wooden club to a knife fight. despite the dangers of break- ins and holdups the store is her dream with a special guardian angel, the stores namesake who also pitched in. my daughter was a soft lady. divine intervention from the criminal that got away. >> >>reporter: i love how she is kept a positive attitude
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live with wbz news. could it ever be lights out for favorite landmark in boston. why this sign is up in the air tonight. and i am kate live in denver and the big game is days away but they are gearing up inside mile high and we will go behind the scenes to see what goes in to making the big game. in colorado no snow to be found but around here we will track how close it comes to new england, coming out.
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the iconic boston sign is losing the landlord. katie is live to decide who gets to decide if it stays or goes.
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more than the boston landscape and its future is in question. >> at the signature piece of austin. >>reporter: this has broken through the boston skyline in sale, meaning the buyer will decide if the science stays or goes. >> when you go to boston it is boston. >> for baseball fans a home run from fenway and for others it is home. >>reporter: boston university currently owns 650 beacon and the rooftop holding the sign. >> given the iconic nature of this and the brand recognition. >>reporter: many call it a
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in the early 1980s there was a failed attempt to save the sign from removal and public outcry led safeco to keep it. they are optimistic that they will keep it. >> i think it's something that could get it taller. >>reporter: can you imagine the skyline without the sign?>> i would miss it absolutely. it is significant. >>reporter: the sign is on one of several buildings at a are selling to get out of the commercial real estate business and what they get from the sale of the buildings they will put towards teaching. reporting live in boston, katie price, wbz news. >> the sign brings us to our number of the night, 218,000, that's how many led lights are
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cannot go away. we had a live picture from our tower camera of the sign and it's windy and cold. >> when the wind comes through it's biting. >> we've had the wind and breeze out there and now it's been a very january week as you might expect as it gets towards the end of january. cold weather and our first flakes will develop saturday afternoon. the best chance for snow and strongest winds a saturday evening and night and moving out early on sunday morning and let's pretend what we are watching for. in long island and new york city those are warnings and a large area of winter storm warnings. they could see one to two weeks of snow and the storm gets organized and much more impressive. it starts to swirl
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were there could be tornado warnings. here in the northeast things are quiet and a cold start to the day. in the team to another one to bundle the day and a cold morning. temperatures well up into the 20s and if you're heading there the weather could be a factor and this is in boston and plymouth and much of central massachusetts. >> we can talk about the developing storm and we have a raging ice storm in the carolinas and the panthers were home there on sunday the snow moved into dc and new york city and the toughest part of the forecast is on the fringe and we are trying to figure out where exactly the snow will move.
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the south coast or stay out to see? this is the latest and no changes from earlier on. it is 2 to 5 inches around plymouth county and the cape island and according to boston in north and west there is a sharp cut off and it does not look like a big event. the biggest totals are centered around the dark blue area and we have wanted to be an isolated three-foot totals. they've only had two all-time snowstorms and it tells you how big of a snowstorm it is. the wind will pick up and 45 to 50. the wind will pick up and 45 to 50 mph when there is snow falling and there's strong winds you could see blizzard warnings. it has nothing to do with visibility and went and there is hazardous travel. the wind is stacking up the water and sunday morning high
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with moderate flooding in a revolution. once the storm departs on sunday we break in and monday tuesday there will be a warming trend and lisa david it looks like a january thaw at the end of the month. we give you a rare look at the action behind the afc championship game. they are lucky enough to show us what goes into the game day broadcast. the patriots are not here yet and there is a flurry of activity here at mile high. take a look outside as the trucks are parked and they are ready to go. they are also inside the stadium to bring you every play and every sound of the game on sunday. >>reporter: what you see on the tv is only made possible by
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>> all of the replays come through here. inside the stadium and inside these trucks is the heart of the afc operation and a crew bigger than any football team gearing up to bring you every play and every sound. >> 36 microphones are so. >>reporter: this is a scene that you will not see an your tv and hear the model is the same and you can do your job so that the patriots can do there's . >> this is the time for us to cross the tn.the eye. their control room is complete with dozens of screens and another one is the audio and mixing booth.
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during a super bowl year. >>reporter: success here depends on only one thing. we can fulfill this and be able to put on the best game. their favorite part of the game on sunday will be the additional pylon cameras that they have added to give you better views of the end zone and it will be better to watch on your couch than here. live in denver tonight. kate merrill. better to be on the couch when it ticket goes for $800 what rob grant husky saying about the broncos and their
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welcome back everyone, come sunday the patriots will want to get off to a great start but they also want to finish strong and last time they give up 17 points and tom brady outside in the cold today and the super bowl champs are battle tested.
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matter at this point. welcome butler did not have any other experience and to ever calls it has to go out and make the plane if you make please have a good chance to advance. broncos cornerback chris harris told espn that the way to tackle rob krakowski is to hit him in his knee and today he appeared at the podium for the first time ever in foxboro and said that is just football. >> they are not doing anything illegal and you just need to be aware of it. maybe jukes, how many jukes i got. meanwhile dan roaches in
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reaching new heights in mile high. >>reporter: there's been overwhelming amount of hype simply because of the matchup of the quarterbacks but the players understand how special it is. >> i appreciate it and watching it. the game will always be there and it's one of the best that we've ever played. it's one of the best ever played. >>reporter: he said he is playing for pete manning and all of his teammates. for the broncos in inglewood colorado i am dan roach. and injured boston players center crowd for all of the support that she has received. the sisters were on hand to take part in the ceremonial
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one dad is going viral tonight because of his issue with spiders and he walked through a web and asked his wife if she sees a spider on him. her reaction sends him into a frenzy and he strips off his
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run in the other direction. they did not know it was caught on their surveillance video. we will be back in a minute.
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