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tv   BOS Land Use Committee  SFGTV  October 14, 2021 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> this may answer your question that because the complaint was made the rules will be applied to the allegation that was made, that specific incident was conforming to whatever the current rules were and are so that process was going to take place anyway just because the allegation was made. >> understood, thank you . >> president: sergeant youngblood, public comment? >> members of the public who would like to make apublic comment regarding item 4, plus star 3 now . vice president elias, we have no public comment. >> vicepresident: next item please. >> commission report discussion. commission reports will be
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limited to a brief discussion of activities and announcements . commission presidents report, commissioners report and commission announcement and schedule items are identified for consideration at afuture meeting . >>. >> vice president: i'm going to startasking my fellow commissioners if they have anything to report . commissioner yee, we will start with you . >> i don'thave to much to report but i want to thank the chief and all the sfpd on this wonderful weekend we had . we had a lot of things going as the italian day parade.the first in a year. it was great weather out there and also the giants are looking forward to a game five that's coming tomorrow. the warriors and also the fleet week which was a busy time for us in the city which i'm happy to report there's no major incidents that we should be alarmed about.
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thank you chief and sfpd. >> vice president: thankyou commissioner yee. commissioner hamasaki . >> i don't really have anything to report other than a few people have reached out about our discussion last week which i think we should continue to have about how the significant policy is going to bedetermined in the future . i don't know the best way to do that but i did have a couple people reach out about that . and commissioner yee noted that was wonderful.
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>> vice president: i think we should have a follow-up on the agenda regarding that report and some of the information or misinformation provided to us in the public so we will obviously have to again dies that. commissioner byrne. director henderson.>> i was talking to my daughter. >>vice president:that's okay. if you can you yourself . thank you so much . commissioner byrne. >> i spoke to president: this afternoon and i've asked president: you put on the agenda for mid-november the state of policing in the tenderloin including but not limited to the continuing of open-market drugdealing . i had spoken to the chief and had one meeting with the chief
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that i had indicated we would meet at his schedule in early november. and just station up the agenda item on policing in general. >> vice president: i think that's going to be a great discussion and perhaps you can join us in coming up with alternatives or solutions to the narcotics problem in the tenderloin and the cost-benefit analysis of the older tactics that are used to try and combat the narcotics use in that area so that will be i think the great transition into that area so thank you so much. i have nothing toreport this week . hopefully i'll have more to report next week and then president colin, i didn't know if you had something to report as well.
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>> i do. before we get to my part commissioner elias, how are thingsgoing with ddo report ? >> we didreceive it back from cal doj . we have their comments. at this point that apartment and dpa will be meeting to discuss the recommendations from cal doj. and then after that meeting or maybe during that meeting the chief and i will have a discussion about 301 so that we can get finalized. i'm hoping we can get it for november. >> she just looked up. i'mgoing to be ambitious . wewill see . >> i have faith in us. >> i think we can get by november. i really do. >> the chief and i will have it foryou in november . >> that's good to hear, i know you had something tosay. you are too modest . i wanted to report out i have attended an invitation for assemblyman reggie jones who is
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assemblyman down in southern california. he is chair of the public safety committee and he's asked to come and make a presentation aboutthe work that he's doing legislatively . he was one of the authors and persons helping to get sp to pass and this is a piece of legislation i reported on last week and the governor had signed into law and i thought it would be good to know what the public safety commission is doing that we are able to keep a watch as to what's happening across the state let alone what's happening here in our beloved city of san francisco that is more to come. sergeant youngblood i'll make a connection with you to schedule us . to make that happen and that's all i have to report on that front . thank you. >> vice president: we appreciate having legislators, and think of us as a commissio
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. we have the recommendations we're doing but it's important to continue that work and keep it live and relevant itch may help with your leadership and having theselegislators come speak with us . >> i appreciate that. that means a lot because i think it is important for us not to make decisions in a vacuum maybe being knowledgeable. another thing i've been thinking about is inviting some of the bay area poa to come and talk with us. i was thinking about reaching out to our own president of san francisco poa for the commission for their thoughts on whatever they are working on to keep therelationship and information healthy . i was interested in how poa may be open in areas of the county. john worked up a little bit. i don't know if others would be interested. >> i'd love to hear from mister
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montessori a. he always has interesting thoughts. >> vice president: when we were live and in person the vice president used to be at all of ourmeetings and sometimes used two of your as well, not to speak but to introduce himself >> because we're online and we are zooming . i believe we just need to be a little bit more thoughtful and holistic about ourapproach when we are making decisions . i know we talked to mister montoya and to take those online conversations and bring them online so they are able t witness and here with a little bit more transparency .that is an idea that i toyed with. it didn't seem tobe pretty well-received so i will continue to move in that direction . you guys have any other requests for people to come
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join to talk about public safety? i'm open to suggestions chief and to youdirector henderson as well . if you have suggestions onwho we should be inviting . okay, ca nine we can just think about it and two kids haj and jay wagner if you can tweet some suggestions onsuggested speakers, let me know. okay folks, let's keep moving forward . >> public comment, for members of the public which would make to make public comment release press star 3 now. good eveningcaller, you have 2 minutes . >> caller: my name is john
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jones. i'd like to suggest the commission undertake a discussion of the open air markets of items thatappear to be shoplifted . a tour of the 24th mission work plaza will reveal several individuals selling copious items ofmaterial which appeared to be shoplifted . we all know walgreens is regularly shutting down drug stores in san francisco and i assume other merchants are similarly afflicted . this would be something the commission to address. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you color and that is the end of public comment . >> vice president: one more thing, i wanted to talk about an order that was in the mission. it was an article that ran
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october 7 and it was regarding the lack of transparency, closed doors and inaccurate announcements from the san franciscopolice department and it was an interesting conversation . i'm sure your colleagues are familiar with these press reports regarding the discussion from last week at the commission meeting. specifically it was regarding the operations of various working groups on the policy. and just to let me quote you a little bit of what the article said in case you are unfamiliar with what i'm talking about. it appears to be some confusion about the extent to which the public and critical stakeholdersincluding the department of police accountability are given access to discussions about revisions of policing policy . ". i want to say that i believe in transparency.
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it's one of my core values and something that i think i really emphasizednot only by leadership on this commission but also on the board of supervisors . for the budget process i found it would bemore transparent and fair particularly to the smaller nonprofit organizations . and that transparency, that openness and full disclosure i think is critical to building and maintaining public support for anypolicy decision we make . for any policy decision that is made period. it's important to involve key stakeholders in the development of policymaking and that includes dpa and poa and the sfpd and our public commenters. the lawyers that listen to these commission meetings and
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since 2016 we've been involved in a top to bottom examination of policing policies through our collaborative reform initiative. and there are points where i've been disheartened and there's been points where i've been heartened and encouraged about the consistent reports of progress. and last was in the september 15 commission meeting.we were informed that 272 collaborativ reform initiative recommendations are in substantial compliance . and or that theyare in progress . and the other tribes was external validation so substantial compliance with 87 percent , in progress was 17 percent and i think 16 percent, six percent were in external
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validation. and so there's been some really good robust conversations that have been happening and confidence has been building as you seek to review these policies. the involvement of the stakeholders and the public particularly is important for a lawenforcement agency , never mind the public trust and to build credibility. i want to say going forward i think we need to be mindful of it and take extra measures to make sure that the public confidence and the policy changes are represented in the commission. with that that means we're putting together or putting forward information that is true . that has been spellcheck. it has correct grammar and is actually sound we say we are leading we need to make sure we are leading . and i just really want to stress that we are doing what we say. so perhaps we should consider
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including a public agenda item entitled proposed policy which would include draft documents along with a description of the outreach. that would also address the review process that was included in the preparationof the policy document . this could be included in the meeting packet as well as new members, knowing there is at least some body of work that can be transferred so that incredibly knowledgeable people when they leave or retire they're not taking all that knowledge and wisdom withthem that there is a document, kind of a living breathing document that we can refer back to . this is just an idea. it's not an idea that i had an opportunity to discuss with my individual commissioners but i am putting it out there for th commission to think about ,
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possibly review and even adopt if they deem it possible. i think that this agenda is item could help ensure that stakeholders in the public are kept in the loop and keeping them in the loop also with the commissioners in the loop. there was some distorted this even in the meeting went commissioners including myself but things were moving along but when you made a phone call to staff it turns out the meetings work meeting so i want to clean up our act to make sure that we're not embarrassing ourselves and that we are producing work we can continue to beproud of . i lookforward to your suggestions and again , this is just a suggestion. i won't take it personally but i'm just trying to think of ways to be proactive and to be thoughtful about how we handle
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and conduct our business. that's all i'm going tosay on that . i don't know ifthere's any additional thoughts or reactions . of course, director henderson . >> thank you so much. i think the stuff you just articulated is super important and speaks to a number of disconnects and miscommunications that have happened in the past. i've made a number of suggestions . my strong suggestion would be maybe two agenda eyes some of those suggestions or have other commissioners or the chief have suggestions about these processes to bring those forward . then we can just adopted them because i thinkthis speaks to exactly what you said . the information is silo where i'm comfortable but nobody knows where the commission is comfortable that she is
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comfortable and nobody knows. itdoesn't serve the public's expectation about what the process is or how we're getting things done for giving notice to what's going to be done in the future . it makes it difficult to rely on the system when there are dark holes where information falls into or decisions that are made evenwhen they are made correctly but we don't know how to track them or gauge either wherethey're coming from , their edits forthe decision-making process . that's hard to do. anyway, that's a long way of saying that i've made suggestions . i'd love to offer that those suggestions could be presented as an agenda item to be voted on by the council were commissioned with the other suggestions that either the department or commissioners may have. >> vice president: good idea. i heard you refer to these suggestions in your talking points and remarks but to tell
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you the truth i have not seen them so i would love to just read them prior to hearing about them on the commission so we can give it additional thought and be able to make those sweeps around the edges where we need to or present them as a possible agenda item and we can look at them, add them or add their own. >> i'd like to recognize chief scott. >> a lot of what you say i agree with and we have to do a better job. we have done good work. i think we have made some mistakes in terms of some of what we've done in terms of this work . so i do want to raise our hands.we definitely should be a part ofthis and want to be part of this . it's a bigger conversation. we have a very aggressive schedulewith our policy
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revisions . not just dgo's but manuals and everything else that's on the plate. the more thought we put into this the better off we are so i acknowledge that we've made some mistakes and i think we can getbetter, we have gotten better but we have a long way to go . as a leader of this organization and police department i take responsibility but we are committed to being open and working with anybody who wants to be part of this process and thank you for your leadership on this issue. >> vice president: thankyou for being open to this, we will continue to walk down the staff commissioner elias . >> i also ask commission staff to post the policyschedules on our 30 day correspondence agreement . there's a list of all the gg owes that and in which water they'll be addressed and worked on. i noticed the department publishes that when they
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present at the cri to us . to have that list constantly available is important so they know which digi owes are coming up, where they fall into the sequence in terms of the lineup so that they know they're more informed and i think that will be helpful because i am not even sure if it's on the department's website. for if it is, is maybe not as easily accessible but we should put it on our 30 day correspondence every month just as the public is aware that gives them more information and the ability to call in and speak on any upcoming dto or if they have others. >> all righteveryone, thank you very much . we will continue talking about this, more to come. sergeantyoungblood, could you please call the next item . actually, i think we should call the comments already ifi'm not mistaken .
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let's keep going. >> line item 6, discussion of possible action to authorize the chief of police to extend the grant in the amount of 24,000 $975 from the department of homeland security adult emergency management agency. we must file new automatic identification on three responses to ensure continued and operability with the us election systems discussion and possible action . >> chief i didn't even know we had, we engaged really with the coast guard, can you tell us more about whatwe're doing , how these systems help, are there any privacy concerns? >> we have director leon but i'll talk about the operations of our marine unit.i mentioned earlier when i was i think commissioner elias was asking about questions about how we're going to deal with openers and i mentioned some
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units might have tobe temporarily shut down and other units that we cannot afford to downs . the marineunit is one of them because san francisco is surrounded on three sides by water . they the bay area, there's collaboration with not only the coast guard but other departments thathave an interest inthe san francisco bay . there's a lot of medication that has to take part in that . we've had incidents, one that comes tomind that that was a very hot high-profile incident several years ago . 2018 is when the tunnel underneath thefreeway, the park tunnel was compromised because the barge landed on it . and that was the type of incident thatrequired major collaboration and communication with us and the us coast guard . we workedtogether on this in persons who are lost in the bay or at sea . there's also infrastructure protection. wehave the bridges , we have other things on the waterfront that our mutual interest so
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it's really a great collaborative partnership with the us coast . they helped us on everything from search and rescue to some of our infrastructure concerns equipment like this also helps us do that job and is one of those jobs people don't think about until there's an issue . but our members work the marine unit in their day in and day out around our city. patrolling, protecting and making sure that those waters are safe as we can make them in and within our jurisdiction. wedon't have total jurisdiction but we do have some . >> you mentioned about privacy concerns. this equipment doesn't raise any privacy concern issues. there are things that we do in the bay such as radiological detection as freighters are
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coming in and things like that. those are the type of assignments thatare marine units are tasked with . they have some equipment to help with some searches and detection of waters and things like that but that type of equipment is not used to invade on anybody's civil liberties. its infrastructure type of protectionand communications equipment so we can communicate with our partners . >> thank you. any yes, commissioner byrne. >> chief, how do i put it? what service does the marine unit of the sfpd supply thatthe us coast guard doesn't ? in other words what i'm confused is is the coast guard supposed to do all this or is there an area that sfpd does that be coast guard doesn't get involved?
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the. >> are marine unit patrols those areas. >> and the coast guard does no . >> they do not. >> why is that? >> if i could bring some context to what we are requesting. >> hang on one second. let me answer the commissioners question first. there are jurisdictions as far as what's considered sfpd jurisdiction. in other cities that have jurisdiction in the day. we go out to a certain point and then it becomes coast guard. we also ... >> but the code is sfpd or coast guard? >> that is sfpd. >> in case youask so the coast
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guard doesn't go wandering in for home runs . >> there were some significant incidents, the mass casualty advantage . the coast guard would assist us in depending onwhat type of incident. they may have jurisdiction over it . thecruise terminals and things like that , our submarine units patrol those well as the fire departmentwho also has the marine unit to do what they do . i'm sorry, director leeann. >> for some clarification but we are requesting to commission to move on for the grant, the grant purchased three automati identifications . the purpose of this is to provide or communicate this issue for some fees to other marine vessels so that there's
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no maritime collisions that take place. we've found marine units we are responsible for state and local laws outside of the jurisdiction of the us coast guard. but with this grant, primarily it's to purchase equipment that has reached the end of its useful life for everything and with this grant could help support our green units to continue our waterways and check out maritime infrastructure. if there's any questions that they have i'll be more than happy to try and. >> thank you forthe context and clarification . if you have any questions for the chief or mister young. all right. let'sgo ahead and take public comment andtake a vote . you .
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>> sergeant youngblood. >> for members of the public that would like to make a comment regarding a line item 6 press dark green now. and president, it appears there is nopublic comment . >> is there a motion to direct? >> all ocean. >> motion made by commissioner byrne,seconded by commissioner elias . >> on the motion to accept the grant, commissioner how doyou vote ? >> yes. >> commissioner is yes, commissioner yee. [roll call vote] you have 5 yeses. >> vice president: that's
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unanimous. sergeant youngblood please call item 7. >> line item 7 public comment on all matters related to number nine below including public comment on item 8whether to holditem 9 in closed session . please press star 3 now . and president it appears there is nopublic comment . >> thank you very much. line item 8, line item 9 in closed session, san francisco administrative code section 57.1 euro action . >> can we take public comment on that? we don't. is there a motionfor a session ? commissioner elias, is there a second? commissioner byrne. these called role.
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>> on the motion commissioner how do you vote for mark. >>. [roll call vote].♪ ♪ >> all right. >> on the motion not to disclose commissioner hamasaki how do you vote? commissioner hamasaki says yes. [roll call vote] you have 5
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yeses. >> this meeting isadjourned . >> good night everybody.
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[♪♪♪] >> i just don't know that you can find a neighborhood in the city where you can hear music stands and take a ride on the low rider down the street. it is an experience that you can't have anywhere else in san francisco. [♪♪♪]
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[♪♪♪] >> district nine is a in the southeast portion of the city. we have four neighborhoods that i represent. st. mary's park has a completely unique architecture. very distinct feel, and it is a very close to holly park which is another beautiful park in san francisco. the bernal heights district is unique in that we have the hell which has one of the best views in all of san francisco. there is a swinging hanging from a tree at the top. it is as if you are swinging over the entire city. there are two unique aspects. it is considered the fourth chinatown in san francisco. sixty% of the residents are of chinese ancestry. the second unique, and fun aspect about this area is it is the garden district. there is a lot of urban agriculture and it was where the city grew the majority of the flowers. not only for san francisco but for the region. and of course, it is the
8:35 am
location in mclaren park which is the city's second biggest park after golden gate. many people don't know the neighborhood in the first place if they haven't been there. we call it the best neighborhood nobody has ever heard our. every neighborhood in district nine has a very special aspect. where we are right now is the mission district. the mission district is a very special part of our city. you smell the tacos at the [speaking spanish] and they have the best latin pastries. they have these shortbread cookies with caramel in the middle. and then you walk further down and you have sunrise café. it is a place that you come for the incredible food, but also to learn about what is happening in the neighborhood and how you can help and support your community. >> twenty-fourth street is the birthplace of the movement. we have over 620 murals.
8:36 am
it is the largest outdoor public gallery in the country and possibly the world. >> you can find so much political engagement park next to so much incredible art. it's another reason why we think this is a cultural district that we must preserve. [♪♪♪] >> it was formed in 2014. we had been an organization that had been around for over 20 years. we worked a lot in the neighborhood around life issues. most recently, in 2012, there were issues around gentrification in the neighborhood. so the idea of forming the cultural district was to help preserve the history and the culture that is in this neighborhood for the future of families and generations. >> in the past decade, 8,000 latino residents in the mission district have been displaced from their community. we all know that the rising cost
8:37 am
of living in san francisco has led to many people being displaced. lower and middle income all over the city. because it there is richness in this neighborhood that i also mentioned the fact it is flat and so accessible by trip public transportation, has, has made it very popular. >> it's a struggle for us right now, you know, when you get a lot of development coming to an area, a lot of new people coming to the area with different sets of values and different culture. there is a lot of struggle between the existing community and the newness coming in. there are some things that we do to try to slow it down so it doesn't completely erase the communities. we try to have developments that is more in tune with the community and more equitable development in the area. >> you need to meet with and gain the support and find out the needs of the neighborhoods. the people on the businesses that came before you. you need to dialogue and show respect. and then figure out how to bring
8:38 am
in the new, without displacing the old. [♪♪♪] >> i hope we can reset a lot of the mission that we have lost in the last 20 years. so we will be bringing in a lot of folks into the neighborhoods pick when we do that, there is a demand or, you know, certain types of services that pertain more to the local community and working-class. >> back in the day, we looked at mission street, and now it does not look and feel anything like mission street. this is the last stand of the latino concentrated arts, culture and cuisine and people. we created a cultural district to do our best to conserve that feeling. that is what makes our city so cosmopolitan and diverse and makes us the envy of the world. we have these unique neighborhoods with so much cultural presence and learnings, that we want to preserve. [♪♪♪] the maus coney center
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8:40 am
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project is aus coney center transformation of the convention center and it is not only addition and
8:42 am
increased space but also a transformation of the urban neighbor around it in a positive way. >> 25th largest convention center in the country but the conventions are getting bigger so with this extension it is 13 largest >> we have been under construction a year and a half and set to complete the construction in 2018. it generated over $9 billion in san francisco >> 35 percent of viz #2rs coming to san francisco are coming to maus coney. >> 2500 jobs will be created. >> if we didn't do the expansion we would luce $200 million in taxes a year. the conventions they are
8:43 am
talking about going other cities with ample [inaudible] and exhibit space and not come to san francisco. >> there is a lot of [inaudible] we are at a point now where our [inaudible] two halve oz the mos connie and think what we desire is one space. >> we are adding space about 200,000 space. we are connecting the two existing north and south exhibition halls that excavate under howard street to increase the largest exhibition space to 1 contig ws space over 500,000 square feet. >> the spot i'm standing in will be inside the lobby. the building will be pushed out to howard street and connected north and south above
8:44 am
and under ground. >> when you go on the north our south side you enter into a hall that is divided into major ways >> this is public private partnership. the hotel industry [inaudible] splitting it up of the building. >> since we have a north and south howard street it [inaudible] to make [inaudible] >> improving the bridges to make them more accessible so go over howard street >> [inaudible] developed to look at several different proposals for a light [inaudible] to work with that bridge and the selection of the [inaudible] he is on what i think is a beautiful piece that is very animated. you will be able to see it as [inaudible] cross the bridge and can see it as a resident of san francisco looking up.
8:45 am
there is a second bridge and this bridge replacing an existing bridge over howard street that links yerba buena gardens to a childrens playground. make a much larger public space as well as aplaza space that brings you up to that in a visible way. >> we worked on the playground to make it safe and invited and added more open space >> the area will be connected with the neighborhood. [inaudible] much better space for everyone. >> why is such a fundamental part [inaudible] could be thought of as columns and beams [inaudible] the areas that you walk to check in prior
8:46 am
to [inaudible] all those activities [inaudible] opposed to [inaudible] we thought of ways to bring light into these occupied spaces including skylights and [inaudible] highest level of [inaudible] recycled steel. the concrete is [inaudible] >> we will be harvesting all the rain water and storm water and reusing it. >> in [inaudible] they extend down into the aquifer level of the water level which means water is being pumped out to remove the pressure and there are over 15 million gallons of water per year that maus coney center
8:47 am
pumps out so the water is wasted. our idea is disconnect the ground water system from the [inaudible] and reuse the water and save and preserve and use it for [inaudible] and use it for other irrigation uses. we have excess water to fill up [inaudible] >> there will be limited traffic impact during construction >> there is a 8 month period where we have to take a lane of traffic out from howard street so we can expand the tunnel. >> we anticipate the construction to be minimal. >> [inaudible] >> make the center statef the art and much more competitive. [inaudible] >> having the space.
8:48 am
[inaudible] underneath howard. having [inaudible] >> this is a [inaudible] worked with the residential, the merchants in the neighborhood, the non profits to make sure this is a vibrant area. >> even if you don't come to the convention and enjoy the public space, it is something that helps revitalize the neighborhood and bring energy to the neighborhood and more people to the neighborhood and shops and retail and shocase san
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> candlestick park known also as the stick was an outdoor stadium for sports and entertainment. built between 1958 to 1960, it was located in the bayview hunters point where it was home to the san francisco giants and 49ers. the last event held was a concert in late 2014. it was demolished in 2015. mlb team the san francisco giants played at candlestick from 1960-1999. fans came to see players such a willie mays and barry bonds, over 38 seasons in the open ballpark. an upper deck expansion was added in the 1970s. there are two world series played at the stick in 1962 and in 198 9. during the 1989 world series against the oakland as they were shook by an earthquake.
8:51 am
candlestick's enclosure had minor damages from the quake but its design saved thousands of lives. nfl team the san francisco 49ers played at candlestick from feign 71-2013. it was home to five-time super bowl champion teams and hall of fame players by joe montana, jerry rice and steve jones. in 1982, the game-winning touchdown pass from joe montana to dwight clark was known as "the catch." leading the niners to their first super bowl. the 49ers hosted eight n.f.c. championship games including the 2001 season that ended with a loss to the new york giants. in 201, the last event held at candlestick park was a concert by paul mccartney who played with the beatles in 1966, the stadium's first concert. demolition of the stick began in late 2014 and it was completed in september 2015.
8:52 am
the giants had moved to pacific rail park in 2000 while the 49ers moved to santa clara in 2014. with structural claims and numerous name changes, many have passed through and will remember candlestick park as home to the legendary athletes and entertainment. these memorable moments will live on in a place called the stick. (♪♪♪) is --
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> our united states constitution requires every ten years that america counts every human being in the united states, which is incredibly important for many reasons. it's important for preliminary representation because if -- political representation because if we under count california, we get less representatives in congress. it's important for san francisco because if we don't have all of the people in our city, if we don't have all of the folks in california, california and san francisco stand to lose billions of dollars in funding. >> it's really important to the city of san francisco that the federal government gets the count right, so we've created count sf to motivate all -- sf count to motivate all citizens
8:56 am
to participate in the census. >> for the immigrant community, a lot of people aren't sure whether they should take part, whether this is something for u.s. citizens or whether it's something for anybody who's in the united states, and it is something for everybody. census counts the entire population. >> we've given out $2 million to over 30 community-based organizations to help people do the census in the communities where they live and work. we've also partnered with the public libraries here in the city and also the public schools to make sure there are informational materials to make sure the folks do the census at
8:57 am
those sites, as well, and we've initiated a campaign to motivate the citizens and make sure they participate in census 2020. because of the language issues that many chinese community and families experience, there is a lot of mistrust in the federal government and whether their private information will be kept private and confidential. >> so it's really important that communities like bayview-hunters point participate because in the past, they've been under counted, so what that means is that funding that should have gone to these communities, it wasn't enough. >> we're going to help educate
8:58 am
people in the tenderloin, the multicultural residents of the tenderloin. you know, any one of our given blocks, there's 35 different languages spoken, so we are the original u.n. of san francisco. so it's -- our job is to educate people and be able to familiarize themselves on doing this census. >> you go on-line and do the census. it's available in 13 languages, and you don't need anything. it's based on household. you put in your address and answer nine simple questions. how many people are in your household, do you rent, and your information. your name, your age, your race, your gender. >> everybody is $2,000 in funding for our child care, housing, food stamps, and medical care. >> all of the residents in the city and county of san francisco need to be counted in census 2020. if you're not counted, then
8:59 am
your community is underrepresented and will be underserved.
9:00 am
>> supervisor melgar: good afternoon. this meeting will come to order. welcome to the san francisco land use and transportation committee meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. the clerk today is erica major, and i would also like to acknowledge and thank the sfgovtv for staffing this meeting and bringing it to your homes. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: yes, madam chair. the minutes will reflect that the committee members participated in this remote meeting through video conference to the same extent as though they were physically
9:01 am
present. public comment will be available in the following methods. sfgovtv, cable channel 26 and 78 are carrying the meeting, and opportunities to offer public comment are available by calling the number streaming across your stream. that's 415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 2499-311-1928. again, that number is 2499-311-1928, then press pound and pound again. when connected, you will hear the meeting discussion, but you will be muted and in listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up, press star, three to be added to the speaker line.
9:02 am
best practices are to call from a quiet location, speak slowly and clearly, and turn down your television or radio. alternatively, you can submit public comment in either of the following ways: you can e-mail the land use and transportation clerk, erica major. that's or san francisco city hall, 1 carlton b. goodlett place, room 204, san francisco, california, 94102. items acted upon today will be
9:03 am
heard at the october 15, 2021 board of supervisors meeting. >> supervisor melgar: specifically, we must find that it has -- that we have found the circumstances of the state of emergency, and two, that the state of emergency continues to directly impact the ability -- our ability to meet safely in
9:04 am
person, and three, that state and local officials continue to impose and recommend measures to promote social distancing. so tomorrow, the full board will allow a findings motion to allow the board to meet as a whole and continue the state of emergency for the next 30 days, but because we're acting the day before, we need to move on these findings ourselves so that we can proceed with this meeting by teleconference. so i therefore would like to move that we adopt these findings as stated, and before we can vote on that, we have to open this up for public comment. supervisor preston, go ahead. >> supervisor preston: thank you, chair melgar. i just wanted to check, and perhaps you know or with the
9:05 am
deputy city attorney -- or check with the deputy city attorney. are we able to discuss and vote on this without it being agendized? yeah. deputy city attorney. >> supervisor melgar: yeah. city attorney pearson, are you there? >> this is deputy city jensen, and i understand that deputy city attorney pearson had worked it out in advance and it is on the agenda although it's not involved. i know it does show up on the agenda now, that it might be heard today, but my understanding is that you are, in fact, allowed to hear it today. >> supervisor preston: no, and i saw the communication discussing that, but i wasn't sure if we could formally adopt
9:06 am
findings without that motion, but since it is in the agenda, we can do that. >> that's correct. and it's my understanding that the board will be acting in a way tomorrow that will allow it to be enacted for the next 30 days without enacting city legislation. >> supervisor peskin: we met on the rules committee earlier today and adopted the same motion after some scintillating public comment. >> supervisor melgar: okay. if you don't have anything else after that, supervisor preston, let's go to public comment. >> clerk: thank you, madam chair. d.t. is checking to see if there are any callers in the
9:07 am
queue. for those already in the queue, please wait until the system says you are unmuted. kalina is helping us today with public comment. we have nine listeners and one in queue. if you could unmute the caller, please. >> [indiscernible]. >> supervisor melgar: ma'am, i'm so sorry. i'm sorry to interrupt you. this is not the right item. we are voting on something else, but the item that you want to provide comment on is coming up, so stay in the queue, please. >> clerk: madam chair, d.t. has confirmed that there are no more callers in the queue.
9:08 am
>> supervisor melgar: thank you very much, madam clerk. so i have made a role that we adopt these findings. can we take roll on those findings, madam clerk. >> clerk: yes. on the motion as made by chair melgar -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have three ayes. >> chair melgar: thank you, madam clerk. the motion passes. please call item number 1. >> clerk: item number 1 is an ordinance amending the health code, planning code, and police code to extend the sunset date for provisions governing medical khanna dismukes pencearys from december 31, 2021 to december 31, 2022, to extend the sunset date for allowing the conversion of medical cannabis dispensaries
9:09 am
with planning commission approval to [inaudible] meg [inaudible]. >> chair melgar: thank you very much. we have tom temprano,
9:10 am
legislative aid to supervisor mandelman. >> this ordinance will extend cannabis business permits and temporary business permits through december 31, 2022, to convert to medical cannabis use without being subjected to additional use requirements through 2022. i will run through some brief additional information on each of these items. so firstly, this ordinance will allow the health code to allow existing businesses operating under medical cannabis existing permits to continue operating through december 31, 2022. this is necessary to successfully transition or
9:11 am
dispensaries to medical and adult use businesses. for these medical cannabis dispensaries, this ordinance will also extend the date by which these businesses can convert to a cannabis retail use without being subject to an additional cannabis operating license or restrictions to january 31, 2023. the businesses operating under these temporary cannabis business permits are part of the amnesty program that san francisco initiated to allow existing, illegal, nonretail cannabis business operators to come forward, make themselves and their activities known to the city, and to come into compliance with our laws. i will note that this is the second time that supervisor
9:12 am
mandelman has introduced legislation to extend these medical cannabis dispensary and temporary cannabis business permits, and we hope that this is the last time that we have to extend these licenses. the second time this does is extend the cannabis event permit pilot program through december 31, 2023 to allow legal cannabis sales and consumption at temporary events. this allows the office of cannabis to permit for regulated events while ensuring businesses were supplying safe products and were not allowing consumption by underage youth. the ordinance created a pilot phase for the program to allow the city to ramp up cannabis
9:13 am
permits slowly and thoughtfully. due to the covid-19 pandemic, only one permit was issued, and that was for the 2020 grasslands event. so supervisors, thank you again for your consideration of this ordinance. i'm happy to answer any questions, and i am also joined by john pierce and ray law from the office of cannabis who can answer any questions, as well. >> chair melgar: thank you so much, mr. temprano. i did have a couple of questions. i don't see my colleagues on
9:14 am
the roster, so i have a couple of questions for mr. law. are you there, mr. law? there you are. welcome to the meeting. have you had any feedback to update cannabis offices to retail? is there anything that your office is doing to support this? and then, my second question -- and i'll just get it out of the way -- is that requirement of complying with the equity program, and i'm wondering what specific things the -- you know, the businesses are doing as they shift into a new business mode to also comply with the equity program? >> sure. thank you for all the questions. those are good questions, with your first questions about the
9:15 am
m.c.d. pipelines, converting them from dispensaries to article 16 operators, right? so i think it kind of pauses to confer with this group. we had a huge backlog since 2019, with 160 equity applications coming into your pipeline, and that was way beyond most of our expectations, and we created that backlog in late last year,
9:16 am
and we start processing existing operator applications in may of last year. so this pause is a very significant step for our existing operators to confer into the article 16 bill, and we are making some progress, but we just don't see that we are [indiscernible] to convert all of them by the end of this year, which is why we worked with supervisor mandelman to come forward to ask for another year of extension, to ask for this work and continue the momentum and work all of them from the temporary status to permanent status. >> chair melgar: so i'm sorry. if i can just recap it, mr. law, there's been no challenges
9:17 am
on the operational side, it's more the regulatory infrastructure that has led to this being slowed down in terms of the rollout, is that what you're saying? >> that's right. >> chair melgar: okay. >> and those operators have been patiently waiting. and in april of this year, when we knew we were about to process this group of applicants, we host a kind of meeting to kind of walk them through the process, so when the applications are being picked up, they can hit the ground running and go through all the steps associated with this process. >> chair melgar: mr. law, is it your sense that it has affected this in any way or they have just been able to roll out what
9:18 am
they needed to when processing the applications? >> sure. i would say largely this won't impact their ability to do business in san francisco because we do have a temporary authorization for them to sell cannabis at the same time, but that's actually a perfect segue to move to your second question. within 30 days, they're required to submit their report to support the city's equity goal. some of them would [indiscernible] kind of section to demonstrate to equity applicants how to run a business, how to apply for business permit [indiscernible]
9:19 am
manufacture or cultivated by equity applicants across jurisdictions. >> chair melgar: great. thank you so much, mr. law. colleagues, do we have any questions for these folks? okay. so with that, madam clerk, let's take public comment on this item. >> clerk: thank you, madam chair. d.t. is checking to see if we have any callers on hold. if you have not already done so, press star, three to enter the queue. if you have already done so, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. and it looks like we don't have any callers in the queue. >> chair melgar: okay. with that, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we have a motion to send this out of committee with a positive recommendation? >> supervisor peskin: so moved.
9:20 am
>> chair melgar: thank you, supervisor peskin. let's take roll, madam clerk. >> clerk: on the motion to approve item 1 made by supervisor peskin -- [roll call] blal. >> clerk: you have three ayes. >> chair melgar: thank you. the motion passes. madam clerk, please call item 2. >> clerk: item 2 is a motion declaring the board of supervisors to -- [indiscernible]. >> clerk: madam clerk, this is john carroll, back up clerk.
9:21 am
item 2 is resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to real estate name the stairwell at sonora lane between o'farrell street and terra anza avenue, which runs parallel to anza vista and st. joseph's avenues to vicha ratanpakdee way. >> chair melgar: thank you, mr. carroll. joining us is supervisor stefani. supervisor stefani, the floor is yours. >> supervisor stefani: thank you. vicha was well known in his community for his hour long walks every morning, who kept
9:22 am
him healthy and moving this year. earlier this year, he was violently shoved to the ground, causing him to hit his head. the video went viral and was very shocking and hard to see. the crime was just one of many committed against the asian and pacific islander community. when i introduced this back in july at our last meeting, the resolution actually says 7,000 on page 1, on-line 20, so
9:23 am
perhaps we can amendment that at committee, that it's actually 9,000 hate incidents. and just over 13% of these reported incidents involve a physical assault. since his passing, his daughter has worked tirelessly to amplify the voices of those not only in the thai community but those in the pacific islander community and asians to ensure what happened to her father will not happen to anyone else. it's so tragic when we put this type of advocacy on victims, who continue to suffer and mourn the loss of loved ones, and yet, they bear this enormous burden. i was so honored to meet [indiscernible] over the pandemic to discuss what happened -- honored and very sad. it's one of those situations
9:24 am
where you don't know what to say, and the fact that she entrusted me to work on her request, to name the public stairwell after her father is a great honor and feels like i can at least do something. naming the stairwell to vicha ratanapakdee way would show a measure of solidarity with the asian and pacific islander community. i want to thank you again, and for all the work that you are doing and have done to support our aapi neighbors in san francisco. i just want to say one last thing, too. i've obviously been following this. my heart goes out to his daughter and the entire family and her children. and i listen to the new york
9:25 am
times, the daily podcast, and on sunday, i think, september 26, they had one, and it was titled, why was vicha ratanapakdee killed, and when i saw that, i immediately listened to it. to [indiscernible], the strength that you showed that i found out about on that podcast, it's just unfathomable to me what you've had to deal with after your father's death. as someone who's very close to your father, i cannot tell you how it feels when you don't know what to say and don't know what to do, and i hope that this gesture shows that we are with you and with the aapi
9:26 am
community, and this is something that we will continue to work onto stop aapi hate, so thank you for entrusting me to carry forward this resolution and i'm hoping my colleagues will support it, as well. thank you. >> chair melgar: thank you very much, supervisor stefani, and thank you for the support that you have provided for the family. if there are no comments or questions, colleagues, please, let's take public comment on this item. i know that there are a number of callers that are waiting to provide public comment. madam clerk? >> clerk: thank you, madam chair. d.t. is checking to see if there are any callers in the
9:27 am
queue. if you have not done so already, please press star, three to be added to the queue. for those that have already done so, please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. we have 12 listeners and five in queue. kalina, if you could unmute the first listener. >> hi, can you guys hear me? >> clerk: yes, please begin. >> okay. i just want to say that i am in support of renaming the stairwell at sonora lane to
9:28 am
vicha ratanapakdee way. there's no question that vicha was targeted because of the color of his skin, and he was murdered because of the color of his skin. >> clerk: thank you so much. next caller, please. we have 11 listeners with seven in the queue. >> hi. hello, can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, please begin.
9:29 am
>> okay. hi. my name is vinita lui, and i want to say hello to chair melgar and supervisors stefani, preston, and peskin. vicha ratanapakdee way is not a street, it's a set of stairs that's a shortcut into our neighborhood. we're not considering naming an alley or a whole street. it's a set of stairs, and i live in this neighborhood, and i still can't believe what happened to this grandpa. so i am in favor of naming sonora lane, a set of stairs, and our neighborhood is only about five blocks circumference
9:30 am
to commemorate his name and for his grand kids to hear his name and to talk about and tell his story. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. hello, caller. you're on the line. >> hello. this is [indiscernible] and i am calling in support of changing sonora way to vicha ratanapakdee, and i need some sort of story for my
9:31 am
future and children's future. i think this is a good move and one that needs to be in full support of. thank you. i'm done. >> clerk: thank you. next caller, please. >> yes, i'm here. can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, go ahead. >> hello? yeah, yeah. my name is baird fong. i'm a native san francisco, and born and raised and raised my three kids as well as with my wife. i want to support the renaming
9:32 am
of this stairs in honor of mr. vicha, and the reason being is not only do i salute, and we should salute the stop of the hate again asian and aapi elders as well as individuals, i think that this could be an honorable step in the right direction to build alliances and coalitions with all of our neighbors -- black, latino, everyone -- to make a better san francisco. so hope all of you on our board of supervisors can use this as a marker to build a brotherhood and sisterhood in san francisco that we all can be proud of and have been in the past. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker? we have five in queue.
9:33 am
>> hi. my name is forest. i'd like to thank chair melgar, supervisor peskin, supervisor preston, for hearing me out today, and i'd like to especially thank supervisor stefani for hearing this today. earlier this year, i was just a regular joe, and the death of vicha inspired me to leave my career and become an activist in the fight against hate against the asian and pacific islander community. he made me want to do what i do every day, which is to forward our issues. it would mean so much to the organization that i represent, community safety chinatown, and
9:34 am
the community, if we could change the name to vicha ratanapakdee way. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have nine listeners and five in queue. >> hi. i'm [indiscernible] and i'm calling in expressing support for the renaming of this stairwell in honor of vicha's memory, as well. i'm calling because i'm the child of immigrants, and the story of immigrants is the story of struggle. my own family faced racism growing up in the community, but i see a glimmer of hope in the movement that's galvanized a call for justice, and i believe the best way to call
9:35 am
for justice is to rename the stairway in honor of vicha. thank you so much, and i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you. we have nine listeners and three in the queue. >> hello? >> clerk: hello. go ahead. >> hi. my name is will, and i'm a s.f. native, and i support the renaming of the sonora lane to the vicha ratanapakdee. i echo a lot of what the previous callers have said, that grandpa vicha has been a catalyst for the community and the stop asian hate movement,
9:36 am
and i am in support of this. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. next caller. >> hi. i'm [indiscernible] i am also an anza vista resident, and i think that we as a community can heal from all of the aapi hate that's plagued our country. it's been so scary, knowing that that's what's going on. this happened across the street from my house, so please, i support this wholeheartedly. thank you very much. bye. >> clerk: thank you. madam chair, d.t. has confirmed that was the last caller in queue. >> chair melgar: thanks very much, madam clerk. thank you, supervisor stefani,
9:37 am
for bringing this to the committee. i hope that if this goes up with a positive recommendation, that there can be a small step of healing for the family of vicha ratanapakdee and remembering. colleagues, can we have -- >> supervisor stefani: chair melgar, can i say one more thing? >> chair melgar: yes. >> supervisor stefani: i just want to thank commissioner lui and everybody who called in. this street is called sonora lane, but it is a stairwell, so so -- you can pull it up, and it's there.
9:38 am
if you could amend the paperwork to reflect 9,000 instead of 7,000, and again, thank you to everyone who called in, and i look forward to your support. >> chair melgar: thank you, supervisor stefani. i saw supervisor peskin raise his hand. are you making a motion to amend? yes, thank you. madam clerk, let's take the motion to amend ad stated onto the record by supervisor stefani and made by supervisor peskin. >> clerk: on the motion as stated on page 1, line 20, updating 7,000 to 9,000 -- [roll call] >> clerk: chair melgar, you have three ayes. >> chair melgar: thank you. supervisor peskin, did you also move as amended? >> supervisor peskin: i will
9:39 am
make a motion to send the item as amended with positive recommendation. >> supervisor melgar: thank you. madam clerk? >> clerk: on the motion as stated -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have three ayes. >> supervisor melgar: thank you so much, madam clerk. the motion passes. will you please call the next item? >> clerk: yes. item 3 is an ordinance amending the planning code to allow neighborhood serving social service and philanthropic facility uses in chinatown mixed use districts with conditional use authorization, change the provision for abandonment of a use that exceeds a use size maximum in chinatown mixed use districts, change the use size limit and use size maximum in the chinatown community business
9:40 am
district, exempt institutional community uses and legacy basis restaurants in chinatown mixed use districts from use size limits, and making the appropriate findings. for those of you listening who would like to make public comment, dial 415-655-0001 and enter meeting i.d. 2499-311-1928. press pound and pound again, and then star, three to enter the queue. >> chair melgar: thank you. we continued this from last year to allow time for substantive amendments.
9:41 am
supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you, chair melgar, for continuing this not once, not twice, but three times, and hopefully, we can send this to the full board with recommendation after public comment. >> supervisor melgar: thank you, supervisor peskin. with that, madam clerk, let's take public comment if there are any. >> clerk: thank you, madam chair. for those in the queue, please wait until the system indicated you have been unmuted, and for those who have not already done so, press star, three to enter the queue. and it looks like there are no callers in the queue. >> chair melgar: thank you so much. so colleagues, do we have a motion to send this out of committee with a positive recommendation? >> supervisor peskin: so moved. >> chair melgar: madam clerk, can we have a roll call on the
9:42 am
item, please. >> clerk: on the motion as stated -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have three ayes. >> chair melgar: thank you. that motion passes. madam clerk, will you please call the next item. >> clerk: yes. item 4 -- actually, there's no item 4. that completes the business for today. >> chair melgar: thank you. as a friendly reminder, the land use and transportation committee will not be meeting next monday, october 11, 2021, in honor of indigenous peoples day. have a good week, everyone, and we will return to our regular meeting on october 18.
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