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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 22, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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wait! where are you going? red: want to play? come back! come back, little boy blue! ah! come back! red: want to play? okay. everything's okay. hey! ah! come on, boy blue! let's play! oh, no! not again! [ ♪ ] ah! uh-oh. where are you going? stop scaring me! i don't want to play! drats. double drats! what's the matter, red? when i try to play with little boy blue, he gets scared and runs away. what am i going to do? this sounds like a super big problem. and a super big problem needs us,
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the super readers! we need to call the rest of the super readers! call them with me. [ cellphone ♪ ] say, "calling all super readers!" children: [ in audience ] calling all super readers! [ remote phone ringing ] to the book club! to the book club! children: to the book club! come on, to the book club! [ ♪ ] whyatt here. [ ♪ ] "p" is for pig! [ ♪ ] red riding hood rollin' in! [ ♪ ] princess pea at your service! and you, say your name. great. we're all here! together, we will solve red's problem. let's go!
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[ ♪ ] [ electronic beeps ] okay, red, state your problem. i want to play with little boy blue, but whenever i try and play, he gets scared and goes away! oh no! oh dear! that's not good! how do i get him to stay and play? good question. when we have a question, we look... all: in a book! which book should we look in? peas and carrots, carrots and peas... book come out, please, please, please! let's read the title of this book. we know what to do. we need to jump into this book...
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and find the answer to red's question! first, we look for super letters. and then, put them in our super duper... computer! super duper computer, how many super letters do we need? [ beeping ] hmm! looks like in this story, we'll need to find... four super letters. and then we'll get... [ triumphant ♪ ] our super story answer! it's time to transform. ready? all: ready! arms in! put your arm in. [ ♪ ] whyatt: super readers... all: to the rescue! [ ♪ ] alpha pig with alphabet power!
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[ ♪ ] wonder red with word power! [ ♪ ] princess presto with spelling power! [ ♪ ] super why with the power to read! [ ♪ ] and super you with the power to help! [ ♪ ] together we are... all: the super readers! why-flyers! we're ready to fly into this book! [ ♪ ] ♪ super readers ♪ to the rescue! ♪ ♪ it's time to fly with the super readers ♪ ♪ 'cause we've got a problem to solve ♪ ♪ super readers ♪ to the rescue! ♪
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♪ super readers ♪ working together with powers to read ♪ ♪ into books we fly ♪ to find the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why ♪ super readers to the rescue! ♪ presto! we're in the "little miss muffet" book! [ ♪ ] let's read. why writer... highlight! read with me. mmm-mm! yummy!
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want to play? want to play? come on, miss muffet, you want to play? [ screaming ] oh, yeah! the spider scared miss muffet and she ran away! just like little boy blue got scared and ran away from you! and that, super readers is why we are in this book. red and spider both scared their friends away! let's go talk to him! there's the spider, right over there! [ ♪ ] hi, spider, we're the super readers and we want to talk to you. why do you keep scaring miss muffet away? i don't mean to scare her! i just want to play. but every time i sit beside her, sh... she runs away! [ sniffling ] and now i...
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i don't know where she went. [ sobbing ] maybe she went to her house. good thinking, alpha pig! spider, do you know where miss muffet's house is? no! [ wailing ] [ blowing ] we'll help you find her, spider. b-but how? alpha pig to the rescue! with my amazing alphabet tools, i can find the way to miss muffet's house. we can use my alphabet map to find miss muffet's house. ah-ha! we're right here. first we take "t" street to "f" street, and then take "m" street to get to miss muffet's house!
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first we need to find "t" street. do you see it? which one is "t" street? children: that one! alpha pig: there it is! "t" street! spider: yippee! let's go, go, go! [ ♪ ] hmm... let's see... "f" street comes next. i don't see it. where's "f" street? children: there! that's it! "f" street! come on! spider: yeah, yeah, yeah! this way! [ ♪ ] now we need "m" street.
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which of these streets is "m" street? children: that one! alpha pig: there's "m" street! [ ♪ ] [ gasp ] miss muffet lives on "m" street. and there she is! lickety letters! we used our alphabet map to find miss muffet's house! let's give ourselves a big thumbs up! keep your eyes out for super letters. red: to miss muffet! you see super letters? which letters did you find? children: "n"! "e"! oh yeah! "n", "e".
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good work. we need to put them into our super duper... computer! two more super letters and then we'll get... our super story answer! super job, super readers. [ ♪ ] hello? miss muffet? miss muffet: who's there? the super readers! and we want to talk to you. oh, super readers! come right in! [ ♪ ] curds and whey? it tastes just like cottage cheese. [ slurping ] mmm! so, what brings you to "m" street?
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miss muffet, why did you run away from the spider? well, he sat down beside me when i wasn't looking... and frightened me away. want to play? hey, miss muffet, do you want to play? ah! come on! you want to play? the spider did it again! miss muffet? miss muffet: ahhh! oh no! not again! ah! yes, again. my, oh my! you scared her away again! i didn't mean to. i just want to play. oh, no! we have to find miss muffet. but how? [ ♪ ] cue the sparkles! cue the music! princess presto to the rescue! with my magic spelling wand, i can spell a word that will help us bring back miss muffet. let's see... [ gasp ] i've got it! miss muffet is a girl,
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so i can spell the word "girl", and then she will appear! will you help me spell the word "girl"? [ giggle ] splendid! take out your magic spelling wands and get ready to spell! wands up! spell with me. what letter makes the sound "guh-guh-guh"? children: "g"! [ giggle ] write a "g" with me! what a nice "g". now write an "i"! "i"! hmm... what letter makes the sound "r-r-r"? children: "r"! "r"!
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let's write an "r". gr-r-reat "r"! and finally, what letter makes the sound "l-l-l"? children: "l"! "l"! let's write an "l", shall we? lovely "l"! presto! oh! hello. spectacular spelling! we made miss muffet appear by spelling the word "girl"! let's take a bow. how nice to see you all again. curds and whey? miss muffet, will you stay and play? why, certainly i will!
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even if... even if what? even if there's a... even if there's a what? a spider? spider? hiya! want to play? want to play? come on, let's play! wah! ahhh! don't run away! i just want to play! why does spider keep doing that? follow that spider! you see a super letter? which one? children: "c"! "c"! let's put it in our super duper... computer! just one more super letter, and then we'll get...
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our super story answer! [ ♪ ] spider, why do you keep scaring miss muffet away? i don't mean to, but i can't help it! it's in my story. see? that's what i do! i'm a spider and i frighten miss muffet. she gets so scared. woe is me. oh, i'll never get miss muffet to play with me. what can i do? super why to the rescue! with the power to read, i can change this story and save the day! let's change the word "frightens" in this sentence. ready, set... z-zap!
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why-writer, write! what would help spider not frighten miss muffet away? if he barks at her, smiles at her, or yells at her? let's try "barks at". which words say "barks at"? it starts with a "b". children: there! here! "barks at". let's zap these words into our sentence. ready, set... z-zap! let's read. [ barking ] [ gasp ] ah! hmmm... did "barks at" miss muffet get her to stay and play? child: no!
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no, he sounded like a dog and miss muffet still ran away. let's try again. so, what would help spider not frighten miss muffet away? if he barks at her, smiles at her, or yells at her? how about "smiles at"? where are the words "smiles at"? children: there! there they are! let's zap "smiles at" into the sentence. ready, set... z-zap! let's read. [ gasp ] miss muffet, would you like to play with me today?
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what a nice smile you have, spider. and you asked me to play so nicely. yes, i'll stay and play with you. want to have a picnic in my tree house? yes, yes, yes! [ ♪ ] super job, super readers! we helped the spider to not scare miss muffet. you see a super letter? which one? children: "i"! an "i"? just what we needed! let's put it in our super duper... computer! we found all of our super letters! now we can get... our super story answer.
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miss muffet: uh-oh! i forgot my curds and whey! [ giggle ] i've got it. curds and whey to go! and two tuffets! they are very comfy seats. thank you! curds and whey? tastes just like cottage cheese. mmm-mmm! tasty! and this tuffet is so comfy! little miss muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. along came a spider. he sat down beside her... both: and stayed with miss muffet and played. goodbye, super readers! thank you, super readers! bye! come on, miss muffet! let's play! bye, miss muffet! bye, spider! enjoy your curds and whey! why-flyers! back to the book club! [ ♪ ]
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♪ we found the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why [ ♪ ] [ electronic beeps ] super duper computer, give us our super story answer. [ ♪ ] read the letters with me. the super story answer is... [ triumphant ♪ ] but... why? princess pea: because when the spider smiled at her,
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miss muffet saw he was nice, and she didn't get scared and run away. so my question is: what should i do to get little boy blue to stay and play? and the answer is: all: nice! oh, i didn't know i was scaring little boy blue. i just really wanted to play. now i know i just need to show him i'm nice, and smile and ask him to play. i can do that. to the park! [ horn ♪ ] nice and slow. nice and slow. hi, little boy blue. [ nervous laugh ] hi? would you like to play with me? um... really? sure! we could go roller skating. really?
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i brought an extra pair for you. that's so nice! okay! come on, little boy blue, let's play! [ horn ♪ ] [ laughing ] hip, hip, hooray! the super readers save the day! [ ♪ ] ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ we changed the story ♪ we solved the problem ♪ we worked together so hip, hip, hooray! ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day! ♪ announcer: labor day on pbs kids. hi, neighbor! one little idea... do something nice for your neighbor!
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is about to become one big celebration: neighbor day. neighbor day! we can do lots of neighborly things for our neighbors. announcer: don't miss this amazing musical event! ♪ you can do something nice for your neighbor ♪ thank you, daniel. it's neighbor day! announcer: it's neighbor day on "daniel tiger's neighborhood" monday, september 2nd on pbs kids or watch daniel any time at peg: "hello" vo: a girl named peg "of course!" (laughs) peg: "one hundred billion to one. it's like way more than ten!" vo: peg plus cat a new show coming this fall to pbs kids "super why" is funded by: a co-operative agreement of the u.s. department of education and the corporation for public broadcasting's "ready to learn" grant, and by pbs viewers like you.
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[ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. chuck e. cheese's proudly supports pbs kids. [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. at, we believe that learning is the greatest adventure of all. early learning academy, proud supporter of pbs kids and super why! hola! let's be like the super readers and find the missing letter in this word! we have a tree and the letters "r," "e," "e"--"ree"-- but we're missing the letter in the front. is it "s," "b," or "t"? kids: "t"! right! "tree." tree! great spelling. you can play more games like this with super why at coming up next, it's "dinosaur train."
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stocks fell on worries that china might...
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announcer: the new pbs for ipad app. you'll never know what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store. ♪ whoo-hoo ♪ what's it like to walk around ♪ ♪ on the surface of the moon? ♪ ♪ it's in a book ♪ in a book ♪ in a book ♪ in a book ♪ you can find it all in a book ♪ ♪ you can go any place ♪ underwater, outer space ♪ turn the page, you'll be there soon ♪ ♪ it's in a book ♪ in a book ♪ in a book ♪ in a book ♪ you can find it all in a book ♪ ♪ travel on a safari ♪ underneath the african sun ♪ or run next to a lion, come on ♪ ♪ run, run, run, run ♪ or you could go digging down ♪ ♪ for dinosaur bones, come on ♪ ♪ dig, dig, dig, dig ♪ underneath the rocks and stones ♪
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♪ the mysteries of time and space ♪ ♪ are yours now to explore ♪ in a book ♪ in a book ♪ in a book ♪ in a book ♪ you can find it all in a book ♪ ♪ just turn the page and look ♪ ♪ in a book ♪ whoo-hoo >> hello, folks. it's me the conductor. today the pteranodon family goes under the sea in a brand-new invention, the dinosaur train submarine, so come on along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard! [whistle blows] >> this program was made possible by... contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you! thank you! [train whistle blows] >> ♪ dinosaur train [whistle blows] >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ once upon a time there was a mom her name was mrs. pteranodon sitting on her nest she heard a scratching and said... ♪ >> oh, boy! my eggs are hatching! >> ♪ one by one her kids popped free baby pteranodons
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1, 2, 3 ♪ >> i'll name you tiny, shiny, and don. >> ♪ but tiny said... >> wait! there's one more, mom! >> ♪ last little baby was a different size with teeth and a tail and big green eyes he didn't look anything like the rest ♪ >> what am i doing in a pteranodon nest? >> ♪ but dear, old mrs. pteranodon said... ♪ >> oh, this is your family, and i'm your mom. you may be different, but we're all creatures. all dinosaurs have different features. come on, buddy. we'll take a vacation. i'll get us a ticket at pteranodon station. we'll travel the world in sunshine and rain and meet all the species on the... >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ we're gonna ride ♪ >> ♪ ride, ride, ride, ride [whistle blows] >> ♪ the dinosaur train [roaring] [captioning made possible by the jim henson company] [whistle blows] >> tickets, tickets, please! well, top of the morning to you, pteranodon clan. you're up early. >> good morning, mr. conductor!
9:29 am
>> ah. going under the sea, are we? >> yeah! >> we're gonna visit our old friend elmer elasmosaurus! >> what a coincidence, buddy. i have another old friend of yours along with me today--my nephew gilbert! >> gilbert? >> gilbert! >> good morning, everyone! ooh! may i please say it, uncle? >> ahem. certainly, gilbert. >> hang on to your hats, folks! we're heading out to sea! >> hooray! >> awk! i love the sea. it's so huge and blue and full of mysterious things. >> so true, shiny, and so well-said. >> thank you, gilbert. heh heh heh. [snorts] >> time tunnel approaching, and this one's taking us under the sea! >> ooh! ahh!
9:30 am
>> look! there's elmer now! >> hi! [whistle blows] hey, buddy. hey, tiny. hello, pteranodon family. >> hi, elmer. >> elmer, this is our friend gilbert. >> hello. you must be a troodon, huh? i can tell by your great toe claws. >> excellent observation, my marine reptilian friend. >> so, elmer, what are you elasmosaurus gonna do today? >> well, actually, we have to leave this area. >> you have to leave? >> yeah. not for long, but most of the fish we eat have moved away from here, and we have to follow them. maybe you could follow us. >> could we? maybe the train could ride alongside the elasmosaurus. >> well, unfortunately the underwater tunnel that brought us here doesn't go in the direction that the elasmosaurus family is going. >> aw! >> maybe we could all swim like
9:31 am
elmer. >> i'm not much of a swimmer, don. >> heh heh! neither am i. >> hmm. it's too bad there isn't some kind of train that could travel through the water without tracks. >> ohh! uncle conductor, i just got a great idea! what about our... [whispering] >> well, gilbert, it's a brand-new invention, but this might just be the perfect opportunity! >> a brand-new invention. what is it? >> they're gonna love it. ha ha! >> i think we have the solution to our underwater problem, and it's another surprise. come on, gilbert! [water bubbling] >> ohh! >> dinosaurs and pterosaurs, i give you the latest vehicle from dinosaur train industries, the amazing dinosaur train
9:32 am
submarine! >> yeah! whoo-hoo! >> all aboard! [ding] >> hi, elmer! >> hello, elmer! can you hear us? over. >> i hear you loud and clear, don! come on, everybody! join my family on our fishing trip. follow me! >> this is so great. we get to follow along on an elasmosaurus fishing trip. >> yeah! in a submarine! >> ready, mr. gilbert? >> aye, aye! ready, mr. conductor! >> down submarine, ahead one quarter. >> ooh! >> there's elmer and his family. boy, they can swim really fast. >> but i bet the submarine can go almost as fast as they can! >> you want to see fast? let's show him, uncle conductor. >> oh, i don't know, gilbert.
9:33 am
it is her maiden voyage, the first time she's ever gone out. i ought to break her in gently. aw. let's see how fast she can go! ahead full! >> heh. isn't this great, shiny? >> um, yes, gilbert. it's amazing. >> we're well on our way to the elasmosaurus fishing grounds. >> are we there yet? >> well, don, even at this speed, it will take a little while. >> maybe we could pass the time by singing a submarine song. >> a submarine song? >> yeah. join me in the chorus. ♪ oh, once upon a time in the deep blue see a sea-faring troodon said to me >> if you want to see things you've never seen come on along with me in my green submarine >> so many oceans to explore reptilians and plesiosaurs >> crocodilians and ichthyosaurs >> great big hungry carnivores
9:34 am
rawwr ♪ [laughter] >> ♪ we'll see things we've never seen diving down in our green submarine down in the sea so green deeper than we've ever been we'll see things we've never seen diving down in our green submarine ♪ >> hoo hoo! oh. the green submarine. >> [cheering] >> ♪ la la loo >> whoo-hoo! we made it to the fishing grounds. now you can watch us fish! notice how the elasmosaurus catch their fish by swimming up really fast from deep down below. >> you're right, gilbert. >> it makes me wonder how fast and deep this submarine can go. >> faster and deeper than any fish? >> well, it's brand-new. we're not sure how deep it can go. >> but it is designed to dive down deep just like the song says. >> and there's an amazing creature that can also dive down really, really, deep, the
9:35 am
ophthalmosaurus. >> whoa! >> do you know any? >> sure do. i'm good friends with otto ophthalmosaurus. he's a speedy creature but very friendly. >> uncle conductor, why not test out the capabilities of the dinosaur train submarine and visit otto? >> could we, mr. conductor? >> there's just one catch. otto lives in the jurassic ocean. we'd have to navigate our submarine through a little-known and little-used undersea time tunnel. >> undersea time tunnel? wow! >> oh, oh! can we try it, uncle conductor? can we? >> if it's ok with mr. pteranodon. >> well, as long as you think it's safe, mr. conductor. >> absolutely safe. [ding ding] down submarine, ahead one half. >> aye, aye, skipper! that's submarine talk. >> elmer, we're taking a trip to the jurassic, but we'll be right back.
9:36 am
>> ok. have fun! see you! >> all right, mr. gilbert. steady as she goes. let's take her in. eureka! that's otto! punch it! i mean, ahem, ahead full, mr. gilbert. >> aye, aye, sir! ahead full! >> ahoy there, otto ophthalmosaurus! >> huh? uh, who or what are you? >> otto, hi! it's me the conductor, and this is our brand-new dinosaur train submarine. >> oh. hi, mr. conductor. i didn't recognize you in that amazing submarine thingy. >> hi, otto. i'm buddy, and this is my sister tiny. mind if we compare features? >> sounds good, buddy. >> let's see. you have a long, narrow snout. can you open it,
9:37 am
please? >> yeah, sure. ahh. >> almost no teeth. >> mr. ophthalmosaurus, i'm don. you've got really big eyes. >> yeah, i sure do, don. the better to see in the dark, and where i dive to find food, it gets really dark. you want to come down there and see for yourselves? >> yes! >> um, i'm not positive i want to dive down where it's really dark. >> oh, don't worry, shiny. the submarine can do it. >> sure. everything will be ok, right, mr. conductor? >> righty-o, mr. pteranodon. [ding ding] dive! dive! >> what...was...that? >> uh, hmm. possibly a giant squid. >> um, mr. conductor, do you
9:38 am
know where we are? >> well, certainly. uh, we're, uh--ahem. heh. actually, folks, we seem to be in an undersea cave. >> [gasp] >> on the positive side, it's a cave full of beautiful coral formations. heh. they're called scleractinians. >> oh! i wondered where you'd gotten to. what are you doing in this cave? >> oh, uh, just studying the coral, otto. heh. amazing. >> how did you find us in all this darkness, otto? >> oh. ophthalmosaurus have great eyesight. i was busy eating a giant squid, but then i came looking for you. heh. would you like me to guide you back up to the time tunnel? >> yes! i mean, yes, please. >> thanks, otto! >> hi! back already? >> yeah! we went all the way to the jurassic ocean. it was really deep and dark. >> and we even saw a giant
9:39 am
squid! we had such a great time! [watch chimes] >> oh. speaking of time, we should be getting back to the undersea station and then to dry land. >> really? hoora--oh. i mean, so soon? >> bye, elmer! >> bye! >> see you next time! >> come on, everybody! ♪ down in the sea so green deeper than we've ever been >> we'll see things we've never seen diving down in our green submarine ♪ >> oh, boy! >> ha ha ha! >> whoo! >> green submarine! >> hi, there. i'm dr. scott the paleontologist. and, this is otto ophthalmosaurus! ophthalmosaurus belongs to a group of marine reptiles called ichthyosaurs. although they weren't dinosaurs, they lived in the mesozoic era just like dinosaurs did, but how could
9:40 am
such big animals swim so fast? the body of ophthalmosaurus is shaped a lot like a tear-drop on its side, rounded in the front and pointed in the back. we call this shape streamlined because water flows over it easily. a streamlined body, combined with a big, strong tail, allowed ophthalmosaurus to move really fast. a lot of big, fast-moving fishes alive today are streamlined, too, and for the same reason. some sharks can swim more than 30 miles an hour, and a large fish called the marlin reaches speeds over 60 miles an hour! that's as fast as a car goes on the highway! [horn honks] many living sharks share something else in common with ophthalmosaurus. they like to dive way down deep in the ocean! >> point of fact. dinosaurs did not ride in submarines. thank you. >> well, that's true, but ichthyosaurs like
9:41 am
ophthalmosaurus certainly didn't need a submarine to swim fast and dive down deep! ok. keep watching for more dinosaur discoveries! >> hello, folks. it's me the conductor. today our rocking pal king meets another rocking cryolophosaurus named crystal, so come on along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard! [whistle blows] >> tickets, tickets, please! >> hello, mr. conductor. >> ah, troodon town. going to the troodon town music festival? i remember years ago i heard an amazing singer there for the first time, a completely original voice. >> who was it? >> that young singer was none other than king cryolophosaurus! >> eh, did somebody say king and amazing and music festival? >> king cryolophosaurus! >> that's right, man. a hunka
9:42 am
hunka burnin' love. hoo-ha! >> why, king, i had no idea you were gonna sing at the festival. >> you know, man, i been hanging out by myself in the jurassic antarctic for too long, so i decided to surprise everyone and just show up. i hope it's ok. >> ok?! it will be fantastic! >> king, i...can't...wait. >> well, uh, thank you, little mama. >> oh! this will be a day your fans will never forget! ooh! i almost forgot! time tunnel! time tunnel approaching! next stop, troodon town in another part of the cretaceous time period. >> are you ok with the crowd, king? >> yeah, man. i used to get nervous singing in front of crowds, but i'm feeling better about it now. buddy, i'm ready to rumble! hoo-ha! >> front row? oh, this is so exciting. >> i had to pull some strings to get these, mrs. pteranodon. >> buddy and i are gonna go say hi to king.
9:43 am
>> all right. hurry back, kids. >> hi, king. how you feeling? are you nervous? >> i think i'm finally over my stage fright once and for all. it's a new me, baby! >> that's great news, king! >> so when do you go on? >> uh, there's one more act before i go on, some singing dinosaur or something. never heard of her. [cheering] >> thank you. here's a little song i call "i got somethin' special." mm-hmm. ♪ some dinosaurs have snaggly teeth for rippin' chunks of meat some dinosaurs have terrible claws they wear 'em on their feet but i got something special i got this rockin' crest and when i show it you're gonna know it 'cause it's up above the rest ♪ >> who is she? >> awk! she's beautiful. >> oh, man. >> ♪ hoo
9:44 am
some dinosaurs can get their food with 3-foot fingernails some dinosaurs can get their way by whippin' and snappin' their tails ♪ >> man! >> ♪ but i got somethin' special i got this rockin' crest and when i display i know you'll say it's better than the rest ooh ♪ >> sweet stygimoloch. what a crest. >> ♪ do do do do do oh, 'scuse me while i rock this crest yee-ha ♪ [cheering and hooting] >> isn't she amazing? crystal cryolophosaurus, people! and now please welcome my other favorite singer--king cryolophosaurus! >> king, you're on! >> are you ok? >> buddy, tiny, this crystal cryolophosaurus, she's the most amazing creature i've ever seen. i could listen to her forever. >> yeah, she's great, but the
9:45 am
crowd is waiting for you. you've got to go on now. >> uh, go on a what? >> sing. >> oh. uh, right, right. >> can't wait to hear you sing, king. >> yeah. oh, yeah! [mumbling] me, too! ha ha! >> king! >> whoo! king! >> king, you're supposed to sing. >> oh, yeah. uh... >> ♪ dinosaur train dinosaur train gonna riiiide the dinosaur train ♪ hoo-ha! oh, that didn't come out like i planned. >> oh, you were wonderful, king. >> oh, thank you very much. heh heh. all right. which way did she go? you see, i want to meet crystal and talk to her, but i'm kind of afraid to talk to her, you know? plus i have no idea how to even go about getting her attention. >> king, you have the perfect way to get crystal's attention, your cryolophosaurus crest. >> your crest is made for showing off, king.
9:46 am
>> they're right. the main purpose of your famous crest is to attract other cryolophosaurus. creatures who have crests use them to get the attention of, oh, how should i say this, the opposite gender. >> uh, opposite gender? like, i'm a male and crystal's a female? that kind of opposite? >> well, exactly. you like crystal, she sees your crest, likes it, meets you, likes you, bingo! you'll be friends, maybe forever. >> well, i like the sound of that. >> here's all you need to know. creatures with crests often move their heads back and forth. >> uh, how come? >> well, to show off your crest. like this. "hello! look at me and my crest! show to the left, show to the right, out of sight!" oh, come on, king. >> uh, heh heh. >> awk! wonderful! >> and don't forget--seeing your crest straight on from the front is the best. save that move for last. >> huh huh! huh huh! ha!
9:47 am
>> great. now let's go find crystal. you can show her your crest moves and talk-- >> wait. whoa, whoa, ho-ho-hold on. talk to crystal? >> don't worry, king! >> we'll help you! >> ok. there's crystal. >> right. there she is. heh heh. >> go on, king. go say hi. >> hello, chrissie. >> heh heh. you mean crystal. how are you, king? >> oh, i'm fine. do you like my crest? >> you have a wonderful crest, king. >> that's wonderful! yeah. that you like it, i mean. well, uh, i have to go now. bye. >> ok. nice talking to you. bye. >> king kind of gets nervous sometimes. let's go find him. >> oh, man! i'm so annoyed at myself. i could have said better things to crystal. now i'll bet she'll never want to be my friend. >> aw. she'll be your friend. we just have to think of good stuff for you to say. >> hmm. how about, "crystal,
9:48 am
you're a mighty fine singer, the best i've ever heard"? >> aw, good one, buddy, and it's true, too, man. oh. ok. here goes. you're a mighty fine singer, the best i've ever heard. >> whoo-hoo! >> that's great, king! >> ok. i think i can remember all of that. >> there she is. ok. buddy and i will hide in those bushes in case you need help remembering. >> got you. great plan, tiny. >> now go on. say hi and stuff. >> uh, hi and stuff again. nice, uh, day, you know? uh, coral--i mean, carol--uh, cressida--oh, no. >> crystal! >> crystal. >> crystal. that's your name--crystal! >> heh heh. right. i'm crystal, and you're king. >> heh heh. oh, bingo. now, uh... >> "you're a mighty fine singer." >> you're a mighty fine finger. i mean, singer, yeah. the best i've ever heard. >> why, thank you, king. say, i'm gonna walk down by the station. would you like to join me? >> yes, you would. uh, i mean,
9:49 am
yes, i would. >> ha ha ha! >> so, you know, i actually was a little nervous when i, uh... >> when you sang in front of her. >> when i sang in front--ahem-- when i sang in front of you. ha! i was. >> you, nervous? well, it never showed. [train whistle blows] >> oh, there's the train. the festival must be over. everyone's leaving. >> well, then let's get down there, baby. i mean, uh, i'll go with you. uh, say, crystal, you want to see me do something funny with my crest? huh huh! huh huh! ha ha! >> ha ha ha! king, you really surprise me. you are one funny, kind, and fine fella with a heck of a crest. >> oh. thank you very much. >> you're welcome very much. >> uh, you know, crystal, you sang today about having something special, your crest, and it made me realize that, uh, you and i have something special. uh...heh heh heh.
9:50 am
>> friendship! >> we have a friendship, you and me! >> i completely agree. [blows] >> really? oh, that's great, baby. so, uh, hmm. train's about to go. would you come back to the jurassic antarctic with me, baby? >> i don't know, king. now that i've been to troodon town, i want to see more of the big, wide world. i want to travel and explore. the cretaceous is outrageous, baby. >> oh, but the jurassic is fantastic, man! aw. come back home with me, crystal. >> oh, king. >> i feel a song coming on, baby. >> yep. >> ♪ i got to get back to the antarctic a habitat where you and i belong >> i got to travel round 'cause i'm adventure bound so, baby, please don't get me wrong >> i'm goin' back to the jurassic >> all right >> back where i'm the king
9:51 am
>> well, go on back to the jurassic >> hoo-ha! >> go on and do your thing >> oh, baby, ain't you gonna miss me? ain't you gonna miss my crest? >> yeah, i guess i'm gonna miss you >> hoo-ha! >> your singin' and a-dancin' is the best >> thank you, but, uh how am i ever gonna forget you? you know that you're one of a kind >> well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do and you and i are gonna be just fine >> guess i'll go back to the jurassic >> you go then >> i'll go and do my thing >> well, come back and visit the cretaceous >> hoo-ha! >> and maybe you and i can sing >> baby, you and i can sing ♪ [cheering] >> so you staying here or
9:52 am
riding to the jurassic? >> how about if crystal stays in the cretaceous and king stays in the jurassic but they visit each other as often as they can on the dinosaur train? >> i like that a lot! [cheering] >> i'll see you real soon, pretty crest. hoo-ha! >> you sure will. bye for now, king. >> hi, there. i'm dr. scott the paleontologist. most paleontologists think that cryolophosaurus, like king, used their crests to show off to other cryolophosaurus. why would we think that? because plenty of animals living today, such as birds, use strange features to display to each other. most often it's the males--the boys, that is-- that do the showing off. here's a male frigate bird, which puffs out a big red pouch in its neck! and how about the amazing tail feather display of male peacocks? sometimes, the male birds do crazy dances
9:53 am
while they're showing off. check out the cool moves of this bird of paradise! in other bird species, the girl and boy birds dance together. get a load of this pair of albatrosses! since many birds living today use strange features and wild dances to show off, it makes sense that dinosaurs did the same thing. ok. remember, get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries! announcer: labor day on pbs kids. hi, neighbor! one little idea... do something nice for your neighbor! is about to become one big celebration: neighbor day. neighbor day! we can do lots of neighborly things for our neighbors. announcer: don't miss this amazing musical event! ♪ you can do something nice for your neighbor ♪ thank you, daniel. it's neighbor day! announcer: it's neighbor day on "daniel tiger's neighborhood" monday, september 2nd on pbs kids or watch daniel any time at cat: "hold me baaaaaack!"
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