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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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head north and west away from the coastline a few flurries and like we have been saying a nonevent north of the pike. involved. of travel. from new york philly and dc areas in dark blue one to two feet. so a lot of major hubs definitely seeing an impact from this. so our storm timeline the first flakes as we head into saturday afternoon along the south coast and cape. and best chance of snowfall is saturday night into early on sunday morning. and that focus on southeastern massachusetts and moves out early on sunday morning. and during the peak on saturday night strong winds so the cape and islands and gusts here 45 to 55 miles per hour things calling down as the day goes on on sunday. a warmup in the forecast behind it coming up in while. >> we seal you this. forecast -- we will see you then. the mayor is lenning washington one of our new snow melters. >> the mayor was down at the white house today and sound
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this storm. >> i feel bad i am leaving tonight and hopefully watch on tv and look out and -- and not look out and see it. >> stay with the weather team for updates on the storm as it gets close erin go to c about. s boston . com and click on the live storm blog and can our meteorologists your question about the the snow. now, to the afc chapelyionship of the -- championship pack their bags for denver. two years ago they lost the apc -- afc championship to peyton man and broncos and over time defeat and rob gronkowski carted off with an injury. tonight patriots are hoping for better luck. >> we have team coverage from foxboro to denver and star with >> thanks very much. some of the players are walking around in the locker room saying they must have laser focus and not dare think about the super bowl and bill belichick won't let them.
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practice. after practices indoors outside today. tom brady and company won't be in foxboro on sunday and they will be in denver facing one of the loudest crowds and toughest league. so to be effective brady knows same page. >> i think when you go on the road, you still want to be able to everyone on offense to go on the right rhythm and jump the count. but you can only do that in a silent count because no one can hear me verbally when you are on the road. >> playing on the road in the nfl is a difficult task. but we are going on the road in denver and the fans will be loud and ready and denver broncos very solid team and very, very solid defense and we have to be ready mentally and physically. >> both teams know what is at stake and they know denver knows i should say that it's
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season. in the meantime, let's head to standing by. >> reporter: interesting theme you touched upon. fact you go back what have you done for me lately league. look at nfl. patriots impressive in the win over kansas city last weekend and steelers and broncos went at it in denver denver struggled but odd makers in vegas made patriots the favorite to win. you look at the broncos who practice for the second straight day here at the training facility in englewood colorado made a 3 point underdog but odds makers. this despite the fact they have home field advantage and beat pats in denver on november 29th. as you might imagine cj anderson and broncos aware of their underdog status. >> we don't have a chance. if that don't motivate you you are in the wrong business. we are supposed to get killed this sunday which is funny to me so go out and that's why you play the game. >> reporter: so there you go
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chip on the shoulder. everyone looking for the edge. respect and trash talk and makes you want to say let's get it on for somebody like right now. -- sunday like right now. much more coming up in a few minutes and more with the former patriot talib but for now paul in the studio. >> it's good to have the press pass because it most be the most expensive afc championship game in history a ticket website called ruckus is tracking the prices. average price is actually over 800 dollars a ticket. dollars. the most expensive close to 2 grand. there will be plenty of spending outside the stadium. denver economy is expected to take in more than 10 million dollars just by hosting the game. online. go to the cbs boston facebook page and share the battle of the fans photos we are station which thanks broncos fans have more spirit and share
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the gallery on the home page of cbs and stay with us sunday for a day full of patriots excitement. we have a two-hour edition of game day kick off at 3 and the only place to see the game is here on wbz, and right after the game, stay with us for 5th quarter live on wbz and my tv38. new at 6 tonight an alarming story out of worcester a toddler had to be treated with the overdose reversing drug narcan. bree sison is live with more on the story. bree. >> reporter: david that happened here on the 4th floor of this apartment building where a little girl was found dead last september. last week though it was a 15- month-old boy who was given narcan but he tested negative for drugs like heroin cocaine and marijuana and it seems more likely he got ahold of a prescription pill. >> yeah my little pride and joy. >> reporter: nardine says the
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grandson is in the care of the department of children and families. his 23-year-old mother was visiting a friend in this building on wellington street january 12th when someone called 911 saying he was lethargic acording to a search warrant object tanned by wbz the boy was having respiratory complications. was about to go into cardiac arrest and pupils were dialated. the warrant says first responders gave him narcan a drug that counteracts opioid overdoses but can work in cases of a heart medication use police found in the apartment. >> from what i heard, from some people that she must have had it on the table and they didn't pay attention and he grabbed the pills. >> reporter: the little boy became sick in the same home where 2-year-old gigi brown died in september. authorities have not released details about how or why gigi died. and have not pressed charges in her case or in the case of the 15 month old boy they found
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the search warrant was served the day after that little boy went to the hospital and in it officers say they found several kinds of pills in the apartment including with you. anadine but are awaiting more test reports whether it was in the boy's system. bree sison wbz news now back to you. >> thank you. tonight the first arrest in the rash of school threats we have seen over the last week. methuen police say a 15-year- attack there today. it was copycat from yesterday's threat which forced the evacuation of the school and a bag by bag search. there have been around 20 threats over the last week. governor baker will deliver address tonight. it's the first. one of the topics he will cover the opioid crisis. you can see the governor aa address live on wbz starting at 7:30. coming up, on the block. >> the home of the citgo sign
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mean for the iconic site. >> a huge a weapons an travelers trying to get on airplanes and the troubling trend at logan. >> and the cool 16 is the --
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new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. who do you like in this election? not sure yet. whoever gets something done. we've gone from eight billion in the hole, to two billion in the black. we've cut taxes and we're growing from a loss of three hundred fifty thousand jobs, to a gain of three hundred forty-seven
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what do you think? kasich. kasich. kasich. that's a funny name. he brought back jobs both from china as well as mexico and i don't believe another candidate can say that. alarming picture. this is a handful of the guns seized at airport checkpoints last year. the tsa says so were -- 10 were found at rollingan airport nearly twice as many as the year before and a training land mine was discovered in a checked bag a few weeks ago. how about this the citgo sign home is up for sale boston university is selling 9 buildings including one with the sign on the roof. the sign is actually belongs to a billboard company. it tells the glow the buyer would have to negotiate a lease deal with the owner but that can't go anywhere. >> stay tuned a.
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lake a webcam recorded today what you don't see is ice. in fact there's almost no ice on the lake be a by this time year the lake -- lake and by this time of the year the lake isfrozen over. >> it's been a warmer than average january. smaller water bodies have frozen up a little more current and takes a little more. >> you see the ice fishing huts and nothingmaybe in february this year. >> it's been very cold this week and a lot of chilly nights and actually i am surprised there's not some ice probably along the shore. >> looks like we dodged a bullet for saturday. >> we are watching it very carefully. we are right on the edge of a major storm system that brings a lot of snow to the mid- atlantic and travel disruption between new york and charlotte down into north georgia. so we are right on the edge of the whole thing. the main impact right now looks and island. that's where we should see the largest snow total the strongest winds and that wind could create areas of coastal fluting -- flooding saturday
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high tide a little before midday. blizzard warnings in dc and baltimore and blizzard watches and long island and those may get upgraded and a big area of winter storm warnings from arkansas up toward the blizzard areas and so a big swath of the eastern united states 1 to # feet snow total and some up to 3 feet. storm is digging into louisiana and ever weather along gulf coast goes along the gulf coast and comes up the eastern seaboard heading into friday and saturday. for us in the meantime, it's quiet and cold and january and the same weather all week. teens tonight and a little brisk breeze tomorrow and it's another bright and chilly day and we want to be layered up in the morning and 20s and 30s during afternoon and not as much wind as we have seen but there will be a breeze. and clouds start to increase as we head towards the evening but the bottom line is what we have had today is what we get tomorrow. high near 32 in boston 238 in worcester. manchester in 30 and hyannis 38 degrees. we track this winter storm. so friday night the clouds
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north and if you have anything going on friday into saturday morning getting in along training run or traveling many asked about flights, no problems there as all. heading towards midday the snow shield will lift towards the shoreline. so main band of heavy snow indark blue is rotating off to the south. coming up to long island and shy of new york city. and then it's going pivot right south of the islands heading through saturday night. so we will be right on the edge of snowfall and then the snow area moves out to sea as we head into sunday. this is why it's been a tricky forecast. it's been easy around dc blizzard blizzard ever since last saturday. for us plowable snow is likely in southeastern massachusetts. so two to five from plymouth through the south coast. buzzards bay region and martha vineyard and nantucket. a coasting -- coating to a couple inches in between and ocean enhanced snow across cape anne creating a coating on the ground of the all tolled
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is seeing not the a high impact event. but snow in the air combined with wind will produce poor visibility saturday evening and night but especially towards the cape and islands 45 to 55- mile-per-hour gusts. could rule out a few isolateed power outages and i don't think it will be a widespread issue when you have snow and wind it could create hazardous travel. a high tide before midnight on saturday night. minor coastal flooding and minor to moderate for sunday morning. mainly focusing bay side cape and sandwich towards plymouth and south shore winds coming down out of the north and east and east facing beaches could see erosion. and sunday the whole thing is moving out to sea and we get into the sunshine and low 30s and it's a comfortable end to the weekend gusty and if you are heading to ski country they are missing out and there's no snow in northern neweningland but it's been very cold and making a ton of snow. and everyone who says conditions are great temperatures in the teens to around 20 for friday and
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so we will make plenty more snow and no melting. for those cure now is denver low 40s a chance of flurries and doesn't look like weather is going to be a big factor on the field for the patriots. here's fulling a yew -- accu- weather seven-day well noon into the 30s on monday and 40s on tuesday with a chance of rain showers and near 40 on wednesday. after a very cold week it's going to feel pretty good u paula and david back to you -- good. paula and david back to you. >> patriots frees conference some fun at the podium. >> steve burton is at the cbs scene. the way people talk about the game sound like we are going to war but gronk reminds us it's fun. >> and it's a game. but it's a big game and he is well focused on the game. we are getting close to the game. patriots will practice tomorrow and get on a plane and head to denver. the game plan is now in placement all the pats have to do is execute it. and levan reid tells us now the little things come in to play. >> reporter: little comic relief to start the afternoon. >> wow.
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>> reporter: big 87 under the media lights. rob gronkowski and patriots played in a number of the pivotal games to have a routine. >> experience or not, it all comes down to how you play on sundays how you prepareit's going to be a lot of young guys that don't have a lot of experience to make big plays and there's going to be older guys that come and make plays so it doesn't matter how many playoff games i've been in. >> reporter: that's right taking advantage of the moment. so maybe a game winning kick in different altitude comes if play. >> knowing the ball is going to go farther or it can go farther, you have to hit a good kick. >> reporter: or scrambling for extra yards is key. everybody has to do their part. >> i think that's been a big point the last two or three years is how to buy everybody more time and i think we have done a better job of that. >> reporter: as loud as stadium is going to be in denver tom brady says silence will be the key for the patriots offense.
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so tom will use certain looks and just hand motions to make sure that the guys are able to get in and out of plays and make adjustments. at gillette stadium levan reid. >> i will tell you they want to silent crowd. let's go out to denver and dan is standing by with more on the broncos side of things. >> reporter: yeah lots of story lines for this one. we talked about a few minutes ago the fact the broncos are underdogs despite winning here in november. and the game again here in denver. you've got brady versus manning and, of course, this is the 10th time the patriots played in the afc championship game in the last 15 years. one player who knows what it's like to play on both teams number 21talib. two-time pro bowl cornerback paid for patriots from 2012 and 13 and with them when they lost to manning in the afc title game two years ago. so he has an appreciation for brady versus manning 17 this sunday. >> aid great showman. every time they play, extra
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it's going to be a regular and media. quarterbacks doing it. so of course everybody wants to other. >> reporter: asked if he regrets about leaving the patriots to come to denver he said nope and moved on and asked what made the patriots so special over the the 15 years and he said it common denominator brady and belichick. that's the story from here in roche now back to you. >> thanks very much. here we go. wbz is the place to be for the afc championship starting saturday at 7 with patriots all access live from the mile high city. as for sunday we will kick off with a special two-hour i diddation -- addition ofpatriots game day kick off at 3 followed by the 5th quarter show. the bruins let's end with them they act vated -- activateded
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game day can't get here soon enough. >> rob gronkowski reminding us how joyful this experience is. thanks steve. cbs evening news is coming up at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us live from new york with a preview. scott. >> david paul great to be with you in boston. we are track the big blizzard 62016 as much as 2 -- 2016, as much as 2 1/2 feet could fall on the nation's capital and other points up and down the coast. hundreds if not thousands of flights are canceled, train service will be curtailed and we are covering this all up and down the coast. we will have a complete report for you on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. >> it will be huge. much. help. the bruins delivering a new boost to denna
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. a former boston fire fight here is exposed by the i team
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today a judge rejected the argument by fred ellis' lawyer to dismiss the criminal charge the former hazmat specialist is accused of threatening to arrest driver if he didn't hire a company to clean up a gas spill on lowerth lower deck of i-93ch the i-team uncovered the extortion scheme in 2011 if convicted he risk losing his86,000 dollar pension. eye on education tonight. high school graduation rate is up in massachusetts. more than 87% of students who entered as 9th graders graduated last year. this is the 9th year in a row risen. denna laing the pocky -- hockey player injured had a very special visitor the bruins captain and brought a special pair of bruins high heels. she has a big collection of high heels and at tonight's game her mother and two sisters will drop the first puck all of the fun raising during the game
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laing fund and fans can pick up get well cards. >> amazing smile. still ahead a hasty decision. >> who's coming to harvard to
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he was praised last year for performance as a death defying stunt man. >> and joseph jordan gordon- levitt will be honoredded with a roast and pudding pie. the most recent role was in the walk later he will play edward snowden in oliver stone's movie on wikileaks source. >> he ready to be paraded through harvard square in the bitter cold. >> hopefully he will be nice and warm. >> that would be nice. >> looks warmer heading into february. around the corner but in the short-term cold tonight and chilly tomorrow and we are we are watching the storm system and will have a impact especially for southeastern massachusetts and keeping in mind the snow is not huge but a lot of blowing and drift and creating poor visibility on saturday night. >> is there any worry at all
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>> it's nature and there's always a worry why we update forecast and hopey you are keeping up. >> i have to keep watching. thanks for watching tonight. >> and we will see you back


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