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tv   Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency  SFGTV  October 29, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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treasury mobility meeting. will you please call the roll. >> (roll call). chair, we have quorum. >> thank you. i'll refer to you for any announcements. >> public comment will be available for each item by calling the number on the screen. enter the access code when prompted and pound and pound again. once you join you'll join the meeting as a participant. join the queue to speak. the live operator will advise
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when you are able to speak. calls will be taken in the order that they are received. please allow for audio visual delays. that concludes my announcements. >> great. will you please call the next item. >> item two is the approval of resolution making allowed during council meetings. this is an action meeting. >> all right. we have a presenter. >> good morning committee members and members of the public. purpose of this resolution is for allow the timma committee to meet too the resolutions that have been adopted by the sfmta
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and board of supervisors. it allows you to meet during the time of emergency remotely. it's strictly for the committee. the board will adopt a similar resolution when they meet. >> great. i know we're familiar with this from the board of supervisors. i don't see any comments from the committee. any members of the public want to speak on this item. >> there are no hands raised for this queue. >> public comment is closed. i want to make a motion to move this -- what's the right. are we passing it. does it get finally passed here. >> yes. you are adopting the resolution for the committee as the committee. >> i make a resolution to adopt
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the resolution for the committee as the committee. can we have a roll call on this item, please. >> (roll call). >> the resolution is approved. >> great. thank you. please call the next item. >> approve the meeting at the september 21, 2021 meeting. this is an action item. >> all right. are there any members of the public that want to speak on item three? >> there are no hand raised for item three. as a reminder you can press star three it to raise your hands. >> dprait.
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>> great. public comment is closed. >> (roll call). the minutes are approved. >> please call the next item. >> planning updates. this is an information item. >> we have a presentation on the service planning. >> hello. can you guys see my slides? perfect. thank you. we are excited to make this update. we've been working on this for a while. can't wait to have ferry service on the island. today we're going to cover
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service planning to date. we're going to go over our peer ferry service research that we've been conducting. preparing for electrical infrastructure over the year. in parallel with the start of tolling in 2024. it's expected to scale with the population as new housing is expected to be built. ferry service launched in 2022 and coming back with an item on that hopefully at the next meeting. ridership modeling for the foreseeable future is based on the incremental build out of 8,000 units with roughly 20,000
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used. you can see the number of expected riders over that time. this was used as a base line for all of our additional work on the ferry planning. weekday peak periods were used to drive this service. recreational demand on weekends and mid day are expected to be significant because people will be traveling there to get lunch and use the sport's field and ride bicycles. we have numbers on that. it will continue to contribute to our projections on the weekends and throughout the week. the numbers show the increase in seasonal changes throughout the year. while the average weekend demand is not expected to be quite as
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high, it's expected to be significant and recreational trips definitely contribute to this. increases towards the end of 2030, ridership is expected to have a 40% over the base line in summers which is a significant impact. based on these ridership estimates daily demands in the early years is a single small vessel making 30 to 40 minute round trips. by small we're saying around one hundred. more frequent trips will be required necessitating an additional vessel an more capacity. we have considered for 2025
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include a number of different options, we'll take into account demand and the cost of operations. we're looking at four or five different versions there. the ultimate service will be frequent and will utilize electric vessels. this is our peer study that we conducted as part of our research. we looked at similar ferry service within u.s. and a broad. this provided very useful insights for operating hours and fair box recovery. the peer study indicated that multi ferry boat typology all lead to more ferry service. treasure island is very well positioned to achieve all of
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these things. we've started to collect analysis to determine proposed fare for the ferry. the work is still under development and we'll continue to build on that. here you can see local bus and ferry rates which show ferry fares typically just above computing bus fares. oakland ac transit. service to san francisco. the san francisco ferry fare is temporary discounted. this is set to expire next year which would make it more in line with what is typical in line with those for a bus. here are some statistics on fare box recovery from new york an
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washington. as can you see there's a product range of these, they go from the mid 20's to over 70%. we'll be taking this into account as we look to establish a reasonable fare on treasure island. we're also looking at other pricing components on treasure island as we look at this developing of fare. the muni fare of $2 fifty cents. the peak hour tole being estimated at five dollars a trip. as we look to establish what the ferry will be, we'll keep all of this in mind. moving on from the ferry another
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important portion of the work we've been doing is developing the electric infrastructure which will support the electric boat. we've been working with weda and ti cd the developer on this to plan and get that infrastructure funned and built. we're considering how ti can fit into weda's long service vision for the area. interlying service has potential to drive down the cost of operations and expand access opportunities for riders from weda. we're looking at some funding and procurement opportunities together. next steps, we will continue to refine this information into an actual ferry service plan
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including operations and fare rates. we will also be working on establishing more funding opportunities and hopefully completing this study by early next year. with that, i'm happy to take questions. >> thank you. appreciate it. i'm obviously very excited about this. i know people on the island are as well. when we think about the ferry and where it will go, are we thinking much about other stops and -- it says service from treasure island to the ferry building. will there be other linkages to treasure island and what does
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that look like and get phased in and what does that do to the frequency. i see the times and frequency is all in that case showing ferry building to treasure island. what about other locations? >> absolutely. great question. the thirty to forty minutes is the time just from treasure island to the ferry building. we're looking at interlining opportunities within san francisco and even potentially to the east bay. they are not developed enough at this point to have actual times on them. we hope to bring that on in the coming months. maybe we can come back on that after the new year, i think. >> i'm guessing that part of - i'm not guessing. what i would love to see also studied is and i know the amount
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of time and the route is totally different. what it looks like from jack london from treasure island. also, i know we're talking about other ferry props in the south east, mission bay -- by the time we get to 2040 i would imagine if all goes as plan with the future development builder out of our city, there's going to be a need for a lot of ferries, crisscrossing all over the city from each other. >> thank you so much for that, we appreciate the interest and guidance. weda is performing their
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guidance right now. the instruct san francisco loop for building ferry mission bay ti. we're interested in the east bay opportunities you mentioned as well. for logistics you're interested in this as a potential hub. charging electric ferry stops. hopefully it will be a revenue service as well. conducting our own local farey . down the line we thought that a water front study made sense. we've with discussing with supervisor walton's office.
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>> we're going to have some version of the ferry in a few months. which is the developer version of it. that will provide an opportunity for a lot of testing and analysis and feedback and surveys and all of that. are we using that as an opportunity to add to the study? nobody's taking a commuter ferry from treasure island, we're making a lot of assumptions about it. it will be active to the public but not for a few years. >> it's great that we'll be getting two and a half years on ridership. they have a rate of five dollars. they know that. they will be announcing that
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soon. i think that's in line with what we would be doing. the boat will be a little smaller and run on weekdays and weekends. it will provide us with a lot of data on what we should be doing in 2024. >> great. i'm sure we'll get updates on that. hop on that ferry very soon. all right. can we hope this to public comment, please. >> we have one speaker in the queue. >> somebody needs to mute or something. open public comment please. >> yes.
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chair, let me -- i think we have an issue with -- [indiscernible]. >> this is the public comment line. >> this is the clerk, i can hear you.
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all right. let's give this a try. there are two hands raised in the queue. i'm going to try something on the back end here to see if it will work. >> hello. >> hello caller. >> testing one, two, three. i still can't hear anything.
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>> okay. caller, go ahead, please. >> we're going to have to reset the bridge, i believe. if we can hold for juf a few juw minutes and see if we can fix the situation. >> we shall return. >> can you please let us know when the bridge has been reestablished and we can begin
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>> thank you for your patience. we're restarting the phone line for the public comments. we should resume shortly.
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>> testing. can the operator hear me.
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>> good morning, everyone. we're currently testing the public comment line and the meeting is currently on hold.
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testing. this is the clerk. operator, can you hear me?
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testing, operator, this is brittany, can you hear me?
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>> hello. this is the operator. can you hear me. >> hello. i can hear you. [indiscernible]. >> all right. team, can you hear me? >> i can hear you with an echo. >> how is that? >> that's perfect. >> all right. okay. has the bridge been reestablished. >> the bridge has been reestablished. the caller is on the line. >> let's confirm the chair is
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here. >> i am here. >> apologies. let me get the caller on the line. >> hello. caller, your two minutes will had begin now and thank you for your patiences. >> hello, caller. >> hello? >> caller, can you hear us?
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hello, caller, you have been unmuted and you are able to speak. >> okay. the caller, we can clearly hear the caller but they can't hear us, i'm assuming. there are no other callers on the queue. >> all right. public comment is closed. i don't see any questions or comments from my colleagues. this is an information item. can you please call the next item. >> transit toll and draft
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recommendation item. >> good morning, commissioners. assistant deputy for planning. >> rachel, i'm sorry. chair, can we ask council for advice in this situation here. >> it appears that the public is unable to hear over the conference line. members of the public who are only able to call in are not able to hear the meeting. i don't believe it's appropriate to continue with the meeting under those circumstances. i believe we need to put the meeting on hold or reschedule until the public is able to properly participate in the meeting. otherwise we're not following
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proper law. i believe, we need to sus spend suspendthe meeting until we gete technology working. >> that gives us no choice. the lawyer has spoken. i believe -- >> would you like to recess or reschedule. >> we have to reschedule. i apologize for this. thank you for your patience. we will find another time to do this last item. madam clerk, i believe we need to adjourn this meeting. is that the correct terminology. >> it's adjourn. >> we are going to adjourn this
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meeting. >> thank you chair, thank you >> it was an outdoor stadium for track and field, motorcycle and auto and rugby and cricket located in golden gate park, home to professional football, lacross and soccer.
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adjacent to the indoor arena. built in the 1920s. the san francisco park commission accepted a $100,000 gift from the estate to build a memorial in honor of pioneers in the area. the city and county of san francisco contributed an additional $200,000 and the stadium was built in a year. in the 1930s it was home to several colleges such as usf, santa clara and st. mary's for competition and sporting. in 1946 it became home to the san francisco 49ers where they played nearly 25 years. the stayed de yam sat 60,000 fans. many caught game the rooftops and houses. the niners played the last game against the dallas cowboys january 3, 1971 before moving to candlestick park. the stadium hosted other events before demolition in 1989.
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it suffered damages from the earthquake. it was reconstructed to seat 10,000 fans with an all weather track, soccer field and scoreboards. it hosts many northern california football championship games. local high schools sacred heart and mission high school used the field for home games. the rivalry football games are sometimes played here. today it is a huge free standing element, similar to the original featuring tall pink columns at the entrance. the field is surrounded by the track and used by high school and college football and soccer. it is open for public use as well.
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that was hard work. [ applause ] that was the longest earthquake i think i've ever been in. hi everyone. i'm san francisco mayor london breed and it's great to be here at the san francisco main library campus. i was just talking about how this actual physical space used to be located where the asian art museum was and it was always so dark in that building and going through those on the second floor in that beautiful room now, the card catalog and most young people don't necessarily probably know what that is because of technology now adays and this library over many years has adapted to technology needs of this city
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with electronic books. in fact, i have the app in order to download books which also include audio books that you can borrow and can we extend that pass 21 days. i have to renew, download, you know, if no one's waiting on it, can i just extend and be given a new option? but anyway, it's great to be here. the great shake out all throughout california. and let me just take this moment to acknowledge and thank all of the people who work here at the main be folks who work here not only serve the public and deal with sometimes very challenging circumstances. they were the first to raise their hands and say i want to be a disaster service worker and help my city. so thank you all so much. i'm so glad to see you back at work and i can tell under these masks, you're really smiling, right.
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and, today, we talk about earthquakes. it's really in san francisco, this is earthquake territory and it's not a matter of if the next one happens. it's a matter of when. and in 1989, we remember the giants were playing the a's in the world series. i was in the community that day and it was unbelievable. like that, i still remember where i was, how it felt like the earth shook and the aftermath of it. right. the bay bridge. everyone was like the bay bridge fell. and part of the upper deck of the bay bridge did fall. the marina was absolutely devastated and our city suffered a tremendous loss and as a result we have continued to push and implement not only policies for soft story
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buildings and high-rises and ensuring that our buildings are seismically safe, but we also want to make sure that kids and families and people know what to do not only when an earth quake happens, but make sure we're prepared. we're not only here today with michael lambert as well as marry ellen carol of the department of emergency management who would be responsible if a disaster happens, not if, but when a disaster happens and she's been leading the way on our covid response here in our city. we also have deputy chief david lizard from the san francisco police department who's responsible for the entire city and does a tremendous job as well as our amazing fire chief jeanine nicholson. we're in a situation -- who?
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oh, i'm sorry, paul. our sheriff paul miamotto is here. thank you for joining us, sheriff. all of our public safety personnel, they will be the front line of any disaster that hits san francisco. they have been at the forefront of this pandemic as well doing everything they can to serve and protect the people of san francisco, but in case of an earthquake, we come ready and prepared to do what's necessary to help support and keep people safe. but here's what you can do, you can go to because, listen, there are going to be a lot of people who may be in trouble, who may need help and our program that chief nicholson is very familiar with where volunteers from san francisco are trained to help in case of a disaster will be a tremendous asset when an earthquake happens and there is
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help needed. our police, fire, and sheriff, they'll be out there doing everything they can to help support the public and many of the city's disaster service workers who as a result of covid though what it takes in order to get prepared to distribute food and resources and other things. but ultimately. there might be someone and some people in some communities that need to just be prepared to be on your own for some time. and so is a resource where you can know the kinds of things that you need to update in your kids so that you have water and i say canned goods. so you may not need a can opener. just in case, maybe a can opener. so make sure that the things that you have in your emergency kit, your band aids, all of the stuff, it's not expired and you do. this is the time to remind people because we want them to do an annual check.
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and, secondly, i know we have technology and cellphones and people think i'm just going to call someone on my cellphone, but cellphone towers may be out. and i know this is impossible to believe, but there was a time where there weren't any cellphones and we rely on landlords so let's go back to prehistoric days when we needed those things and think about other ways in which we can communicate with our family and friends and hear the latest of what's going on. you know, power may be down, so that's when you do need a battery powered radio where you can hear what's happening and finally because usually everyone is worried about where are their loved ones. when a disaster strikes, you want to make sure that even if you can't communicate with an electronic device or any other way, that you designate a meeting area and a specific timing after something occurs so that you can meet up and
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ensure everyone is safe. this today is a reminder for our state here in california that earthquakes happen, but we are prepared. we've been through this before. we're a resilient city. we bounced back and made san francisco even a better place as a result of the '89 earthquake. when you think about the freeway that was down at the embarcadero, many people may not remember that, but it was dark, dreary, it's not a place you went unless you were in a car. now, people are loving and enjoying our water fronts and spending time down there at restaurants. it's a part of keeping you and your family healthy and safe and to protect our amazing city
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when an earth quake occurs. i want to introduce the department of public health, mary ellen carol. [ applause ] sorry. it's hard. go ahead. >> dr. colfax is on vacation. i'm mary ellen carol and the director of the department of emergency management. and, mayor, you can have my job. she really laid out exactly everything to every detail about what to do to be prepared and we are really lucky to have the leadership of this mayor who takes emergencies seriously. i'm happy that we're all here in person again on 10/21. we got distracted for a bit by this global pandemic, but now we're able to refocus on other things and i want to echo the mayor's words about the library staff and i know many of you
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are here. we could not have responded the way we did and safe the live that is we did without the hundreds of incredible library staff and so we'll all incredibly grateful. and i just want to say to my partner over here your leader is incredible and never says no to anything and is always willing to step up. and, finally, these distinguished looking partners behind me from fire and police and sheriff. these folks really are going to be the front line in an earthquake to save lives and to, you know, come to serve the public. so we're super grateful that they're here. you know, it is a matter of if not if, but when an earthquake happens and the mayor did such a great job of running through
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a lot of the things that you can do. going to is a great place to start. it's also my dad's birthday, so it always makes me remember. but i have big gallons of water in my garage and so twice a year, i change those out, once in april during the 1906 and once during this. so there's just different things that you can be thinking of. i really can't see very well, so i always really -- so for me having my extra set of glasses in a safe place especially next to my bed because otherwise i'm literally flying blind. having medication. all those little things that are important to your own family. finally, i just want to say that we as a city came together during the pandemic and the crisis that we went through and it was more than a second and
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it was really about community. and san francisco saves san francisco. i wasn't just standing here. it was about every single person here who did what they needed to do. they sacrificed. they got vaccinated. and in an event like an earthquake, it's going to be the same thing. we're really going to need to come together. what we learned during covid is that the most vulnerable among us become exponentially more vulnerable and for those of us that don't have that vulnerability, that we're safely housed and we have the means, we really need to look out for our neighbors who aren't in the same situation and i know that we will. so, again, it's so great to be here. i'm so proud to serve under this mayor and with these colleagues. and, with that, i'm going to turn it over to our city librarian, michael lambert. [ applause ] >> thank you, madam mayor, and thank you director carol.
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thank you for choosing the san francisco public library for hosting this event today. i want to thank mayor breed and all of our special guests today. chief nicholson. deputy chief lizar. pete wong is here. i want to thank all of them for their strong leadership throughout this pandemic. their steady leadership is proof that we are in the most capable hands in san francisco. and the library's been proud to partner throughout. we've been helping to keep our community safe, informed, and connected with high quality programming and collections. i want to echo the mayor and director carol and thank all of the library staff for their phenomenal service during covid. whether deployed as disaster service workers or holding down the fort to make sure that we
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can continue to deliver library services. i'm so proud of their extraordinary contributions. at the library, getting prepared for the next big one is something that we take very seriously. we've actually lost two libraries to earthquakes in the past. the old main library in 1906 and the mccreery branch in eureka valley in the 1960s. so i'm pleased to report that this main library is one of the safest buildings in the entire city now. this building has an innovative seismic design that can withstand an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. so the library's always the place to be, but particularly during the next 'big one.' so thank you again for coming and participating in 'the great shake out.' [ applause ] >> thank you. that's it.
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>> all right.
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[ roll call ] >> president moran: due to ongoing covid-19 health emergency. >> clerk: any emergency orders of the governor and the mayor concerning social distancing and


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