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tv   Planning Commission  SFGTV  January 24, 2022 3:30am-5:31am PST

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission hearing for thursday, january 20, 2022. thank you for your patience. if not speaking mute your microphone. sfgovtv is broadcasting and streaming this hearing live. we will receive public comment for each item on the agenda. comments or opportunities to speak are available by calling 415-655-0001. enter access code 24879486468.
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when we reach the item you are interested in speaking to press star 3 to be added the queue. when your line is unmuted that is your indication to speak. each speaker is allowed up to three minutes. when you have 30 second remaining you will hear a chime indicating your time is up. when your time is up i will take the next person to speak. best practices call from quiet location speak clearly and slowly and mute volume on your television or computer. sfgovtv did notify me the live broadcast may be delayed we are streaming live due to rec park commission going a bit long. roll at this time.
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koppel. >> here. >> moore. >> here. >> chan. >> here. >> diamond. >> here. >> funk. >> here. >> imperial. >> here. >> tanner. >> here. >> on the agenda is consideration of items proposed for continuance. 2020-007481 c.u.a. 5367 diamond heights boulevard. conditional use authorization proposed to continue to februar. we received request from the sponsor on the regular calendar for item 8. 2021-00881 c.u.a. at 1520 lions street. conditional use authorization. it is requesting continuance for one month to february 24, 2022. i have no other items to be continued. we should take public comment. members of the public this is
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your opportunity to address the commission on either of the two items proposed to be continued. you need to press star 3 when your line is unmuted to begin speaking. you each have two minutes. >> this is sue hester. i am requesting item 4 continued. election of officers. we are in lockdown. we haven't had live meetings for a couple years. the vice president her term is up at the end of june. would it be appropriate to keep in place the current officers and then have the election of officers in july. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i agree.
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i think item 4 election of officers should be continued. at the very least do it when you are back together and last week secretary said you might be back in room 400 in march. maybe so, maybe not. in any event july wouldn't be terrible. they have been on the officers for at least during the whole pandemic. vice president moore and president koppel. i don't see why it would be wrong that they continue in the current positions. i hope you will do that. it would be good for the public to be in the room when you vote on the officers. thank you very much. >> thank you. i will remind members of the public item 4 election of officers is not proposed to be continued. it is not the subject of this comment period. please limit comments to the two items that have been proposed to
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be continued. >> this is bruce bowen. i request item 4 continued for the reasons in my letter. thank you. >> this is esther marks. your by-laws provide the option of election of officers anytime after the 15th of january. the commission hearings will remain remote in the near future. i urge you to continue the election of officers. thank you. >> last call for the two items to be continued. seeing no additional requests to speak, public comment on the continuance calendar is closed. it is now before you, commissioners. >> commissioner diamond.
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>> why is item 11 continued. -- item 1 is continued. this is outside the purview of the commission. why is this continued and we are not hearing it at this point? >> i have been told from staff this is the last request for continuance. it will be heard february 3 is the new date. that is my understanding, commissioners. the sponsor is trying to workout something that is amenable to the neighbors so that when it does come before you that there is a project approvable without significant opposition. >> is this at request of the project sponsor? >> it is.
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>> i would like to have a short explanation why 1520 lions street is continued. we seem to a last commenter request. would you explain to us why? >> this request came from the project sponsor. my understanding they are trying to reach out to the community and the neighbors there so that when it comes before you they are not faced with significant opposition. >> thank you. >> i move to continue as proposed.
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>> thank you, commissioners on the motion to continue as proposed. commissioner tanner. >> aye. >> commissioner tan. >> aye. >> commissioner diamond. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> psy. >> that passes unanimously 7-0. it will place us on commission matters. item 2 consideration of adoption draft minutes january 6, 2022. members of the public this is your opportunity to address the commission on the minutes by pressing star 3. no requests from members of the public, public comment on the minutes is closed. they are now before you. >> commissioner moore. >> move to approve. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on the motion to adopt. commissioner tanner.
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>> aye. >> chan. >> aye. >> diamond. >> aye. >> funk. >> aye. >> imperial. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> commissioner president koppel. >> aye. >> that passes unanimously 7-0. placing us on item 3 commission comments and questions. >> i wanted to recognize this past monday was in honor of martin luther king, junior. i had events that became virtual due to the surge. i hope folks had a chance to reflect on his legacy and the department looking towards equity. even it was many decades agona o that he was assassinated.
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we can learn so much. i hope you had a chance to do that and were able to stay safe while doing it. thank you. >> thank you. no additional comments from members of the commission. item 4. election of officers. in accordance with the rules and regulations of this commission the president and vice president shall be elected at the first regular meeting held on or after the 15th day of january, januar. you may move the date and push it further out. if you choose not to, your rules provide for the presiding president to open nominations or accept nominations. nominations do knot require a second. we will vote on each of the
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nominations in the order received. i will now open nominations and call on commissioner fung. >> i would nominate commissioner tanner for the role as president of this coming year. >> i will also call on commissioner imperial. >> i would like to nominate vice president commissioner moore as a continued vice president. >> okay. seeing no other requests to speak from members of the commission, and having two nominations we should take public comment on this matter. members of the public who wish to address the commission on the election of officers, you need to press star 3 to be added the queue. you have two minutes.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. land use coalition. i urge you to postpone nominations and election of officers to the planning commission. the reason. four of the current commissioners are up for reappointment. it doesn't make sense at this time to elect officers when four, the majority of the commission is up for reappointment. also i understand that some of the commissioners up for reappointment may not seek reappointment. that is another reason for postponing this because if those commissioners that would not seek reappointment, if they are appointed as president or vice president, then it is basically a moot point. why don't we wait until june
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when these four commissioners are going to be up for reappointment and we will find out what the final makeup of the planning commission is before you vote for who shall be the president and the vice president. currently president koppel and vice president moore i don't see why we cannot continue with this may beingup until the time makeup of the commission and who is going to be sitting in those chairs to be decided in june. i appreciate it if you would push this matter to june, july when the final makeup of the planning commission is solidified. thank you. >> it is georgia. i wouldn't have called in at the beginning. i do think as people have said
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this item should be continued. the election should be continued. she made good points and everyone else. i wrote a letter and a stand by the letter. these are remote hearings. i will add not everyone knows how to stream. i don't. i am looking at rec and park on hold on my computer. the problem is a lot of people look at the computer or tv for the phone number and access code. if they don't have it downloaded or made a copy of agenda they can't weigh in on this issue. maybe it is a couple people but maybe it isn't. that is a problem and another reason why you should continue the election of the officers because people may not be able to figure out how to talk to you remotely and again remote hearings. this is something that should
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happen in the room so please put this off when you are back together in the room 400 and the public can be there safely or in the summertime. thank you. >> last call for public comment on the election of officers. seeing no additional requests to speak from members of the public public comment is closed. i will state yes there are a number of you that have terms that expire on june 30th. if one of the officers is not reappointed then you simply hold an election to fill that vacancy. even though your terms expire on june 30th, if the mayor or board
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president doesn't make an appointment immediately you are allowed by the charter to sit in your seat for 60 days after your term expires. there is the possibility if you do continue these elections to wait for the final commission for the rest of the year you may not hold an election until september. seeing no requests to speak from members of the -- i take that back. commissioner tanner. >> thank you. it is truly that we have to be flexible. we don't somewhat is going to happen in the future. i am up for reappointment. i hope i will be reappointed.
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no guarantee. we can cross that bridge when we get there and have new officers if that is needed. we have been conducting business two years remotely. no reason certain elements of the planning commission business can't be conducted in remote environment. they have these challenges in any hearings and that is something we want to keep addressing. second, i want to thank commissioner fung for his nomination for me as president. i hope other commissioners will support that. it would be my honor to serve in that role. thank you, president koppel for showing what a great presidency lookis like. i will bring my experience from the board of appels and would happy to serve with vice president moore. i know any and all of us would be great in these roles and keep
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the tradition of rotating so each person can run their service and expertise. >> okay. seeing no additional requests to speak from members of the commission. we have two nominations. one for commissioner tanner to be president. on that nomination, commissioner tankner. >> aye. >> chan. >> aye. >> diamond. >> aye. >> fung. >> aye. >> imperial. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> commissioner koppel. >> aye. >> so moved. that passes unanimously 7-0. congratulations commission president tanner. on nomination of commissioner moore to occupy seat of vice president. commissioner tanner. >> aye. >> chan. >> aye. >> diamond.
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>> aye. >> fung. >> aye. >> commissioner imperial. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> commissioner koppel. >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners. that passes unanimously 7-0. congratulations, commission vice president moore. >> thank you for that, commissioners. we will move to department matters. item 5 director's announcements. >> i think commissioner moore wanted to add something. >> sorry. >> congratulations to president tanner. looking forward to serving together. ir believe continuity and using this fragile time for institutional knowledge and continuity is extremely important. i look forward to both of us to
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serve. thank you. >> commissioners, we can move to department matters. item 5. director's announcements. >> no announcements today. congratulations president and vice president. i look forward to continuing with us and thank you, commissioner koppel for your leadership over the last two years and before that. this has been an a typical couple of years with unique challenges re-opening the department and how to keep the commission meetings going and giving the public a voice. it is invaluable during that time. thank you very much for your service.
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>> i would echo that. it is a pleasure working with you, commissioner koppel. >> president tanner. thank you director. thank you to director koppel. i apologize for not catching that. commissioner koppel if you are there thank you. it is great serving with you. >> i would add my voice to that. >> any other questions for directors? >> we will move on. item 6. review of past events. at the historic preservation commission. i don't have a report from the board of supervisors or board of
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appels. if anyone has a report from the board of appels, feel free. if not, then i will report that the historic preservation did meet yesterday. they had their election of officers where they elected commissioners matsuda and nag sworn for a second term. the only other item of interest to the commissioners they adopted air recommendation for land mark designation of the clay theatre on fillmore street. there are no comments or questions related to board reports. we can move on to gyp rallying public comment. at this time members of the public may address the
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commission to items except agenda items. your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached. each member may address for three minutes. when it exceeds 15 minutes it may be moved to the end of the agenda. you have two minutes. >> good afternoon. georgia. congratulations to the officers, past, present and future. i sent an e-mail. i asked if a picture could be on the screen. can i ask you before i start. >> it is there. >> you see it. one picture was subject of my e-mail. i sent two e-mails. what am i trying to say? look at that and see what you think and look at the other pictures and forecast and the project across the street. it goes back.
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there were three sets of demos for the past six years. one noey valley project. i am not saying this is wrong. it is 3 point $2 million teardown. when i start talking about this the pretend alterations were under $1 million. then over a million dollars. this is $3.2 million. look at the plans. it is very interesting. not family friendly, but that is the person's choice. this is america people can do what they want with their property except when they don't follow the rules. the question is are the democrats strong enough for the rules and intention of 317 to work? i don't think this property as
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well as the other 40 i talked about works. maybe this isn't a spec project. please look at the e-mails and make a judgment. to have three demos one to collect enforcement is strange. i will leave it at that. take camp. good-bye. >> last call for general public comment. press star 3. no additional requests to speak. general public comment is closed. regular calendar. item 7. 2021-005183 c.u.a. 2040 chess nut street. conditional use authorization. are you prepared to make your presentation?
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>> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners, department staff. the item before you is conditional use authorization request. from commercial use to formula restaurant used being business at 2040 chestnut in the small scale dining district. since departure the subject property has remained vacant. this restaurant will occupy 34885 square feet of the ground floor. southwest corner of chestnut street and make use of existing street take saw for an outdoor seating area. aside from the signage no expansion of the -- it requires conditional use to establish
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retail use. it would increase concentration of retail use within the haven't from 17 to 20% as measured by the total fronttage. there are currently 21 restaurant uses, two formula and three greenwood increases to three. november 4, 2021 this commission conducted a duly noticed public hearing on the conditional use authorization before you today. continued to today's hearing at the request of the sponsor for additional public outreach. to date we have received 51 letters in oppossess and 60 letters in support. we recommend approving the project will film a vacant structure and enhance the economic viwilt of the neighborhood district. the project adheres to the
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general plan is compliance with all applicable requirements of the planning code. i am available for further questions. the sponsor is here today and has prepared a presentation which i can now share. >> thank you, sylvia. that concludes staff presentation. sponsor are you here with us? >> we are here. >> your presentation slides are up and you have five minutes. >> good afternoon, commissioners. on behalf of sweet green to have occupy the gap store vacant for over a year. approval will alloy sweet green to refurbish the historic run
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reactivating the corner and adding family friendly to to neighborhood. they provide 50. jobs with real opportunities for advancement. formula retail project proposing restaurant use with substantial neighborhood and merchant support. many letters didn't have addresses. i am going to pass it off to eric. he will walk you through the details. >> good afternoon. we intend to achieve this by building a new restaurant from this beautiful art deco building
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on chestnut. we are adding our signage to make sure the building is ada accessible. sweet green is a restaurant followed. [indiscernable] it is transparency. they are highlighted by open kitchen that allows them to dine in the restaurant. food made from scratch every day. sourdough bread is from berkeley. we are passionate about sustainability and carbon neutral by 2027. each partners has a local nonprofit to give back to the community. in san francisco we give together ourself and employees
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and pack dates to volunteer. during the time of covid we were in the hospital with 8,000 from the workers in san francisco alone. we don't have a prototype. we spent 10 years looking for the right location on chestnut street. we needed a larger dining room and local art and a kitchen so they can see how we make it. we will be spending $2 million for the restaurant. this location is to be a community gathering restaurant. focus on in store dining. we have a shared community table
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to give folks the opportunity to work, hang out, have lunch with a friend. we have large group dining and the windows near chestnut street and tables to activate this corner. it is an inviting environment for our guests. it allows customers to walk into the restaurant and receive service from employees, walk down the line with employees pointing to the ingredients they want in the bowl. we have 36 on the inside and the sidewalk. personal note this is near and dear to my heart. i went to school at berkeley and moved to san francisco after college. lived on chestnut street for five years. i would have loved to share a meal with friends.
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i am humbled to ask for your approval today. >> good afternoon, commissioners. public affairs on behalf of street green. pleased to recap the significance of the project. first thank you to the residents and community organizations that worked with our team. they conversations 60 letters of support. petition from 17 businesses on chestnut street and the building association that represents over 200 residents. we are available to answer your questions. thank you. >> thank you. that concludes the sponsor presentation we will take public comment. this is your opportunity to address the commission by pressing star 3.
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you each have two minutes. when your line is unmuted begin speaking. >> hello, commissioners. i am leslie silver glide. owner of next green. we are a local restaurant group with a restaurant two blocks away and i live in this area. it is very disingenuous that we are bringing something new and different to the neighborhood. this could not be further from the truth. sweet greens is a direct knock off of mixed greens founded in 2005. i run this today. to say they are unique on their focus is false. compare our menu or the asian box. they are offering food widely
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available in the neighborhood. multiple restaurants thrive in our wonderful city. this needs to be done on equal playing field. sweet green is in a different league of restaurant companies. it is public restaurant companies like mcdonalds and dominoes with billons of dollars to put smaller restaurants out of business. they have raised over $1 billion to open 150 restaurants. if you letted that sing in they have $7 million for each restaurant they open. they will send $2 million to build this restaurant. $5 million for them toio use in acquiring customers who are delivery customers that don't live in the neighborhood. in the past two years we each have photo keep restaurants open
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and support the community and keep customers happy this is unnecessary as there are already many of us local restaurant in the marina. we don't have any chains on chestnut. two that were mentioned were coffee shops. if you allow sweet greens what stops jack in the box and wendy's. don't allow a national chain to come ruin the local food culture. thank you very much. >> your time is up. >> this is david. i am a resident in the
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neighborhood. thank you for your time today. this would be like letting amazon distribution open in the marina. 75% of the sales through digital channels resulting in delivery and pick up orders. 600 to 800 extra vehicles on chestnut every day. double parking is so bad at second street location the city has to pay for traffic enforcement to keep vehicles moving. sweet green has said this is a flagship restaurant and we expect limited delivery orders. contradict everything in the s-1 filing. i will recite exact language planning for future growth we built capacity for more digital revenue. all but one location has been
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built with secondary lines to order more volume without adding more square footage to take advantage of the ehappened for off premises dining. it is double the square footage of the line used to serve customers. under 36 feet yet 100 feet for delivery. the convenience of the approach results in 75% of the revenue off premises. 75% of customers will never step foot in the center and zero benefit to the neighborhood with all the negative baggage, noise, congestion and baggage. someone is not getting the story, the residents in the marina. i strongly remember you to reject. let them open a restaurant not
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distribution order, no additional ordering. thank you for your time. >> i am indicate. 375 clay street. i support this store. i love the building as is and there be room for outdoor seating. this store will be more convenient to my home. we do have this as part of our daily routine. i feel that this would benefit us to have this on the street. i support this project. >> good afternoon. i am ashley mckaffree. i work at the restaurant on restaurant street. i would like to strongly oppose
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sweet greens to chestnut street. main reason on going issues in street parks, trafficking congestion, public safety issues. marina is saturated with similar dining options in fixed salads in bowls. the list goes on. we serve the marina with existing out post. 2453 filmore. half a mile away. robust city-wide delivery service. this neighborhood is completely adequately serviced by sweet greens and unnecessary. thank you for your time. >> this is jason. what i am struggling with here sweet green is deceptive or
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evasive to the public and commission in the application and signed affidavit. in at least four ways, lied about the units in san francisco, lied about if unit count and formula and lied about men on you focus and lack of similar uses in the neighborhood. this is an attempt to defeat the public to seem smaller rather than a public traded company to stomp outcome petition. they said one in san francisco. they have one on fulton and second street. they have hundreds through out san francisco including filmore operating illegally. 2. application states 125 restaurants nationwide. at the times of applications
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they are 140 restaurants, 13% under statement. there must be dozens more. they operate over 1,000 out post locations. these are locations with the same menu and signs total unit to 1200. the number of locations they said they operate. three. they do not have standard uniform apparel. all employees wear the same branded t-shirts. 4. they said although there are a number of small similar retail uses in the district. this is unique in the focus in grain bowls and salads and locally sourced dishes. that is false. according to their filing they may being up the majority of sales. similar retail uses blue barn and mix two blocks away have
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nearly identical menus. i feel they did not make honest mistakes on the application but attempting to enter the community in bad faith. >> i have lived here for three years now. 100 feet away from this proposed location. i urge you to reject this. we have restaurants and for that. [indiscernable] the parking and the trash. thank you.
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>> i am david upton. i first started working in the marina in 2014. there are many others on this line that have done extensive homework from the years that they are speaking of. i will keep it short and sweet without digging into that. from my knowledge, there are no restaurants, public restaurants on chestnut street. inviting sweet green in would contradict the nature and culture of the street. i also have concerns of parking, traffic congestion leading to public safety issues. again, my main concern is that
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sweet green has been publicly traded company. deceptive in aspects of filing here and inviting to operate on chestnut street would be contradictory to the culture that has been established by the restaurants that already exist. thank you. >> hello. i am julio. san francisco residents over 15 years and licensed architect. coming to the marina neighborhood regularly. one of the beautiful aspects is every neighborhood has a different feel. the retail process has created this unique opportunity for neighborhoods to develop and specifically related to restaurants and food service locations. the study and plans provided
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33485 square feet location, it appears set up for pickup and delivery and not community meeting like the remaining restaurants. with the congestion with the addition of the park along chestnut. allowing the kitchen would create congestion and traffic noise there. are plenty of other locations in san francisco for this use instead of causing a nuisance to the neighborhood. the formula retail is to permit cookie cutter versions. we urge you to reject this proposal. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am shawn scales. i live in the neighborhood. i live one block away from shake shack on filmore and filbert.
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double parking and the trash created by this chain restaurant would make people in the neighborhood more vocal trying to come home. when i heard about sweet green and did investigation. i found out it was a company with deep pockets. they delivery focused business. this is terrible. there is going to be a lot of traffic on chestnut street now. you have a middle school one block away, a lot of elder he people and people with strollers walking around chestnut street. i walk five times a week. i think it is a bad idea. i feel badly for the building
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owner. he wants to collect represent for his property or her property. that has to take a back seat to the well-being of the neighborhood. us neighbors that live in the neighborhood. like the last caller said there are plenty of other place this n francisco to accommodate this type of business. i have sept many e-mails. please look at my e-mails. thank you for your time. >> i am a 30 year resident of the marina. i go to many of the competing restaurants. i think this is a nice addition to the neighborhood. they are keeping integrity of the building, adding to the
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integrity of the street by adding in the high end casual restaurant. there are tons of traffic on chestnut and another restaurant. they have stated their intention is to create a community restaurant. plans clearly show that with the inviting tables inside and out. the street can handle multiple similar restaurants. it already does. there are three wine bars, three coffee shops, three healthy salad places. three mexican and three italian restaurants, three grocery stores. community needs more investment on the street to fill the vacant rental properties. it is a good healthy restaurant. if they do have deep pockets, good for them. they can pay employees good benefits. our community needs that. thank you very much.
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>> i am courtroomia. i live down the street on chest -- julia. i personal love this store. they are keeping the building as is as it has been vacant so long. i am a huge supporter of the project. i really enjoy sweet green. it would save money in delivery cost for myself and others. there are similar vendors in the area it would be great to have one more. you can never have enough real healthy food. i support this. i hope to encourage you to approve this project.
4:21 am
>> i am frank. i songly oppose sweet green on chestnut street. i own and operate three restaurants on chestnut streets. we do not need another concept with deliveries, more traffic, less parking. we do not need more delivery drivers. we do not need to drive up over saturations of similar restaurants. let the locals keep the neighborhood local. thank you very much. >> last call for public comment on this item. press star 3. to be recognized. you have two minutes.
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>> i am a long-time resident. the addition of sweet greens l have a negative impact in a couple ways. no question it is a heavy focus on delivery and increased couriers. the street is saturated with traffic and lack of parking. it will be a complete nightmare to find parking and dodge couriers. this is not only frustrating to the community but dangerous with drivers trying to maneuver around the couriers. pedestrians will be impacted to cross the streets or enjoy a meal or drink. what i am more passionate about is the fact it is a massive company with 120 locations to disrupt local businesses that worked so hard to establish themselves through the community and stay open throughout an
4:23 am
incredibly challenging pandemic. if we would like to maintain the character and charm of chestnut street we must keep large corporations like street greens out of the neighborhood. please keep sweet greens out of the marina. thank you. >> that concludes public comment. public comment is closed. this matter is now before you. >> vice president moore. >> i have a quick question for staff for baseline understanding. my understanding is that the gap is a formula retail. why does this have to go through formula approval if it is a formula retail?
4:24 am
>> good question. gap does qualify as formula retail. we were unable to find evidence that the gap was ever established as formula retail. it doesn't seem that they obtained the proper permits, entitlements to operate such as formula retail. that is why this business coming in would be the opportunity to do that. >> thank you for explaining that. i will let the other commissioners weigh in. thank you for explaining. >> could sweet greens respond be to concerns raised about the focus of this business being delivery and the number of
4:25 am
drivers and runners swamping the neighborhood? >> applicant. >> question, this is eric. like i stated in my presentation. we spent 10 years looking for a location to build a restaurant. that is why we chose this location. we looked at data to see where we have customers. there is a demand in this area. we plan to build this to get closer to customers for sustainability. this is not an attempt to get close to customers and build a delivery kitchen. i have been trying to reiterate we are getting closer to customers to come in and order at our restaurant.
4:26 am
>> did i understand that you have built a facility that is aimed specifically at dellivery elsewhere in the city? >> we have two other locations in san francisco wounsecond street. they serve different purposes. they are much larger. much bigger kitchens that serve an office population. they are able to handle the delivery demand. if there is delivery demand in this store it is focused on the neighborhood. i want to clarify digital and delivery. we give customers the opportunity to order in advance and pick up at the store. if someone is taking the book home and knows when they get off at chestnut and filmore and
4:27 am
wants torrider in advance they can pick up the food and go back to their house. there is a very, very big difference between digital and delivery. people will order in advance and pick up food. folks are time constrained today. >> i think that is very important. do you have a sense -- how do your calls get routed. if somebody orders online, how do you know which store? how do you decide which store is filling it if it is for delivery service as opposed to pick up service? >> if someone wants to order at chestnut street store they will choose this location. >> that would allow for pick up. if it is delivery that somebody
4:28 am
selects, which store does that order get filled at? >> repeat the question. >> if somebody orders online for a delivery service to bring food to their house. which locations does that order filled at? >> the delivery one. [indiscernable] >> i am not understanding. where do they go? how do they decide where to pick it up? i am trying to respond the concerns raised by the neighborhood this will be the location where delivery companies come to pick up the food, put in vans and drive it elsewhere in the city. >> again, this store is not delivery kitchen.
4:29 am
we have sore stores with a radius to cover the entire city of san francisco. if there are delivery orders we have other stores to handle it. we do not choose where the delivery orders go. >> i am generally in support of this. i believe we have the formula retail a concern. chestnuts street at this point in the pandemic i am more concerned about retail vacancies. i am inclined to go with staff's recommendation. i would like to hear what the other commissioners have to say. >> before i call on commissioner koppel i want to clarify the response. if the order for delivery goes to sweet greens you can route to your delivery-based location.
4:30 am
if it comes through third-party platform you are not able to control what restaurant the use earn chooses to get food delivered from. is that correct? >> delivery runs their own business, correct. >> you don't have cromover grubb hub and their choices. commissioner koppel. >> someone who made a living delivering pizzas. i am not seeing anything to make me disapprove. i make a motion to approve. >> second. >> i will call on commissioner chan. >> i did have a question for the project sponsor.
4:31 am
[indiscernable] the proposed site plan for the area designated for pick up. designated as such. could i confirm this is the intended zone for pick up? >> can you repeat the question? >> in the staff packet the site plan indicates there is an area designated for pick up. it looks like in the slide presentation on slide 7. the title says for pick up. i am trying to understand the discrepancy is that area designated for pick up the window where people will go to pick up their order?
4:32 am
>> there is parking spaces. that is not a pickup area. san francisco does not have a pick up window. no availability to get your food from the outsider unless you go inside the restaurant. >> just to clarify. there have been early discussion of pick up window. making the decision to maintain the beautiful façade that is there and that aspect so there is no additional pick up window existing in the commercial loading zone on chestnut. no separate zone. >> thank you for clarifying.
4:33 am
>> the customers to pick up. [indiscernable] >> to pick up. [indiscernable] >> do you have a sense where the customers might be coming. a neighborhood based location. coming on foot, bicycle, transit, vehicles? >> we expect them to show up on foot. pedestrian-focused area. is there a way to see how the
4:34 am
traffic conditions are going a need for a temporary loading zone or 15 minutes green stone for customers. i don't know if there is a way to have that in the conditions to have the information so you can always have awareness of the traffic situation when the restaurant is in operation. >> that is interesting. i wonder if staff would respond. such loading zone is the purview of the mta and that would be a application the sponsor would need to put forward. could you elaborate on what that might look like? >> there is a yellow loading
4:35 am
zone on the chestnut street side. i think it is helpful in terms of delivery. any enforcement of that would fall under the purview of m.t.a. anything in addition to that that may be proposed by the sponsor would be enforced by that. >> i don't know if that answers your question. there is one loading zone there. maybe loading and unloading at the curb is what it states. >> i would be interested to make sure we are not creating unfair
4:36 am
advantage for this restaurant. having location with nearby loading zone is very advantageous for anybody in the restaurant business and should have equal access. monitor the third-party delivery needs unfortunately. [ inaudible ] chestnut is a neighborhood. i would prefer to see that third-party pick up in a certain way that onlitic zip codes or near this location would be allowed to do pick up for other types of ordering. i know that is hard to implement.
4:37 am
that would be the kind that i would like to see this does not come more delivery focused business than what other people observed. they are being told the kitchen isn't large enough. ultimately the third-party deliveries if you grab the business you can. i think in the effort of creating sustainable businesses i would like to see the radius for delivery in a reasonable proximity to the food. >> thank you. any other commissioners who want to add their voice? >> i certainly understand the challenges facing our retailers.
4:38 am
in addition to the comments that the staff report noted 11 and 18 we have received an enormous amount of correspondence on sweet greens supporting the location and opposing the location. i think what is still concerning me is the vacancy rate overall in the visit. this would bring it down to 13%. anything at or near 10 is poor. i am concerned about getting rid of vacancies with a business that has some good eight shows in terms of sourcing. i hope it will compliment and not out compete with the local businesses here andrew more people here. i share the idea about the radius limit. this would be something beyond the boundaries of this commission or topic. i don't think it is a bad idea.
4:39 am
many neighbors would welcome not having double parking when they are picking up food and dropping it off. we are ready for calling the roll. >> motion seconded to approve conditions. on that motion commissioner chan. >> eye. >> diamond. >> aye. >> funk. >> aye. >> imperial. >> aye. >> koppel. >> aye. >> moore. >> no. >> commission president tanner. >> aye. >> so moved. that passes 6-1 with commissioner moore voting against. item 8 is continued to february 24. placing us on item 9. 2017-00794 c.u.a.
4:40 am
46-66 deming street. conditional use authorization. katie are you preparerd for the presentation? >> yes, i am. >> good afternoon, commissioners. planning department staff. before you 64-66 deming street seeks to remove an existing three story garage dwelling unit within the rh-2 district. special use district and ho-x height and bulk district. the request removal of 468 square foot unauthorized dwelling unit from the second floor above the garage so the floor to ceiling height 6-foot two inches. it is proposed to convert back to tenant storage be. the building retains the existing dwelling units on the second and third floor.
4:41 am
two windows inside. the project requires response to planning enforcement case. no known evidence of evictions or buyouts on the properties from records from the rent board. it has come to my attention there is a typographical error in the draft motion provided to you. i ask it to be corrected to authorized unit proposed is subject to the rent stabilization and arbitration. the packet is incorrect. correct date of vacancy is apri. department has not received any public comment. department finds the project unbalanced. with the residents. the general plan.
4:42 am
it results in removal unauthorized zone unit. the property in compliance with the building code and maintains the two existing legal units. which is the goal of the city. the department finds projectness for the neighborhood and the ad adjacent properties in the vicinity. this concludes my presentation. i am available for questions. thank you. >> project sponsor.
4:43 am
>> thank you. commissioners i am with the architects. we prepared plans for removal of the unit. we have with us on another phone the niece of the owner of the property. brandy and we are both to answer questions you might have. we are just looking to remove the unit and get things back to saturdayisfacton. we are remaining the two units remain parking units. no further changes there. if you have any questions. we are here to help. >> that concludes the presentation. we should take public comment. members of the public your opportunity to address the commission. press star 3. no request to speak from members
4:44 am
of the public. public comment is closed. this is before you, commissioners. >> i had a quick question for staff. the definition of full bath is somewhat confusing to me because what is proposed is toilet and sink. full bath means shower or bathtub to me. could you clarify that for me. >> i don't have the plans. >> i don't see a shower in the proposed. >> there is proposed a full bath. i apologize for not including the definition of the full bath within the commission packet.
4:45 am
>> could you project that plan so we all know what you mean. what i thought is proposed was only a sink and toilet. >> can you see the plans? >> yes, we can see that. >> great. here are the three plans showing existing space. as of now there is a sink, toilet and shower. the existing storage is what was previously approved which does not include the full bath. this is what is proposed. it includes the shower, sink and toilet. >> then i would like to ask the project sponsor i understand the issue of ceiling light and
4:46 am
workshop would be fine. why would a shower be necessary? >> commissioner, moore. the minimum height for bathroom is 7-foot. the space has a 7-foot 2-inch height. our intention was not so much for use of the how were. it was the added cost to remove it. that was our main concern. >> thank you for explaining that. i hear you. thank you so much for explaining that. i am comfortable with that explanation and support the project as it is. thank you. >> commissioner diamond. >> i, too, had a question about the bathroom. the minimum floor to ceiling
4:47 am
height for living space is how many feet? >> the minimum ceiling light is 7-foot 6-inch. the bat room is allowed 7-foot. the bathroom would be allowed permitted with the 7-foot head height. >> you haven't independently tracked that with the building department, is that correct? >> unfortunately i do not have that knowledge under be the code. >> if we approve it but it turns out the building department says it is not seven feet it is higher than that for which there is not room, what happens to the
4:48 am
bathroom? >> they would need -- it would need removed. >> there is pay mechanism for independent verification from the building department bathroom? >> for the complete removal of unauthorized dwelling unit. it if they are not able to approve the plans. [indiscernable] >> i am supportive of the staff recommendation. >> is that a motion? >> yes. it is a motion. >> yes. >> second. >> commissioner koppel. >> second. did you want to say anything else?
4:49 am
>> great. no further deliberation. motion to approve with conditions. on that motion commissioner chan. >> aye. >> diamond. >> aye. >> fung. >> aye. >> imperial. >> aye. >> koppel. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> commission president tanner. >> aye. >> so moved. that passes unanimously 7-10. we are under the discretionary review calendar item 10. 1019-022419drp. 312 utah street. mr. winslow. >> congratulations, president tanner and vice president moore. staff architect. before you is a publish initiated request for discretionary review of permit am application 2019-022419drp
4:50 am
for a vacant 23-foot wide by 11-foot deep sloping slot. there was an existing two story single family home built in 1900 demolished by the department of building inspection in 2018. the d.r. requester of 2007 16th street owner of the entertainment establishment north of the project is concerned it will impact privacy of patrons from 2 and 4 floor decks over the patio. the separation between new and existing buildings is not enough to mitigate noise transmission to the new building residents. d.r. requester claims excavation
4:51 am
and shoring and waterproofs has not been sufficient. the department has received no letters in support and no letters in opposition of the project. planning department review deemed measures are necessary to ensure mutual privacy to the pairtrons and future residents of the subject building. abatement of the noise from the cr requester is not within the planning department to regulate, monitor or even force. nor within the purview to review regulate and approve the design or means and methods of construction of the foundation and waterproofing system. department of inspection review plans were submitted after planning. the project sponsor modified the deck.
4:52 am
the privacy issues. staff recommends taking discretion snare rereview with a privacy screen and both decks on the north as well as depicted in the revised plans. this concludes my presentation. i am happy to answer any questions. thank you. >> thank you. d.r. requester are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> you have three minutes. >> thank you for your time, commissioners. i am representing my family who own the bar and restaurant at 2007 16th street. a place of entertainment and license. we have been in business 28 years. in a couple months receiving the
4:53 am
san francisco legacy status. building 113 years old. we are adjacent to the project site. there are several concerns that we have about the proposed project over the potential of noise and privacy complaints from residents as well as structural impacts to the building. during the covid-19 pandemic we have worked very hard to survive in these times. it has added new challenges of a good time. we look forward to continuing to serve our neighborhood as one of the very last family owned businesses in lower potrero hill. the project sponsor is proposing a space of 1.5 inches. we are asking for 9 inches of space to prevent noise issues and complaints.
4:54 am
1.5 inches will cause noise conflicts, impose serious threat to our business in the future. unfortunately small businesses with live entertainment in san francisco become more endangered every day. the preexistingen betertainment license is provided missouri sound related complaints and compatibility issues from new development as declared from san francisco administrative code chapter 116. >> does that conclude your presentation? >> not at all. the decks we covered and that was cleared up by david. i did have further concerns. we built a story poll which is helpful. it came to some new things came
4:55 am
to light. the front of the railing we may need to address apcreate privacy. that will be directly down as well. we have the space and obviously the structural excavation is a major concern. potential for damage to the foundation or property due to the building process is very concerning. as of today the foundation is not fully evaluated. in the technical investigation may 2019. it states beneficial to understand the types and depths of the ad jays senting foundations prior to design of support system. we had damage from the dig and so far. it is something of great concern that is already created damage.
4:56 am
it is very serious. >> thank you, sir. that is your time. you will have a one minute rebuttal. we should allow the project sponsor three minutes. mr. patterson. are you with us? >> i am. thank you. >> you have three minutes. >> thank you very much. good afternoon.
4:57 am
>> i will restart here. good afternoon, commissioners. this is ryan patterson, attorney for the project sponsor. the proposed project is 100% code compliant. bringing housing with a mix of one, two, three bedroom units. the d.r. requester owns add adjacent nightclub which operates on the residential block. the requester sold the project site to the sponsor. they could have required concessions answer as condition of sale. they chose not to. we tried very hard to work with them to make concessions anyway. unfortunately d.r. requestery fused to negotiate unless the project sponsor performed
4:58 am
construction work onnary property for free -- on their property for free. they claimed earlier demolition work caused damage. it was clearly dry rot caused by failure to maintain property. the project sponsor did work to try to move this process forward. now the d.r. request erases three concerns. first is noise. concern about the noise from the d.r. requester's own nightclub. project sponsor has retained the city's leading engineer charles salter to ensure proper sound insulation. the 9-inch gap between the buildings is neither needed nor recommended. second. concern about excavation on the property line. this is not a planning code issue. sponsor has given assurances
4:59 am
excavation will be done properly in accord dance with building code. lastly they are concerned the project's rear decks will intrude on business and property. they are not licensed for outdoor entertainment. it is absurd. we are willing to compromise anyway. we will agree to pull the decks bath five feet south, add five feet tall privacy screens. this is the department staff's recommendation. it should resolve the concerns. you can see in the rendering the decks being pulled back and privacy screens. we will use roofing in those deck areas. happy to answer any questions or
5:00 am
concerns. appreciate your time. >> that concludes the presentation. public comment. members of the public this is your opportunity to address the commission by pressing star 3. when your line is unmuted begin speaking. you will each have one minute. >> hello. i am judy west. i own and live property in the back opposite the address is on potrero. we touch this property a little bit. i have a couple concerns. visually i am concerned about the penthouses that create a totally 50-foot high building instead of 40-foot high building. i don't believe both of these
5:01 am
penthouses need to be covered. my request is the one in the rear be reduced so that it doesn't stick up way over the roofline. my real concern. that is a big concern. the o thing that is serious is that this five-story building is described as three units. yet the third and fourth floor are to be unit three there is no access from one floor to the other. this is five independent units marketed as three. the third floor has a huge bathroom and another small bathroom where the kitchen is above. >> that is your time.
5:02 am
>> it is georgia. i don't know if you are following. they met yesterday talking about information sheet ego2 relating to egresses on the three o'clock you pan sees. i have been following that because i am concerned aboutiticly with excavations and bedrooms. it is three units. r this 3 is great. there is ex alaska situation. what building code covers this? i think the question is this going to meet the building code? we will get the interpretation eg013 for a building with r 2:00 you pandency three stories. this is four stories over basement. the basement is a unit be with the bedrooms in the excavation. it is a question that is planning department and
5:03 am
commission need to look at when you approval the excavation. are you approving something that is illegal. >> press star three for public comment. no additional requests to speak from members of the public. you have a one minute rebuttal. >> it was several things that were untrue that ryan spoke about. we have always operated in the confines of our permits. outdoor space we are able to congregate out there, have dinners and things. no live music in there. a lot of those things were misleading and untrue. during the course of the demolition of the building they had a truck smash the corner of the building that wrecked the door, created dry rot in the back of the building.
5:04 am
unattended three and a half years creating a lot of damage we didn't even uncover. i wanted to set a lot of those things straight. we are a vital part of the community. we serve the community. we want to be good neighbors. i want to be proactive in planning designing is this building for long-term solutions in place. both new tenants will be covered and safe. issues won't be a big problem in the future that is our goal. >> thank you. mr. patterson. one minute rebuttal. >> thank you very much. ryan patterson for project sponsor. i will address two points. the first is the first caller
5:05 am
mentioned no adequate connection between different stories of the various units. we heard that concern. we submitted very slightly revised plans that clearly delineate the openings in the unit. make that perfectly clear and totally acceptable. second the d.r. request's note about operating in the backyard. there was a temporary covid program to allow nighttime entertainment uses outback. that has since ended. in any event, it is really a concern about the d.r. request's own business noise. we will do what we need to do in the project to make sure the dr's business is not overly burden some to the project. >> that concludes the rebuttals.
5:06 am
the public portion of the meeting is closed. it now before you commissioners. >> i am in support of the project. i would like to ask mr. winslow to clarify the door reflected the rendition of the stairs in connection. very confusing. as of yesterday 4:00 p.m. the correct set showed how that is acceptable. the public comment is that he looked at what was shown there. do you want to make the connection here and we can move forward in support?
5:07 am
>> indeed. thank you, commissioner moore for observing that. previously the 311 included drawings that indicated two common stairwells which the caller indicated correctly would have made it quite cumbersome for two inner connected floors without going through a common stairwell. however, the floor plans for each of the floors are not separate units. one has bedrooms the other as a kitchen. drawings were corrected yesterday. they reflect the stair internally connects to two units that are two stories and one
5:08 am
common stairwell. that is corrected. >> just to follow up on that. i am in support of taking this and approving the modification. >> second. >> commissioner koppel did you want a second or to add? >> you may be muted. >> commissioners if there is no further deliberation there is a motion and second to take the modifications recommended by staff. commissioner staff. >> aye. >> diamond. >> aye. >> fung. >> aye. >> imperial. >> aye. >> koppel. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> commission president tanner. >> aye. >> so moved. that passes
5:09 am
unanimously 7-0. that concludes yet another brief planning commission hearing. >> take care.
5:10 am
valencia has been a constantly evolving roadway. the first bike lanes were striped in 1999, and today is the major north and south bike route from the mission neighborhood extending from market to mission street. >> it is difficult to navigate lindsay on a daily basis, and
5:11 am
more specifically, during the morning and evening commute hours. >> from 2012 to 2016, there were 260 collisions on valencia and 46 of those were between vehicles and bikes. the mayor shows great leadership and she knew of the long history of collisions and the real necessity for safety improvements on the streets, so she actually directed m.t.a. to put a pilot of protected bike lanes from market to 15th on valencia street within four months time. [♪♪♪] >> valencia is one of the most used north south bike routes in san francisco. it has over 2100 cyclists on an average weekday. we promote bicycles for everyday transportation of the coalition. valencia is our mission -- fits our mission perfectly.
5:12 am
our members fall 20 years ago to get the first bike lane stripes. whether you are going there for restaurants, nightlife, you know , people are commuting up and down every single day. >> i have been biking down the valencia street corridor for about a decade. during that time, i have seen the emergence of ridesharing companies. >> we have people on bikes, we have people on bike share, scooters, we have people delivering food and we have uber taking folks to concerts at night. one of the main goals of the project was to improve the overall safety of the corridor, will also looking for opportunities to upgrade the bikeway. >> the most common collision that happens on valencia is actually due to double parking in the bike lane, specifically during, which is where a driver opens the door unexpectedly. >> we kept all the passengers -- the passenger levels out, which
5:13 am
is the white crib that we see, we double the amount of commercial curbs that you see out here. >> most people aren't actually perking on valencia, they just need to get dropped off or pick something up. >> half of the commercial loading zones are actually after 6:00 p.m., so could be used for five-minute loading later into the evening to provide more opportunities or passenger and commercial loading. >> the five minute loading zone may help in this situation, but they are not along the corridor where we need them to be. >> one of the most unique aspects of the valencia pilot is on the block between 14th street. >> we worked with a pretty big mix of people on valencia. >> on this lot, there are a few schools. all these different groups had concerns about the safety of students crossing the protected bikeway whether they are being dropped off or picked up in the morning or afternoon. to address those concerns, we installed concrete loading
5:14 am
islands with railings -- railings that channel -- channeled a designated crossing plane. >> we had a lot of conversations around how do you load and unload kids in the mornings and the afternoons? >> i do like the visibility of some of the design, the safety aspects of the boarding pilot for the school. >> we have painted continental crosswalks, as well as a yield piece which indicates a cyclist to give the right-of-way so they can cross the roadway. this is probably one of the most unique features. >> during the planning phase, the m.t.a. came out with three alternatives for the long term project. one is parking protected, which we see with the pilot, they also imagined a valencia street where we have two bike lanes next to one another against one side of the street. a two-way bikeway. the third option is a center running two-way bikeway, c.
5:15 am
would have the two bike lanes running down the center with protection on either side. >> earlier, there weren't any enter lane designs in san francisco, but i think it will be a great opportunity for san francisco to take the lead on that do so the innovative and different, something that doesn't exist already. >> with all three concepts for valencia's long-term improvement , there's a number of trade-offs ranging from parking, or what needs to be done at the intersection for signal infrastructure. when he think about extending this pilot or this still -- this design, there's a lot of different design challenges, as well as challenges when it comes to doing outreach and making sure that you are reaching out to everyone in the community. >> the pilot is great. it is a no-brainer. it is also a teaser for us. once a pilot ends, we have thrown back into the chaos of valencia street. >> what we're trying to do is incremental improvement along the corridor door. the pilot project is one of our first major improvements.
5:16 am
we will do an initial valuation in the spring just to get a glimpse of what is happening out here on the roadway, and to make any adjustments to the pilot as needed. this fall, we will do a more robust evaluation. by spring of 2020, we will have recommendations about long-term improvements. >> i appreciate the pilot and how quickly it went in and was built, especially with the community workshops associated with it, i really appreciated that opportunity to give input. >> we want to see valencia become a really welcoming and comfortable neighborhood street for everyone, all ages and abilities. there's a lot of benefits to protected bike lanes on valencia , it is not just for cyclists. we will see way more people biking, more people walking, we are just going to create a really friendly neighborhood street. [♪♪♪]
5:17 am
5:18 am
>> right before the game starts, if i'm still on the field, i look around, and i just take a deep breath because it is so exciting and magical, not knowing what the season holds is very, very exciting. it was fast-paced, stressful, but the good kind of stressful, high energy. there was a crowd to entertain, it was overwhelming in a good way, and i really, really enjoyed it. i continued working for the grizzlies for the 2012-2013 season, and out of happenstance, the same job opened up for the san francisco giants. i applied, not knowing if i
5:19 am
would get it, but i would kick myself if i didn't apply. i was so nervous, i never lived anywhere outside of fridays fridays -- fresno, and i got an interview. and then, i got a second interview, and i got more nervous because know the thought of leaving fresno and my family and friends was scary, but this opportunity was on the other side. but i had to try, and lo and behold, i got the job, and my first day was january 14, 2014. every game day was a puzzle, and i have to figure out how to put the pieces together. i have two features that are 30 seconds long or a minute and a 30 feature. it's fun to put that al together and then lay that out in a way that is entertaining for the fans. a lucky seat there and there,
5:20 am
and then, some lucky games that include players. and then i'll talk to lucille, can you take the shirt gun to the bleachers. i just organize it from top to bottom, and it's just fun for me. something, we don't know how it's going to go, and it can be a huge hit, but you've got to try it. or if it fails, you just won't do it again. or you tweak it. when that all pans out, you go oh, we did that. we did that as a team. i have a great team. we all gel well together. it keeps the show going. the fans are here to see the teams, but also to be entertained, and that's our job. i have wonderful female role models that i look up to here at the giants, and they've been great mentors for me, so i
5:21 am
aspire to be like them one day. renelle is the best. she's all about women in the workforce, she's always in our corner. [applause] >> i enjoy how progressive the giants are. we have had the longer running until they secure day. we've been doing lgbt night longer than most teams. i enjoy that i work for an organization who supports that and is all inclusive. that means a lot to me, and i wouldn't have it any other way. i wasn't sure i was going to get this job, but i went for it, and i got it, and my first season, we won a world series even if we hadn't have won or gone all the way, i still would
5:22 am
have learned. i've grown more in the past four years professionally than i think i've grown in my entire adult life, so it's been eye opening and a wonderful learning >> flyshaker pool was a public pool located on sloat boulevard near great highway. it operated from 1925 to 1971 and was one of the largest pools in the world. after decades of use, less people visited. the pool deteriorated and was demolished in 2000. built by herbert flyshaker, pumps from the pacific ocean
5:23 am
that were filtered and heated filled the pool. aside from the recreational activities, many schools held swim meets there. the delia flyshaker memorial building was on the west side of the pool. it had locker rooms with a sun room and mini hospital. in 1995, a storm damaged one of the pipes that flowed to the ocean. maintenance was not met, and the pool had to close. in 1999, the pool was filled with sand and gravel. in 2000, the space became a spot for the san francisco zoo. these are some memories that many families remember swimming at flyshaker pool.
5:24 am
>> hi, i'm corn field and welcome to doing building san francisco, we are doing a special series, called stay safe, how you can stay in your home safely and comfortable, and we know that an earthquake is coming and there are things that you can do to reduce the effects of the earthquake on your home. let's take a look at that. >> here at the spur urban center on mission street in san francisco talking about staying in your home after an earthquake. i have guests today, pat buscavich and his dog, harvey and david, and both structural engineers and we want to talk about things that you might do before an earthquake to your home to make it more likely that your home will be ha bitable after an earthquake,
5:25 am
what should we do? both structural and maybe even important non-structural things. >> you hear about how to prepare an earthquake kit and brace your book shelves and water tank and that is important. what you have to be careful is make sure that you are not going the easy things to make yourself feel better. if you have a bad structure, a bad building, then you need to be looking at that and everything that you do to keep your collectables in place is small and compared. if you have taken care of your structure, then there is a lot of stuff that you can do in your house that is non-structural and your chimney and water tank. >> let's talk about what the structural things might be. >> and he is exactly right. you don't want to make the deck chairs safe on the titanic, it is going down, you are going down, you have to make sure that your house is safe. there are basic things that you need to do including bracing the water heater, not just because of fire hazard but because of the water source and the damage, but basic things
5:26 am
are installing anchor bolts, and adding plywood and strapping your beams to column and posts to footings and foundations are really easy things to do and most contractors can do the building department is set up to approve this work, and these are things that every home owner should do, and it is a little harder because you have to get a building permit and hire a contractor. but you want to be able to after a big earthquake to climb in bed that night and pull the covers up and say i don't have to worry about going to a government shelter. >> that is the main focus that it is great to have an earthquake kit to be able to bug out for 72 hours. here is a better idea, stay in your own home and in order to do that you have to be make sure that your structure is okay. if you have a house, the easy things to do with the wood construction is feasible. if you have a renter or you live in a concrete building, you need to talk to the building own , and make sure
5:27 am
they have done their due diligence and find out what the deficiencies are. >> when i have looked at damaged buildings,vy seen that a little bit of investment in time and money and structural work provides great dividends. >> especially if it is the wood frame, typical house that you can do the things that i was talking about, the anchor and the plywood in the first garage area, you know if you refinanced in the last three years, get some of that savings and it is a really good investment. and the other thing that i try to tell people, earthquake insurance is not the solution to the shelter in place, if there is a big earthquake and your building is damaged, you are not in your house, you may be somewhere else, if you work in the city, it is going to be really hard to commute from sonoma, you want to do what is necessary so that your house is retrofitted and a couple of years of earthquake premium could get you to a level that you could be in the house after
5:28 am
a significant earthquake and it may have damage and there is still a shelter in place where you are at home and you are not worried for the government taking care of you and you are living in a place where you can go to work and you want to have your wood frame house is really easy to get to that level. on top of the wood frame house, i mean every wood frame house in the west half of the city have a water tank and the water tank fall over because they are gas fired and start fires. and that is something that you could do for yourself, and for your neighbors and for the whole city is make sure that your water tank is braced. >> if you look at the studies that are predicting on fires, we are going to have a lot of fires and for every water tank that is braced there is a potential of one less fire that the fire department is going to have to fight and we don't want to have any more fires than we need to. so bracing the water heater is the first thing that you want to do. >> and so easy, and you go on-line and you google, earthquake, water and heater and you google the sites where you can find the details and you can put them out there on
5:29 am
the hardware store and you can hire a small contract tore do that for you. that is a couple of hundred bucks, the best investment. if you are in other types of building it is complicated. if you are in a high-rise building you just can't anchor your building down because there are no anchor bolts, but at that point, the tenant should be asking questions of the owner's and the managers about earthquake preparedness >> and don't take the easy answer, oh, our building is safe it was designed to code. that is not the right answer, ask the tough questions and see if you can get a report that has been given to you. >> what is the right question? will i be able to stay in my home after the expected earthquake? is that a good question to ask? >> yeah, you may be more specific if you talk to the owner, if it is not a recent building, if it is ten or 20 years old see if they had an inspection done and there you will have a written before that will tell you all about the structure. >> thanks, pat. >> thanks, harvey.
5:30 am
and thanks david for joining us and thank you for joining us on this is a regular meeting of the building inspection commission. i would like to remind everyone to please mute yourself if you are not speaking and to listen in or for public comment, the number is 1 (415) 655-0001. the access code 24982605009. to raise your hand for public comment on a specific agenda item, press star three. when prompted by the meeting moderator.


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