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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the society. this is an important question where lead will go from here. looking at the data so far and seeing the successes and we can build on that and as the department based on that where the investments need to go. >> if it is for five months. >> hopefully as final we will come up with a model that may help with all of the communities in the california. >> i want to go back to school to start my ged and go to community clean. >> it can be somebody scaled out. that is the hope anyway. >> is a huge need in the city. depending on the need and the data we are getting we can definitely see an expansion. >> we all hope, obviously, the program is successful and we can implement it city wide. i think it will save the county millions of dollars in emergency
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services, police services, prosecuting services. more importantly, it will save lives.
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. >> president yee: of the 26 neighborhoods we have in west portal, it's probably the most unique in terms of a small little town. you can walk around here, and it feels different from the rest of san francisco. people know each other. they shop here, they drink wine here. what makes it different is not only the people that live here, but the businesses, and without all these establishments, you wouldn't know one neighborhood from the other. el toreador is a unique restaurant. it's my favorite restaurant in san francisco, but when you look around, there's nowhere else that you'll see decorations like this, and it makes you feel like you're in a different world, which is very symbolic of west portal itself.
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>> well, the restaurant has been here since 1957, so we're going on 63 years in the neighborhood. my family came into it in 1987, with me coming in in 1988. >> my husband was a designer, and he knew a lot about art, and he loved color, so that's what inspired him to do the decorations. the few times we went to mexico, we tried to get as many things as we can, and we'd bring it in. even though we don't have no space, we try to make more space for everything else. >> president yee: juan of the reasons we came up with the legacy business concept, man eel businesses were closing down for a variety of reasons. it was a reaction to trying to keep our older businesses
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continuing in the city, and i think we've had some success, and i think this restaurant itself is probably proof that it works. >> having the legacy business experience has helped us a lot, too because it makes it good for us because we have been in business so long and stayed here so long. >> we get to know people by name, and they bring their children, so we get to know them, also. it's a great experience to get to know them. supervisor yee comes to eat at the restaurant, so he's a wonderful customer, and he's very loyal to us. >> president yee: my favorite dish is the chile rellenos. i almost never from the same
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things. my owner's son comes out, you want the same thing again? >> well, we are known for our mole, and we do three different types of mole. in the beginning, i wasn't too familiar with the whole legacy program, but san francisco, being committed to preserve a lot of the old-time businesses, it's important to preserve a lot of the old time flavor of these neighborhoods, and in that capacity, it was great to be recognized by the city and county of san francisco. >> i've been here 40 years, and i hope it will be another 40 year
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i behalf of our partner bridge housing corporation it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the grand opening of broadway cove and 735 davis. >> jack and i will be the co-emcees. we promise to keep things moving. thank you for the part you played in making this possible. as jack said, we also are sonnored to partner with john jn stewart. thank you for celebrating with us today. >> we are going to do tag teaming. bear with us. the mayor is a cup well minutes late. on the former site of the tom thefreeway we are reminded of te
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long histories of these sites. starting with the many generations of the ohlone people who lived here and on the bay that made up the site before filled in. by the 1980s these were on the edge of the embarcadero recoast red-light district. evidence of tobacco and drugs. the practice of kidnapping men were all found during the excavations of these sites. in fact, many historic artifacts unearthed have been preserved and will be on display in both building lobbies. that way was an empty glass case in an month or two it will be filled with interesting stuff.
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after filling in of the bay and commercial uses the site was developed part of the freeway until it was demolished in 1991. then, thanks to the advocacy of the community including the friends at chinatown community development center that ensured these newly surplus pieces of land would be dedicated to a critical public use here in san francisco affordable housing. [applause] >> to continue the story. in 2016 the mayor's office of housing issued request for proposals on behalf of the city and the port. for two parcels known as 322-1 and the dwp parcel where we are
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today. as is the mayor's office of housing custom they knew what they wanted, gave us a detailed program of rough sizes and affordability. there are unique things here as a result of that. we also had the benefit of community design workshop organized by the city and i think we were the beneficiary of drawings and input from the community as many of you know this community is very engaged. with that information in hand, we set about the task of trying to assemble a team to design, build, operate and finance and build the building. bridge housen and john stewart per successful on a project not far from here on bay street. north beach place. for 12 years before, we built senior housing, family housing, child care, neighborhood serving
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retail, all of the components that exist here. not a very big leap to say let's use what we learned there and recreate it here. state-of-the-art 2016 at the time. memorable for me. i have been doing this for about 25 years. i will never forget about a month of effort. that is how much time you have when the r.f.p. comes out to present the building to the city. i worked with jack and jon stewart was directly involved. i had known don for a long time. he was friends with don turner. i would see him in the office and say hi, never shoulder to shoulder with him. i made it memorable. he brought the standard humor
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and passion to this effort which included neighborhood serving restaurant here that was desired by the neighborhood and by us not a small decision. it basically was investment that bridge and john stewart were going to make in the neighborhood. i am excited. these buildings represent to me the physical manifestation of everything john was about. legions of san franciscans of all ages will live here with dignity for a long time. for myself i am grateful to participate in a small way alongside john steward. thank you. >> thank you, brad. it is mixed feelings we difficult the ribbon, of course. following our selection by the
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city and the neighborhood representatives as the developer of the site, the development team embarked upon intensive community outreach and design process involving multiple neighborhood groups that marie will talk to later. the port itself, city, historic preservation and many additional stakeholders. collaborative process that represents the best of san francisco i lot of give and take and serving the community and generating public benefit. leveraging public private partnership for public benefit. we put together the mother of mixed-use projects, as brad mentioned multigenerational affordable housing for low income seniors and families, first subsidized units for missing middle moderate income
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housing. permanent housing for homeless. neighborhoods targeting a coffee shop, family style restaurant in broadway cove. mixed income child care operated by the ymca of san francisco and robust resident services company from lutheran social services and ymca serving all residents of the two buildings. broad wage of sizes 24 studios. 65 one bedrooms, and income from homeless 30% medium up to 120% of medium and preference for households with certificates of parties operation preference who were displaced by redevelopment and households relocated from
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the city's dynamic hope sf redomprojects in potraro. this is for every type of san francisco needing a helping hand. we are very proud of that. [applause] this doesn't happen without political vision and fearlessness. it is a great pleasure for me. i mentioned earlier the land under broadway cove owned by the port of san francisco. the port graciously granted a long term lease for affordable housing. i am proud to introduce if executive director of the port of san francisco. one of on only 12 women in the ports of united states.
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there are 350 of them. welcome elaine forbes. >> welcome, jack. ports aren't doing that great on gender equality. we hope they move along. the story has been told as well as the details of the units. i will skip that in my remarks. first we are excited to see everyone today. this is an incredibly important project for the port. we hadn't always gotten development right in this part of town, but this project really came together for us. generally speaking, port property is not appropriate for housing because it is a private use. we really had to work with state lands commission to identify this was appropriate for housing. we found a 75 year ground lease to allow the project to happen. i want to thank my staff here today working so hard with the
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state lands commission, the community residents to get this right. as direct or i can't say how proud we are to bring affordable housing to a very high cost area in the waterfront. waterfront property for affordable housing for people in a welcoming in the neighborhood for diversity and -- diversity and equity. we are proud to be part of this. thank you for being here. we can't wait for the ribbon-cutting. thank you,. (applause). >> i will add thanks for the amazing partnership that allowed us to be here today. the next speaker is a fighter for affordable housing and true champion for the neighbors of district 3. this project was conceived in
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2015-2016, supervisor peskin was running for his third term after a little time off. he took office just in time. really to be the force to get this beautiful complex built. join me in warmly welcoming supervisor aaron peskin. (applause). >> thank you, brad. it is really a pleasure to be back with the team i started with 20 years ago, bridge and jon stewart company at north beach place, which gave me the opportunity to work with john on a project that was impossible. so many people to thank. let me join jack in thanking the community. this is the same progressive community that supported more density and more affordability at north beach place over on bay street. same community that came
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together, barbary coast neighbors to support this project. it was great to be here when we turned the first shovel full of dirt. it seems like yesterday. this project was a long time in the making. let me start by thanking god for the earthquake. then move to mayor agnes who made the tough command decision to tear that freeway that separated northeast corner of san francisco from the waterfront. let me fill in the history between 1991 when that freeway came down and 2016 when that r.f.p. went out. it wasn't an easy history. it long pre-dates the desire for affordable housing at this
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location. the original bill from the senator required all of these former freeway parcels to be disposed of for cash to pair for the embarcadero roadway structure. we overcame that. in 1996, the chinese chamber of commerce wrote a series of memoranda which i have unearthed that are remarkable in the vision for reuniting chinatown for the embarcadero freeway that led to improvements along the embarcadero and the one and only affordable housing project. remember mayor brown at that point. there were four parcels. 1-a ford ability housing, sevenral please, third class a hotel and the fourth the park
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down the street. were it not for pushing from the community. broadway would have been a police station and not affordable housing. this would have been a hotel and not affordable housing. i want to thank everybody who made that dream a reality. our newest city attorney david chu for carrying that and making sure we turn car pace to people space. congratulations one and all. [applause] >> thanks, supervisor. yeah, that actually made the development the easy part of the project, i think. that is the not usually the case. you practically introduced the next leader.
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this project requires state and local leadership. we had a champion in sacramento for many years even if he recently returned to his hometown. it is my privilege and honor to introduce former board president, assemblyman, chair of the state housing and community development committee and san francisco's current and first asian-american city attorney david chu. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, jack. it is so good to be home. let me say that i have been following the weather the week. it was supposed to rain today. i think it is fitting that the sun is shining on broadway cove. my predecessor the great aaron peskin started sharing some of the background. i think we could write a book what it took to bring the
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community together. let me fill in a couple moments because i realized this project did really occupy time of former supervisors, my time on the board of supervisors and legislature and where we are today. this area was really collaboration between chinatown community and the neighborhoods around it. as former board chair of shinena town community development center we are so much better for it. i want to go back to meetings i remember when i was on the board of supervisors when the barbary coast and north beach neighbors came together and said, how do we envision this place? initially we were thinking it was going to be just low income affordable. there was a decision made to not just mix up the moderate and low income affordable.
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think about family housing which as father of five-year-old is relevant to what we need to be as city. i thank the neighborhood associations for one of the best examples how community collaborates with developers to get things done. fast forward to 2018. i remember conversations with bridge, with the jon stewart company. they wanted me to carry this bill. it involved amending the burton act. i was talking to john burton last night with his colorful language. i explained we want to make a little change to allow a surface parking lot to become family housing and child care. that is what we had to do. we had to get state change to get it. it took us nine votes in the legislature to get it done. that is one time nechapter how
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we move this. this project really came about because it takes the village of the public sector led by the mayor and the leadership from the city working with nonprofit bridge housing and so many instrumental to this. working with the private sector from bank of america to the architects to builders to really make this happen. i just want to thank you on behalf of all of us from the elected family for that. let me end with one final thing. we are here. the sun is shining because jon stewart is looking upon us. [applause] i want to say to the family, john was literally larger than life. i think brad was talking about being shoulder to shoulder. aaron and i would maybe reach
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his chest. he was not only renaissance man, he was a true visionary. his heart was in this community. he sacrificed so much. i remember the brain damage deals. this was probably one of those deals, right, jack? where we are today is full of the spirit of so many but certainly the spirit of the stewart family and the spirits of john. i will say we miss him, we love him, we know he is here today. with that the last thing i will say keep doing this over and over again. keep building projects that reflect the very best who we are. have a great morning. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much, mr. city attorney. it is going to take me awhile to get that into it.
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we know you as such a housing warrior. thank you. as jack said. we had to build complicated mixed income, mixed use site on some toxic land in the middle of a pandemic. nothing to it. our next speaker, i think, reflects the neighborhood passion that residents here in district three have. bruno cantor is a local architect and neighborhood advocate. president of the board of north beach neighbors on the northern advisory committee of the port. probably well-known to our friend elaine. with that i also in talking about this with the rest of our team learned that mr. cantor was also highly regarded by our friend jon stewart. please welcome bruno cantor.
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[applause] >> good morning everybody. some of you may remember me saying a few words at the ground breaking a couple years ago where i brought my five-year-old daughter with me. i remember john pulled me aside to say, bruno, don't bring your child up to the podium. she will up stage you. well, i did, and she certainly did up stage me. i am fortunate she is in school today. definitely working with john was such a pleasure, and he is sorely missed by all. fortunately, i was able to share this process of bringing affordable housing to my daughter and her native san francisco making it possible for families like ours to continue to live in the city. i am an architect by trade as brad had suggested. i am so impressed by the
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architectural merits of these buildings. the architect and his team did a wonderful job in design of this complex. it is open, it is outward looking. this courtyard is inviting to the neighborhood, and it is spectacular. the commercial spaces here activate the street front and it is truly a place where -- worthy of being called gateway to north beach. what is more impressive is how we got here. the partnership between the public and private sectors and community to bring much needed affordable housing, i believe, is unsurpassed in this case. the process was started early with extensive outreach to the community even before the architect was selected. the massing studies done with direct community input
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facilitated by architect not invited to see through the design. that made the residents of the neighborhood feel hurt and included in the process. we saw our input incorporated at a very early stage. i would like to thank former supervisor julie christian son who brought in senior housing and supervisor aaron peskin foreseeing the project through to its successful completion. of course, the leadership of the mayor's office of housing and community development just incredible what they have done here and, of course, bridge housing and the jon stewart company. i am a process guy. it was amazing process to be involved with. the jon stewart company and leadership was again unsurpassed. of course, the
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port and the northern advisory committee members who contributed early in the process and bringing the stakeholder participation. i will end with saying that this is truly a city that my children will be proud to continue to live in. thank you. [applause] >> thanks, bruno. well, it takes a lot of community spirit and collaboration. it takes a load of leadership from elected officials at every level. since it is san francisco, it takes a lot of money. to paraphrase willy sutton. why do we go to bank of america? that is where the money is. i thank and introduce or next speaker, her institution, the source of two key pieces of
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project financing. sizable construction loan and $25 million in needed capital. thank you, bank of america. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. it is so wonderful to be here on this beautiful sunnydale to see so many faces we are all here with three years ago when we did shovel that first bit of dirt as supervisor peskin said as well. this is a glorious, glorious development building. we are honored to be part of it. inst last year bank of america provided $5.9 billion in financing for affordable developments across united states. this led to 13,000 affordable units, 6,000 green units, 2400 for seniors and 1600 units for
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veterans and people with stable needs and formerly homeless individuals. bank of america is proud to call san francisco our founding city from rebuilding after the 1904 earthquakes, financing two great brings and developments like this. proud of our $2.2 billion commitment through the san francisco process as well which redeveloped over 3500 units at 29 different properties. we would like to continue to thank our partners bridge housing and the jon stewart company, mayor breed and her team at the mayor's office of community housing, housing authority, hud, port of san francisco and everyone who worked to make this development possible including our team at
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bank of america. thank you everyone. >> thank you. i have been at a number of these events and followed bank of america representative. we couldn't be here without the long history. these are complicated projects. you know, our partners at the mayor's office of housing are experts of helping us structure. we rely on lenders to bend on a variety of issues, some came up today. thank you bank of america for on wavering support. we are a little off script. we have the pinch-hitter in a minute. before i introduce her, a rare opportunity for people like me deeply involved in the development. i get to meet neighbors and elected officials. i am one step removed from the
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people we are doing the work for. i relish the chance when there is a resident who has courage to step up to tell their story what this means to them. there is a resident of broadway cove who will share her thoughts about her new home. [applause] >> hi. i am a mother. we are thankful to be part of this community with multiple backgrounds. our journey seemed long in the beginning. the transition happened in less
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than a year. in pandemic times accounting for the approval possessing times it was quick to the new complex. i am thankful that cheryl, chris, alyssa, my adult sons and myself stuck to the paperwork. we have never felt as safe and comfortable as we do now. i am thankful for my worker that encouraged me to follow-through with positive mind set. that is hard to maintain. this is our home. we can move on to other essential building blocks of our lives. the building is essential. i load dishes in the dish washer as i wash laundry down the hall so i can graduate as aeners in the future -- as a nurse.
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we hope to move out and this unit shall open up for another need de family this will help with fancy electronic disposesible. [indiscernable] thank you for everybody that came together to make this possible for all of us. thank you. (applause). >> thank you so much. i would love to see you blossom. i hope you take advantage of all of the opportunities on your doorstep. a little drama today. it is my pleasure to introduce mayor london breed. before i do. i wanted to share a little story i heard from a little bird about the mayor's weekend.
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as a group of fourth graders were trick-or-treating. they knocked on the door as out was carmen miranda from full fruit rig gallia. she was having as much fun as she was. san francisco kids knew who the elected officials were. i have it on great authority that they had a good time that night, you made that evening very memorable. please join me in welcoming our always fun, housing warrior, mayor london breed. [applause] >> mayor breed: thank you, brad. it is great to be here today with all of you. just to celebrate this incredible project she and her boys and what this means for their life this. is so important to us as a city and why i know many of us here do this work.
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i know it is why for over 50 years jon stewart did this work. i remember in 2019 when we broke ground on this property completely empty lot we had a number of festivities and john, who retired many years ago but continued to work. often times jack was like i thought i was the boss. no, you are not the boss. john said i am retired. he was instrumental in the jon stewart company not just starting it but making it to what it became for affordable housing for 50 years from in san francisco. i met him in treasure island right out of college. what was amazing why he stood out to me is because at the time we had -- jon stewart had taken over the property management of
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military housing provided to formerly homeless veterans and families and people. john said, wait a minute. these are people who were formerly homeless. when they move in how will they get furniture, a coffee maker? he helped work on a program that was developed in treasure island that allowed many of those families to go shopping at the warehouse where staging furniture existing for realtors to make the great properties look good and people got to go and pick out everything they wanted. i remember when i went on one of those trips i was in my own little notes that i wanted on my place. that is the kind of person he was. that is why this project was important. it is going to serve a wide
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spectrum in san francisco which we talked about before i had a chance to get here. when thinking about affordable housing in san francisco and the challenges that exist with various families, people come from all backgrounds, all incomes, all challenges. folks formerly homeless live here. people who have incomes that may seem like a lot of money but not for san francisco are going to live here. we even in the city and county of san francisco fought down affordable so seniors extremely low income and may not have been able to qualify will be able to live here. section 8 vouchers will be helpful to afford this place. making sure that we have mixed income level of people that build on the strong diversity that exists in our city. this is a community.
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it is not just housing. it is a home for those families who are moving in and who are going to be enjoying not just the amenities and ground floor retail and child care and community space, but each other. if this pandemic has not taught us anything, it definitely should have taught us how important the value is of being around one another, spending time together, developing partnerships and relationships and building community. the kids here are going to be hanging out with some of the seniors and hearing about stories of their lives. spending time with one another, developing those relationships. this is really an incredible milestone for our city. really, even though it pretty much started many, many years ago, i think david chu was on the board of supervisors. the fact we broke ground in 2019 and it is 2021 and people are
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moving in, that is incredible. i want to thank so many of our city work force, the mayor's office of housing. eric shaw, elaine forbes right in the front row. elaine with the port had to do some maneuvering to get the property. as you remember before the 1989 earthquake when the freeway was here. actually it shut down before that. i can't remember. a long, long time ago this used to be a freeway. now it is housing. that is amazing. we are so grateful that bridge and jon stewart got together to create this wonderful community and just a step further in meeting our housing goals in san francisco to ensure that people are housing, that they are living in affordable safe spaces in our city with dignity.
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thank you all so much for being here today to celebrate. [applause] >> thank you very much, mayor breed. it is clear to me why you and john were such kindred spirits. i think he dressed up as carmen miranda once for halloween, too. he gave me the mentoring this is so hard and takes a lot of hard work. you have to enjoy yourself along the way. you have to stop, smell the roses, have a laugh, bond with the people you are working next to, shoulder to shoulder with as you persevere through the challenges. then have some fun. enjoy yourself. i think you have got that down. well-done. anyway, in terms of anecdotes, i
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appreciate your comments. the things we are experiencing as property managers we get to really wonderful to be the wantings who hand the keys to people, get first dishwasher. first locking door or first roof over their head in decades. if you aren't on the streets because you are traumatized, by the time you are on the streets you are traumatized. helping people back into conventional units andsive vit society is rewarding. it takes work. i don't want to take stuff away from them they are guarding on the corner for 20 years. we have found ways to hang on to stuff, make sure it doesn't bring unfortunate very min into the project. bake it in our oven.
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no bedbugs. we have learned a lot along the way. that is where the rubber hits the road when you hand the key or welcome basket or go through the furniture warehouse on treasure island and they become housed or rejoin society in a way to be part of it. thank you for that. we have examples of a 95-year-old certificate of preference holder who has moved into 735 davis. we said you have had the cop a long time. she said you finally built something i wanted to move into. fair enough. we have multigenerational households where the grandparents live at 735 davis. the kids and grandkids live in the broadway cove. exactly what the mayor was talking about. inter generational coming together right here in the center of the walkway is what john had in mind when he said we
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have got to have this crossroads in the middle of this thing, invited neighborhood partners to the property so it is not standoffish fortress. it is a welcoming and includes i place. i never met a mic i didn't like. on-line. i wrote a lot of his good stuff. final step or close to final step. thank you for being here. we will ask our project managers from bridge and jon stewart company. the director of housing ann marie devore, some grand title at bridge housing. congratulations. if you could come up and recognize the many unsung heroes. thank you.
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[applause] >> hello, two years ago we stood here and it was a sunnydale as everybody was mentioning. it was empty parking lot and these two buildings went up within credible speed. we wanted to take time and thank the firms involved and staff in doing so. at bridge housing many people touched this project. one of the first i will thank the communications department for providing this event today, planning it and with the weather and everything. our services department who has helped bring together the services including child care. susan and her team. i also wanted to thank the former c.e.o. cynthia parker who had the vision and support for this project.
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last but not least the project manager who is here today. raise your hand. [applause] >> brought this in on budget and on time. with the jon stewart company we thank the folks at jon stewart company. i wanted to mention it was a privilege to work with the jon stewart company like brad and jack said. even on the staff level. it was a perfect joint venture. we enjoyed it. it was difficult but we had some fun along the way. >> thanks, marie. it is great working with this project. i want to thank them for the hard work. we had fun along the way. i want to thank the property management staff in leasing up
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the projects. it is a complicated process and during the pandemic they are amazing and have done a good job. we also want to thank the city partners. they truly have been colleagues and partners on this project and especially faith kirkpatrick long time project manager. >> thanks, don. >> the port of san francisco was also instrumental. at staff level we worked with rebecca and i am sorry. michael martin. without them we wouldn't have come to this place. they were instrumental to donate the land with the ground lease to this project. staff was really incredible to work with. we wanted to mention our architect for the site. they were more than an
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architect. as you heard earlier from brad and from jack they were involved early on in the project in the community outreach effort. they worked with community with the neighbors, with bruno from north beach neighbors and the barberry coast association to provide input early on and all of their visions and their support was implemented in this project. bill letty, close friend of jon stewart that led the community outreach and this project. it was really a great partnership with our architect and the two project managers that i wanted to mention.
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aaron. mario who worked on the project. during construction. it was an incredible piece. thank you, guys. [applause] >> i want to acknowledge the design work on the open spaces and design of the breezeway that john was passionate about and fought hard to maintain. i will step over here. i want to thank cahill and matt irwin and the whole a team. cahill was amazing. they were always willing to work with us and collaborate and brought both projects in under budget and on time. [applause] >> thank you, cahill for all of your work. in addition to a great contractor rehad a great
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construction manager instrumental to get the project started. larry couldn't be here today. sheparded through this on cost and schedule basis. we are grateful for their time. >> we often say these projects are so complicated only attorneys could love them. it is really nice when you have attorneys smart that you like to work with. thank you heather and amy and charles olson who worked out the pieces for this. >> we also want to thank the staff that worked to provide the necessary funding. the construction debt and the equity and bearings provided permanent financing. thank you, staff, for your help
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on getting this project closed. seeing it through construction and completion. [applause] >> we will turn this over to jack to finish this. >> appreciate it. >> thanks very much. it has been a sunny morning clouding up. it is running long. we are going to hit the gas pedal here. after devoting decades of life to developing and managing affordable housing throughout california and the country and years of his life to broadway cove and 735 davis, as many people mentioned we are saddened that john passed last year before he could see it completed. as mentioned earlier, john started making presentations at the port on seawall lot 322-1 years before the project started
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and working through with the neighborhood groups to think about what could be done. he attended numerous community association meetings. he contributed to affordable housing in the city and state and at broadway cove and 735. he was overjoyed to see the project starting construction last year. honestly, i think i do feel his presence with us here today, especially in the hearts of everyone who has spoken about him. they say people live on in what they leave behind in the hearts of the people they interacted with. if that is true, john is living on in a way few of us have any hope of doing given how he touched so many people so sincere really and honestly in affordable housing in his hometown and his neighborhood. is it an honor to carry on his
6:56 pm
legacy. we are proud of this beautiful project which he contributed so much to bring to fruition. that is why we have dedicated a big rock with a plaque for john. he was the big guy. that is the big rock. to help me unveil this plaque honoring john i would love to ask gus see stewart to join me at the rock. >> welcome to the the rock. >> brad, you want a hand on this? we are going to ceremonially. okay. i think simply reading the plaque will do it and john the most justice.
6:57 pm
if you would just bear with me. >> memory of john k stewart 1934 to 2020. husband, father, friend, founder of the jon stewart company. his lifelong commitment was building well designed high-quality affordable housing throughout california. he was a giant of a man in every way. he used his great intelligence, humor and business skills to bring people together to make housing like this a reality. thank you, john. [applause] >> can i ask you to say a couple words? >> we are hiding behind the bush. here we go. >> i want to continue the thanks. this means the world to me. this is the first and only memorial of its kind for john.
6:58 pm
it is hard to have a person die in the middle of a pandemic. at last we can celebrate him and i can't thank all of the team that made this project possible for allowing this plaque to be here to celebrate this wonderful passage way and this absolutely beautiful project. thank you all, thank you, jack, particularly, and everyone who was part of this. [applause] >> thanks. while i know you would kill me for saying this, i would also like to thank you and john for the very significant personal contribution that you made to the construction costs of our child care center at the end. it wasn't just talk, it wasn't just time. it was work, wisdom and wealth
6:59 pm
they devotessed. thank you so much for that. thank you. [applause] >> that is it for this morning. many thanks to my co-emcee brad. no. it is not. okay. thanks to co-emcee. partner bridge. all of you for attending. let's cut this ribbon. thank you everyone. five, four, three, two, one. (applause).
7:00 pm
>> we will reconvene our november 9, 2021 regular meeting. on behalf of the board i would like to acknowledge the staff at sf gov television. today we have michael who records of our meetings and makes transcripts available to the public online. madame clerk can we go to our special order. >> clerk: pursuant to the charter and administrative code the mayor is present to discuss
7:01 pm
the following eligible topic submitted from the supervisor representing district 5. the mayor may address the board initially up to five minutes. >> supervisor: thank you and welcome to the meeting madame mayor. it is good to see you. do you have any opening remarks? >> i have a few opening marks and i'm introducing two supplemental appropriations. the first is to support the anticipated for the accesser recorder and for the school board recall. we expect an election in february and another in april. neither of which we anticipated in the budget. i want to thank supervisor mandelman for his leadership on drawing the pension to the potential cost to the san francisco unified school district and for agreeing to work with me to make this a comprehensive bill. no matter where you stand on the
7:02 pm
recall question, we can all agree that our school district is in serious financial trouble. they're staring down a $125 million deficit. the state is threatening to take them over. i made to secret of my frustrations with what's happened on the public schools but shouldn't take a single dollar from the classroom and hope to have your support. the other supplemental has to do with our emergency response. during the budget process we had a discussion about the need for more emergency medical services at the fire department. unfortunately, this budget was being considered right in the middle of an analysis being conducted by the comptroller to determine what we need. data is essential in back staff decisions so it was important to
7:03 pm
wait for the study to be finalized. we funded an additional 50 ems responders and currently those positions republic filled. four months later is study is complete and we have an understanding of our needs. that's why today with supervisor safai i'm introducing a supplemental for 50 new paramedics. if we have to meet our goals to 80% to 90% of ambulance calls we need this funding and responding to 9-1-1 calls is one of our most basic responsibilities. pe need to be there every single person in the city should have the confidence at the moment when they are most desperate, where there is a need so grave they call 9-1-1, that this city will respond quickly with the help they need.
7:04 pm
with that, thank you and i'm available for questions. >> supervisor: madame clerk call the first topic. >> clerk: the topic submit dean preston is homelessness. >> supervisor: thank you so much. supervisor preston, please ask your question. >> supervisor: thank you, and good afternoon madame mayor. thank you for being here for question time. my questions about homelessness more particularly about support for homeless transitional age youth and in particular in the haight ashbury. the site at 730 stannion is the future home of housing which has broad support and i want to draw your attention to your efforts and the site sat vacant but in may of 2020 it became home to the city's most successful safe
7:05 pm
sleeping village extended twice until wound down june 2021. i want to thank you for your partnership in making the safe sleeping site a success. the department of homelessness and supportive housing, committed to my office and community services at minimum bathroom, hand washing stations and showers and droppins and referrals would be launched as part of an interim youth following the closure of the safe sleeping site. after the slight delay they guaranteed my office they would launch in october at the latest. this representation was also made to the community at public meetings in august. hsh issued the solicitations september 7 and the homeless youth alliance was preparing to pvn the critical services on the site. then less than two weeks before the site was to open, hsh informed our office and the
7:06 pm
homeless youth alliance the project would not proceed. this was disappointing because these are critical service for a vulnerable and reversed the promise to the community. my question madame mayor four, what are the reasons, all the reasons your administration slid reversed course and violated its commitment to open homeless services at 730 stannion by october 31. >> thank you for your question and your choice of words are not entirely accurate. in fact i think what you asked in your question and taking into account that the resources that you helped to provide during the budget cycle was not according to the organization sufficient in order to do what was discussed with the community and to be clear the entire community is not wholeheartedly in support
7:07 pm
of having the services provided at that location. right now we're making -- as you know, historic investments in homelessness. i'm proud of the budget the board supported including $1 million to address homelessness over the next two years. those are significant resources for housing, shelter and homelessness prevention but with those resources also comes need for accountability. we have to deliver results and not living above our means and make sure when we propose a project it does what it says it's going to do and my staff wants to ensure every dollar has impact and many programs do. let me give you an example how we're impacting homeless youth. earlier this year we earn the lower pope k navigation start which at full capacity can serve up to 75 young homeless adults 18 to 24.
7:08 pm
the group is critical because getting them services eight youth age is critical to vening before it becomes a life long struggle and i support the mission of supporting people on the street while ensuring we're spending funding wisely. what that means is we need clear objectives with the money we spend and a realistic idea of how a new program will make a tangible difference. in this circumstance the money budget ford the pop-up drop-in center would cover only a quarter of what was needed to run the cost. the only applicant for the funds would only be able to cover the cost of a few staff members at this location. but none of the other services which doesn't seem like a particularly smart use of city resources. some may see a billion dollars as a reason to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. i see it as a call to double down on accountability to ensure
7:09 pm
we aren't funding programs that don't deliver and not spending more than what we commit to spending for a particular program. >> supervisor: thank you, madame mayor. supervisor peskin, you may ask a follow-up question related to the same topic. >> supervisor: thank you, president walton and thank you, madame mayor for what i think clarifying the claim on the sudden revefrs -- reversal to this project and regardless of the reasons for the sudden reversal on 730 stannion the matter remains under your control so i want to ask this do you control to open this site before the end of the calendar year? >> supervisor, as i said min comment the rich news were not sufficient to do so. the challenges around
7:10 pm
accountability are of deep concern to me and so i am only committed if your office would work with me to come solutions rather than dictate to us what we need to do. working together you know i represented this district and care about what happens in the community but be honest not everybody in the community supports this idea of what you are proposing and i don't think it's fair to imply that's the case and on top of that, accountability around programming of homeless youth in the haight is very much problematic. accountability around the services we're funding that aren't delivering the kinds of changes we would expect to see for the amount of money we've invested even already. >> supervisor: thank you, mayor breed. at thes time, mayor breed you may ask a question to supervisor
7:11 pm
preston or any other supervisor in attendance pertaining to the same topic but not necessarily related to the previous question. >> thank you, president walton. will pass on asking a question. >> supervisor: thank you, mayor breed. this concludes the district 5 topic of discussion. madame clerk do we have other questions submitted today? >> clerk: we do not. >> supervisor: thank you mayor for joining us today. this matter has been discussed and is now filed. madame clerk do you have more communications with us. >> clerk: the meeting is accessible remotely on sf gov tv channel 26 or viewing the live stream at sf gov and you
7:12 pm
can call in. throughout the meeting the telephone number is streaming on your screen, 1-415-655-0001 and when you hear the prompt enter the meeting i.d., 2497 088 9733 an press pound twice. you'll have joined the meeting as a listener and you'll hear the discussion but your line will be muted. once you're ready to get in the queue to provide public comment press star 3 and when it is your turn listen carefully for the prompt you have been unmute and begin speaking your comments. specific agenda content eligible for your comments. there's one 3:00 special order pertain to an appeal of determination from environmental review for the project at ventura avenue and we received a
7:13 pm
letter representing the appellants withdrawing their appeal. typically after public comment testimony the board will decide the matter. with respect to general public comment, item 23, there are four areas that you will be permitted to speak to. the approval of the minutes as presented for october 5, 2021, today's mayoral appearance, the latter section of the agenda which hosts items not heard in committee. these are items 24 through 25 and matters not on the agenda today but are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the supervisors. other content will have had the public comment requirement fulfilled. they'll receive correspondence
7:14 pm
by mail or by using the e-mail address. in partnership with the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs, we will have spanish interpretation provided to assist spanish speakers with their language needs beginning with the 3:00 p.m. special order and will have the interpreter introduce themselves and the service they're providing and if you're experiencing trouble connecting remotely we have a live person standing by to walk you through how to get on to the remote system if you call 415-554-5184. thank you. that concludes my communication. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk and please excuse my oversight and would you stand with me for the pledge of allegiance.
7:15 pm
pledge of allegiance i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. colleagues, a friendly reminder to mute your microphones when you are not speaking. madame clerk, the approval of meeting minutes. >> clerk: yes. on today's agenda we have the approval of the minutes for october 5. >> supervisor: i don't see anyone and i need an approval and second. seconded by supervisor
7:16 pm
mandelman. >> clerk: on the motion to approve the minutes supervisor haney. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen. aye. professor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. and supervisor chan. chan aye. there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: without objection the minutes will be approved as presented after public comment. let's go to our consent agenda items 2 and 3. >> clerk: they're on consent. the items are considered to be routine. if a member objects an item can be removed and considered separately.
7:17 pm
>> supervisor: thank you. can we please have the roll on items 2 and 3. >> clerk: supervisor haney. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen. aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye-supervisor chan. aye. >> supervisor: the ordinances are passed unanimously. madame clerk, please call the regular agenda unfinished business items 4 and 5.
7:18 pm
is and for item 5, against johnson & johnson for a range of $6 million to $11 million to be paid over nine year. >> supervisor: call the roll. on items 4 and 5. supervisor haney. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen.
7:19 pm
aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: without objection they pass unanimously. clerk, call new business item 6. grant - retroactive - blue shield of california foundation - leveraging collaboration to end domestic violence - amendment to the annual salary ordinance - fys 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 - $300,000] sponsors: mayor; ronen ordinance retroactively authorizing the department on the status of women to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $300,000 through the blue shield of california foundation, and amending ordinance no. 166-20 (annual salary ordinance file no. 200568 for fiscal years (fys) 2020-2021 and 2021-2022) to provide for the addition of one grant-funded class 1820 junior administrative analyst position (fte 1.0) for the period of april 1, 2021, through march 31, 2023.
7:20 pm
>> supervisor: thank you, please call roll. [roll call] . there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: without objection, this ordinance passes unanimously. call item 7. >> clerk: resolution retroactively approving amendment no. 1 to the agreement between healthright 360 and the department of public health (dph) for fiscal intermediary check-writing services, in an amount not to exceed $46,766,160; to extend the term by one year and eleven months, from july 31, 2021, for a total agreement term of january 1, 2021, through june 30, 2023; and to authorize dph to enter into amendments or modifications to the contract,
7:21 pm
as defined herein, that do not increase the obligations or liabilities to the city and are necessary to effectuate the purposes of the contract. >> supervisor: thank you. madame clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 7 supervisor haney. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: thank you. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call items 8 and 9 together. >> clerk: two resolutions that
7:22 pm
authorize the office of contract administration to enter into two separate contract modification. for item 8 the sixth contract to a contract between the city and msc industrial supply company to purchase for the purchase of industrial supplies for city departments, increasing the contract amount by $4,377,623 for a total contract amount not to exceed $14,277,623 and extending the term by one year and two months for a total term of may 1, 2017, through june 30, 2023. through item 9 is the fifth amendment through - buckles-smith electric co. - purchase of electrical supplies and fixtures - not to exceed $13,946,868] increasing the contract amount by $4,046,868 for a total not to exceed amount of $13,946,868 and extending the term by one year from june 30, 2022, for a total contract duration of six years of july 5, 2017, through june 30, 2023. >> supervisor: thank you. supervisor preston. >> supervisor: thank you.
7:23 pm
i have a couple questions about 8 and 9. these two items. not about what the substance of what the expenditure for but the contracting process and how and when these came to the board and a want to thank the budget and finance committee and bla for their work on these items. these are in an i could say category of contracts that raise concern for me right under the $10 million threshold and get approved before this latest round. i wanted to direct a question or two for clarification on the record to someone from office of contract administration through the president if someone is available. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor preston. we do have someone available. >> can you hear me?
7:24 pm
>> yes. >> i'm office director of office of contract administration. thank you for your question, supervisor. in general, historically the office of contract administration has entered into shorter term agreements for our contracts both for general services and for commodities. this is particularly i think prudent on the commodities side since the tend to fluctuate rapidly and assess whether to re-bid contract on an annual basis and start with three-year terms and modify annually and in addition annually we would allow price adjustments if we were intending to continue the contract. that is generally why we have not come to you before for the board because we do like to have shorter term agreements for these contracts to assess whether we might need to in fact
7:25 pm
revisit. again, that's why we're coming to you now as we're reaching the $10 million threshold. >> supervisor: thank you. supervisor, preston. >> supervisor: thank you. and thank you for the explanation and so i'm clear, it's the $10 million threshold here to bring this contract before the board is that irrelevant to your analysis of the amount or length of contract and then you just do what you're going to do regardless and then sometimes it falls under $10 million and if it falls above you come here or does it enter into your decisions around the amount or length of the contract you enter into? >> so generally as i said we have historically done three-year contract with one-er -- one-year option to extend and take into account what we expect for the initial
7:26 pm
term and usage might be and the initial contract might for the initial term and as we amend the contractor if we determine we want to extend the contract we would determine what additional contract may be needed and if it goes over the supervisor's approval threshold we'd come to you for approval and if it did not we would not come to you for approval. >> supervisor: okay. through the president, maybe it would help to be a little more specific. like the fourth amendment on the contractor the fifth amended it was to increase it from 9.5 to $9.9 million. that's a $400,000 increase and puts it right below the two thresholds required to come before the board crossing the $10 million threshold or an amendment of $500,000.
7:27 pm
i'm trying to understand if that $400,000 amendment to put the contract at $9.9 million is set at $9.9 million and a $400,000 increase so it does not have to come before the board or is coincidental and not related to the analysis of that amendment? >> that's a good question. in some instances we amend a contracts very quickly and may not in fact have time to come before the board and so sometimes there's small increments of modifications and we want to [indiscernible] and these two are heavily used contracts. and because it's not oca essentially issuing purchase orders we have to track these and the usage can change pretty
7:28 pm
rapidly and so again sometimes we do have to enter into modifications that may -- that keep us under the threshold to ensure there's enough contract in the short term for the city departments to use. and in that instance for that modification we indicated for $400,000 we were working to get tote board of supervisors and we're coming to you but we did need to do that interim modification. >> thank you. and just backing up in the life and it's the same on item 9. this is why the two struck me, they both not only came in at $9.9 million but they also both had amendments at $400,000. everything i'm asking about item 8 is the same on item 9 i won't bother going through it. i want to back up to the beginning of them. at the time of the contract,
7:29 pm
originally, my understanding is that you were looking at a six-year window. i would like to ask if at the time of the original contract even though the initial request was for approval of $4 million did you anticipate that over the life of the contract the expenditures of the city would exceed $10 million? >> we generally -- it's sometimes pretty hard to estimate how much usage a contract is going to get because it's generally several departments and we're generally estimating based on prior usage on the prior contract and based on conversations with the department so we think we'll heavily use the contract what we think the usage may be for the initial term of the contract. i would guess i was not here
7:30 pm
originally when the contracts were entered into and not sure what analysis was initially conducted. i'm assuming the $4 million amount was set for the initial term of the contract based on some assessment of what the department leasing would be. >> supervisor: and anticipated at that time there would be additional amendments and that the full amount would exceed $10 million? >> there was probably expectation the full amount would exceed $10 million, yes, but we're estimating contract amount for the initial term because the departmental usage can fluctuate widely over the years for us historically it hadn't seemed prudent to estimate particularly if we were
7:31 pm
interested in resubmitting before the threshold. >> supervisor: thank you, i will be supporting this today and don't see concern in the merits of this contract but i do just want to remind not only office of contract administration but all departments that the charter requirement to bring a contract with expenditures over $10 million before the board has a word i feel is often being ignored if not written out of the charter, requires contracts requiring quote anticipated expenditures of $10 million. so at the time of contracting, if a department knows they're going to be exceeding $10 million in the life of this
7:32 pm
contract, i believe they should be bringing those items before the board and i find it troubling that these not only aren't coming at the outset but also even the amendments are clearly being structured to sit right under the $10 million threshold for as long as possible and not trigger review. i'm troubled by that history. i wanted to emphasize that provision of the charter i think is key it's the anticipated expenditures relevant at the time of contracting. thank you, mr. president. madame clerk, on items 8 and 9. >> clerk: [roll call] .
7:33 pm
there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: thank you and without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously. [gavel] . madame clerk let's go to our 2:30 p.m. recognition of acommendations. >> clerk: the special order 2:30 p.m. is for the meritorious city to the city and county of san francisco. >> supervisor: thank you, so much, madame clerk. we have supervisors mandelman and supervisor ronen presenting and we are going in order starting with supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor:
7:34 pm
>> thank you, i want to ask them to come up and supervisor safai has it right. i want to thank particularly natalie g. and the clerk's office to have the city employees in the chamber with us. so i'm offering commendations for our san francisco police department captains, nicole jones and rachel moran of mission for now for a day or two. over the past year, i've had the great privilege of working closely with these captains as they split much of district 8 between their two stations. they have been true and excellent partners in addressing the public safety concerns of the folks i represent and my only beef with them is that they
7:35 pm
are leaving so soon, which is not okay but congratulations. a little bit about each of them. captain nicole jones joined the san francisco police department in 2007. during her career, she's worked as an officer at tenderloin and ingleside and worked in special victims and internal affairs unit and as a lieutenant she served an administrative roles at the chief's office and the staff services divisions, staffing and deployment unit and for the last year we have been so fortunate to have captain jones as the captain of the station. she is focussed on problem solving an creatively engaging with the community. one recent example of creative community engagement dressing up as a zombie and walking a donkey
7:36 pm
which the kids loved. >> ademocrat. >> thank you, supervisor, peskin. she has also has a game against kick ball at national night out the police department notes the team won. i will say, captain jones takes national night out very seriously and wanted to make certain i made sure to tell all the other captains that inbleside was the best. she's dedicated her time to partnership and collaboration and is epersonally db eternally grateful for the community support and i have been grateful for yours. captain moran is a 25-year veteran of the san francisco police department and the first woman to head up the mission district police station. captain moran -- yep.
7:37 pm
she was an officer before being transferred as a lieutenant and was at the reform initiative based on the department of justice reform recommendations and led development on bias to continues to improve the way the department police the city and her dedication is well documented and this was something new about her i didn't know, expanded on her family's work serving our community as firefighters. a firefighter family. captain moran spent most her time outside the station meeting with residents and merchants and doing on the ground police work. early on after she had started as captain at mission station i ran into officers on the sidewalk and i asked what they thought of the new captain and they were impressed she was out
7:38 pm
there doing the work. i thought that was very cool and thought it was cool they recognized that. so both of these women have been promoted to the rank of commander and on behalf of the residents and merchants of the castro and glen mark and diamond heights and college hill, i want to extend to them bitter sweet but heartfelt congratulations. we'll miss them both. i hope you're able to remain engaged with district 8 and my office in your new positions. i know that others here have had the opportunity to work with these two great captains and so i imagine -- they're already in the queue. i'll let other folks speak. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor mandelman. bury call on my colleagues i want to say how excited i'm to
7:39 pm
see two women here at your ranks and i share supervisor's beef in terms of how fast you're moving on but i look forward to continuing to work with both of you and thank you for your commitment and all your work with our police department. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor: thank you, president walton and captains. i'm sorry i can't be there with you today. i'm recovering from a cold and don't want to put you in harm's way. thank you for everything you've done for the mission and vernal heights. you'll be missed. i don't understand why the chief moves captains around so much other than he puts the best of the best at our captain posts and then continues to promote
7:40 pm
you through the rank and i guess it makes sense but it means we miss you very much when you move on and a want to acknowledge and thank captain jones for the above and beyond extraordinary work that she did in a very complicated and long lasting situation in vernal heights she knows about. you showed care, attention to detail and respect for everyone in the neighborhood that i think is rare. it's so commendable and something to be emulated throughout the department. we will miss you very much and congratulations. thank you for everything. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor melgar. >> supervisor: thank you, president walton. in congratulations, captain jones and captain moran. and thank you deputy lazar for
7:41 pm
being here. at my direct experience is with captain jones. i'm very proud to have worked with you at the ingleside station and a well deserved promotion though like supervisor mandelman i'm sad you're leaving us. and your voice and critical work has been such a great asset to have you to communicate with and think things through with and strategize with and you have been an asset for our office but also for the community and you're vision and approach is greatly appreciated. you are such an example of the kind of leadership we need in this field and i'm excited that
7:42 pm
you are getting the promotion and sad to be losing you but i know that you will do great things in this new role and i appreciate you and especially what you have done for the youth and families in our district. it's really important to have such a great impact and congratulations to you and congratulations, captain moran as well though we didn't get to work together but we will now in your new role. thank you so much. >> supervisor: thank you. supervisor safai. >> thank you, president walton. i want to echo comments from my colleagues. i too did not have the opportunity to work with you, captain moran, but congratulations on your well deserved appointment. everyone i have spoken to in the department has nothing but high esteem for you and the work have you done. congratulations on that.
7:43 pm
i appreciate your style and your mannerisms and sorry, i have to claim what i have to claim, supervisor melgar. def we were just at the groundbreaking today nor upper yard affordable housing and prior that was our city's first safe parking and you staffed that primarily. you had your entire team focussed working with the individuals on site and with the on site 24 hour security providers and because of that success and because of the work you did, we've been able to take that model city wide and i know
7:44 pm
supervisor walton is leading the effort in his community out of candle stick point and we have talked and had multiple conversations about the tremendous work all the different agencies did particularly the work you did on behalf of the ingleside station. thank you for the tremendous effort and work and coordination and congratulate you on your much deserved advancement. >> supervisor: thank you. now for the women of the hour, captain jones and captain moran. but deputy chief lazar, did you want to say anything before we hear from our two honorees? >> yes, thank you, president walton and supervisors for your support for these two great captains. worked closely with the captains and when you get great ones you're sad to lose them but i know you're always willing to lose them whether you lose them to promotions.
7:45 pm
our department is much better today because of their work and because of their effort and what they're about to do in the organization in terms of their promotion. captain moran, as we've all heard is the first female to lead mission staying and will be the commander of the golden gate division and will supervisor the captains of ingleside and bay view and many of you who work with those will still have captain moran and captain jones will be training and hiring and recruitment and retention and will get to do great things in that bureau. thank you for recognizing the great captains today. [applause] >> supervisor: now let's hear from our honorees. >> this was very unexpected so thank you supervisor mandelman. i think i've only been in this room once or twice and it's very
7:46 pm
impressive. what i've learned as a captain how important it is to work with other city agencies and the board of supervisors and we don't always agree but we're always looking for the best of city so we appreciate you and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> thank you. >> i wanted to thank you for the honor and we have five of the 11 supervisors in ingleside. it's incredibly supportive the police department and that's a credit to you. so thank you for that and thank you for the collaboration and this is not good-bye. it's see you later so thank you so much. >> there's problem a few of us
7:47 pm
that would like to be in the picture so i don't know if you want to do it in the well.
7:48 pm
>> congratulations again from captain jones and captain moran. now we'll hear from supervisor ronen. >> thank you, so much, president walton. colleagues, just a few weeks ago i had the honor to be invited to participate in the one-year anniversary of the founding of the american indian cultural district. this was one of the most moving educational and grounding events i've had the opportunity to participate in as a supervisor. i also want to recognize this wonderful event would not have been possible without the many years of work done by the american indian cultural center
7:49 pm
to support and uplift indigenous members of our community. there are many many incredible leaders in the american indian community. but from day one, i have had the absolute pleasure of working with two of those leaders. april mcgill and sharia sosa and in honor of american indian cultural month or native american month we'll have a vote on the resolution today, i wanted to take a moment to just highlight and honor these two leaders who have contributed so much to our city. i'm just going to say a little bit about them and give them a chance to speak. april mcgill is the executive director of the american indian cultural district big over 20 years of work in the american
7:50 pm
indian community. april works daily to bring attention to the high level of health disparities american indians in california face by sharing her knowledge of historical trauma and a major focus of her activism has been to prevent american indians from being in visible and fight for resources in health care, housing and education. she is currently working to help fund and build a new physical location for the american indian cultural center which we very much hope will be in the center of the american indian cultural district. stay tuned. april is also a california indian and member of round valley from alexander valley tribes.
7:51 pm
sharia sosa is co-founder of the american indian cultural district and ambassador for resource distribution to american indian communities increasing native visibility and political representation and protecting and preserving tribal cultural resources in the san francisco bay area. she partnered with the association to help lead efforts for the variation projects and is a member and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for educating me so much on the history both past, plenty and future of your beautiful and incredible community and for all the work that you do day in, and day out. congratulations.
7:52 pm
>> supervisor: thank you, supervisor ronen. i know both honorees are here and congratulations to both honorees and i want to thank the american indian cultural center for making sure we prioritize this community and thank you for your work and congratulations again. i believe we have sharia up first. >> thank you, supervisor ronen. i know i've been here almost three years and originally started with the american indian cultural center and was able to meet you there. i know it was no easy feat to work with us in the middle of a pandemic when the city was falling a part in order to get the cultural district recognized. there was hard work by yourselves and your staff and a big push. i know since we've worked
7:53 pm
together and have helped and you've seen support and we had over six or more almost half the board of supervisors attend and the mayor and director and a want to say thank you and it didn't happen alone or start with me and it's been an ongoing movement in san francisco and if wasn't such a rich history involved it wouldn't be possible. the culture doesn't come from the cultural center it came from a long history of an entire area not just the cultural center but indian ed and the indian trading post and an area within san francisco and to be honest we're all over the city which is why we're out of fort mason. a special thanks to debbie santiago helping write legislation and for the hard
7:54 pm
work guiding me through the process for my sister for introducing me to the process and the advisory board and it takes the community. thank you, supervisor ronen and to all the other supervisors that came to our event and the human rights commission and mayor and we're excited to keep doing it and growing and continuing the partnership. thank you for the opportunity. >> april. good afternoon, everybody. thank you supervisor ronen an you're your staff and mayor london breed and everyone on the board of supervisors for
7:55 pm
supporting and recognizing this as american heritage month. i access this in honor of the native community who are laid the foundation for me to represent the american community in san francisco and a want to thank my ancestors who survived the historical trauma in california and make sure i could be here to carry the spirit of strength for my people and community. and a want to say everything that sharia has said is so true and important for us to know that history to know that this cultural center virtual center is not the first we've had
7:56 pm
[technical difficulties] and we have continued to fight for justice for american indian people on a national and international level. it's important to recognize that. and most importantly i want to recognize our youth because our youth are the future and if it wasn't for our youth who continue to support our programs who continue to be the new leaders to come in and take the positions such as my position or sharia's position, that's what it's about. we do this work for them for the community and for the youth. i want to say, please remember
7:57 pm
to always keep our youth when you're thinking about the future of the american indian community they are our future. i want to say thank you again, supervisor ronen for your being an ally and seeing the dreams come true with us as well. thank you very much. >> supervisor: thank you for the great work and for acknowledging the work. madame clerk this concludes the 2:30 p.m. special order. let's go to the 3:00 p.m. special order items 17 through 20.
7:58 pm
>> clerk: for the project at 35 ventura avenue items 18 through 20 are related to the appeal. item 18 affirm the department's decision and item 19 conditionally reverses the determination and item 20 is the findings. we're in receipt of a letter dated november 4, 2021 representing the appellants withdrawing the appeal. >> supervisor: thank you so much and colleagues, we have before us a hearing on the appeal of a conditional use authorization for the project at 35 ventura street. i believe the appellants and the project sponsor are reached an and the appellants have withdrawn their appeal since the matter is before us we still
7:59 pm
have to act on the motions. i know we want it hear from supervisor melgar. >> thank you so much, president walton and colleagues. as president walton stated, the two parties were able to come to a settlement agreement last week and i'm so grateful. they communicated the withdrawal request as stated november 4. i want to express my gratitude to both parties for their willingness to engage in the dialogue with support from my office and ultimately resolve the issues. so i would like to make a motion to approve item 18 and table items 19 and 20. thank you. >> supervisor: seconded by supervisor safai and of course before we take the vote we must
8:00 pm
still take public comment. madame clerk. >> clerk: the board will hear public comment specific to the repeal for the proposed project at 35 ventura avenue. the telephone number has been streaming on the screen, it's 1-415-655-0001 and when you hear the prompt enter the meeting i.d. 2497 088 9733 press pound twice. you'll have joined the meeting and be in the listening queue. to be added to the speakers queue press star 3 when it's your turn. the system will send you a prompt you have been unmute and before speaking we have an interpreter who is from the office of civic engagement and affairs. can you please introduce yourself and the service you are
8:01 pm
here to provide. [speaking spanish] >> clerk: operations, before we hear from the first caller, i'll say this say testimony pursuant to the withdrawal of item 17 through 20. general public comment will occur later in this meeting. we do have 17 listeners and two callers in the queue ready to talk about the 35 ventura avenue
8:02 pm
project. let's hear from the first caller, please and setting the timer two minutes. welcome, caller. >> clerk: all right. next caller. welcome, caller. >> hi, my name is jeanne walsh and i'm the archivist for the 80-year-old improvement club of st. mary's park. you may have seen our neighborhood on a map on the southwest corner of vergeal heights. our little neighborhood is in the shape of a bell. that bell shape was -- hello? >> clerk: we're here. >> that bell shape was designed by the most notable landscape architect of his time mark daniels. he designed forest hill and made
8:03 pm
the master plan for the monterey peninsula and pebble beach. i can go on a long time. he was appointed landscape engineer of all national parks and famous or researching the history of the site and taking and he chose to pay homage to st. mary's college by designing our neighborhood in the shape of the bell that was in the tower. for the best site on the property he chose the zigzag path down to the top of the bell creating a -- >> i'm pausing your time. this particular public comment period is not general. this is about 35 ventura avenue and it appears as though you're speaking about the gentleman who designed st. mary's park there. i don't think it's related to this unless you believe
8:04 pm
differently? >> then you ask me. >> clerk: all right. we're taking testimony pursuant to the 35 ventura avenue project and the withdrawal of the peel of determination of exemption from environmental review. if you don't mind press star 3 and put you back in the queue and wait for general public comment for the remained ir -- remainder of your remark. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? please proceed. >> thank you. there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. mr. president. >> supervisor: seeing no speakers, public comment is now closed. [gavel] . if there are no further discussion, this hearing has
8:05 pm
been held and is now filed. [gavel] supervisor melgar has made a motion to approve item 18 and table items 19 and 20. and i believe it was seconded by supervisor safai. madame clerk on the motion. >> clerk: to approve item 18 and table 19 and 20. supervisor haney. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. >> supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston. aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. there are 11 ayes.
8:06 pm
>> supervisor: thank you, without objection item 18 is approved and items 19 and 20 are tabled. [gavel] this does conclude our 3:00 p.m. special order. madame clerk let's go back to item 10. >> clerk: it's to development - continuum of care program - not to exceed $59,300,000] sponsor: mayor resolution approving the 2021 >> supervisor: thank you. please call the roll. >> clerk: supervisor haney. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor melgar.
8:07 pm
aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen. aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: thank you. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] madame clerk call item 11. >> clerk: a resolution to add the commemorative street name polytechnic way in recognition of san francisco's first public high school and it's contribution to the education of thousands of san francisfrancis. >> supervisor: thank you. call roll. >> clerk: supervisor haney. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar.
8:08 pm
aye. supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen. aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: thank you and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] madame clerk call item 12. an ordinance ordinance amending the administrative code to require the police department and the district attorney to submit quarterly reports to the board of supervisors, the mayor, and various city departments regarding the number of cases of domestic violence. 1234r50 >> thank you, supervisor stefani. >> first i want to thank by
8:09 pm
thanking my co-sponsors and thank my colleagues in the neighborhood services committee for co-sponsoring after the hearing october 28. chair mar and supervisor haney and thank you supervisor mandelman for sponsoring this important piece of legislation. as i explained october 28 at the hearing and let me be clear this legislation was introduced in may of this year and continued to july because of the crowded calendar and the public safety committee and fittingly was heard in public safety in october which is domestic violence awareness month. i explained then this legislation was born out of concerns after i was hearing from domestic violence providers from former and current a.d.a.s and investigators that domestic violence had cases not being filed and decided in a way that protects victims of domestic
8:10 pm
violence. to understand what that universe really looked like, i asked the san francisco police department for actual numbers and data around domestic data. we specifically focussed on felony domestic violence at that time and what i learned was in quarter four in 2020 out of 131 felony domestic violence cases 113 were dismissed from the d.a.s office and 13 of 19 involving children were dismissed. shortly thereafter i received a text of northern station in my district to inform me a baby boy had tragically been brought to the hospital with blunt force trauma to the head and had perished and learn the suspect involved was arrested by the
8:11 pm
police and brought up on felony domestic violence charges and nothing was done. what concerned me then was what we heard back from the d.a.s office the victim was not cooperative and as a former prosecutor that was concerning to me because it's rare the victims are cooperative and there's many different ways to prove a case with an uncooperative victim. so shortly thereafter i heard of another case a felony domestic violence case that involved a gun and you all know how i feel about guns. this was a case where someone held a gun to his partner's head in front of their 2-year-old child and held a knife to her, pushed her to the ground, damage her bones as she was trying to call 9-1-1 and that was pled out
8:12 pm
for a misdemeanor charge for damage to the phone and with that vandalism charge the personal own resourcd misdemeanor probation and i later learn the d.a.s office said that decision was made out of the victim's wishes. the victim wanted that case to settle for a misdemeanor and the individual with 30 incident of prior abuse could come home and provide for the family. that is shocking. victims trapped in the cycle of violence should not bear the weight of sentencing decisions. that does not protect victims of domestic violence. it's why we need good advocates outside to make them see and help them through the domestic violence cycle and to get out and take accountability for those who continue to abuse.
8:13 pm
i just want to touch on something here because i mentioned guns. fact this case involved a gun pointed to this woman's head and he had 30 prior incidents, we know every month 57 women in the united states are shot and killed by an intimate partner and know when a gun is present, the individual usually a woman, is 500 times more likely to die in that case at the hands of a domestic abuser. these are serious cases. now that i have this information from the police department i wanted to find out what the district attorney had to say. unfortunately, i did not get that information and therefore we're here today and i've had to legislate for it, which i should not have to do. i know the information is available. there are various ways to get it. i get it from the police department. there's a daily e-mail going back and forth between the
8:14 pm
d.a.'s department and there's ways to get the information. the legislation is simple and effective in providing transparency reason felony and misdemeanor cases and requires reports and whether the calls involve a child or whether or not a firearm is present because what i'm hearing and we all know with the amount of guns that have been purchased in 2020, the incidents involving guns are skyrocketing putting many people in danger. it also required the number of misdemeanor feony cases presented. the d.a.s office would then include in that quarterly reporting what it dismisses, what it charges and the final outcomes of those cases. we know that the charging information whether or not a
8:15 pm
felly -- felony is charged you have to know how it played out, is the victim protected, is the defend getting the help they need don't re-offend and that is information we need. as someone who's been a prosecutor and like said before prosecuted domestic violence cases and been an advocate for domestic violence victims and worked with domestic violence providers for years now, you're all familiar with that. i'm confident in the framework of domestic violence and the reporting and it's in supervisor mar's legislation from march of 2020 when we passed the crime victim data reporting. same definition in that legislation that is in my
8:16 pm
legislation. i just want to be clear about this this legislation means so much to me around make sure we are protecting the most vulnerable. those trapped in the cycle of abuse and violence and can't get out. it it is so hard for victims to get out of domestic violence situations. and we have a responsibility to make sure that we help them and when we return the abuser to the situation that hasn't been handle correctly we are placing them in harm's way. i also want to note, because things have been said the morning of the hearing i received a letter from the d.a. that i couldn't get the information then i wasn't asking for the right information. it's not a ceiling. it does not prevent the d.a. from releasing any other information he'd like to around domestic violence. this is reporting clearly within
8:17 pm
a framework that already exists 273.5 and 243e1. in your legislation, supervisor mar and what the police department works with now. i want to be very clear about that. i know exactly what i'm looking for and what i'm doing though some others suggest other wise. i want to thank my co-sponsors again and i want to urge your support. thank you. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor: thank you. first i want to very much thank supervisor stefani for the ordinance and would like to be added as a co-sponsor. it's an incredibly important piece of legislation and one
8:18 pm
that's long overdue. and as someone who has also worked for many many years pretty much my whole adult life. i want to offer amendments that i think strengthen it and don't think it under line the legislation. as a matter of fact it think it provides additional data to the board of supervisors and advocates and to the public about what is happening around domestic violence and how are the police and d.a. charging the
8:19 pm
crime and what are the dispositions in the cases and how are victims or survivors being assisted and treated. there are three amendments that i would like to add to this ordinance. the first as currently written, the data reporting requirements that is required of the police department and district attorney is when there's a physical touching that has occurred. penal code section 237.5 involves corporal harm and another section refers to domestic battery cases. as we all know, domestic violence and the cycle can take many forms. some of which do not involve
8:20 pm
touching. for example, perpetrators often threaten victims of domestic violence. they violate domestic violence restraining orders. there's stalking. there's physical assaults that don't involve battery and many more, slashing tires, stealing phones so victims are isolated and cannot talk or call the police or call family and friends. i believe we need reporting on all the penal code sections not just 237.5 and 243 southbound section e and 1. in fact, penal code section 273.5 is a charge that will lead to the commencement of immediate deportation proceedings against an individual who is charged and convicted of that crime even if
8:21 pm
that person has lawful immigration status. that means no public defender will ever recommend that an immigrant client ever plead guilty to 273.5 charge and under penal code public defenders and districts are required to consider immigration status when considering crimes and often negotiate plea agreements that hold an individual responsible for domestic violence but won't lead to immediate deportation and banishment from family and community. all i want to do in amending this ordinance is that'd additional penal code sections used every day to charge domestic violence cases. again, just a couple examples of what these are, penal code
8:22 pm
section 273.6 violence of a protective court order and conditional threat and stalking and penal code section 591 damaging a phone line. penal code section 245 assault, penal code section 594 vandalism. penal code 236 false imprisonment, etcetera. i spoke to several advocates in the domestic violence community. [please stand by] . .
8:23 pm
>> supervisor ronen: this additional data will be instructive to us and the community. finally, i would propose adding a section -- it's not adding a section, just making clear that the district attorney should have the opportunity to provide
8:24 pm
additional information if he or she so chooses around disposition where the raw data might not provide adequate information to understand critical policy decisions. unfortunately, the city attorney wasn't able to prepare these amendments for introduction today. due to personal family issues and delays that are happening across the city attorney's office is currently dealing with an understaffing issue. what i would do, i would ask to split the file. i don't want to delay this important legislation. i would suggest that we vote on the legislation today and then send the duplicated file back to committee so that i can make
8:25 pm
these amendments and we can make this legislation even stronger going in our in the next few weeks. with that, again, supervisor stefani for this legislation. it's a legislation that i support. i supported so much that i want even additional more data so that we can be doing our jobs deciding policy and funding to adjust this critically important issue in our community. thank you. >> president walton: thank you so much supervisor ronen. we do need a second on the duplication. >> clerk: mr. president, i do apologize, no second on duplication of the file. single privilege to duplicate. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor ronen, will be duplicating the file. supervisor stefani?
8:26 pm
>> supervisor stefani: thank you. i want to thank supervisor ronen for her support with the legislation and also for all her great work she's done over the years. i am fine with duplicating the file. any member can do that. i believe there's a motion to send it back to committee. i believe there was not a motion. is that the motion supervisor ronen, i would move for it to be back to the committee. i want to be clear, the definitions utilized in my legislation are not definitions that i created. i'm hoping it will go back to committee. we don't delay my legislation for one more second. it does not need to be delayed. it's ready to go as is. these definitions were established in the supervisor mar legislation under basis
8:27 pm
which the s.f. police department filing. changing the definition makes it difficult top apples to apples comparison from quarter to quarter and year-to-year. there's happy to have the file duplicated and go back to committee and discuss this more with supervisor ronen. she admitted that the amendments are not yet ready. i would urge that we move my legislation forward and then the other to go back to committee. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you president walton. i will be supporting moving this piece of legislation forward as well as looking forward to seeing a duplicated file to be heard at the committee. however, i want to say, given someone not an attorney, never
8:28 pm
prosecuted a case, spent some time pretending to be one at the d.a.'s office under the kamala harris administration. i have functioned as an interpreter for domestic violence victims, assist them through some of the cases. i gained my perspective from that point of view. i have worked with youth on juvenile probation who have experienced domestic violence at home. majority of them was monolingual speaking youth. with that, i want to say that while it is great to have that gathering. it is great to know more and better about how our law enforcement agencies function. there are going to be limitations to what we can do as a legislative branch and city council, that's who we are. understanding that majority of
8:29 pm
these crime cases really are determined by california penal code. if we were to make changes, fundamental changes, ultimately is to really work with our law enforcement agencies that is our elected district attorney, our elected public defender and looking to our adult probation, juvenile probation, sheriff's department and police department. to understand that it is ecosystem that actually that have been broken for quite some time. it is not just under this one district attorney that is recently reelected. in san francisco has elected some of the most progressive district attorney's in the nation. in my definition kamala harris in that category as well. i am in support of the data. i want to say, data gathering is
8:30 pm
good. it will be mindful that there's limitation to data gathering. thank you. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you so much president walton. i want to say thank you to all of you for engaging in this conversation and considering this legislation. thank you supervisor stefani for your steadfast support of victims and advocates and making sure that we get what we need. thank you supervisor ronen for your thoughtfulness and engagement in this issue. colleagues, i am a survivor of domestic violence and childhood. some of my earliest memories seeing my mother covered in bruises. as i grew up in the trauma of immigration and the economic and
8:31 pm
legal situation, my family was when we fled to this country from el salvador really exacerbated the domestic violence in my home. we were able to get help. we were in many way, lucky that my father wasn't deported that we were kept whole as a family and that we were able to get the services that we needed to serve the live -- hive. this is an issue that i feel very deeply and care about. i think that data is the bear minimum. the feeling is really just solving the issue but the data where we are, the baseline is just the bear minimum.
8:32 pm
i welcome conversation that is ongoing so we can make improvements to our system and more than anything, i want to make sure this works for the advocate. for the people who are in and out everyday, in and out of court and supporting families struggling with this issue. i want to make sure that it works for them. i no that supervisor stefani has been involved in the family violence council for many years. i have been speaking to the advocates as well. i look forward to the continuing situation. i thank you all for the support of this legislation and look forward to any progress that we make further, thank you. >> president walton: just couple of points of clarity, supervisor ronen, are you making a motion to duplicate the file and send
8:33 pm
back to committee? >> supervisor ronen: yes. i make a motion to duplicate the file and send the duplicated file back to committee. >> president walton: that is seconded by supervisor chan. >> clerk: mr. president, back to public safety? >> president walton: yes. >> clerk: on the motion to send duplicated item 12 to public safety. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes.
8:34 pm
>> president walton: motion to send duplicated file back to committee passes unanimously. madam clerk, i want to make a quick statement because unfortunately, for too many of us, we've had to witness domestic violence firsthand. if you are someone who has ever had to live in a home or be in an environment where domestic violence has taken place, it does have long-term effects on you and the community that you are part of. this legislation is spot on. i want to thank supervisor stefani and appreciate supervisor ronen for focusing on including more data and information as we move forward. i would love to be added as a cosponsor. thank you so much. on item number 12, roll call please. >> clerk: item 12. [roll call vote]
8:35 pm
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. please call item 13 and 14 together. >> clerk: comprise the two type 21 liquor license transfers. item 13 evergreen market located 2539 mission street and request california department of alcohol beverage control to issue this license. for item 14 to the olympic club located at 524 post street. to determine that both licenses will serve the public
8:36 pm
convenience in necessity of the city. >> president walton: thank you so much. please call the roll on items 14 and 15. -- sorry, 13 and 14. >> clerk: on items 13 and 14. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: these resolutions are adopted unanimously. pleases call roll on item 15.
8:37 pm
>> clerk: item 15 is an ordinance to amend the alternative code to name the city hall press troop in memory of the legendary reporter barbara ann taylor. wahl thank you. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: president walton i like to be added as a cosponsor. thank you. >> president walton: thank you. seeing no one else on the roster. roll call for item 15 please. >> clerk: item 15. [roll call vote]
8:38 pm
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. please call item number 16. >> clerk: a motion to appoint zay david latt, mario paz, celine kennelly, nimarahimi to the immigrations right commission. >> supervisor peskin: sarah souza has been recommended by the rules committee. i recuse myself from the rules committee vote and hereby request to be recused from this vote. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor peskin. can we have a motion to excuse
8:39 pm
supervisor peskin. on the motion to excuse. >> clerk: motion to excuse supervisor peskin from item 16. [roll call vote] there are 10 ayes. >> president walton: supervisor peskin is excused from item 16. please call the roll on item 16. >> clerk: on item 16. [roll call vote]
8:40 pm
there are 10 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. by vote of 10-0 this motion is approved unanimously with supervisor peskin excused. supervisor peskin, you may return. let's go to item number 21. >> clerk: it was considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting monday november 8, 2021 and recommended as amended. item 21 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to authorize the sheriff to contract with private individuals and private entities to provide supplemental law
8:41 pm
enforcement services. >> supervisor safai: as of late last yesterday, formal request came in from one of the interested parties. i'm making this motion to continue this item for one week. >> president walton: thank you. do we have a second? seconded by supervise peskin. >> clerk: on the motion to continue item 21 to the meeting of november 16th. [roll call vote]
8:42 pm
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. the motion to continue item 21 to november 16th meeting is approved unanimously. we are now at roll call for introductions. >> clerk: first up to introduce new business is supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: thank you. i have a few resolutions. first i'm introducing a resolution urging the u.s. department of veteran affairs and the fort miley department o veteran affairs to acknowledges service disparities for transgender and bills that addresses these disparities. despite that they have have been
8:43 pm
acknowledged about the u.s. military and department of of veteran affairs and congress, non-cisgender veterans continue to face discrimination and accessing proper healthcare and benefits. black transgender veterans experience higher rates of discrimination, unmet healthcare needs, lack of access to v.a. compensation and housing insecurity. while the veterans health administration aims to address issues of inequality for transgender veterans, there's still some concerns with cared administration, adequate staff and position training and provision of holistic services for transgender veterans specific healthcare needs. immigrant veterans subject to deportation also face barriers to accessing healthcare benefits. today around 530,000 veterans were born outside of the united states. of july 2021 the biden
8:44 pm
administration announced that will formalize a new procedure that allows immigrant who serve in the military and later deported and allow to return to the united states. many of them lacked essential support structures, such as medical care, housing, other resources that they need to succeed in society. a consequence of intersection of serving the military and experiencing discrimination and returning home has increased psychological suffering which leads to increase risk of suicide among veterans experiencing discrimination. the fort miley department of veteran affairs set out to provide services for veterans in san francisco, many of which that belong to these vulnerable veteran population. this resolution i hope on this veteran affairs week, we can urge the u.s. department of veteran affairs and the san francisco fort miley department
8:45 pm
of of veteran affairs to acknowledge the disparities of mental health and veterans and to develop strategies for increasing access to necessary v.a. benefits. secondly, i'm introducing a resolution that relates to factory farms. we know here as a city we have a strong commitment to reducing emissions both in our city and there's an urgent crises in existential threat of climate change. it's projected that the global agricultural sector would nearly double in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. animal agriculture is a major contributor to wild fair and
8:46 pm
droughts in california. across california, millions of animals are abused and killed in agricultural facilities violating california animal cruelty laws. slaughter houses have been some of the largest covid-19 outbreaks in the united states. nearly 30% slaughter house workers have contracted covid-19. the state continues to allow not only operation but the uninhibited growth of animal feeding operations or a.f.o.s which is slaughter houses in california. including with millions of dollars in government funding and tax credits every year.
8:47 pm
with this resolution, because of the risk of environmental destruction, because of the level of emission, the great risk to public health and the dangerous and exploited conditions for workers, i hope we can join what has become a national movement including legislation authored by senator cory booker and others we do the same as a national level to put a moratorium on the construction and expansion of animal feeding operations in california. lastly, i want to take a brief opportunity to speak on a resolution that i will be introducing next week to formally apologize to chinese immigrants and their descendents. this was a resolution that was drafted by three incredible
8:48 pm
former and current sfusd students. i want to acknowledge them and thank them for their commitment and helping us take the step to tell the truth. i want to acknowledge efforts taken by this board in the past and leadership of former president norman yee. this apology is long overdue. the resolution calls out atrocious policies on san
8:49 pm
francisco chinese can community that came from this very body. policies that denied access to education, housing employment and levers of power accompanied by physical violence against chinese residents. the discriminatory policy that the san francisco board of directors has passed was overturned by state and federal court, continue to have impacts on our chinese residents. this resolution acknowledges the leadership of the chinese community in resisting these racist policies, legal, political and policy victories that have advanced civil rights for all people. as part of this resolution and apology, the community has asked for a commitment to take corrective action and we must make good on those words.
8:50 pm
inhope we can bring it back and go through a pross that we can all support and get behind and commit not only to an apology but to collective healing and action that we need. the rest i submit. >> clerk: supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you. i want to appropriate $12 million to support two additional elections in the current fiscal year in our current approved budget. the first is february 15th special election that will include possible recall three members of the san francisco unified district board of
8:51 pm
education. sources of fund is 6-point fine million dollars from the general fund reserve. these funds will be used for all costs administering the elections including prints and mailing the ballot. the supplemental appropriation will cover the cost of san francisco unified school district. which is estimated to be $3.2 million. as you my recall, i announced a drafting consider if a appropriation addressing the school board recall. i noted at the time san francisco unified school district was facing severe
8:52 pm
budget shortfalls. those woes only worsened and last week, we learned san francisco unified school district is facing a $125 million deficit this coming school year with talk of a potential state takeover. by picking up election related costs, we can ensure that at least 3-point you -- $3.2 million will stay in the classrooms where it belongs. reasonable people can disagree with the merits, we can agree that public school children shouldn't bear the cost. i want to thank the budget director, controller and department of of elections director and my office for their work on their supplemental. >> clerk: thank you.
8:53 pm
supervisor mar? mar submit, thank you. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: i submit as well. >> clerk: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: for the past month, my office has received a flurry of panic calls and e-mails from any number of small businesses who are rightfully stressing out and confused and freaked out by notices of violation for engaging being out of compliance. you may have seen an article in the chronicle that pretty much sums it up. may be only scratches the surface of what we've been hearing. notices of violation that are wildly inconsistent with each other, inconsistent with the letter of the law, passed by
8:54 pm
this board and not reflective of interdepartmental coordination that the legislation allegedly called for and that my office in particular advocated for when we had that little thing about planning and public works. not to mention the compliances issues that are mostly for regulations crafted by the departments who apparently aren't speaking to each other. in some instances, minor violations are accompanied with threats $500 per day. this is mind boggling. if we don't get oin front of this, frankly most of the departments with the exception of public works, is failing to get out in front of it. this will be a disaster for the permanent program that we all agreed has been a life line for small businesses in the city and
8:55 pm
which has brought new vitality to our neighborhood commercial corridors. today, i'm introducing a legislative request to the city attorney that further advances the intent of amendments i made to the shared spaces program earlier this year. which would prohibit the city from issuing fines and fees or enforce until september 1, 2022, next year, which is the date, six days following the target expiration of pandemic era permits. if this city want this program to succeed and trily -- truly be permit -- permanent, we must start acting like a partner to small businesses. i want to thank the small business retail owners working with my office. offer them continued support and ensuring their ongoing recovery. finally, colleagues together with supervisor stefani, i want to off our condolences to a
8:56 pm
great san franciscan. nancy bechtel. which we all came to depend on even more during the pandemic. i think i will remember her most for her work as president of the presidio trust. she was dubbed sierra girl. at the bluegrass festival, fear
8:57 pm
all founded by her late brother, she had her own band, nancy and the lamb chops. she was champion not only the environment and nature, public access to outdoors and to preserve them for future generations. she famously registered george lucas's proposal for a massive museum in the presidio when she was board share of the trust. fashionable politics be damned. she was known for her candor, her go get, drive and her remarkable generosity. to her son, husband and daughter, who i went to college with and have been friends with for a long time and all of her beloved family and everyone who gathered right now for memorial service and congregation
8:58 pm
emmanuel, may the memory and righteous be a blessing. >> clerk: supervisor preston. submit, thank you. supervisor ronen? submit. supervisor safai? we'll circle back. supervisor stefani? circle back. supervisor walton? >> president walton: thank you so much madam clerk. colleagues, today i do have in memoriam on behalf of the entire board of supervisors for ms. ruth jackson who passed away this past weekend. ms. jackson moved to san francisco in 1966 to raise her three sons, ryan, bishop and drew.
8:59 pm
ms. jackson immediately became active as a san francisco unified school district volunteer at one of her son's schools. she stressed to her son the importance of praying daily, getting an education, preparing for a career pathway and contributing to their community. ms. jackson always enjoyed caring for babies and would say, babies are my business. she became a paraprofessional for the san francisco unified school district and taught early childhood and preschool. she received her education and training from city college, uc berkeley. over 40 years ago, ms. jackson followed her passion and opened kitty care center and visitation valley community. her clients were as young as one month and up to five years old.
9:00 pm
each child not only received loving child care, they also developed basic skills to help them transition to kindergarten. ms. jackson mentoring style and caring for others expanded to help families, teens, seniors, neighborhoods, adults and helping to raise so many children in the visitation valley community. often, she and her son, drew, would take home cooked holiday dinners to the homeless throughout the city. in 1999, mary willie brown jr. proclaimed ruth jackson family day and family of the year. ruth jackson family day is still celebrated annually around may or june in visitation valley and brings together communities from all walks life and all across san francisco


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