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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  September 23, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ feel the power feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo and plug it in! ♪ ♪ it's electric (electric company) ♪ ♪ get connected (electric company) ♪ ♪ it's electric (electric company) ♪ ♪ get connected (electric company) ♪ ♪ the power we perfected is electrically connected ♪ ♪ so use it as directed and expect to be respected ♪ ♪ just turn it on and you will see ♪ ♪ that you belong in the company! ♪ ♪ feel the power feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo and plug it in! ♪ ♪ plug it in, everybody! ♪ electric company electric company ♪ ♪ electric company... electric company! ♪ ok, if sandy tries to hypnotize us, we know the plan, right? right. so, why are you guys so confident you're going to win? because the show's all about the knowledge that we have of each other, and we know a lot.
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yep. yeah, yeah, sure, sure. test us. alright... what is hector's favorite breakfast? don't look. okay. i think she'll get this one. done. ready? yeah. my favorite breakfast is...12 pancakes. you got it right! or as bob would say, "you...are correct!" lisa? hector? fancy bumping into you guys. well, we just wanted to stop by and wish you luck, which reminds me that my watch is broken and maybe you can look at it very closely. look at it... look at the watch. you are getting very...sleepy. (snoring) aunt sandy? get away from them!
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mama... wake up, aunt sandy. wake up! we need a new plan! here's a wacky thought; what if we played fair? just thinking out loud. i don't think we have enough knowledge about each other; we would get all the answers wrong. and bob bobson will say, "you are incorrect!" i can't deal with that. i think...we need to bring in some help. ♪ (cackling) who? ♪ thanks for meeting us, francine. of course.
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what do you need? you watch "friends or aunts?" it's my fifth favorite gameshow. we need your help to win. what's in it for me? beating the electric company. that's a nice start, but i want a piece of the grand prize... what is it? a washer/dryer, a subscription to "modern aunts" magazine, and a small bucket of money. how small? we don't know. if you win, i get the washer, the dryer, and the small bucket of money. that just leaves us with the magazine! correct! it's a good magazine. that's not going to cut it, carruthers! fine! i get the money and the dryer. what about the small bucket? it's yours. both: deal. ♪
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♪ (beat boxing) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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so, what's happened so far? we were selected to be on "friends or aunts!" you were picked too? correct. what? correct...that means you're right. hey, you guys! we're going to win; we have lots of knowledge about each other. like, i know what your favorite breakfast is. my brain is just full of information about you! knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. we're in trouble, we don't know much about each other. our answers will be wrong, they'll be incorrect. let's practice. your favorite color is red. incorrect, it's blue. we need help! correct! oh, francine! ♪ well, welcome to "friends or aunts," guys. i'm lisa, this is my friend, hector. what's up? i'm howie. you guys can head on back to the studio and bob will be right in.
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awesome, thanks, howie. sweet. ♪ that's the sound-proof booth. well, this is bob bobson's microphone. you are correct. both: bob bobson... that's right. so are you the friend or the aunt? huh? (laughter) hey bob, isn't there supposed to be a studio audience? you are...incorrect. oh. watch this...a little gameshow secret for ya. (cheering) there's your audience. howie runs this thing... where's howie...howie? howie! howie, you are getting very sleepy, and you will listen to my voice. when i snap my fingers, you will stand in the corner
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and sleep for the entire show, understand? totally. (snoring) alright, francine! ♪ let's do this. (bell ringing) you ready, howie? ready, bob. alright, let's make a gameshow. it's time for one of america's gameshows, "friends or aunts" and here's your host, bob bobson. (applause) thank you, hello, and welcome to the only gameshow that tests
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your knowledge of your friend, or your aunt. (applause) let's meet today's contestants. is it on? it just started. wow...this is like my 7th favorite gameshow. with us we have lisa heffenbacher, and her friend, hector ruiz. (cheering) and over here we have annie scrambler, and her beautiful aunt, sandy scrambler. ok, let's get started, you know the rules, the youngest contestant goes to the booth first, so lisa, that means you're up, into the booth you go. now lisa, can you hear me? of course she can't, she's in a sound-proof booth. (laughter) alright hector, you know the rules? yeah.
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then here...we go! hector, what is lisa's favorite animal? ♪ write your answer down. totally dogs, lisa loves dogs. done. done...that was quick. let's get lisa out here... lisa, come on out. lisa, tell us what is your favorite animal? oh, easy bob...dogs. dogs -- ok hector, show us what you wrote. pack mule. what? pack mule. pack mule? that's...incorrect. no, dude, i wrote dogs. careful, dude, you know the rules, we deduct points for complainers. (laughter) hector definitely has the knowledge, there's something weird about this. we better go over there and check it out. i have to hang back and help out my dad here, good luck.
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♪ i don't trust you, letter "c!" i don't trust you one bit. one minute you're making a hard "c" sound like car, crown, clip. but whenever you get in front of an "i" an "e" or a "y," you totally change, you start making a soft "c" sound, like center, city, spicy. well, i'm on to you letter "c," onto you, from this moment on, i will never use hard or soft "c" again, or mine name isn't
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francine carruthers... francine carruthers. there's a hard and soft "c" in my name? you know what letter i love? the letter "c," best letter in the alphabet. oh, this is a good word and it goes around and around, let's see, it has two "c's" in it. now that first one is a soft "c" because there's an "i" after it so it makes the "sss" sound,, it's cir. and now we get to the second "c" this one has an "l" after it so we know it makes the hard "c" sound, so it's circle around, folks, yeehaw! (beat boxing)
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woo! oh! ♪ shock, i love that beat ♪ everything you beat box sounds so sweet ♪ ♪ but can you see what i see? ♪ you're using the sounds of hard and soft "c" ♪ ♪ as in cacophony and coal cupcake, calories ♪ ♪ i can't control ♪ can you call me before you go? ♪ caw-caw! ♪ was that a canary or a crow? ♪ soft "c" is also nice ♪ at the end of words like rice or twice ♪ ♪ sounds like an "s" but take my advice ♪ ♪ sometimes you need a soft "c" to add that spice ♪ ♪ and when the sounds work together ♪ ♪ the circus is in town ♪ they run circles around this ground ♪ ♪ the other letters fall back ♪ they need a little hard "c" soft "c" practice ♪ i'm special agent jack bowser. i'm in a scoop of trouble at the ice cream sprinkles factory.
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it's about to explode and i can't crack the code to get out. help me read this... sandy, come on out of there. (laughter) oh, there she goes! alright, we asked annie to write down her aunt's favorite snack. what's your favorite snack? well, i do quite like little miniature pizzas, they're about yay-big... what's the snack, sandy? pretzel sticks. annie, what did you write? pretzel sticks, correct! arbor day! that's correct.
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zoot-suit...incorrect. turbans...correct! incorrect! correct! keep trying. that's correct. incorrect. figure skating...correct. so, that brings annie and sandy's score to 538. and hector and lisa's to zero, tough round for the friends, but that's ok because coming up, we got the speed round where we find out who wins the washer/dryer combo, the subscription to "modern aunt" magazine, and the uh...the uh... small bucket of money! small bucket of money, bob. small bucket of money, yes -- howie, thank you -- the small bucket of money. so, stick around, we'll be right back. that's francine! that's francine! (snoring) ♪
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♪ oh... ♪ (applause) hello and we're back with the speed round and the rules are exactly the same except everyone talks really fast. hector and lisa, you've been selected to go first, are you ready to go? both: yes bob, we're ready to go. ♪ going somewhere, francine? lisa, plug your ears and cover your eyes and hector, get ready to answer this question. hector...what is lisa's favorite movie? write your answer. why does it say, "return of the ninja aardvark part iii" on the wall? howie? howie? howie? oh, bob...where are you, dude?
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"brunch at stephanie's" is correct! the friends are on the board. ok, cover your eyes, close your ears, what is annie's favorite color? francine! let's see, arbor day... incorrect! arbor day... what's arbor day? i thought you liked trees... who are you? long story. hold this. wait, come back. francine! howie? francine! howie? bob. what's up, bob? this way, francine. i mean, howie...oops. one second, america. howie, i want to show you something over here.
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look at this in locks. bob, i'm trying to find myself. back to work, real howie. ok, bob. ok, we're back. (applause) you know what that sound means...that sound means we only have time for one more question, and that question goes to hector. cover 'em up, lisa! for 270 points and the win, what is lisa's favorite lunch? take your time over there...any day now. done! he is done...lisa, what is your favorite lunch? turkey and swiss on seven grain bread, hold the mayo, with a pickle on the side. hector, your answer is? turkey and swiss on seven grain bread, hold the mayo with a pickle on the side... is correct! what a comeback by the friends, they have just won "friends or aunts" and i am bob bobson saying,
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"i'm bob bobson!" goodnight everybody. ♪ i guess when they say a small bucket of money they really mean it. but there could be a lot of money stuffed in there, open it. ok. well, guess that's it. so, what are you going to buy with the money? that's easy...smoothies for my friends. or aunts. congratulation, electric company, you won that game, now try winning when francine carruthers makes the rules! on prankster planet, no one can stop me. will you even dare to try, electric company? (cackling) ♪ prankster planet! prankster planet! ♪
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♪ the reverse-a-ball's reversing all the words on earth ♪ ♪ so it's jessica and marcus to the rescue ♪ ♪ francine is a machine you must stop them all ♪ ♪ to save the world from the reverse-a-balls ♪ ♪ prankster planet! prankster planet! ♪ hello, loyal fans. francine! francine! francine! oh stop...stop. let's take a look at three examples of my reverse-a-balls on earth. reverse-a-ball one... reverse-a-ball two... reverse-a-ball three... brilliant! let's check on the progress of our little heroes, jessica and marcus, as they try to stop my reverse-a-balls. i'm worried my shoe's untied. whoa! marcus! yep, it's untied.
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well, it's not looking good for the electric company. so, why don't i make it worse? hey, it's survey time! i'm going to hypnotize jessica and marcus and make them act like an animal. and the survey question is: which animal should the electric company act like? time to vote! you can vote for a wooly yak, a monkey, or a baby lion. i'm going to show the results of the survey using a bar graph! i graph because i care. it's time to... vote! vote! vote! and now the part where we have the results of the survey time! let's see the results. what did you vote for? this bar shows me that seven of you voted for wooly yaks. twice as many, that's 14 of you, voted for monkeys. and 19 of you voted for baby lions. baby lions has the tallest bar, so that one wins.
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the result of the survey shows that you want jessica and marcus to act like baby lions...time! you think you're baby lions... you think you're baby lions. why would we think we're baby lions? (baby lion sounds) oh boy, francine! here little lion, you have to stop the reverse-a-balls. how am i gonna get you to move? ah-ha! very clever, marty. hey, there's a lever. time for my prankster planet prankster rules emergency button! good luck stopping the reverse-a-balls now. both: hey you guys! go to and stop the reverse-a-balls. the electric company and the people of earth need you!
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we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a special electric company shout-out from prankster planet. today's honorary electric company members are kylee, fastcheetah9, and supermileo! congratulations! both: thank you. you can be an honorary member of the electric company, too. online and stop francine's verse-a-balls! it starts with "fl" and i know that "ick" makes the ick sound, (yelling) so it's fl...ick...flick. and there's that bossy "r" at the end, so you know that the "r" sound is going to boss that "e" there and make the "er" sound. so, flicker! check out flicker, it's flickering.
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- let's go! we're in the wild with wild kratts. going where no human has gone before not anymore! hah-hah-hah heh-heh-heh ha-ha-ha-ha watch wild kratts! weekdays on pbs kids go! or anytime at p-b-s kids go dot org. "the electric company" is brought to you by... find your voice and share it, american greetings, proud sponsor of "the electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. (laughter) lisa? hector? fancy meeting you guys here. (laughter) we'll be right back.
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(coughing) sorry, i choked on my own spit. want to beatbox just like shock? go online to and you can mix your own beatbox and share it with your friends. there's tons of other cool games you can play like "music man" and "jack bowser." you better get playing if you want to be as good as shock.
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wild kratts is made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ wild kratts chris: we're here in eastern africa on the savannah grasslands.
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hey, it's the kratt brothers! i'm chris! i'm martin! this place is teeming with hundreds of different kinds of creatures, like lions, warthogs, leopards! and while it might seem like there's a lot of space out here, the animals around us are working hard to carve out their own territories, their own home turf. and if territorial creatures have to fight, the battles can get pretty intense. like the wildebeest, who use their big horns to battle over territory. but without a doubt the rivers, lakes and waterways of africa are home to one of the most aggressive and territorial creatures of all. and there they are, the hippopotamus! a group of about twenty. chris: it's amazing. when you're look at a hippo in the water, you're only seeing a tiny part of the animal. most of the 6,000 pound creature is under the water, and a lot of the hippo's behavior and life happens underwater. a group of hippos is called a pod,
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and there is always one big bull amongst them. he is... over there! and his main job is protecting the pod's home turf. chris: these pools and waterways are so important to hippo survival that every hippo, especially the bull, will protect their part of the pool at all costs from anybody and anyone who trespasses. even that hyena over there! and believe me, with that huge mouth full of tusks, you don't want to get in his way! imagine if we had hippo power, and could find out what it was like to be one of the most territorial creatures in the world! then we'd understand what these giant creatures are all about! both: what if? ♪ ♪ on adventure with the coolest creatures ♪ ♪ from the oceans to the trees ♪ ♪ the brothers kratt are going places you never get to see ♪ ♪ hanging with their creature friends ♪
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♪ get ready, it's the hour ♪ ♪ we're gonna save some animals today with ♪ ♪ creature power ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild ♪ cheetah speed and lizard glide ♪ ♪ falcon flight and lion pride ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ go wild, wild, wild kratts martin: ok, how 'bout this? i'll make you an offer you can't refuse. i'll trade you this one for that one. chris: no way. the great white shark torpedo swimming power is like my favorite one! you'd have to give me about five creature power discs for this baby. it wasn't easy getting that bite force jaw power, either. yeah. two tons of pressure! that guy can bite through a steel chain!
6:29 am
okay, look, you like to swim right? well, check it out. i'll give you this hippo power for... grass power? not what i was thinking. worth a try. chris: i'll do it for... your platypus electrosensory power. ooh! that hurts. i love being able to see in muddy water. hmm... jimmy z: chiperoo? what? i always eat when i'm nervous. (bell dinging) hold it right there. jimmy z! how many of those chocolate-chiperoo cookies are you going to eat? 102 and three quarters is my record. well, they are his grandma z's famous recipe. mmm. okay, ready. oh, i sure would like to walk underwater with hippo power... (grunting) koki: what's that? aviva: that sound, i know 'cause it's one of my favorites. hippos! (grunting)
6:30 am
aviva: i think that's their territorial call. oh, they're defending their home. from who? why? guys? c'mon, what do you say? this is the only hippo disc we have, so it's a valuable one. and we haven't used it much yet! i'll do it! nice doin' business with you, bro. i'll put my new platypus power disc right here with my bat power in the senses section. hey, wait a second. that's my bat power disc! no, this one's mine. yours is probably somewhere in your pile. no, i put it right there, and now it's gone. hand it over. look, i don't know where your disc went, but this isn't it. it is too! it is not! is too! chris: is not. martin: is too! oops. ugh! aviva! hippo disc on the loose! save it! (grunting) all: no! incoming!
6:31 am
(shrieking) i'll get that runaway disc! with peregrine falcon power! activate! ♪ aviva: hurry! woo-hoo! a 240 mile per hour falcon dive. i've got it, pal. you just be my wingman. ♪ got it! saving creature powers with creature powers! ugh! ow... (babbling) oh, no. gotta catch up to that disc! geronimo! okay, let's find a stinky varmint to exploit in my next invention and get out of this yucky "nature" fast. hmm. a giraffe elevator?
6:32 am
nah! oh, oh! a zebra newspaper! a-ha! nah! don't worry, zachbot. you never know when genius will strike this brilliant mind of mine! ow! oh! a-ha! see, i told you a good idea would hit me. (laughing) uh-oh! zach varmitech, inventor who makes robots out of animals. he's got the creature power disc. now i can analyze this silly little disc and then the secret to that creature power technology will be mine! (laughing) uh oh. (howling) nice giant piggy thingy... (howling) (screaming) whoa! chris: oh, no! the disc! huh. (screaming) (howling) yikes!
6:33 am
got you! whew! close one. you okay, zach? uh, yeah. wow, now that right there is a territorial creature! those hippopotamus are amazing. no, that hippo-platter-mouth or whatever is nuts! he's protecting his part of the river. that's what they do. they don't like anyone on their turf-- and i mean anyone. hey, did you get the disc? well, zach had it, but-- yeah, i mean i was going to give it to you guys, but then that hippo-crazy-thing attacked me. it's in the river. oh no! it could be anywhere! we've gotta find it! zach well, i wish i could help, but i, uh, have to, uh... call my mother. you know how it is. well, thanks for the rescue! you guys are great. bad news, gang. the power disc is lost!
6:34 am
in the river! we know. we saw the whole thing. we've got to get it back! yeah, but that's not going to be easy. they don't even like sharing their river with a crossing zebra. and all the zebra's trying to do is get to the other side. why in the world are hippos so defensive of their river? why are they so territorial? hello! i'm territorial, too. about my inventions! and now there's one of my power discs out there. lost! if that disc gets into the wrong hands-- like zach! who knows what bad things he'll use the discs for? don't worry about that. we just saved him from the jaws of an angry hippo. yeah, seems like zach's had a change of heart this time. aviva: i'm not taking any chances. i'm sending in the hippo sub. get ready for a search and rescue mission! did you see my acting? i deserve an award for that! (laughing) they think i'm just going to let them have their disc back?
6:35 am
no siree, bot. i'm not. when i get my hands on that disc, the secret to the power suit technology will be mine. yes, it's a race for the power disc. and i'm going to win! (laughing evilly) martin: okay, now go easy. easy! oh, we're just an ordinary hippo. aviva: don't worry, martin. i built this hippo sub pretty tough. it's basically indestructible. even for a 10,000 pound creature with two-foot razor-sharp tusks? maybe... so let's just find that disc quickly then. martin: okay, we've got to ease right into the herd. it's mostly females and their calves. but then there's the bull. he's the most aggressive of all. making sure everyone knows that this is his stretch of river.
6:36 am
well, you just tell him that his stretch of river has my disc. you can tell him that. i'm just going to make sure he's not around. chris, come in. any sign of tusker? yeah, you're clear. he's right here on the beach. he's busy making sure that even the crocodiles know that he rules this part of the river. but hurry, he can't stay out of the water long. he'll overheat. they need that river to keep cool during the day. okay, aviva, let's make our move. before tusker gets back. aviva: hip-hippo hooray, we're going in! martin: they just hip-hop along the bottom of the river, like astronauts walking on the moon. aviva: aww. that's why i love hippos! that little guy is so cute. martin: i'll name him hipster opotamus. first name, hipster. last name, opotamus. look at him go! hippity hop, hippity hop.
6:37 am
oh, hi, little hipster! hipster, look out! crocodile! aviva: i thought hippos ruled the river. martin: yeah, but crocs will grab a calf if they get a chance! momma opotamus to the rescue! aviva: whew, that was close! where's hipster? there! what's he doing? aviva: the disc! hipster found the disc! martin: oh yeah! let's go! oh no! he's heading back! mayday! mayday! mayday! mayday! whoa! yuck. what's with this slimy rock? hey, you're not a rock.
6:38 am
(howling) you're a hippo. so that means this is not slime, it's natural hippo sunscreen. thanks, bud! i wish our skin made a natural sunscreen like yours does. whoa! ugh! got to go. got to keep my eye on tusker. if he finds that hippo sub in his river, there could be trouble! (grunting) and there's the trouble. martin! aviva! come in! that's it, try to get past that big beasty varmint. oh, and we may just be too busy to help if they get in a jam! (laughing) whoa! ugh! martin: follow that hippo! alright, he's going up for air. now's our chance. okay. hold on tight, we're going in! both: whoa!
6:39 am
martin: it's tusker. he's back! and he's taking on a challenger who wants to take over his part of the river. both: ugh! ♪ we've got to get out of here! i think we can slip around and get the disc. martin: what?! we can't get between these two. aviva: we have to try! (growling) wow! those tusks are like massive swords jabbing at each other. it's like two sumo wrestlers in a swordfight. are you guys getting out of there? martin: i'm working on it, dude. aviva, we've got to retreat! whoa! not until we get the disc. that's the point! gah! no, that's the point. ow! both: whoa! now are you ready to get out of here?
6:40 am
yeah, now's good. initiating emergency exit. ♪ whoa, and tusker wins! defending his territory. okay, okay, i get it. hippos fiercely protect their part of the river. (ringing) so now can somebody tell me why hippos defend that river so much? well, partly because they'd overheat and die if they didn't have a cool place to be during the hot days. and-- (zach laughing) aw, what's wrong? your invention couldn't stand up to the hippopoto-platypus-- whatever. too bad. well, thanks for showing me where the power disc is. ♪ i've got it now! (laughing) zach, you're going to steal our disc right after we saved you?
6:41 am
finders keepers! and with this creature power technology, my varmint robots will be even more powerful! look out varmints of the world, varmint robots 2.0 is about to begin! (laughing) told you-- he'll never change. we've got to get that disc back. not just for us, but for all the creatures of the world! we need all hands on deck. koki, jimmy, bring in the tortuga. we've got a problem. he flew off in that direction. i'm not picking up any sign of him. maybe he doubled back. i'll do another radar sweep. any luck, guys? no sign of zach, but i found hipster and momma o. the hippos are coming ashore. ahh! hit the deck! hippos first. pardon me. chris: guys! over here. a clue! zach tracks. somehow little hipster always leads us in the right direction.
6:42 am
zach went this way. let's follow the hippo path. yeah, i'll just, uh, wait at the tortuga. gah! cookies, here i come. whoa! there's no time to lose. the sooner i unlock the secret to the disc technology, the better. hmm... i see she's using a gyrotonic chip that stores transformation data. very interesting. now if i can just get deeper... aviva computer voice: pass code required. pass code?! ugh! here's my pass code! (grunting) open up! aviva computer voice: entry denied. is that you, zach? what? aviva! she thinks her security measures will stop me, well i'll-- (sniffing) i recognize that breath. (grunting) and that sound. (howling)
6:43 am
(screaming) ow! hey, get me down from here! uh, could you pass me that disc? (growling) okay, fine. fine! uh-oh. i'm losing zach's tracks. too many hippos have passed through here. yeah, to get right over there. look! they came here for breakfast. aviva: what? i thought hippos ate fish. chris: nope. they eat grass. huge mouthfuls of it! they'll eat 88 pounds of grass in one sitting. martin: but they can only come to eat it at night when it's cool out. chris: and they like to be back at their precious river before the hot sun rises. (zach groaning, straining) hey, you! see that disc right there?
6:44 am
okay, that's a good little hippo-potty-mus. now give it to me. no, no, no-no-no-no-no! come, piggy! heel. heel! jimmy, can you give me a hand with this spotlight? i'll help with the search. one secundo, koki. another batch of cookies. really? now? what? i told you. i always eat when i'm nervous. uh-oh. jimmy, hand me a cookie. there's trouble in hippoville. oh, no! lions! ♪ whoa! lions don't mess with a hippo very often. but when they do, the hippos know what to do. head to the river! you mean their safety zone? chris: yeah, lions hate water. so it's another reason the river is so important to the hippos. and she'll get there, no problem. not again! whoa! whoa!
6:45 am
(screaming) yes! she made it to home base! hipster! you found the disc! (laughing) way to go! (screaming) both: ugh! yes! i've still got the hippo disc. yes. but i've got your whole collection. perfect timing. back to the ship! (laughing) aviva: no! that's my life's work! if he gets back to his ship, we're in trouble, guys. don't worry, aviva. we're on it. with hippo power. activate! ♪ now i'm tough and territorial-- the two t's of the hippo. those discs belong to the wild kratts, and we'll defend them hippo style!
6:46 am
now are you glad you made that trade? martin: oh yeah! ♪ zach to zachbot security. bring in my jet. and send in reinforcements! ♪ chris: zach, you want to play keep-away? game on! martin: hippo hip bump! whoa! chris: thanks! (both gasping) my bots are tougher than a team of lions! your hippo power won't be tough enough. hurry! come on! gotta eat! they're catching up! pour on the hippo power, martin! ♪ martin: go, chris, go! i'll use my hippo tusk defense to block for you. ♪ never mess with a hippo defending his turf.
6:47 am
(grunting) (cheering, shouting) uh-oh. ♪ (growling) (grunting) (crashing) the discs are back! back at home base! hip-hippo-- all: hooray! zach: yoo-hoo, brothers! uh, you forgot something. (growling) i'll give your stinky hippoto-baby-thing back if the wild rats give up those discs. first of all, it's wild kratts. and second, there's no way we're giving you my discs. chris: okay, fine, zach. you can have my collection. just let little hipster go. what? but you-- we can't give zach the secret to my creature power technology. he'll jump into his ship, fly off,
6:48 am
and we'll never catch him. that's true. but if we don't, he'll take poor little hipster away. that's true, too. aviva, we don't have a choice. nice trade! (laughing) see ya! how could you do that, chris? oof! we had to save hipster. yeah, but you just gave him the discs! no, i didn't. yes, you did! you gave him the whole disc holder! but not the discs. (laughing) i'm a genius! now let's see which ones i got. what? cookies? no! nice of you to send him off with a care package, bro. yeah, i just hope he likes choco-chiperoos. doesn't everybody? (laughing) well, i know one thing, my power discs are safe and back where they belong.
6:49 am
and i finally know why hippos are so territorial. the river's a key to their survival. it's their refuge from the hot sun and from tough predators. so they defend it. right, so never mess with a hippo. one of the most territorial creatures on the planet. ok, so chris, how about you give me your tasmanian devil power disc for my squid disc? hmm. well, i would like to try out those tentacles. what else do you have in there? aviva: goodnight, guys. martin: hey, we can't see our creature power discs! so, hippos are tough and territorial. they depend on the water and they make sure to protect it. (honking) listen... you hear that? (honking) that's the pod making their honking sounds telling any other hippos in the area that this spot is theirs. the bull! he's coming out! it's a pretty cool day, so the bull doesn't mind coming out of the river for a while. whoa, look at him move, slow and steady.
6:50 am
that is a big creature, and it's really special getting to see him out of the water for a change. he's like a 6,000 pound watermelon on legs. and you can see why a single lion would not want to mess with an animal this massive. what's he doing? ugh, gross! that might look kind of gross, but it's actually a really important hippo behavior. that bull hippo is spraying the dung around with his tail to tell any other hippos that come around that this spot is his. lots of animals use scent marking. leopards have scent glands on their cheeks that they rub on vegetation. and they spray scent, too. all to send the message: "this is my space. back off!" chris: african wild dogs also scent mark, and if another pack smells that scent, they know to keep out.
6:51 am
ah, now he's eating! we're so lucky to see this during the day. they usually do it at night. grass! that's what a hippo eats. check him out taking big mouthfuls, swinging his head side to side! hippos eat about 80 pounds of grass every night. and sometimes hippos will warm up and rest on the banks for a while. but before too long, it's back to the refuge of the river. this is the hippo's safety zone from the hot sun, dehydration and predators. and that's worth protecting, for the good of the pod and the next generation of hippos. and if you know how to keep your distance and give the hippo its space, you can always check out this really cool creature. we'll see you on the creature trail. keep on creature adventuring. ♪ an african crested porcupine. who knew that porcupines were such great swimmers? one of the reasons are their quills. they have a bonus creature power:
6:52 am
they're hollow. they help make the porcupine a great swimmer. they're like natural flotation devices, making it easy for the porcupine to swim. did you know elephants like to give themselves dust baths? it protects them from sunburn. it's cool how she uses her legs to dig it up and then her trunk to wrap around and take a scoop full of dirt. and elephants also eat dirt. she eats it for the salt content. salt and minerals are in this dirt so she's picking the exact spot that has the minerals she needs. a monarch butterfly! when you look closely at animals, you notice all sorts of things you never saw before. amazing patterns. white dots.
6:53 am
these black veins. i love the white dots on the body. and if you look real close, you can see they have big, black eyes. an awesome butterfly! announcer: they're nutty and funny and their hair is blue. it's thing one and thing two. they join the cat in the hat in "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that!" weekdays on pbs kids or any time you want at wild kratts is made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪
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6:57 am
hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day♪ hey! arthur (on tv): hey, d.w.! hey! whoa! (loud thud) (letters shattering) (applause, pal barks) thank you, thank you. isn't it great to be appreciated? but a lot of big achievements didn't get a round of applause when people first found out about them. like galileo. his revolutionary ideas got him into a lot of trouble. the sun does not revolve around the earth. rather, the earth revolves around the sun. ha! that's ridiculous! everyone knows that everything revolves around me. take him away! (gasps) even the composer ludwig van beethoven wasn't a huge success right away. one teacher thought he was a hopeless case.
6:58 am
(playing opening notes of fifth symphony) d.w.: stop, stop, stop! it's terrible. you should quit now. take up another instrument-- something easy, like the harmonica. better yet, don't be a musician. maybe you could become a worm picker. oh, and there are no refunds for this lesson. pay at the front desk. and there are other famous people who had tough starts, like... here. i'm giving you half a star for the opening of this show. one star is usually the lowest you can get, but i made an exception. you're wrong. this opening was great. but the show will be even better. i promise. oh, just start it already. neil gaiman: "what you seek will be found. "trust ghosts. "trust those that you have helped "to help you in their turn. "trust dreams.
6:59 am
trust your heart and trust your story." he writes novels and comics and movies and poetry. is there anything that neil gaiman doesn't write? i've never written a cookbook. hmm. might be fun to try. oh! (giggles) sorry. not to worry. what's your name? sue ellen. are you a writer, sue ellen? um, well, kind of. i keep a journal, and there are some stories in there. but i really like drawing and doodling, too. so... i don't know what that makes me. it makes you very creative. ever try your hand at a graphic novel? no. what's a "graphic novel"? it's a novel told with pictures. or a comic book with a longer story, if you like. here's one that was adapted from my book coraline. it might inspire you. thanks. neil: no, no. it's on the house.
7:00 am
when your graphic novel gets published, you can give me a free copy. deal? deal! freaky, but cool. "sue ellen's graphic novel." (yawns) it is the roundness of the falafel, of the pita, of the planet. roundness is wholeness. wholeness is oneness. you understand, yes? uh, yeah, sure. binky: could i have hot sauce with that? no! white sauce is better for you. you have too much fire in blood.
7:01 am
mmm! perfect! huh... maybe i do have too much fire in blood. sue ellen: hi, mr. contabulous. one with everything, please. is true. we are all one with everything. no, i meant... but everyone is different also. there is pita people. there is pizza people. pita people-- round, like pita. pizza people-- very pointy. always must make point. round people and pointy people. this i call "falafelosophy." you understand? not really, but i like it. sue ellen: what if there was a world filled with only circles and triangles? circles: ow! (laughing) and then... oh, this is silly! neil: i was quite enjoying it, actually. neil gaiman?! what are you doing in my falafel? oh, i'm not neil gaiman. i mean, well... i am. but i'm your neil gaiman.
7:02 am
i'm your inner neil, as it were. i still don't get it. well, this is a fantasy. here, this'll help. cue special effects! there-- much clearer. neil: don't judge your story. you've just started it. i know, but... circles and triangles? who's going to like that? you never know. you can't assume your audience are all squares. (chuckles) okay, scrap that joke. bit before your time. anyway, trust your heart. trust your story. okay, i'll give it a shot. mmm... delicious! sue ellen: once upon a place, there was a happy time when happy circles spun endlessly and beginninglessly. and there was no circle more circular than... the great contabulous! falafelosophy!
7:03 am
small circles: ooh! nearby, the triangles gathered to argue their points. pointa-pointa-pointa point! point?! pointa, pointa! pointa, pointa! (all arguing) they were so consumed with their arguing that they had never noticed their circular neighbors, until triangulops dropped in. pointa! the triangles finally found something they could all agree on: circles didn't have any points. they just circulated. and that really annoyed the triangles. point! point! point... the circles and the triangles didn't know it yet, but soon they would be engaged in great battle, the battle of the shapes. francine: i don't get it. sue ellen: well, it's just the first chapter. see, i wanted my graphic novel to be really simple, but... "graphic novel"? what's that? a novel with graphs? muffy: it doesn't sound very marketable. a graphic novel is a narrative work
7:04 am
where the story is largely conveyed to the reader with pictures. it still doesn't sound very marketable. but who are the circles? am i a circle? actually, you're more of a triangle. now, buster-- he's a circle. that is so untrue! i'm very circular. how could you think i'm a triangle? for the record, i refuse to be categorized by a geometric shape. muffy: i'm sorry, but we can't publish this. i didn't ask you to publish it. i just asked you to read it. do you think i'm a triangle? oh, please. you're the pointiest person i know. (neil clears his throat) i hate to disturb you, but your smoothie is getting warm. you don't want to be stuck with a warm smoothie. it's like drinking fruity bath water. i'm not thirsty. look, writing can't just be about pleasing other people. you've got a story to tell, and you're the only one who can tell it.
7:05 am
i know. but i want them to like it. of course you do. but sometimes it takes a while for people to appreciate something new. don't give up. thanks, inner neil. (slurping) sue ellen: on a night with no moon, the triangles kidnapped the great contabulous. point, point, point, point, point! point, point, point! chapter six. despite all the pointing done by the triangulops, the great contabulous would still not deny his circularity. the moon reminded him that much in the universe was round, and if triangles ever came together, they too could form a pie. the battle was in full swing. the triangles charged at the circles. the circles bounced on the triangles. mr. contabulous: hey, shakespeare! be in moment, not in book.
7:06 am
oh, sorry. i was just finishing a chapter. glad to see you're still writing. you're very big today. shouldn't you be in my falafel, or cereal, or something? (gasps) you're the real neil! it depends on what you mean by "real," but yes, according to my passport, i am almost definitely neil gaiman. how's the book coming? great! actually, terrible. do you have five minutes? here! with extra hot sauce. your blood is cold. now i'm up to chapter eight, where it looks like the triangles have won the battle, and i really like it, but no one else will understand it. i think it sounds great. can i take a look at it? really? would you? i'd love... wait, where is it? (gasps) i left it at the falafel truck! you can't just abandon your falafel like that.
7:07 am
sue ellen! i give book to your friends: rich one, bossy one and big head. pizza people. they go that way. go after her. she is great writer of falafelosophy. wait. you need more fire. go! go! i'm too late. they read it, and they obviously think it's terrible. francine: you're completely wrong. the triangles are the ones who get things done in the world. but they have a narrow point of view. see, that's the whole metaphor. i'm seeing a 3d movie. we need a good british actor for evil triangulops. he's not evil. he's misunderstood. your friends don't think it's terrible. they may or may not understand it, but they certainly think it's interesting. they do? francine: you know what i want to know? what happens next.
7:08 am
ah! the three magic words that every writer always wants to hear, "what happens next?" i think you'll be giving me that free book someday. sue ellen: and the triangles learned that they needed circles to remind them of wholeness. and the circles learned that they needed triangles to remind them of pointiness. and they all lived happily ever before, which is the same as after, just in reverse. and now... student: this is my fourth-grade class and we have all made graphic novels. a graphic novel is pictures and words that are combined to make a story. first we made our own graphic novels in pencil. the title of my graphic novel is "snakeshark." "i'm swimming!"
7:09 am
all of a sudden, he sees a snakeshark. "oh, snack!" a snakeshark is a shark and a snake combined. and then at the end, they make good friends. "whoo-hooo!" my story's about a girl when she went to the pet store. and she wanted to get a dog because it was the only one left. "mom, can't i get him?" "no!" "please?" finally her mom said yes, she could get him. "thank you!" "ruff, ruff!" the picture tells the actions, and the words just say what the character is thinking or what the character is saying. i think that you didn't really need to have words in a story. the title of my graphic novel is "dynamite fishing." the picture tells most of the story. pht... pow... poom! this is justin's graphic novel. it's called "the burrito." "wow! too spicy!" when he ate it, it was too spicy. the fire power burned the king. and then we worked in groups to make our own in color.
7:10 am
"let's go get the golden fish." "yeah, right. as if they're going to get me." "ahhh!" "never play with the golden fish!" "did he just talk?" the title of this graphic novel is "going camping." "is camp going to be fun? or are people going to make fun of me?" the graphic novels can also send messages, more than just being a story. "do you want to be friends?" "sure. you're my best friend." "thanks." what's good about it is that you could take a new, fresh idea right off your mind and turn it into a really good story. and now... huh? all right, mister, very funny. give them back. give what back? you know what. you stole my socks. probably to make a sweater for your moronic bunny doll. i did not! in fact, i was just going to ask you.
7:11 am
have either of you seen my socks? (gasps) yours are gone, too? quick! call the feet police! there's a bootee burglar on the loose! everyone hide your shoes! he'll be after those next! relax. i'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation. like what? i don't know. (grunting and groaning) (pal panting) i brought everything i could find. is the market still open? it just closed. i'm afraid we're too late. we couldn't stop him. that greedy amphibian bought up every single sock. the sock market has crashed, and now anybody who wants a sock has to go to mr. toad. (laughing evilly) they said i was just a tadpole. well, i showed them!
7:12 am
i beat 'em at their own game. from now on, we're playing mr. toad's game. (laughing evilly) (howling) come on, hans! move those stubby little legs. i've got a tree to redecorate. mush! mush! what will this mean for pets and their families? amigo: i'm not sure, but it's probably not good. let's ask the chairpet of the footwear reserve, ben st. bernardky. hmm, could be a repeat of the great chilly toes scare. ¡icanastos! when i was a puppy, my great-grandpa told me about the great chilly toes scare of 1929. it affected the entire world. socks became very expensive. many people could not afford to buy them. so they got blisters and were cranky. and their feet smelled terribly.
7:13 am
normally, smelly feet are not a problem for dogs. we enjoy them, like a ripe camembert. (sniffing) but even a dog has his limits. (howling) also, because times were tough, there was no bacon. stop! stop! it's too terrible! we must find a way to get some of those socks back from mr. toad. but how? there's someone who might be able to help us. toady: we're rich, but i never get to see him. with toad, it's always work, work, work. bring the sock into the shade, alphonse. all this sun dries me out. (toady sighs) sometimes i miss the days when i was just d.w.'s pet. but can you help us? if we can't convince mr. toad to give back some of those socks, it could be bad for everyone. toad doesn't listen to me when it comes to business. but i promise i'll get him to meet with you.
7:14 am
maybe you can convince him. well, it's been nice chatting, but i've got to go. we're having the turtlemans over for dinner and i have to pick up the slugs. toady said it was a big tree by the edge of the pond. now i wonder which one it could... oh... found it. yeah? i have an appointment to see mr. toad. name? pal. pal read. wait here. sorry. you're not on the list. but i have an appointment! his wife, toady, assured me that he would see me today. (groans) wait here. sorry. you're still not on the list. fine. then i will wait right here until mr. toad sees me. i also just might mark this territory. okay, okay! you're on the list. follow me. (elevator bell dings) (rat squeaking) (elevator bell dings)
7:15 am
uh, mr. toad, sorry to disturb you, but... hey! who let you in? security! wait! i'm pal read. toady said i could see you. i remember you. friend of the baby. liked hotdogs. what do you want? you got two minutes. well, uh, in the interest of preventing a chilly toes scare, my colleagues and i feel you should give back some of the socks you bought, and... not a chance. but it's the right thing to do. right, shmight. listen, puppy, it's a jungle out there-- well, maybe it's not a jungle, but it is a marsh-- and the law of the marsh is: take as much as you can, whenever you can. now, if you ask me to loan you a sock, that's different. okay. when would i have to give it back? in a week. along with ten other socks. that's ridiculous! what makes you think i would ever agree to such a terrible deal? what if i throw in a few wieners?
7:16 am
oh... you're a cold-blooded creature, mr. toad. so? how did it go? (spits) it wasn't a complete loss. one sock? that's all you got back? er, not exactly. this one is on loan. i have to pay mr. toad back ten socks by the end of the week. ten socks? we don't have ten socks. what happens if we don't pay him? well, i think i may have promised him this house. he said something about a toad colony that he wanted to rent it to. pal! it all happened so fast. oh, kate! i'm a terrible business-dog. i've ruined us again. don't worry, pal. (sobbing) we'll think of something. (croaks) (screams) dad! arthur put a frog in my slippers! arthur: i did not!
7:17 am
d.w.: then how did it get there? arthur: i don't know. (sighs) never a dull moment. (croaks) (screams) (mug shatters on floor) but it hasn't been a week yet. those toads have no right to be in there. relax. they're just looking around. and besides, you and i both know you won't be able to pay me back. the lily pond will go here, hans. make a note of it. you don't know that. pal and i have a plan. (chuckling): sure you do. but a deal's a deal, and unless you give me ten woolly ones by friday, the bullfrogs are comin' in. so, what's the plan? i was bluffing. oh, dear. if only we had something mr. toad wanted. that would give us an edge. but he already has everything. we'd have to create something he doesn't have and then... wait a minute. that's not such a bad idea.
7:18 am
pal: see, then when everyone else has this new thing, mr. toad won't be able to resist. he'll be just like i was with those wieners the other day. what wieners? (gulps) it's not important. the point is, if we can make it seem like we have something valuable, then i bet we can get some of those socks back. i like it. but what's... the thing? ham bones? no, it has to be something we can get a lot of. and frankly, i'd rather have a ham bone than a sock. what about sticks? there are plenty of those. true. but mr. toad lives near the woods. he can get all the sticks he wants. i can't think on an empty stomach. why aren't there any crumbs here? it's just... (spits) lint!
7:19 am
killer: why do you want me to have this lint? i don't like lint. it makes my tongue itch. you don't have to like it. you just have to pretend to like it. it's all so we can open up the sock market again and prevent a chilly toes scare. i keep my socks under a pillow. and whose toes are chilly? mine aren't chilly. hers aren't chilly. it's boiling in the house! look, if you help us, i promise... to play with you. (barking excitedly) but you have to spread the word: everyone loves lint. you betcha! it's a deal. cat: i use lint as a hat and my pillow! me too! it's so much softer than a sock. now, this is pashmina lint-- the best. don't tell anyone, but i can get you some for half-price.
7:20 am
why don't we have any lint? the salamanderos have lint, the fiddleheads have lint. why don't we have any? lint is worthless. it's not something real, like socks. well, i sat on some at the salon and it was very soft. that's all i'm saying. (squirrel chittering) what is that? a lint beret? let me see that. puh! shoddy material. falls apart with the slightest pressure. mmm. but it does smell nice. and it is soft. hmm... pal: today's the day, and i don't have ten socks! how will arthur get any homework done with a house full of toads? just stick to the plan, pal. here he comes now. well, where's the wool, puppy? you were right. i can't pay you back. the house is yours. come on, kate, let's go pack up the lint.
7:21 am
hold on a second. you've got lint? tons of it. in fact, we were thinking of trading in some of it for a bigger house. you know how it is. pal: everyone just seems to love lint these days. i want it! i want all of it. every last piece you've got. i'll give you anything. anything! just give me that lint! (bell dings) (animals all squawking and barking busily) pal: when do you think mr. toad will discover that his lint is worthless? who's to say it's worthless? i mean, lint is soft, and it does smell nice. maybe mr. toad will be very happy with his lint. very true, amigo. one creature's lint is another's sock. unless, of course, your lint gets wet. oh, sì! then it is completely worthless. niente. nada. garbage.
7:22 am
(thunder) buster bunny here. want an easy way to take care of yourself, be healthier and have fun, too? just move every day. moving 60 minutes every day makes you feel stronger, happier, peppier. and it's good for your mind, too. exercise can make everything feel brighter. check it out for yourself. get moving! announcer: have a blast and stay active with arthur and all your pbs kids go! friends. two brothers... all-right! who know a lot about creatures... t-devils have the strongest jaws of any mammal. and personal hygiene. yuck! watch wild kratts! on pbs kids go! or anytime at p-b-s kids go dot org.
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7:27 am
♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ sometimes wrong, but seldom in doubt ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ that dog's unique... testing, one, two. ♪ hear her speak ♪ martha speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and... ♪ ♪ communicates, enumerates, elucidates, exaggerates ♪ ♪ indicates and explicates ♪ bloviates and overstates and... ♪ (panting) ♪ hyperventilates! ♪ martha-- to reiterate-- martha speaks. ♪ narrator: what words make things go? find out in today's thrill-packed, nonstop adventurama. now here's your host. hello! in today's program, we will explore two kinds of words: verbs, which are action words, like "jump" and "run" and "speak," and adverbs, which are words that say how you do things-- words like "instantly" or "sloppily" or "quietly." watch out for all the verbs and adverbs, and we'll see you at the end of the show.
7:28 am
face it, cats are just way, way smarter than dogs. number one: cats don't bark. b: they wash themselves. plus cats never drool or eat garbage, like some animals i could name. i'm talking about dogs, larry. number three: they're dignified. you'd never see a cat begging for food or doing stupid tricks. (ripping) ow, ow, ow! hey! get out of here! martha: hi, guys. you don't believe dogs are dumb? watch this. hey, martha. hi, ronald, what's up? just thought you should know, we all saw you ambulating in public the other day. i... di... uh-uh. yeah-huh. ambulating all over the place. out in front of everyone. right, guys? (stifled laughter) what's so funny? you are. what a... a... dog! (boys laughing) that's nothing. watch this.
7:29 am
(phone rings) three, four, five. hello? stuck in the swamp. (sighs) something's wrong with martha! yeah, that's the definition. (groans) alice: martha! td: we found you! what's the matter? we were worried about you. (giggling): about me? why? we heard you were... were... ambulating. oh, ha-ha. very funny. i guess you all think you're hilarious. well, guess what. you're nothing but a bunch of... clowns. she's right. you are clowns. to ambulate just means to walk. walk? uh-oh. you mean...? ronald! i can't believe those guys. ganging up with ronald. making fun of a dog just because she doesn't know what "ambulate" means. they use words like some... evil superpower. don't they know that words can really, really... ow! hurt. um, maybe next time just hand me the book.
7:30 am
evil superpower! evil superpower. words can hurt. superpower! hey, does anyone else smell hot dogs? shh. superpower. superpower... narrator: martha was an average talking dog. she went: hi! and... bye! and... (growling) then one day, struck by a falling book of 501 english verbs, she developed a power that was bizarre... fly! the power of verbs! verbs are the words that say what someone or something does. verbs are action words, like fly, land, roll, beg. not on your life. (laser zaps) aided by the mysterious doctor r, martha sniffs out trouble. and when she does, mild-mannered martha instantly becomes... verb dog! using verbs to help wherever trouble strikes. car: elevate! verb dog!
7:31 am
explain it again, doc. my powers don't work with all words? that is correct. only verbs. verbs are the words that tell you what something is doing-- words like "jump" and "run" and even "think" and "wonder." so if i say, "fire hydrant: yellow." did it change? no. verbs are things you do. you talk, you dance, but you can't "yellow." so if i say, "hamburger!" nothing happens. "hamburger" is a noun. it's a thing, not an action. figures. so how about "gently"? you cannot "gently." "gently" isn't a verb, it's an adverb. "gently" says how you do something. an adverb? (whimpers) all these rules are starting to make my head spin. um, i take it "spin" is a verb.
7:32 am
uh, yeah. where are we going? martha, this town is being menaced by some really mean people. your superpowers are just what this city needs to defeat them. in that case, we'd better hurry. hop on my back. let's fly! this is their hideout? a tree house? trust me, the people who hang out here are very mean. tree house: descend. walls: vanish. hey! it's that pesky doctor r. i'll take care of him. watch it! doctor r: that's al-ice. she's as much fun as an ice-cream headache. too late for you, al-ice. i have a secret weap... hey! not nice. al-ice: giggle. (giggling)
7:33 am
doctor r: thaw. (sighs) watch out. it's the td 603. hah-hah-hah. td 603: giggle. it's no use. the td 603 is a robot. he has no feelings at all. martha: oh, no, he's armed. seriously? sorry. robot arms: tangled. whoa! tangled. tangled! hmm. "tangled" must not be a verb. hey, doc, what's a verb for when something gets, like, tangled? (yelling): tangle! oh... like "tangled," only without the "duh" at the end? yes! wow. verbs are easier than i thought. verb dog! oh, right.
7:34 am
robot arms: tangle. thanks, verb dog. (stomping) (whimpering) who is that? their leader. she's two-faced and has a heart of stone. she pretends to be your friend and then stabs you in the back. what do you call her? helen. ah. well, helen: fly to hackensack, instantly. that was easy. victory dance. (singing gibberish) come on, doc. what's the problem? "to hackensack": that's not really a verb, you know. and "instantly" is an adverb. aw, quit worrying, doc. she's gone, isn't she? i suppose. oh, come on, cheer up, dr. pouty-face. dr. frownipuss. hey, i know what will cheer you up. some verbs. hop on!
7:35 am
leap! leap...! (doctor r screaming) leap! let's add some rolls this time. roll! (screaming) now spin up. (doctor r screaming) martha: hover. hey, i'm starting to like verbs. (whooshing) oh, no! she's not gone. and she has a jetpack! looks like we'll just have to outfly her. hang on, doc. fly away! (doctor r screaming) turn! turn. turn! duck! hang on! (doctor r screaming) good work, verb dog. hop on. fly. uh-oh. spoke to soon. down there.
7:36 am
good thinking, doc. descend. the sewers? hurry, this way. i don't know what the big deal is. what's her power? walking loud? she's the worst of all. she... where are you hiding? come out, come out wherever you are. (hypnotized): coming, helen... martha, no! come to helen. fight it, martha. fight it. can't... resist... atta girl! martha! remember: ambulate. ambulate? hey, that's right. i remember. she made fun of me. helen: petrify. you did it! you turned her to stone. yeah. just one thing left. this. a muzzle? sorry, you can't speak through this muzzle,
7:37 am
which means you're powerless. just like your friends. friends? ronald? (in doctor r voice): my plan worked... (clears throat) my plan worked just the way i hoped. i turned you against your friends, so now there's no one to stop me in my brazen quest for unbridled power! (laughing evilly) oh, no! oh, no!! helen: martha? martha. martha! (gasping) are you okay? they said a book hit you. i'm fine. i... i had the strangest dream, though. you were there, and you were there, and you were there, and you were all mean to me. we didn't intend to insult you. it was completely ronald's fault. he tricked us. yeah, i sort of figured that out. alice: why pick on martha, ronald? i was just trying to prove a point. what point? that cats are geniuses compared to dogs.
7:38 am
martha: don't look now, but your pet genius just got his head stuck in a bag. (meows) (grunts) aw, nelson! well, if you pick on anyone again, ronald, i'll tell mom. uh... don't do that. please. okay, but on one condition: you have to apologize to martha. all right, all right. sorry you didn't know what "ambulate" means. ronald. okay, i'm sorry. i apologize. td: three, four, five... aw, swamped again. (groans) alice: hey, look at martha's feet. truman: hmm, i wonder what she's dreaming. rats! we did it! great work, team. our work here isn't finished. we can't rest as long as danger lurks. you're right. what are we waiting for? all: let's go! martha.
7:39 am
flying? oh right, sorry. team: elevate! narrator: verb dog! verbs are the words that say what someone or something is doing. if you're thinking of becoming a superhero with the power of words, it helps to know some special verbs. "elevate" is a handy verb. elevate! "elevate" means to go up. very handy for escaping bad guys. and then you descend. descend! "descend" means to go down. here's a good verb to use if a monster is coming after you. petrify! "petrify" can also mean to be so scared that you can't move, but i just use it for what it actually means, which is to turn to stone. (groaning) sorry, unpetrify. don't worry, i won't do it again. he was petrified that i'd petrify him again. ♪ merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily... ♪
7:40 am
(martha humming along) what an absolutely perfect day, otis. could there be any way to make it absolutely, positively perfect? i could fetch you a ball, master. hey! good fetching, talking doggie. elevate your legs. i know how you like to soak your sore feet in newly minted coins. (sighs happily) and here's a treat for you. (snaps his fingers) (sniffs) ahh... otis, today i am the happiest talking dog on earth. (sighs happily) i have everything i ever wanted. (coughing and spitting) why must the end of a daydream taste so bitter? yuck! at least dr. pablum's snow mover invention will make clearing this snow simple and pleasant.
7:41 am
ooh! ow! ow! ow! do you have the instructions for the snow mover? that can wait. look at this: the adverbalizer. it activates adverbs. i'll demonstrate. do something. i am doing something. i'm melting. ah, perfect. you are melting quickly. that is absolutely, positively amazing! it changed how i melted. verbs are action words. they tell you what you do. adverbs can tell you how to do it. you melted. "melt" is a verb. you melted quickly. "quickly" is an adverb because it tells you how you melted. is that device amazing?
7:42 am
absolutely! there must be a... (screams) there must be a way to make money with that. and... ouch. if you see anything you like, stop me. stop! isn't that those crooks who always bother us, weaselgraft and pablum? i guess there are no rules about who can get on tv anymore. hmm... verbs are great action words, but i wish i could get more out of them. have you tried adverbs? adverbs? yes, adverbs, those words that tell you how, when, or where your action happens. how are you going to eat your spaghetti? sloppily. that means when you do something, you make a mess. i will eat neatly, which means, uh... neatly. with my new adverbalizer, i can make you eat sloppily.
7:43 am
don't forget, adverbs can modify other adverbs too, so you can eat completely, totally, awfully sloppily. i need to clean up. why not clean up with an adverb like "instantly"? it means right away, quickly. clean up instantly! both: get the most out of your verbs with the adverbalizer! order one immediately. that can't be for real. i want to order one immediately. what would you use it for? i'd make time in school pass... quickly. (bell rings) i'd make summer vacation pass... slowly. and i'd get good grades... easily. hey, dad, can i buy something weird i saw on tv?
7:44 am
merely weird or really weird? really weird. okay, as long as it's really weird. are you thinking what i'm thinking? yes. it's lunchtime. no. anything involving weaselgraft and pablum means trouble. oh, yeah. and it's lunchtime. when we're rich, i'll never have to shovel snow again. "step one, push lever firmly." where is the adverbalizer? i need to melt quickly. otis, great news! our tv commercial worked. we got an order for the adverbalizer. i just shipped it. we're on the road to riches. now where's ours so i can melt quickly? ours? don't tell me there was only one. oh, go ahead and tell me. there was only one.
7:45 am
(grunting) we must get it back immediately. and immediately means right now. packing stuff, more stuff, instructions... (gasps) what's it supposed to do? watch. how do i want to clean up this mess? instantly. i want to try it. everyone can have a turn. ready. truman wants to know dinosaur history completely. nothing happened. tell us something about dinosaurs. scientists believe that sinosauropteryx had orange feathers on its back and a striped tail. i never knew that. neither did i. i love adverbs! (barking) skits, you'll give dad a headache. (barking) can this make skits bark quietly?
7:46 am
(barking quietly) ew. i would like baby jake to eat neatly. whoa! i'm too clumsy to do ballet. now you can dance gracefully. it really worked! i'm graceful. whoa... i didn't say anything about ambulating gracefully. there's the adverbalizer and that talking dog. otis, are you sure about that disguise? a gardener in winter? good point. let's go get what we deserve. how is it, td? really weird? it's absolutely amazing.
7:47 am
excuse me. j. edgar weaselbush of your government food and verbal modifiers administration. can i help you, officer weaselbush? these little beasts... children are in possession of a restricted verb modification device. but it was advertised on tv. mistakenly. now hand it over to the proper authorities: me. i think weaselbush is really weaselgraft with a fake name and a faker mustache. if that's true, his friend pablum has to be nearby. (sniffing) pablum: scat! go find a nice tree. that shrub just pushed me. more reason to hand it over. the device is clearly having an unseemly effect on local shrubbery. sorry, td, i guess we should hand it over immediately, and that means right now. your attempt to take it away will end unsuccessfully.
7:48 am
but first, we should call the government and make sure this guy isn't a big faker. oh, i saw what you did there. and i can make your attempt end totally, miserably, absolutely unsuccessfully. so give up. (grunts) it's always the talking dog! we can't win as long as they can use adverbs against us. if only we had our own adverbalizer. unfortunately, i only built that one. and the prototype: a small test version. does the small one work? not completely. if something works completely, it does everything it's supposed to do. the prototype doesn't completely work because it can't do all of the things it's supposed to do exactly like it's supposed to do them, otis. then we'll bring extra help. (laughing evilly) can't you just use the adverbalizer and build a snowman instantly? where's the fun in that? (clears throat)
7:49 am
you crooks can't beat us. we have the adverbalizer. but we have one, too. (laughing evilly) (laughing) hand it over... immediately! immediately! oh, no, it works. i must go back rapidly. surrender completely. completely! it's too weak. get closer or this will end unsuccessfully again. hear that? keep them away. let's make a hundred snowballs instantly. this is the second weirdest thing that's ever happened around here. give it to me immediately. td: you heard him. give it to him! now, doctor, now!
7:50 am
the other way! incoming! we have to surrender. not yet. snowballs, fly very, very slowly. it's always the talking dog. martha, take the adverbalizer in the house and get my dad. hold it gently. okay. gently. soft mouth. whoa... (gasping) it broke so easily. i demand a refund. we happily refund all dissatisfied victims... um, customers. you gave him all our money. so what? look: it's still on. i can fix it. really? it looks like they've broken it completely. otis, not so loud! now we've broken it completely.
7:51 am
this was truly weird. those guys may be totally, horribly bad, but without them, we'd never have gotten to see this. my story starts with rinty standing in the yard. suddenly it starts to snow. rinty says, "woof, woof, woof!" what happens next? the next day, rinty goes outside and it starts to snow. rinty says "woof, woof, woof!" how does it end? more snow? woof, woof, woof? don't give it away. surely you can tell a better story than my brother. just go to the "martha's stories" page at and play "pup talk." make up your own story. tell it to me and watch it come to life. you can even include scary stuff like fireworks. try it out. join us online at hey, snow! told you! (laughing) rds in today's program? if not, here are a few again. verbs are action words.
7:52 am
that tell you what you do. adverbs can tell you how to do it. verbs are the words that say what someone or something does. we must get it back immediately. and immediately means right now. that's our program. see you next time. ♪ who's that dog? ♪ ♪ who's that dog? ♪ ♪ dog, d-d-dog, d-dog. ♪ that dog is bert. we're at children's hospital boston. bert is a volunteer with the pawprints program. he enjoys coming to see the kids because he gets to be petted by a lot of children. he's a friend. man: i think that it makes them feel, for a little bit, like they're not in the hospital and they can take their mind off things. bye, bert! man: he gets to have little doggie treats when we get back to the office. ♪ he's that dog... ♪ ♪ dog, d-d-dog, d-dog. ♪ announcer: they're nutty and funny and their hair is blue. it's thing one and thing two. they join the cat in the hat in "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that!" weekdays on pbs kids
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captioned by media access group at wgbh
7:55 am
hi. it's me hooper. can you guess where i am today? ♪ where is he going, what will he do? ♪ ♪ where in the world is hooper? ♪ here's a clue to where i am! i'm at a place where people bring their pets, but it's not the park. and here's another hint. when animals are sick or hurt, people bring them to this place.
7:56 am
and now for my final clue from "martha speaks." the examination is really simple. ready, martha? ready! great clue! this place has a special type of doctor. ok. now let's go over the clues. i'm at a place where there are lots of animals, and sometimes these animals are sick, and there's a special kind of doctor here who helps them. so can you guess where i am? yes! a veterinarian's office! (george chattering excitedly) this program was made possible by: can fuel a lifetime of learning. early learning academy, proud sponsor of pbs kids and curious george. early learning academy,
7:57 am
are designed for kids to be as active as their imaginations. all she knows is that, today, purple is her favorite color, and that's good enough for us. stride rite is a proud sponsor of "curious george." funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from: ( lively drum intro ) ♪ you never do know what's around the bend ♪ ♪ big adventure or a brand-new friend ♪ ♪ when you're curious like curious george ♪ ♪ swing! ♪ ♪ well, every day ♪ every day ♪ ♪ is so glorious ♪ glorious ♪ george! ♪ and everything ♪ everything ♪ ♪ is so wondrous ♪ wondrous ♪ ♪ there's more to explore when you open the door ♪ ♪ and meet friends like this, you just can't miss ♪ ♪ i know you're curious ♪ ♪ curious ♪ ♪ and that's marvelous ♪ ♪ marvelous ♪ ♪ and that's your reward ♪
7:58 am
♪ you'll never be bored ♪ ♪ if you ask yourself, "what is this?" ♪ ♪ like curious... ♪ like curious... curious george. ♪ oh... captioning sponsored by universal animation narrator: it was a perfect day to just walk down the street smelling. ( sniffs ) so that's what george did. ( sniffing ) ( sniffs ): ah... ( sniffing ) george's nose took him to all the best smells. ah... ( sniffs ) then... he reached monkey nose heaven. hello, george! it smells better back here, you know. ooh! ( happy grunt )
7:59 am
george couldn't believe all those different, plain-smelling things could become an amazing donut. ( sniffs ) ( swooning sigh ) george was wondering what kind of magic ( cat yowls ) donut makers knew... when his ears got in the way of his nose. george's friend gnocchi was locked in combat with her archenemy, the extra large, cutesie bow. ( meowing ) george didn't understand tabby, but he listened politely. ooh... ( angry meowing ) ( chattering ) gnocchi was thrilled ah! to be free from looking cute. george was officially a cat hero. ( purring ) george almost forgot he was smelling today. then... chef pisghetti's kitchen grabbed his nose.
8:00 am
chef pisghetti's kitchen was like a... a nose circus. ooh... gnocchi! il mio gatto dolce! you've lost your pretty ribbon. ( mumbling, humming ) there! now... she's a-cute! ( yowls ) ( purring ) welcome, giorgio. how is your friend, cappello giallo grande? ( chatters ) ( chattering ) oh, i can't play. i'm making a very special meal for famous restaurant critic, sally tessio. ah. heh. ( chuckles ) when she likes a place, business booms! so it's very important that everything be perfect. she has the delicate taste. sally: you said there'd be fresh bread! ( chuckles ) ( deep voice ): i don't see any bread here.
8:01 am
well, her taste is delicate... ( chuckles ): but her voice, uh, not so much. ( yowls ) ( relieved meow ) ( purring ) huh? this hard stuff was spaghetti? hmm, didn't smell like anything. meow, meow. meow! ( grunts ) ( chatters ) george wanted to replace his broken piece. he'd seen the chef put the rest of it in the pot. ( sniffs ) hm! it didn't smell like much, and the steam coming out was hot. george had to be careful. ( chatters quietly ) it had changed. ( chatters quietly ) maybe... maybe it wasn't just donut makers.
8:02 am
maybe all kitchens were magic. here was a pot that turned crisp things into floppy things. ooh, ooh. ( chuckles ) what else could it turn floppy? ooh. a soft, floppy egg. ah! that'd be funny. ( chattering quietly ) ah. good candidate for floppification. ( chuckles ): oh... oh... ( loud chomping ) oh, this bread is pretty good! you didn't really make this yourself. oh, everything here is homemade. i have the freshest, finest food in the city! and i'm making the special pasta just for you--
8:03 am
very mild, for your, uh, delicate taste. hee-hee! goody. the great big onion looked pretty hard. ( crunches ) ( crying ) uh, well, it didn't have to taste good, just turn floppy. ( soft groan ) if sugar were soft and floppy instead of grainy... you could chew it all day like gum. ( chuckles ) he put some sugar in the floppification pot. huh. it disappeared. well, this made no sense at all. ( happy grunt ) george was pretty sure the brown thing was a potato. ( splash ) ( sniffs )
8:04 am
hm. weird. green vegetable bats. ( loud clang ) huh? oh. ( chattering ) ( continues chattering ) george explained the whole thing to gnocchi, including... how funny the floppy egg was gonna look. ( giggles ) meow? meow? ( happy grunt ) ( sniffs ) that puffy-making oven was even more amazing than the floppification pot! ( groans ): oh, my goodness!
8:05 am
if sally tessio likes my food, she's a-tell everybody to eat here! oh-ho! wish me luck! ( chatters ) george wanted to show gnocchi how pots make things floppy. ( chattering ) uh? oh. ( yowling ) ( excited meowing ) ( yowls ) ( purring ) ( meows ) ( chatters quietly ) chef pisghetti: what was all of that noise... ( gasps ): oy gevalt! what have you done?! but i can't serve delicate pasta with the little monkey sitting in it!
8:06 am
( groans ) eh! at least i still have this batch of plain spaghetti. george knew the chef would be happy with all the fun, extra things he'd turned floppy. who turned my plain pasta into crowded spoon soup? somehow floppification didn't work on spoons. there isn't one cherry tomato in this salad! you promised cherry tomatoes! well, i... oh, don't... wait. no, please. i... oh! oh! i don't like this at all. but it smells good. ( sniffs ) she was right. the longer that stuff stayed in the floppifying pot, the better it smelled. ( slurping )
8:07 am
do you know there's a cat and a monkey in your kitchen? ( groaning ) the monkey made the stew. ooh! quite good. but you said you no like it. if you made it, it's no good. but for a monkey, whoa! what's his recipe? well, uh... never mind. i've got it. chef pisghetti didn't scold george much, but he insisted george clean up the mess he made. ( meow ) oh, you are lucky you got the four hands. you can do things twice as quickly. i wish i knew how you chose these ingredients. asparagus! the green spears turned out nice and floppy. one hard-boiled egg. but the egg didn't look floppy at all.
8:08 am
eggs don't floppify. they get harder. a lot of cheese! cheese becomes goop. cooking seemed to have no rules at all. i'm done! you said there would be cookies. please. this dish was excellent. what do you call it? sudden emergency ravioli. and a meatball. four stars! and another star for the meatball. i'll give your monkey a star, too. oh! i'm so generous. hot cookies coming up as promised! how did he make that into that? maybe kitchens aren't magic. maybe it's cooks who are magic. gnocchi, how you can lose so many bows, eh?
8:09 am
( meow ) any day that starts out just smelling... ( sniffs ) ...and ends with a cookie... is a pretty great day. boy: george is a monkey, so he can ths that we can't do. he put lots of crazy things in the water. look out, george, that's hot. teacher: which materials dissolve in liquid. what does "dissolve" mean? it disappears inside water. and so it kind of just looks like it disappears into the liquid. which of the things at your table are able to dissolve in the water? girl: this is sugar, and i think it's going to dissolve. i think it's not going to dissolve. yep, it dissolved. so that one person that said it didn't dissolve was wrong. i think the cornmeal is not going to dissolve.
8:10 am
i think it is going to dissolve. it doesn't dissolve 'cause it's too hard and a little too big. some things do dissolve; some things don't dissolve. hundley was proud to be a dog who couldn't be distracted. his mind was always on his job... whether his friend the doorman knew it or not. ( woof ) ah! what is it, boy? hungry again? ( whines ) (elevator dings ) elevator's here. good morning. ( chatters "hello" ) it's a beautiful day. enjoy it.
8:11 am
good morning to you, too, hundley. ( chatters happily ) ( whimpers ) i know exactly what you're thinking. hundley was thinking that, with george out there, the city might not survive. or, worse, become completely disorganized. who knows what his hungry boy wants? can i read your mind, huh? the smartest wiener dogs are always the most misunderstood. george wanted to take the man with the yellow hat to see where he'd done his job... chef pisghetti's kitchen. oh, giorgio was a big help to me. he was especially good at cleaning up a mess. well, he's had a whole lot of practice. ( chattering happily )
8:12 am
oh, i'm afraid i have no work for you today. ( disappointed chattering ) hah! you know what? my friend, mr. glass, needs help across town, and you would be perfect for the job! ( excited chattering ) ( inquisitive chatter ) oh, george, i don't have time to take you across town. maybe another day. ( whimpers ) well, i can take him there if it's okay with you. ( excited chattering ) oh, great! all right. do you promise to be a good little monkey? uh-huh! uh-huh! uh-huh! ( laughing ) the job is at the building my friend owns-- the glass palace! now, like i told you, chef, i need a window washer who can work way, way, way, way, way, way up high without getting dizzy. that's six ways. oh, that's a lot of ways.
8:13 am
but, mr. glass, giorgio's a great climber. he's a monkey! congratulations. ( chatters enthusiastically ) i need every window clean by 2:15. can you do it? ( chatters affirmatively ) well, here's everything you need, and a cool cap. now, window washing is serious work. you take your work seriously. i like that in a monkey. never mind what people inside are doing. don't be curious or you'll get into trouble. ( chatters "who me?" ) george promised to be good, but a little monkey sometimes forgets.
8:14 am
it was hard not to look inside, but george concentrated on his work. tammy?! oh! he's gone! where did i go wrong? i should've bought the padded hamster wheel. tammy! i never would have found you in there. thank you, window monkey!
8:15 am
are you here to fix the lights? it's always too dark in here to read. wow, what an improvement! but it's still too dark to read. ( gasps ) the whole world is so bright and clear and colorful! thank you, window monkey! george was feeling tired, and there was still a lot of glass to clean.
8:16 am
then he found a way to work faster. george thought he saw a giraffe. it looked just like a giraffe. could a giraffe live here? well, it was possible. and that looked like a zebra... and a leopard. this had to be the best party george had ever seen. we have to ask mr. glass if he really wants the whole room this rotten color. george wondered if the giraffe lived here with a friend like the man with the yellow hat. the giraffe and the zebra weren't saying hi. maybe they couldn't see george in the dark.
8:17 am
there weren't any animals here at all! this was an amazing thing. shadows made animals out of furniture. if only there was a way to show others this amazing thing. ( elevator dings ) we want you to see how the new color looks before we paint the whole place, mr. glass. i chose that color myself. everyone thinks it's a dull room. i want it full of life! but i don't know if this is exactly what you mean by "full of life."
8:18 am
( gasps ) george was thrilled someone was here to see what he'd done. people didn't seem happy. hmm... maybe they needed to see it again. now with the lights off or the lights on, everyone could see the same animals that george saw. did you do this? no! that monkey must've done it! george had seen people this unhappy before. they usually needed some quiet time alone. stop that monkey! ( screeches )
8:19 am
( whistling ) "monkey paints room. human painter upset"? that's got to be george! that's just a bird. george liked his bird okay, but he knew he could make a much better bunny. what? it's a bunny. i want to talk with you, george. ( car horn honking ) george!
8:20 am
did you paint a room, you naughty monkey? i don't know how to thank you, george. yes, i... thank him?! thank him? thank him? you know, i would've thought that was a horsey, but, whoa, it's a zebra! only a genius or a monkey could've thought of this. i can rent it out as the glass palace jungle room. george, the glass palace is always half empty, but with more special rooms like this, i bet the glass is gonna be half full. have a good day? yes. george had a job today, and it turned out just great. ( chattering ) ( barking ) ( chuckles ) hundley seems happy we're home. hundley was very happy to know george was home,
8:21 am
and the city was still working just fine. i think he's just hungry. girl: geor do things that you can'. boy: like when he cleaned those windows way up high-- when he saw the shadows. my mom set up the sheet. if you stand between the sun and the sheet you make a shadow. girl: they're trying to make four arms. what you see on the sheet is different than what's happening behind the sheet. (laughing) the scene was all about her trying to water a plant. she was watering me. girl: she looked like she growed out of the ground.
8:22 am
the head falls down. i put it on her neck. she waves. we can do tricks with shadows. announcer: pbs kids presents the all-new... you amazing cat. yes? announcer: "peg + cat." all: pirates love peaches. but they can't decide how to divide them up. announcer: wherever there's a problem... peg: there's enough peaches for all of you. announcer: it's no problem when friends are around. hey, ramone, what are you doing here? ♪ problem solved ♪ num num, solved ♪ we solved the problem ♪ problem solved announcer: "peg + cat," an all-new show starting monday, october 7, on pbs kids. announcer: pbs kids has feet that grab, noses that blow, and even hairy toes. so when you want fins, wings, and a couple of things, you want "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that," weekdays on pbs kids or anytime at
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8:24 am
the triangle! let's try it. you're right. the triangle makes the perfect roof. you can play more games like this with curious george at up next it's "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that."
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8:26 am
♪ if we cruise past the 2s, we'll be lost in space ♪ ♪ there it is, 100 cat: ♪ shining so brilliantly ♪ ♪ we're going home as we rock this galaxy ♪ ♪ almost home, we've nothing to fear-o ♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ once again, math saved our rear-o ♪ ♪ sure as peg is my pal ♪ ♪ and cat is my hero ♪ 100 is one zero zero ♪ 100 is one zero zero ♪ 100 is one zero zero ♪ 100 is one zero zero whoo hoo! announcer: "peg + cat," an all-new show coming monday, october 7th on pbs kids. viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. ♪ hey! ♪ what?
8:27 am
♪ come over here, ♪ the cat in the hat is about to appear. ♪ ♪ he's whizzing over to whisk you away ♪ ♪ on a fabulous journey today. ♪ ♪ he's coming! ♪ and now he's arrived in the thingamajigger ♪ ♪ the thing that he drives ♪ ♪ he's a cat and he's oodles of fun ♪ ♪ with his hairy helpers thing two and thing one ♪ ♪ instrumental ♪ instrumental ♪ it's the cat in the hat! ♪ ♪ all of our adventures start like that. ♪ ♪ wherever you're going where ever you're at ♪ ♪ the cat in the hat knows a lot about ... ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about, he knows a lot about, ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about ....that! ♪ (laughter)
8:28 am
ooh ooh, ooh. do dat da do do do. (giggling) (singing together) dee-dee-a-dom-dom-dom ♪ we're gonna do a dance to show our moms! ♪ ♪ dee-dee-a-dom-dom-dom ♪ we're gonna do a dance to show our moms! ♪ ugh! (giggling) my mom loves it when we do a show. mine too. our shows are sooo great. yeah.....when we don't fall over! (giggling) ♪ did i hear dancing? oh i love to dance! i really do. it's the cat! the cat in the hat! every time we dance, we seem to fall over! we want to do a special dance... for our moms. you know there are a zillion ways of dancing. the scintillating salsa... ♪ the limb-bending limbo... ♪ limbo, limbo, limbo like me.♪
8:29 am
wooh. wooh. the be-eau-ti-ful bal-let... ♪ (laughing) the pre-pos-te-rous po-go-go-go-go. ahah! ouch! cat, are you okay? i may never rhumba again. it would be great if we could do one of those dances for our moms. can you teach us, cat? me? oh, no. i'm only a beginner. not like my friend, tango. who's he? tango's a bird of paradise. he's the best dancer in the whole wide world. a bird of paradise? that sounds cool! he liiiives to dance; and he dances in the boogie woogie woods. wanna meet him? yeah! yes! your mother will not mind at all if you do.
8:30 am
mommy! can we go dancing with a bird of paradise in the boogie woogie woods? (laugh) sure! just don't step on anybody's toes! we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thing-ma-jigger! we're going dancing! i love to dance! buckle up! (honk) ♪ flick the jiggermawhizzer! (boing) (honk) (pop) ♪ (giggles) isn't this fun!? yahooooo! ♪ here we go, go, go go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away! ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today! ♪ ♪ we'll learn from a bird how to dance and to move, ♪ ♪ we'll boogie and woogie ♪ and get in the groove!
8:31 am
♪ here we go, go, go go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go go! ♪ (honk honk) ♪ oh tang-gooooooo! oh tango-gooo; where arrrre youuuu? maybe he's too busy dancing to hear you. you're so clever! that's all tango does all day. dance, dance, dance. his whole life is one long fandango. then how do we find him? we use the cat in the hat dance detector, of course! will that box find tango? it already has! time to dance! (laughing) ♪
8:32 am
mmm-hmmmm! love that crazzzzy beat! (hums along) tango! yes, it is i, tango the magnificent. wow! your feathers are so beautiful. of course, i am the most handsomest bird in the world... pleased to meet you... i'm... ...the greatest of the greater birds of paradise and... king of the dance. ha ha! we need help... yes! tango, can you listen... thanks so much... sally and nick need to.... ha ha! ♪ we need help! oh, why didn't you say? we want to do a dance for our moms. but we keep falling over... can you show us what to do? you want me to teach you to dance? um... if you don't mind? mind? why would i mind?
8:33 am
i love to dance. ha ha! uh, could you, please, show us how to do it? could you tell us how we start? start? it's easy! you find a special place to dance in. a place with lots of room to move around and nothing to make you trip! ♪ it's no good. too small. it's no good. too messy! okay. it's good. right! nothing to trip over. for sure, to show off your best moves, you need a smooth floor... and make it all look nice! a dance floor, new decor - ah... there's so much to do! that sounds like a job for thing one and thing two! (whistles) yahoo! ♪ (coughing)
8:34 am
hmm... hmmm... magnificent! but ... something's not right... why so dark? light! the maestro needs light! ta da! hup, doo, doo, doo. ♪ ah! ♪ whoa! ♪ ta da! magnificcent! everyone can see me! that's what i like! can you show us some cool dance moves now? when you dance you should look fantastic - like me! yeah! i want to look like tango. lucky for you i packed a change of clothes in the trunk. oh i love dressing-up. i hope we brought sequins!
8:35 am
whoa! weeeee! we're all gonna look fabulous! (giggles) ta-da! arrr! ta-da! no good... try... try again! ♪ don't you just love this look? no. okay. we get the message... more like a bird of paradise! try... try again! again! ta-da! ♪ feathers - perfecto - almost as handsome as me. (laughing) wait for me... (laughing) ready! here we come! now, we dance! look at me! i've got feathers too! now i teach you to dance like a bird of paradise... to be a great dancer you must move your body to the beat...
8:36 am
enjoy how it makes you feel... first a hop. like this? good. now puff out your chest and do a biiggg strut. (laughing) you're good - but hey, you have a great teacher. now, simply add music! ♪ you got it! we do! we're dancing! fantastic! oh yeah! wahoo. bravo! but this is how i dance. you must dance like sally and nick. how do we do that? well, add some special moves of your own. show me what you can do, eh? i can kick high in the air! ugh! yeah! i can move like a little monkey! (monkey sounds) (shout together) go cat go! ♪
8:37 am
cha-cha, cha-cha-cha. cha-cha, cha-cha-cha. (monkey sounds) ta-daaa! (laughing and giggles) that was sooooo great! and we didn't fall over! magnificcent! yeah tango! ♪ wow, i just love your dancing. thank you, madame. looks like you've found a friend, tango. of course. that's why i dance - to put on a show for my friends and fans. the greater bird of paradise, loves dancing so take his advice: first, find yourself feathers, fantastical. then learn many movements - gymnastical. do jumps, hops and bends, you'll amaze all your friends. as long as your body's... elastical.
8:38 am
ouch! oh my. catch you later. we got to go! thank you, tango. so do we! it's time for our dance show back home! do dat da ooh ooh, do do do. ooh (laughing) ♪ dee-dee-dom-dom-dom ♪ we're gonna do a dance to show our moms! ♪ ♪ dee-dee-dom-dom-dom ♪ we're gonna do a dance to show our moms! ♪ (laughs) now, where did you learn to dance like that? from a bird of paradise, of course! we can show you how. it's easy! (laughing) ♪ tango would be so proud. why, they didn't fall over at all! cha cha... whoa...oh! (laughs) hi kids! i've got a great question for you! which direction can a hummingbird fly?
8:39 am
can it fly forwards or backwards? up, down, sideways? can it hover in mid air? what do you think? ♪ you're right! it can fly in all those directions! you got it this time but next time i'll stump you for sure. hey, do you hear something humming? welcome to hat chat. today we're talking to a hippopotamus... hello! hi hippo! i see you're in the water. are you a fish? no. i'm a hippopotamus. a very big mammal. you are big! so... why do you spend so much time in the water? it gets really hot where i live, and the water keeps me cool. so - you swim all day? actually, grown-up hippos can't swim. our feet are always touching bottom.
8:40 am
if we want to get across a deep part, we hold our breath and walk across the bottom. coooooolll! coooooolll! thanks for talking to us. hip-hip-hooray! ♪ 1-2-3-4-5 freeze, sally! i'm coming to get you! ♪ gotcha! oh, you're not sally! it's the cat! the cat in the hat! (gasp) did nick hurt his head? no! (laughing) we're playing blindfold tag. finding your way around is really hard when you can't see where you're going. i wish we could get better at it. why, i know someone who does it really well. a bat named, zapata. he's really tip-top. he lives in a cave
8:41 am
in dos echoes del bop. i'm sure he could show you how it's done. really? can we go visit him? a visit? why not? your mother will not mind at all if you do! mom? can we go visit dos echoes del bop to learn how to see in the dark? okay. but see your way back in time for lunch... it's taco tuesday! okay, mom, we will. we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! ♪ why would anyone live in a cave? all those cold, drippy, drippy rocks. (shudders) ♪ are you ready? - yes we are! ♪ ♪ are you steady? - yes we are! ♪ ♪ are you sure you're ready to explore....? ♪ ♪ yes we are! then buckle up! (honk) ♪ flick the jiggermawhizzer! (boing) (honk)
8:42 am
(pop) ♪ (giggles) isn't this fun?! yahooooo! ♪ here we go, go, go go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away! ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today! ♪ ♪ we'll learn from a bat, who is sure to surprise, ♪ ♪ how to see in the dark ♪ without using our eyes. ♪ here we go, go, go, go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go go! ♪ welcome to dos echoes del bop! ♪ stop! ♪ what's the matter, fish? there's no way i'm going in there... drip drip!
8:43 am
i'm staying put, right here! ♪ wow, i've only been in pretend caves under my bed before. zapata's cave is much bigger. it's so drippy it sounds like raindrops. and there's not very much light. this way if you will. we'll find zapata down heeeeere... ♪ look! drippy, drippy rocks, just like fish said! only these are cool! look - ice cream cones! two scoops! this one's just like the cat. like me? i don't think so. i'm much taller... and can he do this? ♪ la, la la, la, la, da da. ♪ ♪ la, da-da, da-da! ♪ aagh! catch them! got it. here you are, cat.
8:44 am
thank you. thank you ever so... now where has that bat got to i wonder? this way! ♪ how long does it take to find a bat? i do hope that cat isn't lost. (worried sigh) ♪ hey, we've been here before. two scoops! oh no, we're going around in circles! no no no no, that cannot be..... i know this cave like the back of my hand! cat! it's like we're playing blindfold tag again! we don't know where we are. oh, we'll never find zapata like this. but maybe he can find us. great idea! let's try calling him. hello! (hello-o-o) he answered! is that you? ( is that you?) yes, yes, it's us! it's us! (yes, it's us)
8:45 am
wait! i recognize those voices. it is us! (it is us!) how clever you are! that's an echo. your voices are bouncing back off the walls. (giggle) aren't caves fun? ♪ yodel-eh-eh-eehhh! ♪ yodel-eh-eh-eehhh! ♪ yodel-eh-eh-eehhh! ♪ yodel-eh-eh-eehhh! yodel-eh. yodel eh. yodel-eh. yodel eh. (together) yodel-eh. yodel eh. (together) yodel-eh- yodel-eh. yodel-eh, yodel-eh. yodeleh-he-he. yodeleh-he-he. yodeleh-he-he. yodeleh-he-he. yodeleh-he-he, yodeleh-he-he, yoodel-odel-odel-oh-eeh! shaba-daba-daba-daba-dee, yahoo. yabba dabba, yabba dabba ha-he-he. yodalee, yodalee, yodalee, yodelee. yodel-odel-odel-odel-oh-yoh-hee. yoh-hee. yo-hee yoh-hee. yo-hee listen to those screams!
8:46 am
i knew cat would get into trouble. (whistles) (hello noises) thing one and thing two, form a search party! save them! huh? ♪ yodeleh-he-he. yodeleh-he-he. ugh! agh! ugh! agh! ♪ some search party! nick! sally! cat? somebody! (somebody) boy, dos echoes del bop sure does echo a lot! hey, guys. keep the noise down, will ya? who said that? i'd know that voice anywhere. zapata! amigo! hi guys. i'm right here, trying to take my nap. oh, ah... hello, um, we're sorry for spoiling your sleep, zapata,
8:47 am
but we need your help. can you really find your way around in the dark? oh sure. hey, it's easy! not for us. can you show us how to do it? turn off the light and watch me! (bat squeaks) (gasps) how'd he do that? you must have really great eyes to get around in the dark like that, zapata. eyes? no. ears. yes! ears!? you use your ears? sure, like when you were listening to your echoes. but the echo was just our voices bouncing off the walls. right. and i am listening for my squeaking. if there's something in front of me i hear my squeak bounce back to me. (squeaking) (laughs) so i go another way! hey, batter-batter-batter. (gasp) zapata's squeak bounces off the walls
8:48 am
like a baseball! (laugh) or an echo! echo! that's how you know when to turn. (squeak squeak) it's called 'echolocation.' uhh...echo-lo...? echolocation... echo... low... - k... - < k...> shun! - echolocation. that's right. now you try. hello! it's kinda hard to tell. i guess it takes practice. or big bat ears like, zapata. try these! my see-hear bat-ears are sure to please. hello! wow! that's loud and clear! it must have bounced off that big rock blocking our path. oh, i can't wait to try these ears out playing blindfold tag. so, if the path is blocked this way...
8:49 am
...then the way out must be this way! this way! to the thingamajigger! oh oh. looks like this flashlight has lost its flash! hmm... how are we going to find our way back in the dark? by using our bat-ears of course! just like zapata! hello-o-o-o-o-o-o! (echo) helllooo! wow! these bat-ears tell just where the echoes are coming from! yeah, your voice bounced off the wall over there. so we go this way! (clicking) you've got it, pal. well done. yodel-eh-heee-hooo! (echo) yodel-eh-heee-hooo! it's not that way cat. your voice is bouncing off the walls. and that's using your ears! hello? hello! hello? hello? hellloooo? that's not an echo! it's fish! hello fish. hello!
8:50 am
we found the way out. what took you so long? um... and what's with those ears? we went into a cave to find a small bat, who can see in the dark, it's as simple as that! i know it sounds batty, but he taught us the knack of throwing a sound, and catching it back. it's called echolocation. finding your way in the dark, can take years! but not if you use both your eyes... and your ears! (laughs) thanks, zapata. maybe we'll bump into you again sometime soon. not if i hear you first. see ya! ♪ i'm it! only this time i'm going to use my ears like a bat. sally, i can hear you over there! (giggles) yay nick! my turn to be it!
8:51 am
hunh? (laughs) hey, sally? do you need these? we're right here! i know! but my nose smells your mom's mexican food. it's time for lunch! she's right. it's taco tuesday.... (laughing) yikes! mmmm...yummy! come journey with me, to the arctic we'll go. it's a very cold place that's mostly all snow! but critters do live here, surrounded by ice
8:52 am
and they're perfectly happy, they find it quite nice! how do they keep from all going brrrrrrr? well, the seals all have blubber and the bears all have fur. here in the desert, it's hot, dry and sandy and having some water would sure come in handy! critters do live here lizard and snake. they sleep when it's hot, and at night... ... they awake. the arctic has snow the desert has sand and each one is really a beautiful land so cat will repeat, just in case you forgot the arctic is cold and the desert is hot. announcer: pbs kids presents the all-new "peg + cat," where sometimes the fun starts with a problem... peg: these crazy chickens think the farm is a chicken playground. announcer: sometimes with a song...
8:53 am
♪ cheese and pickles ♪ pickles and cheese ♪ gimme, gimme, gimme that sandwich, please ♪ announcer: and sometimes it's just fun. ow. wahoo! [belches] oh, jeez. announcer: "peg + cat," an all-new show starting monday, october 7, on pbs kids. girl: got a problem to solve? ask yourself, "what would george do?" man: you are some smart monkey. girl: figuring things out is fun. "curious george." announcer: watch "curious george" weekdays on pbs kids or anytime on viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind.
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♪ ♪ what do great apes and humans have in common? ♪ ♪ opposable thumb ♪ our fingers are opposite from and touch the thumb ♪ ♪ opposable thumb ♪ if you text, throw something to me ♪
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♪ hold a drumstick, pick fruit from a tree ♪ ♪ you're using your thumb ♪ ♪ hammer a nail or using a tool ♪ ♪ letting your friends know that you're cool ♪ ♪ you're using your thumb ♪ there are so many things we can do with our thumbs ♪ ♪ like remote controlling, zipping, tying a knot ♪ ♪ turning a knob ♪ we used our thumbs to write this song ♪ ♪ the list goes on and on and on ♪ ♪ what do great apes and humans have in common? ♪ ♪ opposable thumb ♪ we can bend them, stretch them, snap them ♪ ♪ they're awesome ♪ opposable thumb "super why" is funded by: a co-operative agreement of the u.s. department of education and the corporation for public broadcasting's "ready to learn" grant, and by pbs viewers like you. [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong.
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chuck e. cheese's proudly supports pbs kids. [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. sometimes the greatest adventure can start with one click. early learning academy, proud supporter of pbs kids and super why! ♪ who answers the call for friends in need? ♪ ♪ super why ♪ super why ♪ he's the guy he's super why ♪ ♪ who's got the power the power to read? ♪ ♪ who looks into books for the answers we need? ♪ ♪ super why ♪ super why ♪ and the super readers we're gonna fly ♪ ♪ come along ♪ with the super readers ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪
8:58 am
♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪ ♪ yeah! super why [ ♪ ] [ ♪ ] hi! so glad you're here. it's me, whyatt! [ ♪ ] welcome to storybrook village, where all our fairy-tale friends live! [ cellphone ♪ ] look! my mom's home with the groceries. [ stomach grumbling ]
8:59 am
oh, did you hear that? i guess i could use a snack. come on, let's go to my house and get something to eat! [ ♪ ] hi, cinderella! hi, sleeping beauty! [ ♪ ] hi, mom! hi, whyatt! wow, i'm thirsty. mmm, a nice big glass of water. [ stomach grumbling ] oh wait! i want a snack first. [ grunt ] hmm, what do i want to eat? maybe some carrots. no... i know, some blueberries!


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