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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 20, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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! love, your secret friend." wow, a secret friend? i didn't know i had a secret friend! i wonder who it could be? ♪ up a hill up a hill ♪ jill, are you my secret friend? no. sorry, whyatt. [ humming ] are you my secret friend? did you send me this note? no? i really want to know. how can i find out who my secret friend is? this is a super big problem. and a super big problem needs us... the super readers! we need to call the rest of the super readers. call them with me. [ cellphone ♪ ] say, "calling all super readers!" children: [ in audience ] calling all super readers! [ remote phone ringing ] to the book club! to the book club!
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children: to the book club! come on, to the book club! [ ♪ ] whyatt here. "p" is for pig! red riding hood rollin' in! princess pea at your service! and you, say your name. great. we're all here. together we will solve my problem. let's go! [ ♪ ] [ electronic beeps ]
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okay, whyatt, state your problem. i got a note from my secret friend. ooh, i love notes! but i don't know who my secret friend is. oh, dear! oh my peas. how can i find out who my secret friend is? red: good question. and, when we have a question, we look... all: in a book! which book should we look in? peas and carrots, carrots and peas... book come out, please, please, please! let's read the title of this book. we know what to do. we need to jump into this book... and find the answer to my question! first, we look for super letters...
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and then put them in our super duper... computer! super duper computer, how many super letters do we need? oh, looks like in this story, we'll need to find eight super letters, and then we'll get... our super story answer! it's time to transform! ready? all: ready! arms in! put your arm in. [ ♪ ] whyatt: super readers... all: to the rescue! [ ♪ ] alpha pig! with alphabet power! [ ♪ ] wonder red!
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with word power! [ ♪ ] princess presto with spelling power! [ ♪ ] super why with the power to read! [ ♪ ] and super you with the power to help! together we are... all: the super readers! why-flyers! we're ready to fly into this book! [ ♪ ] ♪ super readers ♪ to the rescue! ♪ ♪ it's time to fly with the super readers ♪ ♪ 'cause we've got a problem to solve ♪ ♪ super readers ♪ to the rescue! ♪ ♪ super readers
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♪ working together with powers to read ♪ ♪ into books we fly ♪ to find the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why ♪ super readers to the rescue! ♪ presto! we're in "the elves and the shoemaker" book! [ ♪ ] let's read. why writer, highlight! read with me. [ whistling ] [ snoring ] ♪ one, two ♪ it's time to make the shoes ♪ ♪ making shoes is what we do ♪
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where are you, little secret helper friends? that's just like me! i don't know how to meet my secret friend. and that, super readers, is why we are in this book. the shoemaker and i both don't know how we can meet our secret friends. let's talk to the shoemaker and see what he does to meet his secret friends. [ ♪ ] super readers: hello. well, hello there! welcome to my shoe shop. wow-whee! did you make all these shoes?
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i did. but, with a little help. who helps you? i don't know! when i go to sleep at night, secret friends come and help me. they even leave nice little notes! i want to meet my secret friends, but they only come out at night. what can i do? alpha pig to the rescue! [ ♪ ] with my amazing alphabet tools, i can make it nighttime, and then you can meet your secret friends! what a glorious idea! let's find the letters in the word "moon" and then we can make it night. i'll just need my... lucky letter lasso! first we need an "m". where's the letter "m"?
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children: there! alpha pig: right there! an "m"! come here "m", come on! now we need two "o"s for "moon". where are two "o"s? children: there! alpha pig: two "o"s. come on, "o"s, come here. rustle up two "o"s. now, the last letter we need is an "n". where is an "n"? children: there! alpha pig: the "n"! great! let's rustle up the "n". come here, "n"!
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lickety letters! we found the letters in the word "moon" and made a moon! let's give ourselves a big thumbs up! and since the moon is out, it's now nighttime and the secret helpers should come out. [ ♪ ] you see super letters? which letters did you find? children: "p", "a", "y", "t"! "p", "a", "y", "t"? let's put them in our super duper... computer! four more super letters and then we'll get...
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our super story answer! ♪ one, two, it's time to make the shoes ♪ ♪ making shoes is what we do ♪ hoo-hoo! oh, i hear someone. do you? i see the shoemaker's secret friends! right there! ♪ one, two, time to fix the shoes ♪ ♪ three, four, take the laces from the drawers ♪ ♪ five, six, make the leather so it sticks ♪ that is so nice to help the shoemaker with his shoes! time for the shoemaker to meet his secret friends! secret friends, meet the shoemaker. shoemaker: [ snoring ] shoemaker? oh no, no! where is he? [ ♪ ] the shoemaker is in bed,
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sleeping, because we made it nighttime. oh my chinny- chin-chin! we need the shoemaker to wake up! what can we do? wonder red to the rescue! [ ♪ ] with my wonder word basket, i can find a word that will make it daytime. then the shoemaker will wake up! what's this word? read it with me! what sound does the letter "b" make? children: buh! "buh". letter "b" makes the "buh" sound. what sound does this part make? children: "un"! "un". this is an "un" word! i love "un" words! ♪ un, sun, bun ♪ wonderific you're terrific ♪
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♪ fun, pun, run ♪ wonderific you're terrific, "un"! ♪ let's read the whole word. b-un. bun. bun! ♪ mmmmmmm, i love buns ♪ ♪ buns with white frosting ♪ did the bun make it daytime? children: no! nope. double drats! we need another "un" word. how about this one? read it with me! here's an "s". now, what sound does the letter "s" make? "s-s-s". "s-s-s"! the letter "s" makes the "s-s-s" sound. and this is the "un". let's read the whole word.
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s-un. s-un. sun. sun! will the sun make it daytime? children: yes! yes! wonderific, you are terrific! we changed the bun into sun! now the shoemaker can wake up because the sun made it daytime. and he can meet his secret friends! oh, this is so exciting! [ yawning ] [ ♪ ] you see some super letters? what letters did you find? children: "l"! "e"!
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"l" and "e". let's put them in our super duper... computer! two more super letters and then we'll get... our super story answer! shoemaker: [ yawning ] oh! and here comes the shoemaker! shoemaker: [ yawn ] oh, good morning! are my secret friends here? where are you, little secret helper friends? [ sigh ] they were right here! why did they go away again? i know why! when we made it daytime, they disappeared! they only come out at night. oh, woe is me! i'm sure you will meet your secret friends, shoemaker.
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no, i won't! it's my story. see? it says right here: i'll never meet them! [ sobbing ] what can i do? super why to the rescue! with the power to read, i can change this story and save the day! let's change the words "never meets" in this sentence. ready, set... z-z-zap! why writer, write! which word will help the shoemaker to meet his helpers? "feeds", "scares", or "invites"? let's try "feeds". which is the word "feeds"? it has two "e"s in it.
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children: there! let's zap it into our sentence. ready, set... z-z-zap! now let's read again. oh, delicious! cheese and crackers to feed my secret friends! hello? secret friends? oh! forgot the cheese. uh, be right back. [ ♪ ] my crackers! oh, dear. they ate my crackers but then ran away again! did feeding his secret friends help the shoemaker meet them? children: no! no, i guess "feeds" didn't help.
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what word will help the shoemaker meet his secret friends? "feeds", "scares", or "invites"? let's try the word "invites". which word is "invites"? it starts with an "i". children: there! let's zap it into the sentence. ready, set... z-z-zap! now, let's read again. i have an idea! i'm going to invite my helpers to meet me by writing them a note! "dear secret friends. i invite you to meet me for a playdate. sincerely, the shoemaker."
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now, i'll just put the invitation on my work table so they can find it. [ ♪ ] ♪ it's an invitation ♪ for us! ♪ hello, hello, hello! how do you do? it sure is nice to finally meet... elves: ♪ you! my secret friends! i finally get to meet you! thanks for inviting us. i'm so glad that i invited you to stay. now we can play! all: hooray! super job, super readers! we changed the story and the elves came to play! [ ♪ ] you see super letters? what letters did you find? children: "d"! "a"!
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"d", "a". okay. let's put them in our super duper... computer! we found all of our super letters. now we can get our super story answer. goodbye, super readers! thank you for helping me to meet my secret friends! elves: goodbye! goodbye! bye, elves! bye, secret friends! alpha pig: bye, shoemaker! have a good day! why-flyers! back to the book club! [ ♪ ] ♪ we found the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why [ ♪ ]
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[ electronic beeps ] super duper computer, give us our super story answer! [ ♪ ] read the letters with me. our super story answer is... [ triumphant ♪ ] but... why? red: because the shoemaker invited his secret friends for a playdate. so my question is: how can i find out who my secret friend is? and the answer is... all: playdate!
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that's a great idea! i'll invite my secret friend for a playdate. come on! [ ♪ ] let's invite my secret friend to come over for a playdate. i'll leave this invitation right here for my secret friend. [ ♪ ] [ humming ] there's jill. but she said she wasn't my secret friend. joy: [ cooing/laughing ] is mom my secret friend? nope. mom went inside the house with baby joy. [ ♪ ] is that my secret friend?
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whyatt, i'm here for our playdate. little bo peep! are you my secret friend? i guess i'm not a secret anymore! thanks for inviting me for a playdate. sure! and thank you for my secret note. tag, you're it! [ laugh ] hip, hip, hooray! the super readers save the day! [ ♪ ] ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ we changed the story ♪ we solved the problem ♪ we worked together so hip, hip, hooray! ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day! ♪ [ ♪ ] announcer: labor day on pbs kids. hi, neighbor!
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hi, there. dash here! i've got a great dancing game for you at let's dance along. ♪ come on, it's time to dance ♪ ♪ get on your feet and dance ♪ it's a dance party ♪ dance, dance party ♪ it's a dance party ♪ dash's dance party are you ready? dance along and see if you can figure out the pattern. ♪ wave, wave those hands ♪ way up high, way up high ♪ wave, wave those hands ♪ way up high, way up high ♪ kick, kick those feet ♪ to the side, to the side ♪ kick, kick those feet the side, to the side ♪ ♪ what do we do now? ♪ we wave, wave, wave those hands ♪
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♪ we kick, kick, kick those feet ♪ ♪ good-bye you can keep on dancing with your favorite pbs kids friends on the computer at thanks for dancing! got to dash! ♪ dash's dance party >> hello, folks. it's me the conductor. today our friends find out what hurricane means and what happens when one comes to pteranodon terrace, so come on along with me on the dinosaur train! all aboard! [whistle blows] >> this program was made possible by... contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you! thank you! [train whistle blows] >> ♪ dinosaur train [whistle blows] >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ once upon a time there was a mom her name was mrs. pteranodon sitting on her nest she heard a scratching and said... ♪ >> oh, boy! my eggs are hatching!
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>> ♪ one by one her kids popped free baby pteranodons 1, 2, 3 ♪ >> i'll name you tiny, shiny, and don. >> ♪ but tiny said... >> wait! there's one more, mom! >> ♪ last little baby was a different size with teeth and a tail and big green eyes he didn't look anything like the rest ♪ >> what am i doing in a pteranodon nest? >> ♪ but dear, old mrs. pteranodon said... ♪ >> oh, this is your family, and i'm your mom. you may be different, but we're all creatures. all dinosaurs have different features. come on, buddy. we'll take a vacation. i'll get us a ticket at pteranodon station. we'll travel the world in sunshine and rain and meet all the species on the... >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ we're gonna ride ♪ >> ♪ ride, ride, ride, ride [whistle blows] >> ♪ the dinosaur train [roaring] [captioning made possible by the jim henson company] >> mom, can we go out and play?
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>> well, sure, tiny, but it's blowing pretty hard. i don't want you kids flying. be sure to stay under the shelter of those trees. >> but there's nowhere to play under those trees. >> don dug a bunch of holes there. >> more holes? oh. i'll talk to him. come on. >> look how hard the wind is blowing. it's starting to rain again, too. >> i like it when it rains. it's so fun watching all my holes fill up with water. oh. hi, mom. >> don, i think you've really dug enough holes around the nest. no more, please. >> but there's never enough holes. > don. >> so you guys want to play something? >> let's play hide in a hole. >> [sigh] >> it's not as windy inside them. >> eww! this one's full of water. >> awwwwwk! >> kids, lunchtime. your father's home. >> ooh! ohh! whew! that is some
9:30 am
crazy wind, and actually i didn't catch any fish. >> ohh! you didn't? >> nope. it's getting too windy to fly out there. i haven't seen it blow like this in a long time. >> we're fine, kids. there's plenty of fish leftover from yesterday. >> when is all this wind and rain gonna end? >> the rain is important for the plants. you should enjoy a little wetness now that it's finally here. >> awk! mom's right, nature trackers. rain is a part of nature. >> well, with this wind picking up, it's turning into quite a storm. i remember when it blew like this when i was your size. >> wait. you were my size? oh, yeah. >> heh heh heh. yep. and the storm was called a hurricane, which is what we call a really big storm that comes off the sea with especially strong winds. >> how strong was the wind?
9:31 am
>> well, strong enough to blow away the nest. >> ohh! blow away the nest? >> uh-huh. we had to move inland away from the cliffs, but it all worked out. when the storm passed, we rebuilt our nest. >> whoa! >> kids, we'll be fine. we'll ride out the storm together. >> we have to ride on the storm? >> heh heh. what your mother means when she says, "ride out the storm," is to get in a safe place and wait for the storm to pass. >> oh. >> things like storms are part of nature. >> just like rain! >> and these things happen, even a storm as big as a hurricane. it will pass, and then things will return to normal. >> but we need to keep ourselves safe during a storm this big. >> oh. that's it. ready, hon? >> awk! >> ok, team. everybody take your favorite thing to play with. we'll stick together and move toward those trees.
9:32 am
they're further from the shore, and we can take shelter under them. huh. i don't remember all these holes. where'd they come from. >> don dug them all, and now there's nowhere to sit. plus it's cold and wet, and tiny's taking up all the room. >> no, i'm not. go sit in a hole. >> err! >> move over! >> no. you move over! i don't like holes, and i don't like hurricanes. i miss our nest already. >> awk. shiny, i know you're upset, but your dad and i are here, and i promise that we'll be ok. ♪ there's no place like our nest no place like our nest ♪ >> all right. we're as prepared as we're gonna be. now everyone just sit tight and stick together. you can pass the time playing with the things you brought from the nest.
9:33 am
>> [humming] ooh. i woke up in my leaf bed. >> oh, cool. >> hey. you want some fish? >> yeah. >> don, what did you bring to play with? don? don, remember what mom said? no more holes. >> yeah, but i already dug this one. i'm only making it deeper. then we--whoa! >> don? whoa! >> whoa! >> don, do you know what this means? >> yeah! i dug a superhole! maybe it's a time tunnel and we'll come out in the jurassic! >> no. you found a cave! let's see where it comes out. come on. [wind blowing] ohh! >> i guess this isn't a time tunnel. oh, well. the wind is really blowing hard. >> i know. hurricanes are powerful. let's tell everybody that you found this cave. we can ride out the storm in it and be safe and dry.
9:34 am
>> wait. i'm pretty sure mom will be mad that i dug this superhole. >> well, we should tell her anyway. >> um, do you really think that-- >> awk! >> whoa! >> how did you get here? >> we fell. we're fine by the way. thanks for asking, and what's going on here? mom told you no more holes. this--this--this is some kind of superhole. >> it is, but don't tell mom. >> kids! >> kids! >> kids! >> shh. >> don. >> ohh! unh! >> don! >> heh heh. >> i think you have discovered the perfect place for us to ride out the hurricane. >> yay, don! >> ohh. listen. it's louder than ever. >> well, thank goodness don discovered this cave. i feel so much better with you kids down
9:35 am
here rather than under the trees. >> ohh! it's a real live hurricane all right. it's really blowing. >> what did it look like out there? >> well, our trees are all still there, so don't worry. >> my favorite tree with my tiny place! oh, i hope it's ok. >> and what about cindy cimolestes? that tree is her home. >> cindy! shouldn't we go make sure she's ok? >> kids, now that we're in a safe place, we need to stay put. >> [chattering] >> cindy! >> tiny! i looked everywhere for you. >> how's our tree? >> oh, it's bending back and forth so much, i was getting seasick, but it's still there, tiny. >> you're safe here, cindy. we'll go check on the trees in the morning. >> baw-kaw! sweet stygimoloch! what a night! oh, hello.
9:36 am
>> hello! >> you're the enantiornithine that lives in the cave down below here, aren't you? >> baw-kaw! yes, i am! but i had to leave. the tide is so high, the cave is flooded. >> oh, that's horrible. >> flooded? >> who's next--larry lambeosaurus? >> uh, hello, neighbor. our nest is completely flooded. >> we've been looking all over for a place to ride out the storm. >> uh, think there's room for 4 more and some leaves? >> we'd be delighted to have you. >> oh! excuse me. >> ooh! >> ow! >> oops! sorry. would you hold these? >> [sighs] >> hon, be nice to our neighbors, especially in a hurricane. you're right. uh, on a night like this, we should pull together as a team. >> yeah! >> i've got my tiny doll and my old pal cindy cimolestes. >> i even have my tooth collection. >> we're all safe together.
9:37 am
>> even though the wind is blowing like crazy. [shivering] >> hmm. you know what? this is the perfect time for a story. >> yeah! tell us a story! >> yeah. tell us a story, tell us a story! >> well, when i was a kid growing up here at pteranodon terrace, there was another hurricane a lot like this one. >> really? you were in another hurri-- >> yes, i was, larry. heh heh. and, uh, as i was saying, the hurricane blew all night, and in the morning when it was over, our nest was pretty much gone. we had to build a new one. >> whoa! >> but it was fun. my dad explained to us how hurricanes worked. in fact, afterwards, we kids made up a game called hurricane. >> ooh! how do you play it? >> ok. here's how a hurricane works. the storm winds go around and around. you kids,
9:38 am
you stand up and be the winds. now go around and around. >> [giggling] >> shoo! shoo! >> whoo! >> and in every hurricane, there's a calm center, where the wind doesn't blow. it's called the eye of the hurricane. uh, let's see. shiny, would you like to be the eye? >> awk. yes. >> we're the storm winds! whoo! >> yeah! whoo-hoo! >> shoooo! >> and i'm the calm eye of the storm. >> yep! we rode out the storm safely. >> [chattering] tiny, tiny, the tree's still there! oh, joy! hooray! >> awk! come on, cindy! let's check out my family's nest! >> [gasp] >> all right, team pteranodon. you know what it's time to for?
9:39 am
>> time to build a new nest! >> right! heh. now let's all gather sticks and get this thing started! >> can we help, mrs. pteranodon. >> awk! sure lorraine, and when we finish ours, we'll all come and help you fix up your place. >> we sure will because you know what? ♪ there's no place like our nest >> no place like our nest we've been around the mesozoic and pretty much seen the rest we might as well face it we never will replace it 'cause there's no place no place like our nest ♪ [cheering] >> hi, there. i'm dr. scott the paleontologist. nature can make some amazing kinds of weather. wildest of all are the huge swirling storms called hurricanes. hurricanes form over
9:40 am
warm oceans, usually in the summertime. they pick up water from the ocean and grow bigger and bigger. their powerful winds can get up to 200 miles an hour. when you look at them from above, hurricanes create the shape of giant whirlpools, and in the middle of the whirlpool is a calm center that we call the eye of the hurricane. hurricanes sometimes move onto land, carrying their heavy rains and strong winds. they can cause flooding, and the intense winds can damage trees and buildings and just make a huge mess of things. paleontologists like me have found evidence in ancient rocks of dinosaurs and other creatures all washed inland by giant storms, so we know that hurricanes happened during the age of dinosaurs, too, and it must have been pretty hard for animals living near the coast to survive such huge storms. so hurricanes have been part of nature for millions of years,
9:41 am
and they still are. so it's always good to be prepared. [wind whipping] [grunting] ok. keep watching for more dinosaur discoveries! >> hello, folks. it's me the conductor. today the pteranodon family meets two creatures who've had the adventure of a lifetime rafting across the sea, so come on along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard! >> [humming] aah! >> don, what's wrong? >> my holes! they're all gone. >> you're right, don. what happened? >> well, the holes aren't gone, don. they're just filled in. it's from the hurricane that came through. it blew everything around and filled up the holes. >> and made an awful mess, but i know we can all pitch in and get things back to normal in no time. >> yeah. we can all help!
9:42 am
>> yeah! >> that's the spirit. with all of us working together, we'll get this cleaned up in no time. you ready? >> go, team pteranodon! >> ooh! this one will make our nest look beautiful. >> gangway! >> huh? >> look out! >> awk! >> hello. are you ok? >> well, hello, there. fancy meeting you here in the middle of the sea. >> um, you're not in the middle of the sea, sir. you're on the beach. >> the beach? why, so i am. tommy, we've made it to land! >> who are you talking to? >> hiya! i'm tommy, tommy ptilodus, not that you should be hearing from me. this big
9:43 am
lug should have introduced us after all we've been through. >> what? oh. everyone, this is tommy. >> ship has sailed, buddy boy. already done, but i have what you call manners. everyone, this is aiden adocus. >> oh, we know an adocus. do you know adam adocus? >> adam. adam. can't say that i do. might be a cousin, though. lots of turtles around the mesozoic. >> our friend adam doesn't live very far from here. are you from around here, too? >> well, that depends. >> yeah! on where here is. aiden and me hail from a place called appalachia. >> appalachia? >> it's not near laramidia, is it? >> laramidia? i've heard of that place. oh, i don't think we're close to home at all. >> sounds like you two have been on a really long journey. >> you couldn't have spent it all on that raft, could you? >> could we? you folks want to hear a story? >> yeah!
9:44 am
>> ok, then. let me tell you what happened. i was sitting, minding my own business. oh, wait. it all started with aiden. i should let him tell it. go! >> ok. well, was the day of the big storm. >> that's good. yeah. >> i remember it was around breakfast time. >> go faster. faster, faster. go. >> or was it lunchtime? >> breakfast. breakfast. >> i think it-- >> ok! i don't mean any disrespect, but let me tell your part. it will go faster. so aiden here, he's on the beach, folks, and it's a beautiful beach. he's doing turtly things when this giant storm hits. >> the hurricane? >> yeah, the hurricane. big wind, tons of rain, the works. you kids... >> buddy and tiny. >> buddy and tiny, you kids, pretend to be the wind and rain. go. >> whoosh! whoosh! >> shooo! >> so there's aiden in the middle of all this. he tries to take cover, but he can't. the storm's too rough. then a mighty wave rolls up on top of him. you. >> me? i'm don. >> don, be the mighty wave. >> shooooo!
9:45 am
>> nice. the mighty wave picks aiden up and carries him into the ocean. he can't swim at all, so, boy, did he get lucky. he sees it, the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. >> sees what? >> a floating raft of branches that are tangled together in the water. >> you want me to be that? >> it's the most important thing in the story. aiden grabbed hold, and he floated around all by himself for what seemed like ages. meanwhile, i'd been blown out to see by the storm, too, and didn't know what i'd do until the big guy saw me splashing like crazy in the water and paddled over so i could grab on. we thought we'd never find land, and now here we are. >> great story! >> you're too kind. oh, stop. go. >> here we are, far away from home with no way to get back. >> aw. that's sad. >> well, wait. i know exactly how you can get back home. >> the dinosaur train!
9:46 am
>> yeah. mr. the conductor will know just where to take them. >> so you need to get all the way to appalachia? >> hmm. it is a long ride, but if it means we get to be a part of this amazing adventure, i say we do it! >> yeah! >> to the dinosaur train, everyone! uh, wait. actually, aiden, uh, i think you might be too heavy for us to carry, so buddy and i will walk with you to the train station. >> i'd be much obliged. >> i can give you a ride, mr. ptilodus. >> whoa! look at me, aiden! i'm flying! >> wow. that looks--oh, what's the word i'm looking for? terrifying. ooh-whee. the dinosaur train. i never had the chance to ride on it. >> you never have? >> never. i've always been more
9:47 am
of a homebody. how about you, tommy? >> can't talk right now, aiden. can somebody grab my stomach when it finally arrives from that flight over here? >> well, hello, there, pteranodon clan. >> hello, mr. conductor! >> i see you have some new friends, an adocus and a ptilodus, right? >> whoa! he's good. >> mr. conductor, meet tommy ptilodus and aiden adocus. >> howdy! >> pleasure. >> mr. conductor, knows everything. >> except how the two of you got to pteranodon terrace. your two species normally come from appalachia. i'd guess that you might have traveled here on the dinosaur train, but i've never met either of you before. >> they didn't take the dinosaur train. they got swept out to sea in a hurricane and floated to pteranodon terrace on a raft made of sticks and branches. >> huh. i bet you've never heard anything like that before. >> actually, i have! >> uh-huh. >> natural rafts are one way creatures can end up far away
9:48 am
from their normal habitats. they get washed out to sea and can end up on a shore hundreds of miles from home. >> wow! we floated that far? >> yes, indeedy. you two are part of what we call animal dispersal. >> what's animal dispersal? >> it's how animals move from one home to another. birds and pterosaurs can fly, marine animals can swim, and land animals can walk. >> or fly if his sisters are carrying him. >> ha ha ha! >> oh, buddy! >> and every once in a while when there's a big storm, land animals can cross oceans on rafts of branches and sticks just like aiden and tommy did. >> you're very smart for such a youngster. >> ohh. >> ha ha ha! >> you really think the conductor is a youngster? >> compared to me he is, but are you smart enough to get tommy and me back home? >> sir, we are on our way right
9:49 am
now. in fact, we're headed out to sea! >> [cheering] >> let's get tommy and aiden back home! >> ok. i'm flying, looking for seeds. >> you're a jeholornis. >> man, you always guess it. >> awk! how did you know that, aiden? >> well, you get to know someone pretty well when you're stuck on a raft with him for a long time. >> appalachia train station. next stop, appalachia station! >> we're home! ho ho ho! well, closer to home. >> [sighs] >> you ok shiny? sprung a leak or something? >> i was just thinking, we've never been to appalachia and never even knew there were beaches there. >> yeah, it'd be nice to see them. >> especially now that we have friends there. >> but aren't our friends there right here? >> how would you kids like to visit our home? >> awk! really? >> absolutely! we'll take you on a grand tour. you'll love
9:50 am
it. that is, if it's ok with your folks. >> can we, mom and dad? please? >> sounds like a wonderful idea. >> [cheering] >> i can't wait to see you guys' homes! >> welcome to appalachia, pteranodons. have fun at the beach. >> welcome to our humble abode. i live in that cove down the way. >> and my cove is a little further along that way. >> mine's much better. >> i heard that. >> this whole beach is absolutely beautiful. i understand why you wanted to get back. >> uh, got any good fish in that water? >> the fish eaters say it's the best. >> heh heh. kids, i say we check it out. >> yeah! >> and i'll be your spotter.
9:51 am
>> ha ha ha! ha ha ha! you can't catch me! >> i'm gonna get you! [train whistle blows] >> no! i'm faster! >> no, you're not! >> kids, it's getting late. i'm afraid we have to go. >> aw. >> thanks so much for the visit, tommy and aiden. >> it was great, and we sure enjoyed coming to visit you and seeing where you all live. >> but maybe next time we'll just take the dinosaur train. >> got that right. >> come on, kids. time to go. >> bye! see you soon! >> good to meet you! >> oh, what a wonderful trip, but it sure feels good to be back. >> and our front yard looks terrific again. we all really did a great job cleaning up after the storm. >> well, we still have all those branches on the beach. what should we do with them. >> [gasp] whoa! whoa! whoa!
9:52 am
>> we've been floating on this raft for months and months. >> we're floating all the way to appalachia, and i'm seasick. whoa, whoa! >> awk! pterosaur overboard! >> we're coming, don! >> [giggling] >> kids, ship ashore. it's time for dinner. >> [cheering] >> fishes! >> i can't wait to have fish! yay! >> hi, there. i'm dr. scott the paleontologist. did you know that some animals really do float long distances across oceans on natural rafts made of plants? take madagascar, a huge island off the coast of africa. most of madagascar's animals from cat-like fossas to monkey-like lemurs are not found anywhere else in the world. for a long time, scientists wondered how the ancestors of all these strange animals got from africa to madagascar. now we think they caught a ride on a floating tree
9:53 am
or raft made of plants and branches. these natural rafts would have floated all the way from the continent of africa hundreds of miles across the ocean to madagascar. this island is also famous for other strange creatures like pygmy hippos, whose ancestors probably swam to the island, and bats, whose ancestors could have flown there. ok. remember, get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries. announcer: labor day on pbs kids. hi, neighbor! one little idea... do something nice for your neighbor! is about to become one big celebration: neighbor day. neighbor day! we can do lots of neighborly things for our neighbors. announcer: don't miss this amazing musical event! ♪ you can do something nice for your neighbor ♪ thank you, daniel. it's neighbor day! announcer: it's neighbor day on "daniel tiger's neighborhood" monday, september 2nd on pbs kids or watch daniel any time at
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