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tv   Redistricting Task Force  SFGTV  January 24, 2022 12:00am-3:31am PST

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>> redistricting task force. mr. clerk. >> clerk: thank you, mr. chair. i do have a few announcements that i will go over. the task force members are participating via video conference as if they were present. this represents that access to public services is essential and invites public participation in the following ways. public comment will be available on each item on the agenda. your opportunity to speak during any of the public comment periods is available by phone by dialling 415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. for today's meeting is 2495 057 2763. after you've entered the meeting
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i.d., press # # to be connected to the meeting. you'll know you're connected because you'll hear the meeting discussions through your telephone, but your telephone will be in listening mode and muted. when your item of interest comes up on our agenda, dial star followed by 3 to be added to the speaker line. the best practices are to call from a quiet location, speak clearly and slowly, and to turn down your streaming device that you are using to access the proceedings. for those through the webex software, if you wish to speak, when the item is called, raise your hand and you will be added to the queue. you can also e-mail your
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comments or mail them via mail. >> i don't have anything as chair announcements at this moment, so could we move to agenda item number 1. >> clerk: members, when you hear your name, please indicate that you are present. [ roll call ].
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>> clerk: we have a quorum. >> chair: moving forward, could we call agenda item 2. >> that is updates to the regular and regular meeting schedule. this is an action item and we will be taking public comment. anyone wishing to make comment should call the number on the screen.
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there is a supplemental document to the packet which has changes made at the january 7 and january 12 meetings. this item is called. >> thank you. are there any members in the queue? >> i am not seeing any members requesting your recognition. >> we have been going over the schedule and based on the recommendation from the last meeting, i think we all know where we are and we hope to be moving along with our scheduling issues very quickly and we are all aware of what they are. with that said, we could go to
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the listeners. >> i'm going to reiterate the access instructions. if you wish to speak on this agenda item 2, that's the updates to the regular meeting schedule, you would dial 415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is on the screen. do we have any callers for agenda item 2? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> chair: public comment is closed. could we proceed to item 3. >> clerk: we can. agenda item 3 is a discussion of the district 6 boundaries,
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neighborhoods, and communities of interest. this is a discussion item and we will be taking public comment on this. we are joined by members of q2 consulting who can help us with visualizations. those members who wish to comment should call 415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is on the screen. press # # to connect to the meeting and press star followed by 3 to be entered into the queue or if you're on webex raise your hand to speak. >> chair: mr. clerk, let me say to the benefit of the public, this meeting is called to discuss district 6 specifically. of course when we get to general public comment near the end of our agenda, any item that is in
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the purview of the redistricting task force one can speak about. but from this meeting we want to explore, discuss, and hear from the public about the ideas around changing district 6. i think most people are aware of the issues that confront district 6 because of all the construction that has gone on in the last few years and because of the population explosion there. we have to come up with some changes without question. but it is important for us on this task force that we hear from you and especially from those that are in district 6. i apologize in the task force we had planned, hoped, and desired that this meeting would be in
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person in district 6 which was our hope, but due to covid and now the omicron push, having public meetings is just out of the question right now. we hope that that can and will change before we're finished with all of our public meetings. i for one are not optimistic because of the ways things are going. so we will remain virtual until there is an opportunity for us to engage the public in safety. thank you so much. i will now put it in the hands of q2. thank you for being here, q2. >> [indiscernible] -- if you wish, members of the public are
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presenting their input to you. i can display a map of the city and county of san francisco on the screen. i can zoom in to the areas that members of the public are speaking on and there is a little hand that appears. they can wave the hand around to sort of highlight exactly where people are speaking on if you wish. >> i think that's a good idea. members, you can let us know in your comments what you think about it if you disagree. i think that's a way to bring some visualization to what we're talking about and i certainly think that the public would appreciate that. if there are no further comments from the consultants, members, we'd like to hear from you before we go to the general public. >> clerk: i'm seeing member
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castillon requesting recognition. >> thank you for the ability for us to visualize the map. i think it will be very powerful for us to get oriented around the different nuances around san francisco. before this meeting i had gotten some data regarding the demographic composition of the districts where they currently stand. is this something that we will be able to see in the mapping visualization that you have or is that something that will be separate and something we will present as a table to the public
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to see? >> [indiscernible] to kind of highlight the areas with a hand. i -- and also depending on what data you have that you were interested in discussing today, i may or may not have all of that loaded into the map at this time. >> at this point, would this be a good time for us to just present the [indiscernible] -- >> what was that? i couldn't hear that. >> we do have that document. let's see if we can bring it up. i have to call on the assistance
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of joe atkins who will be able to share that document, but i have to ask that jamie clark hands it back to explain that. just a little bit of background information for everyone. joe has that document. joe, can you call up the document i forwarded to you about 15 minutes ago? otherwise, we could pass the display card to you to share from your screen if you want to. >> i could do that. >> clerk: thank you, everyone. if you could bear with us in dealing with the technical issues inherent in having these remote meetings. you should have presenter access now. >> i see it and are folks able
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to see this? >> clerk: we are. >> excellent. >> clerk: my apologies to interrupt. you may want to put this into some sort of full-screen display mode. the read moment will probably be successful. >> does this work well? excellent. okay. so earlier this week i had requested demographic data from q2 specifically. i would like to thank mr. neil for sending this data over. i just recompiled this so we could be able to see all these districts together for the race demographics that are going to be relevant to our decision-making process. so you can see the demographic distribution across different districts in the city. today we are talking about district 6 and just wanted to draw attention to the
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demographic composition there. district 6 since it is the largest district and is so heavily overpopulated at the moment will be more or less reflective of the entire city's population. what we see is it's going to be middle when it comes to residents who are of hispanic origin and middle for residents of asian origin. it will be on a higher end when it comes to residents who are black. that is the second-largest population at 9% and going to be a little bit middle-wing when it comes to the white population at 33% [indiscernible] -- 35% asian, 9% black, 33% white. we also have 1% who are other and 5% who are multiracial.
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i just wanted to present that to the task force and hope everyone keeps that in mind. >> chair: thank you. >> clerk: thank you. if i may request through the chair once again to member castillon, if you could pass the presentation card back to joe atkins. you would do that by finding your location in the panellist list and dragging the red rectangle with an up arrow over to joe atkins. thank you very much. i don't see any other members of the task force asking for recognition. >> chair: very good. let's call for public comment. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to make public comment on agenda 3 which is district 6 boundaries, neighborhoods and communities of interest should call the call-in number.
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that number is 415-655-0001, enter the meeting i.d. which is 2495 057 2763. after you've entered the meeting i.d., press # # and then star followed by 3 to be entered into the queue to speak. for those members of the public on the webbex software, if you wish to speak, please raise your hand from within the webex client. i will add you to the queue. mr. chair, we have 55 listeners and seven people so far have raised their hands to be recognized for public comment. mr. atkins, could you please connect us to our first caller and callers will have three minutes to speak. >> thank you and good afternoon task force members. i am the senior policy member for glide. in 1929 lindsay glide purchased
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a parcel located at ellis and taylor streets and founded the glide organization. we have been a home to political and cultural change as well as spiritual growth in the central city neighborhood, including across the tenderloin, soma, and beyond. anchored firmly in one of san francisco's most culturally diverse neighborhoods, we have worked for decades to create a radically inclusive, just, and loving community and to embrace all as loved ones. as a leading social provider, we know the need to engage with all residents of our community in very much the same way meeting people where they're at and providing the resources necessary to make lasting changes in their lives. this must reflect the same level
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of transparency and inclusivity. as such, we urge the task force to adopt a man which includes multiple maps with clear deadlines and allows for community input along the way. there should be adequate language access that represents district 6 so that all community members are able to participate. by following this making the process more low barrier and accessible will allow for comprehensive and nuanced feedback. this ultimately will help you, the task force, make more informed recommendations and better meet the needs of the residents whose lives will be impacted by this process. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. could we have the next comment, please. >> hello. thank you, task force members, for all the work you're doing to
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keep san francisco maps fair and representative. i know this is a very difficult task especially for d6. first off, don't consider any plans for d6 that cuts you have market street. i live and work in midmarket. i serve on the midmarket c.b.d. i serve on the park and rec advisory committee as well as others. so i think i know the district pretty well. we chose to move to mission street at 7th in 2007 because we love the diversity and the density of midmarket. i loved being able to walk everywhere from city hall to the ferry building to theater and shopping. we loved the revitalization centered around market and mission, but no more. our central core has become the dumping ground for the city.
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there is an urgent humanitarian crisis in the midmarket. there is a domination of open-air drug markets, stolen goods on the sidewalk, violent crime is way too common. the streets are overrun. as a result midmarket gets far less in city resources than it needs. our common goal is to get more sfpd foot patrols, city ambassadors, and investment in resources. if we have any hope of revitalizing midmarket, we need to be kept whole so all our concerns about public safety are heard and we are in one police district. right now the police district divides us up along mission street. when we make a call we don't
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know which district to call. please consider keeping the center core whole in one district and hopefully we will have a voice to revitalize the whole core of the city. thank you for your hard work. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. mr. atkins, could we have the next caller, please. please begin. >> i'm a co-chair of the tenderloin people's conference and a community organizer in the neighborhood. the tenderloin and [indiscernible] share a long history. many of our vulnerable communities are spread between these two parts of the central city neighborhood. the bipoc, the filipino, immigrant, and low-income residents straddle these areas and we're one community
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together. we cannot be split up. we shop in the same places, receive services, go to the same churches, get our haircut at the same places, attend the same bars and parks. we experience experiences and needs. separating this from d6 is an attack on the voice of low-income, marginalized, lgbtq, and bipoc communities. this will separate and diminish our voices. nirl there are several of these communities of interest [indiscernible] andliterally th these communities of interest [indiscernible] and doing this would diminish the voice of those most marginalized. we share very little with chinatown in d3. chinatown is on the other side
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of union square. it's not adjacent to the t.o. we don't dine or worship or go to the same parks together. we're two different communities with very little in common. we share everything in common with central soma. this would be a violation of the trust we've been given. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> good afternoon. i will be reading the first part of a letter signed by 14 non-profit organizations. thank you for your service in this important role in the redistricting process. we would like to submit the attached map that shows the south of market and tenderloin neighborhoods crafted with input from the community leaders in the soma and t.o.
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as directed by the san francisco city charter, a redrawing of district boundaries should reflect communities of interest, keep recognized neighborhoods intact and prevent communities from being ripped apart. filipinos have been living in district 6 for over 120 years. the soma and t.o. have always been a gateway community for filipino immigrants with the arrival of hundreds of filipino world war ii veterans in both soma and t.o. with the technology boom, the residents there have been pushed out, priced out, evicted, displaced, and many residents have and are moving across market street to the tenderloin. services, arts, and other
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cultural organizations and small businesses serving the filipino population are concentrated in these two districts of dictate 6. my colleague will read them next. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, we can. please begin. >> i'm a resident in mission bay. i want to thank the task force for all the great work done to this point and what's coming in the future. my comments are focused on the need to keep the areas of western soma, central, eastern soma, treasure island, and mission bay together for the
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following reasons. market street serves as a natural separation along that boundary and the neighborhoods north of market are mostly established neighborhoods. although issues of course are acute and different depending on specific neighborhoods, there are many similarities and needs of focus, whereas neighborhoods south of market are either p.d.r. areas transitioning to denser residential areas or former or current redevelopment areas in planning department areas. the communities in the broader mission and treasure island have many needs as communities of interest. there are many active areas. examples of trans bay and mission bay to name a few. there are several other expansive developments. the san francisco port plan for
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mission rock and the san francisco planning department for western and southern soma. the treasure island development areas connected by the bridge to eastern soma will face similar challenges emerging as new neighborhoods. this is a backdrop that means that these planning areas transitioning from brown fields and p.d.r. areas to emerging neighborhoods and communities, the attention to the following is critical. the need for public schools, transitioning the streets from the on-ramps and off-ramps to residential streets. the needs for open space and public realm amenities. re-envisioning how public transit affects these areas. grocery stores, establishment of corridors. environmental concerns, for example, air quality and shared
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sea level rise threats. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller. >> i am the manager of the lgbtq cultural district. i would like to start by saying i don't envy your job here and i know the challenges you must be facing. we are one of the signers of the letter that was begun from the filipino community. we are in solidarity with their concerns. in addition, there are three cultural districts that currently are contained in district 6, soma filipinos, transgender, and ourselves. that has allowed us to do a lot more collaboration and coordination by having the three cultural districts within one supervisory district.
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it is very, very important to our interests to keep the transgender district in the same unit and boundaries as some filipinos and ourselves. thank you very much and i will cede the rest of my time. >> clerk: thank you very much for your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> this is david elliot lewis. i'm a 30-plus year resident of the city of san francisco. i've been a 15-year resident of the tenderloin. i've also been a many-year member of the tenderloin people's congress. recently i held a meeting with the congress members about the tenderloin, whether it should be merged with d3 or stay in d6. the majority want it to stay in d6. nobody advocated for leaving dst
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6. there is a shared interest. there is a lgbtq history, a strong filipino connection and a lot of s.r.o.s that connect the tenderloin to south of market areas. for all those reasons, the tenderloin people's congress, these are resident members of the community, they live here, they work here, they want to stay, they want to keep it together and united. it doesn't make for an evenly drawn map, with some jagged edges, but this is a true community of interest and i agree with that sentiment as well. i'm looking forward to the release of more sophisticated mapping tools that would allow us to see as we move boundaries in a map you can see how it increases the head count in one district and decreases it in the other. we don't have access to that
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mapping level of sophistication yet. i know it exists. i would advocate that that be made available to the public. thank you very much for your time. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> my name is brenda bellose. what i want to say is i hope whatever drawing that you do that the population of black people in san francisco is so small, to split it up in any way in that district to me would be a form of racism. i'm really hoping whatever you do is you keep the areas that have the largest black population in the city together so that they can have some
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political power. if they get put into chinatown or divided, they will have no power. >> i am a resident of the east cut for the past five years. before the pandemic i would walk from first street all the way to the twitter building on the other side of soma, walking through it, seeing the construction every day, understanding the neighborhood. it is a cohesive neighborhood as more towers get built, more residents come in. the neighborhood is really starting to take shape and the contrast in it and other neighborhoods nearby become more clear. soma should be kept together. on a process point as far as determining these maps, the commission should not draw any
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maps until there is in-person meetings or whatever allowed by the pandemic in every district in the city. thank you so much for your work here and i look to the improvements this will bring to the city. >> clerk: could we have the next caller, please. if there is a caller on the line and you have been muted or if you're on webex and you hear a sequence of two quick dings, your line is unmuted. >> i'm a resident of the tenderloin and president of the merchant and property owners association. i want to echo what a previous caller said. as a tenderloin resident, i shop and eat in the soma and the
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tenderloin and i feel it's not so much what we don't have in common with chinatown is that they're so far away from us. the tenderloin is already struggling enough and i think that would leave us here alone. just from a resident and business operator point of view, i would want the tenderloin to stay with soma. that's it. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> good afternoon, members. i'm with soma filipinos. i was also a resident. i understand that the demographic information shared earlier is aggregated with all asians. this is a community of interest
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in the redistricting process. this is encompassed by the soma and the tenderloin. independent theaters and institutions sit on the cusp of market street. celebrations and traditions connect the tenderloin and south of market. it's imperative that our neighborhoods remain whole and connected and language access is provided to attendees so that our community and d6 residents have the ability to be informed and contribute their comments. artists and cultural events are so vital and we urge you to keep this community intact. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller. >> thank you, task force
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members. i'm the logistics director at [indiscernible] which is located on 6 street street and howard street. i've been volunteering since 2003 and worked for the studio since 2016. we're a performing arts venue. we're dedicated to showcasing filipino performing arts. we also do a lot of theater workshop programming for seniors, children, and senior. most of our participants are filipino american and really i saw the breadth of this community in district 6 during the pandemic when i helped coordinate weekly food deliveries. so i was able to see where our filipino american residents live
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there will. [indiscernible] -- other filipino dialects and they rely on resources from organizations throughout the neighborhood. so please consider keeping our district whole. filipino american communities have been in the city and we're an integral part of the city and history of san francisco. and as part of this community we need to sit at the table to
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provide culturally responsive programs. >> clerk: could we have the next caller, please. >> i'm from san francisco rising. thank you for opening up this space for members of district 6 to speak to the concerns and to advocate for the community. we are dedicated to keeping communities of interest whole in san francisco's redistricting process. we recognize and want to address the letter that was addressed earlier and the communities of interest that it names, the 14 non-profit organizations that were mapped and articulated today. we want to commend the efforts put into the map. the hope is that other communities will do the same and speak to their own communities of interest. finally, we want to reiterate
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keeping communities of color together across san francisco as they typically has their voices diluted by the districting. thanks for your work. >> clerk: thanks for providing your comments to the task force. could we have the next caller, please. >> i'm a resident for 20 years and live on south market. as we've seen, the population of district 6 has grown significantly over the past decade with the population currently around 110,000 residents. it's important to make sure that we keep parts of this area -- we've got to make sure soma stays together because market
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street serves as a separation or a boundary and definitely understand that all these different issues are happening. we want to make sure the things that are addressed when it comes to districting that attention is paid to public schools, transitioning streets from freeways to the residential streets, the need for open spaces, re-envisioning how public transportation serves these corridors and access to affordable stores, not just trader joes, supporting local businesses, establishment of more neighborhood corridors, and environmental concerns. this needs to happen and i don't believe the commission should draw a map until there is a meeting in every single district. we need to keep the south of
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market intact and not cut it in half. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> hello, task force members. i appreciate that it's been a little difficult for some of us to engage in the process. i sent a number of e-mails to what i thought were task force addresses to request copies of masks and information on meetings, but i got some good information from my voter's bulletin and the japan task force. i saw an earlier map that proposed that district 6 extend to the other side of vaness to where i live in district 5 which has two big co-operatives.
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i was concerned when i saw that earlier map that there was a community of interest of the former redevelopment areas in western edition and they really didn't belong with downtown and soma. they belonged together in what has been historically district 5. so i'm not sure whether the map on the screen is the current boundaries or some kind of proposal. i want to say as an ordinary citizen it's kind of hard to track what you're doing and it would be good if we had a knowledge of where to go for the most current version of proposed maps. thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments. before we hear from the next caller, if i may through the chair just request clarification from jamie clark. the version of the maps currently displayed on the screen, those are the current
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district boundaries currently in effect. is that correct? are you there? >> i'm speaking. can you hear me? >> clerk: we can hear you now. >> thank you for your question. these are the current district boundaries. if the task force wishes, i can remove those. it can be helpful potentially to see the areas that are currently in districts people are discussing. if it's not helpful, i'm happy to remove them. >> chair: no. >> clerk: thank you very much for that clarification. could we hear from the next caller, please. >> i immigrated from the philippines 12 years ago with my elderly parents. like many other multigenerational filipino families, we found our new home in south of market.
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we are lucky to have a filipino community in soma. our community is impacted not out of luck, but organizing and policy [indiscernible] -- support from the filipino organizations in soma throughout the pandemic. from access to community events to help ruffing from the pandemic. this should be easily accessible to working-class neighborhoods. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, i want to start by thanking all of you, the members of the redistricting task force
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for the work that you're doing. we know it's tireless. we know to a large degree it's thankless, but it's essential and we're glad you're doing it. i wanted to speak a little bit about the midmarket map we submitted to the redistricting task force and just to give a little background around why we made certain choices. namely, the inclusion of the hub in midmarket. now, the hub experiences the same character, experiences, and challenges as midmarket. we see the same activity with open-air drug selling and stolen goods. there is a wide range of commercial activity, government offices, and cultural venues.
12:46 am
additionally, as far as fulsome remaining together -- the fulsome commercial corridor with midmarketing, much of the restaurants and bars in midmarket walk directly through the heart of the neighborhood. as a result, when the conditions are such that they are where folks are scared to walk out at night. there is frequent violent crime and assaults and incidents, the fulsome street corridor takes an economic hit as a result. so i just wanted to clarify on a couple of of those points. thank you very much. i cede my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. could we have the next caller,
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please. >> good afternoon. i am the advocacy manager for glide at the center for social justice. glide prides itself in the voices of communities that are the most marginalized. we feel it is important to keep communities of color, arab, black, immigrant, lgbtq, latinx and filipino together. keeping these communities intact will better serve their needs. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> good afternoon, task force members. i am with the filipino community development corporation or fcdc. i have also worked and volunteered with the filipino community in soma since 2015. fcdc is in soma and works with
12:48 am
the residents of soma and tenderloin. i'm here to ask that you consider the filipino community as a community of interest and keep it intact in district 6. a majority of our community members are composed of seniors, young adults, and families with children. it is imperative that we keep the fwp community together so we can ensureilipino community tog so we can ensure resources are allocated to our community. in a survey we found that one of the main reasons that filipinos settle in district 6 is a support network that exists in the community which is important for new filipino immigrants as was mentioned earlier and [indiscernible] i ask that this task force engagement listen and include the voice of the
12:49 am
filipino before and as you redraw district lines and keep the filipino community in soma and tenderloin intact in district 6. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> good afternoon, task force members. i want to join others in thanking you for the difficult job that you've taken on. i would like to echo the very first speaker from glide to request that the variety of maps that have been or will be submitted on changes be adequately shared for all of us to learn and review. it is important to understand the various communities of interest that will be affected by this decision. i've attended a couple of
12:50 am
meetings. i would like to amplify the comments on maintaining the south of market block as a single entity likely split on market street. i'm a president of the south beach ring con bay organization and we were [indiscernible] -- and it's taken more than a decade for the people who have been in these planning districts
12:51 am
in the redevelopment areas to be recognized that there are people here and that they are working very hard to form communities and form commercial districts. the few successes are because we've banded together and advocated on infrastructure issues, police safety issues. and we could not have made the gains that we made without each other. so i would like to press for keeping us all together. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> i've been in the community for over 36 years. i've listened to a lot of this
12:52 am
conversation. i hear a lot of things related to culture and racial situations. the filipino community, the black community, the indian community, the chinese community and it shouldn't be about that. i walked civil rights lines in the 1960s. i never thought i would be making a statement like this in 2022 that we are completely dividing ourselves racially and culturally again because of this we should be working on this on the needs of the community not on the color of our skin. that has nothing to do with anything in this conversation. we're all human beings, all
12:53 am
americans. we all have pluses and minuses that need to be met as a collective group together. whether that means being part of south of market or not -- tenderloin is such a unique community, there is nowhere like that in the united states. maybe we need to look at a more inclusive situation, but let's leave the racial part out. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> i am calling in support of this. as was mentioned, keeping the transgender district in boundaries that facilitate critical coordination with other stakeholders in the neighborhood should be a priority. a core community of the tenderloin has been and
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continues to be the transgender community. district 6 is where the modern-day transgender movement was born which was a catalyst for transgender people to hold political power, however minimum at best. this is a manifestation of that power encompassing six blocks. with this proposed plan, the minimum political leverage the transgender community holds in the city of san francisco will be substantially diminished. that is not something we can afford now or in the future. we are at a crossroads.
12:55 am
trans people from across the country look to san francisco as an example of how to institutionally serve and uplift transgender individuals individ. i just want to say keeping us together in this district is so important. recommendations to break up the tenderloin and the cultural districts, communities that have been a tour de force in building cultural san francisco. thank you so much. >> clerk: could we get the next caller, please. >> i'm with the arab research and organizing center. we work for and advocate for the arab community throughout the bay area, but nowhere is our
12:56 am
community more concentrated in the tenderloin and soma neighborhoods. i'm a case lawyer and organizer and i work with this community every day. the arab community of immigrants and workers and artists is one of the largest growing communities in san francisco and they have had mismanagement of funding priorities towards policing and away from affordable and sustainable housing, medical care, health resources and a lack of resources in arabic have made this more difficult. splitting up these communities will dilute their collective voice and exacerbate these problems. our arab community belongs to the vibrant milieu. the tenderloin and soma should
12:57 am
remain together with both districts whole and we need more consistent language access for our communities. we need to ensure all communities are able to participate in the redistricting process. thank you so much for your time. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> i'm here to urge you to recognize [indiscernible] as one group. other people have spoken about the shared historic and cultural roots. but we share common challenges. these are challenges that will only be met when we're united and have one voice.
12:58 am
the [indiscernible] -- it is important that we recognize this as a community of interest. >> my name is david lu i'm from the filipino cultural district. i'll first reading the letter that was started that was sent to the task force members regarding the filipino's community of interest in d6 and signed by 14 organizations. in the soma and t.l. there are so many fighting for common economic interests and fair representation, including working-class, immigrant, and people of color communities
12:59 am
[indiscernible] people with disabilities those who have been pushed out from other neighborhoods or their homeland, formerly incarcerated and unhoused members. we are working with the filipino community in solidarity with these other communities of interest, fighting and organizing for social and economic rights, [indiscernible] schools and services. we respectfully ask the task force to reflect this filipino of interest in district 6 in the south of market and tenderloin neighborhoods in any map that is adopted. this is signed by a number of
1:00 am
organizations. this includes a filipino community map also. i would like to just quickly touch on district 6 has been ground zero for the tech booms and the filipino community has seen displace of employments and this has been historically linked to the destruction of the town. many filipino residents have been priced out and moved to the tenderloin. even through all this, soma remains a home for filipinos and continues to be a gateway for
1:01 am
new residents. with the hyper development of district 6 and luxury offices and housing that continue to go up, it is important for the filipino community in the soma and t.l. to have a voice in the redistricting process. thank you. >> clerk: could we have the next caller, please. >> my name is cheryl thornton and i work in district 6 in healthcare. what i want to say is that there is a lot of building, yes, that's going on in the district 6. i feel that the marginalized communities of district 6 should not be adversely impacted due to the building/gentrification going on there because they've
1:02 am
already been traumatized and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. i would like to see the communities of color considered there and to have the maps presented prior to suggesting any map we change. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your province. could we get the next caller, please. >> greetings. i'm the community engagement manager at glide center for social justice. i would like to ask that you keep the community together in district 6 because it is not ideal to separate these neighborhoods that share the same common interests. this will make them lose the representation of their needs and concerns. the separation of the tenderloin is an attack on the low income, marginalized immigrants, lgbtq,
1:03 am
and bipoc communities that will separate or split up and diminish these voices. please reconsider the plan and have more community engagement. moving forward with the redistricting will cause an impact on the most marginalized in these neighborhoods. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. could we get the next caller, please. >> i first moved to the city 11 years ago and have lived all over the city. thank you for listening. i know this is a tough job. i'm calling because i wanted to see how to make our new district lines enable and ensure that those in all areas of the city feel represented. first i'm asking that we keep all of soma together with mission bay. i feel so many of the concerns north of market street in the
1:04 am
tenderloin are important and unique to address. for residents in mission bay, issues around transport in the pandemic, [indiscernible] i found it difficult to frankly ask for support for our neighborhood because there were so many higher priority needs in the tender. as a result, nonetheless, soma and mission bay are so interconnected that i live and work and shop in these three areas. as a result, i'm asking for us to keep soma together. we can help ensure that everyone has a voice. second, i'm calling to ask that this commission, ensuring that we hold community meetings in all districts before finalizing the maps. thank you very much. this is a tough job and i appreciate it. >> clerk: could we get the next caller, please.
1:05 am
>> i'm a long-term resident of the tenderloin, 16 years. i've also worked in district 6 for another 25 years. i just want to say that i have worked throughout district 6 in the tenderloin and soma and it just seems like they belong together. it's like trying to separate siamese twins that shouldn't be separated. it's confusing. i would not split up the tenderloin. as everyone has mentioned, there is a lot in common. they're extended family, so please don't break them up. good luck on this effort. i know it's not easy and extremely challenging. >> clerk: thank you for sharing
1:06 am
your comments with the task force. next caller, please. >> i'm the executive director of hospitality house. we stand in full solidarity with the issues put on the table by some filipinos and some can and that coalition which is extremely important for our organization to preserve its connection with the south of market community. we have not only communities of interest but shared struggle, but shared artistic and cultural interests and shared history involvement in the rich cultural landscape, both the south of market and the tenderloin. we do strongly urge the task
1:07 am
force to consider that the idea here should be to lift up the voices of marginalized communities, to lift up the political power that poor households struggle to preserve and particularly communities of color in the struggle to amplify all those voices in the community. so we urge you to consider all of these factors in preserving communities of interest. thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments. we still have two callers left in the queue. for those members of the public who have not already spoke on this item, if you wish to speak on agenda 3, that being the discussion of the district 6 neighborhoods and communities of
1:08 am
interest, you should be recognized to speak by dialling star 3 or raising your hand in webex, otherwise we will take these two speakers to the end. mr. atkins, could you connect us to the next caller. if there's a caller on the line and you've heard that your line is unmuted, you'll hear a click or a pair of tones like a chirp, chirp, that means you're unmuted. i'm receiving word that that line was unattended. perhaps we can return to them. can we hear from the next caller. >> can you hear me okay? >> clerk: please begin. >> sorry i joined the meeting late today. it would be great to have the demographics that were presented for each district and the city as a whole.
1:09 am
if that's already posted someplace, it would be great for someone to point to that. on district 6 i heard the public comments today. it was nice to hear from many activists in district 6. my letter and maps start on page 79 of the attachment for item 4. in my proposed map for district 6, i kept treasure island, central soma, the tenderloin, and mission bay in district. as a result, i moved south beach or the east cut to district 3 and portions of western soma to district 9. the exact lines can be adjusted. it's very arguable as to where the tenderloin ends and district 3 starts. so that certainly can be adjusted in all of these lines here. i thought the important piece was to keep central soma and the
1:10 am
tenderloin in district 6. i believe strongly those are the core of the district and i agree with all of the testimony to that end. while mission bay could go to district 10, i did not propose that now because that would create other problems around the city in terms of balancing population. i do predict that mission bay will end up in district 10, 10 years from now. thank you for listening to my summary on district 6. thanks to jane wheel for her great work. i'm sorry to bruce aggot on what this does. i keep looking for the corner of arnold and town south end south of market and i haven't found it. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. could you connect us to the next caller.
1:11 am
>> i'm calling about the district 6 boundaries. i don't think you should split up the filipino cultural district and i don't think you should split up the leather district either. soma is a cohesive district together. the problems of the tenderloin are unique and they deserve their own. keeping all of soma together east and west is the move you should make. if you look at our plan, keeping all of soma together is a priority. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller, please. and -- i've been a resident of san francisco for 42 years and
1:12 am
half of that is in the tender republican. i get tight in my throat and my chest when i come in over the bay bridge still. but whatever redistricting you do, we need help with the crime. in the last year i've been in the middle of three different shootings, robbed twice, afraid to leave my house. and if something doesn't give pretty quick, i'm going to have to leave the city i love so much. so what may help make this place safer? thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we get the next caller, please. >> good afternoon, chair, and members of the district --
1:13 am
redistricting task force. [indiscernible] committee and also the fund department social equity council. [indiscernible] nine different cultural districts in san francisco and we are committed to helping craft a community map that would preserve communities of interest and fair representation -- we know that these communities are concentrated in district 6. we feel strongly in order to come up with a community map it's important that all communities are engaged, heard, and part of the process. i was also part of the redistricting effort 10 years ago, working with communities also in [indiscernible] because
1:14 am
we know that whatever happens, district 6 will be greatly impacted by this process. on our end we want to say that we are committed to working with all of you and supporting your efforts in this task. this is one of the things that we can do to organize our own community to make sure we're participating on the process and reaching out to our community members to be engaged [indiscernible] -- i wanted to share some of the background on that unity letter. [indiscernible] redistricting process and grassroots
1:15 am
participation and also discussing the major impacts that this process can have on our community. at that meeting we discussed that our community has been impacted by the hyper development in our neighborhood [indiscernible] filipino cultural heritage district. while our cultural hub is based in soma, the soma and tenderloin are one community for filipinos. the residents advisory group is composed of soma residents and tenderloin residents in recognition of this. [indiscernible] many soma residents had been evicted or pushed out to more affordable housing in the tenderloin. that is in more recent years becoming a cultural tightness
1:16 am
community -- >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. i'm sorry to cut you off. speakers are restricted to keeping their comments within three minutes. i understand there are still two callers in the line. could we please be connected to the next caller. if there's a caller on the line, please begin. >> can you hear me? >> clerk: we can. please begin. >> i am a director of [indiscernible] tenderloin, one of the few black-run organizations in the tenderloin. i was looking out today at some of the districts you guys have put up. district 9 is 9%
1:17 am
african-american, but i do believe that the tenderloin is over 10% african-american. what i'm looking at is favoring any redistricting solutions that would elevate the voice of black people in the tenderloin. i'm focused on those unhoused. there are so many housed folks who i've gotten to know who are african-american in the tenderloin and through so many different organizations, the voices really don't get heard and they don't have power within their communities. so any redistricting that you do consider for the tenderloin, it would be wonderful to have central market, but i think you
1:18 am
must consider how to increase the power and the influence and the voices of african-americans specifically in the tenderloin. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments in the task force. i understand that we still have one caller left in the queue. mr. atkins, could you please connect us to our last caller. caller, your line is unmuted. >> yes, my name is bob goldfarb. i'm the executive director of the leather lgbtq cultural district in soma. i just wanted to express our opinion that we think that in the interests of equity and preventing the marginalization of the communities that we're designed to prevent that it's
1:19 am
extremely important to keep the soma and filipinos, the leather lgbtq district and the transgender district all in the same political district. we feel that better serves the anti-marginalization and equity values that are behind the cultural districts themselves. we also feel very strongly that it would be unproductive to cut or divide any of the cultural districts into different political districts. again, we feel that that would be in line with maintaining the anti-marginalization intent of the cultural district program. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. mr. atkins, do we have any
1:20 am
further callers in the queue for agenda item 3? >> operator: mr. clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. >> chair: if that is complete, mr. clerk, we shall declare public comment closed. let's move to members. do you have anything for us? >> clerk: mr. chair, i see member hernandez gill has his name in the roster patiently waiting for recognition. >> thank you and thank you to everybody who came and spoke around district 6. i greatly appreciate it. i am a resident of district 6. i previously lived in the tenderloin, where i moved to after being evicted out of district 9. so i feel like i have had a decent experience getting to
1:21 am
know the neighborhood, the district. it's very many different communities so i do appreciate it. i have a series of questions. i don't know if this would be the appropriate time, questions directed at 23ks 23ks /* 2ks q2, the city attorney and mr. carol. >> chair: you can ask. >> thank you so much for sharing that demographic data. it was very helpful. my question is can we get more detailed demographic data particularly for the filipino and the black community, ideally broken by census block. and if there is a margin of error attached to those figures, that would also be appreciated.
1:22 am
>> we are able to display demographic data on the census black level, yes. in terms of more detailed data, as the census reports race and ethnicity data, i -- and i guess i have a clarifying question for you which is what do you mean by more detail for black populations specifically? we can show total population, percent of total population in those areas or voting age population. that would be black people over the age of 18 and citizens voting age population, black people who are citizens over the age of 18. and the way that this reports
1:23 am
race and ethnicity for filipinos, we cannot just pull out the filipino population exclusively. the way that the census reports data is broader in the race and ethnicity categories and not necessarily based on nationality or national origin. we might have more information than that. >> maybe i can get more specifics. for the filipino community since we cannot hold data specific to the filipino community, could we then pull the data around language spoken at home or whatever language information we may have and country of birth. that might facilitate some of this process.
1:24 am
would that be possible? and by census block or census track. that's what i meant by more detailed demographic data just because it's being shared only at a district level. i think we need to dig deeper. >> through the chair to respond to the question from the member. i can speak a little bit to this. there is -- the data you saw is from the census so it is an actual count at the black level. there are other datasets that the census provides and i can show the task force what those are. that would give the kind of information that you're speaking about. it does have a very significant margin of error. i've communicated about this and given an example. with that sort of caveat i can
1:25 am
show the task force what is available and what the accuracy or inaccuracy of that might be. >> i greatly appreciate that. it's not something that needs to be done right this second. i know it is a lot of questions and a lot of requests. but at some point that would be appreciated if it can be shared out with the task force. i have two questions for the city attorney. so this is a question specific to this question continuity with district 6 and i was wondering if you could identify the census block or track in the south of market that would trigger that continuity with treasure island. >> i'm sorry, is that a question for me or q2? >> both or anybody.
1:26 am
>> i think if you need assistance with this i would need to talk to q2 about it and come back with that exact information. i don't have that information at my fingertips. >> thank you so much. >> do you have more questions? >> yes. we heard from many members of the public around their own communities of interest. [ please stand by ]
1:27 am
>> thank you. my last question is directed to mr. carroll. i would love to share maps that
1:28 am
are shared with us by members of the public. i know there were a couple of maps that were requested to be shared. they seemed very detailed. while i greatly appreciate having the maps on the screen, it would be helpful to see and share with the rest of the public. >> through the chair in response. we did receive a number of maps that were referred to buy speakers during the public comment period that i have forwarded off to your respective city e-mail in boxes. those will be included as part of the documents. they will be added into future packets as well. thank you very much for that additional direction. >> thank you.
1:29 am
let me say one more clarifying issue. ms. clark, did i hear you say that you cannot provide, for example, african-american census data by census block or census track? >> ethnicity data including black populations, the census block, yes. >> thank you. let me say so i won't be derelict. i will thank all members of the public that spoke here today. that is the kind of information we are looking for to make the map drawing reflect in some way what we hear from the people. they got to live for 10 years with whatever decisions we make.
1:30 am
we ought to hear from them. i am grateful and thankful for all of you that took time out to come and present before us today. thank you. mr. carroll. any other members? >> member cooper is waiting recognition. >> could you take the floor now. >> i will be brief. [indiscernable] all sorts of community groups and members of the community as well to hear that perspective. it is a solid core of comments and folks and it is good to know
1:31 am
we are in the community process reaching a wider audience. >> thank you. i do not see further names in the roster, mr. chair. >> thank you, members. if we see nothing further and there are no action items, mr. clerk, i could ask you to file it and when you have gotten that done, let us move to item number 4. >> agenda item 4. discussion of community of interest visualization. this is discussion and possible action item. we will take public comment as part of this discussion. members of the public, mr. chair, while i am looking
1:32 am
now we may want to move backwards in the agenda. now i see the member messaging all panelists that she may wish to be acknowledged for the agenda item. >> this is agenda 3. boundaries, neighborhoods and communities of interest. >> thank you, chair town send. i apologize. i was messaging to the host. i want to reflect a little bit on the comments from the general public. i want to thank the callers who took the time to wait and speak to us. it made me want to dig deeper into the very complex racial and
1:33 am
ethnic breakdowns of the diverse district. thank you for actually showing that breakdown prior to public comment and showing us that it somewhat reflects the general ethnic breakdown of all of san francisco. i did, like i think we did touch on this. 35% asian. most of the callers were filipino. we know that filipino is only one part of the asian-americans are many ethnic groups. i did notice we were missing public comment from the southeast asian community, chinese american community that exists in d6 in the tenderloin currently. maybe they are not as organized to call in and speak, but i would like to actually dig
1:34 am
deeper to see what we can find out from ethnic breakdowns whatever census information that might be available so we can get a more clear look at what we are talking about. additionally, there are several callers who called in from the african-american community who wanted to make sure the african-american community stuck together. same as the arab community as well. i think it is really important part of this complex conversation. i am looking forward to receiving whatever data breakdown we can receive from q2. then having us all talk about it. thank you. >> i am looking for any further comments for agenda item 3. i do not see any further names
1:35 am
in the roster. >> thank you. seeing no other names, we will move on right now at this time to item number 4. >> i will call item 4. discussion of mapping and community of interest visualizations. discussion and possible action. we will take public comment. members of the public who wish to comment on item 4 call the call-in number. 415-655-0001. enter meeting id press pound twice and press star to speak. the prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. wait until you are unmuted to comment. if you wish to speak raise your hand and then await a signal to
1:36 am
you which will sound like two rapid beeps to indicate your line is unmuted and you may comment to the task force. we still have jimmy clark and the consultants on the line. >> let's move right along mr. neal and ms. clark. do you have anything for us on item 4? >> good afternoon, chair and members of the task force. two small updates in response to questions that came up in the last meeting. one in response to the question from member lee. confirming the text translation that we are getting from the department of elections are in simplified chinese and
1:37 am
voice-overs translated will be available in can tan niece and mandarin. the second update a few questions about names for redistricting plans for the district plans posted online where they have names on the task force website have names attached. the redistricting tool does not at present capture names. i talked to the developers of the tool. they said they will be able to add an extra name field in order to satisfy that request. that will be able to add that. we will have to wait for them to implement it. that is all that i have. >> anything else, ms. clark? >> mr. chair i see member lee
1:38 am
requesting recognition. >> thank you, mr. neal, for being so responsive. go right ahead, member lee. >> thank you, mr. chair. if i hear correctly you said they are in simplified chinese, is that correct? >> that is my understanding as opposed to traditional script. >> that increasing number of people in san francisco using simplified chinese. communications are in traditional. people from hong kong and from taiwan use traditional chinese. >> i had it backwards. i read my note wrong it is
1:39 am
traditional script. i apologize. >> that is better. thank you for the clarification. could we have both? for people who are from mainland china? and then the simplified? >> the question from member lee. we cooperate with the city to get translations for the different documents. this is according to the city policy the languages. i can extend the question to the department of elections to see what the policy is to expand to
1:40 am
other scripts. >> that would be great. thank you so much. >> thank you. one other question because we have heard a couple times about the public having translations at this meeting. i know mr. carroll mentioned that we did try that a couple early meetings. we didn't have anyone who availed themselves of it. are we working on that for the future? >> at your direction we can make changes to the shape of future agenda minutes. if that is a concern to bring forward we would take your direction on it. >> i have heard it several times from the public. members you may want to express at some point what your idea is. if there is a request of demand for it, i certainly and it is
1:41 am
possible for us to provide it, i would like us to. maybe we will take that up under future agenda items. we will bring it up again at that time. is there anyone else? >> i see member hernandez gill requesting recognition. >> thank you for that. my comment is in regards to the mapping adding names to the mapping tool. i greatly appreciate the responsiveness. it is going to be very helpful to have names attached to the maps. my comment is more to members of the public who have already submitted apps. if they wish their name to be associated with the map, once the name field is live, if they
1:42 am
could resubmit the maps if at all possible that would be great. thank you. >> mr. chair i don't see any further name in the roster. >> very good. have we had public comment on this item? >> not this item, mr. chair. >> let's move to public comment. >> members of the public who wish to comment on this mapping and community of interest visualization tools, call 415-655-0001. enter id24950572763. press pound twice to connect to the meeting and star 3 to enter the queue to speak. for those interested members of the public connected. if you wish to speak on this item raise your hand and you will be recognized in web ex.
1:43 am
i understand we have four callers in the queue. could we hear from the first of the four callers. >> is there a caller on the line? if you hear your line unmuted or hear a rapid pair of chirps, it is your time to comment. we will come back to them after the next caller. >> hello. i amlena. i am co-founder of the community group standing for improving downtown embarcadero and the transbay. i wanted to touch on a couple
1:44 am
things from earlier today. including the fact our community group does have a high count of asian demographic that we have ethnic backgrounds we have a diverse community of affordable housing and market rate residents. high density neighborhoods. it is some of the highest grows since the 2010 census. the resources that it needs for especially affordable housing communities 30% of the neighborhood on this side of the district. i will echo there is representation at a lot of meetings. we may not speak to the background we want to focus on the high density growth that we have had. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your
1:45 am
comments. next caller, please. >> hello. this is lois scott again. i have a question about the website and where the maps are going to be put online. i would request that may be the agenda should have the address of the website and that it should be somehow visible on your task force broadcast you are doing. i really appreciate anyway of learning more and seeing the data and the maps and getting more engaged and not all of us. i am in my 80s. some of our older folks need more coaching in getting access and understanding how to get the
1:46 am
information so that we can intel get bely testify. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. to address some of the comments about the location of documents on our website. the maps submitted from the public have a link under resources on the redistricting task force website which is part of the sf. gov family of city websites. i encourage folks with further accessibility questions to send an e-mail to the task force reaching me by writing to rdtf at or sending a phone call to my desk phone during office hours. (415)554-4445. that is one of the best phone
1:47 am
numbers in the city. next caller, please. >> hi, good afternoon. i am league of women voters san francisco. i would like to talk about member gill mentioned about possibly adding the name field and recommending folks who submitted their map to resubmit again. there should be some discussion about avoiding duplication. looking at the table as it is already. i wonder if for folks resubmitting their maps once the name field is included to maybe add an additional field to indicate that note. this is resubmission. maybe to say that the initial map was resubmitted based on the
1:48 am
resubmission or you can have th resubmitter submit the submission id for the original map. that way there is similarities. i assume the maps haven't changed since early submission. it is a name field they need. to make sure that to avoid duplication of maps. thank you. >> thank you for sharing comments. next caller, please. >> can you hear me? >> yes, please begin. >> sorry i have had connection issues. i live in d6 i want to thank you for your hard work. i was having technical difficulties. i not only be live and work in d6. i was the previous district attorney in the tenderloin for
1:49 am
several years. i understand the challenges the community mace faces. -- faces. there need for foot patrol and supportive services. the district needs to be kept hole so concerns about public safety and supportive services will be heard by the government. i am a member of the filipino american law offices association and support the redistricting to preserve the filipino cultural heritage district. thank you. >> next caller, please. >> this is david elliott louis. tenderloin people's congress. request and question. request you hold a special meeting to illustrate how to use the map control for the community, instructional meeting
1:50 am
with screen share. the question is my understanding is confused. if you use the mapping tool is it shared with the task force or do we have to export and e-mail it in separately? if somebody could address that question i would appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. to acknowledge the public comment period is not a question and answer period. after public comment is closed after we have heard from everyone if someone wishes to address your question they may do so. could we please be connected to the next caller. >> hi. this is patty lopez. i was listening in. i wanted to at two thoughts. echoing the comments about in-person meetings. this is a hard ask during the
1:51 am
pandemic and maybe not reasonable and safe. a lot of people do not rely on online as communication. how to reach folks in affordable housing is key. thinking about what communities need to have extra outreach. one of the communities is latino community. 24% of the tenderloin. i haven't heard very much about that. along with the spanish-speaking capacity part is outreaching to the community which is paramount and understanding within the latino community there is language diversity. we have a lot of speakers who havemia as their primary language. thank you for your work. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. do we have any further callers in the queue? >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> thank you.
1:52 am
>> we will close the public comment on item 4. with that we will proceed then to item 5. >> mr. chair, i do see member hernandez gill requesting recognition. >> i forgot to ask. >> no worries. thank you. my question is in regards to the question that was asked in regards to the submission of maps. i believe it was david elliott lewis. if you could answer that question that would be appreciated. >> i meant to ask myself and forgot. thank you. >> thank you for the question. on the redistricting tool, the tool for multiple districts. the public redistricting.
1:53 am
it will only save your map and your account. you have to press submit and go to the submit screen and finalize submission on that screen to send it to the redistricting task force. saves is only within your own account. >> thank you. >> i think that clears that up. nip other members with questions? >> hernandez gill has a follow-up question. >> thank you. the other it was unrelated comment. that was in regards to the outreach to the latino community that was brought up by bobby lopez. i definitely acknowledge the limited outreach that has been done to the latino community and of course to the latino
1:54 am
community that speaks the indigenous languages. it is something i brought up on multiple occasions in full awareness that it is a very significant population in the tenderloin. my only request is that the her or anybody else in the community has contact information and would like to share it with me i would be more than happy to do outreach myself. i am trying to reach out to that community. thank you. >> thank you. mr. carroll. >> i am not seeing any task force members awaiting recognition. >> very good. we can -- have we been to the public yet? >> we have. >> let's file this and move to
1:55 am
item 5 if we can. >> agenda item 5 is an update on the outreach plan. this is a discussion and potential action item. we will take public comment. members of the public to discuss the outreach plan. call 415-655-0001. meeting id24950572763. pound twice to connect to the meeting and star 3 to enter the queue to speak. if you are in web x-rays your hand -- web ex, please raise your hand. >> i understand evelyn torres is not connected to the meeting right now. however, angela is here who may
1:56 am
have updates useful to the task force. >> please. >> thank you. members of the task force. i am the clerk of the board. however my office is assisting the consultant with their outreach. civic energy is the consultant with the outreach for the task force this decade. i understand that i wanted to give an update on what our work that we were conducting around outreach and assist because they weren't be able to attend this meeting. i wanted to provide a brief update on some of the work that they have been conducting so i have first of all, i should say congratulations to the task force. you did conduct your first district specific outreach to the community around mapping. i know that members of the task
1:57 am
force were working directly with civic edge to target some of that outreach and member indicated that he is going to conduct the work with the community and would be happenpoto assister with targeted outreach on the clerk's office. happy to assist with that going forward. we know that we need to reach more people. some of the work we are doing in the clerk's office with targeted some of these communities with different languages. it is spanish and chinese. we created a survey monkey. for those individuals who did receive an e-mail invite to tonight's meeting we would like you to take a look at that invite and at the bottom of the e-mail is a survey monkey. we would very much appreciate if you could fill it out.
1:58 am
we are collecting the surveys and i would like to provide some of that information to the members of the task force for the five that we have already received from the last meeting. i will do that at the end of this brief presentation. regarding civic edge, i know members of the task force are working on a bi-weekly meeting with civic edge and that you all may have some further information to provide at item 7 so that you can give the outcomes of your meetings that you had with civic edge. we know in cooperation with member of civic edge they were working on a fact sheet on redistricting. we think the last version was submitted to the members. as soon as that fact sheet is finalized we are happy to make
1:59 am
sure that gets posted on to redistricting or utilized for the purposes member lee that you have envisioned that to be utilized for. every friday i understand that civic edge is providing an update on that week's outreach effort and so i think members can look forward to receiving that fairly soon. as far as the clerk's office is concerned, we are going to submit the february monthly outreach neighborhood newspaper advertising on the next couple of days. we are going to add new information now that we have the mapping tool. we are going to add a link to the mapping tool and some library updates. i provided one at the last meeting. for the 40 people listening still we are grateful to the city librarian. he has added a computer link to
2:00 am
his library. if you don't have a computer and would like to go to the library and utilize the computer there. you will turn on the computer and link to redistricting task force website should appear easily for you. then will is all of that helpful information that you can access at the library. you can have 120 minute reservation and if you needed more time the city librarian indicated you need to ask for it. you can have multiple sessions. that information is also currently on the website. if i could just take maybe one more minute of your time. the survey monkey results if i could give a quick summary. there are six questions. we received five responses.
2:01 am
how did you find out about this community meeting? one person said through the website. one person said community-based organizations. two people indicated through the e-mail invite. another from a relative. second question if your primary language be is not english were you able to find redistricting information in your language? four members responded they were english speakers. one member did not respond to the question. were you provided information on the redistricting task force and timeline in an understandable and acceptable way? three individuals said yes. one individual said no and said they couldn't log on to web ex and weren't able to use the mapping tool. one person didn't have response. fourth question were you able to provide feedback at community redistricting meeting? two members of public said yes. one no. he would attend a future
2:02 am
meeting. one indicated i did not attend the meeting. i didn't know the meeting date and time. one indicated no response. is there something that you would like to know more information about you did not hear at the community redistricting meeting? >> one would like to use the mapping tool and more information to become part of the process. question six was how would you improve community outreach in this redistricting process? one person said use zoom. one person said better understanding of how to make the maps. one person indicated use the engle side newspaper. one person checked the box of more community contact for those with no internet or ability to access online information. one other person said social media. we do have some information that we are trying to collect to
2:03 am
improve our practices. i am going to take this information. round table with my team and any members of the task force who would like to chime in on this. if it is important that i give you an update on the survey monkey, i am happy to do that and provide ways to tweak the process and work with civic edge to tweak their process on outreach. i think that concludes my presentation. i am available for questions. thank you, members, thank you, chair. >> thank you so much. any members in the queue? >> yes, member pierce. >> hi, and thank you so much for the report back, madam clerk. it does raise a concern and not beat a dead horse we have heard that we got to get better on lang be wage access. -- language access.
2:04 am
the fact that almost everybody who answered the questions is a native english speaker. we are probably including a huge part of the city because we know just how unlike the character of the city that is. across the board. i do know that we have had problems with actually having minutes available with in the specific most popular language. five websites. we have two requests ahead of time. i have twice and you have provided information so thank you very much. we request ahead of time foreclosed caption as -- for the closed captions for the audience. i would appreciate making that happen. there needs to be a much broader diversity of languages for
2:05 am
outreach. if you would not mind, please pass that along to civic edge for us, madam clerk. thank you. >> i am happy to hear that. we can do with the survey monkey. currently outreach sends out the survey monkey. we should put that link in the languages we can offer. we will make sure they do that. to your request about language for interpreters at the redistricting meeting, when i did report to you several months ago, i did say when the task force wants simultaneous or consecutive we are happy to provide that. i am not sure how we missed your request. my sincere apologies to you. >> you provided my request for the second meeting.
2:06 am
our request is latino, spanish. you provided it. cantonese. you provided all four for as long as the translators could stay on. thank you. >> we are happy to do as you are requesting. i want to be as forward thinking as we can be on some of these issues. sometimes we are going to need to get a little backup from you to make sure it gets done. we are happy to hear that. we will convey that information to civic edge. that concludes my remarks. thank you, member pierce. >> any other members? >> i see member cooper. >> mr. cooper.
2:07 am
[indiscernable] [ inaudible ] [indiscernable]
2:08 am
>> member cooper, the quality of your microphone seems to be declining. we were able to hear what you were saying but i seems to get worse. the task force is not hearing what you are saying. >> it is better. >> sorry. yes, so my comment was for members of the faq and draft maps created. in terms of the situation of scarce resources or time around this, any focus on those would be great.
2:09 am
i think it would be helpful to add to the upcoming meeting schedules on the top part of the website as we know what we are focusing on to add to the doubles or prominently on the pages would be helpful as well. >> thank you, member coupe person. i think -- cooper. our operations deputy will be prepping the meeting schedule exactly as you are requesting in conjunction with the chair and the vice chair. that should be on your desk hopefully soon for your approval. >> thank you. >> mr. chair, i am now seeing member hernandez gill waiting recognition. >> thank you.
2:10 am
my comment is more in regards to outreach for this current meeting. it is my understanding that civic edge did not do targeted outreach for this district 6 meeting which is unfortunate given that it was on the calendar since january 3rd. i hope and expect this will not repeat itself. i do want to emphasize part of the reason what civic edge has emphasized has been their multi language ability. the fact many of their staffers are spanish speakers. i want to see that activated. i want to make sure we have members of that community present. i am more than happy to do as much bilingual outreach as i can. it shouldn't be falling on me.
2:11 am
there was no targeted outreach for this meeting. >> thank you. >> you are right. i will be working with them on that. we will be providing an update to the members who are assigned to working with the outreach consultant. it shouldn't happen again. thank you for your comments. >> mr. lee, please. >> thank you, mr. chair. thank you, madam clerk for your update. as for the fact sheet, it looks great. at least to my taste. people have different opinions about it. i liked it. convey my thanks to the civic edge team for the facts sheet. there will be edits. it is to the wording so that we
2:12 am
can perfect the language. please convey that. that would be great. that is all i have. thank you. >> thank you. i will convey the comments. >> mr. chair, i don't see any further members of the task force awaiting recognition. >> thank you. i believe we did go to public comment on this. >> not yet. >> let's go there now. >> thank you. we are working with joe adkins from the clerk's office to connect us for those callers lining up to speak on item 5. we have 26 listeners. two raised hands to speak. if you wish to speak call
2:13 am
415-655-0001. id24950572763. pound twice to connect and star 3 to speak or in web ex, please raise your hand. first caller. >> thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to you. i didn't get a chance earlier. thank you for the work you are doing. i do appreciate it. i know it is challenging. i am co-chair of the people's congress which includes the 500 member chinese association. 200 filipino community association, rainbow lbgtq group. we are a coalition. on their behalf i am empowered
2:14 am
to speak to you tonight. i wanted to comment on the outreach. in the tenderloin we have challenges around language access and technology access. you know, a large portion of our community are not only seniors and it is challenges. only having less than two week notice before the big meeting like the d6 meeting and trying to get people online. it wasn't do-able. if this is any indication if the outreach was an indication there was a fail. in meetings in the tenderloin every day i work in the tenderloin. other than some of us from community-based organizations doing outreach there was no talk about redistricting in the
2:15 am
neighborhood. no targeted outreach. if it is a lack of knowledge who to contact, i would be happy to provide list of e-mail contacts for the neighborhood to get in touch with community leaders and get a broader spectrum of folks informed. i would ask a second meeting for d6 to do outreach. this was an indication it was a fail. on the part of the task force i understand you contract for that. thank you for your work. i will be talking to you soon. >> thank you for your comments. next caller, please. >> good evening, commissioners. i just looked at your outreach schedule and there is only one date for the richmond district. i live in district 1. it is not until the middle of
2:16 am
march. in other districts you have two and in district four which we are connected it is a month earlier. why are you discriminating against richmond district? we are part of san francisco. maybe some people don't think it is part of the city. the other thing i called the outreach line. you can't be figure out the map. nobody has returned my call. how can we do our map if nobody wants to call it? i know you are all volunteers there but i have been listening to the process. i am not happy with it, you know. there should be two meetings in the richmond district. why is there only one? we have multiple languages in the richmond district. we have russian, chinese, other languages. there needs to be more meetings. what do i need to do to get more meetings in the richmond
2:17 am
district and have them earlier not wait until the last comment? we should be at the same timeframe as district 4 early february. please change this. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your time. next caller, please. >> david pill plow. i am not sure if this is the best agenda item. i will keep it brief and relate it to outreach. i got wind of the meeting tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. on redistricting at bart and i am planning to get up early to participate. i hope i am not the only person for that. i don't know that impacts anything here. it might be interesting to see what they are up to and how they are doing it.
2:18 am
go to for tomorrow, january 15th, at 9:00 a.m. at future hearing if we could hear about the state redistricting related to san francisco and the assembly. that may or may not inform the work here but it might be interesting to hear the final result, how they got there i don't need to know. at least it is telling us where those lines were. since we have experts that were highly involved in that we have a big advantage there. i hope that is helpful. thanks. >> next caller, please. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> i am mike. i am the clubhouse director boys and girls club for san francisco and chair for the tenderloin benefit district. i want to double down on the
2:19 am
comments made by curtis brad ford earlier. i came to one of those meetings two weeks ago to offer my services for outreach due to the amount of meetings i go to, folks i know and meetings i share. i had to create my own flyer i made last week. i got it translated in chinese, spanish and arabic and posted on social media and had it shared by 19, 20 different people. it shouldn't be me doing this work especially when i offered to go ahead and support this task force and civic organization you have hired to do this work. i would love to continue to support somehow. if someone could reach out to let me know how best to support i would love to do that work. we run in the same circles and could tag team to get out the word. there is a second meeting for
2:20 am
district 6. i am really hoping for interpretation. language interpretation on that day to get folks out to that meeting that they are able to speak as well. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. i invite you to share contact information rdtf at i monitor that and i will connect you with the redistricting outreach consultants so they have your contact information and are aware of your services. next caller, please. >> this is michael nolte, executive director for district 6. i came to the meeting late.
2:21 am
i would like to make a couple comments about the current agenda item. i would like to know how to get a link to the survey mentioned by the clerk. i didn't know there was a survey. i think again like some of the previous speakers that just spoke on this agenda item i, too, have various ways to get information out to the community. unfortunately through the internet. i think another thing missing there was no postings in the community like on window signs or streetlamps. these are the ways that we do post in the community. that was lacking. i mean there is alternative ways to get people that normally don't attend meetings. also, i would like to have more lead time when the next district
2:22 am
6 meeting occurs. i would like to know that date. that should be mentioned at this meeting so that while we have the meeting in progress everybody has a heads up. go to a website to find it. this would help get more participants. also would like to have some direct contact from the contract. i questioned this at the very first meeting i attended. questioned how did she come up with it or the people doing the presentation only had 500 or so contacts for the whole city. i mentioned there was 3,000 non-profits just in san francisco. how do you come up with just 500? i was questioning what resources
2:23 am
you were using. anyway thank you for your time. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next caller, please. >> david elliott lewis. regarding outreach to tenderloin. i want to reaffirm prior suggestions. we had people not on your e-mail list or accessing website but would attend if they saw on a map post or window sign. the city was good about posting covid safety information and physical signs in the tenderloin about social distancing and maps and masks and vaccines. you could do the same for this meeting you could do physical signs on posts and windows to connect our community. i know it is challenging doing
2:24 am
in person meating. not everyone is able to do web ex. maybe you could do socially distanced in-person meeting at the library or auditorium filling every other seat and vaccine requirement and masks. it will ensure covid safety. not everyone is able to go to online. for those who i know it is broadcast in sfgovtv and public access tv. that information would be great on printed signs in the tenderloin neighborhood. signs in multiple languages. arabic, chinese and spanish are some of the main languages. david elliott lewis. thank you. >> thank you for sharing comments with the task force
2:25 am
once again. we do have a further caller. next caller, please. [indiscernable] folks today that we have heard before. one thing we are hearing many of us think about. [indiscernable] [indiscernable] take people to the website. as we know they don't have computers. they are not able to.
2:26 am
[indiscernable] mention parts of the outreach. [indiscernable] members of the community to come come-- help with flyers. how do we get people out to the website they are not able to access? those are some suggestions we are sharing. [indiscernable] thank you. >> next caller, please.
2:27 am
hi, good evening. outreach is that since we are utilizing the libraries, one of the great things about the libraries is that putting flyers in each of the libraries that will have access. for the league during elections we have been pre-covid when the libraries were open we put it in the branch library. if we are already sending out february newsletter or newspapers. saying the libraries will be open for mapping. to mention flyers to pick up in different languages to bring to your family and friends and communities to show up to this
2:28 am
meeting. thank you. >> do we have further callers in the queue? >> mr. clerk, no further caller in the queue. >> very good. public comment is closed. any members? >> yes i see members in the roster. jeremy. >> thank you, chair. i just wanted to really address members of the public that we hear you. we hear that we just really didn't do the amount of outreach necessary to a community as diverse as the tenderloin. i live blocks from city hall so i know how dynamic and vibrant the tenderloin is with the
2:29 am
languages spoken and the fact that all comments heard today were in english. it shows to me that it is a filar on our part. -- failure on our part. members of the public we will do better and be coming back to district 6. we will double down our efforts the next time we come around. thank you. >> i am seeing member hernandez gill in the roster. >> thank you. my first comment is around the next district 6 meeting as it is currently scheduled for februar. that is a saturday at 10:00 a.m. i repeat again it is going to be saturday, february 26 at 10:00 a.m. if there are additional dates added for district 6 they will
2:30 am
be posted on the website. that is my first comment. i am not sure who to direct it to. i would love for the district dates to be clearly put on to the landing website. currently it requires multiple clicks to a pdf to see it which is not very convenient be. if we could do that, that would be greatly appreciated. my second question is in regards to the question of fliering the neighborhoods such as the tenderloin. is this something civic edge can do in terms of getting flyers printed and flyering certain neighborhoods? >> to the chair to member hernandez gill. clerk of the board. i would like to see the clearing house to create the flyers.
2:31 am
with you and the members of the task force to have them on site where we can addvertise for members of the public to pick them up and use them in the manner as the member of the public suggested. we can post window signs to be picked up at our office, flyers to be picked up at our office and provide to the libraries as well. definitely add that information in the february newsletter for our outreach advertising so people know to come to our office to get the information. specifically hernandez gill if civic edge can post them on signs in the specific neighborhood. i don't believe so. i want to be frank with you about that now. we will contemplate another way
2:32 am
that can happen. perhaps in connection with the public and their engagement with me and that. i am not sure exactly what that means or equals. just to say i am open. i am not going to have the clerk staff staple on the pole. i want them to know that now. i am open to something different. if there weren't other comments that the public made that is something we can be helpful with, i am listening, i am open. that concludes my comments. thank you member hernandez gill. >> some of you may remember that was one of my concerns very early on in our discussions about outreach out of a concern for those who are not online. they are part of the process, too. they have a right to the
2:33 am
process. they shouldn't be considered second class or marginal because they are not online. it is not against the law to not be computer literate. i think sometimes we take those people for granted and they are not as intense about them being part of the process as we could be. thank you for the question, mr. hernandez gill and the response. do you have anything else? >> no, that is it. thank you. >> mr. clerk. >> i see member hull. >> hello. i want to thank the clerk for offering to do the flyers and taking on so much responsibility for that.
2:34 am
i also want be to really very much thank the public for the feedback. you know, i think we are all disappointed about the outreach that was lacking in the district. i want to public to know weeing knowledge that. i thank everybody for your patience. this is our first time doing this type of outreach for this digital out. 10 years looked different, right? it wasn't an option back then. on top of that we are laying on the pandemic and we weren't able to set the schedule and haven't set the full schedule we need to keep that flexibility what was going on with this new variant of omicron. it is not ideal for anyone.
2:35 am
you know, i am very privileged to understand that we are all in it together. that so familiar groups are offer -- so many groups are offering par pistation -- participation to fill in the gaps that we are all lacking. no one outreach organization can do this. no one task force, no one member can do this. we all need to pitch in and be creative. get out to the community. we have been talking about this since the very first meeting about making sure the process is as inclusive as possible and recognizing the communities are difficult to reach and recognizing there are communities that are not part of
2:36 am
the civic engagement process. those are the voices we really want be to hear from. on top of that we talk about others not tech savvy and we don't want them to feel like we take them for granted. that is terrible. i have heard feedback from my friends who are tech savvy and they have had trouble calling in. they get dropped or don't know how to press the 3 to raise their hand. it is not easy even if you are tech savvy. i think we all should be sensitive to the fact that we all need to do more. status quo for outreach for this particular process is not going to be enough. thank you so much to the clerk for being flexible and picking
2:37 am
up slack where we need it. thank you to member gill for doing the outreach to d6. i feel confident that we can continue to do better with each district. >> thank you. mr. clerk. >> i see member cooper next in the roster. >> mr. cooper. >> thank you. what i wanted to touch on about printing. i thank staff for helping out with that aspect of things for the public. i think there is a need for a general poster about where we are now. there will be another need later on ones we have a draft map or maps for the general poster. i think adapting the e-mails and working on to the district
2:38 am
specific posters can happen and i am willing to volunteer to help out with posting and posters as well. hopefully we can get a few other task force members out there as we move through the schedule. high pedestrian areas, m.t.a. requires by law to install public hearings near the areas where we are making the engineering changes. so many people when they call in they will be like we saw that on polls. i will help out. that is all. thanks. >> looking over the roster there may be duplicate entries. one from gill and another from
2:39 am
member how. i don't want if they want to recognize additional time. next is member pierce. >> i did think i was behind. thank you, guys. to member cooper's point. i would like clarification on whether or not we are allowed to do this outreach directly because i certainly can send my crews to start papering neighborhoods all over the city if we need to. i just have been really trying to direct everything that comes into my sphere back to the clerk's office. not really the appearance of newralty. i am not influencing how things are turning out. we have a mobilization crew
2:40 am
within my office and connections to other cbos. grab those flyers to get them out exactly as member cooper said. a lot of us do a lot of mobilizing. the majority of us mobilize. if this is the extent of civic edge's ability to reach the city i do feel we have to do better with finding this. there is no way that it can proceed with way it is. thank you, mr. chair. >> thank you so much. >> mr. lee. >> thank you, mr. chair. i don't think i need to rehash all of the deficiencies we have
2:41 am
seen building out to tonight's meeting. rather than talking about these i want to ask for real world changes that are happening or progress that is happening right now. our next meeting. [indiscernable] do we know what is the outreach progress in district 5 leading up to the meeting on saturday?
2:42 am
>> i understand that civic edge is two-fold specific age. they have already sent out a january save the date for the meeting and i understand that they are going to do a personal e-mail blast to the contacts that were provided to them by members. i am sure you know this is exactly what member hernandez gill was indicating was not done for this meeting this evening. i understand in my conversation with civic edge earlier today they understand that did not happen and they understand that they will be conducting that for the district 5 meeting. >> thank you. >> i am not seeing further names in the roster. >> very good. thank you.
2:43 am
i believe that means this is ready to be filed. we are ready to move on to item 6. we are ready for that at this time. >> task force member reports. discussion item. we will take public comment. members of the public should call the call-in number 415-655-0001. meeting id24950572763. press pound pound to connect and star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak or if you are connected from within web x-rays your hand inside web ex to speak for this item. mr. chair. >> thank you. members. >> any members who want to be
2:44 am
recognized? i am not seeing any task force members requesting recognition, mr. chair. >> public comment. >> do we have callers who wish to provider comment on task force member reports. please connect us. >> there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you. there are no callers. >> i thought you said four callers. thank you, public comment is closed on this item. members anything in retrospect? if not, let's file and move to item number 7. >> city department representative official reports. discussion item. we will take public comment as part of this discussion. public call-in number 415-655-0001.
2:45 am
id24950572763. pound twice to connect to the meeting. star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak or raise your hand to speak for this item. this item is called. >> thank you. do we have any notices of people needing to address us? >> i haven't received any notices of anyone addressing the task force. >> any member? >> we will check now if there are members of the task force and i don't see any one requesting public recognition. >> i am not seeing any hands up. we will hear from any members of the public. >> somebody put their hand up physically. that was something else.
2:46 am
public comment. >> could you please connect us to callers in the queue for item 7. >> there are no callers. someone just jumped in. >> this is mike nolte. yes, i would be interested in knowing about public officials that work within district 6 that made any comments to the task force about the redistricting especially since there will be changes to district 6. it would affect the neighboring districts to district 6. i think it is also important because we are dealing with district 17. it is currently there is nobody in their office because david
2:47 am
chu has left. we were underrepresented group of people with no assembly person for 17 right now. these kinds of things leave vacancies for the constituents and representation. wondering who is serving our interest. it turns out that we have candidates that are leaving office from district 6 if they are elected. there are some real concerns about and i know this is maybe not in the purview of redistricting task force. some of it is. i would like to know what recommendations the current office holders have made about district 6 by the surrounding district office holders or current office holder for
2:48 am
district 6. that can be made in the minutes or shared with the public at some point as a report. thank you. >> there are none at this time. mr. carroll. >> any callers for this agenda item? >> someone just jumped in. >> connect us please. >> hello i live and work in the tenderloin district 6. i would like to make a public comment on redistricting. i believe there should be no joint meetings. each district should have their own. >> if you can hear me please. we will be getting to general public comment for any general topics related to redistricting. i would like to redirect your comments to that period of the agenda.
2:49 am
we are presently currenting on item 7 official report opportunity. there has not been a hearing. no one presented to the task force. we haven't had any task force comments. hang on until we get to general public comment. enter the queue and we will recognize you at that time. same is true nor any other members of the public who have comments of a general nature. any other callers to speak on the city department representative/official reports items. >> no caller in the queue. >> public comment on this item is closed. are there any member comments? >> mr. chair i am not seeing any. >> we can file and move to call item number 8. >> agenda item 8.
2:50 am
general public comment. this is the opportunity for members of the public to provide comments to the redistricting task force formatters within subject matter jurisdiction not on the agenda. they can provide that by dialing 415-655-0001. enter id24950572763. press pound twice and connect to the meeting and star followed by 3 to enter queue to speak or connected from within web x-ray. we have 14 callers listening and three have already raised their hands to speak. could you please connect us to the first caller. >> hello. this is chuck over mire mid
2:51 am
market neighbors. i want to speak to the format for district meetings going forward. at the last task force meeting there had been some discussion about possibility of consolidating district meetings or possibly doubling up. i totally understand the inclination to get to a draft map sooner. get something out so that more folks will have something more tactile to look at and more pressing reason to get involved. given that we have had this first district meeting in d6. it was moderately well attended although many communities were not reached out to to ensure everyone had a chance to show up. given that we now had the first district meeting, it seems
2:52 am
rather unfair to consolidate from now on. i think it is important that we hear from folks in every district before we get the draft map out. if things need adjusted in the timeline so that a draft map can be got to sooner, perhaps we could truncate or compress the existing lineup for district specific meetings. at that point given that d6 has had a meeting specific just for them that seems rather unfair for the rest of the city. thank you very much. >> next caller, please. >> this is. [indiscernable] >> i appreciate it and in this
2:53 am
meeting. [indiscernable] they can describe their community interest in a way that would be useful. people understand. [indiscernable] language recreation, transportation access. more specific relating to the process this is clear in other
2:54 am
jurisdictions. [indiscernable] people calling in will know they should be more specific about their community interest. to mention specific streets. they may being it clear which definition of the city neighborhood they mean. the tender loin. everybody has a chance not to just listen but to talk about redistricting. they start with redistricting. specific things to people to their interest such as families, specific street names, spaces,
2:55 am
facts, businesses to them. this introduction could also about the fact sheet prepared. on the website it is good for moving access information. [indiscernable] thank you. >> thank you. mr. adkins. next caller, please.
2:56 am
you have to make hard decisions about the boundaries of district 6. you have heard about the shared community of interest between the tender lane and soma area, sixth and fifth street. lbgt. we shared ethnic connections latina and otherwise those this is hotels. there is a lot of reasons to keep us together.
2:57 am
[please stand by]
2:58 am
that could wind up being skewed by the meetings without the later people being able to have their voices heard. >> thank you for coming back to share the comments. could you connect to the next caller, please? >> hi, good evening. this is the league of women
2:59 am
voters. one suggestion. given that we are in the meetings online. i think it might be helpful because with how they were putting the map. another way that would be helpful in helping the public talk about their district is to also make available the appendix e in the chart that describes the supervisor boundaries written this description form. i noticed from the 35, 36 public comments about district 6. that i think when they talk about above or below market.
3:00 am
>> it belongs to d3. if you look at appendix e along market. d6 can be described as going easterly anortheyly. proceeding on the southern emof market street to near montgomery street. [please stand by]
3:01 am
3:02 am
3:03 am
>> we have themany parades and other things that go right up and down mark market street down to city hall as well as demonstrations . so it's not just the demonstrationpart . it's how the residents have to avoid these streets when they are blocked off. and we are now dealing with the sf mta making all kinds of changes to our street states. this is happening along. street, howard street and we've created all these two-way street in the tenderloin. it's making it hard even for the residents to walk around and be part of the neighborhoo . a lot of times these decisions
3:04 am
are being made by the city departments and the city residents have not really been adequately involved in the process . you're actually trying to ... >> thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. all speakers are restricted to three minutes and the three-minute bellhas rung . mister atkins, do we have the next caller please ? >> i live in district 1 and i am very much in support of what the prior caller conveyed that especially when you look at district 6. it's so unfair how everyone elsecame together, everyone else got what they wanted and this is kind of the leftovers . i think it's important that every district has their own
3:05 am
opportunity to talk about what is important to them and has their own opportunity to have a meeting prior to any maps being drawn. it's important this is done holistic before the entire city and is not done piecemeal and you can only do it holistically everycommunity has a chance to convey what is important to them . also the redistricting task force should not draw maps of my district beforethey hear from my community . i'm not aware yet of a district 1 meeting happening so i'm looking forward and hoping that is going to happen. because i want there to be an opportunity for you to listen to ourcommunity . and i don't understand why you would draw a map before you hear from thecommunity . everyone deservesto have a voice on these maps . i think it's clear that the prior task force from 10 years
3:06 am
ago is a huge disservice to many communities including district 6. i urge you to ensure that every community has at least one meeting for their issues prior to movingforward with the drawing of end . thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments, do we have any furthercolors in the queue ? >> mister clerk, there are no further colors in the queue . >> very good at publiccomment , generalpublic comment is closed . we can move then to item number nine. >> agenda item number nine is future agenda items, possibly an action item as well and we will be taking publiccomment as part of the discussion . members was toprovide comments on future agenda items should
3:07 am
call the call in number . the meeting id fortoday's meeting is 24950572763 . rest the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and pressed are followed by three if you wish to be entered into the queue to speak or if you are within the system and you want tospeak during public comment on this future agenda item topic . raise your hand. mister chair, isee two members of the task force awaiting recognition . >> mister cooper. >> my point is on agenda item to just the future agenda items around the communitymeetings . i have expressed privately earlier that the concern is being able to have sort of set the table for some of these committee meetings. be it through for us to learn more about the data,
3:08 am
particularly for us to learn about each district as well as for the public to be able to get a primer on communities of interest . i would like to see that folded in to what we do in each agenda item. i think yes, just jumping more or less into the public commen , it's great to hear from the public. we heard a lot of important insight. but i think we should have a little bit more thought into what we do right before the public comment in order for us to be more prepared for what we're hearing and in delivering the best possibleresult . so that's just mycomment . >> thank you. mister carol. >> i'm seeing vice chair rainer is connected.
3:09 am
>> vice chair. >> i think you are muted or something. >> you are correct.i just wanted to go back to the discussion. we hada number of people talking about simultaneous translation but we haven't had a formal request for one . i would like to make a formal request that all of the district meetings we have simultaneous translation in chinese, spanish and filipino. and i send this to claire because she's going to haveto make the arrangements if we can do that . >> i think she has made it clear that upon our request she'swilling to do that . hopefully we probably won't need an agenda item for this
3:10 am
weekend just reach agreements, is that right miss calvino? >> mister chair, you are spot on asusual . it will cover the district focused meetings that there will be an enormous attempt made whether we are working with ocia contractors or our contractors to make sure we have language available in filipino forthose district focused meetings . i'm estimating with vice chair rainer that's about 17. >> chairman: thank you so very much. i think we are good there. mister carol. >> mister chair, i'm not seeing any further members of the task force that have comments but i know we have online deputy director of operations wilson
3:11 am
eng who has entered his name into the roster and may have additional comments. >> thank you chair and vice chair for the comment regarding the request regarding simultaneousinterpretation . i want to provide a point of an clarification to the public as well as the task force. as a standard accommodation for all meetings today, we have provided consecutive interpretation accommodation for any members of the public who may wish for interpretation standards in chinese or filipino or any other languages for the purpose of public comment so that the task force can understand what's being said. with regard to simultaneous interpretation or live interpretation rather than the native language being interpreted into english, it is a little different in scope in
3:12 am
that it will be interpretation from english to the native language which would be a slightly this different scope but as the clerk said we will coordinate with the ceo forthat is accommodations . i wanted to make that point of clarification. there is a language access disclaimeron all new agendas as well for members of the public who wish to contact their office for accommodation . we are ready toaccommodate, thank you . >> chairman:thank you . >> i want to ask if i may. mister carol, will you have enough time to add language options on our agenda for the next district meeting? i want to make sure if it's not there that the members of the public will understand why.
3:13 am
>> the next district focused meeting will be the next meeting of the task force which is saturday, january 22. the meeting will begin at 10:00 and it will be held remotely just like this one. we have an agenda that has been written and translated into chinese, spanish and filipino that we are sitting on right now. it might be posted five days before the meeting and because this is a holiday weekend with monday being a non-workday the staff is available to post work. we will have to work over the weekend to get it posted. we're going to update the agenda to include simultaneous interpretationinformation . you wouldessentially have to do it now . that's what i have to report.
3:14 am
>> thank you mister carol. with that to the members mister chair we will submit that agenda as soon as this meeting concludes to the translators anddirector john arias has so generously allowed us access . is that not right?>> they have already been translated, the agenda items have been delivered to our desk and are awaiting theopportunity to go up on the website .>> i'm specifically talking about that we will be able to add language to those agendas. that the public would then be able to call into to be a part of that language opportunity forthat next meeting .so mister carol, do you think that's something we could get out tonight to the director so wecan add the language , language access? >> i believe we would have to consult with the technology team and with wilson eng to find out what resources could be coordinated to open up additional rooms that have
3:15 am
simultaneous interpretation staff as well as working with operations staff to generate additionalmeeting ids for all those different rooms . to have the commission include . >> then to the members if we could make it happen for that meeting you will then be happily apprised otherwise you will see they will make an attempt and we will take it off-line from this point to see it through . >> if i may offer one more thing inrecent months , or as an investigatory question. we could also post the agenda with the agenda items that have been confirmed and will not change and then potentially offer an amendment to that agenda to include the additional accessibility information , knowledge and at additional accessibility information doesn't make any changes tothe form of what will be her or what will be discussed during the meeting . >> you and thank you for your
3:16 am
attempt. however you work it out we appreciate it . we really do. we've heard enough from the public to know thatthey are anxious for it . >> while we've been having this discussion icymember appears has joined the roster .>> member appears. >> i have a question to the clerk's office and or mister lawrence. when asked, one of the beauties of web ex because it is an international based solution is that it does offer simultaneous closed caption technical solutions for language. is that not an option for it? is closed caption simultaneous translation not an option for these meetings ? because that is one of the
3:17 am
things that comeswith both the civic account and the clerk account for web ex . >> in response to member appears through thechair , unless madam clerk wantsto take it i see she has appeared now . >> mister carol, i just inquired with our tech. mister john c just to determine if you fall in line 1st of all and would be able to answer that question. >> madamclerk, i don't believe he is online right now >> you mind if we get back to you on that ? thank youmember appears . >> if that works, it's just a flip of the switch for you guy . you set the meetings up, we just collect that option. >> madam clerk if i made throughthe chair . deputy director of operations. currently for sfgov tv there is a closed captioning contract in place for close captioning for our viewers who are watching either via live stream order on
3:18 am
cable channel 26 or a different channel dependingon their provider .those are real life human captions. we don't currently have a contract or policy in place for automatic interpretation, automatic translation of captions. but we can certainly inquire further. right now there is no automated option via web ask that we are aware of. >> thank you. we appreciate your investigation and await your response . mister carol, is there anyone else? >> i'm not seeing any further names in the roster mister chair. we do have a comments remainin . >> thank you. >> for the last time at today's meeting we will take public
3:19 am
comment. public comment right nowis on future agenda items . if you're interested in providing future comment please call 415-655-0001. enter the meeting id of 249-505-2763. press pound twice and start followed by 34 raise your hand from within web exand that will add you to the queue . there are 10 listeners right now and i see there is one speaker who wishes to provide public comment onfuture agenda items. could we be connected to that color please ? >> thank you, david elliott lewis. amplifying earlier comment about a request for a special meeting agenda eyes on how to use the mapping software and also more information from the public onhow to do redistricting . what are thecriteria ? explaining communities of
3:20 am
interest . what are the criteria for creating maps along boundaries. some of these items have been previously discussed but not all. there's a lot of technical issues about redistricting i think would be helpful to inform the public on as you make your very hard decisions, especially arounddistrict 6 , themost oversized of all the districts that have to shrink . like a redistricting technical how-to or redistricting for dummies. redistricting basic information i think would be helpful for the public to know and how to use again the mapping software. that's all. >> david elliott lewis offering comments to thetask force . mister adkins, any further colors for future agenda items? >> there are no further colors in the queue. >> chairman: public comment on this item is closed . are there any requested
3:21 am
members? >> seeing non-mister chair. >> chairman: seeing non-and as you file members, i think this brings us toadjournment . thank you all. mister clerk, thank you all and miss calvillo at all staff, mister engall of you helping us to facilitate this meeting . we look forward to further district meetings and continuing to hear from the public and we appreciate all of the public comments and the public for their work around this because it's going to take all of us to get through this process and to get through it the way it needs to be done. thank you so much. we are adjourned. good night, have a great and safe and careful weekend everyone. you. >>
3:22 am
>> in 201,755.7 million passengers traveled through san francisco international airport. we have on average 150,000 people traveling through the airport every day. flying can be stressful so we have introduced therapy dogs to make flying more enjoyable.
3:23 am
the wag brigade is a partnership between the airport and the san francisco therapy animal assistant program to bring therapy animals into the airport, into the terminals to make passenger travel more enjoyable. i amgen fer casarian and i work here at san francisco international airport. the idea for therapy dogs got started the day after 9/11. an employee brought his therapy dog to work after 9/11 and he was able to see how his dog was able to relieve passenger's jitter. when we first launched the program back in 2013, our main goal was to destress our passengers however what we quickly found is that our animals were helping us find a way to connect with our pang.
3:24 am
passengers. we find there are a lot of people traveling through the airport who are missing their pets and who are on their road a lot and can't have pets and we have come in contact with a lot of people recently who have lost pet. >> i love the wag brigade. >> one of my favorite parts is walking into the terminals and seeing everybody look up from their device, today everybody is interacting on their cell phone or laptop and we can walk into the terminal with a dog or a pig and people start to interact with each other again and it's on a different level. more of an emotional level. >> i just got off an 11.5 hour
3:25 am
flight and nice to have this distraction in the middle of it. >> we look for wag brigade handlers who are comfortable in stressful situations. >> i like coming to airport it's a lot of fun and the people you talk to are generally people who are missing their dogs. >> they are required to compete a certification process. and they are also required to complete a k9 good citizen test and we look for animals who have experienced working with other organizations such as hospitals and pediatric units and we want to be sure that the animals we are bringing into the airport are good with children and also good with some of our senior travelers. i think toby really likes meeting kids. that is his favorite thing. he likes to have them pet him
3:26 am
and come up to him and he really loves the kids. >> our wag brigade animals can be spotted wearing custom vets and they have custom patches. >> there is never a day that repeats itself and there is never and encounter that repeats itself. we get to do maximum good in a small stretch of time and i have met amazing people who have been thrilled to have the interaction. >> the dogs are here seven days a week, we have 20 dogs and they each come for a two hour shift. >> there is a lot of stress when people have traveling so to from these animals around to ease the stress and help people relax a little bit. i think it's great. >> one of our dogs has special
3:27 am
need and that is tristine. he wears a wheel around. >> he has special shoes and a harness and we get it together in the parking lot and then we get on the air train. he loves it. little kids love him because he is a little lower to the ground so easy to reach and he has this big furry head they get to pet and he loves that. >> he doesn't seem to mind at all. probably one of the happiest dogs in the world. >> many people are nervous when they travel but seeing the dogs is just a wonderful relief. >> what i absolutely love most about it is the look on people's faces, so whenever they are stressed and flying is stressful these days you get these wonderful smile. >> i am the mom of lilo the pig
3:28 am
and she is san francisco's first therapy pig. >> lilo joined the wag brigade as our first pig. >> wag brigade invited us to join the program here and we have done it about a year-and-a-half ago. our visits last 1.5 to 2 hours and it does take a little bit longer to get out of the terminal because we still get a lot of attention and a lot of people that want to interact with lilo. >> i feel honored to be part of the wag brigade. it's very special to meet so many people and make so many feel happy and people that work here. it's been a great experience for
3:29 am
me and a great experience for to toby. >> it's been an extremely successful program, so the next time you are here, stop by and time you are here, stop by and
3:30 am
>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission hearing for thursday, january 20, 2022. thank you for your patience. if not speaking mute your microphone. sfgovtv is broadcasting and streaming this hearing live. we will receive public comment for each item on the agenda. comments or opportunities to speak are available by calling 415-655-0001. enter access code


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