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tv   Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  November 18, 2021 4:00am-7:01am PST

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[gavel]. >> president walton: good afternoon and welcome to the november 16, 2021 meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk, would you please call the roll. >> clerk: yes, mr. president. [roll call]
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>> clerk: mr. president, you have a quorum. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk, and colleagues, can i get a motion to excuse supervisor ronen from today's meeting as she is out of town attending a family emergency and is unable to participate. motion made by supervisor chan, seconded by supervisor peskin. >> clerk: on the motion to excuse supervisor ronen -- [roll call]
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>> president walton: thank you. the motion to excuse supervisor ronen is approved.
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colleagues, please stand with me to recite the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >> president walton: on behalf of the board of supervisors, i would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgovtv. today, we have kalina mendoza and matthew ignejo who record the proceedings and make the transcripts available on-line. madam clerk, do we have any communications? >> clerk: thank you, president walton. as you have already stated,
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supervisor ronen issued a communication to the board asking to be excused from today's proceedings. the board has already voted to excuse her absence from today's proceedings. in order to provide public comment during the appropriate times, please call in to the public comment telephone line where you will be in live synch to the meeting. the telephone number is streaming across your screen. it is 415-655-0001. when you hear the prompt, entering meeting i.d. 2494-341-0938, then press pound and pound again, and you will enter the meeting. when you hear the item that you wish to provide comment on,
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press star, three to enter the queue and begin speaking when you hear that your line has been unmuted. you may speak on any items that are not on the agenda today but are within the jurisdiction of the board of supervisors. all other subject matter content has had their public comment requirement fulfilled and you may not comment on those items. the san francisco board of supervisors also accepts public comment by mail. you may send public comment to san francisco board of supervisors, 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place, room 204, san francisco, california, 94102. spanish interpretation will be provided to members of the public who wish to utilize
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those needs. if you have any trouble accessing the meeting remotely, call your office at 415-554-5144, and a live person is standing by to assist you with the proceedings. that concludes my announcement, mr. president. >> president walton: thank you, and i'd like to remind all members to please mute your microphone when you're not speaking. madam clerk, can we go to the consent calendar, please. >> clerk: thank you. the consent calendar is items 1 through 3. all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent agenda and are considered to be routine. >> president walton: thank you. hearing no requests to speak,
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madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you. on the consent calendar -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are ten ayes. >> president walton: thank you. without objection, these items are passed unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 4. >> clerk: item 4 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to authorize the sheriff to contract with private individuals and private entities to provide supplemental law enforcement services. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: yes. due to a meet-and-confer on this item, i'm requesting this item be continued until the next meeting. >> president walton: thank you. is that a motion, supervisor? >> supervisor safai: yes, sir. >> president walton: motion to continue this item to next week's november 23 meeting. >> president walton: oh, i'm sorry, to november 30 meeting. do we have a second? supervisor stefani seconds. madam clerk, on the motion. >> clerk: on the motion to
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continue item 4 to the next meeting, the november 30, 2021 meeting -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are ten ayes. >> president walton: without objection, this item is passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 5. >> clerk: item number 5 is an ordinance authorizing the municipal transportation agency to set parking rates at the kezar stadium parking lot and golden gate park underground parking facility in accord oens with park code provisions --
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accordance with park code and affirming the ceqa determination. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you, president walton. colleagues, first, i want to thank supervisor safai for his leadership. we know at the golden gate park underground parking, it's critical piece to j.f.k. drive conditions to allow folks that are low-income and with disabilities and in different zip codes that live in the area have challenges accessing golden gate park and j.f.k. drive. in the event that if they don't
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have free parking on j.f.k. drive, they should be able to have free parking in the garage. we've been working with city departments to come up with language and ways to be able to make that work, and yet, we have come to an agreement. but thanks to supervisor peskin's amendment to the piece of legislation, that this conversation will continue to be able to come back to the board of supervisors when we talk about rate and adjustment for these parking garages. so with that, i will be supporting for this legislation to move forward today so we can make the budget whole. this is part of the budget that we approved earlier this year. i just wanted to [indiscernible] all of you that the conversation about the parking garage in golden gate park still has not been resolved that, so just please keep that in mind when we continue the conversation around j.f.k. drive, that very
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critical piece around parking garage has not been resolved. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor chan. seeing no one else on the roster, we can take this item same house, same call. without objection, this item is passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call item number 6. >> clerk: item 6 is an ordinance to deprepare approximately 71,000 previously appropriated to the department of work public's and approximately 69,000 previously appropriated to the city planning department and reappropriating 140,000 to the department of public works for a safety needs assessment at buena vista horace mann school in fiscal year 2021-22. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, president walton. i am within 500 feet of this
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district, and because of that, there is a presumption of a conflict of interest, and so because of that, i would ask to be excused. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: i make a motion that we recuse supervisor mandelman. >> president walton: thank you. motion to excuse supervisor mandelman made by supervisor melgar. madam. >> clerk: clerk on the motion to recuse supervisor mandelman -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are nine ayes. >> president walton: thank you. without objection, the motion
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to approve supervisor mandelman is approved. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you, president walton. so i spent many years working at the school. i want to thank supervisor ronen for her leadership in advancing the conversation of how to support the school and take care of the multiple building code violations and also the issues that exist in the school that don't support the learning of kids. i do believe, as supervisor ronen has stated, that this is an issue of systemic racism. this school serves mostly migrant and multilingual families who have for years
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complained about the conditions at the school, and i am glad that we are finally making this appropriation. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. madam clerk, would you please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 6 -- [roll call] >> president walton: thank you. without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously with supervisor mandelman excused. welcome back, supervisor mandelman. madam clerk, would you please read item 7. >> clerk: item 7 is an ordinance retroactively authorizing the office of the
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mayor to accept and expend a grant in the amount of 3.4 million from bloomberg philanthropies and amending ordinance number 109-21 to provide for the addition of one grant funded mayoral staff and other positions for the period of october 1, 2021 through august 31, 2024. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you. i have a number of questions on these ordinances. this is an unusual ordinance, and i'd like to get some questions on the record through to the mayor's office, mr.
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paulino or whatever is here. first office, i'm trying to propose here why use bloomberg money to establish a department department rather than an accept and expend resolution? >> president walton: thank you. do we have a representative from the mayor's office for this? >> yes, president walton. supervisor preston, i'd be happy to get your information
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to you later in the meeting. >> ms. pearson: deputy city attorney ann pearson, this is because it's an expenditure because it amends the annual salary ordinance. >> supervisor preston: thank you. i'm trying to understand why it would be done that way. this is structured as the creation of an entirely new department with entirely new positions, so i'm trying to understand why it's being done like that. >> tom paulino with the mayor's office. supervisor, i'll get you a question and get back to you on that. >> supervisor preston: thank you, mr. paulino. next question is what is the
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amount of the city match with these funds from bloomberg? >> president walton: i believe you should give him the list, supervisor preston, so he can go get answers. >> supervisor preston: okay. the questions are the amount of the city match, again, the rationale for creating a new office here, and the plan for what happens after this grant period, particularly what happens to the positions being created. if any one of them can be addressed by the b.l.a., that would be appropriate. >> supervisor preston, the fund
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matching is $1.1 million. as we point out in our report, the positions are permanent, so they will ultimately be a general fund cost. they're not time limited positions, and so they'll have to be funded at the end of the grant term. >> supervisor preston: so thank you, mr. menard. so it's $1.1 million right now, unless the mayor's office is able to fundraise that from another source, and then after the period of the grant, these become funded by the general fund. do i have that right? >> correct. >> supervisor preston: thank you. and to mr. paulino to add to the list, a description around
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the work and accountability for funds would also be helpful, as well. and then lastly, i think some confirmation on the record around what i assume is the complete separation of any political endorsements or political endorsements of a pretty major award from mr. bloomberg. i have some additional comments, but maybe it makes sense if mr. paulino wants to gather the information, to come back later in the agenda? >> president walton: certainly, supervisor preston. supervisor peskin?
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>> supervisor peskin: thank you, president walton. i'm not speaking to the merit or lack thereof of the purpose of the grant, but these are gifts that keep on costing. if these were slated as temporary positions in the budget, we could talk about the periods. but i remember something like this happened several years ago where the feds offered a grant to the airport provided that when the grant period was done, the city would pay for these positions, and the board of supervisors rightfully said no, and this is basically growing government -- we can have a debate as to whether we want to
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encumber the present fund going forward. i have no intention of voting for this. like i said, this is the gift that keeps on costing. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor peskin. we will come back to item 7 when mr. paulino lets us know he has some answers to the questions that supervisor preston has posed. madam clerk, would you please call item 8. >> clerk: would you like me to call items 8 and 9 together? >> president walton: yes. >> clerk: item 8 and a resolution authorizing the human services agency to apply for and accept a county child welfare agency allocation for an amount up to 573,000 from the california department of housing and community development under the transitional housing program to help young adults secure and
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maintain housing, and item 9 is a resolution authorizing the human services agency to apply for and accept a county child welfare agency allocation for an opt up to 183,000 from the california department of housing and community development under the housing navigator program to help young adults secure and maintain housing. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. on items 8 and 9, please. >> clerk: on items 8 and 9 -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are ten ayes. >> president walton: thank you. without objection, these ordinances are adopted
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unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 10. >> clerk: item 10 is a resolution approving an emergency declaration of the san francisco public utilities commission pursuant to administrative code, to contract resources for tree removal, slope repair, and debris removal in stern stove, which was damaged by vladding caused by a failed air valve on a water transmission pipeline, with a total estimated cost not to exceed $4 million. >> president walton: thank you. colleagues, seeing no objection, we can take this same house, same call. madam clerk, please call item 11.
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>> clerk: item 11 is a resolution authorizing the office of contract ad station to enter into a second amendment to the agreement between the city and county and sunset scavenjer company d.b.a. recology. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you, president walton. because the city has been contracting with recology, it prevents the business from
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meeting the fair bidding process. today, i am in support of this extension just so we can get the fair bidding process right for the entire city. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor chan. seeing no one else on the roster we can take this item same house, same call, and this resolution is. >> supervisor peskin: wait, wait. hold on. >> president walton: supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: i want to hear about the $461,000 from the controller. >> president walton: controller rosenfield? >> thank you, president walton.
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ben rosenfield, controller board. our office received a check from recology in the middle of september for $461,000. in discussion with the city attorney's office, we plan a billing review to determine what to do with it. until then, we have not cashed it. we want to ensure that we understand the calculus how recology has determined the amount owed to the city and that we determined that we agreed to it, and lastly, we want to make sure that this is money owed to the city and not another rate payer. we've requested that information from recology, but we have not yet received it,
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and we'll report back to the board as we have answered on it. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. so, mr. rosenfield, they sent you or the city a check with $461,000 with no explanation as to how they calculated it? >> part of the reason why we're being careful is because this is money that the city has not requested. it was a check in an envelope with no information behind it. >> supervisor peskin: and how long did they send this? >> this was middle of september that they received the check. we requested information from recology within a week, which as of yet we have not received. >> supervisor peskin: in the past, has recology ever sent
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anybody in the city unexplained unrequested refund checks? >> not that i'm aware of, supervisor. >> president walton: and supervisor safai -- oh, go ahead, supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: mr. rosenfield, i know that the city is pretty expeditious when i send my property tax check in. they cash it quite quickly. is there a rehabilitate why we didn't cash the -- is there a reason why we didn't cash the check? >> yes. we want to ensure that we concur with the calculus and the information. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. rosenfield, for your answers, and i hope that
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recology provides the information that you request they repose. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, supervisor peskin, for your attention to this project. the 1932 resolution talked about doing business with our city. the city administrator gave us assurances that they intend to be ready to go out to bid in a much more accelerated fashion, so we don't anticipate there will be a significant number of
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extensions before this goes out. we might end up with the same contractor, but at least it'll go through the same process, and i think that's right for our city at that time. thank you, mr. president. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai. do we have anyone else who wants to make a statement? seeing no one, we can take this item same house, same call. without objection, this item is passed unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 12 and 13 together. >> clerk: item 12 is to receive the annual report for the tourism improvement district and moscone expansion district for fiscal year 2019-2020, and
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item 13 is a resolution receiving and approving an annual report for the japantown community benefit district for fiscal year 2019-2020. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. seeing no objections, we can take this same house, same call. madam clerk, let's go to our 230 special commendations. >> clerk: special commendations, i believe we have one from supervisor stefani. >> president walton: supervisor stefani, you're on. >> supervisor stefani: thank you so much, president walton. as you know, november is a time we honor our veterans, and i want to take this time to thank swords to plowshares for the work they do in the veteran
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area. i recently went there, and i was amazed with all the work that thif ae been -- that they've been doing, especially during the pandemic, and i've come to understand some of the things that they've been doing during the pandemic, that people don't realize how much hard work that they've been putting in. they help bay area veterans. they're dedicated to help 3,000 veterans in the bay area and throughout the year. when i was there, i asked if there was anyone that i could
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honor, and they sent over a list of names, and i couldn't decide which one, so i'm so glad that we can recognize all five. [indiscernible] grant worked tirelessly at the start of the pandemic to create a food system and what is now their emergency housing team. grant is always finding services for veterans exiting to housing, and i want to thank you so much, grant. also, we have rab reel -- i'm going to have to put my glasses
4:35 am
on. when the pandemic and shut -- gabriel -- i'm going to have to put on my glasses on. gabe assisted with packaging and delivery of food packages to veterans from the swords to plowshares sites: blake is a u.s. army special forces group veteran. blake has now transitioned into a mobile case manager roll with the emergency health management routine. thank you so blake.
4:36 am
lejeune has worked relentlessly during the pandemic to ensure that veterans were able to and continue to receive services during the pandemic and to celebrate pride month with a celebratory mood with music. she created a true communititor anyone coming into the -- community for anyone coming into the center, veterans and nonveterans i like. and finally, to shay, who is laser focused on making sure that veterans who exit to housing exit to the next best
4:37 am
steps. just want to thank all the staff at swords to plowshares for helping our veterans this month. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor stefani, for recognizing their service, and i want to say thank you for your service to the honoree. and with that, we are done with our special commendations, and appreciate you, supervisor stefani. madam clerk, let's go back to item 14. >> clerk: item 14 is an ordinance amending the planning code to repeal article 12, which contains regulations governing land use activities associated with oil and gas exploration, development, and processing, amending the definitions of heavy manufacturing two and heavy manufacturing three to exclude oil and gas production or
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processing for fuel purposes as allowable industrial uses, affirming the planning department's determination and making the appropriate findings. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you. we're making this amendment to prohibit any land use concerning oil and gas. it is my honor and privilege to urge you, colleagues, for your support to pass this ordinance and acknowledge that they are on the unceded ramaytush ohlone land. this legislation has also received support from climate emergency coalition, and save the bay, and i thank them for their support, as well.
4:39 am
the intent of this ordinance was introduced this past april, which it's taken us a while to get here, when governor newsom announced his intention to ban fracking across the state. last month, his administration announced that the state would ban drill within 3200 feet of schools, homes, and hospitals to protect the environment, and i'm really pleased that we will be -- with your support that we pass this legislation to continue to be a leader with california. so i'm proud to support this
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ordinance with supervisor mandelman and preston. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor chan. seeing no objection, we can take this same house, same call. madam clerk, please call item 15. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk, seeing no one on the roster, we can take should same house, same call, and without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call item
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16. >> clerk: item 16 is a motion approving the mayor's nomination for the appointment of max carteroberstone to the police commission, for a term ending april 30, 2022. >> president walton: thank you. colleagues, seeing no names on the roster, we can take this same house, same call. i believe item 17 was tabled by the mayor and is going to the committee, so let's call item 18. >> clerk: item number 18 was amended in committee with a new title, which is a motion to approve the mayor's nomination for the appointment of julie soo to the sheriff's department oversight board, term ending march 1, 2025. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone else on the roster. we will take this same house, same call.
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without objection, this item is approved unanimously. madam clerk, let's call item 19. >> clerk: item 19 is a motion approving the mayor's nomination for the appointment of deann-jay brookter to the sheriff's department oversight board, term ending march 1, 2025. >> president walton: thank you. seeing no names on the roster, we can take this same house, same call. thank you. madam clerk, can we please call item 20, roll call for introductions. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor mandelman?
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>> supervisor mandelman: submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: thank you. it goes to say we are in a housing affordability crisis. last week, we had a new report that showed only 7% of union workers could afford home ownership in san francisco. we've met only 27% of our rhna housing goal for moderate income households, earning 80 to 120% of a.m.i., and this'll be even more challenging, with a 250% increase of our rhna goal in the next cycle. building traditional 100% affordable housing is often cost prohibitive due to costs.
4:44 am
in district 4, we've consistently had the worst balance in the city's annual balancing report due to the removal of units from the market. we need to build more housing to meet our affordable housing needs. we know that the unregulated markets driven by profit and speculation will never build enough workforce housing. we also know that mohcd housing is not built for moderate housing or small sites. that's why i'm proposing to protect the small sites housing
4:45 am
in san francisco. it will allow more family housing in residential or r.h. neighborhoods. it'll provide incentives for individuals to build this housing. in addition to the market rate units currently allowed, homeowners would have the new opportunity to build additional bonus units as long as they have at least two bedrooms. if they choose to rent them, the bonus units must be rented at a rent affordable to or sold as ownership units to households at 100% area median income. secondly, i'm proposing a companion resolution to establish the boardance intent to create a technical and financial assistance program for homeowner's to build affordable housing.
4:46 am
given the extreme run-up in housing costs in the sunset and other single-family neighborhoods, working and middle class families and people of color have been increasingly pushed out, so our housing development incentives program, which is centered on
4:47 am
homeowners, aims to protect and build homes to meet our unmet housing needs and provides public resources to make it happen. colleagues, i understand that we will debate this proposal and alternatives as we enter the new year as well as consider the impacts of s.b. 9 and s.b. 10, and as we move forward with a healthy robust discussion, my hope is we begin with the right framework and a framework to preserve and grow the middle class, the hall mark of a prospering city. and finally, he have an -- i
4:48 am
have an in memoriam. joan marie attended san francisco public schools and then to stanford university and
4:49 am
to france on a fulbright. she started teaching in 1955 before putting down roots at lincoln and then to lowell. in her inspiring legacy of rank-and-file union activism and leadership, she helped integrate the virtually all mail outpost of the san francisco federation of teachers, a.f.t. local 61. she had been among a leadership
4:50 am
crew who had taken over the superintendent's conference room and lived there for several days. joan marie was among the leaders who also brought collective bargaining act to san francisco that gave san francisco teachers collective bargaining rights. in 1964, she was elected the president of the teachers union and one of the first women to lead any major union in san francisco. when she became president of local 61, the union did not any longer represent the teachers. only paraprofessionals stayed on and preserved the local, but in 1989, joan led her union to
4:51 am
victory over the rival san francisco classroom teachers association, and making good on campaign promises, she merged into one cohesive union. the new united educators of san francisco formal merger had all the advantages of a.f.t. and n.e.a., and importantly, they could face the administration as a unified force. in 1994, joan marie had the great honor of traveling to
4:52 am
south africa to monitor the historic election that allowed people of all races to vote for the first time, ending aparteid, and ending with the election of nelson mandela. throughout her career, she was honored and recognized widely both as a civic and educational leader. joan marie shelley spent her uesf presidency trying to bring the san francisco teacher's corps into one body her legacy is the leadership of grace and
4:53 am
intelligence, an approach to unionism that's true to the roots of labor. joan marie lived the last ten years of her life at cypress on 19 avenue and law ton, and she continued her organizing and leadership to the very end. she is survived by her brother, kevin shelley, and sister, indicate shelley, and on behalf of the board of supervisors of san francisco, i express my condolences to her family. may she rest in peace. >> president walton: madam clerk, before we go on, let's
4:54 am
go back to item 7 since we have [indiscernible]. >> clerk: yes, and item 7 is an ordinance receipt low actively authorizing the office of the mayor to accept and expend a grant from bloomberg philanthropies. >> president walton: supervisor preston, did you have any questions? >> supervisor preston: thank you, president walton. if miss kitler could respond why we're creating a new department rather than put it go in an existing department. >> certainly. sophia kitler with the mayor's office. so i'm going to push back. we're not really creating a new department, we're creating a
4:55 am
position in an existing department. the office of digital services, which is also the city administrator's office tends to work on a work order basis, so they get hired by individual contract to solve a specific problem. and what we find is while they do a tremendous job, it gets very siloed, and we get -- lose a lot of things in particularly the cross departmental sense? so for example, when we look at something like permitting, digital services is set up to look at something like d.b.i., how do they look at their infrastructure to bring the
4:56 am
model on-line, but that model doesn't work as well when we're trying to have a comprehensive understanding of planning, d.b.i., fire, and what have you. so one of the things that we proposed with this grant is we have a single staff in the mayor's office whose job is to work across departments, and then, we have a grant that would fund these positions for three years so that we can have a more holistic and cross departmental approach that is a little bit more strategy, and then office of civic engagement
4:57 am
would expand on what they're doing. does that answer your question? >> supervisor preston: thank you, miss kitler. so whose idea was it to create this new department? >> so bloomberg philanthropies has an on going donation program. they work with approximately 40 cities. we applied last november through their competitive grant november, and we're one of six cities selected? so we applied through that and kind of created this modelling, this internal in the mayor's office, working with digital services and the department of technology to create this cross departmental services. it's something that's been discussed at coit and the department of technology for a very long time, and i think it's never really been kay funding priority, so this was an opportunity to kind of lift
4:58 am
that up and experiment with that without drawing on the general fund unless we have some serious [indiscernible]. >> supervisor preston: thank you. and through the president to miss kitler, was it required by bloomberg philanthropies that you apply to create a new department as opposed to funding any existing departments or services? >> again, i guess i'm a little confused. so this will fit in the mayor's office, and it's not creating a new department. the basis of it is -- is that you have an office that works very closely with the mayor or in cities where they have a city manager. we're calling it a new office.
4:59 am
it's a team, and it's a cross departmental team that pulls from new resources. they ask that you not repurpose existing positions because that is what their grant is trying to fund but i don't know that they require nor do i believe we are creating a new one. >> thank you. so how many of the new positions proposed here are to be union positions? >> four of the five. the one in the mayor's office,
5:00 am
i think it is 0904 is not, but the other that are more i.t. positions, i believe they are. we have to kwie probably half of it by next october, and the other by the next [indiscernible] in june of next year, but we do hope that that would be philanthropically done or working with the bridge program, for example. >> supervisor preston: but at this point, there's no commitment of that some or all
5:01 am
1.1 million. >> that's correct. i think [indiscernible]. >> supervisor preston: i think my question is different. do you have commitments -- obviously, we are being warned that the general fund could be on the hook. we could be needing to review a request for $1.1 million. >> got it, supervisor. it is not a commitment that it comes from the general fund, and we do not anticipate or hope that it will come from the general fund, but that is a possibility that is contemplated in the grant agreement. >> supervisor preston: thank you. and iptd to ask you just to give you a chance to explain this -- and i want to ask you
5:02 am
just to give you a chance to explain this on the record. i want you to dispel any misunderstanding that i or the public may have -- [indiscernible] and if you could just talk about the timeline and give us whatever assurances appropriate and those two things were never related or discussed together. >> i can give you those assurances to the best of my ability in that we were notified of the opportunity to apply for this grant in august of last year, it was an open -- an open posting to all cities.
5:03 am
i was in no way involved or includes -- included in the -- [indiscernible] and went through a series of interviews with staff from bloomberg philanthropies. we did not interact with mr. bloomberg himself or even senior leadership until after we had been selected. you know, i can't really speak to their decision making process, but i can say it was a competitive process, and there were a number of cities open.
5:04 am
>> supervisor preston: can you tell me what happens after the grant period? is there a commitment to keep the position open? >> there is a chance that bloomberg believes this is a viable model and something that they want to do and that it has brought results for the city. there is a hope from bloomberg, and they have expressed this very strongly, that the mayor would continue to put this forward, but there is no legal requirements that it continue to exist after the grant. and so in theory, if the mayor believes that it is doing a good job, i believe she would put that in the then-mayor's
5:05 am
budget for fiscal year 25, three years from now, but that would be subject to appropriation. >> supervisor preston: thank you for that. appreciate the additional information and clarification on this. let me just say as more of a comment, and then, i will wrap up, supervisor walton. i appreciate the budget committee's priority to it and the time here. this is a highly unusual proposal that essentially allows bloomberg and bloomberg philanthropies to staff a new office in our city government.
5:06 am
it's very unclear what the work is after listening to the testimony in budget committee and here today, what the work is, what the accountability is. i'm struck by the inability to fund things in certain city government, but then, this kind of thing comes along, and we are asked to embrace it. we are being asked to commit $1.1 million to a department that's not clear to me what it will even do, and that seems premature without that additional funding secured.
5:07 am
i think it's very hard to look at this kind of grant, not just at our mayor, but mr. bloomberg's seeking endorsements while he's speaking to city mayors. that's the elephant in the room, and maybe i mean that to his past political affiliations. we should be taxing billionaires like michael
5:08 am
bloomberg, and i don't feel that it's right to have michael bloomberg be an arm of this government, so i will be voting no. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you, president walton. i disagree with supervisor preston. i believe this is happening in city government quite often, given that when supervisor peskin said when earlier discussing this item, that that's how city government grows all the time. not too long ago, $2.5 billion, and now, blink of an eye, we're at a $13.2 billion city budget.
5:09 am
even though i will support this item, colleagues, it raised some things, as well. this is going to be the first time and only time that i will be voting for something like this. these types of city practice, that instead of being able to go through this civil service process to be hired, now, we have these temporary hires through grant, and eventually, they become permanent positions that we have to continue to carry the financial burden. the grants may be limited in time, but the grant that each
5:10 am
of the positions [indiscernible] we are short changing our civil service system when we continue to create and fund grant positions like this. i concur with the positions that my colleagues, supervisor peskin and preston raised. it is unfortunately, but it is something that we really need to think through next time when this come around, yes. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: yeah, i just want to add a couple of comments on this. i think as someone who sits on the budget committee, we accept and expend grants all the time. often, that money comes from the private sector. we're doing the s.f. rise,
5:11 am
which is a significant amount of private philanthropy. many of our institutions in the city have public private partnerships. i think this is a good example of an innovative grant. respectfully, supervisor preston, i'm not sure what the comments of political quid pro quo is. the man lost, and i think he can say, i'm not doing anything for the city, but it is good comments from supervisor chan, preston, and peskin to say if we are funding something paid for by the taxpayers, that is one thing i think it would be within the purview of the mayor
5:12 am
to put things in his or her budget, and if she needed to make that commitment, then i think there has to be a conversation about that. but i think it's legitimate to say if we have that grant and we have an on going funding conversation, let's have that conversation. we have some phenomenal examples of public private partnership, and i think it makes our see a best place and a model for the rest of the city. thank you, supervisor --
5:13 am
>> president walton: thank you. supervisor melgar?
5:14 am
i don't -- i'm not worried about that part, but i do worry about our discourse in terms of private fill anthropy because i am leading this effort with supervisor ronen to raise a bunch of money for community schools and other things that we try to raise money for, and i think that the private sector can have a role in things. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you, president walton, and thank you, colleagues. i just wanted to comment on the comments of my colleagues.
5:15 am
i don't think that questioning this bloomberg creation of an office funded by bloomberg on the heels of endorsement, like, that raises a whole different level of concern. i didn't hear from miss kitler a statement saying she's not in the room and a party to endorsements. fair enough. i think that the mayor's office can come forward so soon after endorsements with a big chunk
5:16 am
of money from mr. bloomberg to create new positions to be matched by the city and to put us on the hook potentially long-term for this department, i mean, some kind of statement on the record, something, saying very clearly we never discussed these two things together. these things are not related. take my word for it, or they're not connected. and it's fascinating to me that we've never heard that. that's not part of the record or any discussions. we're just about to assume that and assume that someone who is actively seeking the endorsement of big city mayors did not in any way relate any of those discussions to what now appears to be the commitment to fund a new office in our city government. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor preston, and i did
5:17 am
want to say, first of all, thank you for your line of questioning. it is important to ask clarifying questions. we have partnerships in the city of this size. we do have the opportunity to bring this office back, and i am satisfied with what miss kitler had to say in terms of the process, which is how this funding was secured. i'm glad that we had this opportunity, and in fact, i wish that president biden would provide for funding to san francisco and let us have more
5:18 am
opportunities. i do understand your concern, supervisor preston, and i think we need to bring this back in a few months and find out to see how they're doing. certainly, we're going to get more information on this, but i definite liam -- definitely am in support of this. supervisor, your questioning is what gave me the insight on whether or not i'm going to support, so thank you for that line of questioning. with that, i don't see any other names on the roster, so, madam clerk, can we have a roll call on item 7. >> clerk: on item 7 -- [roll call]
5:19 am
>> clerk: there are eight ayes and two noes, with supervisors peskin and preston in the dissent. >> president walton: thank you. and by a vote of 8-2, this ordinance is passed on first reading. madam clerk, we are back at roll call for introductions. >> clerk: next up on roll call for introductions is supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you. two items and then in memoriam. first, i am introducing an
5:20 am
ordinance to increase police records transparency. i want to thank my early cosponsors, president walton, and supervisors ronen and chan. in 2018, california passed senator skinner's senate 1421 to begin lifting what was referred to as a veil of secrecy surrounding police use of force and conduct records. the bill made four types of records accessible through public record request, including officer shootings, officer use of deadly physical force, sexual abuse by officers, and dishonesty. since the law passed, the need
5:21 am
to increase police department transparency and accountability has only increased. although police misconduct is generally unreported, in san francisco, the department of police accountability's numbers also increased to nearly 800 in 2020, despite the relative decrease in most crimes during the same period. unfortunately, nearly three years after the passage of s.b. 1421, san francisco police department and s.b. 1421 continue to lag. they cite staffing shortages and technological records as a
5:22 am
reason why they are unable to comply. sfpd estimated it could get through its backlog of requests, not including new requests, within five to ten years. in a presentation, the police commission, d.p.a., presented it could get through its backlog by five to 30 years. there's simply no universe, colleagues, where five, ten, 30, or 35 years are acceptable where a release of police
5:23 am
records is satisfying to the public. it has become clear that the board of supervisors needs to step in to promote transparency and to make sure the city meets its disclosure obligations, and that's why i'm introducing this ordinance today, requiring sfpd, d.p.a., and police commission to report crucial metrics regarding their compliance with state public information laws directly to the board of supervisors. together with the especially forcement provisions of california's public records act, this ordinance will provide a powerful incentive to meet the requirement of state police records laws. our city must rise to the occasion. the state legislature has twice taken bold action to ensure that people have access to these records because people deserve to know whether police in their communities deserve to
5:24 am
know whether police have [indiscernible] i want to thank chief scott and d.p.a. director henderson for their engagement on this issue. also want to thank the san francisco public defender ease office and -- public defender's office and to thank deputy city attorney ann pearson and jeanette clark as well as my aide, melissa hernandez, for their help in drafting this. second item, colleagues, i'm urging the drafting of a resolution for sfmta to develop and implement a plan for successful boarding transit. my office recently learned that nearly one-third of the 3,000 city and bus stops in san
5:25 am
francisco are not painted red and allow vehicle parking in the butt stop, there by preventing pedestrian access to the bus and preventing a bus from pulling into the bus stop. a report was recently published, our shelters in place, a bus stoppen ses of san francisco. the writer surveyed 2,964 sfmta bus stops across san francisco. through his research, he found that 32% of bus stops were obstructed by on street parking, forcing riders to step into the street to board and often navigate through parked cars. allowing parking in bus stops and failing to provide unobstructed access to public transit undermines san
5:26 am
francisco's transit first policy and poses specific hardship for seniors and persons with disabilities. through the resolution today, i'm urging sfmta to promptly develop and implement a plan to promote unobstructed muni access and to consult with minority communities, including communities of color and underserved communities to promote unobstructed muni access. it directs the sfmta to report back to the board of supervisors within 90 days with a plan. and finally, colleagues, i'd like to offer an in memoriam for brian edwards, a tenacious
5:27 am
advocate for san francisco's homeless, he passed away on november 4, 2021, at the age of 46. he spent the first year of his life in germany until his family relocated to gainesville, florida. from a very young age, brian was a voracious reader. as a teen, he fell in love with golfing, a sport that both he and his father enjoyed. he was a talented golfer, played for his high school golf team, and won many awards. brian graduated from the
5:28 am
international baccalaureate program from gainesville in 1992. in 1999, brian and his family moved to san francisco. shortly after, brian started volunteering with the stonewall project, part of the san francisco aids foundation. it was during this work that brian began incident facing daily with the city's unhoused population, which led to the work that he devoted himself to for the rest of his life. brian was a tireless champion for san francisco's homeless. he experienced homelessness himself and had a deep understanding of the issues. his reach across the city was expansive as he fought for
5:29 am
lasting solutions. he spent the last three years of his life organizing with the coalition on homelessness. brian was a regular presence here in this chambers, combining in his public comment directness, wit, compassion, and sheer brilliance. really, some of the most impactful two minutes of public comment that i've ever seen at this board. he was a fantastic advocate. brian lives in district 5 on hayes street. i would see him often as i walked to city hall. without fail, every time, he'd greet me with a beaming smile, infectious optimism, and some question, always thanking me for what i was doing, and
5:30 am
pushing me for more action to address homelessness in our city. his brilliant oratory and analysis, his nonstop advocacy, his compassion and wit, pushed everyone around him to be better, to do better, to do more. on november 2 of this year, just after the massive storms and rain, brian published a detailed piece in street sheet, called gimme shelter. this was just a couple days before he died. he laid out exactly what needed to happen to support homeless people in our city. he did it with tangible solutions. he wrote about the city's
5:31 am
outreach effort to shelter homeless people in the storm, and after acknowledging the hard workers of the advocates, he would, for thousands more, though, last weekend was just like any other during the last 18 months, and they were screwed. left outside to freeze and soak. dozens of beds at the city's regular congregate shelter sites were empty on each night of the storm and weren't available to be filled, and unless the city makes major change to the way they allot and fill shelter beds
5:32 am
[indiscernible] to the night of the storm. most things aren't this simple, he wrote, but this is. let folks call 311 or walk back into glide or mother brown's to get on it and start filling those vacant bed, and give them shelter like the rolling stones advise. let service providers and sfhot do the same thing that they are best at, so they can function together as true community partnerships.
5:33 am
colleagues, it's hard to imagine that brian won't be back when in-person public comment resumes, but he, his friends, and colleagues, will speak for him in these public chambers, and all of us would do well to remember his moral clarity while we address homelessness in our city. i extend my condolences to his family, his friends, and all of those who brian inspired. we miss you dearly, brian. rest in power. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam clerk. mr. president, colleagues, i have two items today. one is an in memoriam, one is a request for a hearing.
5:34 am
the first is to expand the san francisco's school modelling similar to other schools in california. -- and buena vista, but they're not fully recognized in the community school model that the state has put forward, and none of the schools in the san francisco unified school district have put forth a plan.
5:35 am
we need to plan for this opportunity, and there is no opportunity put in front of us now.
5:36 am
[please stand by]
5:37 am
. >> supervisor safai: miss beeler was a presence in hur students' lives, was a comforting ear to hear them out. it was common to see former students run to her, whether at st. john's, where she provided tremendous support for them, and may she rest in peace. the rest i submit, mr. president. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i'd like to close today's meeting in memory of andrew zeeman.
5:38 am
last week, he was tragically killed when a vehicle struck him on the way to work. he was just 30 years old. andrew was a third generation san francisco and he grew up in cow hollow. he worked as an educator at sherman elementary. he worked with their after school programs and provided additional support for students with special needs. he's remembered as being incredibly kind and patients. student who sometimes didn't respond well to others responded incredibly well to andrew. he was always able to help students address any problems they were having in such a positive way. i was devastated when i learned of his tragic death. as an educator, andrew had chosen to dedicate his career to public service.
5:39 am
he had every right to get to work safely last week. andrew's death marks the 12 pedestrian death this year at one of the most dangerous intersections in my districts. since last week, i've been in contact with the m.t.a., regarding the rapid response effort to improve safety at this intersection, and i've been encouraging them to consider every possible intervention to reduce traffic speeds along this corridor. i've been assured by m.t.a. that there will be improved made in the next two weeks, and i'm awaiting details to see what those measures will be there will be a hearing on
5:40 am
safety around all schools of san francisco. if this incident has taught us anything, it's that we cannot wait until a death to address areas of concern. to andrew's family and loved ones, i offer my deepest condolences, and i will do everything i can to make sure the city is safe. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. president walton? >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. today, i'm requiring the san francisco department of elections to submit a plan to the secretary of state no later
5:41 am
than february 8, 2022. in the united states and california, we rely on a for-profit model from elections equipment security, and one that is costly and lacks transparency. open source voting will allow the city's i.t. teams to work on voting equipment software because it uses publicly available computer code. the proposed pilot will give voters in city hall voting cancer the option of using voting works accessible kbalt marking device. -- access ballot marking device. earlier this month, i sent a letter to the president of the san mateo county board of supervisors, to the california secretary of state, requesting her office adopt voting
5:42 am
requirement regulations as required by senate bill 360, passed in 2013. it was also supported by former secretary of state alex padilla. san francisco has a long history of advocating for an open source voting system, starting with former supervisor tom ammiano, and a resolution from former supervisor scott wiener supporting the creation of an open source voting system in 2014. open source voting will allow the public to own these voting systems and ensure our voting systems are fair, honest, and secure. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan? thank you. supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: thank you. i have one item. i'm calling a hearing with
5:43 am
supervisor safai on on going staffing shortages at san francisco general. understaffing can lead to dangerous situations for patients and staff. i know this is not a new issue, and i want to thank supervisor safai for his bringing forward a hearing on a similar issue two years ago, and there has been some progress in some areas around staffing, but there were significant challenges that were exacerbated by the pandemic. as we continue to fight against the covid-19 pandemic and come out of that, these staffing challenges continue. we have to ensure that our hospitals, particularly at san francisco general, is well staffed, and that our doctors, nurses, and staff can serve our patients and our city. so i'll be calling the department of health, the
5:44 am
department of human resources, and san francisco general to report. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. mr. president, that concludes roll call for introduction does. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. let's go to public comment, please. >> clerk: at this time, this is the opportunity for public comment. to do so, call 415-655-0001, then enter meeting code 2494-341-0938. then press pound and pound again. press star, three to enter the queue and wait for the system to indicate your line has been
5:45 am
unmuted. as stated earlier, the spanish interpreter is on stand by and ready to jump in and assist with public interpretation. mr. interpreter, could you please provide some comments? >> interpreter: yes. [speaking spanish language]
5:46 am
[end of translation]. >> interpreter: thank you. >> clerk: thank you. operations, let's hear from our first caller, please. >> hi. my name is alison bernard, and i support the resolution supervisor haney has sponsored for san francisco to support a moratorium on the expansion of animal feeding operations, factory farms, and slaughter houses in california. this is an important resolution because factory farms are harmful to workers, animals, and the environment, and stopping the creation of animal farms is the first step in creating a nonanimal agriculture. factory farm animal production accounts for 33% of agricultural methane emissions, and due in part to the expansion of factory farming,
5:47 am
the e.p.a. reports a 14.4% increase in methane emission since 1990. methane has 80 times more heat trapping power than carbon dioxide in the first 20 years after its release, so it has a more devastating impact on climate change. in factory farms, animals are housed in close congregation, which can lead to fast transmission of bacteria between animals. 80% of all antibiotics in the u.s. are [indiscernible] there is growing evidence that antibiotic resistance in humans is promoted by the widespread use of nontherapeutic antibiotics in animals. please pass this resolution as
5:48 am
a recognition that the government needs to step in and address the devastations caused by industrial animal agriculture. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. may we have the next caller, please. >> hello. my name is rocky [indiscernible], and i'm a lifelong resident of district 6. as i speak, myself and constituents are in front of city hall, and we're calling on the state to place a moratorium on factory farms in the state. this state are building more of these animal feeding operations that they don't even need using our tax dollars, and this is a dire situation, so dire, i almost lost myself in front of
5:49 am
a foster farms chicken facility. each and every day land animals are dieing by the millions -- dying by the millions from the animal feeding industry. i put my freedom on the line and will continue to do so because i know we can do better. we can create a sustainable, compassionate food system where the animals and people's interests are considered. i want to thank matt haney for introducing this resolution in support of no more factually farms campaign, and i look forward to supporting the rest of the supervisors when this item not only passes but passes
5:50 am
unanimously. i yield my time. >> clerk: we have nine listeners and four in the queue. if you have not already done so, please press star, three to lineup to speak. mr. atkins, can we have the next caller, please? >> i am calling tonight to [indiscernible] put it this way. the harder the enforcement, the harder the drugs. the wall is an application of the ester allen effect, noting it's a powerful argument for the legalization of drugs. there are -- the degraded added
5:51 am
costs of sales are [indiscernible] for instance, with coke users, buying coca leaves which they can convert to opium. popular switch from beer to wine has a parallel to the narcotics trade in the 1920s. marijuana was also found too bulky and troublesome to smuggle across borders, so
5:52 am
people turned to cocaine. in the 2010s, heroin has been displaced by fentanyl and other stronger synthetic opiates like carfentanyl. >> clerk: your time is up. thank you for joining us today. may we have the next caller. >> hello. as a san francisco native, i propose a permanent monument be erected in front of city hall honoring and tabulating the exact number of unsheltered lives lost on the streets of san francisco, past, present, and future. astonishingly less merciful than death row, facing cruel
5:53 am
and unusual punishment via death in public spaces without more than nominal advocacy from any law professional. that very same committee -- sorry. oh, i got lost. shoot. well, this is a terrible first little speecher. every social worker and outreach worker i speak to is incredulous and alarmed at the stale mate. well, i might have to do this one next meeting because i have a lot of -- here we go. a committee must be formed by neutral third party participants to evaluate what are unreachable leaders are doing with the money intendedtor immediate placement -- intended for immediate placement of
5:54 am
americans in shelter. the very same committee must explain and account for the exact number of lives lost in between when funds were afforded san francisco and when made available to the intended recipients. make the findings public so that those benefiting from withheld funds leading to cruel and unnecessary public deaths of the unsheltered, or if not arrested, then at least allow the judgment of the court of public opinion such that democracy once again work its sacred magic in san francisco and formally permanently evict the bad act -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have two left in the queue, so if you have not already done so, please press star, three to enter the queue. mr. atkins, can you put the
5:55 am
next caller through? >> my name is [indiscernible] and my pronouns are she and her. thank you for honoring brian edwards. he always appreciated when i stirred up a fucking storm before this board. now for some other shit. you know that there are people facing prison time, who are facing fucking felony charges for doing open rescue, rescuing animals, and this is not just about animal rights, this is about pandemic prevention, this is about saving lives. you can have as many [indiscernible] as you want, but animal agriculture, that's what's destroying this planet. we need to come together, and we need to end these factually farms.
5:56 am
we need to also given the tools to more plant based sustainable agriculture, so yeah. and also, i called in about three weeks ago about these hunger strike from mary rogan, and i think we need to call a hearing on the housing support issues in this city. even we got our rent lowered to 30%, there's still too much shit to do and we've still got to get the city involved. thank you. i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. may we have the next caller, please. >> hello. my name is [indiscernible] and i would also like to comment on the item sponsored by
5:57 am
supervisor haney, and i strongly urge everyone else on the board of supervisors to sign onto the resolution. i've been to factory farms in california, and they're horrific. animals are sentient individuals that have thoughts and feelings. animals are born in captivity. they often don't have enough space to turnaround. they suffer tremendously throughout their lives, and they're brutally slaughtered in the most heinous ways possible. history won't look kind on our farming practices, and on top of the mass animal cruelty that takes place on factory farms,
5:58 am
they emit more greenhouse gases more so than the entire transportation sector. the manure load pollutes nearby water and land. i hope san francisco passes this resolution and can lead the world in creating a more just food system. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. may we have the next caller? >> operator: madam clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. mr. president? >> president walton: thank you so much, callers, for calling in. public comment is now closed. madam clerk, let's go to our
5:59 am
for adopt without committee reference, items 22 through 27. >> clerk: these measures were introduced for adoption without committee reference. a unanimous vote is required for adoption of these resolutions today. any supervisor may require any resolution to go to committee. >> president walton: do any of my colleagues have any items that they wish to sever? seeing no names, madam clerk, would you call the roll. >> clerk: on items 22 through 27 -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are nine ayes. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk.
6:00 am
these items are passed unanimously. madam clerk, do we have any imperative agenda items? >> clerk: we do not have any imperative agenda items. waumt wallet thank you. would you please present the in memory -- >> president walton: thank you. would you please present the in memoriams. >> clerk: yes. [names read] >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. do we have any further business before us? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president walton: thank you. be kind when possible, and remember, it's always possible. the 14 dalai lama. this meeting is adjourned.
6:01 am
go morning, welcome to the rules committee for san francisco. i am chair aaron peskin joined by mandelman and chan. mr. young, do you have any announcements? >> the minutes will reflect the committee members are participating through video
6:02 am
conference to the same extent as if present. public access to city services is essential. public comment will be available on each item on the agenda channel 26, 78 or 99 or sfgovtv. each speaker is allowed two minutes. opportunities to speak are available by calling 415-655-0001. id24888378588. press pound and pound again. when connected you will hear the meeting discussions and be in listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up dial star 3. best practices call from quiet location and speak clearly and slowly and turn down your
6:03 am
television or radio. e-mail public comment to myself at sfgovtv. if you submit public comment by e-mail it will be forwarded and included as part of the file. written comments may be sent by u.s. postal service to city hall. that completes my initial comments. >> thank you. could you please read the first item. >> first three or just the first. >> just the first. >> item 1. motion approving or directing the nomination for apminutementt of mark gonzales.
6:04 am
>> we heard from this nominee and continued last week because of technical problems one nominee had in presenting. earlier this morning we receive a letter from the mayor withdrawing mr. gonzalez from this nomination to the seat on the sheriff's over side board. why don't we take public comment and then take roll for this item. are there any members of the public to speak to item number one? >> yes, members of the public who wish to comment call 415-655-0001. id24888378588. press pound and found r pound again. dial star 3 to speak. the system prompt will indicate
6:05 am
you are unmuted to begin your comment. at this time we have one listener but nobody in line to speak. >> all right. public comment is closed. on behalf of the mayor i see you are attending. any comments before we call the roll on the motion to table item 1? >> you want me to turn on my video. >> sure. we would love to see your smiling face this morning. >> i don't have any particular comments. i apologize for last comment withdrawal. we feel like for the betterment of the oversight committee it was the best decision at this time. i appreciate you making it easy for us to amend. >> thank you, ms. funnel. >> item 1. roll call, please.
6:06 am
>> motion. supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes without objection. >> thank you, please call items 2 and 3 together. >> item 2. motion approving or rejecting the appointment of julie soo to the oversight board term ending march 1, 2025. item 3 is appointment of dion-jay brookter for a term ending march 1, 2025. >> last week ms. soo had a bad
6:07 am
connection. we have an opportunity to hear from here this morning. we have tested her line and it is working perfectly or so we have been told. we will hear from ms. soo. i will ask the same questions we asked the other two nominees last week. the floor is yours, ms. soo. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. i took your advice and left twin peaks. as to the questions, you have my background. i am no stranger to city hall and public service is personal to me. my family dates back to the late 1880s. public service is about my reputation, family reputation. background in mathematics and statistics. masters degree and law degree. majority of my career is
6:08 am
enforcement attorney for the california department of insurance. where i evaluate individuals and companies, perform disciplinary action hearings and evaluate rehabilitation. i may being policy recommendations -- make policy recommendations to the agency and state legislature. i define how laws are enforced that requires public notice and hearing. i am no stranger to city hall. before the millennium as a former legislative aid i worked on the data call for all departments, language with city attorney and conducted public hearings. the supervisor i worked for lost by 36 votes. supervisor mark leno carried the legislation. i would like to remember wilma
6:09 am
chanwho took this to alameda county. the first to have an equal access to service. i have had nine years as fiduciary trustee on the board of st. francis memorial hospital. 12 years on the commission on status of women. i gained importance of committee approach to human trafficking and violence cases. i engaged in data collection and public education. the family council reports began in 2009. four years without a domestic violence homicide between 2011 and 2013. through that work we reevaluated the needs of community, looked at resources, accountability, training of responders and
6:10 am
community input. i continue to serve on the california democratic plat fork commit -- platform committee. i was reappointed. i have served as co-chair since 2009. appointed as lead in 2019. the platform committee developed documents reflect the values, vision and policy of the parties on testimony intake. i manage 28 committee members to build consensus into a product ratified by 3500 delegates. still sets are important to lay foundation of new deputy sheriffs over site board to evaluate policies and practices and look at budget and
6:11 am
resources. this goes to act ability, social contract between personnel, those in custody and the community. in particular, i really believe in rehabilitation. that means those in custody receive education. charter school is one such and i did it is through the school board meeting as they were tasked to reup the contract with the charter school. our job skills in incentive to rehabilitation for domestic violence offenders, completion of counseling. supervised visitation with children and through that is with the rally family visitation services initiated through the st. francis memorial hospital. in terms of questions last week
6:12 am
public law enforcement reform. six years ago i chaired the democratic platform criminal justice plank. it took 10 years to have as declaration of policy elimination of death penalty. another question was when i advocated for someone in custody. i haven't directly advocated for someone in custody. i was a character witness at a sentencing hearing and filed papers for federal pardon. those who served for crimes they committed as young add did you tells now face -- adults now face deportation from the family they have. conversations about jails closing. i have not engaged in the conversation about the jail
6:13 am
closures. surveillance technology. yes, i would be in favor every visiting the surveillance technology policy for the protection of both personnel and individuals in custody. >> thank you, ms. soo. you answered all of the questions i asked. so i have no questions. colleagues any questions for ms soo? if not why don't we -- we heard from mr. brookter. any public comment on items 2 or 3? >> members of the public should call 415-655-0001. the meeting id24888378588. press pound and pound again. if you haven't done so, dial
6:14 am
star 3 to line up to speak. the system prompt will indicate you raised your hand. wait until you are unmuted and begin your comments. we have two caller on the line for public comment. >> first speaker, please. >> thank you, chair peskin and committee members. i am arnold townsend calling on behalf of ms. julie soo who i have known for a number of years and i know her to be a person of outstanding talent, commitment and compassion which i consider essential to this role. she is someone that i consider a true ally to many who are challenged in this society and do not have the same opportunities in life nor same opportunities when they fall into the hands of the judicial
6:15 am
system. i would urge you to support her for this important work. the only other thing i will say this is the first time i hear about her great background in math, which makes me wish i would have known her in high school. thank you so much. i hope you will endorse her candidacy for this job. >> thank you, reverend town be . next speaker, please. >> i am larry yee. i am in support of julie soo for the sheriff oversight. she would make an excellent choice. he hit the point i was going to say. she is a long time activist in our community and standing up for social justice. i hope this committee moves it
6:16 am
forward. i thank you all for your time and service, too. thank you very much. >> any other members of the public to testify on items 2 or 3? >> we have one more speaker. we are down to no speakers. three listeners, no speakers on the line. >> public comment just got closed. colleagues any motions that you want to make? if not, i would suggest we forward these two individuals to the full board of supervisors with recommendation as committee reports. i see supervisor mandelman nodding on that motion. mr. clerk, roll call, please. >> let me redo that. i would like to make an amendment to both subject motions file numbers 211147 and
6:17 am
211148 to remove the word rejecting in line 3 and remove the word reject in line 11 on that motion a roll call, please for both items. >> on that motion. supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion to amend is adopted without objection. >> on the items as amended to send to the full board with recommendation as committee reports. a roll call, please. >> motion to recommend as committee report. supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman.
6:18 am
>> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes without objection. >> next item, please. >> item 4. motion approving or rejecting the mayor nomination for tonightment of timothy kojo min take to the redevelopment successor agency over sight board term ending january 24, 2024. >> successor agency mr. timothy kojo minta. tell us about yourself and why you want to serve on this thing. >> i go by kojo. to make this short, i was my parents -- my parents are from
6:19 am
ghana, i moved to san francisco in 2005. lived in nob hill for been 10 years. when i moved here i wanted to get involved in the community the easiest way to become a big brother in the big brother and big sister program. i was able to get deeper understanding of the challenges the under privilege lemminged in san francisco face. i -- underprivileged face in san francisco. seven or eight years ago i wanted to get more involved. i had constraints due to apply y professional obligations. i became a volunteer for david chu in the campaigns that he had at that time. through my relation with him, i was able to get a better understanding how the city
6:20 am
government works, how the board of supervisors operating. it was important for me because being a 16 year resident of the city this is my home. i want to try to understand it better and do what i can as a citizen to help out. through that process, working with david, i realized that, okay, maybe at some point if it made sense i would like to get involved at a deeper level. that is where this nomination comes up. i heard about it through kira. my background and data analyst. i work at adobe as expert solution consultant on the platform. because of the opportunities i heard about being a member of this oversight committee, i thought it would be a good way to evaluate it deeper than
6:21 am
before. i think, i know it is not the most sophisticated math involved having the financial background i can be a good fit and help out with the efforts of this oversight board. i think that is about it. i am excited for this opportunity. i love the city. i believe i could really help out with this committee. i think i could, you know, be a positive member of this body going forward. thanks for your time. >> thank you, kojo. i appreciate your enthusiasm. the two basic questions i was posing and the beginning.
6:22 am
what you think this body does and how you see yourself fitting into that. >> my understanding the body was created to wind down the redevelopment agency so i believe that that's an effort that is more financially oriented to make sure the budget is allocated to conduct the actions necessary. i will be transparent. i am not aware of the details of that but i believe with my background i would get a grasp on that fairly quickly. >> can you tell us a little bit about the history every development in ocii and their current projects and your interest is.
6:23 am
i understand you have a background in finance. i am looking more about your knowledge of the redevelopment agency and reconstituted as the successor agency. >> again, in spirit of full transparency i didn't do a ton of in depth research on the prior activities of the redevelopment agency. my understanding was it is an agency that is being wound down. there is an oversight board to make sure it happens in the appropriate manner. i was told my general background could be useful. more importantly that i am passionate about the city and want to be involved. between the background on that front and the opportunity, i
6:24 am
just my understanding it is getting ramped up on what is needing to happen as a member of that board would not be beyond the realm of my comprehension. i understand that maybe you are looking for a deeper understanding of the prior activities of the redevelopment agency. i apologize. i am not prepared. >> a sense of what is currently under their jurisdiction. this wind down is not happening in the next two minutes or two months or two years. it is going to go on for a long, long time. do you known know any current properties under their jurisdiction, do they build housing? do they have tax increment? do you know what tax increment is in. >> it is my understanding these are the detail that i would
6:25 am
learn as a member of the board so i do not have that knowledge at the moment be. apologies for that. >> no worries. any questions from colleagues? supervisor chan. >> so now, i am wondering. this is one of the questions i do ask any candidate for any appointment. i want you to know this is very standard coming from me. typically i would ask how do you know about the appointment. you know it through tyra. what makes you want to be on the board? it sounds to me you want to have a deeper involvement with the community. now this is the typical question i would ask. what will be your priority once
6:26 am
you are appointed to the body? i am having a little concern that it is a very critical body, in my opinion, especially as a former aid to former district 10 supervisor maxwell. redevelopment, in fact, has a deep history in san francisco, not just in this district but district five. thinking how it is throughout the city as well as, you know, you have alluded to we are transitioning. it is a critical role. what would be your priority once you are appointed to the body? >> well, overall my priority would be to participate as an
6:27 am
active contributor to the body, bringing my time and my relevant expertise as it might pertain to my role and really devote myself to it completely. i don't be have a lot of other public service activities at the moment. i volunteer at a couple other agencies. i have plenty of free time and i hope to fill a gap in the sense of not having the background and full understanding of the agency at the moment. i have the willingness and time and passion to learn quickly. being a meaningful contributor to the extent that i can be. >> why don't we open up to public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to comment on this item number 4?
6:28 am
>> members of the public who wish to comment on this item call 415-655-0001. id24888378588. press pound and pound again. dial star 3 to speak. a system prompt will indicate you raised your hand. wait until you are unmuted to comment. at this time it does not appear there are any members of the public in line for public comment. >> public comment is closed. given that there is no time pressure on this, the board doesn't have to act in any compressed timeframe or at all. i would suggest that we continue this item to the call of the chair and see what evolves. on that motion, mr. clerk, a roll call, please.
6:29 am
>> motion to continue the matter to the call of the chair. supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes without objection. >> next item, please. >> chair peskin. >> yes, supervisor chan. >> chair peskin. this is a discussion more if i may ask or make a comment really. you know, i think that this is not -- should not be a reflection of mr. minta's qualifications. from my experience from the appointee that withdrew mr. gonzalez from sheriff oversight committee through the
6:30 am
questioning we had last week. let's be more thoughtful moving some of these great candidates but may not be suitable for the body. they are probably very committed community members to do the right thing, let's be more thoughtful when we start moving forward and sending appoint beties to the rules committee for appointments and to think through about the qualification and interest and the expertise of these individuals. that is all i have to say. thank you, mr.minta, for submission of your application. >> thank you for those very well-taken, very mature comments. supervisor mandelman anything to add or subtract? >> i think this is a nomination like this raises interesting questions. in general i would like to defer
6:31 am
to the mayor's choices for who she would like to appoint to commissions where she has that ability. on the other hand, it is troubling to have applicants who don't seem to have the very basic understanding of the commission they are joining or the job that it has to do. i think, you know, i am a past redevelopment lawyer. i know this as part of my fiber, but i think knowing the history every development in san francisco should be a prerequisite on any commission and having understanding of tax increment and the projects they are responsible for is something i would expect for an applicant to have before they come here as
6:32 am
supervisor chan said. that is not the fault of the applicant who might server well on the body. you don't need to be an expert. i think it would be reasonable to expect folks before rules to know that stuff. that is all i got. thanks. >> thank you, vice chair mandelman. i associate myself with your constructive and well-stated comments. thank you. that is a very clear message to the administration and no reflection on the individual nominee. with that we have taken action on item 4. mr. clerk please call item 5. >> item 5 a motion appointing rejecting the mayor nomination for reappointment of al perez to entertainment commission for a term ending july 1, 2025. >> good morning.
6:33 am
greetings, supervisor mandelman, chan, peskin. i am al perez. resident of san francisco for over 40 years. family integrated from the philippines. i was born and raised in the philippines. after living here a few years after college i started working in the corporate world and realized i needed to reconnect to my roots because as we were growing up here in san francisco after we first integrated, my -- immigrated. after graduation from college i really wanted to reconnect with my roots. i became a volunteer and started
6:34 am
reaching out to give back to the community to relearn my language and roots. as i found this non-profit organization called the philippine architects position. i volunteered there. i am a graphic and designer. i do posters for the festival. year after year they invited me to come back until i became the president of the organization. now after being a volunteer for 20 years i am serving as president of the non-profit and leading a team of 200 volunteer to produce the annual festival. the largest philippine cultural celebration in the country bringing together community stakeholders, exhibiters, performing artists, cultural torchbearers in celebration of
6:35 am
the culture and cuisine. through that experience i have also been very, very active in the philippine community in organizations the cultural and community events. film festivals, heritage night with the san francisco giants, golden state warriors, oakland as and other teams. i am serving in the filipino food movement, and also. [indiscernable] i have been serving in the entertainment commission for three terms this would be my fourth term. san francisco is a city of celebration. city activated by entertainment that strengthens the diverse neighborhoods and welcomes the world.
6:36 am
our nightlife and events, community festivals and parades bring the community together to strengthen the community ties and is an economic driver. i thank the mayor for trust and confidence in me to continue in this reappointment and thanks to the commission staff led by the wolf executive for the executive work she has done. i am proud to live and work in san francisco, a city that welcomes diversity and equity. i would like to receive your approval for continuing to serve on the entertainment commission. >> any questions from committee members?
6:37 am
>> supervisor chan. >> thank you, chair peskin. thank you for all your service, mr. perez. i have a quick question out of curiosity. giving your service with the entertainment commission especially during the pandemic, what would be your priority as we recover from the pandemic from your point of view as the role the entertainment commission can play? >> during the pandemic the goal is to help them get back on their feet. in fact our commission has been working hard with them as well as with the city hall as far as with the shared spaces program and also streamlining the permit process to give folks who want
6:38 am
to have entertainment as an accessory to business model to get that process as quickly as possible including i believe we are part of providing grants for venue operators, especially last year. also as a community representative i work with a lot of community non-profits and organizing festivals and parades and giving them an opportunity to recover so we can come back again celebrating our communities in a safe manner to provide information and resources to do that as quickly as possible. >> any members of the public to speak to item number 5? >> yes, members of the public who wish to comment call 415-655-0001, id24888378588.
6:39 am
pound and pound again. if you have not done so dial star 3 to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. wait you are unmuted to begin your comments. we do not have anybody in line for public comment. >> public comment is closed. the sense of this committee is to make a motion to forward this individual to the full board with recommendation. i will make a motion to amend the subject motion by removing the word rejecting online 3 and making a change. >> motion to amend. supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman.
6:40 am
>> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes without objection. >> a motion to send the item as amended with recommendation to the full board of supervisors. >> on that motion supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> congratulations on one more tour of duty. we are adjourned. >> thank you so much.
6:41 am
>> we worked very hard with the san francisco venue coalition, the independent venue alliance to advocate for venues. put this issue on the radar of the supervisors and obviously mayor breed. the entertainment commission and the office of small business and we went to meetings and showed up and did public comment and it was a concerted effort between 50 venues in the city and they are kind of traditional like live performance venues and we all made a concerted effort to get out there and sound the alarm and to her credit, maybe breed really stepped up, worked
6:42 am
with matt haney, who is a supervisor haney was a huge champion for us and they got this done and they got $3 million into the sf venue recovery fund. >> we have represented about 40 independent venues in san francisco. basically, all the venues closed on march 13th, 2020. we were the first to close and we will be the last to reopen and we've had all the of the overhead costs are rent, mortgage, payroll, utilities and insurance with zero revenue. so many of these venues have been burning $1,000 a day just to stay closed. >> we have a huge music history here in san francisco and the
6:43 am
part of our cultural fab lick but it's also an economic driver. we produce $7 billion annual' here in san francisco and it's formidable. >> we've been very fortunate here. we've had the department of emergency management and ems division and using part of our building since last april and aside from being proud to i can't tell you how important to have some cost recovery coming in and income to keep the doors open. >> typically we'll have, three to 400 people working behind the teens to support the show and that is everything from the
6:44 am
teamsters and security staff and usualers, ticket takers, the folks that do our medical and the bar tenders and the people in the kitchen preparing food for backstage and concession and the people that sell key shirts and it's a pretty staggering amount of people that are out of work as a result of this one verne you going tarkanian. it doesn't work to open at reduced capacity. when we get past june 15th, out of the into the blue print for our economy we can open it it 100% and look at the festival in full capacity in october and we're just so grateful for the leadership of the mavor and dr. coal fax to make us the safest ♪ america and this is been hard for everybody in san
6:45 am
francisco and the world but our leadership has kept us safe and i trust them that they will let us know when it's safe to do that. >> a lot of people know about america is military stuff, bullying stuff, corporate stuff. when people like me and my friends go to these foreign country and play music, we're giving them an american cultural experience. it's important. the same way they can bring that here. it sounds comfy buyia, you know, we're a punk band and we're nasty and we were never much for peace and love and everything but that's the fertilizer that grows the big stuff that some day goes to bill graham's place and takes everybody's money but you have to start with us and so my hope is that allel groups and people make music and get
6:46 am
together because without out, hanging together we'll hang separately, you know. >> other venues like this, all over the place, not just in the san francisco bay area need to exist in order for communities to thrive and i'm not just talking about the arts communities, even if you are here to see a chuckle bucket comedy show and you are still experiencing humanity and in specific ways being able to gather with people and experience something together. and especially coming out of the pandemic, the loss of that in-person human connection recovering that in good ways is going to be vital for our entire society. >> it's a family club. most our staff has been working with us for 10 years so we feel
6:47 am
like a family. >> what people think of when they think of bottom of the hill and i get a lot of this is first of all, the first place i met my husband or where we had our first date and i love that and we love doing weddings and i expect there to be a wedding season post 2021 of all the make up we haddings and i hope that many people do that because we have had so many rock ep role weddings. >> i told my girlfriend, make sure you stand at the front of the stage and i can give you a kiss at midnight. at this got down on one knee at the stroke of midnight. it wasn't a public thing, i got down on one knee and said will you marry me and is he she had are you [beep] kidding me and i said no, i'm dead serious and she said yes. we were any time homicideel of
6:48 am
the show. we just paused for new year's eve and that was where i proposed to my wife. this is more than just a professional relationship it's more than just a relationship from a love of arts, it's where my family started. we'll always have a special place in my heart. >> venues, you know, represent so much. they are cultural beckons of a city. neighbors can learn and celebrate and mourn and dance together. venues and arts and culture are characterized as second responders to crisis and they provide a mental health outlet and a community center for people to come together at and it's the shared history of our city and these spaces is where we all come together and can celebrate. >> art often music opens up people to understanding the
6:49 am
fellow man and i mean, taz always necessary and if anything, it's going to be even more necessary as we come out of this to reach out and connect with people. >> we can sustain with food, water and shelter is accurate and does anybody have a good time over the last year? no. >> san francisco is a great down. i've been here many years and i love it here and it's a beautiful, beautiful, place to be music and art is key to that. drama, acting, movies, everything, everything that makes life worth living and that's what we've got to mow proteasome no san francisco and that's what is important now. [♪♪♪]
6:50 am
>> when i look at an old neon sign that's working or not working, i feel the family business that was in there. >> since 2009, citywide, sf shines, has supported businesses and sites like the ones that receive new neon signs. >> you know, sf shines is doing an amazing job to bring back the lighting and the neon glow of san francisco. >> sf shines is such an amazing program, and i can't think of another program in another city that gives matching gunned funds to store owners, mom and pop owners, and if they've got
6:51 am
a neon sign, they've really got a great way to advertise their business. >> this is a continuation of the sf shines program. >> focusing other neon signs is relatively new to us. of the seven neon signs, we've invested about $145,000. >> a good quality sign costs more, but it lasts infinitily longer. as opposed to lasting five years, a good neon sign will last 15 to 20 years. >> in san francisco, the majority of neon signs are for mom-and-pop businesses. in order to be able to restore these signs, i think it gives back to your community. >> part of the project has to do with prioritizing certain
6:52 am
signs in the neighborhood based on their aesthetics, based on their current signs, and base on the history. in the time that we've been here, we've seen a number of signs restored just on eddy street. >> there are a number of signs in the tenderloin and many more that are waiting or wanting to be restored. i have worked with randall and al, and we've mapped out every single one of them and rated them as to how much work they would need to get restored. that information is passed onto sf shines, and they are going to rank it. so if they have x budget for a year, they can say all right, we're going to pick these five, and they're putting together clusters, so they build on top of what's already there. >> a cluster of neon signs is sort of, i guess, like a cluster of grapes. when you see them on a corner or on a block, it lights up the
6:53 am
neighborhood and creates an ambient glow. if you havy got two of three of them, you've created an atmosphere that's almost like a movie set. >> some of the hotel, we've already invested in to get those neon signs for people to enjoy at night include the elk hotel, jefferson hotel, the verona, not to mention some we've done in chinatown, as well as the city's portal neighborhood. >> we got the fund to restore it. it took five months, and the biggest challenge was it was completely infested with pigeons. once we got it clean, it came out beautiful. >> neon signs are often equated with film noir, and the noir genre as seen through the hollywood lens basically depicted despair and
6:54 am
concentration. >> you would go downtown and see the most recent humphrey bogart film filled with neon in the background. and you'd see that on market street, and as market street got seedier and seedier and fewer people continued to go down, that was what happened to all the neon strips of light. >> the film nori might start with the light filled with neon signs, and end with a scene with a single neon sign blinking and missing a few letters. >> one of my favorite scenes,
6:55 am
orson welles is chasing rita hayworth with neon signs in the background. >> i think what the office of economic and workforce development is very excited with is that we'll be able to see more neon signs in a concentrated way lit up at night for visitors and most especially residents. the first coin laundry, the elm hotel, the western hotel are ones that we want to focus on in the year ahead. >> neon signs are so iconic to certain neighborhoods like the hara, like the nightcap. we want to save as many historic and legacy neon signs in san francisco, and so do they. we bring the expertise, and they bring the means to
6:56 am
actually get the job done. >> people in tenderloin get really excited as they see the signs relit. as you're driving through the tenderloin or the city, it pretty much tells you something exciting is happening here. >> knee an was created to make the night more friendly and advertise businesses. it's a great way of supporting and helping local businesses. >> there's so many ways to improve public safety. the standard way is having more eyes on the street, but there's other culturally significant ways to do that, and one those ways is lighting up the streets. but what better way and special way to do that is by having old, historic neon signs lighting up our streets at night and casting away our shadows. >> when i see things coming back to life, it's like remembering how things were. it's remembering the hotel or the market that went to work seven days a week to raise their money or to provide a service, and it just -- it
6:57 am
just -
6:58 am
adjourned. >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shop & dine in the 49 with within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 my name is jim woods i'm the founder of woods beer company and the proprietor of woods copy k open 2 henry adams what makes us unique is that we're reintegrated brooeg the beer and serving that cross the table people are sitting next to the
6:59 am
xurpz drinking alongside we're having a lot of ingredient that get there's a lot to do the district of retail shop having that really close connection with the consumer allows us to do exciting things we decided to come to treasure island because we saw it as an amazing opportunity can't be beat the views and real estate that great county starting to develop on treasure island like minded business owners with last week products and want to get on the ground floor a no-brainer for us when you you, you buying local goods made locally our supporting small business those are not created an, an sprinkle scale with all the machines and one person procreating them people are making them by hand as a result more interesting and can't get that of minor or anywhere else and san francisco
7:00 am
a hot bed for local manufacturing in support that is what keeps your city vibrant we'll make a compelling place to live and visit i think that local business is the lifeblood of san francisco and a vibrant community >> this is the last noting of the month of november. if you would all stand for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


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