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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  August 18, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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hey. (chattering excitedly) wait up. wiseman: stop! i need help! this was strange. the professor who said she couldn't run was running. (panting) terrible! absolute disaster! what? did the t-rex collapse? oh, worse. anonymous donors-- they won't contribute to the expedition unless i run the race. but that's great. races are a lot of fun. can you help me train? i don't know a thing about running. no problem. let's meet in the park at lunchtime tomorrow. bye-bye. terrific. uh, i can't wait. (charkie barking) no, charkie, look out! oh! aw! whoa! (loud thud) oh! oh, boy.
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what?! he sprained his ankle? how can i train for the race without him? oh. hey... you want to be my personal trainer? uh-huh, uh-huh. o-kay. well, let's get running. all right! (chattering excitedly) hey, wait for me. george thought that to be a trainer, all he had to do was run and professor wiseman would follow. simple. (chattering) (sighs) george, wait up. oh. (panting) hmm, maybe not so simple. (chatters questioningly) oh, i'm so thirsty. do you have any water? uh-uh. hey, a-ha.
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here. (gasps) uh-oh. okay, that's it. i'm done. aw. sorry, george. i'm too tired to run anymore. we can try again tomorrow. george's first day as a trainer had not gone well. (door opening) hi, george. professor wiseman called. she said you tried to help her train for the race. oh... well, don't give up. i think it's a great idea. and i found something that might help. it's an old training video i used to watch called run for your life. you-- yeah, you. are you ready to run like you mean it? uh-huh, uh-huh. you might want to take notes. oh.
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tip #1: before you hit the road, you've got to get graceful. you've got to stretch those muscles. (grunting) when george met professor wiseman in the park the next day, he wanted to be ready. (grunting) mm, stretching does feel good. okay, what's next, george? ooh. ah, uh-huh. time to run? uh-huh, uh-huh. but not too fast, right? (chatters agreement) all right, then, let's go.
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ooh, i'm getting thirsty. uh-huh. (panting) ah. ah, thanks. much better. so far, professor wiseman's training was going great. and then... not so great. hey. (chatters question) i don't think running is for me, george. i find it... well, boring. huh? i'd much rather be carbon-dating a stromatolite. oh, oh... the training coach didn't say anything about boring. the problem is i don't have time to be bored. i should get back to the museum. thanks for trying, george. huh? huh?
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george couldn't understand why she didn't like to run. running can be so much fun. a-ha. make running fun. it just might work. (chattering excitedly) (chuckles) you want to show me something, george? uh-huh. okay. let's go. oh. is this a ferris wheel? uh-huh. okay. i've never been on one of these before. (chuckles) what an amazing view! hey, look! there's the museum.
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george: ooh! i can see my window. it looks so small from here. (chuckles) the professor had had so much fun on the ferris wheel that george took her to all his favorite places. (hooting) (laughs) (laughing) (trumpets) the day the professor outran him, george knew she was ready for the race. oh, i never knew running would make me feel this good. i have so much energy now.
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thank you, george, for the ferris wheel, for the balloons, for teaching me that running is fun. (chuckles) good evening, professor. oh, hi, everyone! i'm running in that race tomorrow. will you be there? ha! we wouldn't miss it for the world. (chuckles) on race day, george couldn't believe how many people showed up. okay, i'm ready. oh, no! i forgot my water. (chatters) (sighs) thanks. so, you really think i can do this? uh-huh. go, professor wiseman! go, professor wiseman! sis-boom-bah! sis-boom-bah! man: runners, take your marks! (whistle blows) the race was on. man: go, go, go! faster! push it!
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yeah, that's it, run! go! the professor seemed to be doing everything right. she ran at a steady pace. and there she was drinking water. so far, so good. (crowd cheering) george wanted to see the professor cross the finish line, so he made sure to get a good spot. do you see her? i don't see her. (chatters) she looks tired. george: uh-oh. oh, no, something's wrong. maybe she got a charley horse. huh? that's a cramp in your leg, george, and they can be very painful. oh! whew! hi, there. (squeals) i thought it'd be fun if my personal trainer finished the race with me. huh?
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(squeals) (laughs) (crowd cheering) ha-ha! (chuckles) i did it! i actually ran a race! uh-huh, uh-huh. i got a medal for finishing, and the race was a huge success. we raised enough money for our trip to oman. ah, that's terrific. and i found out who those anonymous donors were. apparently, they thought i needed to work a little less and have fun a little more. that's right because all work and no play... a crummy way to spend your day. (both laugh) to thank you for helping me learn that lesson, i want you to have my medal. oh! (chuckles)
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boy: george is a monkey. girl: he showed professor wiseman how to have fun with exercise. one, two, three, four.... today, we are exercising. each kid made a part of our exercise course. go! boy 1: exercise is important because it gets your heart going and that sends blood to your body, so it can keep you moving. go! girl: it helps your body and mind to get active, and it makes you feel very good. i know that my heart is beating fast. so you get a good exercise. boy 1: soccer or any running sport, it's fun, but you're also exercising. boy 3: stuff you do every day is kind of like exercising. boy 2: walking is an everyday thing. you could walk to the park. you could walk to school. going upstairs is exercise. boy 2: it's an everyday thing, but it gives you exercise, too. it gets you stronger. so, for the future, you'll be in the habit of exercising.
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kids (clapping along): ♪ oh, we are the county sprouts ♪ ♪ and today we're going out ♪ 'cause we're the county sprouts! ♪ whoo! yeah! (all laugh) george was feeling pretty proud. he had been made an honorary county sprout, and today was his first sprout outing. exciting stuff, huh, george? uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. it's my first outing, too, as the new sproutmaster. and let me compliment my assistant sproutmaster bill. kids: yeah! ooh, yeah, reporting for duty, sproutmaster, sir. oh! i lost the map! look, we're here. all: whoa! woman (over p.a.): welcome to the incredible edible arboretum,
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a cornucopia of exotic comestibles. blueberries! i'll race ya! blueberries are my favorite bush-based fruit. come on, george! all: mm! mm! it looks like you all forgot the county sprout rules. huh? uh, rule #1: "never eat any plant that you're not 100% certain is safe." and that means... the edible plants guidebook? um, no, it means getting an okay from an adult. right. rule #2: "plants are living things. you can kill or hurt them if you're too rough." so don't pull on them and don't break any branches. (chuckles)
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come on. (device beeping) now let me explain what we will do during our vegetation exploration. (device beeping) uh, mr. sproutmaster? we're going to pass through orchards and nut groves. i wouldn't go that way if i were you. after that, we'll meet the head gardener, dr. greenbean. (whistle blows) (gasps) whoa! according to my new global positioning system, the apple orchard is that way. um, why don't we check the map? where is the map? it flew out the window, sir. but this is even better. well, then as assistant sproutmaster, you can be our navigator. lead the way. cool. ♪ oh, we are the county sprouts ♪ ♪ and today we're going out. (george grunting) if there was one thing george did not want to do,
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it was break any more branches. (cheering) awesome! thanks, george. i think we'll get to the blackberries faster if we go this way. i don't know, bill. that trail looks overgrown. a gps is never wrong. it says so in the brochure. oh. (blows whistle loudly) follow me, sprouts. (hoots happily) (beeps) why is the screen flickering? (tapping screen) either the earth is off its axis, or i forgot to charge the batteries. okay. george, can you climb that tree and see where we are? uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. (hooting excitedly)
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and bill... bill? bill, where are you going? don't worry. i've got my handy back-up compass. this way, folks! bill, a sprout never leaves the trail. that-that's rule #3. bill! ♪ oh, excitement's really growing ♪ ♪ 'cause we don't know where we're going. ♪ in this direction, green. in this direction, a path. (shouting happily) (hooting excitedly) huh? george couldn't believe what he was seeing. someone was trying to break that branch. somebody was not being a sprout. (grunts) oh, no. this man was wrecking a tree.
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(hoots frantically) whoa! hey. are you a monkey? uh-huh. uh-huh. cool. (gibbering worriedly) i always wanted a monkey, but my mother said no. george had to do something and fast. this tree was in trouble. (gibbering thoughtfully) (hooting happily) hey! return the headgear, monkey. (chattering happily) seriously. i need that. i might get sunburn. no fair! i don't have monkey legs, you know. (man panting, george hooting rapidly) stop! (man panting) come on. come on. (man panting)
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(sighs tiredly) (man panting) (hoots happily) you know, this is fun and all, but i have to get back to work. aah! oh! oh... (hooting sadly) george didn't mean for the hat to get wet... or the man. but george couldn't wait around. he had to check on that tree. ♪ oh, we are the county sprouts ♪ ♪ and we're wandering all about ♪ ♪ 'cause we're lost in the forest ♪ ♪ and no one is looking for us ♪ which mean we're... vinny and vicki! please. we're not lost. we're just misplaced. according to my compass, this way is north; this way is south; and east and west are here and here. uh, but without a map, that doesn't really help us. but you know what?
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we can determine our precise location using an analog watch. we just need to know the true local time. do you know the true local time? i have another idea. let's ask george to climb a tree and... oh, no. i left george in the tree. george! where are you? george? george wished he could think of a way to get the branches back on the tree. he needed something sticky, really sticky. like... ah... mud! (hooting excitedly) (grunting) ah! (chatters "there.")
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another great monkey invention. (chattering contentedly) (gasping) the tree-wrecking man was coming back. and he'd probably want to keep on wrecking. ha-ha! (hooting happily) you are one crazy monkey. i haven't run like that since... hey! where's my lopper? (chatters "lopper?") that thing i was cutting branches with. (chattering) george? can you hear me? george! (hooting happily) george! oh, thank goodness i found you. oh, i'm sorry i left you in that tree. (gibbering anxiously) oh. dr. greenbean. nice to see you.
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huh? sorry we're late. we've had a rough day. tell me about it. first this monkey ran off with my hat, and now my tree lopper has vanished. uh-oh. (giggles) hey. what's going on? who put mud on this? uh... george? (gibbering anxiously) ah! so, dr. greenbean was cutting some branches and you thought he was hurting the tree. uh-huh. oh, you should have asked. oh, wait. (chuckles) you're a monkey. well, anyway, this is called pruning. you make a careful cut, and it doesn't hurt the tree at all. (chatters curiously) he's right, george.
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i've pruned many a tree in my day. you see, george, too many branches are bad news. they block the sun, and then the fruit can't grow. oh. but, hey, i'm proud of you, george. you behaved just like an honorary sprout. in fact, i would say your effort on behalf of trees qualifies you for full sprout status. huh? hooray! go, george! nice work for a city kid. (hooting happily) okay, sprouts, let's go get some lunch, and dr. greenbean can tell us everything he knows about trees. uh, bill, are you coming? in a minute. i'm still trying to figure out where we are. oh. huh. hey, i got it! uh... mr. sproutmaster. according to this, you're going the exact wrong... wait! you're going the right way!
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never mind. proceed. girl: george is a monkey. boy: he learned that it's important to take good care of trees. we are at the arnold arboretum. nancy is showing us different kinds of trees. can you tell us what it's called when a tree keeps its leaves through the winter? it's evergreen. evergreen-- that's right. nancy: the trees that lose their leaves in the winter are called "deciduous" trees. girl: the evergreen needles are small and pointy. the deciduous leaves are flat and wide. she asked us to find a particular tree. nancy: this tree is called sassafras. it smells kind of like fruit. the branches smell good. it smelled like salsa. smells like hot pepper. and the root smelled really good. it smells like root beer. it smells like candy. i think it's important to know about trees.
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proud sponsor of pbs kids and curious george. early learning academy, have over 90 years of first steps behind them. what he does know is that, today, he's started walking, and life got a whole lot more exciting. stride rite is a proud sponsor of "curious george." funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from: hola! curious george loves discovering new things, and guess what i just discovered. how to make new shapes by adding other shapes together. let's take these triangles and put them together. what shape did we just make? a square! cool! we made a square out of these two triangles. you can play more games like this with curious george at get ready for more fun ahead. it's "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that."
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miss rosa, voice-over: it's the pbs kids field trip. can you guess where we're going today? here's a clue. so did you guess where we are today? right! we're at a restaurant, un restaurante. and this is the menu. and it lists all of the things that they serve here. does one person make all of this? well, let's ask ford. he's the chef here. hey, guys, you want to see how everything works? come on, let's go to the kitchen. cool! what are they doing? they're prepping food. that means getting it ready to cook or serve. whether it's cutting fruit, slicing tomatoes, just getting it all ready.
7:27 am
girl: wow, that's a lot of work. it is a lot of work. but when they cut and clean everything, it makes my job easier. oh, so that's how you can cook so many things. right! we have to all work together. would you all like to make a pizza? children: yeah. wow, you never know what you might learn when you explore new places and things. viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. ♪ hey both: what? ♪ come over here ♪ the cat in the hat is about to appear ♪ ♪ he's whizzing over to whisk you away ♪ ♪ on a fabulous journey today ♪ he's coming! ♪ and now he's arrived in the thingamajigger ♪ ♪ the thing that he drives ♪ he's a cat and he's oodles of fun ♪ ♪ with his hairy helpers, thing 2 and thing 1 ♪
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yoo-hoo! ♪ whoa! woo-hoo! wa-hoo! ♪ can't stop the cat in the hat ♪ ♪ all of our adventures start like that ♪ ♪ wherever you're going, wherever you're at ♪ ♪ the cat in the hat knows a lot about ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about, he knows a lot about ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about that (children laughing) surprise, sally! oh, hi, nick. didn't i surprise you? no. i noticed your sweater from way over there! oh. i guess it is kind of bright.
7:29 am
hmm... i wonder where the cat is today? (playing horn) surprise! look, nick, it's the cat. yes. the cat in the hat! i bet you didn't know it was me! of course we knew it was you. nobody else has such a special hat! you're wise to my surprise! but don't worry, i know where we can find a splendiferous surprise! really? where? there's a surprising little bean in the skippylarito fields! how can a bean be surprising? the answer might surprise you! can we meet this surprising bean? your mother will not mind at all if you do! mom! can sally and i go to the skippylarito fields to meet a rising bean? nick's mom: a surprising bean in the ippylarito fields? sure! while you're there, perhaps you'll meet
7:30 am
an astonishing turnip or a startling carrot! thanks, mom! both: we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! fish, we're going to meet a surprising bean! fish? he stepped out for a while. oh really? surprise. it's me! we knew it was you all along. oh. but that moustache does suit you, fish. are you ready? both: yes we are! are you steady? both: yes we are! are you sure you're ready to explore? both: yes we are! then buckle up! flick the jiggermawhizzer! isn't this fun? all: ya-hoo! ♪ here we go, go, go go
7:31 am
♪ on an adventure ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go ♪ on an adventure. ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today ♪ ♪ we're off to meet a surprising bean ♪ ♪ you wouldn't believe it ♪ ♪ this has to be seen ♪ here we go, go, go, go ♪ on an adventure ♪ go, go, go, go, go there it is! the skippylarito fields! both: ya-hoo! yoo-hoo? surprising little bean? where are you? maybe these are the beans you are looking for, on this bush. hmm, maybe. aren't you clever! look! some have fallen off. let's see. wahh! it moved! i saw it move! there are more moving. look! it's like they're jumping. jumping beans!
7:32 am
whoever heard of a bean that jumps? now isn't that surprising? ooh! (laughing) it's tickly! here, nick. it feels funny. here, sally! you take it! hot potato! hot potato-like bean! (laughing) voice: do you mind?! who said that? it came from the bean! but...beans don't talk! no, but this bean has another surprise inside! cool! macy? is that you in there? voice: of course it's me! and would you mind not tossing me around like that?! oh, so sorry. i suppose it's rather impolite to throw around a friend! you have a friend who lives in a bean? indeed i do, but to meet her, we'll have to shrink down to bean size! to the thingamajigger! okay fellas, ready? press the shrinkamadoodle!
7:33 am
how do we get inside? look, there's a hole! macy: come on in. stay awhile! (laughing) ta-da! (laughing) here we go-go-- whoa! come on in. cat? what are you doing? oh, just thought i'd hang around for a bit. oh, cat. macy: well, wiggle like a worm! if it isn't the cat in the hat! macy the moth larva! what an absolute delight! aahhh! a moth larva? what's that? a moth larva's a young bug who looks like a worm! with itty-bitty legs that wriggle and squirm! wow! macy. it's nice to meet you!
7:34 am
why do you live in a bean? it's not just any ol' bean. it's a special kind of bean. it's rather cozy, don't you think... mmm... and delicious too! wow, you eat the bean too? sure. it's my home and my food. this place has everything i need to grow big and strong! amazing! but what are these stringy-things for? oh, they help me get around! they're attached to me and the bean... so when you move, the bean moves! yep! whew. it's getting really warm in here. yeah. i'm getting hot. cat: phew its a scorcher, all right! my whiskers feel hot-hot-hot! oh, no problem! whoa! we're... moving!
7:35 am
whoa! you didn't mention this was a mobile home! we need to find a shady spot! can we help? of course! wiggle away! ha ha! woo! this is fun! yeah! woo-hoo! aaah! impossible! that bean. it's m-m-m-moving! weee! (cheering) that's better! it feels much cooler now. that's because we found a shady spot. so that's why you bump around like that. to find a cooler spot. well, who wants to be out in the hot sun all day? ooh, these surprising beans are just so full of surprises. right, macy? right, cat. oooh. you should go see miguel.
7:36 am
he'll really surprise you. who's miguel? another surprise? what is it? if i told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. nice meeting you! bye bye! bye! good seeing you! ahh, shade. lovely. wiggling in a bean is great fun. wouldn't it be great if we had our own beans to jump in? if jumping in beans is what you love to do, thing 1 and thing 2 will bring them to you! (whistling) (gibberish) cool! our very own bean balls! only the jumpiest jumping bean balls ever! this is amazing! and awesome!
7:37 am
whoa! whoa! whoa! (laughing) whoa! wahh! woo-hoooo! hold onto your socks! this joint is jumping! woo hoo! (laughing) both: nobody bounces like cat! whoa! look! another bean! this is my friend miguel's bean! (echoing) yoo-hoo? miguel? strange, no one's at home. miguel: oh, cat! there! how nice to see you! miguel? is that you? what happened? you were a little larva the last time i saw you! i was? oh, yes, i was, when i lived in there and then i changed into...
7:38 am
this! a moth! so a moth larva turn into a moth. just like caterpillars turn into butterflies! well, isn't that the best surprise of all! such clever creatures. why, thank you, cat. (laughing) to the thingamajigger! bye! see ya! press the bigamaboodle, nick! (honk) a jumping bean has a surprise inside: a tiny moth larva who will eat, grow and hide! when it gets hot the larva will wiggle, and its hopping and jumping makes us... both: giggle! hi, mom! hi, kids. phew, i'm hungry. me too! mom, what's for lunch? oh, it's a surprise! another surprise!
7:39 am
i'll be right back with some milk. did i hear someone say "surprise"? i think it's our lunch. i bet we're having-- both: beans! moth larva beans?! nooo! no, cat, not moth larva beans, baked beans! nobody lives inside these beans... and they're delicious. oh. hey, i knew that. baked beans are, um... bean-utiful! (laughing) hi, kids! it's important to eat your vegetables, but which one of these is really a fruit? is it a cabbage, or is it a carrot, or is it a tomato? so, which of these foods is really a fruit? did you say that it's the tomato? a tomato has seeds inside, so that makes it a fruit!
7:40 am
did you get it this time? well, next time i'll stump you for sure. both: time to take a picture with our snaparama cameras! i'll take the picture. and i'll guess what it is. nick: it looks like a jump rope. a jump rope with stripes and scales. oh, it's a bunch of snakes, and they're all lying together! sally: that's right, nick! garter snakes huddle together to keep warm. but next time, i get to take the picture. (laughing) (cricket chirping) shhh, hear that, sally? where's that sound coming from, nick? i dunno. i think it's coming from over there! why are you whispering? (laughing)
7:41 am
it's the cat! the cat in the hat! whispering's okay for some, but not me. i'm proud to be loud! we're trying to hear where a sound is coming from. hmm. is it this sound? (ticking) no! (cricket chirping) listen! there it is again! where is it coming from? maybe here, there, or is it everywhere? who can tell? if we had better ears maybe we could find it. just so happens i know animals with amazing ears. ears that can hear amazingly well. can we meet them? oh, can we? your mother will not mind at all if you do! mom! can we go with the cat in the hat and meet animals with amazing ears? sally's mom: animals with amazing ears? wow, now i've heard everything. have fun, you two! we will! both: we can go! we can go! i know! i know!
7:42 am
to the thingamajigger! buckle up! flick the jiggermawhizzer! isn't this fun? ya-hoo! ♪ here we go, go, go go ♪ on an adventure ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go ♪ on an adventure. ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today ♪ ♪ we're off to meet creatures with ears that amaze ♪ ♪ and see how they use them in all sorts of ways ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go ♪ on an adventure ♪ go, go, go, go, go we are now arriving at dusty vusty velt.
7:43 am
no need to shout. we can hear you. (laughing) ♪ ears, ears ,ears, ears ♪ we're off to find amazing ears ♪ ♪ i wonder what ears they'll be ♪ ♪ we're off to find some ears ♪ ♪ whoopee we're visiting my friend effia. one of the great things about elephants is that they're so easy to find! i'm right behind you, cat. waahh! (laughing) sorry. did i surprise you? effia! i didn't hear you coming. hello, effia. hi! wait. did you hear that? no. it's my mom calling me to the water hole. it must be bath time! i can't hear her. she must be really far away. your ears are really big.
7:44 am
maybe that's why you can hear her so well. yeah! and the breeze blowing on my ears helps keep my whole body cool too if only we had ears like yours we could hear your mom too. well, i think i might just have some big ears around here. a-ha! try these on for size! (giggling) these are great. (elephant trumpeting) now can you hear her? both: we can! we can! we can hear sounds from a really long way away. that's great. (trumpeting) beat you to the water hole! i'll get there first! not before me. (laughing) ahh! oof! (laughing) oh, that's fun! i would have been first in the water hole if i hadn't tripped over my big ears.
7:45 am
i think your friends ears are too big for running, effia. they are great for hearing, but just too big for us. we need to find some different ears. but wait. you're much too muddy to sit in the thingamajigger! we need some mud cleaning work to be done. let's try a quick call to thing 2 and thing 1! (whistling) hello! (gibberish) (laughing) oh, i don't think we are going to need that. (laughing) wow! effia's mom cleaned us up just fine!
7:46 am
bye, effia. thanks for showing us your ears! bye! (trumpeting) goodbye everybody! to the thingamajigger! ♪ ears, ears ,ears, ears ♪ we're off to find amazing ears ♪ ♪ i wonder what ears they'll be ♪ ♪ we're off to find some ears ♪ ♪ whoopee welcome to grassy wassy. hoo hoo! all: aahh! oh! ollie, you made us jump! you grass owls fly so quietly. well, i certainly heard you coming way, way back. we're here to find some better ears. can you help us? sure thing! i can hear the tiniest sound not just with my ears
7:47 am
but with the help of my face! you hear with your face? not exactly, but-- wait. is it because of the shape of your face? it looks kinda like a bowl. my, how clever you both are. it does look a little like a cereal bowl, but without any cereal! don't know about that, but it sure is a great shape for hearing. both: why? how about we find out... with these. oh, it looks pretty! both: we're cool grass owls! okay, cat. how about you hide and make some quiet sounds and we'll try and find you. oh, i love hide-and-seek! (laughing) come and get me! both: found you! ahh! oh, my! how did you find me so easily? we could hear you. these bowl shapes really catch the sound.
7:48 am
they make everything sound louder! see! i'm not just a pretty face you know. well, isn't this the perfect way to hear? it's great but... we can't wear these all the time. and we don't have faces shaped like ollie. well, maybe there is another friend of mine who might have the answer. let's go! bye ollie. thanks for showing us how you hear. no problem. bye. ♪ ears, ears ,ears, ears ♪ we're off to find amazing ears ♪ ♪ i wonder what ears they'll be ♪ ♪ we're off to find some ears ♪ ♪ whoopee welcome to sandy wandy! who lives here, cat? me! aaahh! will everyone please stop doing that? wow you have amazing ears mr. fox.
7:49 am
yeah, neat huh? name's fergie, fergie the fennec fox. shh... did you hear that? huh? where? who? what? there. all those wiggly-squiggly bugs all scritch-scratching. yum! uh... i can't hear anything. oh, of course you can't. not with those tiny ears of yours. you need ears like mine! hmm... you know what? you can! with-- now where did i put those? oh! my super duper fergie fox ears. both: cool! whoa! there are so many sounds now! it's kinda hard to tell who's making which one. try turning your ears until one sound's the loudest!
7:50 am
it works! the other sounds are quieter. i hear someone digging! eek! eeek! (laughing) i hear marching feet. you got it! these are great ears. they sure are! no time to lose. gotta go. bugs are calling. both: bye! time to go home. we learned about hearing, now that was such fun. a good pair of ears will get the job done. whatever the shape, the position or size, each ear has it's very own special surprise! both: yeah! (cricket chirping) there's that sound again. i know! why don't we use our hands to make bigger ears!
7:51 am
and if we move our heads it will help us find where it is coming from. (cricket chirping) (louder chirping) we're getting closer. (laughing) hey, mr. cricket! nice chirpy-chirp sound! (laughing) i wonder what other great sounds are around? (cat laughing, drumming, playing triangle and horn) both: cat! (laughing) yay! welcome to hat chat. today, we're going to interview a rock crab. why are you called a rock crab anyway? is it because you eat rocks? i'm called a rock crab because i look a bit like these rocks. we like to blend in with the rocks and sand to keep safe, but i do eat things like plants, worms, shrimp... things i can find on the beach here.
7:52 am
hmm... i don't see any teeth. how do you chew your food? well, for starters, i use my claws to crunch up my food. then i have things in my stomach that are sort of like teeth to finish breaking the food into small bits. teeth? in your stomach? well, they're quite different than your teeth, but they do the same job! that's so cool. if you'll excuse me now, i really must find more food. and that was our interview with a rock crab. sally: 1...2...3...4! i can see 4 beaver homes. so exciting! ah-ha-ha! it's a little beaver city. that home's not finished. beaver: gangway! (grunting) can't stop! busy, busy! have to build a home that's the right size for me. that log is very long. (chomping)
7:53 am
i think that log is the right length to fill the gap. i don't! i think it's too long, and needs to be shorter. beaver: hi-yah! everyone: it fits! can we help the beaver build the rest of his home? you can help too, it's a fun thing to do. go to, 'cause the beavers need you. beaver city's the name of a fantastic game. remember this website. remember its name!! remember its name! announcer: labor day on pbs kids. hi, neighbor! one little idea... do something nice for your neighbor! is about to become one big celebration: neighbor day. neighbor day! we can do lots of neighborly things for our neighbors. announcer: don't miss this amazing musical event! ♪ you can do something nice for your neighbor ♪ thank you, daniel. it's neighbor day! announcer: it's neighbor day on "daniel tiger's neighborhood" monday, september 2nd on pbs kids or watch daniel any time at
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peg: "hello" vo: a girl named peg "of course!" (laughs) peg: "one hundred billion to one. it's like way more than ten!" vo: peg plus cat a new show coming this fall to pbs kids viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. hola! the cat in the hat sure knows a lot about that. hey. do you know the words for cat and hat in spanish? well, let's practice. in spanish, cat is gato. say it with me. gato! gato. and a spanish word for hat is sombrero. say it together. sombrero! sombrero! great job! you can have more fun with the cat in the hat at coming up next we'll go on a reading adventure
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♪ ♪ who answers the call for friends in need? ♪ ♪ super why! super why! ♪ he's the guy, he's super why ♪ ♪ who's got the power, the power to read? ♪ ♪ who looks into books for the answers we need? ♪ ♪ super why! super why! ♪ and the super readers, we're gonna fly ♪ ♪ come along with the super readers ♪ ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪ ♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪
7:59 am
♪ yeah super why! - hi! so glad you're here! it's me, whyatt! - woof! woof! - hi, puppy! welcome to storybrook village, where all our fairy tale friends live! - woof! woof! woof! [ring tone] - hey, our friends are playing at pig's house! wanna come play? great. let's go! - woof! woof! woof! ♪ woof! woof! woof! - come on!
8:00 am
whoa! pig, you built a whole dinosaur land! - yup! see, here are trees, this is a watering hole, and these are rocks for the dinosaurs to play on. - cool! - woof! woof, woof! - i'm being a torosaurus, see? i have horns on my head. roar! - i'm being a t-rex! i'm as big as three cars put together! roooar!! - roar! i'm a spinosaurus! see my pretty back? [laughing] - woof! - thanks, puppy! - woof! woof! - which dinosaur are you? - hmm... i don't know what kind of dinosaur this is. [they gasp] - how are we going to play if you don't know what kind of dinosaur you are? - uh-oh. i don't know what kind of dinosaur i am. this is a super big problem.
8:01 am
and a super big problem needs us, the super readers! we need to call the rest of the super readers! call them with me! say, "calling all super readers!" - [kids]: calling all super readers! - to the book club! - [kids]: to the book club! - come on, to the book club! ♪ whyatt here! - woof! woof! - p is for pig! - red riding hood rollin' in! - princess pea at your service! [sniffing] - and you, say your name!
8:02 am
great. we're all here. together we will solve my problem! let's go! ♪ [computer beeping] - ok, whyatt, state your problem. - well, everyone wants to play dinosaurs, but i don't know what kind of dinosaur i have. - that's tricky! - oh, no! - how can i find out what kind of dinosaur i'm playing with? - good question, whyatt. - and when we have a question, we look... - [all]: in a book! - which book should we look in? - peas and carrots, carrots and peas, book come out, please, please, please! [magical chiming] - let's read the title of this book. baby dino's big discovery.
8:03 am
we know what to do! we need jump into this book and find the answer to my question! first, we look for super letters. and then put them in our super duper...! super duper computer, how many super letters do we need? in this story, we need seven super letters! and then we'll get our super story answer! it's time to transform! ready? - [all]: ready! - come on, puppy! you're coming too! - woof! - super duper! arms in! put your arm in!
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super readers... - [all]: to the rescue! - alpha pig... with alphabet power! - wonder red... with word power! - princess presto... with spelling power! - super why... with the power to read! - and woofster... with dictionary power! - together we are... - [all]: the super readers! - whyflyers! we're ready to fly into this book! [magical chiming] - ♪ super readers - ♪ to the rescue!
8:05 am
- ♪ it's time to fly with the super readers ♪ ♪ 'cause we've got a problem to solve ♪ ♪ super readers - ♪ to the rescue! - ♪ super readers ♪ working together with powers to read ♪ ♪ into books we fly to find the super story answer ♪ ♪ it's super why ♪ super readers to the rescue! ♪ - presto! we're in the book baby dino's big discovery! - let's read! why writer... highlight! read with me! "once upon a time, a baby dinosaur hatched from an egg." - hi! hi! hi!
8:06 am
- "the baby dinosaur did not know where her mommy was." - i need to find my dinosaur mommy. - "the baby dinosaur needed to know what kind of dinosaur she was so she could find her mommy!" - but i don't know how to figure out what kind of dinosaur i am. - and that, super readers, is why we are in this book! baby dino and i both need to find out what kind of dinosaurs we are. - to the baby dino! [baby dino crying] - oh, dear! - aww, don't cry, baby dino. we're the super readers, and we're here to help! [woofster whining] - super readers, how will i figure out what kind of dinosaur i am?
8:07 am
- hmm, first we need to get you to where all the dinosaurs are. [baby dino gasps] - yes! yes! yes! - woof! woof! woof! - but, how can we find all the other dinosaurs? - alpha pig to the rescue! with my amazing alphabet tracker, we can follow the alphabet dinosaur footprints to find the dinosaurs! say the alphabet with me and follow the dinosaur footprints! what's the first letter of the alphabet? - [kids]: a! - a! let's follow the "a" path. a, b, c, d, e, f, g... [roar] ooh, i hear dinosaur roars!
8:08 am
which letter comes after g? - [kids]: h! - h! [roar] i hear the dinosaurs again. let's follow the h. i, j, k, l, m, n, o... which letter comes after o? - [kids]: p! - p! [roar] they sound really close! q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z! [roar] lickety letters! we followed the alphabet dinosaur footprints and found the dinosaurs! let's give ourselves a big thumbs up!
8:09 am
- wow! wow! wow! look at all of the dinosaurs! come on. - come on! - all right! - yay! - you see super letters? which ones? - [kids]: o! e! r! - o, e, r! let's put them in our super duper... - [whyatt and kids]: computer! - four more super letters and then we'll get our super story answer! super job, super readers! - look! look! look! there are so many kinds of dinosaurs. but how can i figure out which kind i am? - you probably need to look at one up close. but not me. nope.
8:10 am
- yes! yes! yes! oh, dinosaur! - ahh! - hi there! i'm stego. that's short for stegosaurus. - wow. you have lots of pointy things on your back! - they're called plates. [baby dino laughs] - i like your plates. - and i like your spiky tail! - well, thank you! - hey! hey! hey! maybe i'm a stegosaurus too! ooh, do i have plates on my back? do i? do i? do i? - [all]: no. - no? what about a spiky tail? huh, huh, huh? - [all]: no. - no plates. no spikes. hmm, i guess i'm not a stegosaurus. - no, don't think so.
8:11 am
bye, baby dino. bye, super readers. - bye! - see ya later! - you know what kind of dinosaur i am now? - what kind? - a hungry kind! hungry, hungry, hungry! [they laugh] - woof, woof! are you an herbivore, or a carnivore? - a what-ivore? what's that? - woofster to the rescue! with my doggie dictionary, i can tell you what any word means. "herbivore" means an animal that eats only plants, grass, and fruit. "herbivore." "carnivore" means an animal that eats only meat. "carnivore." now we know what it means! woof-de-doo! give your tail a wag! - hmm.
8:12 am
[sniffing] oh! [munching] mmm, mmm, mmm! i like plants! i'm an herbivore! i like pla-- uh-oh! mmm! [slurping] no! no! no! i'm hungry and i wanted to eat the plants, but they're all gone! humph! - wonder red to the rescue! with my wonder words basket, i can find another plant for baby dino to eat! this says "ant". i love ants! and i love "ant" words! it's time to rhyme! ♪ ant rant chant ♪ wonderific, you're terrific ♪ grant, pant, slant ♪ wonderific, you're terrific ♪ ant! we need another ant word.
8:13 am
what letter is this? - [kids]: p! - p. what sounds does p make? - [kids]: puh. - puh. and what's this letter? - [kids]: l! - l! what sound does l make? - [kids]: lll. - lll. now what sound do p and l make together? - [kids]: pl. - pl. and this part says "ant". pl-ant. pl-ant. what word is this? - [kids]: plant! - plant! [baby dino gasps] - a plant to eat! yum! yum! yum!
8:14 am
- wonderific, you are terrific! we changed the ant to plant and made food for baby dino! - you see more super letters? which ones did you find? - [kids]: b! v! - b, v! let's put them in our super duper... - [whyatt and kids]: computer! - two more super letters, and then we'll get our super story answer! right on, readers! - yum-my! but i still don't know what kind of dinosaur i am. - look, baby dino! another dinosaur! - ahhh! - i'm looking closely.
8:15 am
she's eating plants and trees. [baby dino gasps] she must be an herbivore! like me! hi there. i'm a torosaurus! - hi! hi! hi! you have one, two, three horns on your head! how many horns do i have on my head? - [all]: none. - no horns? good grief. i guess i'm not a torosaurus either. [heavy stomping] - [all]: whoa! - the ground is shaking - what's that dinosaur? he has big teeth! [t-rex roars] that's a t-rex! he's a carnivore, which means he eats meat, and that's... us! [they gasp] [t-rex roars] run! - hurry, hurry, hurry! hold on, alpha pig! - this is bumpy! [t-rex roaring]
8:16 am
- phew! safe and sound. thanks torosaurus! - don't mention it. [baby dino sighs] - i'll never figure out what kind of dinosaur i am. [crying] - oh, yes you will, baby dino. - no i won't. all i know is that i have a long tail. see? that's all it says in my story. "baby dino has a long tail." i need to know more! what can i do? - super why to the rescue! with the power to read, i can change this story and save the day! we know that baby dino has a long tail. but we need more information so we can find out what kind of dinosaur she is. let's use the word "and" to add more about baby dino
8:17 am
to the sentence. zap! why writer, write! now, what else do we know about baby dino? does baby dino have a long neck, three horns, or a bony back? - [kids]: a long neck! - she has a long neck! let's add that to our sentence! zzzap! hmm, we need more information about baby dino to know which kind of dinosaur she is. let's add to the sentence. why writer, write! what does baby dino do? she eats plants, eats meat, or eats oatmeal?
8:18 am
- [kids]: eat plants! - she eats plants! which are the words "eats plants"? "plants" starts with a p. - [kids]: there! - there! zzzap! zap! let's read. "baby dino has a long tail and a long neck and eats plants." [baby dino gasps] - hey! i have a long tail and a long neck, and i eat plants. i look just like that dinosaur over there! are you my mommy? - yes, i'm your mommy. and you belong with me! i'm a brachiosaurus. and so are you! [baby dino laughs] i'm sorry i had to leave you.
8:19 am
i went to go get you some yummy plants. - thanks, mommy! - super job, super readers! we changed the story and saved the day! you see more super letters? what letters did you find? - [kids]: s! e! - whoa! dinosaur-sized s, e! let's put them in our super duper... - [whyatt and kids]: computer! - we found all of our super letters! now we can get our super story answer! - bye, super readers! - bye! - woof, woof, woof!
8:20 am
- whyflyers! back to the book club! come on, woofster! - woof! - ♪ we found the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why [magical chiming] [computer beeping] - super duper computer, give us our super story answer! read the letters with me! o-b-s-e-r-v-e. observe. the super story answer is "observe". [fireworks] but why? - because baby dino had to look at the other dinosaurs
8:21 am
very closely. - she had to observe them. - and that helped her figure out what kind of dinosaur she was! - so my question is: how can i find out what kind of dinosaur i have? - and your answer is: - [all]: observe! - i get it! let's go! ok, let me look closely and observe this dinosaur. does he have horns on his head? - nope. no horns. - so he's not a torosaurus. hmm, well, does he have big teeth? - nope, no big teeth. phew! - so he's not a t-rex. but he does have plates on his back and a spiky tail. i know what he is! this dinosaur is a... - [all]: stegosaurus!
8:22 am
- now we can play dinosaurs together! hello, new dinosaur. who are you? - roar! i'm stegosaurus! and i need some plants to eat! yum, yum, yum. - not me! i'm a carnivore! i eat you! roar! - ahhh! - woof! woof! [laughing] - hip, hip, hurray! the super readers save the day! - ♪ hip hip hurray - ♪ hurray! - ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ we changed the story ♪ we solved the problem ♪ we worked together so hip hip hurray! ♪ ♪ hip hip hurray - ♪ hurray! - ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ hip hip hurray - ♪ hurray! - ♪ the super readers save the day! ♪
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hi. it's me--coach hooper-- and i've got my special whistle, which means it's time to get up and exercise! [car horn] wow! it's also time to get a new whistle. ok, now, let's get moving because today, we're going to exercise like astronauts. ♪ blast into space ♪ jump up and blast ♪ towards the moon ♪ see you soon ♪ now float in space ♪ you're weightless ♪ hey, there's venus ♪ there's mars
8:27 am
♪ woo hoo! ♪ float on ♪ and bounce on the moon ♪ there's lots of room, so bounce ♪ ♪ up and down ♪ you've got it, just bounce awesome job! and if you want to try out more exercises with me, just visit anytime you want. see you soon! >> hello, folks. it's me, the conductor. today, we're going to meet one of the oldest birds we know. it's called an archaeopteryx. so come on along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard! was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from...aur tra♪ [whistle blows] >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ once upon a time there was a mom her name was mrs. pteranodon sitting on her nest she heard a scratching and said... ♪ >> oh, boy! my eggs are hatching! >> ♪ one by one her kids popped free baby pteranodons 1, 2, 3 ♪
8:28 am
>> i'll name you tiny, shiny, and don. >> ♪ but tiny said... >> wait! there's one more, mom! >> ♪ last little baby was a different size with teeth and a tail and big green eyes he didn't look anything like the rest ♪ >> what am i doing in a pteranodon nest? >> ♪ but dear, old mrs. pteranodon said... ♪ >> oh, this is your family, and i'm your mom. you may be different, but we're all creatures. all dinosaurs have different features. come on, buddy. we'll take a vacation. i'll get us a ticket at pteranodon station. we'll travel the world in sunshine and rain and meet all the species on the... >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ we're gonna ride >> ♪ ride, ride, ride, ride [whistle blows] >> ♪ the dinosaur train [roaring] [captioning made possible by the jim henson company] >> [squawks] hurry, mom. we don't want to miss the dinosaur train. we told petey peteinosaurus we'd meet him on-board for a play date. [train whistle blows]
8:29 am
>> hey! hey! >> hey, there he is! >> hello, pteranodon family. >> hey! buddy and tiny! >> hi, petey! >> made it! triassic-tastic! >> hello, mr. conductor. >> ha ha ha ha! all aboard! >> and on my way here, i saw all kinds of birds. tons of birds, and they all had wings and a beak, just like you and me, tiny. >> cool! >> ♪ i have wings and a beak yeah! i have wings and a beak yeah! ♪ >> ♪ we can glide and fly yeah! eat bugs passing by yeah! ♪ >> come on, buddy. join our conga line. >> um, but i don't have wings or a beak. >> but you're a bird's best friend. >> and you have those super chomping teeth and a big, swooshy tail. >> hmm. i do. >> ♪ my teeth chomp and chew, yeah! check my tail out, too, yeah! ♪ ha ha ha ha! i'm really glad i'm a dinosaur, but i bet it's fun to be a bird. >> not to be a nosy nellie, but if you kids like birds, have
8:30 am
you ever heard of an archaeopteryx? >> ooh! i have! it's jurassic-tastic! >> jurassic-tastic? >> it's from the jurassic, and it's one of the first birds there is. in fact, archaeopteryx means "old wing." >> "old wing"? >> you mean it's really old? >> uh, it's--well, not necessarily. it's just called that because it's one of the earliest known birds. >> hmm! wings, beak, feathers. yep, looks like a bird to me. >> i have a hypothesis. since it's a bird, i think archaeopteryx live in a nest, just like me and tiny. >> and i bet archaeopteryx can fly all around, just like me and petey. >> one way to find out. the train's making a stop at archaeopteryx lagoon. that's where arlene archaeopteryx lives. >> really? >> [humming a tune] >> can we visit her, mom? >> please? >> pretty please with beetles on top? >> [squawks] we can certainly stop and try
8:31 am
to visit her. >> hooray! >> and just in time. time tunnel! time tunnel approaching! [bell ringing] next stop, archaeopteryx lagoon station in the jurassic time period. bye! say hello to arlene archaeopteryx for me! >> we will! >> hello? arlene archaeopteryx? >> come out, come out, wherever you are. >> hmm. maybe mrs. archaeopteryx doesn't want to be bothered. i mean, we don't know her, and she doesn't know we're coming here. >> and what if she's really old? >> tiny, archaeopteryx may mean "old wing," but it doesn't mean arlene is old. >> yeah, but she might be. i wonder if she's nice. maybe she'll at least watch us do things, like play or sing. >> well, you can certainly try.
8:32 am
she may not like singing. >> [german accent] i love songs. i have sung for years and years and yeeeears! woo hoo hoo hoo hoo! >> [squawks] are you arlene? i mean, mrs. archaeopteryx? >> oh, pooh on being so formal. you had it right the first time. call me arlene. and you are 4 of the luckiest youngsters i ever seen. >> ha ha ha! >> 4? but there's just me, petey. >> and me, buddy. >> and me, tiny pteranodon. and she's not a youngster. she's our mom. >> to me, she's a spring chicken. actually, a spring pteranodon. >> oh, ha ha! [squawks] why, thank you, arlene. >> so, what brings your smiling faces to archaeopteryx lagoon? surely you are not just here to see me. >> we are here to see you. >> we heard a lot about you, like your name means "old wing" and that you're one of the first birds.
8:33 am
>> aren't you the smart one! it does mean "old wing," and it's true my species is one of the first birds. well, i do happen to be older, so these wings of mine are pretty old, too. but they still flap up a good breeze, yes? ha ha ha! >> [all laughing] >> yeah, it's pretty exciting to meet a bird from the jurassic. >> oh, not just any bird. remember, i am one of the first birds ever. but you think that stops me from doing everything you kids can do? >> no. >> exactly. so you came here to learn about this first bird, right? why don't you come and see my home? and we can all have a snack together. with this young lady's permission, of course. >> oh. [giggles] >> can we, please? >> we would love to. thank you. > oh, wunderbar. oh, it's so good to have visitors. this way, everyone!
8:34 am
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! >> arlene doesn't seem very old at all. >> you're right, buddy. >> arlene is really fun. >> she's the coolest. i bet she knows even more flying tricks than i do. >> and i bet her nest is amazing. i can't wait to see it. >> [all giggling] >> willkommen. we are here. >> where's your nest? >> oh, i'm afraid i have to disappoint you. i don't live in a nest. >> what? you don't? >> i guess my hypothesis was wrong. >> but i'm sorry about your hypothesis, buddy. >> it's ok. >> yeah, don't worry. buddy's hypotheses aren't always right. >> yeah. >> but, arlene, if you don't live in a nest, where do you live? >> wait! you live in a tree? >> whoa! >> ha ha ha ha! >> score! you live in a tree, and i do, too. that is such a great, birdacious place to live. >> oh, ha ha ha! oh, you're so funny, petey. oh, you are one
8:35 am
funny young bird. "birdacious!" oh, i like it! ha ha ha! >> thanks. so, can we see your home? >> yeah. let's fly up and see it. >> hi. >> um, it's a little hard for me. i don't have wings to fly up there. >> wings, schmings. you've got lots of other things going for you, buddy. what does a big, strong, smart, handsome t-rex like you need wings for? oh, nothing. >> well, to fly up to your nest. >> you think wings are all that you need for that? watch this. are you ready for me? >> yes! >> come fly with us! >> here goes. >> what happened? >> did you change your mind about flying? >> no. that was me flying. >> really? >> ha ha ha! >> oh. is it because you've been flying a long time and
8:36 am
maybe your wings are tired? >> ha ha ha! you mean because i'm old. >> well... >> no, i don't fly well because no archaeopteryx does. remember, birds are part dinosaur, and i am more dinosaur than bird in some ways. >> you are? but you have wings like tiny and petey. >> yes, but my bird wings have feathers. >> you're right. our wings don't look the same. >> has anyone noticed my tail? >> it's kind of like yours, buddy. >> yeah. arlene has a dinosaur tail. do you have teeth, arlene? >> a full set of them. ah! >> [all laughing] >> wow, arlene. you're the perfect combination of bird and dinosaur. >> and you are perfectly delightful for saying so. now, does everyone still want to see my home? >> yes! >> um... >> i'll fly you up, buddy. >> thanks, mom.
8:37 am
whoa! it's great up here. >> it works for me. it's comfortable, and i have a perfect view of any predators who might be coming. >> this is a lot like where i live! i love having a view! >> and i can easily spot the thing i most like to eat. >> meat? >> fish? >> plants? >> yeah, plants are yummy, but that's not my favorite food. my favorite thing to snack on is flying by in the air right now. >> ooh! i know! bugs! >> exactly. >> i love bugs, too. >> ooh! look! incoming! >> let's get 'em! >> ah! ah! >> jurassic-tastic. >> hoo hoo hoo! so, what do you kids like to eat? >> fish, fish, and fish. >> meat for me. our whole family eats together in a nest. >> oh, your nest sounds wonderful. >> it's close to a big pond. we
8:38 am
catch fish and play games and camp out. >> oh! what fun! >> but you know what i like to do the very most, arlene? ride the dinosaur train. >> we all do! >> ooh, that does sound like an adventure. one day i would like to take a ride. [train whistle blows] >> [squawks] speaking of which, there's the train now. sorry, arlene. we have to go, but it was wonderful to meet you. >> oh, and you, too, mrs. pteranodon. oh, buddy, tiny, and petey, your visit was such a treat. i will always remember it. my own kids, they live so far away. i will tell you what, you come back anytime, ok? >> and maybe sometime you could come to pteranodon terrace. you'lleally like our nest. >> there's lots of bugs flying around for snacks. >> i'm already looking forward to it. now, ok, run along or fly along, but don't miss your ride. oh, big hugs!
8:39 am
>> bye, arlene! >> pleased to meet you! >> thanks for the snacks! >> bye! auf wiedersehen! see you soon! [squawks] >> i'm arlene, and i have... >> teeth! >> i'm arlene. i can sort of... >> fly! >> i'm arlene, and i have a... >> tail! >> and i walk on two... >> feet! >> that means i'm an... >> archaeopteryx! >> ha ha ha! >> yeah! a dinosaur and a bird. >> ok! everyone do the arlene! ♪ da da da da da da da! da da da da da da! ♪ >>all laughing] >> hi there. i'm dr. scott, the paleontologist, and this is archaeopteryx. >> archaeopteryx. >> archaeopteryx. >> archaeopteryx. >> that's right. now what does
8:40 am
the archaeopteryx look like to you? >> it's a bird. >> in fact, scientists like me think that this animal was one of the first birds ever. >> was it that big? >> no, it wasn't as big as this. in fact, it was a lot smaller. smaller. smaller. perfect. archaeopteryx was about the size of a raven. it had lots of bird features like feathered wings, but it also had many dinosaur features like teeth, a long bony tail, and a big claw on its toe. >> [squawking] >> so, was arceopteryx a bird or a dinosaur? >> a bird. >> it's a dinosaur. >> believe it or not, you're both right. archaeopteryx is a bird and a dinosaur because all birds are part of the dinosaur family. that's right. all birds are dinosaurs. so, the next time you see a chicken, a seagull, or even a hummingbird,
8:41 am
remember, you're looking at a dinosaur. pretty cool, huh? ok. keep watching for more dinosaur discoveries. the biggest dinosaur in fact, i'm kind of tiny i don't have teeth or scary claws but it doesn't make me whiny whenever i meet someone new i march right up and what i do is say "hello there, nice to meet you, my name is tiny" i've met a lot of dinosaurs and some of them were scary and when i stand right next to them i'm kind of ordinary but if i'm friendly they are, too and then i say "it's nice to meet you" then they say, "well, hey, the same to you it's nice to meet you, tiny" ♪ >> hello, folks. it's me, the conductor. ever wonder what shiny and don do at home when buddy and tiny go on the dinosaur train? well, today we're going to find out. so come on along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard!
8:42 am
>> ready, shiny? >> [squawks] yeah. >> [grunts] >> i got it. >> yeah! awesome! >> see, tiny? twigs and mud. that's all you need to repair a nest. now, uh, no one will know that i tripped and fell into it by accident, right? >> [giggles] right, dad. >> [humming a tune] one velociraptor feather, two t-rex teeth, 3 old egg shells. [sniffs] phew! >> [squawks] buddy! tiny! it's almost time to go. you have a play date. >> yeah. we're meeting ned brachiosaurus on the dinosaur train. >> to play junior conductors. you guys will come with us, right? it's going to be so much fun. >> oh, i don't know. i think i'd rather stay around the nest with dad. >> i want to look around the nest for more cool things for my collection.
8:43 am
>> but, don, you could look for things on the train. >> yeah, i guess, but i'll just stay here with shiny. >> hmm. i hear there's fish balls on the snack cart today. >> and ned said he'd let us ride on his neck. >> i bet the engineer would let us blow the whistle. >> that sounds like fun. but can't we do all that another day? >> all right. you two have a great time on the train. we want to hear all your stories when you get back. >> [squawks] ok. have fun here. >> oh, i bet we will. >> bye. >> when we get back, we can all play toss 'n' catch. bye! >> so, what do we explore today? [hums a tune] >> let's find someplace new so i can get more shiny things. >> how about...mmm, here? >> that cave? caves are boring. we should go someplace else. >> but we've never been in there. it's somewhere new. >> but it's a cave.
8:44 am
>> a cave is just a hole on its side. >> so, team pteranodon, what adventure are we thinking about for today? >> we're exploring a cave. >> we're thinking about exploring a cave. >> oh. then i'll think about it, too. ok, let's do it! ha ha! you see that? i "caved" in to exploring the cave. ha ha! >> [both laugh] >> yeah. ok, team. let's head to the cliff and check out that cave. >> yeah. >> oh, boy. [squawks] >> i bet i'll find amazing things in the cave for my collection--some old teeth or fossil bones or maybe a whole skeleton. >> [gulps] >> maybe the cave is a secret hideout for a brand-new animal we've never even seen before. an animal with big teeth and claws and-- >> and one that probably doesn't want us bothering it. can we just go explore the beach?
8:45 am
>> you know, shiny, you might like the inside of this cave. caves have all kinds of surprising things in them. >> like...surprise shiny things? >> oh, yes, sometimes. i say we keep our eyes peeled and our beaks bright. >> hmm. >> what? >> ahem. that means "pay attention." heh heh heh! so? caving? huh? huh? >> yeah! >> [gulps] caving! go, team! yay! >> you can do it, shiny. just take a deep breath before we go into the cave. >> ok, dad. [inhales deeply] >> good. let's explore! >> [sighs] >> this is so cool! ["cool" echoing] >> wow. there's an echo. >> i know. what a great cave! ["cave" echoing] [water dripping] >> eek! what's that?
8:46 am
>> hmm. not sure. um... >> let's see. oh! here it is. it's just water. dad? shiny? don't be nervous. it was just dripping water. >> n-n-nervous? why, i wasn't nervous. i--i just didn't see anything shiny in there. >> and i was just checking on your sister. uh, you good, tiny? >> [laughs nervously] >> she's good. >> but we have to explore. there could be lots of things in the cave. shiny things. we barely went in. come on. let's look some more. >> deep breath. >> [inhales deeply] >> [humming] >> [low squawking] >> what's that? >> [gasps] what's what? >> [squawking continues] >> aah! what is it? is it a monster? >> shiny, it's not a monster. it's just a bird. look. >> yeah. you're one of those big pond birds. i've seen you before. you're en--you're enantiornithine, right? >> yes. an enantiornithine who
8:47 am
is trying to get some sleep, so, could you stop with the screaming? >> screaming? >> yeah. i wasn't screaming. i was singing. ♪ aaah >> don't you mean ♪ la la looo? >> [squawks] intereing. ha! ok. i'm out of here. bye-bye! >> [sighs] ok. so we found a bird. can we go now? >> nah. i want to keep exploring. can't we, dad? please? >> well, i say we just sit and think about this for a minute. whoa! >> [both laughing] >> sorry, dad. are you ok? >> yeah, i'm fine, but i'm going to have a word with this rock, that's for sure. ha ha! hey, kids, look at this. >> wow. that rock is red. >> really red. and it's shiny.
8:48 am
>> why, it sure is. actually, shiny, this is called a mineral. >> a mineral? but it looks like some kind of rock. >> well, team, a mineral is a solid piece that comes from the earth and is made up of the same material all the way through. and a rock is made from a bunch of different kinds of minerals. >> oh! i get it. >> so this mineral is a ruby. the whole thing is a ruby, and that's why it's called ruby red. >> are all minerals shiny and red? >> well, some more than others, but they come in all kinds of colors. >> purple? blue? green? >> yes, yes, and yes, don. diamonds, another mineral, are very clear, and they also come in green, purple, yellow, red, a whole rainbow of colors. >> a rainbow of shiny colors? really? >> better believe it. diamonds sparkle more than most minerals, or that's what i'm told. i've never actually
8:49 am
found one myself. >> then what are we waiting for? let's explore this cave and find these minerals, maybe even some diamonds. >> so now you want to be in the cave? >> i do. i really do. just maybe you and dad can lead the way. >> [all humming a tune] >> hey, i wonder what's up there. woo hoo! >> don! hello! where'd you go? don? >> huh? >> there you are, son. don't disappear like that. we have to stay together. >> oh. sorry, dad. >> good. everybody's here. quite an adventure, huh? >> yeah. it's a little too dark right here. can we try to get out of the cave now? >> sure. good plan, shiny. ok. let's see. we came into the-- >> i see light. >> huh. well, me, too, don. >> come on. follow me. >> we'll be in the daylight in no time, shiny. >> cool! >> [gasps] hey, the lights are all twinkly.
8:50 am
>> wow! >> it's really hard. >> but it's so shiny and beautiful. are these those minerals you said were the shiniest? >> yeah! are these those diamond things? >> you know what? i think they are. heh! ta-da! >> ooh! >> now that is one impressively shiny mineral. hey, kids, let's take this and see how it shines outside. >> i like that idea a lot, dad. look. the minerals are sparklier than ever out here. oh! and i can see myself in all of them. [squawks] >> see? it was fun exploring in the cave. you were nervous, but you made it through. ♪ la la loo! >> nervous? i wasn't--ok, maybe
8:51 am
i was a little nervous, but you did a great job leading us out, don. thanks. >> shiny's right. heh! i am pteranodon proud of both of you. >> i'm proud to have a dad who knows so much about minerals. >> well, the reason i know so much about them is when i was a kid, i loved shiny things, like minerals, just like you, shiny. >> [giggles] >> and i liked collecting things when i was a kid, too. >> collecting things? that's like me. >> yep. you're right, don. >> hmm. [train whistle blows] >> [gasps] the dinosaur train. mom and tiny anduddy will be home soon. >> ok, kids. let's get back to the nest to meet them. >> [squawks] >> here, don. you can have this ruby for your colltion. >> really? thanks, shiny. >> all those minerals back in the cave were so amazing. one day, we should show them to tiny and buddy. >> yeah. i bet they'd like them.
8:52 am
>> too bad we didn't bring home one of those diamonds. >> hey, shiny. hey, don. oh, you guys missed the best trip. >> yeah. we played junior conductor with ned, and we even got to toot the whistle. i wish you guys could have been there with us. >> hmm. sounds fun. >> how was it staying home? >> good. >> and fun. >> yeah, you know, a little of this, a little of that. >> this and that? >> we did look at some minerals. >> which we found in a cave. >> minerals? will you tell us about them? >> wait. first, remember we're going to play toss and catch? >> yeah! let's play! whoo! yeah! over here! catch me over here! [giggling] >> [gasps] >> [both giggling] >> [squawks] hey! wait up! [giggles] >> hi. i'm dr. scott, the paleontologist. what do you think these are? >> they're rocks.
8:53 am
>> good guess, but these are a little different. they're called minerals. rocks are actually made of minerals. most minerals form way down deep, below the surface of the earth, where it's very hot. and many minerals that we find today were around before the dinosaurs. >> ooh >> when these shiny minerals are first discovered, they're often rough and dirty, sometimes looking like broken glass. but once they're carefully cut and polished, well, they look... >> beautiful. >> so, whenever you see a beautiful, polished mineral, like a diamond or a ruby, think about how it formed deep within the earth long ago, maybe even before the time of the dinosaurs. all right. remember, get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries. get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries. >> did you know that announcer: labor day get on pbs kids. into nature, and make your own discoveries. >> did yhi, neighbor! one little idea... do something nice for your neighbor! is about to become one big celebration: neighbor day.
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