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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> hello, everyone. my name is london breed i'm the mayor of city and county of san francisco and i'm so excited to be here at anchor not just because they have a lot of beer enough to go around a dozen times with everybody that's here but more importantly, this is an incredible iconic company in san francisco. in fact they're a legacy business and have been around for generations. they've been great partners in our efforts to support businesses throughout san francisco but in addition to that, they believe in the
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importance of being a part of the solution when it comes to climate change. we all know that here in the state of california, we are experiencing some very challenging times with the wildfires. on top of that, it's becoming increasingly difficult to fight the wildfires because we're also experiencing a drought. we have to think differently about the way we do things to protect the environment and protect and use water in different ways. in san francisco when i served on the board of supervisors before i was mayor, we pushed for legislation to allow for gray water, the water you wash your hands with to be reused and recycled when there is new construction in buildings. but we also know they are buildings that exist now that if provided additional resources, could make very positive change and re-use in their water
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supply. here a lot of water is used. in fact the work being done here today is absolutely extraordinary. the company established the technology that would allow for anchor to take their whole infrastructure and make the types of changes that allow for the water that they use to clean the bottles and equipment and other things to actually be recycled water rather than water that could otherwise be used for drinking. this technology is really changing the way that we do business in the state of california and we're grateful for their support and the work that they did to develop this technology. and here in san francisco the san francisco public utilities commission have a grant program. a grant program where we've already provided over $2 million
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to various companies to change their businesses so that it doesn't impact their business directly so they can accommodate technology like this to make adjustments and anchor received a $1 million grant to make such changes. we're grateful to be here today because when you think bit, what they're doing in just this location alone is anticipated to save over $20 million gallons of water. that's the equivalent of over 1300 residents in san francisco and san franciscans used 32 gallons of water a day which is one of the lowest anywhere and we believe in conservation and try to do our best but we also understand there's a need to change infrastructure and businesses and how we support companies in san francisco to be innovative and creative in new developments that will help us
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to do exactly what we're doing here today. i'm grateful to be here and i know it's not after hours but i would hope that after we're done with this press conference, anchor may have some beer for us to sample so we can know what it tastes like. yes, especially because we have a special guest in the house and don't worry, he's not going to try to fight anyone here but edward norton, it's great to have you here in san francisco. bring that star power that we love but if you're using it for a purpose, that's going to protect the environment. it's going to help us move in a positive direction, san francisco with our new climate action goals and what we're doing around trying to be innovative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do all the things we know we need to do here in san francisco, we want to continue to be the model for
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the rest of the country. we know we can't do it alone but so many of the great innovative things we've done in the city to protect the environment have really led the way for others to follow and that's what we're going to see with this grant program. that's what we're going to see with the work in bringing forth this amazing technology to change things as we know it and with they want to introduce matt silver who is the chairman and president and ceo of this great technology and clearly it takes real smarts to develop something like this and we're so glad to have him here today. come on up, matthew. >> thank you, mayor breed. >> it's work in the water and waste water industry every day it's not every day you have an event like this with mayor of the city and a famous actor.
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we appreciate you being here and appreciate you highlighting your support for sustainable infrastructure projects like we have here. and thanks everyone else for coming and being here. it's been a long time coming building this project and a couldn't be more excited than to celebrate it with you all. we're here to celebrate the plant and the impact it will have on the community here and the city but we're also here to celebrate the investment anchor is make and the city of san francisco is make in sustainable infrastructure right here in potrero hill. we also believe this can be a new model for how to do distributed industrial re-use across the country and that's something that's very much needed. industry is the second largest user of water globally and we can have a significant impact. and for those who don't know kam
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came bryan and we look to make it reusable and sustain tabl and cost effective and we have the capacity to recover potable or near potable quality water and in some cases clean energy from processed water streams. and we'll charge by the gallon to treat it we cut footprint and co2 footprint and helping companies save money in the process.
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anchor has a storied history and with the 20 year contract they have a contact for the future and we'll do a tour of the plant soon but i wanted to highlight a couple points. first, this is the largest commercial water reuse project in san francisco history and the mayor pointed out it's up to 20 million a year capacity. we have the ability to treat and recycle 100% up to 100% of anchors's processed water resulting in a drastic reduction in their water use and elimination of up to 92 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. it's been implemented under a long term contract which we're thankful for. a final point before i hand it off to our next speaker and sustainable infrastructure not
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easy. this project has had its ups and downs and we're really excited where it is today but it takes partnership. it takes partnership between the regulators and public sector and innovators and i'd like to thank all our partners that got us through to this point. anchor brewing, ceo michael tamiaka who i got to know and respect part of the project, scott peterson, we appreciate all working with us and trusting us on the project. the san francisco public utilities commission and a great advocate for the project and supporter throughout and i have to think the cambrian team, richard ross in essential engineering, and others did the hard work of building this plan
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throughout covid and you should be proud of what you have here today. and i'm also thankful for those who supported us in the journey and springling capital and others and i'll hand it off to the next speaker but i'm honored he's one of the supporters among those. while edward doesn't really need an introduction, what some of you might not know is he's dedicated a significant amount of time, energy and investment to the environment and particularly water. as a valued board member at cambrian innovation he knows how to create and sustain an innovative company in the infrastructure markets and know he shares our vision with industry as an eco system and with innovation and hard work we can develop solutions that support the environment, protect
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the environment while also saving communities and companies money. with that said, i'll introduce edward norton. >> hey, everybody, it's great to be here. i was listening to all of that and i was thinking that phrases like public-private partnership get tossed around a lot. it's a collateral at podiums but it's really true. i think this is a great example of what can happen when smart policy makers like mayor london and her public utility commission recognize that government can play a role in not just facilitating but actually stimulating how society
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remakes itself and what the interplay is between business and public good. and i learned a lot about that and my , andy, when he was deputy secretary at the department of energy create the loan company that gave us companies like tesla now the highest cap auto company in the world and that was very much the product of government stimulus and i think it's phenomenal what anchor is doing and what the public utilities commission has capacitated and what matt and the cambrian team have created. the state of california doesn't really have a water supply problem. the state of california has a water management problem.
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when you consider the dairy industry uses 50% of the water and doesn't recycle one drop of it, you know what we have to do in the state is use water as a renewable resource not as an infinite free we can assume we get it for free but can't presume industrial users can just throw it away after we use it. we have to demand as a city, state and country that the world we're living in period where you have to pay attention and this
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should be a national standard what's going on right here. and here's the great thing, that it's not just leadership that's on display by the city of san francisco insisting and stimulating and saying there are symptoms that can now allow a company to do this. what we're seeing in terms of leadership from anchor is what we need to see. this is what real corporate leadership looks like. they look at the 30-year balance sheet and say, look, how are we going to improve margin and evolve our business so we anticipate resource shortfall, etcetera. and anchor not just doing the right thing but save money and increase margins by figuring out a way without having to purchase a system like this, they can
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lower their actual operating costs while secure tieing their water stream. this is brilliant corporate leadership to increase the value of this company and basically what i see going on here is really a whole bunch of different partners throwing the gloves down. it's a challenge to other companies to do as well as anchor is doing. it's a challenge to other cities and the whole state of california to replicate this model and insist that water be wisely recycled as a policy mandate and what's really exciting to me as a board member of cambrian and we need ways to create a true win-win where a new american technological company makes a great business for itself, creates jobs while lowering, while improving the
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business model of its constituent clients. when they say a service industry, that's a true service. if one business is helping another business do better and at the same time improving the underlying water security of the entire state of california, that's what we need to be doing. that's what we need to be doing. so i think it's appear. we talk about drought and fires and these things. we don't not have enough water. we have enough water we just use it stupidly. we can't afford to waste what we have. now is the time. the last year in the state should have brought home to everybody that we can't afford to waste water and tre truth is yes it's great for people to think of watering their lawn but residential use of water is not the problem. it's in the massive waste in industrial use of water and what anchor and san francisco are
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doing here is what the state of california should be talking about with central valley livestock agriculture as well because they should be building systems like this in the central valley and where we'll see change to the profile of the crisis we're manufacturing by ourselves by throwing away water for and i've been a u.n. ambassador over a decade and water is a pillar problem. water affects human health and affects bio diversity and will end up affecting our air quality because it's how we fight fires in the state. we have to solve the water problem in the state of california and this is how we
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get it done and congratulations to ever one of you involved because it's more than a brewery coming up with a cool water system. it's really the solution we need to a massive problem in the united states. i also get to introduce someone who i think in industry what i would call alchemy and being a brew master at a major brewery to me is like being an alchemist. you're literally taking stuff and turning it into gold we drink. tom has been with anchor 37 years. he's been the brew master about two years. he's from the potrero hill area. a true local and a master at his craft and so he's going get to talk to us about what this means for his magic making in the tanks. >> thank you for that
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introduction. thank you for that statement. i that was very powerful. today's an incredible milestone for our team at anchor brewing as we celebrate our commitment to our hometown of san francisco through the initiative with the san francisco p.u.c. and cambrian innovation. anchor turned 125 years this year and we couldn't be more proud to partner with organizations that allow our brewery to reduce our water usage and overall carbon footprint. i'm born and raised in san francisco, i grew up in this neighborhood on potrero hill and been with anchor 37 years. i started on the packaging line when i was 21 and touched every corner of this brewery. i even served as i tour guide at one time. it's definitely inspiring for me
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to see this partnership come to life and a testament to anchor brewing and san francisco's commitment to not only the future of our brewery but our surrounding community. on behalf of the entire anchor team, thank you for supporting and contributing to the enduring legacy of our brand in san francisco. thank you. >> i'm going to introduce our next speaker, a quick story first talking about the nature of the partnership. as with any innovative partnership it hit some snags along the way and every time we hit them the san francisco public utilities commission worked directly with anchor and cambrianne and rolled up their
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sleeves and broke down barrier and that's innovation from a regulatory perspective and cambrian is the standards here and speaks to the values and quality of the people at the sfpuc and pleased to introduce the commission president. i will say along with being the commission president, she's the director of urban water policy with stanford university's water in the west program doing research on data principles to study human and policy dimensions of the urban water and hydro logic systems and a real expert on water management. >> thank you. it's a hard act to follow but
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i'm not president of the commission. i'm vice president of the commission and i just got appointed to that position so i am truly delighted to be here and as someone who has spent my entire career looking at how to build water solution are sustainable and resilient and trying to come up with different valuable policies that can reach this outcome, i'm really honored and excited to be in this position. i have followed this effort that has been put together by sfpuc for years and it's a visionary effort. so we all know that climate change is impacting our water supplies and infrastructure and obviously the future is a little bit uncertain when you're thinking about all these impacts. so unless we really look back and see how we can innovate and change the way we use water, we
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can't really move forward and i think this project is a great example of how we use recycling at any scale should be at the table and what we see here right now. by matching alternate water resources with the right end use such as what we're seeing here and using the waters in the tanks to try to reuse them, we can actually sort of save our precious water supplies and drinking water supplies and unlock the potential for resilient and sustainable water future and also equitable water future which we all need to pay attention to. this kind of project is why sfpuc launched the water reuse program for the breweries in 2013. it requires a real vision and leadership and i can say this not attributing to myself but it requires real leadership and vision for a utility to take
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this on because it was not easy and an appreciated to be part of this group. typically in a brewery you may not know they use four to seven gallons of water to produce about a gallon of beer. that extra four to six gallons of water can be reused for different purposes and what we're trying to do here. depending on how much water is reused, san francisco public utilities commission has been trying to provide $250,000 to $1 million to support these kinds of projects which i think is important. that is another reason why sfpuc has always been a leader in the re-use system. we were the first city to launch such requirements is something we started the first municipality in the nation to require this for new and large
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development and now we have made that strengthen what we have and make it broader to include more buildings and businesses as part of that. along with water reuse we have other water recycling projects going on. those initiatives include our water recycling project that will provide about 2 million gallons a day for golden gate park and presidio and lincoln park and irrigation water and some of the golf courses as well will be using some of that water. san francisco will always be a leader in conservation. as you heard we're using about 40 gallons per person per day which is quite low for the day. which is low and denmark is
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using 22 gallons and i say do not water your lawns with precious water and while we're doing re-use an recycling, it's great that we are here and i'm grateful for the team that's been trying to work hard to make water conservation efficiency re-use recycling and embrace it and make it a reality. with all the television cameras here today, this is an opportunity to remind everybody and all the breweries out there, please, please, reach out to us, embrace the solutions and technologies and let us work together and save water. this is the first time we are celebrating a project of this kind in san francisco but i really hope it's not last and thank you again for all of you to be here and i think we are going to do some ribbon cutting. perfect. thank you, everyone. >> okay. are we ready?
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five, four, three, two, one.
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