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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  March 22, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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(male singer) ♪ there's 104 days of summer vacation ♪ then school comes along just to end it ♪ so the annual problem for our generation ♪ is finding a good way to spend it ♪ like maybe... ♪ building a rocket ♪ or fighting a mummy ♪ or climbing up the eiffel tower ♪ discovering something that doesn't exist hey! ♪ or giving a monkey a shower ♪ surfing tidal waves creating nano-bots ♪ or locating frankenstein's brain it's over here! ♪ finding a dodo bird ♪ painting a continent ♪ or driving our sister insane phineas! ♪ as you can see, there's a whole lot of stuff to do ♪ before school starts this fall come on, perry! ♪ so stick with us ♪ 'cause phineas and ferb are gonna do it all ♪ so stick with us
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♪ 'cause phineas and ferb are gonna do it all! ♪ mom! phineas and ferb are making a title sequence! (man) ...and that is why the 18th century sewing thimble is not only a slice of history but a compelling example of american grit and perseverance. hmm? hmm? hmm? yes? great, dad! oh! that was wonder... (fake snoring) mom! oh, i'm kidding! hon, your speech is gonna be a big hit at the antique thimble symposium. it's gonna knock 'em dead. which we're gonna be late for if we don't get on the road! thanks again for looking after the kids today. candace is skating at the park all numbers are on the fridge... be good for your grandparents, boys! bye! you wanna go down and embarrass your sister at the park? yeah. yeah. (girl) you got it, candace! you may be rusty but you got it! uh... i can't turn around... or stop... but i got it! i wonder if jeremy's skating here today? does this helmet make my butt look big? see, i told you ferb was a good skater.
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oh! that's my boy! hey, isn't that your family? yoo hoo! hello! hey, candace, jump in. i am so not with them. turn me around, stacy. so, grandma, where'd you get the moves? well, boys... i was quite the skater in my... (thud) watch where you're - (gasps) betty joe? of the tri-state bombers? hildegard? of the saskatoon slashers? i thought i smelled the last of you back in '57, when i whipped your sorry behind, took the trophy and became the rightful queen of the derby! whoa, grandma, you were in the roller-skating derby? not only was i in it i was champ! it was years ago... the night of the final match between the bombers and the slashers. we were on our final lap. what was left of my team used our signature move "the whip" to send me to the finish line. hildegard's team had the same idea. the trophy was mine until...
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(punch/audience cheers) you only won 'cause you cheated! "anything goes," remember? well, what do ya say we try it again, cheater?! anytime, anywhere. you skate like a water buffalo! hi, jeremy. uh, candace, why is my grandma telling at your grandma? that's your grandmother?! come on, jeremy! you and your little sister are on my team! suzy! yes, grandma. me, you and jeremy are a team, got it?! so i need two of you kids on my team, ok? well you can have phineas and ferb, grandma. i'm not - (suzy) but that's not fair, candace. our team has two girls and one boy, so you need to be on your grandma's team so it's fair. cause it's not fair if it's two boys and one girl against two girls and one boy, so you have to skate, candace, or else it won't be fair. then it's you, ferb and grandma! you'll make a great team! but - i guess it's set, then. we gotta do it for our grandmas, right, candace? yeah, ha-ha. right. psst. see you on the track, chump!
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yeah, great. hey, wait! there's nowhere to have a roller-skating derby, remember? the old derby track got torn down and turned into a tattoo parlor! leave the rink to us! (whistling) hmm. nice entrance, agent p, but you do realize there's an elevator right over there, right? ok just pointing it out. doofenshmirtz is up to something. i want you to get out there and put a stop to it! i can't be a part of this race. i mean, what if we win? would jeremy still like me? all i know for sure is boys hate to be beaten by girls. there you are, hon. know where your dad keeps his glue gun? glue gun? what are they up to? later, stace.
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i knew it! i just knew you'd be up to something by now! et tu grandpa? oh, i just had one. there's more if you want. oh, just wait until mom hears about this. (grandma) heads up! oof! lace 'em up tight, dearie. we've got a score to settle. win! win! win! (growling) yeah. oh, yeah. will you cool it with the noise, perry the platypus? i've got a splitting headache. i was at this evil mixer until late last night. it was crazy. ach. can you hang out for just one moment? i'm almost there. hold on. ow! oh, i've got to get a quieter trap. (grunts) now that you're trapped, i will tell you my evil plan. i'm miserable because i can't grow facial hair. it all started when i was about 15. (flashback music) oh. don't make a note. my head hurts too much for a flashback. anyway, i've tried everything to grow facial hair. it's all so painful.
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i hate people with beards. etc, etc. so, who do they erect a statue of right next door? rutherford b. hayes, our 19th president! only the president with the best facial hair of all! just look at that thing. there's no beard like 19th century beard perry the platypus. anyway, that horrible statue must be destroyed as it is a constant reminder of my follicular failure! ooh. give me just a moment, perry. this hurts me more than it hurts you. literally. ...and then on the final lap we'll use "the whip" to launch the weak skater - no offense, honey, but that's you - over the finish line to victory! (stacy) all i know for sure is boys hate to be beaten by girls. candace, have you no mercy? (sobbing) come on, grandma let's go home. and remember, honey, show 'em no mercy! what am i going to do? i can't beat jeremy's grandmother. and i can't let my grandmother lose. (phineas over intercom) skaters to their marks.
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oh, great. maybe i'll get lucky and get hit by a bus. (over intercom) hello, everyone, and welcome to today's main event. the "anything goes" grudge race of the century between grandma betty joe and grandma hildegard. i'm phineas flynn and i'll be your announcer for today's action along with our color commentator, grandpa clyde. yellow! green! blue! excellent color, grandpa! glad to oblige. and now, let's rock and roller-skate derby! remember kids, two words - road kill! come on, honey. we got butt to kick! (siren) (phineas) and they're off! ♪ when betty gets loose everybody get out of the way ♪ round and round that ring of fun! ♪ 'cause she's lacing her boots up at 4 a.m. today ♪ round and round that ring of fun! ♪ grudge match grannies you got nothing to lose ♪ grey-haired lightning wearing knee pads and boots ♪ cruisin' for a bruisin' ♪ and you know they got a real short fuse!
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♪ and they go ♪ round and round that ring of fun! ♪ round and round that ring of fun! ♪ grudge match grannies gonna get things done ♪ going round and round that ring of fun! (applause) (both) yeah! and we're back. grandpa? orange! purple! chartreuse! so, perry the platypus in order to rid myself of that horrid, bearded statue, i've invented the... (groans) ugh. perry the platypus, this is so heavy. can you just step out for a sec? i've invented the bread-inator! not only will this machine emit a ray that will turn mr. president into whole-grain bread it will also release a flock of hungry magpies that will devour the doughy statue! beard go bye-bye. ha-ha-ha-ha! ow. ow. oh, my evil head. we're coming to the end of the race. the crowd is going nuts.
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come on, candace time for "the whip"! ok, 1, 2, 3! (candace screams) (suzy) go catch her, jeremy. it's candace and jeremy neck and neck as they come down the strait. i don't think so. (beep) (engine revs) (yells/thunk) wow. candace, you've got to teach me how to skate like that. (beep/engine revs) oh, wait! candace and jeremy are back in the race but they're going the wrong way! and now, suzy is going the wrong way too! at least ferb's still going the right way. spoke too soon. don't even think about any rough stuff this time, sister, or i'll kick your fat - and it's betty joe pulling away! it's grandma hildegard coming up on the shoulder. and by shoulder i mean betty joe's shoulder. get off of me! i can't see! it's grandma betty! it's hildegard! it's betty! it's hildegard! it's a tie! a tie? oh, betty joe ain't gonna like that. well, at least i won this race.
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you won? you're crazy! i obviously crossed the finish line first! wrong! and get off cheater. grandma, that was really fun! i thought it'd be lame and i'd hate it but i had fun! how about you, hilda? did you have fun? yeah, i did. maybe it ain't so important who won but that we had fun with the kids. yeah, maybe it ain't important but just for the record, i won. you mean, even though you lost, it's having fun that's important! who are you callin' a loser, cheater? who you callin' a cheater, loser? that's it! race ya to the rutherford b. hayes statue! go! (sighs) perry the platypus my head is killing me. this is all a wash anyway. i'll turn on the ray and you'll turn off the ray, thwarting my plan. let's just get it over with, all right? ray on. ray off. good. (♪ perry) i'm just going to lie down for a bit. i promise i'll be more evil next time, all right?
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all right, all right we've had our kicks, but mom's still gonna flip when she sees this. (car door slams) that's her car. you are so busted. mom, come on, come on! the boys built a giant boomerang in the back yard! uhh... giant loaf of bread? unh-unh-unh. mom! mom! the boys built a giant loaf of bread in the backyard! (mom) what? i thought you said it was a roller rink? it was, but now it's a loaf of bread! come on, come on! see? candace, what are you talking about? b-b-bread. boys, i think she's finally lost it. hey, dad how'd your speech go? well, i have to say it was "thimbly" wonderful. hey, what's this thing do? (engines revs) wha..? (screams) hey, guys, candace around? good catch jeremy. hee-hee. he sure is.
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(alarm buzzes) beat you to it again slow poke. ha-ha-ha! hey, ferb, ready to build the fastest, safest, most on-time backyard railroad ever? all right! you man the boiler i'll handle the brakes. perry can be the station's mascot. (growls) wow. it's really nice out today.
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it's almost like everything in nature is simultaneously saying... aaaahhhh! aaaahhhh! aaaahhhh! aaaah! ahhh! you know, ferb, everyday we do something really big. but you know the one thing we haven't done? relax. i say we take advantage of this perfect day and have the best do-nothing day ever! hey, stacy. yes, yes. i'm ready for jeremy's band's outdoor concert at the summer festival! today's gonna be amazing! (ticks) (sniffs) all right, what gives? it's already 9:00 and there's no construction noise, no delivery trucks, no... (bird chirping) no nothing? they're just standing there. like statues. statues... good thinking, ferb. we'll put these decoys up so candace thinks we're doing nothing. then when candace isn't looking, we'll do something! (wicked laughter) (gasps) not today they don't. hi, boys, whatcha doing? we're doing nothing today.
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well, i'm off to the festival to set up my tea cozy stand. bye! bye, mom. hey, where's perry? (♪ dance/sound of record scratching) oh, hey, agent p. karl, give me a close-up! so, uh, anyway... stop doofenshmirtz! hit it, karl! (♪ dance) hi, candace. i'm not here for "hi's." today is a pivotal moment in my life. you see, jeremy's band is gonna play at the festival. jeremy's gonna see me in the crowd. not just because i have front row seats but because i'm gonna be cheering harder than anyone else. like this. whoo! yeah! whoo! baby! oh, yeah, sing it! then we're gonna date through high school and college, marry and have two kids. xavier and amanda. so don't you dare ruin it with one of your little project thingies! no problem, candace. 'cause today we're doing nothing anyway. and don't try to give me... did you say "nothing?" nothing. (gasps) nothing?
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nothing. standing is something. hmph. well, you can't do nothing forever and when you stop doing nothing, i'll start doing something and that something will be busting you! look at them plotting my downfall. (dials phone) (phone rings) hello? mom! phineas and ferb are doing nothing! nothing! in a relentless effort to ruin my day! candace, honey, why can't you just relax and let your brothers enjoy their do-nothing day? could it really be possible? could phineas and ferb actually be doing nothing? you're right, mom. i should just try and relax until stacy picks me up for the concert. exactly! love ya. well, if they really are doing nothing, i guess i've got some time to go about my personal business. let's see... what do i usually do? i know, i'll call stacy and tell her how i'm busting phineas and ferb for... oh, yeah, can't do that 'cause they're not doing anything. wait a minute! i know. i'll put this camera in just the right spot so when phineas and ferb... ugh!
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and then when phineas and ferb walk by i'll... ohh! well, if there's one thing i know, i'm gonna look sooo good when i bust them for.... agh! face it! you can't do anything unless you're trying to bust them for doing something. and if they're doing nothing then... "who is candace?" ahhh! hey, phineas... is it the perfect day to build one of these or what? sorry, candace, it's like we said. we're pursuing the best do-nothing day ever! but if you put it in our inbox we'll try to build it tomorrow. ugh! huh, huh? time traveling submarine. come on! candace, now you're just taking pages from our project book. how can i inspire them to build something? argh. (man over tv) are you a boy? doing nothing with your stepbrother today? do you like high adventure? (boys) yeah! then we have the product for you! it's the amazing man-eating dinosaur-themed totally sick waterslide of doom! that's right, kids. the amazing man-eating dinosaur-themed totally sick waterslide of doom can be delivered in just minutes! and it's so easy to assemble even a five-year-old can build it!
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(boy) i did it! (man) call now! well, that's the last of it. by the way aren't you a little too old to be building one of these? why, yes. yes, i am. ok, i'll get this thing started. and then because they're men they'll want to take over and show me how to do it. then i'll call mom and bust them! ♪ doofenshmirtz evil incorporated ♪ oh, hello, perry the platypus. i'd like to introduce you to something. my slow-motion-in-ator! this way you're too slow to foil my evil scheme and i don't have to worry about capturing you. problem solved. anyway let's get down to business. i don't know if you've ever noticed, but i'm not exactly very... what do the kids call it these days? handsome. my doctor says it's genetic, but i don't blame my parents. i blame everyone else in the entire tri-state area for being better-looking than me. so, i invented this.
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my ugly-in-nator! (croaks) it harnesses the horned frog's unpleasant appearance to render its target ugly. let me give you a demonstration on handsome movie actor vance ward! hi, i'm vance ward. if it can turn him ugly, it can turn anything ugly. are you ready, vance? i guess, but i didn't get a script. i mean, what's my motivation in this scene? motivation? oh, i think it will be clear to you in a second. ha-ha! now onto the rest of the tri-state area. oh, and perry the platypus you know what the best part of my plan is? i can do it from the comfort of my own living room. with my favorite flat-screen tv and recliner. ah. oh, hey, boys. see you're still doing nothing. oh, don't mind me. i'm just carrying a few construction supplies for a really huge super cool contraption. (laughs) you know, like the ones you used to build. well, i figured i'd get in on the fun today.
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oh! pardon my reach. just trying to get into the most convenient position to drive this stake into the ground. oh, yeah! i'm really having fun now! uh, candace? oh, i know what you're gonna say. of course you can take over the whole operation. uh, actually, i was gonna ask you if you could keep the noise down. uh. well, back onto the important things in life like having fun. remember when you used to have this much fun? all this fun could be yours too. all you have to do is join me! ok, ok, i don't want to brag but fun loves me more than it loves you right now! (phone ringing) doo-bee-doo-bee-do. (evil laugh) yoo hoo, perry the platypus, come and get it! oh i forgot! you're too slow to catch me now! ha-ha-ha-ha! hee-hee-hee. oh. duh! of course. you were going for the slow-motion-in-ator.
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wait! wait, no! don't touch the reverse switch! (♪) (snorts) ha-ha-ha! hee-hee-hee! you should see yourself! you're so ugly! candace, where are you? it's time to go! (gasps) candace?! who's having fun now?! it's like boredom's a bad rash and i'm a shot of cortisone! candace, what are you doing? i've been trying to call you all afternoon! what does it look like?! i'm busting my brothers! but the concert's starting right now! (candace gasps) jeremy! oh, my gosh. i spent so much time busting my brothers,
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i forgot about the concert. candace, what's happening? it didn't say anything in the instructions about being lifted up in the air. (both scream) ♪ beautiful, kind and gentle ♪ and loving and softness and sweetness and candy and gum ♪ peppermint every-- (unintelligible heavy metal screams) (screaming) (unintelligible heavy metal screams) who are these guys? they must be the opening act! oh, no! now i'm ugly! oh. oh, i get it. hardy-har-har. my autographed picture of vance ward! oh, you've perverted my ugly invention with something beautiful!
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thanks! whoever you are! now get me out of here! (heavy metal) ♪ bunnies and happy songs (yelling, then cheering) what about my tv and chair? aaahh! aaahh! get me off this thing! (screaming) doo-bee-doo-bee-do. my balloon! curse you, perry the platypus! hey, boys, i'm home. oh, i see you're still enjoying your do-nothing day. yeah, mom, it was the best lazy day ever. oh, there you are, perry! (warped voice) where am i? and with handsome movie actor vance ward. he seems much faster on tv.
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come on! ♪ slow down and look around you ♪ all around ♪ throw your to-do list away ♪ the clouds look like sheep and vice versa ♪ on a do-nothing day ♪ on a do-nothing
6:30 am
day ♪ on a do-nothing day (candace) this is the best day ever! ♪ everybody shout "what's the big idea?" ♪ hey, what's the big idea? ♪ imagination movers are music to your ears ♪ we're music to your ears ♪ we're the guys who love to figure things out what? ♪ we love to figure things out ♪ you need some help, you just give us a shout ♪ hey, movers won't you help us out? ♪ imagination movers ♪ you gotta think about it ♪ imagination movers ♪ you gotta talk about it ♪ imagination movers ♪ you gotta sing about it ♪ i think up the situation, need ya some imagination
6:31 am
♪ smitty's my friend, he's playing his guitar ♪ ♪ scott's got his goggles that help him see far ♪ dave's over there underneath the red hats ♪ now, my name is rich, i go ratta-tat-tat ♪ imagination movers ♪ you gotta think about it ♪ imagination movers ♪ you gotta talk about it ♪ imagination movers ♪ you gotta sing about it ♪ i dream up the situation, need ya some imagination ♪ (whistle blows) time for work. all right. wait. you guys thinkin' what i'm thinkin'? um, that someone's standing on your foot?
6:32 am
i'm really sorry. no. i was thinking that something is missing in here. yeah. you're right. well, the couch is still here. that's not it. our instruments are still here. so that's not it either. hey, scott, you know what's missing? yeah, what's missing...? scott? hey, scott's missin'. awesome. scott's missing. (both) huh? that means we have a problem... and solving problems is what we do best. yeah. yeah. we gotta find scott. oh, hey, guys. scott. scott. sorry i'm late. i was trying to fix my hair. i'm having one of my bad hair days. wow, we've never seen your hair look like that before.
6:33 am
oh, i've had bad hair days like this since i was a baby. look. first birthday. ooh-ooh. bad hair day. and this is the day i got my first bike. bad hair day. it seems like i have bad hair on days when someone is taking my picture. well, you don't have to worry, 'cause no one's taking your picture today. (knock on door) hey, guys. i'm here to take your picture. oh, no. why are you taking our picture? for the story i'm writing about you for the newspaper? oh, yeah. no. you can't take our picture today. i'm having a bad hair day. can you take it another day? i wish i could but the picture's gonna be in the newspaper tomorrow, so we have to take it today. that's right. but don't worry, scott. i brought a brush and hairspray. this should fix your hair right up.
6:34 am
see? it's working already. whoa. (all) oh, no. no problem. i've got hair pins, hair gel and hair clips, too. don't worry, scott. i'll keep that hair down. there. done. now everyone take their hands off scott's head very slowly. hey. wow. all right. it stayed. thanks, nina. no problem. let's take that picture. everyone smile nice and big. on the count of three. 1... scott's hair's coming undone. uh, keep smiling. 2...
6:35 am
whoa. (gibberish) 3. wow, when you have a bad hair day you have a really bad hair day. yep. i guess we can't take the picture after all. we don't have to be in the newspaper, anyway, right, guys? well, it would really be good if everyone saw us and found out who we are. yeah, we could get a lot more customers. we haven't had that many so far. well, i'm sure we have lots of new messages from customers right, voicemail? (female computer voice laughs) oh, that was funny. good one, scott. you have no new messages. (beep) i guess we do need our picture in
6:36 am
the newspaper so we can get more customers. yep, and that means this is... an idea emergency! (alarm blares) we need to figure out how to fix my hair... so we can take that picture and get more customers... and calls for a... brainstorm! (♪ rock) ♪ we need good ideas, and we need them now ♪ so put your heads together, and we'll write them down ♪ there's no bad ideas when you're brainstormin' ♪ i can count on you, and you can count on me ♪ to make our ideas a reality ♪ there are no bad ideas when you're brainstormin' ♪ there are no bad ideas when you're brainstormin' ♪ brainstormin' here and brainstormin' there ♪ brainstormin' upside down or sittin' in your easy chair
6:37 am
♪ sittin' in your easy chair ♪ reach high! think big! work hard! have fun! all right, movers, what do you got? whoo, that was a great brainstorm. it blew my hat right off. hey, that's it. i'll wear a hat. then it won't matter what my hair looks like. because a hat will cover it up, yeah. great idea, scott. here, you can borrow my hat. thanks, el smitto. there, got it! oh. no, i don't. here, try some other hats. oh. nope.
6:38 am
aw... ah. mm-hmm. oh. uh-huh. (gasps) nope. (muffled gibberish) (laughter) well... yeah. oh, yeah. that looks strong. mm-hmm. hold it down. get him strapped. (nina) there you go. got it. whoa. (hardhat crashes) oops. try mine. maybe your hair will fit inside of my hat. i can fit lots of stuff inside it. oh, in fact... i should clean it out first. whoops. (trills) oh. yeah. whoops. brr. snowy. oh. that's nice. oh, i been lookin' for that.
6:39 am
thanks. ooh. ooh. it won't stay. wow, even dave's hat didn't work. aren't there any more hats in there? wait. i don't think you need a hat. i am not putting my head in a box. no. when you hold the box up like that it blocks your hair. yeah. hey. we could hide your hair behind something then take that picture. yeah. yeah. yeah. ♪ take a picture of my best friends ♪ take a picture, 'cause we're smilin' ♪ take a picture when we say "cheese" cheese? ♪ c-h-e-e-s-e ♪ won't you, please? ♪ c-h-e-e-s-e won't you, please? ♪ i'm missin' front teeth but i can still smile
6:40 am
♪ we build a tree house and everyone's allowed ♪ they're playing freeze tag just down the street ♪ these are the days for our memories ♪ these are the days for our memories ♪ climbin' trees and flying kites ♪ baking cookies on a saturday night ♪ school plays and kickball games ♪ makin' friends and learning everybody's name ♪ dressin' up and hide-and-seek ♪ hours turn to days, and days turn to weeks ♪ hours turn to days, and days turn to weeks ♪ so take a picture of my best friends ♪ take a picture 'cause we're smilin'
6:41 am
♪ take a picture when we're sayin' "cheese" ♪ these are days for our memories ♪ whoa-oa, hey ♪ take a picture of us now ♪ take a picture ♪ take a picture of us now ♪ (click) let's pick the best one for the newspaper. yeah. yeah. this one... looks like scott has a plant growing out of his head. (dave and smitty) yeah. ooh, but this one looks like scott is a lamp. (others) yeah. this one looks like he has a fish attached to his head. and this one looks like he has balloons for hair. i don't think any of these pictures are gonna work. no. no. i wish my hair didn't do this. i wish i had really boring hair that never did anything. like my uncle knit knots' hair. it always stays nice and flat. yeah, i wish i had hair like your
6:42 am
uncle knit knots. how does he keep his hair so-o boring? i don't know. let's ask him. (others) yeah! hi, uncle knit knots! nina, please try to be a little less exciting. sorry, uncle knit knots. i wanted to tell you we have visitors. hi, knit knots! ah, what's happened to that one's hair? it's much too exciting. that's why we came over here uncle knit knots. scott wants to make his hair flat and boring, like yours. ah, you finally figured out that boring is beautiful. so now i suppose there will be no more exciting singing or dancing or problem-solving or laughing, right?
6:43 am
oh, we'll still do all that stuff. mm-hmm. in fact, we were singing a song about taking a picture. hit it, guys. no. no hitting, please. so, it's just that one's hair you want to make boring. nothing else? yep. that's it. well... it's a start. wow. ooh. you've got lots of awesome hair stuff, knit knots. it takes a lot of work to make hair look this boring. and that boring, right, rocky? the secret, keeping one's hair nice and flat and boring is to wet it down when you comb it. of course, wetting it down. that's a great idea.
6:44 am
ooh, cold. oh, please don't move. uh, some from right off the top, like this. ah, yes. here we go on the side here, too. oh, yes. all right. and some back down here. back here. oh, dear. and on this side too. ah. there, perfect. but it looks exactly like your hair. as i said, perfect. i guess it's ok. thanks, knit knots. it's not the way i usually look but it's better than my bad hair day hair right, guys? right, knit knots. i mean scott knots. no. scott. all right, guys, let's take your picture, quick, before scott's hair... oh.
6:45 am
...does that. much too exciting, again. ♪ pllbbt. we tried to spray and pin your hair down. yep. boing. we tried covering it with a hat. boing. we tried hiding it behind things. and we tried to wet it down. yep. boing, boing, boing. what else can we do? well, we could always cut it. catch him. he's gonna faint. mommy. c-c-c-cut my hair? i could never do that.
6:46 am
i've had long hair for as long as i could remember. if i didn't have long hair i could never do this. look. crazy moustache. it's the crazy moustache. crazy. (laughter) maybe we don't need to take the picture after all. yeah! guys, if you don't take the picture, you can't be in the newspaper. being in the newspaper would give us lots of new customers. yeah, we could help a lot of people solve their problems. and solving people's problems is what we do best. ok, i'll do it. i'll c-cut my hair so we can be in the paper and we can help more people. all right. thank you, mover scott. and it won't hurt a bit. ok.
6:47 am
thanks. it's all right, scott. look at all the fun haircuts you can have - short, shorter... ...and shortest. i don't like any of those haircuts. aw... wait. i know how to solve the problem. you guys can take the picture without me. now way. we're a team. we do things together, or we don't do them at all right, guys? that's right. i wanna take the picture with you guys, i really do but i don't wanna be the only one who looks silly. i guess cutting my hair is the only way to solve the problem. ok, dave, cut it off. cut it all off.
6:48 am
wait! we're a team. we do things together, or we don't do them at all right? right. i think i know how we can solve this problem, and we're gonna need your help, nina. ok. do you have a lot of hairspray? oh, yeah. ♪ there, perfect. (chuckling) oh, ho-ho. wow, our hair looks as bad as scott's now. maybe worse. awesome. now that we all have bad hair, i don't look so silly, because we all look silly. thanks, guys. no problem. that's what friends do.
6:49 am
they do things together. hey, let's take that picture. ok, guys, smile and say "cheese." cheese. yeah. cheese? no, buddy, there's not any real cheese. "cheese" is what you say when you take a picture. aw, no cheese? (grumbles) (giggles) all right, one more time. cheese. cheese. ♪ bad hair, it doesn't have to make a bad day ♪ who cares what you look like anyway? ♪ don't you know it's what you've got inside that ♪ really counts? ♪ yes, it does ♪ bad hair, we're gonna work it out ♪ work it out ♪ uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ woke up i had a very tough night
6:50 am
♪ a very tough night ♪ oh, my, somethin's not right ♪ not right ♪ i comb it down, but it just won't go ♪ it's got a mind of its own ♪ a bad hair day, oh, no, no, no ♪ oh, no, no, no, oh, no, no, no ♪ bad hair doesn't have to make a bad day ♪ who cares what you look like anyway? ♪ don't you know it's what you've got inside that really counts? ♪ yes, it does ♪ bad hair, we're gonna work it out ♪ work it out, work it out ♪ uh-huh ♪ work it out ♪ uh-huh ♪ yeah, yeah let's go. ♪ it's fuzzy, it's stringy, it's sticky, it's leany ♪ it's frizzy, it's fluffy, it's kind of like a puppy ♪ it's hard to maintain 'cause it's everywhere and back again ♪ it's hard to comb got a million knots, you know ♪ it's fuzzy, it's stringy, it's sticky, it's leaning ♪ it's frizzy, it's fluffy, it's kind of like a puppy ♪ it's hard to maintain 'cause it's everywhere and back again
6:51 am
♪ it's hard to comb got a million knots, you know ♪ bad hair ♪ it doesn't have to make a bad day no. ♪ who cares what you look like anyway? ♪ don't you know it's what you've got inside that really counts? ♪ yes, it does ♪ bad hair, we're gonna work it out ♪ work it out, work it out ♪ uh-huh ♪ woow ♪ uh-huh let's go. ♪ bad hair doesn't have to make a bad day no. ♪ who cares what you look like anyway? care. ♪ don't you know it's what you've got inside that really counts? ♪ yeah ♪ bad hair, we're gonna work it out ♪ work it out ♪ uh-huh ♪ these photos look great. this one is my favorite. oh, yeah.
6:52 am
yeah. awesome. we sure look fun and creative. yeah. the kind of guys you'd wanna help solve your problems. this picture should help us get a lot of customers. yeah. another idea emergency solved. high-five. (others) yeah. i'm gonna bring this picture to the newspaper right now. bye, guys. bye, nina. thanks for joining me in my bad hair day, guys. no problem. i like it. yeah, me too. me too. (giggles) i guess bad hair days don't have to be so bad after all. nope. good ideas can always turn a bad day into a good day. yeah! yeah! ♪ we had a problem, but we figured it out ♪ figured it out ♪ that's what the movers are all about ♪ all about ♪ everybody let's jump and shout ♪ come on! ♪ jump up
6:53 am
♪ get down ♪ stand up ♪ turn around, turn around ♪ turn around, turn around ♪ we're workin' hard and we're havin' fun ♪ havin' fun ♪ we celebrate when the day is done ♪ the day is done ♪ it's one for all ♪ and all for one ♪ come on! ♪ jump up ♪ get down ♪ stand up ♪ turn around, turn around ♪ turn around, turn around ♪ turn around, turn around ♪ turn around, turn around ♪ turn around turn around, turn around ♪ turn around turn around, turn around ♪ turn around, turn around ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ohh! ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
- ♪ handy manny ♪ - hola kelly. - oh, hi, manny. - ♪ handy manny ♪ - hi, mr. lopart. - oh hello, manny. - ♪ handy manny ♪ - [laughing] - come on, tools. - [cheering] ♪ handy manny ♪ ♪ handy manny ♪ [tools squeal with excitement] [tools cheering] [chuckles] - ♪ handy manny ♪ - all right!
7:01 am
- ♪ handy manny ♪ - yeah! - cool! - ♪ handy manny ♪ - ♪ handy manny, hey ♪ - [cheering] [mr. lopart] learning to fly. ooh, this looks like a good spot, manny. let's fly the kite here! this really isn't a good place to fly a cometa squeeze. the kite might get stuck in one of these trees. oh. i guess you're right. i just can't wait to fly. it's the kite that'll be flying, not you. i know but i can still pretend. i think there's some open space up ahead, manny. we could fly the kite there. right, stretch. that looks like a good spot. let's go, tools. [manny] uno, dos, tres, cuatro cinco, seis, siete, ocho! ♪ hop up, jump in ♪ ♪ come on, let's go ♪ ♪ hop up, jump in ♪
7:02 am
♪ si vamonos ♪ ♪ hop up, jump in ♪ - ♪ don't move too slow ♪ - ♪ keep up ♪ ♪ let's get to work muy rápido ♪ [laughter, cheering] hola mr. lopart. oh, hi, manny. hello, tools. [all] hi, mr. lopart. i thought leashes were for walking dogs. oh, they can be for walking cats, too, dusty. whenever we come to the park fluffy always chases the rabbits. so i use the leash to keep her from running off. - [meows] - yes, sirree. it's very important when dealing with pets to make sure they know that you are the boss. si, es verdad. well que pasen un buen dia, mr. lopart. - have a nice day. - you, too, manny. well, fluffy are you ready to go home? fluffy? fluffy? fluffy lopart? [fluffy meows] [gasps]
7:03 am
oh... fluffy lopart, come back here! - fantastico! - way to go! here you go, squeeze. you can go first. hold on tight. [wind gusts] hold on, squeeze. don't let go. [wind gusts] fabuloso squeeze. you're good at this. yeah. you really know what you're doing. [wind gusts] um, can i have a turn now? let me do it. let me do it. let me do it. - oh, me, too. i want a turn. - please, please! ok. just let me try one last trick. it's the super duper loop de... [crashing] ...loop.
7:04 am
- can you fix it, manny? - oh, i don't know, rusty. it's pretty banged up. it's all my fault. i wrecked it. it was an accident, squeeze. now, none of you will get to fly. i'm sorry. - wh-wh-what's going on? - it's a storm cloud. [dusty gasps] wow! no es un globo. it's a balloon. it looks like it's coming in for a landing. - right here in the park? - it might be in trouble. come on. tools we better see if we can help. - oh, boy! - que bonito! - amazing! - hola. i am captain ciello. hola. i'm manny, and these are my tools. - hola, capitan. - hi. not the famous handy manny - who can fix anything? - si. that's him. then i am so glad i landed here. i was over lake nochanailin when i was blown off-course
7:05 am
by un viento fuerte. a strong wind. - [all gasping] - then i was forced to make an emergency landing when something went wrong with the fan that blows the hot air into my balloon. i think it's broken. do you think you can help me? claro que si. of course. that's what we do. i'd be happy to take a look at it. does this mean we get to go into the balloon? climb aboard. - wow! - awesome! - cool! - oh, yeah. this is the fan that blows the hot air into the balloon. at first, it started to make a strange sound, then it just stopped. hmm. felipe? mm-hm. i think you need a new fan blade. this one's cracked. but where are we gonna get a new fan blade in the middle of the park? [horn honking] [all] kelly! is everything ok? i saw that balloon coming in for a landing and i thought someone might need help.
7:06 am
well, it seems that i have landed in the most helpful town in the world. um... kelly? you wouldn't happen to have a new fan blade in your truck? a fan blade... ooh, that's a tough one, manny. let me take a look. don't worry. kelly has everything. well, what do you know? i do have one. well, it looks like this just might do the job. we should have you back in the air in no time. maravilloso. wonderful! are you having problems with su cometa, your kite? [squeeze] i wrecked it. well, maybe i can help. i know a little something about flying. this is a very nice cometa but the design is a little bit simple. perhaps i could help you change it to better catch el viento, the wind. you wouldn't happen to have some paper and a pencil in your truck, would you? you have to ask? captain ciello?
7:07 am
what makes a balloon fly? well, it's a little different than a kite. a balloon uses aire caliente. hot air. the fan blows it into the balloon. you turn the fan up to make the balloon rise. and you turn the fan down to make it come down. but how do you steer it? you use el viento, the wind, to steer it. you change direction in a hot air balloon by going up or down, until you find a wind that is going in the right direction. i know hot air balloons are very interesting, guys but i could use a little help over here. - sorry. - oh lo siento. squeeze? what is captain ciello drawing, manny? i think it's going to be a new kite, squeeze. [fan whirs] ay caramba! the balloon is filling up! - [pat] i didn't do it! - [kelly] manny! tools!
7:08 am
[rusty] help! hold on, everyone. let's not panic. [captain ciello] don't worry. you are perfectly safe up there. everything is going to be ok. that's easy for her to say. just remember what i told you about flying the balloon. what should we do, manny? well, i think we need to get the balloon back to the open space so we can land it. yes! land it! - [sobbing] land it! - but how do we do that? well, captain ciello said to remember what she told you about flying the balloon. that's right! turn the fan up and the balloon will rise. turn it down and the balloon will come down. and to steer it, you just find a wind that's blowing the same way you want to go. what do you think, tools? do you think we can do it? - we can do it. - well, we'll try. tell me when it's over. ok, squeeze. make us go a little higher. we don't want to hit those trees. aye aye, captain. i'll turn the fan
7:09 am
up. hey! i can see the school! [dusty] and there's the repair shop! [pat] everything looks so tiny from up here. [manny] hola abuelito. manny? herramientas? - duck! - actually i think they're birds. uh, that was too close. yeah. for a big place like the sky there sure is a lot of traffic up here. - where'd everything go? - i can't see anything. me either. that's because your eyes are closed. [stretch] where are we? - we're in a cloud. - wow! we must be really high up. i think we're a little too high up. we need to get out of this cloud. squeeze?
7:10 am
got it, manny. i'll just turn the fan down some. hooray! we're out! oh, i can see everything again. good job, squeeze. now see if you can find un viento, a wind that will carry us back to the park. we're counting on you. [kelly] shouldn't they be back by now? finding the right wind can be tricky, - but i know they can do it. - there they are! [tools cheering] what a great landing! that was amazing! we could see everything from up there! and we even got back to where we started from. i knew you could do it. we couldn't have done it without squeeze. yeah. she really can fly. well, in that case, i think squeeze has earned her wings. felicidades, captain squeeze. you are now an honorary balloonist.
7:11 am
[all cheering] is it over yet? oh, i almost forgot. i have something else for you, mis amigos. i designed a new kite for you. and i'm pretty sure i've got the materials you'll need to build it. gracias, captain ciello. gracias, kelly. - what do you think, tools? - [all] yeah! ok! let's go! ♪ let's get going and fix it right ♪ - ♪ twist and turn ♪ - ♪ make it tight ♪ - ♪ trabajamos juntos ♪ - ♪ we work together now ♪ - ♪ cut it, measure and ♪ - ♪ tap it flat ♪ - ♪ bend and twist ♪ - ♪ just like that ♪ ♪ each of us has a special job ♪ - ♪ we work together ♪ - ♪ todos juntos ♪ ♪ we can fix it right ♪♪ [all cheering] it's beautiful. - and aerodynamic. - oh. aero-what? aerodynamic. that means it will move better in the wind because of its new shape. well, i really must be going now. muchas gracias for all of your help. i hope i am lucky enough to land
7:12 am
in your very helpful town again some day. - buen viaje! - have a great trip! - goodbye. - adios. [all shouting goodbye] so does the honorary balloonist want to be the first to try the new kite? no, thanks. i've had enough flying for one day. [all laughing]
7:13 am
leo: it's time for "leo little's big show." amy: brought to you by disney pixar's "toy story" and "toy story 2." special editions on blu-ray and dvd. hey, howdy, hey! giddy up! ♪ "toy story and "toy story 2" ♪ ♪ special editions, the first time on the blu ♪ ♪ woody, buzz, and the boys back to make some noise ♪ ♪ and you know what they say ♪ ♪ toys will be toys "toy story" ♪ ♪ the one that started it all ♪ ♪ yo, party at andy's ♪ ♪ we're havin' a ball ♪ ♪ woody's number one, he's the king, he's the ace ♪ ♪ until his world gets rocked by a man from space ♪ ♪ what's the buzz? ♪ ♪ lightyear right here ♪ ♪ lassos can't compete with star command's tight gear ♪ ♪ rivals at first but then they form a bond ♪ ♪ now they've got each other's back ♪ to infinity and beyond! amy: "toy story 2!" ♪ back on the scene pristine, the whole team ♪ ♪ yo, mint in the box ♪ ♪ yeah, you know what i mean ♪ ♪ you know what i mean ♪ ♪ sound the alarm ♪ red alert! ♪ danger ♪ ♪ bag to buy a bird ♪ ♪ doesn't get much stranger ♪ ♪ assemble the squadron we're going to war ♪ ♪ chicken man's getting plucked when we kick in the door ♪
7:14 am
it's the chicken man! ♪ we got bulls-eye, jessie, and stinky pete ♪ ♪ i think i smell 'em from here ♪ ♪ i think you're smelling your feet ♪ ♪ whoa, back off, sis you better watch your mouth ♪ ♪ you don't want to make me have to take my angry eyes out ♪ ♪ hey, move over, bro you're in my light ♪ ♪ ok, amy, i don't want to start a disagreement ♪ that doesn't rhyme. ♪ who cares? it's dance time! ♪ woody: t-o-y, toy. ooh-ooh-oooh! ♪ these blu-rays and dvds ♪ ♪ come with exclusive sneak-peeks of "toy story 3" ♪ ♪ and the blu-rays are combo packs ♪ ♪ that have a dvd copy of the movie in the back ♪ oooh. ♪ "toy story" ♪ ♪ and "toy story 2" ♪ ♪ 2 ♪ ♪ special editions, first time on the blu ♪ ♪ it's the simple mathematics of a trilogy ♪ ♪ part one and part two gets you ready for three ♪ ♪ gotta wrap up this wrap up ♪ ♪ yeah, it's time to go ♪ ♪ see you next time on "leo little's big show!" ♪ disney pixar's "toy story" and "toy story 2" special editions are coming soon on blu-ray and dvd combo packs.
7:15 am
[rusty] tools in the candy shop. [manny] i'll just give it one last turn. and now this roller skate is ready for action. well, before we do anything else i need to wash up. hey, is anyone else thinking what i'm thinking? yes. that you're about to do something that you shouldn't do. come on, amigos. let's see what this thing can do! [all whooping]
7:16 am
how do you stop this?! - whoa! - uh-oh! everyone lean left! [all shouting] ah! everyone lean right! [all] whoa! ah! yeow! [grunts] that was maravilloso, awesome! - let's do it again! - i don't think so, felipe. i don't want anyone to get hurt. hello, manny. hello, tools. hola mr. lopart. what can we do for you? well, i just got some extra chewy candy drops and i had to try one. now, one of my teeth is hurting. mm. oh, i'm sorry to hear that mr. lopart. but how can we help? i'm just a repairman not a dentist. oh, i've got a dentist. i just need someone to watch my shop while i go see him.
7:17 am
oh por supuesto of course. we'd be happy to mr. lopart. great. well, in that case, i just have a few things to go over with you. follow me. come on, tools. we're going to help mr. lopart. [barks] si you can come too, fixit. [manny] uno, dos, tres, cuatro cinco, seis, siete ocho! nueve! ♪ hop up, jump in ♪ ♪ come on, let's go ♪ - ♪ hop up, jump in ♪ - ♪ si vamonos ♪ - ♪ hop up, jump in ♪ - ♪ don't move too slow ♪ - ♪ keep up ♪ - ♪ let's get to work ♪ - ♪ muy rapido ♪♪ - [cheering, laughing] [fixit barks] if you run out of caramel candies while i'm gone you can use this machine to make some more. ooh! we get to make candy?! all you do is pull this lever and out comes the finished candy. i'll show you how easy it is.
7:18 am
ooh, it sure runs quietly. that's because it's not working. - oh. - i just fixed this yesterday. i had it running fine. see? works perfectly. [groaning] oh, don't worry. it always does that. i can fix it. you should really get to the dentist, mr. lopart. yeah. oh, just one more thing, and it's very important. i've been working on this piñata for a long time. that's a great piñata, mr. lopart. it almost looks like a soccer ball. oh, thanks for noticing. [laughs] it is a soccer ball. i thought soccer balls were supposed to be round. it's a very nice piñata, mr. lopart. and it's a very important piñata, too. coach johnson ordered it for his soccer team's end of season party. and i told him i would deliver it as soon as it was dry. don't you worry, mr. lopart. i promise
7:19 am
we'll take care of it. [barking] you know, maybe i should stay until the piñata is ready. then i can deliver it myself. ow! mr. lopart, we'll make sure that coach johnson gets the piñata. now, please, go and see the dentist. the sooner you go, the sooner you'll get back. - yeah, i guess you're right, manny. - [meows] if you run out of lemon drops, there's an extra box in the back room. we'll find it, mr. lopart. we'll take good care of your shop, mr. lopart. i promise. i almost forgot. i'm running a special today, which means i'll have lots of customers. everyone who buys a piece of candy gets a second piece free. oh! no problem, mr. lopart. we'll take care of it. ok, bye-bye. hi, manny. hi, tools. - hola chris. - hello, chris. - hola chris. - hey, where's mr. lopart? he had to go to the dentist so we're watching the shop for him. what can we get you?
7:20 am
i'd like a fizzy pop, please. don't worry, manny. i'll take care of this one. ok, squeeze. gracias. one fizzy pop coming up, chris. or should i say, coming down. well, here you go, chris. mr. lopart is running a special today so you can get a second one for free. - thanks, manny. bye, tools. bye, fixit. - [barks] - hola manny. - hola señor sanchez, hola julieta. what can we get for you? we're helping out mr. lopart today. oh, we heard that mr. lopart is having a sale on dulces candy. may we have two bags of dried pineapple and some taffy? - i'll get the taffy, manny. - thanks, rusty. and i'll get the dried pineapple. let me just turn this thing on... whoa! - are you ok, rusty? - yeah. sorry.
7:21 am
- gracias, manny. - de nada. enjoy your dulces. remember we promised mr. lopart we would take good care of his shop. i know. sorry, manny. hello, manny. hello, tools. hi, mrs. bouffant. well, hello, mrs. bouffant. i called mr. lopart yesterday and i ordered two bags of hard candies. dwayney just can't get enough of those coconut-flavored drops. [laughs] well, we're helping mr. lopart today. - and i think these are your candies right here. - oh, wonderful. would you like help out to the car with these? that would be very helpful. thank you, manny. [groans] [barking] i don't think fixit should be playing in here. something's gonna break.
7:22 am
- [barking] - whoa! good point. i'll get her! aye! aye! aye! whoa! - stop, fixit! stop! - [shouting] we've got her, we've got her. ah! whoa! [barking] looks like someone needs to use his head! whoa! [groaning] way to use your head, felipe. have a nice day, mrs. bouffant. - oh hola kelly. - what are you doing? well, the tools and i are watching mr. lopart's shop while he's at the dentist. that sounds like a very nice thing to do. [crashing sounds] that sounds like trouble. - [fixit yelping] - ok, what's going on here? [panting] hurry, manny!
7:23 am
fixit chased the ball... i tried to stop her... candy is everywhere... come see. ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi! uh, we had a little accident, manny. actually, more like a big accident. - i see that. - oh, what are we gonna do? well, mr. lopart will be back soon, so we'd better get this place cleaned up. uh, manny... we have another problem. what do you mean, stretch? oh! the piñata! uh, while we were trying to catch fixit the piñata broke. - fixit... - [whimpers] oh, what are we gonna do? maybe we should just run away and hide. well, hiding won't solve the problem, rusty. what if we buy mr. lopart some really, really dark sunglasses and that way he won't notice! i don't think they make sunglasses dark enough to keep him from noticing this, felipe. um, maybe we could buy another piñata?
7:24 am
mr. lopart put a lot of hard work into making this piñata and it just wouldn't be the same. it really was an accident, manny. - we didn't mean for this to happen. - i know, stretch. hey, manny maybe we could fix it? maybe we can, turner. why don't you guys fix the piñata and i'll clean up mr. lopart's shop. thanks, kelly. that would be a big help. how are we going to fix the piñata, manny? first, we make some papier-mâché. what's papier-mâché? well, piñatas are made of strips of paper that have been dipped in flour and water to make them sticky. then we put a balloon inside the broken piñata and use the strips of paper to make the repair. when the patch dries we pop the balloon cut a small hole in the top and fill the piñata with dulces candy. come on. we'll all fix it together! ♪ let's get going and fix it right ♪ - ♪ twist and turn ♪ - ♪ make it tight ♪
7:25 am
- ♪ trabajamos juntos ♪ - ♪ we work together now ♪ - ♪ cut it, measure and ♪ - ♪ tap it flat ♪ - ♪ bend and twist ♪ - ♪ just like that ♪ ♪ each of us has a special job ♪ - ♪ we work together ♪ - ♪ todos juntos ♪ - ♪ so we can fix it right ♪♪ - [cheering] now mr. lopart's piñata is as good as new. [whistling] hello, manny. hello, tools. - hello, kelly. - hi, mr. lopart. you'll be happy to know my tooth feels much better and the dentist even gave me a new toothbrush for being such a good patient. hm, that doesn't look right. um, we had a little accident with your piñata, mr. lopart. si fixit and fluffy were playing together... and then they chased each other... and knocked everything over. including your piñata. we're sorry. no, that's not it. it's this spot right here on the soccer ball.
7:26 am
it should be black. nothing i can't fix. there, perfect. well, thank you for helping out today, everyone. you're welcome, mr. lopart. it was our pleasure. yeah, and we learned that selling candy is lots of hard work. right you are, rusty. well, i'd better get this piñata over to coach johnson. - whoa! oof. - [grunts] now, that's what i call using your head! [all laughing] - [barking] - [laughing] [all cheering] yahoo! - yeah! - yeah! - [laughing] - yeah!
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
it's me, mickey mouse. say, you want to come inside my cl ubhouse? well, all right. let's go. aw, i almost forgot. to make the clubhouse appear we get to say the magic words. meeska, mooska, mickey mou se!
7:31 am
say it with me . meeska, mooska, mickey mou se! [♪ they might be giants: mickey mouse clubhou se theme ] ♪ m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e ♪ that's me! ♪ m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u- s-e ♪ ♪ it's the mickey mouse clubhouse ♪ ♪ come inside it's fun i nside ♪ ♪ it's the mickey mouse clubh ouse ♪ - [man] roll call. donald! - present! - daisy! - here ! - goofy! - here ! - pluto! - [barki ng] - minnie! - he re! - mickey! - right he re! ♪ it's the mickey mouse clubhouse ♪ ♪ come inside it's fun i nside ♪ ♪ m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s- e ♪ [mickey] it's the mickey mouse clubhouse.
7:32 am
mickey's round-up. yahoo! [country music pla ys] welcome to our clubhouse, y'all! [barking] well, look who's h ere. it's pluto. how you doing, boy? [laughs] that good, huh? [door bell ringing ] hot dog! we got a vis itor! it's professor von drake. and a big howdy-do to all o f you. mickey. pluto over the re. there's a very important package i'm ex pecting, but i don't have time for waiting around, i' m so busy. so maybe you could wait here instead for me, would you? sure, professor, you can count on us, right? yeah. [panting] yeah, yeah, yeah. very good. now, what i have sent away for is a very special box of num bers.
7:33 am
- [buzzing] - whoo-h oo! that's my von drake super-duper beeper-lea per alarm. and right now, it's reminding me it's time to g et hopping. oh, and mickey, when the professor's packag e arrives, you got to be very very careful with it woul d you do that? see you real soon. later, mash potato! hoo-hoo! oh! the professor is always on the go-go-go, isn't he? [goofy] delivery for professor vo n drake! gosh! it's here alre ady! got a delivery for the professor. - whoa, whoa! - [squea king] goofy, be very careful with that. - [duck squeaks] - wh oa! [numbers laughing] [laughing]
7:34 am
[number buzzing] - [laughing] - gosh! these numbers are wild. [l aughs] i think that's why the professor wanted us to be careful with the box. he didn't want these numbers gett ing out. wow! how many of them are there? hmm. i'm not sure. let's count them. - [numbers laughing] - [both] one. - two. - [laugh ing] - three. - [buzzi ng] - four. - [giggling] - five. - [laugh ing] - six. - [giggl ing] - seven. - [chortli ng] - eight. - [whinn ies] nine. ten! ten numbers from one t o ten. now that the numbers are out of the box we need to get them back in. hey, will you help us get all ten numbers back in the box
7:35 am
before the professor retur ns? - you will? thanks! - [goofy] wow! i think we're gonna need some mousek etoolies. you betcha, goof. [laughs] to the mou sekedoer. ♪ mouseker-hey mouseker-hi, mouseker-ho ♪ ♪ mouseker-ready, mouseker-set here we go ♪ ♪ you're a thinkin' and a solvin' work it th rough-er ♪ ♪ mouseker-me mouseker-you, mousek er-doer ♪ ♪ mouseker-me mouseker-you, mousek er-doer ♪ ♪ oh, toodles it's time to get to it ♪ ♪ show us the mouseketools to help us do it ♪ ♪ meeska, mooska mousek edoer ♪ ♪ mouseketools, mouseketools mouseketools ♪ ♪ here are your mouseketoo ls ♪ [mickey] a giant catcher's mitt. oo
7:36 am
h, fun! - [elephant trumpets] - an elephant. big and strong. and the mystery mouseketool. that's a surprise tool that can help us later. ♪ toodles has the tools the mouseketools ♪ ♪ so when we need them toodles will bri ng them ♪ ♪ he's here for meedles and yo udles ♪ ♪ and all we have to say is "oh, to odles!" ♪ ♪ all we have to say is "oh, tood les!" ♪ toodle-oo, toodles. [laughs] ok, everybody, put on your cowboy hats, 'cause today we're having a big number r ound-up. get along, mousekaroos! yahoo! yee-haw! now let's call on our friends to help us.
7:37 am
everybody holler "come and help us, y'all!" [all] come and help us, y' all! [both] howdy, boys! howdy, miss minnie. howdy, miss daisy. howdy, pardners. how do, donald ? [numbers laughin g] hey, what's the big idea? goofy accidentally dropped the professor's box of w ild numbers, and now they're running ever ywhere. - [horn honking] - we got to rustle them up before the professor comes b ack. then let's do it . wait. first thing i got to do is push the surp rise switch. now everybody say, "surpri se!"
7:38 am
welcome to mickey corral. gosh, is this where we're gonna put all them wil d numbers? you betcha! whenever we catch a number we're gonna put it in the corral here. then, once we round them all up, we'll put them back in the box. let's start by counting the numbers down all the way from ten ... one. ready? [all] ten, nine, eight seven, six, five four, three, two, one! mighty fine work, pardne rs. now let's all grab our lassos and... - ♪ we're gonna round up all them
7:39 am
numbers ten to one ♪ - ♪ ten to one ♪ - ♪ we're gonna round up all them numbers ten to one ♪ - ♪ ten to one ♪ ♪ we're gonna put them in a row ♪ - ♪ back in the box they'll go ♪ - yippee! - ♪ we're gonna round up all them numbers ten to one ♪ - yahoo! - [giggling] - yee-ha! we caught somethin g. [goofy] you lassoed the ten. head them up! let's get him in the corral! [minnie] oh, dear! that ten doesn't look like he wants t o go anywhere. how can we move hi m? step aside, ma'am, i'll d o it. [both straining] sarsaparilla!
7:40 am
[sighs] that ten is stubborn. we need to rustle up a mousek etool. everybody say, "oh, toodle s!" [all] oh, toodle s! [mickey] now, let's see, which mouseketool is strong enough to help us pull in that numbe r ten? why, how about the elephant? is an elephant strong enou gh? [laughs] you betcha! we got us some ears! say, "ch eers!" [trumpets] [laughing] - [mickey] it's working! - [elephant trumpets] [goofy] thanks mr. jumbo. that really helped.
7:41 am
well done, pardners. we caught the number t en. remember, we're counting down from t en to one. so if we got the ten what number' s next? nine! right! ooh! there goes number n ine. - [laughing] - [barking] but it's moving so quickly. how can we rou nd it up? why don't we try getting its attention by makin g it laugh? great idea, mickey. if the nine stops da ncing around because it's laughing so hard, maybe we can catch it. - [nine laughs] - [mickey clears throat] oh, minnie, do you know why the six ran away from the seven? why, no, micke y. why did the six run away from th e seven? because seven ate nine. [l aughs] get it? seven, eight, ni ne!
7:42 am
[laughing] [laughs] aw, come on, fella! we caught the number nine. ten, nine. what's nex t? you got it. the number eight. [laughter] slow down, buckaroo! hold your ho rses! oh, my! look at that number eight go! hold on, goofy ! - yippee-ki-yahoo! - we've got to cat ch goofy. - and that goofy eight. - it's time for a mouseketoo l, pilgrim. everybody say, "giddyup, tood les!" [all] giddyup, toodl
7:43 am
es! [mickey] hmm. can a giant catcher's mitt help us catch goofy and the number eig ht? yep, sure can. we got us some ears! say, "ch eers!" [whistling] - safe! - yes sirree, mickey i sure am safe thanks t o you. and to you too. [lau ghs] ten, nine, eight. since we're counting down, what number do we need next, cowpokes? yep. ten, nine
7:44 am
eight, seven . whoa! [laughs] there goes number seven. it's moving faster than a tumbleweed on a sil ly slide! hmm. how we gonna catch it? well, i think i know how but it could b e tricky. step right up, ladies and gentle-numbers, for an amazing trick by goofy the great! i'm counting down and thinking of a number between eight and six. can anyone guess w hat it is? [giggling] [goofy] sweet potater pie! you're right, number seven. the answer is seven.
7:45 am
[giggling] [laughs] got your number, seven. [mickey] ten, nine eight, seven . all right. we're doing mighty fine. [phone rings ] - how do? - hello there, mickey. did the package got here yet for the pr ofessor? oh, yeah. sure did, prof essor. beautiful! as soon as i finish this great big submarin e sandwich i'm coming right over there to pick it up. - thank you very much. - oh , no! we got to hurry and round up all the numbers. why, the professor will be ba ck soon. gosh, we only have ten, nine, - eight and seven so far. - whee!
7:46 am
well, lookee-loo! there goes the six! and the five! and the fo ur! come on, everybody. let's round up the next thr ee numbers. - whee! - [goofy] keep an eye on them. they 're tricky! [mickey] do you see them? which rock is the six hiding behind? the small, medium or lar ge? the six is behind the large rock? [making revving noise] all right, smarty-dood le! and which rock is the number five hidi ng behind? the medium rock?
7:47 am
- [laughing] - right again! and so that means the number four must be hiding behind the small r ock. - [number laughing] - gotcha! [laughs] [mickey] ten, nine, eight, seven, six five, four ! oh, boy! what's ne xt? yep, the number three. can't fool you. three is my favorite num ber. and i know just how to round it up. oh, mr. three! - [buzzing] - i have a pro blem.
7:48 am
i can't figure out what one dot plus two dot s equals. do you know what one dot plus two dots equals? - [buzzing] - you know the answer? why don't you show it to me? let's see. one dot plus two dots equals one, two, thr ee. three dots. thank you, number three. - [laughs] - [buzzi ng] [mickey] ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five four, thre e. [laughs] what do you think the next n umber is? now, let me gues s. um, two. [laughs] then comes one. - [laughing] - and there th ey go! wow! let's get them there numbe rs! gosh, that two and one sure a re fast.
7:49 am
- [numbers laughing] - i bet the two an d the one will slow down if we get them tired. maybe a mouseketool can help us do that. good thinking, gals. everybody holler, "oh, toodles!" [all] oh, toodle s! [mickey] let's see. all that's left is the mystery mouseketool. let's all give a big round-up shout! [all] mystery mouseket ool! [mickey] what's today's mystery mous eketool? - it's a jump rope. - [minnie laughs] a jump rope is great for playing a jump ing game. [daisy] and if we can get the numbers to play, maybe we can tire them o ut. [mickey] and slow them down just enough so we can w rangle them. we picked all our mouseketools. say, "supe r cheers!"
7:50 am
- [numbers laughing] - howdy, number two and number one. - [laughing] - yee-ha! let's do it! get up , everybody. let's all jump with the numbers two and on e. ready? [both] jump, jump, j ump! jump, jump, jump ! [numbers panting ] all right! we got the jump on the numbers two a nd one. three, two and one. we got all our numbers pard ners! [all laughin g] [von drake] oh, mickey! i'm back! oh, gosh, it's the professor. let's get a move on!
7:51 am
♪ swing your number, do-si-do ♪ ♪ come on, numbers get in a row ♪ ♪ then twirl your partner to and fro ♪ ♪ and in the box you all wi ll go ♪ wahoo! yippie-ki-yay-o-yay! we did it! just in time! oh, look! my box ! so good to see you . now let me see my special num bers. [mickey] uh, profess or you might want to be careful wit h that. [laughs] right, everyb ody? [gasping] [numbers laughin g] oh, how do you like that. it looks like every number is present and cou nted for.
7:52 am
my, what good little well-behaved numbers yo u are there. hello, number five . - settle down, seven. - [lau ghter] nice to see you too, number two. oh, you're silly ! ok, kids, back in the box. le t's go. [numbers laughin g] oh, well, i'm gonna let you kids get back to what you were do ing here, and... say, what's going on with all the funny costumes? looks like you're having a round-up or something. [laughs] oh, you kids. well see you later, c rocodile. phew! thanks for helping us round up all the nu mbers today. now let's mosey on down to the cl ubhouse and do the hot dog dance! yahoo! [♪ they might be giants: hot dog!] ♪ hot dog! ♪ [barking in rhythm ]
7:53 am
♪ hot dog! ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggidy dog ♪ ♪ now we got ears it's time for ch eers ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog the problem's so lved ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggid y dog ♪ thanks for coming over to the clubhouse today. we sure had lots of fun, and i hope to see you agai n real soon! keep dancing, everybody. yeah! what a hot dog day ! ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggid y dog ♪ ♪ it's a brand new day what you waiti ng for? ♪ ♪ get up, stretch out stomp on the floor ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggid y dog ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggid y dog ♪ ♪ we're splitting the scene we're full o f beans ♪ ♪ so long for now from mickey mouse ♪ that's me! ♪ and the mickey mous e ♪ ♪ clubhouse ♪ ♪
7:54 am
aw, thanks for stopping by. sure had lots of fun today, pals, rounding up all those wild numbers. [laughs] say, do you remember what one dot plus two d ots equals? [daisy] three dots, ri ght. and what was the wild number that also knew t he answer? the number three you got it, pardner! [mickey] what a hot dog day. happy trails now. see you re al soon.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
♪ ♪que stuffed bear ♪ ♪ he's on a special assignment ♪ ♪ to help a kid somewhere ♪ ♪ and with help from you ♪ ♪ there's nothing he can't do ♪ ♪ he's oso special ♪ mr. dos: hurry, special agent oso. man: ♪ oso special ♪ oso: sounds like a plan. man: ♪ when he's on the scene ♪
8:03 am
♪ he'll do all he can ♪ ♪ learning brand-new skills chasing danger and thrills ♪ it's all part of the plan. man: ♪ he's oso special ♪ hurry, oso. man: ♪ oso special ♪ paw pilot: way to go. man: ♪ special agent ♪ paw pilot: ♪ special, special, special special, special ♪ man: oso! [♪♪] paw pilot: [train whistle blows] rapide: whoo, whoo! [train whistle blows] rapide: whoo, whoo!
8:04 am
[train whistle blowing] rapide: whoo, whoo! what's my training exercise today, agent wolfie? special agent oso, today's training exercise is high-speed package transfer. now, pay attention, oso. you need to get the box with the blue moon on it from your train, rapide, to your helicopter, whirly bird. [whirly bird honks] [♪♪] this is gonna be fun. wolfie: once whirly bird has the box tell him "go" so he knows to fly away with it. sounds like a plan agent wolfie. one more thing, oso. it's very noisy on top of rapide. so you need to shout really loud so whirly bird can hear you. okay. [♪] now, which box am i supposed to move?
8:05 am
the one with the blue moon. thanks. [♪♪] [crowd cheering] when does josie get to play? i'm sure your sister will be in the game soon, maria. [spectators cheer] [chanting] go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight. all: front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! what was that, daddy? that's the gator team cheer. we do it to help the team. guess what? i'm playing in the second half. that's great, josie. don't forget to do the gator cheer for me, little sis. [♪] i wanna do the cheer for my sister, but i don't know how. [radar beeping]
8:06 am
[♪♪] [♪♪] [grunts] almost. come closer, whirly bird. wolfie told me to do something so whirly could hear me. uh-oh. oh, no. a tunnel! oso, get down. vite, vite. fast. fast. paw pilot: special alert. special alert. huh? whirly bird: going up! [♪♪] it's all part of the plan. more or less. [watch chimes] mr. dos: special agent oso,
8:07 am
mr. dos here. we have a cheer-ious situation. maria wants to do the cheer for her sister but doesn't know how to do the team cheer. your special assignment: help maria learn the team cheer. understood. will you help me with this special assignment? okay. paw pilot, what special steps will i need for this assignment? ♪ three special steps ♪ ♪ that's all you need ♪ ♪ three special steps and you'll succeed ♪ ♪ your special assignment is starting now ♪ ♪ and three special steps will show you how ♪ ♪ step 1 ♪ watch the cheer. ♪ step 2 ♪ practice the cheer. ♪ step 3 ♪ do the cheer. ♪ three special steps so now you know ♪ ♪ three special steps and you're ready to go ♪ ♪ the checklist has all the steps you need ♪ ♪ just follow them all and you will succeed ♪
8:08 am
♪ with three special steps ♪ watch the cheer, practice the cheer, do the cheer. sounds like a plan. mr. dos: hurry, oso. the second half of the game is going to end soon. [♪♪] [train whistle blows] what's the code name for today's special assignment paw pilot? code name: the girl who cheered me. [♪♪] ♪ when your favorite team is looking blue ♪ ♪ from the stands what can you do? ♪ ♪ give them something that they love to hear ♪ ♪ by shouting out a happy cheer ♪ ♪ when you're cheering ♪ ♪ fill them with glee ♪ ♪ they'll thank the girl who cheered me ♪ thanks, paw pilot. special assignment accepted.
8:09 am
[♪♪] [crowd cheering] special agent oso. are you here on a special assignment? yes i am, maria. i'm here to help you learn the team cheer. you know the gator cheer? well, not yet. but we can learn it together. what's the first special step, paw pilot? step 1: watch the cheer. look, oso. those kids are starting the cheer right now. okay. let's all pay close attention to the cheer. [♪] go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight! front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! that sure is a neat cheer. but it went by really fast. don't worry, oso shutter bug recorded it. great. let's watch it together.
8:10 am
go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight! front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! well, we watched the cheer. what's next? step 2: practice each part. here's a tip: first, practice the words. great. ready? go, go... what's the next word? gators! it's the name of the team. right. let's start again. both: go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight! front step, back step... bite, bite, bite. yeah! let's say it again to make sure we've got all the words. both [chanting]: go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight! front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! way to go. now try the words with the movements. go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight! the next part's easy. you just do what the words tell you to do. front step, back step--
8:11 am
whoa! i don't think this is part of the cheer. [giggles] be careful stepping backwards, oso. right. okay, now what's the last part of the cheer? hm. i don't remember. but i think it rhymes with "fight, fight, fight." was it "light"? uh, "bright"? uh, "tight"? wait. the team is the gators and what do gators do? both: bite, bite, bite! oh, right, right, right. great work. now for step 3: do the cheer. but you need to hurry. the second half of the game will end in 15 seconds. fifteen. fourteen. both: go, go, gators. fight, fight, fight. paw pilot: thirteen. front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! paw pilot: twelve. we did it!
8:12 am
paw pilot: eleven. but i don't think josie heard us. paw pilot: ten. oso, we need to shout the cheer really loud. paw pilot: nine. shout really loud? that's what wolfie told me to do too. paw pilot: eight. let's all shout the cheer really loud so maria's sister can hear. paw pilot: seven. go, go, gators! both: fight, fight, fight! front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! paw pilot: six. all: go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight! paw pilot: five. all: front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! paw pilot: four. all: go, go, gators! fight, fight, fight! paw pilot: three. front step, back step, bite, bite, bite! paw pilot: two. [♪♪] [whistle blows] paw pilot: one. assignment complete. she heard us cheering. thanks, oso. thanks to you too. happy to help, maria. and now i have some shouting of my own to do. [♪♪] almost there. i need whirly bird to move closer.
8:13 am
thanks to maria, i remember that wolfie told me to shout really loud so whirly can hear me. come closer, whirly! whirly bird: closer? you got it, oso. thanks, whirly bird! now, go! [♪♪] outstanding, oso. [howls] outstanding. you've just earned your high-speed package transfer award. [♪] [watch chimes] mr. dos: that's not all you've done today, oso. tell him, paw pilot. ♪ your special assignment was a success ♪ ♪ because you followed three special steps ♪ ♪ by using the checklist along the way ♪ ♪ here are the things you did today ♪ ♪ check 1 ♪ you watched the cheer.
8:14 am
oso: a few times. paw pilot: ♪ check 2 ♪ you practiced the cheer. oso: words first, then the moves. paw pilot: ♪ check 3 ♪ you did the cheer. oso: we shouted really loud. paw pilot: and maria got to cheer her sister during the game. ♪ your special assignment was a success ♪ ♪ you did your three special steps ♪ mr. dos: and for that you've earned a special assignment digi-medal. well, you deserve a digi-medal for your hard work too. paw pilot: this digi-medal's for you. this was one assignment worth shouting about. [♪♪] paw pilot: wolfie: oso, for today's training exercise, you must sail this boat until you reach the submarine out there.
8:15 am
once you reach the submarine lower the anchor. the anchor keeps the boat from floating away. now, pay attention, oso. to lower the anchor, you need to give this wheel a good, hard spin. got it, special agent wolfie. but first we have to raise the anchor so you can sail off. [grunts] that should do it. remember, you'll have to lower the anchor when you reach the submarine. got it. hm, it looks like it might rain, so i better wear my raincoat. have you seen my yellow raincoat? there it is! thanks. [♪♪] so long, oso. [boat motor roars] [boat horn blows]
8:16 am
i'm glad your mom said we could do chalk drawings on your sidewalk. me too. i'm done. who wants a snack? me. i do. i'm hungry. then after our snack we'll have a hoop-a-loop party. all: yippee! a hoop-a-loop party. oh, wait a minute. i don't know how to twirl a hoop-a-loop. sorry, ava. if you're going to a hoop-a-loop party you have to know how to twirl one. [door opens] don't worry, sis. maybe when you get a little bigger. [door opens, closes] [radar beeping] [♪♪]
8:17 am
look. there's the submarine. this is where i'm supposed to lower the anchor. [water splashes] but i'm not sure how to lower the anchor. [♪♪] oso: whoa! whoa! whoa! [watch chimes] paw pilot: special alert. special alert. [watch chimes] mr. dos: special agent oso, mr. dos here. the situation could twirl out of control. ava wants to join the hoop-a-loop party with her big sister and her sister's friends. but she doesn't know how to twirl a hoop-a-loop. your special assignment: help ava learn to twirl a hoop-a-loop. understood.
8:18 am
but it might be tricky. will you help me with this special assignment? great. paw pilot, what special steps will we need for this assignment? ♪ three special steps ♪ ♪ that's all you need ♪ ♪ three special steps and you'll succeed ♪ ♪ your special assignment is starting now ♪ ♪ and three special steps will show you how ♪ ♪ step 1 ♪ find a hoop-a-loop. ♪ step 2 ♪ spin the hoop around your waist. ♪ step 3 ♪ move your hips to keep the hoop spinning. ♪ three special steps so now you know ♪ ♪ three special steps and you're ready to go ♪ ♪ the checklist has all the steps you need ♪ ♪ just follow them all and you will succeed ♪ ♪ with three special steps ♪ [watch chimes] mr. dos: hurry, oso. the hoop-a-loop party will begin soon. [honks] hey, oso. you need a lift? i sure do, whirly bird. [♪♪]
8:19 am
what's the code name for today's special assignment, paw pilot? code name: license to twirl. [♪♪] ♪ when you're with the big kids ♪ ♪ and you want to twirl a hoop-a-loop ♪ ♪ you gotta swing your hips to keep it going ♪ ♪ or else the hoop-a-loop might droop ♪ ♪ you can be a boy or girl ♪ ♪ just give that hoop a whirl ♪ ♪ and you'll have ♪ ♪ license to twirl ♪ thanks, paw pilot. special assignment accepted. [♪♪] and there's ava's house. i think i see her. on the porch. onto the porch you go. huh? [device beeps] [♪]
8:20 am
whoa! whoa...! it's all part of the plan. more or less. special agent oso. are you here on a special assignment? well, that's right, ava. i'm here to help you learn to twirl a hoop-a-loop. yes! paw pilot, what's the first special step? step 1: find a hoop-a-loop. i think there's one on the porch somewhere. i thought for sure there were some hoop-a-loops here. maybe the hoop-a-loop is hiding behind something. the hoop-a-loop is shaped like a circle. do you see a hidden circle? it's a circle, but what is it?
8:21 am
oh. it's a swim ring not a hoop-a-loop. let's keep looking. do you see another hidden circle? there's another one. is it a hoop-a-loop? nah, it's a bike wheel. let's find another hidden circle. a hoop-a-loop! thanks for helping us find it. look, oso. i found another hoop-a-loop. one for you and one for me. good job, ava. check 1. what's the next step paw pilot? step 2: spin the hoop-a-loop. well, let's get spinning oso. hee-hee! you got it, ava. paw pilot said the second step was to twirl the hoop-a-loop. oso, you're supposed to twirl the hoop-a-loop around your waist, not your arm.
8:22 am
can you put your hands on your waist to show me where the hoop-a-loop goes? thanks. now, let's give it a twirl. huh? hm. don't spin it lightly, oso. give it a good, hard spin. that way it will twirl around your waist longer. give it a good hard spin? that sounds like something wolfie said. like this, oso. way to go, you two. check 2. what's the next step paw pilot? step 3: move your hips to keep the hoop-a-loop spinning. whoa...whoa... whoa! ungh. oso, i've seen my sister move her hips like this when she twirls her hoop-a-loop. maybe if we move our hips like that, it'll help keep our hoop-a-loops spinning.
8:23 am
let's all practice moving our hips for the hoop-a-loop. ready? [♪♪] great. well, i think we've got the hang of this hip-moving. now, let's try spinning the hoop-a-loop at the same time. paw pilot: better hurry, oso. alyssa and her friends will be back in five seconds to start the hoop-a-loop party. five. four. three. we're doing it! two. one. assignment complete. good job little sister. thanks, alyssa. thanks, oso. i bet if i keep practicing i'll be able to twirl a hoop-a-loop even longer. you got that right, ava.
8:24 am
so let's get hooping. [whirly bird honks] let's go, oso. have fun, ava. bye. ava: bye, oso. thank you. alyssa: bye, oso. [♪] now, to lower the anchor i need to give the wheel a good, hard spin. just like ava told me to do with the hoop-a-loop. [strains] [metal gears squeal] it worked! yes! we did it! outstanding, oso. [howls] outstanding. you've earned your anchor's aweigh training award. [♪♪] paw pilot: way to go, oso. [watch chimes] mr. dos? mr. dos: that's not all you did today. tell him, paw pilot. ♪ your special assignment was a success
8:25 am
♪ ♪ because you followed three special steps ♪ ♪ by using the checklist along the way ♪ ♪ here are the things you did today ♪ ♪ check 1 ♪ you found a hoop-a-loop. oso: not one, but two. paw pilot: ♪ check 2 ♪ you spun the hoop around your waist. oso: a good, hard spin. paw pilot: ♪ check 3 ♪ you moved your hips to keep it spinning. oso: uh-huh, it's all in the hips. paw pilot: and ava learned to hoop-a-loop in time for the party. ♪ your special assignment was a success ♪ ♪ you did your three special steps ♪ mr. dos: and for that you've earned a special assignment digi-medal. you deserve a special-assignment digi-medal for your hard work too. paw pilot: this digi-medal's for you. we sure kept this assignment going around. [♪♪]
8:26 am
paw pilot: can you remember which card has the boat? take a good look. now, shuffle. is this card the boat? no, that's a ball. how about this card? yes! you found the boat! and here's the hoop. great work!
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
hey, everybody it's me, mickey mouse. say, you want to come inside my clubhouse? well, all right. let's go. aw, i almost forgot. to make the clubhouse appear we get to say the magic words. meeska, mooska, mickey mouse. say it with me. meeska, mooska, mickey mouse. [♪ they might be giants: mickey mouse clubhouse theme] ♪ m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e ♪ that's me. ♪ m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e ♪ ♪ it's the mickey mouse clubhouse ♪ ♪ come inside it's fun inside ♪ ♪ it's the mickey mouse clubhouse ♪ [man] roll call.
8:33 am
- donald? - present. - daisy? - here. - goofy? - here. - pluto? - [barks] - minnie? - here. - mickey? - right here. ♪ it's the mickey mouse clubhouse ♪ ♪ come inside it's fun inside ♪ ♪ m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e ♪ [mickey] it's the mickey mouse clubhouse. "mickey's message from mars." hiya, everybody! i was hoping to see you today. [barking] thanks for reminding me, pluto! today we're going up to the clubhouse telescope. professor von drake is going to show us some stars in outer space. want to come? great! to the cup car!
8:34 am
hiya, professor. oh, mickey. hello. seen any stars yet? i have seen something, all right, but not stars. i have just discovered something... ...mysterious! mysterious? what i saw, you see, is flashing lights coming from the planet mars. look for yourself, would you? let's all take a look! [von drake] you see that? blue, blue, yellow, green. blue, blue yellow, green. the lights are flashing in a pattern. a repeating pattern of flashing lights can mean only one thing. it's a message, is what. [mickey] let's get a closer look.
8:35 am
huh? the message sender is someone who looks like me. [von drake] it's a martian mickey! ooh! a martian me? gosh, what do you think he's trying to tell us with those flashing colored lights? i don't know. but i do know a real smarty pants who can figure out what that message from mars means. oh, mousekedoer! we need a favor. we saw lights flashing a message from mars. they flashed like blue, blue, yellow, green. blue, blue yellow, green. so what does it mean already? aha! the mousekedoer says that "blue, blue yellow, green" means
8:36 am
"please, please come help!" gosh. that means martian mickey needs our help. say, you want to go on an adventure to mars with me and help martian mickey? hot dog! we're going to need some mouseketools. ♪ mouseker-hey, mouseker-hi mouseker-ho ♪ ♪ mouseker-ready, mouseker-set, here we go ♪ ♪ you're a thinkin' and a solvin' work-it-througher ♪ ♪ mouseker-me, mouseker-you mousekedoer ♪ ♪ mouseker-me mouseker-you, mousekedoer ♪ ♪ oh, toodles it's time to get to it ♪ ♪ show us the mouseketools to help us do it ♪ ♪ meeska, mooska, mousekedoer! ♪ ♪ mouseketools, mouseketools, mouseketools ♪
8:37 am
♪ here are your mouseketools ♪ [mickey] giant building blocks. swell! a butterfly net. a carpet great for walking on. and the mystery mouseketool. that's a surprise tool that can help us later. ♪ toodles has the tools the mouseketools ♪ ♪ so when we need them toodles will bring them ♪ ♪ he's here for meedles and youdles ♪ ♪ and all we have to say is "oh, toodles!" ♪ ♪ all we have to say is "oh, toodles!" ♪ now that we have our mouseketools we're ready to go on our adventure to mars. then it's up, up and away. all the way on to outer space! whoo-hoo!
8:38 am
space explorers, come in, please. oh, lookie who's going to be the captain of this ship, me. [von drake] roger that, captain goofy. donald, minnie and i will be watching here from clubhouse mission control. it's time for the countdown. donald, could you begin with the numbers counting down from ten to one, please? ok, professor! - ♪ ten, nine, eight... ♪ - ♪ all systems looking great ♪ - ♪, six, five... ♪ - i get to drive! ♪ four, three, two best of luck, space crew! ♪ ♪ one have fun! ♪ and... blast off!
8:39 am
♪ we're on our way to mars ♪ ♪ out here among the stars ♪ ♪ bon voyage, space crew ♪ ♪ best of luck to all of you ♪ ♪ sit back, we'll be there soon ♪ ♪ watch out you'll hit the moon ♪ i meant that! watch out! you'll hit the moon! whoa! gosh! great steering, goof. that's why i'm the captain. - [barking] - uh-oh. captain goofy looks like something else might be in our way. ahoy there, rocket ship!
8:40 am
pete's my name and collecting space tolls is my game. if you want to get past me you got to pay the price. three beans for each space traveler. gosh! will you help us figure out how many beans we need to pay pete? - thanks. - oh, goody-goody! [daisy] so how many space travelers are on the rocket ship? there's mickey, pluto, goofy and me. that makes one, two, three, four space travelers. and pete wants three beans for each of us. help me count how many beans we need for all of us, ok? one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ten, 11, 12. that's 12 beans we have to pay to
8:41 am
get past pete. [chortles] sure is lucky. i always keep exactly 12 beans in my hat. thanks for the beans old bean. oh, sputtering sputniks! where's gravity when you need it? come on, let's help pete with a mouseketool. everybody say, "oh, toodles!" oh, toodles! [mickey] hmm, we have giant building blocks, a butterfly net, a carpet and the mystery mouseketool. can any of these help pete catch the floating beans? [goofy] i know. the butterfly net.
8:42 am
that's always good for catching stuff. [mickey] we've got ears, say "cheers!" gee, thanks. this ought to do her. there's one and a two, three, four... good. ...five, six, seven... ...eight, nine ten, 11 and 12. ha ha!
8:43 am
whoa. look, everybody. the flashing light message is coming from over there. come on! oh, boy! i've always heard earthlings are friendly. and now i see they're handsome, too. my name's martian mickey. and i'm, uh, well... earth mickey. but everybody just calls me mickey. and these are my pals goofy, daisy and pluto. nice to meet you, goofy. - hiya, daisy. - hi. and hello there, pluto. [chuckles] what a good dog. you know i have a dog, too.
8:44 am
pluto from earth meet pluto from pluto. [barking] martian mickey, we got your flashing light message. so, how can we help? well, yesterday pluto from pluto and i buried a very special martian treasure to keep it safe. but we forgot where we buried our treasure. and we can't start our martian moon festival without it. aw, don't worry, martian mickey. we'll help you find the treasure. you will? oh, boy! but, well, all i can remember is that we buried the treasure in red sand. well, uh that's a start. mm, not really. you see, all of mars is covered in red sand. well, let's go over everything you did before you buried the treasure. that will help us find it. ok, martian mickey what's the first thing you did?
8:45 am
hmm. first we went to the top of the highest hill to look around for a good place to bury the treasure. then we'll go there, too. let's get moving, boys. gosh! this here hill's plenty high, all right. whoa, whoa! [chortles] and steep, too. how are we going to get up it? well, fly, of course. but we can't fly. we don't have rockets on our feet. gosh, i thought everyone had rockets on their feet. nope, but we have something of our own. everybody say, "oh, toodles!" oh, toodles! oh, toodles? [mickey] hmm, we have giant building
8:46 am
blocks and the carpet. can either of these help us get to the top of the hill? [daisy] i think the blocks would work if we stack them like stairs. let's try it! [mickey] we've got ears, say "cheers!" going up. good thing they're giant building blocks. here we are. [chuckles] some view, huh? [daisy] it sure is. now let's see, the first thing you did was look for a place to bury your martian treasure. what did you do second? hmm. - [squealing] - oh, you're right, boy. we decided to take the treasure to one of the three martian craters. did you go to the crater in the front, the middle or the back?
8:47 am
front? middle? back? well, i don't know what those words mean. let's show martian mickey what front, middle and back mean. is this crater in the front, middle or back? that's right. this one's in the front. [mickey] well, how about this crater? is it in the front middle or back? right. this one's in the back. [daisy] and which crater is this one? this one's in the middle. so, martian mickey which crater did you go to? the one in the front middle or back? the crater in the front. goody. then that's where we'll go next.
8:48 am
stop! this is the sea of sticky sand. if you go any further you'll get stuck. whoa! it really is icky-sticky. how are we going to get across a whole sea of sticky-ickiness? why don't we call on your toodles friend? how does it go again? oh, yeah. everybody say, "toodles, oh!" toodles... oh! [mickey] we have the carpet and the mystery mouseketool. [daisy] do you think the carpet can help us get across the sticky sand? [goofy] golly, we can cover the sticky sand with the carpet and walk right over it. [mickey] we've got ears, say "cheers!"
8:49 am
yahoo! as long as we walk on the carpet we won't get stuck. [barking] we made it! everybody into the crater. let's find the martian treasure. so, martian mickey, what did you do with your treasure once you got to the crater? we buried it inside the circle of stones. gosh. do you see any stones around here? nope. i don't, either. but there was a circle of stones here earlier. i know there was. [squealing] hmm. it's a martian mystery. [sneezes]
8:50 am
i think i know what happened to the circle of stones. the wind blew sand and covered them all up. if only there was some way to get rid of all this doggone sand. well, there is a way! everybody say "oh, toodles!" [all] oh, toodles! [mickey] all we have left is the mystery mouseketool. everybody say, "mystery mouseketool!" [all] mystery mouseketool! [mickey] what's today's mystery mouseketool? [goofy] it's a vacuum cleaner. that's exact-tackly what we need. [mickey] we've picked all our mouseketools. say "super cheers!"
8:51 am
there. all done. wow, there's lots of stones. but which ones are in a circle? you got it! that's the circle. and that's where we buried the martian treasure! [growling and panting] the plutos found something. that's the martian treasure! oh, boy! we found it and without a minute to spare. it's time for the martian moon festival. let's open the treasure.
8:52 am
- [martian mickey] yum! - [daisy] look, mickey. martian treasure is hot dogs. [giggling] hmm, them's hot dogs all right. gosh. well, uh, we have hot dogs on earth, too. hot dogs? that's a funny name. on mars we call them yum blatz! yum blatz? [laughing] and now for the best part of the martian moon festival the yum blatz dance! - the yum blatz dance? - [squealing in tune] ♪ yum blatz, yum blatz yum-biggity-blatz ♪ ♪ come dance along to a martian song ♪ ♪ just move your feet you can't go wrong ♪ [squealing] ♪ yum blatz, yum blatz yum-biggity-blatz ♪ [all laughing] well, you and your friends have made this the best martian moon festival ever. thanks for coming to mars, earth mickey.
8:53 am
and thank you, too. [mickey] glad we could help you out martian mickey. and if you ever need anything else, just send us another message. see you real soon! oh! welcome home, everybody. you made it! how do you like that? everything on mars worked out great. and we even brought you back a little something. what is it? what? hot dogs? not hot dogs, donald. yum blatz.
8:54 am
yummy yum blatz! aw! what an out of this world day we've had. come on, let's celebrate with the yum blatz... ...i mean, the hot dog dance! [♪ they might be giants: hot dog!] ♪ hot dog! ♪ ♪ hot dog! ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggity-dog ♪ ♪ now, we got ears it's time for cheers ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog the problem's solved ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggity-dog ♪ thanks for helping us today at the clubhouse. oh, i sure had fun. and i hope you did, too. and thanks for doing the hot dog dance. yeah! what a hot dog day! ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggity-dog ♪ ♪ it's a brand new day what you waiting for? ♪
8:55 am
♪ get up, stretch out stomp on the floor ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggity-dog ♪ ♪ hot dog, hot dog hot diggity-dog ♪ ♪ we're splitting the scene we're full of beans ♪ ♪ so long for now from mickey mouse ♪ that's me. ♪ and the mickey mouse ♪ ♪ clubhouse ♪ aw, thanks for stopping by. [mickey] say, how many space travelers went to mars today? [goofy] right, four. [minnie] and pete wanted three beans for each space traveler. [daisy] so, do you remember how many beans we gave pete altogether? right, 12. [mickey] see you later space explorers.
8:56 am
[♪♪] ♪ get up and dance a lot ♪ ♪ with the robot named dance-a-lot ♪ ♪ get up and move a lot ♪ ♪ move your body to the sounds ♪ ♪ of dance-a-lot ♪ ♪ robot! ♪
8:57 am
hey, everybody! let's get into the groove, and learn a new dance with me, dance-a-lot! sounds cool, dance-a-lot! what's today's dance? can you help hailey and shawn figure out what today's dance is? hey! that's a race car! affirmative, shawn! and here's revy doing the race car dance! now we can do it-do it do it together! first, pump-pump-pump your legs up and down like wheels racing on a car. now grab the steering wheel! mine's got a horn! beep! beep! vroom! vroom! so let's vroom around the room! now you show me your race car moves. come on, everybody let's do the race car dance. here we go-go! [♪♪]
8:58 am
♪ i'm a race car i like to spin my wheels ♪ ♪ i'm a race car ♪ ♪ yeah, i like the way it feels ♪ ♪ when i'm driving 'round in circles ♪ ♪ on the race car track ♪ ♪ first i go to the other side and then i come back ♪ ♪ i'm a race car i'm a race car ♪ ♪ i'm a race car ♪ ♪ and i drive real fast let's go! ♪ [♪♪] ♪ i'm racing like a flash i'm coming through ♪ ♪ i'm shooting past here i'm racing after you! ♪ ♪ i'm a race car i'm a race car ♪ ♪ i'm a race car and i drive real fast ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ ♪ come on! ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ ♪ come on! ♪
8:59 am
♪ i rev my engine i spin my wheels ♪ ♪ i throw it in gear and i step on the gas! ♪ ♪ i'm a race car i'm a race car ♪ ♪ i'm a race car and i drive real fast ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ [♪♪] dance-dance-dance-tastic everyone! until next time, get into the groove and keep dancing! ♪ i'm a race car and i drive real fast ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪


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