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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news at 6 gunfire rattling a normally quiet neighborhood. one man is dead and police are trying to figure out who killed him. an amtrack train headed to pen station struck by an object. passengers taking to twitter to share the startling moment. and the race for the white house kicks into hyper drive. the first primary votes cast in the state of iowa. good morning i'm lauri stokes. >> it's monday february 1 and you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> i'm looking at temperatures here and they are just unbelievably warm. there's your seven day forecast
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of the week. but it is quite warm here as we look down the jersey shore. temperatures starting off at 50 degrees with just 23 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. 48 around laguardia, 41jfk, 44 white plains. looking at 37 around sussex, 48 around newburg. these numbers are way warm for this time of the year looking at just that warm temperatures averaging 20 degrees warmer than normal. 56 by noon time, 57 this afternoon with a couple showers starting around 2 or 3. heather looking at your commute. happy monday to you. >> happy monday to you. j trains having mechanical problems. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing just fine. we still have this accident going to the northbound side near exit 22 an accident fuel spill involved and two lanes closed down as a result and the
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onto the southbound side you do have a disabled vehicle there. the lincoln tunnel doing just fine. the holland tunnel also a minor weight and the bay bridge was reopened this morning. traffic is moving once again and alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. ken over to you. >> now breaking news in new jersey a deadly shooting inside an apartment in hoboken. >> police shut down the 700 block of grand street at about 1:30 this morning. mallory huff is live on the scene for us. good morning. >> lauri, ken, good morning. the medical examiner's van left the scene not too long ago. this street still closed at this hour as investigators continue to try to get to the bottom of this. taking a look at the video of the scene after we arrived at grand street in hoboken there's been a pretty significant police presence out here
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what we know right now a man was found dead inside an apartment. the discovery was made just after 1:30 this morning. a middle-aged man was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. back out here live a pretty large police presence out here. investigators still combing the scene for evidence but the circumstances surrounding this man's death are still unclear. live in hoboken mallory huff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> new this morning a real scare for passengers on an amtrack train police are investigating a report of objects hitting an express on it's way from washington to new york. several windows were cracked as you can see and some passengers thought it was a gunshot or a rock hitting the side of the train. something may have been thrown at the train near the same philadelphia neighborhood where an amtrack train crashed last may. the ntsb is expected to release
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derailment from last year. today the first votes will be cast in the 2016 presidential election. iowa is the first in the nation with voters taking part in caucuses to pick their favorite candidate. the top two for the democrats and republicans spent this weekend blitzing the hawk eye state. the winner in iowa is far from certain. lana is live there. >> happy caucus day and you are right anything can happen among the number one two and three spots in the republican and one and two on the democratic side and at 7:00 they will try to pick the next president of the united states. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> i am a better candidate and thanks to you i will be a better president and i want you to know that. >> this is it.
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democrats and 11 republicans running for president. rob will be administering a caucus in western des moines. >> a lot of listen to their neighbors. >> the last iowa poll found five points or less separating first and second place and with about a third of voters still waiverring in their support campaigns can influence results up to the last second. in their final day on the trail ted cruz attended church. >> do you promise me you'll run this country like a god fearing christian man. >> he prayed for donald trump and marco rubio. >> i'm asking you to caucus for me tomorrow because when i'm the president of the united states we will confront the challenges of our time. >> rubio fighting hard for an upset second place finish or better. >> get out of bed and caucus. >> and donald trump long man in the lead gave his wife the mic
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>> he will be unbelievable. >> and iowans only get one shot to vote at 7:00 tonight unlike any other experiment in democracy. there will be speeches and people trying to persuade voters to come over to their candidate. we'll see how it unfolds. >> thank you. dave evans is covering today's caucuses. watch for his report and be sure to follow him on twitter@dave evans abc 7 posting behind the scenes pictures from des moines. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> here we go. taking a look outside and nice visibility from our camera in brooklyn looking over to the lower east side. time is 50 degrees--temperature is 50 degrees. wow that's warm, 23 degrees warmer than normal for this time of day.
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creating pockets of chilly or ground fog. showers to our west with this front that comes in here after lunch time today. 52 by 9, 54 at 11, 1:00 it's 56, 57 this afternoon nearly 20 degrees warmer than normal and then a few showers. not much we are talking about a tenth of an inch of rain. at the bus stop this morning a jacket or sweater will do it a cool start to the day and around 51 degrees. there she is celebrating four years with traffic. how does that feel? >> it feels wonderful. yeah great. >> are you busy today? >> every day i'm busy right? busy here, busy home. that's what we do. here is the van wick expressway. look at that delay as you come down into the gardens interchange. why? because they are moving a construction barrier so the south right near hillside avenue only one lane open at this point. new jersey transit, long island
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have a problem with j trains dealing with mechanical problems at essex street. then we have this accident on 287 north near 22. this accident has been with us all morning long. there's a fuel spill involved. two lanes are closed down as a result. on the saw mill river parkway south that's a disabled vehicle being cleared away so you have this delay as you get into mcclain avenue. let's go over to the web cam show you how things look as you travel. the lie is really starting to back up as you make your way into the grand central parkway. alternate side of the street parking rules back in effect after a long stretch of suspensions. ken and lauri over to you. >> heather thank you. 6:08 and overnight we learned of another knife attack on the subway. still ahead this morning what led up to the latest slashing and what the police commissioner is saying about crime in the city.
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melted this week the city is heading out west bringing terrell rain and snow and deadly winds. >> and if you are planning to
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one person is dead after strong winds brought a tree down. the oak tree crashed down across four lanes of traffic. a driver in a small honda sedan was killed. firefighters worked overnight to clear the debris from the street bringing in chain saws to cut the tree into smaller pieces for removal. police are trying to find the gunman in this frightening video. two men are arguing. one of them starts to shoot. this happened just after 9 saturday night in mount hope. the victim survived hit once in the leg. and new this morning cuba is opening the way for a chinese company to start wiring private homes for internet service. it's a first for the cubans after decades of reprofession. there's no word on how much it will cost but most cubans have
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recent arrival of cell phones. cuban workers earn a state salary of 25 dollars a month. foreign firms and cuba already pay hundreds of dollars a month for home connections for their executives. uber drivers will protest today against the company's price cuts in new york city. organizers are calling for a protest outside uber headquarters at noon. this comes after uber cut it's fairs by 15%. the companies says it would mean more business for drivers even if they make less money per ride. they hope to shut down service at noon by shutting off their phones for 24 hours. time to get a check on the forecast. >> bill evans live outside our studios on the upper west side. good morning bill. >> good morning everyone. thanks for joining us on monday. our snow pack is gone. our sideways are snow free. it's 50 degrees outside and it's only going to get warmer this week. here's a look outside from our cameras. here on the roof looking over
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beautiful sunrise in an hour. 50 degrees, 59% humidity. southerly wind. pressure has been falling because of a front approaching from the west. high number 56 degrees normal high 39. it should be 27 right now 23 degrees warmer than normal. it is february 1. 44 degrees up around long island and babylon it's all about 44 to 46 degrees as well as down the jersey shore about 33 up towards so a little snow on the ground makes it cool. but it feels great out here this morning. looking at clouds to start the day or breaks of sun before that line of rain gets here and on the future cast that line of rain really gets here about 3: 00 this afternoon. and then maybe off to the north it doesn't even rain at all. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s. there's the shoppers through the evening commute and then they are gone by 7:00 tonight
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temperatures starting the day tomorrow in the 30s so much cooler and by the afternoon tomorrow into the mid 40s but still the numbers are warmer than normal for this time of year. not a lot of rain coming with us just about a tenth of an inch. a few showers after school then gone tonight. our next shot of rain on wednesday which could be more significant and also create flooding issues. so a few clouds this morning or fog around with the snow pack on the ground. then sun and clouds and a couple of showers this afternoon. 57 degrees. an earlier shower. we clear out overnight 39 in the city, 29 in the suburbs probably breaks of sun. here's your acc u weather seven day forecast the rain on wednesday temperatures near 60 and the rain could be heavy enough to create street and highway flooding. we are looking at sunshine on thursday and friday and then we'll cool down this weekend
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still well above normal. where art thou snow pack or where is thy? thy is gone. >> thy is gone. >> i wouldn't mock it just yet. >> they left us. plenty more chances. february and march are significant snow months. enjoy it. >> we will. thank you bill. >> over to heather o'rourke with a check on the commute. >> i like that. signal problems at essex street so expect delays and news copter 7 above the mess in queens. going to say good morning to john. what are you seeing john? >> good morning heather. first live pictures from news copter 1 of what we can classify as a mystery on the van wick expressway southbound near hillside avenue take your attention right here with sky rider 7 in the center of your screen that portion of the jersey divider somehow got knocked out of place and you can see how it's blocking that
6:17 am
southbound now leaving only the right lane open. no construction crews out here, no police out here. this might have been from an overnight accident. all we can tell you is that barrier is out of place. only the right lane is open. southbound delays head to begin all the way by the lie. bumper to bumper volume. extra delays as well eastbound exiting to the van quick. >> thank you very much for that john. new jersey transit long island railroad and metro north on or close to schedule. an accident on 287 northbound side exit 22 that involves a fuel spill at one time lanes closed down through that spot and this disabled vehicle just about cleared away right near mcclain avenue so expect a bit of a delay or hick up as you go through that spot. minor delays george washington bridge lincoln and holland all doing just fine. alternate side of the street parking rules are back in effect for today. they were suspended for quite
6:18 am
you have to get out there and move your car. let's go over to a web cam. as you travel onto the lie this is past the queue garden center change and this is eastbound traffic so the lie is pretty heavy getting into the van wick and we have street cleaning rules again back in effect so you have to move the car. lauri over to you. >> heather thank you. police in newark are investigating a sunday morning burglary inside the church and a thief broke into the greater mount baptist church on elizabeth avenue by cutting a hole in the roof. the burglar took off with food and personal items. despite the damage the church staff is staying optimistic. >> it could have been worse. this could have been a tragedy and we could have been mourning somebody right now or the fact that something else could have happened but this incident is only a set back for our come up. >> detectives want to talk to anyone who may have seen
6:19 am
large amounts of canned goods. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning the fast spreading zika virus now becoming a health emergency. international doctors coming today to try to figure out how to stop it. also a new plan to clear up noise pollution in lower manhattan. today's tech bytes sam sung building it's buzz over the new galaxy s7 smart phone. >> we do know it will be released on february 21. >> we don't know the name. that name isn't confirmed and rumors suggest touch input and fast charging. and fiber is expanding it's phone service to allow user aseities a single phone number for all mobile devices. >> google fiber is testing with people around the country. and twitter is kicking off election season.
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on the money this morning investors hope to keep the momentum going after stocks posted their largest gain in five months. dow jones starts 396 point higher. right now futures are pointing to a lower open. markets in asia were mixed. adding 2% and finished lower. residents in lower manhattan will soon hear a lot less noise from helicopters giving tours above the city. >> after a deal to cut the number of tours flying over manhattan in half. people who live mere pier 6 have complained about the noise as helicopters fly over head. now the city and tour operators have agreed to reduce the number of flights over the next year but some people think that having fewer flights could harm the tourism industry. >> it takes away from the character of the city when you start taking away tourism options for people.
6:23 am
the same time the tours are cut by half and the business is up and down. >> tour operators have until january of next year to reduce the number of flights and starting in april helicopters will no longer fly on sundays. operators have also agreed to stop flying over governor's island. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans has the exclusive forecast. >> showers coming your way and some of them actually could be a light to moderate shower. mostly the temperatures are quite mild here. 50 in the park. 37 around sussex and some of these temperatures are really just off the chart warm by 23 degrees warmer than normal. to our west we are going to be looking at numbers that are warm like around new city up to the north and west, 52 by the afternoon today. really warm for this time of the year. so you are going to be at the
6:24 am
that's all you are going to need. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. how is it going? >> we have news chapter 7 showing us this. you can see the construction barrier has been knocked out of lac here so it's partially blocking the left lane and as a result your expressway delays go all the way back to the at least the ile. let me show you a web cam and show you the lie as you go into the van wick expressway. tractor trailer west coney island avenue. street cleaning rules back in effect. >> 6:25. john scott is in the sports version of rocky this morning. the 6-foot 8 enforcer with five goals and 500 penalty minutes in his career is the nhl all star game mvp. fans selected him
6:25 am
the minors but scored two goals in nashville yesterday. he earned a share of his team's money. closing in on 6:30 we continue to follow breaking news in hoboken. one person found shot to death inside an apartment. mallory rough tweeted this photo from the scene. also new overnight important health information about a dietary change to help fight breast cancer. and a bright flashlighting up social media up and down the east coast. blink and you might miss it. >> meteorologist bill evans returns with the (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad.
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we have breaking news one man shot and killed in hoboken five hours later police still have the street roped off with crime scene tape. we'll have a live report as we work to get more information. and another slash on the one say. the second time in the same
6:29 am
>> get ready to move your car. alternate side parking back in effect this morning. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lauri stokes. it's monday february 1. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> a gorgeous sunrise a mixture of sun and clouds and mild temperatures to start your monday. warm temperatures actually. 23 degrees warmer than normal. 50 in the park but blaze town 36. down to 36, 44 white plains. these numbers are all over the place and we've got sunshine and 50 by noon time, probably 57 this afternoon, low to mid 50s all over the place. rain starts around 3: 00. heather tell john thank you for showing us the 61-degree temperature where he is flying up above and the 34-degree temperature down below. >> what is that called? >> inversion. >> there you go. john knew that and that the two
6:30 am
>> yes we are. >> j and m trains signal problems at essex streets so expect delays and also unauthorized tractor trailer right near coney island. we know tractor trailers are not allowed on parkways. 217 going north it's an accident. fuel spill involved two lanes closed down on route 10 going to the eastbound side the ramp is closed down. that is another accident being cleared away and then a problem on the saw mill cleared south at mcclain avenue disabled vehicle. john up above enjoying 61- degree temperatures. what's going on and how is it looking? would you state your full name for the record, please looking. >> bill and i are weather geeks and you and i are traffic geeks. that jersey divider right there on van wick that southbound side of avenue knocked out for reasons unknown.
6:31 am
that jersey divider is making a heck of a mess. the left lane is out of service. only the right lane is zoned in the first place so that single file only southbound on the van wick towards kennedy airport delays begin all the way up by the lie and also delays on the grand central exiting as a result. live over the van wick expressway channel 7 eyewitness news. we have breaking news in hoboken where police are investigating a rare shooting. a man was found dead inside an apartment on grand street. mallory has the latest for us. good morning. >> good morning ken. that's right and a growing police presence just in the last few minutes you can see police and investigators here have blocked off the street. police trying to get to the bottom of this. take a look at this video of the scene. again this is grand street in hoboken. there's been a pretty significant police presence out here throughout the early morning.
6:32 am
was found dead inside of an apartment the discovery made just after 1:30 this morning. investigators say a middle-aged man was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. back out here live investigators appear to be combing through the scene looking for evidence. right now the circumstance surrounding this man's death very, very unclear. live in hoboken mallory huff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. 6:33 and this morning we learned of another slashing on the new york city subway. a man was cut last night during an attempted robbery on a c train in harlem. hours earlier a man was cut across a face on a 2 train platform at 110th street. new york city police commissioner william bratton answered questions across the city. dray clark is live in harlem. dray? >> good morning lauri. another person slashed in the subway making seven so far this year.
6:33 am
was stabbed during a robbery at around 8:30 last night. that male victim was riding a northbound c train approaching the 155th street station when police say a man holding a knife approached the victim on the train demanding his cell phone. police say the victim refused to do so and grabbed the wife and cut his right hand. he was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a minor injury. that suspect ran away. also on sunday much earlier in the morning at around 5:00 a.m. a man was slashed in the face on the subway platform at 110th street and that particular instance police say there was an argument between a man and woman and after the argument happened that man was slashed in the face. his injuries also not considered serious. in light of the recent surge in subway slashings the police commissioner did a radio interview and said despite the
6:34 am
lowest crime rate the city has scene in years. --seen in years. here's more from the commissioner in his own words. >> january was probably the safest month, the safest january we have ever had overall. overall crime down. but maybe more importantly, murders and shootings are down very dramatically. >> and because of the recent spike in subway slashings last week the commissioner said they would increase patrols on the platforms and the trains and we've learned the guardian angels will resume patrols as well to help commuters minds be at ease. >> thank you dray. happening today the world health organization holds an emergency meeting to battle the zika virus. it is possible they could declare it a public health emergency of unto national concern. they would direct money to
6:35 am
declared three times in history. the out break has spread to 25 countries and territories. a few have questions about the zika virus. the new york state health department is hosting an online chat and we processed a link to sign up. two key witnesses take the stand in a trial of a new york city police officer charged of manslaughter. we expect to hear from a partner and girlfriend. last week an nypd testified that was shaken in 2014. witnesses testify he and his partner did nothing to help girlie. the man charged in a deadly crash that also left the median tracy morgan in--comedian in a coma is set to be on trial today. he faces vehicular manslaughter and other charges in the
6:36 am
his tractor trailer ran into the back of morgan's limo and killed his friend and fellow comedian james mcnair. it is caucus day in iowa. the republicans and democrats are making a final push for every vote possible. donald trump has a strong lead but it all depends on a big turn out. he's especially concerned that an approaching storm will discourage many supporters. democrats are locked in a dead heat. all of the candidates have spent $33 million just on ads and over the weekend sanders volunteers reportedly knocked on 75,000 doors. inspite of all of that up to a third of iowa voters could be persuaded to change their vote at the last minute. mayor bill has been campaigning for hillary clinton. the mayor and his wife tweeted images and there are no crowds.
6:37 am
clinton and a person said we are fine with him here but we would have been fine without him being here. well there's a lot of mystery and quirks to the iowa caucuses but we put together easy how toes to help you understand how the process works. head to abc to learn more as we head from caucuses to the primaries all the way to the nominating conventions and stay with us later this morning for good morning america robin roberts george stefano liss will campaign from iowa right after eyewitness news. >> 6:38. bill evans has the exclusive forecast. >> let's look outside from our camera here on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge. the bridge looks all jammed up. heather is going to explain that. yeah i'm not touching that. you explain that.
6:38 am
explain the atmosphere. partly cloudy skies a beautiful as you know rise. a look at the camera all the way out to flushing. 50 degrees, temperature 23 degrees warmer than it should be. way warmer. clouds and sun today. showers at noon time maybe a tenth of an inch at best. we are looking at warm temperatures today. 53 at 10, 56 at 1. showers about 3 to 7:00 tonight and a tenth of an inch of rain and really warm. a jacket or sweater ought to do it. a cool start to your day but 57 degrees a couple of passing showers after school. she can tell you why to drive on a parkway and drive on a driveway. >> that question has never been able to be answered. hoof activity off on the side of the earth roadway. this is the on ramp so could get confusing for people. i'll explain where it is. it's the northern state parkway
6:39 am
side of the roadway but it could cause delays. check out this delay on the van wick expressway and this is going southbound getting into the area of the garden interchange by hillside avenue that construction barrier was knocked out of place and the left lane blocked off as a result. j and m trains signal problems so expect delays there and also the belt parkway going west. unauthorized tractor trailer causing a lot of delays and our street cleaning rules are back in effect for today. lauri over to you. >> all right heather thank you. caught on camera new jersey police risking their lives to rescue a truck driver just seconds before the truck burst into flames but the danger doesn't end there. dangerous weather triggering a massive chain reaction crash near 30 cars slipping and sliding on frozen pavement. and your facebook page lit up with this video over the weekend.
6:40 am
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call with an out of control truck. sparta police responded to a box truck on fire route 15 saturday afternoon. officers got the driver and a passenger out safely and with only seconds to spare. suddenly the burning truck begins to roll backward towards two parked police vehicles. sergeant joseph pi nsa to ran to get his car out of the path of danger when he dove out of the way just in the last second and was not injured. 6:44. mayor diblzio is ending fatalities on city streets for traffic safety improvements. 30million that will be going to long island city starting with a make over for the intersection of jackson avenue and 11th street. people are being allowed back into their homes after severe flooding when an ice dam blocked a nearby river.
6:44 am
ice and allow the water to flow back over the river. snow made for dangerous road conditions. nearly 30 vehicles were involved in a pile up on i-80 prompting officials to shut hours. the storm brought seven inches of snow to reno. good morning america is covering the all important iowa caucuses and amy is live in times square. good morning to you. >> good morning to you lauri great to be with you and coming up next on gma the race for the white house iowa caucus day is here. the first vote is set to be cast in the presidential race and we are going tax payer hear from donald trump, hilary clinton, bernie sanders, marco rubio to name a few as they get ready for the final push. george and robin are in iowa. i'm going to to have to find something to keep me busy.
6:45 am
>> i'm sure nothing happens there. >> na h. they are caucuses out here at the coffee shop. they all talk about what's happening today. let's caucus you into the weather today. we do have skies partly cloudy to cloudy. really mild temperatures. a gorgeous sunrise as we look across the lower part of central park over to fifth avenue and long island 50 degrees a dry humidity and southerly wind to warm the temperatures up. 29 and falling meaning the atmosphere is unstable. yesterday's high was 56 and looking at a normal high temperature of 39. at 27 degrees starting out at 50, 23 degrees warmer than normal. headlines patchy fog and mild temperatures today and tomorrow actually. rain comes in on wednesday. there might be a little problem with flooding on wednesday so we'll keep an eye on that. heavy rain and very warm air
6:46 am
50 around manhattan to 41 in jamaica bay. 49 degrees to our north and west. a little wind out there. a wind gust overnight of 21 miles per hour but they are calming down. it's out of moderate. ahead of the front warm air into the upper 50s today. a couple of showers in the afternoon here on february 1 of all days. the afternoon features clouds coming in. look at where the rain starts right at after school time. 3: 00 through the evening commute i think if you are above i-80 or 287 to 84 up to the north no rain at all. scattered showers from the city east and south and clearing out overnight. so you see after school really warm numbers. 57 degrees. a couple of sprinkles at the bus stop. not bad. jacket and sweater type stuff. low clouds and fog but otherwise sunshine and clouds today. a shower after school. 57 degrees tonight. skies clear out, 39 around the five burroughs to 29 to our
6:47 am
sunshine and a great day. 45 degrees still warmer than normal for this time of the year for the second day of february. here's the seven day forecast, rain and windy on wednesday. very warm temperatures get to 60. some of that rain by the afternoon could create flooding issues and cooler weather for thursday and friday with temperatures into the weekend still warmer than normal for this time of the year. all right it's monday let's go rise and shine have a great day. >> sounds good. thank you bill. over to heather with a check on the commute. >> yes this accident northern state parkway west off on the side of the roadway and this delay on the van wick and this grand central delay as well. all of this getting into the queue garden center interchange because of the van wick southbound right at the interchange you do have that left lane barrier knocked out of place. the j and m trains signal problems at essex street so
6:48 am
parkway west that unauthorized tractor trailer quickly cleared away. we don't have major delays through that spot which is a great thing. 287 heading to the northbound side we have an accident a fuel spill involved at least two lanes are blocked off as you go through that spot. route 10 going eastbound the ramp to dryden way an accident in the process of being cleared away. george washington bridge 10 to 15 minutes. the lincoln tunnel that's supposed to be a zero. 10 to 20. showing you pictures on the expressway that camera being moved and john is here to show us what's happening this morning. >> we spent our morning showing the jersey divider. police have finally been dispatched out here just south of the interchange. jersey divider at a place down to one lane on the southbound
6:49 am
is got as a result. bumper to bumper traffic through the area of corona park. let me show you another delay and this one on the eastbound grand central parkway all exiting volume onto the van wick that problem. again only one lane open. police are on their way out there to get that jersey divider problem addressed. live over the gardens interchange john channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john thank you. a bird or a plane? people in at least half dozen states saw this bright light streaking across the sky saturday by apparently a meteor spotted in new york, new jersey and parts of canada. some people report the brightest shooting star they had ever seen and in a few seconds it broke apart into tiny fragments. new from overnight the easy change to your diet to help ward off breast cancer.
6:50 am
something out of a crime drama a dead body and two [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
6:51 am
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in this morning's health alert a high fiber diet could help prevent breast cancer for young women. a study released suggests that women who eat high fiber food
6:53 am
higher the chance of beating breast cancer. it could reduce high estrogen levels in the blood higher estrogen levels strongly linked with breast cancer. 6:53. there's a bizarre story unraveling this morning. police found two live monkeys and a woman's body. an autopsy will determine how she died. a man was also in the room. investigators monkeys belong to the man. they also found a note but have not revealed what that note said. 6:54 and following breaking
6:54 am
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we are following breaking news in new york. there's been a deadly shooting in hoboken. >> mallory huff is there with the details for us. mallory? >> ken and lauri good morning. investigators on scene trying to determine what happened here. as you can see the street behind me is still blocked off this morning. taking a look at the video of the scene when we arrived. grand street in hoboken when we know right now a man was found dead inside an apartment. the discovery made just after 1:30 this morning. investigators say a middle aged man was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. back out here live investigators continuing to comb the scene for evidence and have not released the name of
6:56 am
channel 7 eyewitness news. >> 6:57. new this morning passengers objects hit and shattered the windows of an amtrack train heading from washington to new york air conditioning night. it appeared to be a rock where another amtrack train derailed last may. a partial federal report set to be released today on that deadly crash. uber drivers are calling for a 24 hour strike on the recent price cuts. they will protest long island city at noon after uber cut it's fares by 15% much the company says it will mean more business for drivers even if they make less money for each ride. >> 6:58. we check with heather. >> we have to go over this problem once again on the van wick expressway. 7 news copter up above. that barrier has been knocked out of place south of the interchange you really only have one lane getting by so we have tremendous amount of
6:57 am
but the grand central parkway exiting and we can tell you that this accident has been with us since we went on this morning so 287 north near exit 22. fuel spill involved two lanes closed down one train signal problems housen street and essex street. really careful of that van wick problem. makes me nervous. >> that's a mess. thank you. happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> being in our family. >> yes. >> yay. >> here we go a look outside at a beautiful morning. mild temperatures too. sun, clouds, your 7:00 temperature is going to be a very nice and comfy 50 degrees. now 49. how about that. this time of the year it should be at 27 so at 50 at riverdale there on the bx and 40 bridge port 44 long island. this afternoon rain coming around 3: 00 temperatures soar into the 40s to 50s to maybe upper 50s in parts of the area
6:58 am
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