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tv   Redistricting Task Force  SFGTV  October 9, 2021 6:00am-11:01am PDT

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>>. >> thank you. i like to call the october 4, 2021 redistricting task force meeting to order . and the time is 6:08 as our starttime tonight . as it constrains us we will get startedwith the agenda item number one . item 2, approval of the minutes, yes. >> mister chair, before we get started for broadcast to make sure everyone is able to reach us i should go over brief announcementsto let people know how to connect to our meeting and access the feed . the minutes will reflect the task force members
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participating in this remote meeting through videoconference to the same extent they wer physically present in a meeting space, presumably city hall at this point . the task force recognizes public access is essential and invites public participation in the following ways . public comments will be available on many items on today's agenda each speaker will be provided three minutes to speak your opportunity to speak is available by phone by dialing 415-655-0001 . the meeting id for today's meeting is 2485 328 8823 after you've entered the meeting id , dial the pound symbol twice to conduct to the meeting. whenyou enter you will hear discussions but your line will be muted and in listening mode only . when your item of interest comes up front dial star 3 to
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be added to the speaker line. best practices are to call from a quiet location, speak clearly and slowly and turn down your television, radio, streaming device or whatever you may be using. alternativelyyou may submit public comments in either of the following ways . i am the redistricting task force clerk and you can reach me at can reach the redistricting task force care of the office of the clerk of the board to the hall one doctor carlton b goodlett place room 244 san francisco california 94102 and mister chair before we get started with one more thing we have a request today for interpretive services to be on the line and through our partnership with the office of
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civic engagement and immigrant affairs we have a number of interpreters year to assist us. one is agnes lee who will be providing interpretive assistance for public commenters who may have comments in chinese . connie is available for speakers of spanish and raymond boris is here for speakers of filipino. agneslee , could you please provide inchinese instructions for accessing today's proceedings by phone ? >>. [speaking chinese]
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>> thank you agnes. tonya, are you able to do the same for us forspanish-speaking members of the public ? >>. [speaking spanish]
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>>. >> clerk: raymond, are you there to provide assistance for speakers in filipino? >> good evening. [speaking filipino]
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>> thank you raymond and miste chair, that concludes our announcement at the beginning of the meeting . back to you. >> chair: let's proceed with theagenda . for october four, 2021. i should ask i believe at this point if any of the members have any issues with the agend . or anything theymight want to be pulled from the agenda ? seeing no one, there he is. >> there is no one in the role. >> thank you for letting me know. so if i could have a motion to approve the agenda .
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>> clerk: it's not necessary for us tohave a motion to approve the agenda . we can move forward. we can call rule to make sure that recorded is everyone who is here. >> chair: okay. >> clerk: agenda item 1 is rollcall. when you hearname indicate that you are present . [rollcall] >>. [rollcall]
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>> clerk: mister chair, all members are present. >> chair: then we can proceed to item 2. >> clerk: agenda item number two is approval of minutes from the september 17, 2021 inauguralmeeting . this is a discussion and action item and we will be taking public comments. members who wish public comment on the minutes shouldcall the call in number. 415-655-0001 . enter the meeting id of 2485 328 8823. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and press star 3 to speak. wait until the system indicates you have raised your hand and that you have been under muted and that willbegin your opportunity to provide your
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comments . >> chair: i don'tsee any members who have comment on the minutes . if there are none, we can proceed to public comment or should we? >> clerk: i'm seeing member lee has entered his name into the roster. >> chair: i looked a minuteago. i guess it was raised after i looked . member lee. >> thank youchair townsend. i would like to moveunanimous consent to make the following amendments to the minutes . or item number one , that member guilt be corrected to memberhernandez gil and for item number five , the spelling of carol ito a public comment or be corrected to caryl.
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>> chair: is therea second ? >> chair: moved andproperly seconded .mister carol, should we have perfect public comment? >> clerk: we shouldalways before these amendments would be in order . i see that member hernandez gil has his name. >> chair: i do see somebody. mister hernandez gil. >> my name was brought up, if we could add the accent on the a of hernandez, that would be appreciate . if we're going to be connectin
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. >> clerk: i have to get in here physically and makethese changes so just one moment . okay, i will add that throughout. >> chair: perfect, are we awaiting apublic comment on this item ? >> we are working today with joe atkins from the operations division of the office ofthe clerk of the board of supervisors ringing us our public comments callers . please press star 3 and for those already on hold please continue to wait until you have been under muted and that will begin your opportunity to provide yourcomments to the redistricting task force . mister atkins, do we have any colors on the line ?
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>> there is one caller in the queue. >> chair: yes. >> clerk: caller, please go ahead. >> caller: can youhear me okay? >> clerk: please begin . >> caller: evening task force members. i too was going to point out caryl which appears twice on page 2. i did not catch member hernandez gil on page 1, i apologize for that and i noted there was an odd page break between page 4 page 5. in the future if i notice something on the draft minutes i'll try tocommunicate that to the clerk in advance of the meetings . thanks very much. >> chair: thankyou. >> clerk: thank you, are there any further callers ?
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>> there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you very much. >> chair: .good. i believe we have a motion. >> clerk: mister chair, a small amount of housekeeping. if you could close public comment on the minutes. >> chair: i'll get used to it. seeing no onefurther , public comment is now closed and we can move forward with the motion on the floor and i believe it was properly seconded. >> clerk: i'm seeing member cooper has his name in the roster. >> it was my understanding that the motion earlier, i don't know if we had a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting with the edits raised by members lee and hernandez gil and mister
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philpell. >> chair: we were trying to get theamendments first . which i believe is the proper order. to vote on the amendments and then we will vote on the approval of the agenda as amended. am i correct? >> clerk: that sounds like a fine way to pursue. >> chair: to get back to the amendments that were offered , do ihave , i have a second i believe 's. >> clerk: there was a motion seconded by chair reiner. >> chair: did you call the role? >> clerk: as longas we're going public meeting we should call the role . [roll call vote] mister chair,
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there is no opposition. >> chair: you. i believe we can call the next item .
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>> clerk: we can call the next itemexcuse me, that was my courtney . >> point of order mister chair. >> clerk: do wehave moved to adopt the minutes ? [inaudible] >> chair: is there a second? >> member appears, i second. >> chair: thank you. properly moved and seconded, are you ready to call the question. >> clerk: on themotion that the minutes be approved as amended member jeremy lee . [roll call vote]
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>> clerk: there is no opposition once again. >> chair: and its approved and we are moving on to item number three i believe. >> clerk: agenda item 3 is resolution to allow teleconferencemeetings under california go to section 54953(e) . this is a discussion and action item and we will be taking public comments on this resolution members of the public should
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call the public comment call in number which is415-655-0001 . enter the meeting id of 2485 328 8823 . press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and star 3 to speak. the system prompt line will indicate you have been permitted to speak and you may then begin your comments. mister chair. >> chair: are there any member hands? i'm looking and i don't see on at this point . >> chair: mister lee. >> i have a few questions i want to ask the attorney's office. is this like a standard resolution that has been adopted by other commissions and committees already?>>
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should i write my name in there? >> clerk: please. >> this is a standard resolution. if there were any meeting bodies that met prior to today beginning october 1 of today , it would have had to have adopted 8361 and this is the standard resolution proposed to all meeting bodies thatare going to be meeting remotely . >> i have another question about in the first result that for at least the next three days we think the task force will continue to occur exclusivelyby teleconferencing technology . so does that mean we are locking ourselves into virtual
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only forthe next 30 days if i'm reading this correctly ? >> yes, pursuant to the mayor's emergency declaration, all meeting bodies will be set for the board of supervisors and all meeting bodies and personnel matters here are exempted from meeting in person until november 1. which are at any point until the mayor and in person prohibition. >> that takes a lot of my mind, thank you very much. >> chair: i don't see it indicated but isthere anybody else ? that has issues or requests? is everyone clear or do we nee
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more from the city attorney's office on this issue seeing no one , mister caryl, public comment. >> clerk: we continue to work with joe atkinsbringing us callers . for those who have already connected please use star 3 to be added to the queue tospeak . for those already on hold please continue to wait until you are prompted to begin. you will have prompts to inform you your line has been under muted. before we take public comment if i can ask miss lee to repeat the public comment call in instructions in chinese followed by connie tsai in spanish and then raymond morris is filipino. >> chair: ibelieve christine has joined us .
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>> caller: i'm ready. >>. [speaking filipino] >> thank you. >>. [speaking spanish]
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>> clerk: speakup, we can barely hear you . i think that may be better. [speaking spanish] [speaking
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spanish] >> clerk: thank you mister boris and we are joined by christine korell or to provide interpretation services in summerlin. could you provide instruction for callers whowish to provide public comment on item 3 ?
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i see that she is connected. but it appears to be an unattendedline . mister atkins, do we have any callersonline ? >> there is onecolor in the queue.>> clerk: please connect us . >> caller: can you hear me again? >> clerk: yes. >> caller: david philpell. there were two minor glitches on the third page of the resolution and the first further result redistricting task force has an extra period after task force and in the finer final further result looks like there was a typo in the city attorney's template . the last line i believe could
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read the clerk is directed to place a resolution on the agenda and it reads place a section resolution. iwould suggest those minor edits . >> chair: thank you. >> clerk: mister atkins, any furthercallers in the queue ? >> there are nofurther callers in the queue . >> chair: wonderful. and do we need to have a motion to accept this item 3? >> clerk: let's first close public comment. >> chair: public comment is now closed on itemnumber three . are there any memberswho have further comments ?
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>> i'm not seeingany further members . >> do we need to have a motion toapprove this item ?>> clerk: yes. >> chair: so moved and actually before that i think dcf has additionalcomments to share with the task force . >> i just want to repeat that the public comment is a suggestion so you want to approve the resolution as is, i'll delete that as well especially sincethey were mostly minor . so if you'd like to approve the resolution it would be fine. >> if that's okay with everyon
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. >> clerk: icmember appears as his name and the roster . >> chair: member appears. >> i'd like to make a motion to approve the amendment as it is. >> clerk: toapprove the motion of an amendment that comes from the public ? >> i'dlike to approve the resolution as it stands . >> chair: is there a second. >> second by member jeremy lee. >> chair: properly moved and seconded for the question . >> clerk: on the motion by member jeremy lee that the motion be approved, member jeremy lee. [roll call vote]
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>> clerk: thereis no opposition. >> chair: very good , the motion is approved. the resolution isapproved rather and we can move to item 4 . >> clerk: agenda item for his discussion of regular meeting date times and locations including discussion of possibilities for off-site meetings .this is a discussion and possible action
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item . we will be taking publiccomment following these remarks. members who wish to provide public comment on this item should call the public comment call in number which is 415-655-0001 . after the meeting id of 2485 328 8823 , press the pound symbol twice andpressed star 3 to enter the queue to speak . a system prompt willindicate you have raised her hand . wait until the system indicates you have been undermuted and you may begin your comments . prior to public comment we will ask our interpreter to also provide instructions in language. so we will do that when we get to public commentsmister chair . >> chair: are there any comments from members? not seeing any right now. i do want to say just very briefly that we have a month and i wouldn't mind if we put this on the agenda for next
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month. and maybe we will just wait until we get to that item because i think people may want to come in but we need to get some proposals on how i think how we think we want to do off-site. i think they are essential.i would prefer having those in person so i'm willing to wait to see what november brings in light of that. if not, then we could have virtual meetings that we would have a virtual meeting and we could designate that meeting of a certain date to discuss district 1 or district 5 or however we want to do it i think that's trying to involve as much of the citizenry as we can in this process is one of the most serious responsibilities i think that we have. so if it's all right with the
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members , i would like us to go up to discussthis more in depth . if people want to look at it over the next month and comein with ideas or proposals on how these meetingscould happen , understanding the time we have , we should be prepared to have at least 11 if not more. so one for each district where we could make access easier if that's that's my comment on it and i'm willing to listen. i see somebody. >> clerk: member huber has his name in the roster. >> thank you, i heard a question for chair video. one thing i didn't really touch on here are what it would look like to have a remote meeting that is not on sfgov tv and
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what thatprocess would entail . how that would lookand how it would be different for the public . >> member cooper, i am the clerk of the board. we do have a presentation for the committee which i think dovetails very nicely with chair reverend townsend's request to have you consider this item at the next meeting or at a later time we'd like to provide our presentation so we can put out theconsiderations that we think you might be interested in and answer member cooper's questions . >> chair: miss caryl, could we move to that and consider both ofthese afterwards or should we deal with item 4 first ?
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>> i believe the clerk of the board is prepared to provide presentations life for members of the task force as well as the public watching on sfgov tv right now. >> with your permission mister chair. >>. >> chair: absolutely, would you proceed. >> i'm here today with wilson ng who is the operations deputy for the department providing the bulk of this presentation. after september 17 meeting we agreed to return this evening with considerations that may assist you in contemplating the timing for hosted redistricting task force in the community and if you do decide to host the public in person, and if a remote system , if we're able to use the remote system which
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will be dependent as you'll soon find out on the locations that we choose. during this covid-19 health emergency. the presentation is about 13 slides and we are happy to take questions at the end so i will ask mister and to begin the presentation and once he arrivesat slide 12 i will finish the presentation . >> hello members, director ang for the office of the board. before we dive into our presentation provided in the slides are some decision points we'd like to bring to your consideration. of whether proceedings may proceed in person or remote. we ask you keep in mind as we make our presentation is that you asked task force members ought to convene person. just to see if we can go to th next slide . again, the first point is
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whether you asked task force members ought to convene remotely or in person and the second point is whether public comment and participation is to be conducted remotely or in person. while also considering affordable access, confirming those who can participate remotely but not in person and memberswho can participate in person but not remotely . as a matter of opinion the public feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. if task force members convene with a no public comment option either telephonically or of my other remote means must be provided to the public with issuing advice regarding the policy during the covid-19 emergency.if task force members convene in person either in person or remote public comments may be provided but as a disclaimer on our end a hybrid of both in person and
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remote public comment may pose him technical and logistical challenges and we will need to conduct additional discovery with our it and operationaland take a look at our resources . since this may be also dependent on specific facilities capacity to accommodate. just for reference, the board of supervisors has held fully remote meetings from march 2020 through may 2021 and is held in person meetings without members of the public on site since june 2021 in city hall city center. the civic center at city hall in compliance with local and state health orders while others have either not met or offered to hold fullyremotely meetings this is subject to change but would like to provide that as a point of reference . lastly as for the previous
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items, per the previous items presented by the city attorney's office for the recentlyenacted california district 1 and city attorney's memo issued october 28 of september , beginning october 1 policy bodies must regularly adopt to continue to hold remote meetings as you currently know.we will be addressing thismore comprehensively and later slides keep this in mind the presenter needs logistics to initiate in person meetings . on the next slide. operationally at a high level the minimum required are the contingencies necessary to operate meetings remotely and in person respectively . as you know we are currently conducting our hearing with public participation remotely so our focus in today's presentation will to be the layout the level of effort for the task force consideration
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should you move in the direction of in person. the main island environment for in person meetings are resources and plan for health order of compliance and more importantly the possibility for occasional enforcement. location and accessibility facilities and more importantly the availability of the facilities andconsideration of the state of emergency whether they are available for reservation the on-site resources , staffing and infrastructure requirements toconduct in person meetings and confirming funding and cost for rentals, reading and etc. . let's go to the next slide. contingent on the aforementioned requirements identified in budget cost location, resources etc. our office will need to assess all information, the feasibility of the facility, meeting logistics, technology, needs of the public to ensure its equally say an equitable participatory process.
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you can go to thenext slide . next slide please. can we go to the next slide? >> i advanced. >> i can continue. in consideration of the facilities, in consideration of identified facilities for in person meetings, presented in the previous slide, not this slide but the previous slide are the considerations we need, namely number of locations, geographic locations and architecture amenities provide by each facility .
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architecturalconsiderations include the size, capacity and number of rooms for breakout, equipmentstorage and of it available ada restrooms . we will needcustodians for cleaning and support . parking and transit accessibility ,loading zones for staff , air ventilation and windows. aside from temperature control ventilation is a safety measure as recommended by the health officer so that's nice to have as well. ada accessibility, ramps, accessible fixed routes such as tables, water fountains, parking and also fire code compliance to ensure they have an emergency plan and available signage. on the next slide are the list of locations we have used. in past task force meetings. our office has submitted approvals to the community
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partners that will work with you to confirm whether those sites are still available for resolution during the emergency. we are pending their availability and wehave not yet heard back . we have heard, we haven't heard back from everybody but we did hear back from lunch at confirming they are not taking reservations but we are hopeful with rec and parks and hopefully with the remaining community partners as well locations will be dependent on confirming specific meeting dates and justice specific accommodations we need at those locations. if the locations are not available for reservation we will take all questions from the task force as far as viable sites to expand 11 districts to accommodate but we are open to yourrecommendations .
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at this time we don't know what infrastructure is available at the prospective locations and are uncertain whether remote meetings will be feasible at any location and were not willing to commit to that just yet because there's a lot of questions from our it staff that depend heavily on the specific location and may vary from location tolocation . and as you may know remote meetings have not been conducted in past redistricting task force meetings and remote meetings have been a recent development and accommodation in response to the covid-19 emergency.low participation will be dependent on infrastructure and facility accommodation and the available technology personnel as well to set up, support, moderate equipmentand potentially fatal cast . or stream. we have been informed technology personnel are experiencing staffing shortages
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and are stretched thin to their maximum potential so additional resources pacifically technology staffing will need to be considered. that is something we are in discussion with our department internally about. in terms of on-site non-technical staff in our office has been in correspondence with dem and department of elections and have identified additional supportstaff for conducting meetings. that is something , these are ongoing discussions and are in the works. next slide please. logistical considerations. logistical considerations when assessing available facilities include but are not limited to tables and chairs for task force members, press, ada and the generalpublic . ideally that would be provided by the facility if not that is something that we would
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resource hours of operation must be available during the scheduled hearing hours ofthe task force. proximity to food and water for members of the public and yourself . availability of dpe and having cleaning protocolsin place at the location . our office has ppe provisions for staff and task force members and upon request for members of the public we need to prevent enforcement action potentially. but as a general disclaimer if we have a large number of peoplecome in on mast , we don't have such as ppe and resourcing for allmembers of thepublic . only upon request . so members of the public are expected to provide their own ppe and applicable signage will need to be available on-site as
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well to inform members of the public . another requirementis network connectivity, wi-fi and ethernet . we have to have a reliable connection to ethernet per my survey to it staff and infrastructure needs to be vetted and tested by staff. we will also need access to copiers for administrative functions, proper signage whether it be health and safety , signagewith instruction on the public ,emergency exit , emergency signage and so forth. we will need to consider security and also need to look into how we would potentially enforce health orders and the rules of order during proceedings . and they would need to ensure the public has discovered as access . all the provisions based on
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facility as well and we don't want members of public going into restricted areas. if there are any restricted areas and then public comment administration which we will address on the way to this slide . we can move on to the next slide. technological considerations forthe meetings are presented in slides for you . computers and laptops for members, staff and departments, network connectivity as i mentioned before but with an emphasis on them being reliable and having significant bandwidth to accommodate the meeting . a reliable hard-line ethernet connection is a must if any remote element is to be expected. that is going to be one of our criteria that goes hand-in-hand with the vetting offacilities which isthe first item . electrical outlets, significant electrical outlets and power
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strips . we need to ensure outlets without overloading the circuits of that facility so preferably a more recent location with a building would be preferable to an older but that's certainly something we can work around. activity for the clerks, sound systems, video capabilities for displays. and then we also have to consider how usable it is for media services. we have a media services edict but that is for their responsible for city hall only so ideally we would need to address the meeting needs on-site as well. also we have to take a look at sfgov tv usability if there's a remote element which if sfgov tv is expected to be on site or the coverage of in person
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meetings, that's currently tentative and i think we will need to engage in further discussionswith department of technology . but media services and sfgov tv are going to be need to be surveyed respectively to confirm the usability and we will defer to them as our subject matter experts in those regards. but it will be very heavily site-specific based on the infrastructure that's available. there is also the general policy consideration of which if any task force meetings will be cable cast and live streamed. these we included these considerations for the purpose of our presentation and will address sfgov tv availability on the way to the slide but at this time we are an ongoing discussions with their divisions as well for usabilit . since usability is location and time dependent.
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if we can go to the next slide. staffing needs. our office anticipates uploads of 30+ staffing members needed to support our participants to conduct in person meetings on site. just include members and elected officials of that particular district potentiall . cop staff, it which consists o it staff, legislative staff and operational. department of elections staff . interpreters and in minimum of three languages and american sign language upon request and if interpreters are not available outside interpreters willneed to be available at additional cost . media support staff, media services staff dependent on whether the meetings are remote or in person whichagain subject
6:51 am
to discussion . we will need a building manager on site, building engineer to manage the temperature of the room , to troubleshoot any potential issues and custodians on-site.we may potentially need sheriff and other sf pd staff for enforcement and general crowd control. just general staffing expectations, in the actual actual availability of staff is dependent on priorities and consideration of any staff impacted by the state of emergency . at this time we been informed when it comes to in person meetings offsite there may be somestaffing and resource limitations with media services , sfgov tv, sheriff and sf pd
6:52 am
staff. they will need to coordinate further and discuss with their respective department heads . additionally we're in coordination with oci a, office of civic engagement for interpretation and we currently are working with them on an mo youto provide staffing as available in four languages of chinese, spanish and filipino . next slide. so the health and safety of our public is of the utmost priority as well as equitable access to all public proceedings presented for you now a considerationto members of the public to attend in person meetings . this includes but is not limited to handouts, signage, custodial services, interpretation devices as needed. ada accommodation and distancing accommodations as needed. regarding the last bullet poin , remote versus in person publiccomment , constituents,
6:53 am
sorry. consistent and in accordance with the latest attorney's advice regarding the use of policiesduring the emergency , when policy bodies old remote meetings we must ensure the public is able to listen and offer public comment telephonically toelectronic meetings as i mentioned earlier in one of the earlier slides . will defer to the city attorney's office in affirmative but we believe remote participation may not require these meetings where members of thepublic participate in person . that may change but i will defer to the city attorney's office . i will clock an agenda, a hybrid of both in person and remote public comments increasing the potential for technical difficulties . also we make every effort to minimize that. for there may be potential barriers based on the mere infrastructure at the facility so we work with whatwe have . but our office and staff would
6:54 am
like to ensure that this is communicated that it's an insurance inherent with that comes with the territory of holding an off-site meeting. while we make every effort to ensure public equitable public participation and access, there are elements that are naturally outside of our control capability in the new facility for in this case multiple facilities. that adopts both in person and telephonic participation, this has not yet been tested and not used in past redistricting task force meetings. and the next slide, on i suppose the next steps. per california city attorney's advice memo beginning october, policy bodies most regularly about remote meetings.
6:55 am
under normal circumstances it imposes special requirements for remote meetings including requirements to provide special notice of the public and allow members of the public to attend each teleconferencelocation and observed each policy body member at the location calling into the meeting . ada 361 suspends these requirements forthe governor's proclamation of the state emergency provided to the policy body . let's see. and so there are next steps would be to confirm whether suspension is done after the applicable task force will continue to be applicable . which will determine whether remote meetings continue . will also need to confirm whether the task force intends to conduct public comment in person or remotely based on what is the provisions and acted and inconsideration of a logistical consideration that we presented here before you today on the next slide , will address handling which will be
6:56 am
presented by our madam clerk . >> you can breathe now. all right. iapologize members , my number wasn't on before but i keep keep my staff attaching that. i like to switch the meeting dates and times and the cable casting or streaming on this slide slide 12sfgov tv has provided the following dates . they confirm they have availability to cable cast and live stream for a remote meeting only. you can see there there's the firstand third mondays and the first and fourth writings an approximatetotal of-21 days . other dates may be available . however our staff would need to confer further with sfgovtv and media services . if you have specific dates you would like to either meet remotely and eventually when we go into the public meeting in public. please note that sfgov tv's current availability for remote
6:57 am
public comment support is limited. to correctly just remote. we have also been advised by sfgov tv in person meetings may not have the ability to the cable cast and live stream as mister and mentioned but our office will engage in further discussions and discovery with sfgov tv. and with other questions that you might have read mister and is with us but we're still available to answer any questions thatyou might have . i believe that concludes our presentation and thank you for the opportunity to present this today.>> mister chair,i'm seeing member appears in the line . are you there?
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you may be havingsome technical issues. member pierce are you able to ? >> on your somehow. member pierce. >> quick question. thank you for the presentation. i was wondering what if we and community sites and facilities in the various districts that are already webex capable. should we makethose suggestions to you now. or should we wait until we actually have a vote on this . >> you are muted madam clerk. i'm sorry. >> sorry about that. i think we're happy to take your recommendations now. just to tossthem out so we can do some due diligence , and then by the timethe task force is ready to take up the matter , we will already have some
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work done under our belt that we can bring you that could inform the discussion. >> i'll startcompiling the list . >> chair: i highly recommend any other members that can be helpful indistricts where they live we appreciate it . any other members .>> member jeremylee has this name and the roster . >>. >> chair: mister lee. >> several questions so my first is to the clerk's office. i heard you mentioned that sometimes like we hold in district meetings it might not be possible to broadcast them liveon sfgov tv but is there still the capability for them to be recorded ? >> mister ang. >> there is the capability of
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being recorded. i can advise myit staff that we can record audio . deal capability for recording i think that is to be determined unless our it staff can opine. john, would you be able to opine on the video recording capabilities? or will we need todo additional discovery ? >> i got confirmation we would be able to record the webex meeting like we didfor our inaugural meeting . >> chair: very good. >> in terms of the off-site or in person meeting, is there a possibility forthat to have video with it ? >> i would have to double check with sfgov tv that we are trying to report for inperson meetings we would need to double check on what video equipment is
7:01 am
available . >> may i add for the chair to member lee? i am under the impression at this point that sfgov tv does not have ... i don't know if the word is capacity at this point to go into the community as the board schedule or committeeschedule , the charter commission meetings are all taking up their resources at thispoint . as mister ang mentionedearlier, there are staffing considerations for his team as well . we will work further with sfgov tv and determine if in fact that's still true. >> chair: thank you. did you have anything else mister lee? >> i have several more questions. my next question for mister ang on slidesix . you listed out just past
7:02 am
locations. my understanding from the presentation is that it's a work inprogress and you're still collecting sites . i just want to ask that from the clerk's office, when we receive the full list can we also see the sites that were rejected and why? just so we're not pursuing things that youguys have ruled out for whatever reason ? >> absolutely and we will be glad toshare that . >> next, i have noticed that the requirements especially during covid are quite high. so can we also get assurances from the clerk's office that you all can provide at least one viable location in every singledistrict ? >> contingent that the sites
7:03 am
are available, contingent that they have a hard wireline that we can connect to. and that it can accommodate a large enough capacity, we will makeevery effort to do this . and we are absolutely open to the task forcesrecommendations onlocations as well and any location you provide us , we will be glad to reach out and that those locations . >> to member lee, i think just to follow up on what mister ang indicated, we recognize there are 11 districts and multiple communities so to your point we have to have at least 11 sites so we respect that and as mister ang stated we willdo our
7:04 am
best to bring you multiple sites if that's what the task force needs . >> thank you madam clerk. my next question iskind of more directed to you madam clerk . all these requirements kind of indicate to me that there will beincreased funding needs for the task forces work . in your opinion, do we have enough funding to conduct these meetings and do we need todo some advocacy to the board of supervisors to. additional funds >> to member lee , what we've been doing to prepare for the redistricting task force is calling in markers across the department and for the task force literally, my 21 years, 22, who knows now. i literally made relationships in all the departments and calling on those relationships
7:05 am
to bring resources to this body. and while we're nowhere near yet we're still working. some of items that mister and mentioned . we've already begun the work. tables and chairs, we are already trying to put in the city can bring us tables and chairs ? who in the city has the needs for staffing. john rns hasoffered up a lot for this body thus far . adrian pond aswell. we are not yet done conducting our resources your point , i think what would be best is the board of supervisors, they and i have a very good relationship and the minute we know that we're missing a resource or something i will come to you and let this body know. and at the same time let the board know i, i can assume where some of those holes might be were going to try to circle the wagons and bringthe
7:06 am
resource and if not i will definitely call on this body . >> thank you madam clerk. and then my final question, i think it's might be a bit more directed towards the city attorney's office. but do we have to be ability to make the in person meetings vaccine only events. >> commissioner, i don't know at this time. i think that's sort of a review of the health officer.>> member lee, we personally can't control that. and as the task force you can't control that i would have to be on the public health officer's orders. on the mayor. >> that is all of the questions
7:07 am
for me. i think all members for their patients. i yield. >> thank you. and the vaccine question is one we can explore. as we move forwardis there any other members that have questions . >> i'm seeing member cooper is next in the roster.>> i thought i sawhis name . please sir. >> my question i'll sort of circle back to questions earlier. looking at the remote meeting schedule and sfgov tv schedule and seeing that meeting relatively limiting especially if you're stuck going into january andfebruary and not being able to do community meetings . i'm curious if you go over mister anger or madam clerk could go over the what the
7:08 am
remote meeting would look like from the public and what our remote meeting would involve. sfgov tv and from the elections commission which a third of us, they have a web. >> setup going on and there are other options. i'm curious if we choose to have our regular meetings or choose to have remote sort of point-and-click community meetingsif it comes to that . come winter or spring, what that would look like ifwe're outside of the sfgov tv schedule . >> through the chair, to mister and, canyou provide the answer to this question . >> so if, if cable testing and streaming is available provided by sfgov tv is only available for remote meetings,that's those with , those are the dateson the schedule . if meetingscontinue remote , we
7:09 am
can continue providing coverage for those specific dates. if we're talking in person meetings offsite at multiple different locations, we this time haven't committed resources or support for off-site in person meetings at this time. thosewould , how thatwould essentially look like , there would be hypotheticallyspeaking it would be in person only . and public comments would need to be taken in person . that meeting would be a standalone meeting that's not cable casted or streamed . wewould , it would be recorded on site either audio only or is there can be a video elements, that's something we would need to vet with our it folks. it's not somuch about the equipment, it's about staffing ofwhether we can live video
7:10 am
coverage on site or not . does that answer the question ? >> i was asking specifically aboutremote meetings and specifically just , there's only like 15 or 16 yellow squares on thecalendar . so i'm just, i still don't have a clear picture of what the remote meetings would look like if we say wewant to have a meeting weekly . and we can send it in with them thatschedule . thatschedule, what those remote meetings would look like . >>. >> the bottom line is we would do for the redistricting task force what we do for the board and committees . whenever there's a desire for chair to schedule a meeting we go to sfgov tv. we go to dte and look to our partners to say is there anybody in this spot, the chairman like to have a meeting
7:11 am
on this day sorry, that's taken and we would negotiate a different day. on the calendar . so in my little presentation on this particular slide member cooper indicated that these are existing dates and times that we have reserved for the task force. but that does not stop us from asking for other dates or remote meetings to fall in betweenthese dates so we would just hear the date from you all, take it immediately to sfgov tv and see if they could facilitate a meeting . >> i'msorry. just to add one more thing . we can also record the meetings if it can be cable cast and live streamed in real time so the teams meeting can be recorded and it would be posted on the web at a later date. >> soyes, thank you . i just want to be clear that if we have a meeting that has public comment that is live streamed we would have to go
7:12 am
through sfgov tv either on one of the reserved dates or on some other daysthat we work out with them . is that correct? >> yes unless an accommodation can be made on their program schedulebut based on their current program schedule , the yellow dates on the calendar are the ones that are concerned to be available. there's no assurances for outside dates but as angela said we can certainly makethat request . >> one more portion question on this point. i know in person meetings and the community will not be able to be cable cast or live streamed but does that makea difference if we're able to hold these meetings in city hall on 2022 ?would be able to, i know we be able to live stream those that would we be able to have those remote and
7:13 am
in person public comments or is it just one or the other the waythings are looking for a meeting like that ? >> if it's hosted in city hall? we are currentlyexploring that possibility . it certainly makesit logistically a lot easier . it narrows it down to just a technology issue. we will need to circle back with our it folks and confirm. that takes thefacility and the coordination element out of it .that certainlymakes it easier on the operational side . >> that's all the questions i have,thank you for all the work . >> chair: miss all, did you have questions? >> clerk: i think the ca guibert may have additional
7:14 am
commentary to offerin response to the questions from members . >> i want to remind the board that full opportunity is not required, it isoptional for th agents . >> chair: very good . okay. i looked, did i see your hand raised? >> thank you. thank you so much for that presentation . i appreciate how thorough and well thought out all the considerations were and i can appreciate what an operational and logistical feet this is to find locations throughout the cityand all 11 districts . thank you for allthat work you guys are pulling together, i really appreciate that support . i wantedto kind of understand
7:15 am
what we're looking at in terms of timeline .of when we should know where thesefuture meetings will be . >> the chair to member all, member ang has already begun network. he started by looking at the sites from the past redistricting task force and will be looking at othersites . we are in conversation with other departments and sites that they might have used whether it was for testing or vaccinations. i'm not saying we're going to use any of those outdoor sites although we could but we're just looking at different options in addition to suggestions you all might be providing this evening or if something comes toyou over the course of the next week , we are happy to begin vetting these sites as early as possible. so personally, i'm completely
7:16 am
comfortable with the list that had been proposed. i don't know if you guys proposed it but the ones that you used last time they were all new community spaces . personally i'm okay with all of those in addition to any additional suggestions from member appears and whoever has additional suggestions . a lot has changed in the city and maybe newlocations exists now that didn't before . but i just want to stress that we want to get these dates and options available as soon as possible. i think we are all understandingof our tight timeframe . and we want the community to be aware of these meetings as soon as possible so they can understand the process and the part of the conversation as we
7:17 am
prepare themselves to come see us in person and if not, view us on tv or whatnot just to be a part of this conversation. and i wanted to ask if as your vetting these locations and dates options, i hope that as much is possible you can have multiple date options for qualified locations. >> we will that every location brought to our attention and before you actually set the date we will try to have multiple choices for you. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> we will be looking at these sites and i hope we will be prepared as the body to make decisions about them because
7:18 am
that's ultimately our call as to when and where and how many and we will be looking and hopefully looking at districts and realize that in terms of land, some districtsare much larger than others . you have district 10. you may have a site in cairo but you've got people thatlive in sunnydale .in that same district and that's like quite a ways to go so we might have to have two meetings in those kinds of districts.that's up to all of us to decide but those are the kinds of things we're going to have to take into consideration as we tried to develop a plan that meets the needs of the citizens or something that meets our needs. i thought i saw member hernandez gil. did i see your name? did you have questions? >> i did. thank you so much and i want to
7:19 am
start byassociating myself with that last comment . i think at the very least it's important to have 11 meetings for each district .but in some cases and in some districts completely in the district where we know there are many san franciscans that are independent that like vehicles, that lack effective transit that we consider that when we're setting up meetings. and to that end, under the logistics, i definitely want to consider. i would urge you to consider adding this question of bicycle parking that is something that course has become much more common and even consider the possibility ofattended bicycle parking . that is an issue that we have seen the growth of biking asa mode of transportation and over the last couple of years . and i think that would be a good way to be responsive to
7:20 am
the community here in san francisco. going back to the question of hybrid in person modepublic comment , i think that is definitely something that i would love to see. i acknowledge and understand the complexities but i think it is worthwhile effort to put in and invest. and lastly there's this question of course of additionalresources which i understand . i think right now are ample but as the discovery advances aroundwhat sort of things are necessary , i definitely think that i would be happy to make the phone call if necessary. >> thank you so much. i just real quickly would like to get some information going forward that doesn't have to be if you don't have it but the whole issue of child carethat at some of the sites . people should not be limited
7:21 am
from participation when they have children who can't afford babysitters but they have an interest in what's happening in their districts. it's something to think about if we're going to offer full participation to our citizens. i guess i don't need an answer tonight but i need you to be thinkingabout it of course please . is there anyone else i don't see ? anyone, mister caryl. is your hand up? >> member pierces in the roste . >> go ahead. >> i needed a point of clarification fromthe city attorney .if the medical officers of the county does not require vaccinations but one of the community sites does require vaccinations, to enter, is that automatically, is that particular site because it
7:22 am
limits public access. >> sorry, i see you madame clerklaughing . >> i'm just smiling mister chair. >> this is dca. i stand my hypothetical question but i can't give you a clear answer but i can extend them out to use. we're not going to use this site if they don't allow it. >> i just thank you and i don't expect the answer either to the city mandating vaccines right now or if the city doesn't. the site mandating. i was expecting something that you guys can get back to us on. i mean, all of this is setting so let us know. >> through the chair to member
7:23 am
cues. we are very sensitive to making sure that the members are conducting their business in a protective way . but also that the public is as well. so if that is the case and we could, just make sure that individuals who have vaccination status show an order upon entry. we arelooking to have staff available on site to assist us with that. so in anticipation of that were already steps ahead . but will follow mister joubert's lead and the health officer of course. >> thank you both very much. >> very good. is there any other comment? by the membersand if not , mister should we proceed to
7:24 am
public comment >> yes mister chair, we continueto work with joe atkins from the office of the board . is bringing in our public commentcolors . for those who already texted by phone press star followed by three if you wish to speak with this item to those already on hold , please continue to wait until you are prompted to begin. you will hear that your line has been unneeded and i like to take a moment to invite folks from ocia who can provide interpretive speak services for people who are spanish, filipino or samoan.could you please provideinstructions for accessing our public comment system ? [speaking filipino]
7:25 am
>> thank you agnes. tony are you here? >> thank you. [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish]
7:26 am
>> thank you very much and also raymond forrest if you're still here could you provide the instructions in filipino? >>. [speaking filipino] >> your microphone isvery hard to understand . can you try one more time? >>. [inaudible] >> it is not, it's very crackly. that's come back toyou for a moment and see if we can connect to an interpreter who
7:27 am
is here to provide interpretation assistance for callers who may speak some open . his he still here? >> i'm still here. >> sorry about the first time. here i go. thank you. [speaking samoan] >>. [speaking samoan]
7:28 am
>> it's good to hear from you. one more from raymond torres. it is still very hard to hear. could you jump in in case we have any callers who speak filipino and we will deal with that technology at that point . and one more thing because i actuallyneglected to provide publiccomments call in myself in english, this is it 415-655-0001 . the meeting id is 2485 328 8823 . press pound, pound and star 3 if you wish to be entered into the queue to speak. could you connect us to our first color ? >> caller: goodevening task force members .
7:29 am
chair reverend townsend and vice chair reiner. my name is stephen currier, i actually participated in the last two redistricting meetings years ago. and per our neighborhood in reverend townsend i'm soglad you brought this up . your district is big and district 11 is quite dark large and they were separated by it 80 so maybe if we had more than one meeting here in district 11 it would be very appropriate for all our discussions. i would like to say and i'm glad before. i'd like to bring to your attention 10 years ago it was monroe elementaryschool in district 11 . monroe elementary schools
7:30 am
cafeteria is very small so my suggestion would be somewhat high school which has a large auditorium theater. which could actually fit people if they wanted to come to these meetings to have a discussion on these issues. so thank you so much and good luck in these next few months. >> thank you for your comments. could we get the next color please. >> caller: can you hear me okay? >> clerk: go ahead. >> caller: david philpell again. i appreciate the detailed presentation put together by the clerk's office and defended by clerk calhoun and deputy director ang in your discussion just now about the various meetinglogistics and considerations . as one of the slides indicated
7:31 am
the city attorney as a detailed memo about the topic of 361 on their website . it's near the top at s.f. city opinions and finally on the calendar as you work through those issues i would definitely reserve friday, april 15 2022 for a final meeting. i think that's entirely likely that it will take that long and that you will be adopting a final report and drawing approving the final lines on that date so i would encourage you to make arrangements for friday, april15 2022 . further comments on other items, thankyou . >> thank you, mister adkins do we have any further comments. if there are, would you connec them .
7:32 am
>> kenny perry? >> we can hear you butit is very quiet, if you could speak up . >> i'm fromnew york . thank you to everyone for robust conversation. when it is safe to do so during the pandemic, we would definitely not just like to see lauren gerard and the league of womenvoters of san francisco . we'd like to see not just meetings in these district but consider spaces nears census tracts that have hadsignificant populations . put the census data out in california. it's been adjusted for citizen populations so i am curious about when the task force and public will get to see that data on how this population has changed.
7:33 am
we recommend considering spending for hybrid public comment all meeting. there's a bill on the desk. that is one that could preserve the requirements for virtual public comment in district one perhaps the city attorney could comment on that . it's if it's signed or isn't signed by the systems. and second withwhat david said , there should be lots more meetings on the calendar especially on the table . also that calendar of availability isn't just on the weekends and that is something we will have todiscuss if you want to include in the near term . and also, earlier i did hear us task force member use the word citizens and i would like to remind the members that this
7:34 am
body and the government means all people in san francisco, citizens and noncitizens alike so thank you very much and i appreciate all your doing. >> thank you for your comments again. mister atkins could you connect to the next color. >> the evening task force members. i am with the league of women voters and i really just want to echo lauren's comments about considering areas at or near areas where houses have significant population cases especially in coordination with elections and outreach consultants. but the reason for why we recommend that is that redistricting law requires a jurisdiction that all districts population.
7:35 am
they're not specific to san francisco allowing one present deviation with an additional five percent deviation if necessary to prevent that dividing or diluting the power of minorities and to keep recognizing neighborhoods intact. so that's kind of the reasonwhy we think especially the preliminary census data has released in august . we can see the census tract changes at the moment and chances are following federal redistricting guidelines goes those boundaries there might be boundary changes in those areas that's something to consider along with many of the logistics that have already been discussed at this meeting. also, the you might not necessarily have these hybrid meetings and should probably consider in future meetings how to make the mapping tools that the redistricting consultant is trying to give to the public
7:36 am
and making it the training in these languages.that way there's more options. many opportunities for folks t participate . if they can making in person or if they don't have the technology tobe able to access these meetings . thank you . >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we get the next commento please ? >> caller: hello, can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, please begin. >> caller: my name is mary harris like stephen currier i've been in the last 2 redistricting meetings. i would like to concur with what you said. i'm hoping that we can have 2 meetings fordistrict 11 . particularly in excelsior but my part of the district, the
7:37 am
omi has not had the same opportunity to have a meeting in our area. and i think it's really important that we not disenfranchise the african-american community that is in the oceanview part of the district and we in the past have had to take the hit on relocation of the boundary line and it hasn't been an equal when we've had to take some of our community and share it with district 7 or another district. it hasn't been an equal division of the boundaries. so i would hope that this time we could have a better
7:38 am
opportunity to have input. thank you so much. >> thank you for sharing your comments. could we be connected to the next color please ?>> there are no further colors inthe queue ? >> we've reached the end of the queue. >> chair: that concludes publi comment on this item . mister caryl, i was wondering if rather than voting we would leave this item open until the next meeting since we're still going to be discussing how our meetings are going to take place or is that not advisable?
7:39 am
>> clerk: mister chair, if you wanted to make a motion to continue this to a future agenda and take a second for that we could take a rollcall vote on the question like that but i see there arestill members of the task force are waiting to be recognized . the first is member oh . >> thank you. there were 2 members of the public that mentioned d11, at least two. i think there were two and i want tosay that i hear you and i recognize that . even in the presentation i did notice there were some who had multiple meetingsin and district 11 only had one . so i do want to say that i see that. we will try to make that right. the other thing was one of the
7:40 am
colors, i believe her name was jen mentioned the one percent rule. keeping neighborhoods intact and preserving communities of interest. i hope that we have an opportunity to actually have a conversation and discuss what the legalstandards actually are for those things . so that it's not just for our edification but just for the general public, edification of what this onepercent rule means . what is the standard of proof needed for any type of exceptions around and what had happened in the past . we talked about this on our first meeting when the conversation of committees of interest was brought up and what that meant and i wanted to kind of delve deeper into what that means to us as a group. how that was defined.
7:41 am
and you know, even like what a legal definition aroundthat might look like . like what the interpretation of the communitymight look like . so i'd like to propose that at some point perhaps at our next meeting we actually have some dedicated time around speaking to this legal interpretation of these rules that were bound by. >> mister chair, i believe the clerkof the board once asked the question . >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear. >> thank you jerry townsend. supervisor to member whole and for the members of the public who maybe didn't hear the entire presentation that we made,respectfully this slide on
7:42 am
slide six i believe that has the meeting locations on it ,it is not our suggested place where this body needs . it is onlyto show you where this group met last time . and so to alert you we are getting the sites .and any other sites you as a group or individually or members of the public would like us to send them to us and we will get them. but by no means would we recommend exhibits to the group i just wanted to make that part. clear . >> thank you madame clerk. member oh if i could, one of the reasons i was suggesting that we continue this item is just so we can come to decisions for example about where we would hold two meetings. and where we might not and why because we all need to be able to explain all of that to the public and i'm certainly not prepared to make decisions like that tonight. so i think that we ought to set
7:43 am
some time aside for specific discussions on an issue that's important. of when we have meetings, where wehave been . why we have them here and not there and why we have to initiatives but only had one in this section or why we had three that's all up to you all to decide. what you want and how you want to happen . and whyand i also that if we take a future meeting , hopefully the next meeting it also gives the public to give further input on what they know about their districts or because i think it's important that we understand that it's as hard as it may be for us to accept all of it brilliance and talent when it comes to redistricting is not enough for folks that are sitting here but there are some other valuable opinions we oughtto want to have and want to give time to receive .
7:44 am
that's why i was wanted to suggest someone moved to hold this over but i think we still may have members who want to speak. mistercarol . >> next in the roster is member cooperfollowed by member jeremy lee . >> i appreciate the public comment. the meetings of both belleville high school, i go that monroe canbe a little tight . especially when that's important as well. i do i definitely echo chair counties words that we should have some time especially i think the community meetings we will have the there's a wait-and-see game in terms of being able to schedule those knowing when that would happen. i do thinkthat you keep talking about the next meeting but we don't have a meeting scheduled at all . it's sort of within the purview
7:45 am
of the agenda item so i think my vision and proposal for going forward would be to have the backbone of regular meetings at a regular aspectof the two . there's a lot of administrative especially at this point but even as we move on and i think it's best to have a set of regular meetings where we cover things making sure that we have the right funding to do outreach and all of that. we have a backbone of regular meetings and then a special meeting schedule alongside that as we go along the winter and spring that we have those community meetings so that we don't have to talk about bylaws and things like that while we are in the public we don't have to spend an hour with that. we can just take the public interaction. so i think i would like to move to set up a set of regular meeting schedules. and i know that we talked about
7:46 am
having mixed times and i think what special meetings would be able to mix it up but at the very least we should have kind of a baseline regular meeting schedule which i would say would be kind of starting where we that trend and starting basically being first and third mondays except for december 20 and except for january 17 and except for february 21. so that will at least give us something to put, these are meetings we will be able to put on the calendar right now. on the website so folks will know that things are happening and then we could begin the process starting next meeting. of working onscheduling the community meetings . so that's mymotion .
7:47 am
>> very good. now, is there any other, are there any other members? >> there are mister chair. member jeremy lee is next in thequeue . >> i did see that. mister lee. >> thank you chair.i would like to first ask for the clerk's office, when can we expect a somewhat finalized list of potential sites from your office. >> through the chair i believe it was member leave. thank you. with your permission, we will use some of the sites that are onthis list . number one, and number two, take any other sites between now and going forward sothat we can get those as well . so to answer your question
7:48 am
member lee, if the sites are satisfactory to you that are on the list where than last time. you can consider that the body can address that now or later. we're going to get them anyway ifthey're still available . and we're happy to take any other sitesthat you might recommend . now or later . so on whatever your desire is is whatwe will make happen . >> madame clerk, my understanding what was as you also your office is still waiting to hear back from reckoned parks and other city departments on potential sites so i guess i just wanted to get a sense of a timeline of when you would have all those sites. youwould have received the list . >> wilson mw, director of operations. she just got disconnected but
7:49 am
we are, i contacted the community this time we don't have a window to get back to us but i will be doing a follow-up every year. let's say every week. and we can provide you with updates on the way. we will let see. my last contact with them was last friday. we will be glad to provide anotherfollow-up shortly after this meeting . and we will community convene. >> for just a moment, this is your clerk john carroll. just a quick bit of housekeeping. something technological is occurred and we become disconnected fromthe public comments call in line . for a few moments of this discussion we have not been her and we are working now you bridge the public comment all in lineback to this meeting .
7:50 am
it would probably be best especially because i think that madame clerk has also become disconnected. it may be best for us to take a brief recess. >> take a break.nobody's been able to go past for a couple of hours here. why do we just take a break or what, five minutes? >> should we reconvene at 805? >> 805 it is. . >> we are back and we are back in session and mister jeremy lee, i believe you have the floor. >> thank you chair townsend. i want to talk about the potentialmeeting dates . i counted and there are 10 mondays and 10fridays on the calendar . i would just say i am doing all
7:51 am
of the mondays and all the fridays and just kind of like those in. with either option, i don't think i've seen much time in between these meetings. just wanted to put that out there. >> mister chair, vice chair rainer has her name in the roster. >> thank you mister clark and thank you mister chair. i wanted to be clear on what we are proposing in the meetings because i agree i think we should get the meeting set on the calendar especially because we want the tv to be available for the duration, not just untilchristmas .
7:52 am
i'm not concerned about which dates we choose and we should choose a date whether it's monday or wednesday and monday or friday or whatever we decide on. let's just book it for the duration so that we can always cancel a meeting if we have to call a special meeting around it. so i'm just putting that out. thank you. >> chair: we should select dates. i for one am not a big fan of writing meetings but tends baseball season is ending, it's not asimportant as it could be . i'm just being honest folks. member pierce. did you have something you wanted to ask for? to thisconversation? >> i just to member lee , to his point i did have two
7:53 am
suggested sites for this event. i needed to check in with them andget more information before i passed it along so i'm planning on getting my list . but of potential sites to the clerk's office by friday. just to let you guys know. >> what i like to do is kind of bring us back in. we're talking about dates and we're talking about locations. and we're just kind of tripping around from one to the other. i'd like to point the conversation to number one, i had suggested if you don't want to do it it's fine. that we hold the issue of how many meetings and when to
7:54 am
perhaps our next meeting. and settle the dates and time then. while we all had a chance to thinkabout it and study it . then we need to do something about it and talk about locations . so it's up to you what you do but we ought to do something rather than just toss it back andforth . >> mister chair, i'm seeing vice chair in the queue. >> i'm just seeing that. >> may i suggest chair that we separate the regular meetings from the special meetings that we're talking about. and if those meetings are going to be held on the same date, that would be fine but i would like to set either on monday and wednesday which isfine with me. iprefer wednesday through
7:55 am
fridays as well . but if wehave a monday and wednesday , set up . for regular meetings, twice a month and let's set that first. then we can set all the special meetings in between those but i wouldlike to see that on the calendar established . >> chair: you can dowhat you like. what we need is a motion . >> i like to propose a motion that we decide on the dates and getregular meetings onthe calendar . >> chair: are you recommending monday and wednesday as well ? >> i am recommending the first monday and what was that, the second wednesday or the third wednesday of the month, not sure what that is but one monday and one wednesday of the month. >> chair: first and third. second? is there a second? >> second. >> this is member of hill, i second that. >> chair: wonderful.
7:56 am
is there any other comments? >> there is mister chair. member cooper has his name in the roster. thank you. i'm sorry. >> i think that the a few points. i think mixing up on between the days of the week generally is a good idea. i hope that by october 20 we are able to get that. that isn't one of the special dates. so we would have to get that situated by then. i would also say that having that saturday is important and we also product as part of this motion would have to set another time. so we could stick with 6 pm and then as per the special meetin
7:57 am
, we could mix up at times and whatnot candidates is all. >> member lee has his name in the roster. >> mister lee please. >> thank you mister chair. sorry about that. i appreciate the suggestions made on the wednesday meeting. unfortunately i have a standard commitment on the evening of this evening of the third wednesday of the month so i wouldsuggest amending that motion . flipping it around the first wednesday and third monday of the month . and.
7:58 am
>> does baker accept the amendment? >> go ahead mister lee. >> i do vice chair for the amendment. as for the time of the meeting i am amenable to 6:00 or we can also start at 5:30. if people want to start a bit earlier. half an hour earlier it might be helpful. >> i have an issue with that only because for so manypeople , getting off work is problematic and the public may be hindered from getting to our meetings and icertainly wouldn't want to do that . >> that i withdraw my motion to amend the time.
7:59 am
>> thank you. >> mister chair we do still have further speakers from the roster but i believe also that operations deputy director wilson may have additional clarifying commentsthat may be helpful to the consideration of wednesday dates . >> mister endingand then the members. >> thank you . deputy director of operations, on behalf of clerk of the board, the dates that were proposed on ourpresentation are the first and third mondays and first and third fridays . wednesday was not one of the highlighted dates. so will need to confer with our team on the clerk's side. we currently don't have availability onwednesdays. but for i may need to confer with our team further . but the proposed dates on our end workfirst and third mondays and first and fourth mondays . >>.
8:00 am
>> what you try to do there is, what you would do now is go back and check and let us know whether we could do third first wednesdays and third mondays. and you could come back and let us know and if we cannot do that. then we would do something els , how about that? i don't know who's talking. beg your pardon? >> someone's microphone seems to be opened up, not sure who it is. but the chair of the committee is directing a question i believe at operations director ang. thank you. as far as we know right now wednesday, there's no broadcast available for wednesday. or cable casting or streaming available for wednesday period. that's a no go date for sfgov
8:01 am
tv. if that is a contingency for a meeting,that's probably the consideration you may want to consider . >> chair: very good. members. >> member pierce is in the roster. >> chair: i assume someone at is afterpierce . >> i unfortunately have a standingmeeting . it is my loan standing meeting. on the third monday of the month. so i would not be able to make that date. if that becomes our regular meeting. unless it actually happens in the afternoon and i know we're trying to keep this to the evening so people can attend after work. >> first monday. >> member lee is in the roster.
8:02 am
>> member lee. >> thank you. i just want to say that i think it is absolutely imperative that sfgov tv be available everysingle time that we meet as a body . so i would not be in favor of holding any kind of meetingwhen sfgov tv is not available . at this point i would just suggest that maybe we go through each individual date until the end of the year just said it that way. i leave that to the chair. >> is there any other comments? >> i see no further names in the roster. there have been decisions that i've heard and i just want to for housekeeping sake make sure
8:03 am
we keep them clear. member cooper didn't make a motion to begin setting the regular meeting schedule and selected the firstand third mondays .that motion has not yet been seconded. it was a motion that was offered by vice chair reiner seconded by lily ho and amended by a friendly amendment to offer the first wednesday of the month and third monday of the month. that motion as i mentioned has beenseconded . that's what i've taken notes for so far. >> members, our issue is we can't have sfgov tv where told on wednesdays. that's the reality of the order. and so we have a motion for the first andthird mondays . that motion we can vote on it.
8:04 am
what do folks think about that. >> i will second that motion. member pierce, i'm sorry. >> i note that member pierce has seconded the art option. additional names have now offered themselves in the roster, first being member hernandez gil . >>. >> next in the queue is member cooper. >> i was going to have a timeout. >> proposed at 6 pm. >> perfect. anyone else. >> i'm not seeing any further namesin the roster . >> that means we can proceed to
8:05 am
a vote. >> :a vote on the motion offered by member cooper and seconded by member pierce that the regular meeting schedule be set forthe first and third mondays at 6 pm . >> chair: that's what i'm doing. >> on that motion, member jeremy lee. [roll call vote]. >>. [roll call vote] point of
8:06 am
clarification, mayi ask for a point of clarification . okay. aye. >> report the results of the vote. it is eight aye's and one note with member pierce in the dissent. >> chair: go ahead member reiner. >> vice chair: i wanted to get a clarification that this is april so april 15 because originally i thought we were talking about december. i wanted to make sure this is on the books for the duration of thetask force . >> chair: you have to go to the maker of the motion to answer that question . >> i make a motion. mister cooper? >> chair: i'm asking for clarification.
8:07 am
>> my intention was it go until april 4 which is the last date of the term within our legal period. >> chair: so you all know the suggestion of april 15 is tax day. you're not ready tomeet on tax day i know . member pierce, i was under the impression itwas wednesdays . it's mondays . >> that was member lee. i can't do the third monday. i need clarification on what my next steps are because this effectively gives me. >> chair: i need help. >> there has been a motion now to set this regular meeting
8:08 am
schedule on the first and third mondays at 6 pmwhich prevailed by 6 to 1 . if there was a motion to rescind that vote and seconded we would take a roll call vote on that and you would have reversed that action. >> chair: members, what's your pleasure? i don't feel comfortable votin anyone out of the meeting ? we need to get my, my suggestion is we get creative here . >> some members of the task force haveentered their names into the roster . member cooper. >> i apologize if i got that date roster in the shuffle. i still am not 100 percent clear. i think if we're clarifying a little bit it seems like we at least for now can't have meetings outside of the yellow date. that will push us to the frida
8:09 am
. so i would then say it would have to have it be and it looks like it's what, first and fourth fridays was up there. so with the additional, that's just good friday. so i guess i'm not going to move now but i guess that would make sense is i guess i will make a motion to have the first monday. >> chair: we need to rescind thevote that we just took . is there a second? >> second, this ismember hernandez gil .
8:10 am
>> chair: very good, moved and seconded, any discussion ? >> are there further names on the roster. member lee . >> thank you mister chair. thank you carol. i think in this whole rigmarole we all agree that firstmonday works . that at least settled that date first and to figure out the second date after we propose we take that action. so that we settle one date at least. >> i would like us to rescind the motion before we start discussing alternatives. because we can't do anything about an alternative until we rescind the vote we justtook . >> mister chair just for
8:11 am
clarification, the committee could continue to discuss the additional dates. they haven't been completely dispensed with thisitem yet . so hearing from the other folks who have their names in the roster could be helpful for making decisions there is a motion that has beenseconded and you could ask me to call the roll on it . that may help to recommend anothername . >> chair: i wanted to put it in perspective what we have to get done to do anything. whoever's next go right ahead. >> i see that dca 10 has joined the meeting and theyhave some additional clarifying information that may be helpful to the task force . >> that evening everyone. so sorryto be turning this particular meeting late . just a couple of things that i do want to clarify. certainly i think it's one member had suggested and early in the discussion that if we do take a regular meeting date we
8:12 am
can still build around that date with additional special meetings as required so the regular meeting doesn't bind us from more often. i certainly also don't mean to hold up the motion to rescind. be out of the task force to not allow one ofits members to be on a regular basis . the last thing i want to mention is that quickly speaking sfgov tv is not required at the current time for the task force to hold its meetings. it's not a legal constraint under your schedules. certainly after tonight's meeting i continue to work with the clerk's office to figure out whether this other technicalplatforms or other ways of meeting that would allow the public to hear the task force proceedings as well so i want to make a few points . >> thank you. moving right along. >> member castillon is on the roster. >> he answered my question with his comment.
8:13 am
>> clerk: member pierce is in the roster. >> i needed to know. we have had several motions that have public comment for this item being proposed or does the public get a chance to comment on this. >> i believe mister chair did closepublic comment as we heard from five votes . >> public comment is closed for agenda item 4. then i'm ready to take it up. >>. >> chair: is jeremy lee next. >> i am looking at the calendar and i would like to propose the first monday and the fourth friday. but before friday excluding the dates that sfgov tv is not
8:14 am
available. that gives us the 22nd of october. 1 november, 6 december and then januarythrough april . so i would like to make that motion. >> we can take and have a motion. when we get a vote on. >> would you like to call mister chair on the revision? >> if everyone's had their chance to talk about it. >> that is the issue because there arestill members who have not . >> chair: i thought that was a motionmister cooper wasgoing to make and then we got to ask. this ispremature . i'm sorry , call the next person . >> i was about to say my comments canwait .
8:15 am
>> is going to make on whatever the second motion will be. >> was next. >> mister lee. >> same with member cooper. i'll save my comments until after . >> chair: thank youso much. is there another ? >> clerk: there is not mister chair. there was a motion offered by member cooper and seconded by member hernandez gil to rescind the vote to schedule the regular meeting schedule betweennow and january between now and april 15 . for the first and third monday on the motion to rescind member jeremy lee. >>. [roll call vote].
8:16 am
there are nine aye's on the motion to rescind. >> chair: now in you. those who wanted to speakafter this . and if anyone wants to bring a motion, now would be the prope time . who is next, was that mister cooper for you? >> i don't see that there are any further names in the queue but i do note that this remember jeremy lee did make a motion for the first monday and fourth fridays that motion is not yet seconded . in previously there was before that, there was also the motion
8:17 am
for the first wednesday and the third monday. that motion offered by vice chair rain. >> chair: so third wednesday. >> that was for the first monday and third wednesday and then by a friendly motion to amend on was switched to be the third monday and first wednesday. that was , would have been in order after the previous motion that prevailed andhas now been rescinded . >> then we were informed by textile that the sfgov tv is not available onwednesdays . that was what we were told. so do we want to continue with this wednesday motion or does
8:18 am
the make you want to withdraw it. >> i withdraw that motion. >> is so helpful. now we have mister lee, jeremy lee. you wanted to makea motion mister cooper , did you have something youwanted to say ? i saw his name again. >> my question is on setting vehicular and that's something that was set in the regular meeting schedule. is that something that wecan, if that's something we have to do or something we can amend later . i mostly asked because i know that we discussed even baseball, maybe fridays might notbe the ideal date to be having . this may maybe we can do one of the maybe the first monday half and then fill the special meeting for the 22nd and then
8:19 am
potentially work between now and then to try to get some more dates on the regular schedule but i don't know what our options are to have a set of full regularschedule now or be able to edit the regular schedule thereof . >> youcan pretty much do what we like . by way of motion. >> i believe the dca may have response. >> just very briefly, some member cooper so the body should adopt a regular meeting date of some sort or type. as i think a few people have bandied about we could have just preliminarily just a single regularmeeting date of perhaps the first monday and then again around that date with additional special meetings .
8:20 am
as subject to notice requirements of course. as we explore other waysto engage the public and allow them to observe the meetings . if the task force does adopt a regular meeting we can always change it going forward as well so we're not bound to this for the next months. >> chair: that is extremely helpfulsir. members, what do you want to do ?>> member lee has an amendment on the roster. >> chair:please. mute . >> sorry mister chair. thank you for being patient and foryour comments . i will forward the information of the task force i will not be able to make it october 22 for outstanding commitments. i will reiterate my initial recommendation to staff on first monday.
8:21 am
and figure out the rest later in a more flexible fashion because member pierce and i have been flexible on these meeting dates. in the interest of economy given that it's a: 30 and we have another item, several items to go i would like to make a motion to set our regular meeting date for the first monday of the month at 6 pm. >> i will second that member hernandez gil. >> chair: wonderful. it'sbeen properly moved and seconded. is there any further comment ? >> i see now member jeremy lee followed by vice chair reiner in the queue.
8:22 am
>> i'd like to withdraw my previous motion for the first monday and fourth friday. >> chair: is there anyone else? if not let's moveto vote. if you could restate the motion . >> i believe vice chair reiner is still in the queue. >> chair: i didn't see it. >> thank you very much. i thought we were going to talk about the third fridays because i thought the third friday was okay for everybody except member lee to do it on this first one in october but i thought everybody was available for the third friday and so was sfgov tv.
8:23 am
>> chair: that's not the motion on the floor. >> i just put myname in the queuebefore the motion was named . that's why i commented . >> if i may, clerk of the board to vice chair reiner. it's the fourth friday of the month thatsfgov tv is available . >> chair: we have a motion on the floor. >> member leaves seconded by member hernandez gill made a motion to schedule the first mondays at 6 pm and just for clarity that is for the duration of the and panel period for the redistricting. >> chair: we are not precluded fromadding another date whenever we so desire .
8:24 am
let's do this now if it's okay with you all. we will look to where we need to go to make sure we get enough meetings in to meet the public's needs. mister carol. >> one more thing mister chair mister cooper has entered his name into the roster . >> we can vote on this. i was just going to comment that it would be good for us to have another meeting to now and november 1. however, i don't believe besides the friday before that meeting any day that works for both sfgov tv and all nine members of the taskforce . we just may have to vote on the first amendment. >> chair: i'd recommend our first meeting in november, prepared to staya while . mister caryl.
8:25 am
>> on the motion offered by member lee seconded by member hernandez gil, member lee. [roll call vote] there is no opposition. >> chair: wonderful, thank you all. next item. which i believe is five.
8:26 am
>> clerk: just a moment. agenda item number five is discussion of the draft proposed redistricting task force bylaws posted in notice on the redistricting task force website on friday september 24, 2021. this is a discussion and possible action item the task force take comment prior to any item. members of the public should call the comment number and i willrepeat what it is . 415-655-0001, enter the meeting id of 2485 328 8823. press pound, pound to connect to the meeting number, star 3 to speak. the system promptswill indicate you have raised yourhand . you may then begin comments mister chair . >>chair: thank you . so are we ready?
8:27 am
>> clerk: the item is called. >> perhaps she has additional information mister chair. >> i didn't mean to take the floor just to put out context , i'll bebrief . >> chair: absolutely. >> in the interest of time and thank you for your patience we drafted a bylaws for the redistricting task force . these arerelatively simple and efficient . it is based off of what was adopted in 2011 2012 for that iteration of the task force that happens to be more condensed but it at this time we were covering the basis and the biggest agenda item is setting a particular date and time and otherwise i'm
8:28 am
available for anyquestions . thankyou . >> let me ask his has everyone had achance to look at the bylaws . is there anyone who hasn't had a chance to look at the bylaws, the proposed bylaws? you all aren't saying anything, it's got to be one or the othe . >> clerk: thereare names appearing in the roster at this time . member hernandez gil. >> thank you. my comment is in regards to article six item 7 as to the attendance. as we decided there will be right now currently only one meeting a month that will be considered regular. obviously i think we will need to do a whole lot more special
8:29 am
meetings so i would propose that at this question of attendance that we remove this question of regular meetings and just call any meetings of the task force because i think that's going to beimportant . otherwise we might end up with a situation where somebody is unable to attend the special meetings and essentially miss out on the both of them. >> chair: that works. is that emotion? >> clerk: that is correct. it would be to strike any reference to regular meeting and just leave meeting in that section >> chair: is there a second ? thank you memberpierce . any comments? >> there arefurther names in the roster . followed by member pierce, followed by dcf chen who may
8:30 am
haveclarifying comments at this point . >> mister lee. >> thank you care townsend. following thecomments earlier , i moved to amend article 6, section 1 to read the first monday of each month at 6 pm. and ask for a second. >> we can add that texturally based on the action taken to avoid any potential conflict . >> that will be done. >> otherwise we may wind up in a situation where we have conflict between dates and times you amend in here and the action you hadpreviously forcing us to make amendments to recall the previous item . resend those votes, make those
8:31 am
changes unless district disagrees we can make the change to add in the regular meeting schedule added in the previous items without additional motions at this point. >> chair: who's next? >> member pierce. >> did i get frozen out? so i would like to make a motion to open discussion on article 6, section 3, voting. we have all motions require a second and then we take a vote of a majority which really is not defined. are we talking simplemajority,
8:32 am
super majority or consensus ? i knowlast time votes required consensus . i would like for that to be settled before we finalize the bylaws. idon't know that we can do that tonight . but i am putting a motion onthe floor for us to discuss that . >> chair: okay. do we take a second or do we hold this until we vote on the previous motion? >> was that a motion to have the continued discussion in that case? okay. >> i know deviation entered his name in theroster but i'm not sure if he has further comments .
8:33 am
>> just a couple of comments and if i could start with a clarifying questiontwo member hernandez gil . i want to understand your intended amendment . i believe it's article 6, section 7 and that is you wanted to delete the references in the secondparagraph to regular meetings to apply for all meetings . >> that is correct.>> one thing i should clarify about the second paragraph is it will track the ordinance convening the task force and the ordinance convening the task force as this rule is a member misses three regular meetings they're deemed to have resigned. i don't think withthese bylaws we can make a further amendment imposing a stricter rule . some of this is three special meetings that there also deemed to have resigned or deemed to have resigned from the task force. >> may i ask a clarifying question? >> of course. >> the reason why i was a little bit confused as here we
8:34 am
make mention to three consecutive absences of a member which i do believe goes beyond the document that you referred to. can you explain that? >> so this is again just parroting what is currently in the ordinance convening the task force and that can provision provides three consecutive absences of a member from regular meetings. without any sort of advanced permission or approval . it will result in a member's resignation . that's something that's contained in the ordinance and reflected or repeated in the bylaws . >> thank you. >> thank you. i'm sorry to interrupt. i was going to take anattempt to respond to member pierce's question . interms of the vote thresholds
8:35 am
, it isa simple majority of the entire body . so five votes would be an affirmative votefor the task force and just a clarifying question . all motions generally would have to be unanimous to be carried, is that the intention member pierce? >> that isnot the intention necessarily. i wanted to ask whether we wanted that intention or not . i know theprevious task force actually had a consensus requirement which means 100 percent yes . i don't know that we ever made it out of a meeting with the standard that high so idon't know that i recommended . i just know there are three basic options. it is simple majority, simple majority or consensus and i wanted us to figure out which one we wanted . >> i'm fine with five like i said. these meetings are going to go latenight anyway so i didn't
8:36 am
want all of us to discuss . >> thank you for the clarification . >> chair: where does this leave us in terms of regularmeetings versus needs ? >> to whom are you directing thequestion mister chair ? >> chair: who was there? mister chen? >> he was there. if there are no further names inthe roster . >> chair: we will go to the next andmaybe we will get to the clarification . >> vice chair reiner is in the roster. >> vice chair: i want to know are we still talking about what we are calling the meeting or have we moved on forother issues ? i'm not sure. >> chair: go ahead.
8:37 am
>> mister clerk. >> clerk: you're asking me to defineyour conversation ?>> vice chair: no. >> chair: we're talking about the meetings still. >> vice chair: that i will wai . >> chair: we heard a vote on changing from regular meetings to meetings with conflict with what's in the ordinance that creates the task force. iunderstand itcorrectly . mister city attorney . so if that's what we're talking about i want to know what you all want to do going forward. i don't know how we reconcile that conflict in language so do we still leave regular meeting in or do we move to try and change theordinance that created this ?
8:38 am
>> i prefer leaving it in. i have the floor. >> chair: anybody else. >> i believe the clerk of the board hasadditional clarifying information that might be helpful . >> i think whatyou're doing is a great start . your studying is it the first monday of the week as the regular schedule. i think what we can do is on the task force website we can put a caveat that this is the regular meeting schedule, the first monday of the month. but that it will also be amended to include other regular dates asthey become available . so i'm not sure if that answers
8:39 am
your knee here but just know that if you're going to set the first monday of the month as a regular meeting date it will not be the only regular meeting because were goingto add others to it as well that you will get to approve . i would leave the bylaws, the language as it is. >> chair: wonderful, thankyou . >> member hernandez gil is in the queue. >> chair: mister hernandez gil. >> so i just took a second to go back to the ordinance and what i suspected was correct. there is no mention of the consecutive meetings. i propose that if we are not to make these bylaws more restrictive than the ordinances
8:40 am
passed by the board of supervisors, then i make a motion that we remove the part that says three consecutive absences so basically the cler , the language i'm proposing is the clerk shall maintain a record of attendance and shall report all absences to the members appointing authority. that would keep it in line with the legislation as is without us going beyond making it more restrictive. because if we are able to make it more restrictive, then i suggest we just remove regular. >> chair: i misunderstood. i didn't think it was an issue of the three absences. i thought it was an issue of regular meetings versus all meetings.
8:41 am
and that what's in the ordinance is regular meetings. >> that was my understanding as well but then we heard that it couldn't be more restrictive than the ordinance what i'm saying is the proposal as it is , the threeconsecutive absences makes it more restrictive . i'm saying weremove that issue .all absences are reported to the members appointing authority and we can let the appointing authority decide when and if it's too much to deal with the issue. >> chair: mister carol, who is in the queue. >> mister lee. >> chair: mister lee. >> thank you mister chair. through the deviation, miss
8:42 am
hernandez gil points out until we get verification of the current bylaws. do you mind that in the language or. >> i can confirm member hernandez gil's motion is consistent with the ordinance and could be adopted by thetask force tonight . >> thank you. >> is there anyone else in the queue . i believe we can move towards a vote. >> clerk: we have not yet taken public item comment. >> members for a public comment
8:43 am
on the draft bylaws should call the public comment number, 415-655-0001. andrew the meeting id of 2485 328 8823, press pound, pound to connect to the meeting and press star 3 to enter to speak. wait untilthe system prompt indicates you haveraised your hand . you may then begin your comments . member lee could you provide instructions inchinese ? >>. [speaking chinese]
8:44 am
>> please do the same for our spanish-speaking listeners. >>. [speaking spanish]
8:45 am
>> clerk: thank you. members if you're still there could you provide instructions for the latino speaking and members of thepublic who wish to provide comment on this item . >> good evening. [speaking filipino]
8:46 am
>> clerk: i'm sorry to report to everyone our interpreter who is providing services for speakers of summerlin had to disconnect from thecall and is nolonger available . mister atkins, could you connect us to our first color ? >>. >> caller: can everyone hear m . >> clerk: we can, please begin. >> caller: good evening honorableredistricting task force members . my name is simon and i'm representing our community group advocates 11 advocate for mydistrict 11 . i would like to say i've been present for this entire meeting and the last one had access to the task forcemade more readily available to the public . i'm on the webpage for this meeting i see the call in number followed by pound, pound
8:47 am
but it does not include the information indicating that star 3 must be pressed in order toenter the queue . i thought we were supposed to leave a message for public comment so i did that last time but had it not been for the phone call from my associates and mentor mary harris, i don't have cable access in to press it at the end of the prompt i wouldn't be here. access to the public always important and i would ask that your website reflect the proper information. to allow persons like myself to call into this andfuture meetings . with that said, i don't know if this would be a be the appropriate time. i would. >> this is not general public comment. this is comment on the bylaws. >>. >> i can wait for item 7 if you would put me back on hold.
8:48 am
>> we will go to the next caller who wants to provide public comments on the bylaws agenda item number five . >> good evening task force members.league of women voters of sanfrancisco . we advocate for transparency in all aspects of the process and the title is in transparency in the bylaws and there seems to be no provisions around communication especially around the medications outside of public meetings . i would suggest having provisions around task force to medications about a lot of communications on public websites, especially communications outside of public meetings and hearings about goings-on of public boundaries. this suggestion is intended to alleviate the line drawn process .
8:49 am
to influence the redistricting boundaries are transparent in public. and in the event that members receive or engage in such communications outside public meetings or hearings , members shall report all such indications including written public comment be published on the council's website and be called by the task force exploitation medications law or simply a lost indications in order to have these medications wasteinto the public record . the suggestion is not intended to refix members from directly communicating with task force staff, legal counsel or retained by the task force. some examples you might want to look into is the san diego redistricting commission and the la redistricting commission bylaws. there bylaws are actually, our bylaws are three pages long but there's are 10 pages and seven
8:50 am
pages long and that dedicates two pagesto communication for the members . and in both the la indications, la county redistricting commission, my alternative is to have outlined medications and it seems only natural that that follow suit in line with the transparent redistricting process and task force members can discuss this item more in thenext meeting . maybe looking at the san diego and la county bylaws to include provisions around communicatio . >> thank you for your comments could we get the next caller please ? >> hi again. my name is stephencurrier . i just wanted to sort of remind you that the item for, we do
8:51 am
take public comments on the dates on when we were having these meetings. so i'm just going to respond to this by saying please do not do fridays. especially in the working communityof district 11 which is blue-collar community . friday meetings are not, are, cannot be done here in this district. but on the imposed district of the task forcebylaws , i think that most definitely in line 10 years ago, it looks at the viability of the neighborhoods as the district of san francisco which makes them equal and i think district 11 was one of the districts that was sort of overshadowed as we
8:52 am
were at every single meeting. at those redistricting meetings. i thank you for having the people in every district discuss district 11 be part of these meetings. i thank you somuch for that . >> clerk: stephen, can we get the nextcaller please ? >> can you hear me?>> clerk: we can hear you. >> caller: >> this is lauren gerard and with the league of womenvoters of san francisco . thank you for thisimportant conversation . bylaws a lot of important groundwork for how the redistricting task force will run itself. and making sure that you both
8:53 am
feel like this is everything thatneeds and you understand each part is really important . in i just want to point out following on the conversation earlier the importance that convenes the task force does not say three consecutive regular meetings . the wordconsecutive does not appear in the ordinance . the ordinance says any member who missesthree regular meetings within a six-month period without express approval of the task force . for before each meeting shall be deemed removed from the task force. it goes on to talk about that a bit more. so if the interest is to have these bylaws match the ordinance , then the fourth consecutive doesnot belong . i do believe that you can go above and beyond what the board ofsupervisors has set out for you in these ordinances . you have, you can be independent. andto go beyond the minimum . so that requirements of three
8:54 am
missed meetings at the minimum and to follow up on retention, over 10 years ago is not necessarilya good measure of what we should be doing today . a lot of redistricting best practices in the last 10 years and if you continue this item as jensuggested to the next meeting , the league would be happy to provide ample language about medications. or you to consider including in the bylaws and also provide language to the information that she recommended you can follow upby email after that meeting as well . >> thank you, can we get the nextcaller please . are there any further colors i the queue ? if you've heard your line has been on muted thatbegins your
8:55 am
opportunity to enter comments . do we have a caller on the line ? >> yes, this is mark powell from district 9 and i wanted to agree with i think the league of women voters representatives forproviding links to san diego . i lost for their redistricting commission especially article 5 policies . section 6 where it says commissioners shall not communicateoutside of a public meeting with the mayor or any member of the legislative for the representatives regarding redistricting matters . and commissioners shall publicly disclose all subsequent communications regarding redistricting within members of interest groups regarding redistricting outside the public meetings that could all electronic communications so i think it's a great suggestion to continue this to another meeting and create some ofthese bylaws that help us
8:56 am
with transparency in terms of communication thatmight not be happening . thank you for your time and i appreciate . >> thank you for your comments, could we get the next caller please . >> david phil bell. it's getting lateand i'm getting a bit loopy so i may be less coherent than usual , not sure if that will be noticeabl . i think you got the change in article 6, section 1 to include the first monday at 6 pm . and in article 6 section 2 i'm just wondering why five days advance notice is contemplated, that's more than required in the brown act of sunshine ordinance and that may prove difficult for scheduling, particularly with special meetings etc. for the final task force meeting, you may choose to relegate approval of the minutes to the chair.
8:57 am
we did that 10 years ago. i don't think that requires any change to the bylaws but i'm just foreshadowing article 6, section 6 i would replace the word determination with determining that. i think it reads a better. you talked about article 6, section 7 and article 7 i would add in the posting after circulating and 10 years ago we used consensus for tentative changes but we took actual votes on formal motions and jen made a great point about ex parte communications posting all the medications and my final comment, if you do have meetings on friday i would start themat 10 am or 2 pm and avoid friday evenings . i'll leave it at that for the moment. >> clerk: i'm hearing we have
8:58 am
nofurther colors in the queue , mister chair. >> very good. we don't have emotion on the floor do we? >> offered a number of motions. it would be to close public comment. >> sorry, publiccomment is closed at this time . let's go back to this the motions that were on the floor when we went into public comment . >> before we went into public, there wasn't motion offered by member hernandez gill to strike reference to regular meetings in article 6 section1, meetings times and locations . and then after that, there was also a motion in regard to attendance which i heard, again from member hernandez gill and i do not yet have recorded a
8:59 am
second on that motion . that motion on attendance, i actually would need a little bit of additional clarifying information about whether it was to strike the word consecutive or whether it was to remove a portion of the followingparagraph , i'msorry. i do not have the entire details . >> lets move to declare. we had a first motion we had. was which was the first one that we had. >> the first was offered by member pierce. that was in regards to the question of scheduling regular meetings as regular meetings is the language used in draft bylaws and is found in article 6 meetings section 1. i believe it was to strike the word regular and thenthere was further discussion . >> as i remember.
9:00 am
so we are prepared for a voteon that motion . if there's nofurther discussion . >> there might be further discussion. >> i just lost one of my screens. i can't see this queue rightnow . >> mister lee. >> thank you mister chair. point of clarification. when we are, this is forarticle 6 , section 7. where it reads the clerk shall maintain a record of attendance and report any instances of the three consecutive absences of a member from regular meetings to the member supporting authority, any task force member mrs. three regular meetings etc. which regular are
9:01 am
we striking? >> a motion that i heard previously as offered by member hernandez was not to section 7 but was instead to article 6 section 1 unless iam mistaken . >> i can clarify it was in reference to action seven and we heard that it went above and beyond what the ordinance said. therefore i abandoned that and focus exclusively on removing the consecutive, three consecutive absences so what i'm proposing, the motion i'm making is changing that first sentence in the second paragraph of that section to read the clerk shall maintain a record ofattendance and shall report all absences to the members appointing authority . >> thank you for that clarification . i did not know youhad withdrawn your previous motion .
9:02 am
that would have been the trigger language i waslooking for and i thank you very much . if i understand correctly now you are withdrawing your offering of that first motion and making instead the second motion that you just readinto the record a moment ago . >> that is correct. >> member pierce second again. i thought it was an amendment. >> is there further discussion often mark. >> if you have further comments you are in the queue next. >> i wanted that clarification that member hernandez gill just made because i thoughtit was just amended . i'm still seconding. >> sounds good, your name is in theroster next . >> was to provide that clarification. >> mister chair, there is a motion offered by member hernandez gil seconded by member pierce to make and i'm
9:03 am
sorry, we're going to ask you one more time to redo the record in that same spot because i had myhands in several different pods hereat the same time . can you say it one more time ? >> the text after would lead the clerk shall maintain a record of attendance and support report all absences to themembers appointing authority . >> that's three consecutive meetings. >> that would be to strike the words as wellas any instance of three consecutive absences of a member from regular meeting . . >> that motion has been made andseconded regarding that rule mister chair . i'm sorry, member lee as the vote. [roll call vote]
9:04 am
>>. [roll call vote] >> clerk: i do not believe abstain is ... i've never in my life encounteredand abstain vote. i will record you as abstain . >> mister carol, the task forc member must vote yes, sir no on the matter . >> clerk: thank you so much.
9:05 am
>> you'll have to forgive me, this isbrand-new for me so i appreciate the input . >> no problem. sorry to interrupt.>> no problem. aye. >> clerk: there are nine aye's on the motion to strike the text. >> chair: thank you. next, mister chair i should mention however that was just a motion to amend the text and the form of the draft bylaws themselves in totalfor the body . they have not yetbeen adopted . >> is there a motion? >> this is chasel lee. >> chair: do we amend the bylaws or operate withoutbylaws . >> moved to adopt the bylaws as amended.
9:06 am
>> mister hernandez gill seconds. the comment period. >> ic member pierce has her namein the roster . >> i need clarification at this point. will we have the opportunity to amend anything that's discussed inside just thisparticular motion ?cause we have a lot of conversations and suggestions aboutthe bylaws . during this period on the agenda. so if we're not going to relax, i made a motion to discuss section 3 from article 6. and we did not really discuss it.
9:07 am
>> what is section 3. >> it's about voting. are we going to continue to have our simple majority? are we going to do a simple majority or take consensus ? and mine wasn't the only one. >> i thought that was settled through the cityattorney, maybe i misunderstood him on the issue . is the city attorney? >> i'm still here. i don't believe we took that topic up.if the task force wishes to take it up it certainly can do so. it is my recollection however that the bylaws for the 2011 when he 12 iteration of the task force did not have unanimous vote requirement in
9:08 am
the bylaws . but by amendment however is when it came down to changing district alignment and adapting a filethat there was a substantial effort to make as many of these boats as possible . i think it was more a matter of practice as required by the thought bylaws itself . >> but there's a difference between a unanimousrequirements and an attempt for unanimous requirements . >> i'm sorry. >> there's a difference between unanimous requirements and an attempt for unanimous vote. that if you don't get the unanimous vote the majority of votes still wins is my point. >> obviously that's the case. i'msaying is that howwe want to leave it and i would like to your from people other than myself on the issue . which is why i made the motion .
9:09 am
>> there are further names in the roster . member hernandez. >> i believe it is very important that we define this question of majority. if it's just a simple majority then we ought to say it, if we're talking about the super majority that we talked to say thatand if there are certain instances , for example the final redistrictinglines that should require a consensus , it should be said. i also believe that we need to discuss or add to a future agenda this question of communications which i believe is incredibly important. but what i do i want to emphasize there is the possibility for amendments as it stands although this question of majority could be defined right now and hopefully it will not be a verydifficult question .
9:10 am
>> is there anyone else. >> there is, mister jeremy lee followed by member cooper . >> i want to say that our job is to draw lines. and there is you know, we can't say like the line here, the line is going to be here. like, all these lines are very fluid. at the end of the day we are agreeing to the entire map . so you know, my feeling is that the idea that a five member group will decide very crucial things, i honestly don't think it will come up very often. we will all have to agree to the final map that is presented at the end of the day by april 15. that is my feeling, thank you.
9:11 am
>> clerk: member pierce is next inthe queue . >> i actually can withdraw and come back. i have another motion i would liketo make on amending the bylaws . >> clerk: but you don't want to make it right now? >> do we want to go forward with that or are we still getting feedback on the originaldiscussion ? do we want to skip over that or do we want to continue this discussion ? >> chair: it was your lead in the discussion. >> that's why i'm saying i'm withdrawing my hand right now in thediscussion . i thought this discussion was going to be oversooner . >> chair: i did to .
9:12 am
>> chair: i'm sorry. >> i don't think that there's necessarily a semantics ambiguity. i think majority is simple majority unlessotherwise stated . i don't think weneed to change it from that perspective . i still here maybe the stage and i don't know to whatextent we will be able to amend the bylaws later on . we know exactly whether or not we will want to take in a unanimousarm majority decision . into the bylaws so i think keeping it open for now and coming to consensus. maybe at some later point i think once we get a better understanding ofhow this process will look . maybe that will be the best.
9:13 am
>> if it may be helpful mister chair just to mention that the bylaws as an action item that we can adopt today is an action item that can appear on later future agenda of the redistricting task force. it requires an additional noticing. it has to be noticed that there's going to be a potential amendment to bylaws 10 days in advance. but we accommodated it in this case in order to get back on our agenda andwe can accommodate it again in the future if there's an appetite for the task force to make later changes . >> i appreciate the suggestion. and i believe we can move forward with adopting the bylaws and folks that want to make amendments as we move forward can do so through the
9:14 am
proper process i really think we need to get something done here. >> mister chair, member pierce is in the roster. >> member pierce. >> moving away from that one, i do make a motion at this time that we consider at our next meeting amending since we're going to adopt now or pay the way for bylaws now and discussing a medications section to this bylaw. as was suested. that's my motion. no second so that's my >> i second it.t's my
9:15 am
hernandez-gill. >> discussion. >> commissioner lee is in the queue. >> it is my suggestion that we add the agenda item at next meeting to consider adding communication section. thank you. >> clerk: member cooper is in the queue. >> i second member jeremy lee's motion, and can i clarify that? i guess the motion is to adopt the bylaws as they are, and then to additionally add to the november 1 meeting agenda, another discussion of bylaws will have to be discussed, and we'll make amendments at that meeting.
9:16 am
>> okay. i'm drawing a blank. did we never amend or [indiscernible]. >> clerk: here's where we are. so there has been an amendment that was in order to make changes to the bylaws in the section of article 6. that's meetings, and it's section 7, attendance, and it struck the following words: as well as any instance of three consecutive absences of a regular member from any meetings. >> so that means we would be approving the bylaw that's amended? >> clerk: after the amendment was prevailed unanimously, there was a motion offered to adopt as amended that was
9:17 am
offered by chasel lee, and follow that, member pierce, just moments ago, made a new motion, seconded by member hernandez gil, and i'm sorry, member pierce. could you please restate your motion because there's a lot of things i'm keeping track of here. >> my motion was to either adopt the motion or to pass a communications clause at the next meeting. >> clerk: so just for a bit of clarifications the way that motions will have to function, a motion can't properly function if it has a fulcrum point in the middle, where we're going to be this or this.
9:18 am
it is itself an unresolved decision in that particular case, so it is difficult to challenge what it is without breaking apart the two parts of the decision that you're presenting to the task force. i'm sorry to say i don't -- can those be separated from each other? >> the main goal is to get a communications clause into the amendment. i think that commissioner lee's motion specified that. i don't know if you did, but if you did, i will withdraw my motion. >> clerk: member chasel lee is in the queue, awaiting recognition. >> member chasel lee. >> thank you for all the comment. i will echo our chair's
9:19 am
comments that there is a process to amend the by laws. currently, we have meetings every single month. i didn't realize there was going to be a special meeting in between. that's a potential for another time, but there is a process within these bylaws to insert whatever section we may choose at a later time. i would -- given the time that we are now, i would strong -- i strongly recommend taking our chair's advice, and i move to approve the bylaws as amended. >> i second that.
9:20 am
>> clerk: mr. chair? >> yeah, i'm good. >> clerk: mr. chair, there is one more name in the roster. >> i'm good. >> clerk: okay. there's been a motion to adopt made by chasel lee and seconded by member hernandez gil. on that motion -- [roll call] >> clerk: mr. chair, i report
9:21 am
there were nine aye -- there are nine ayes on the motion to adapt as amended. >> thank you. moving on, just to be honest, did someone want to raise the issue for the next meeting around communications? >> so i'm next on the roster. i would like to like to make amendments to the november meeting of the task force. >> clerk: members, there is a later item, 9, that would probably be a more appropriate place to add that. >> withdraw that at this time. >> next category. >> clerk: item 6 is presentation of [indiscernible]
9:22 am
members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call the public comment line of 415-655 415-655-0001. enter the meeting i.d. of 2485-248-3883, then press pound and pound again. press star, three if you wish to speak. >> mr. chair, i have the pleasure of introducing the contractor. i just want to say, members of the task force, chair townsend, if you'll remember, one of the purposes of the 2011 task force was to provide additional outreach assistance through this process. tonight, i am delighted to
9:23 am
introduce civic edge consulting, who is the engagement specialment to ensure that there is brought public participation in this redistricting process. i'll state that they are a d.b.e., c.b.e., and small business working with numerous city departments. civic edge has worked on a breadth of critical issues within our city, including bicycles and pedestrians safety, climate change and sea level rise, so now, i will return it over to civic edge consulting, luz sunshine. she has worked in san francisco and the bay area for over 30 years for a number of agencies, including the board of
9:24 am
supervisors, the port authority, and others. liz sunshine? >> thank you, and good evening. i'm delighted to be here representing civic edge consulting as your community outreach for this critically important initiative. civic edge has been serving san francisco and the bay area since 2003, providing community engagement, responsive engagement, and we are passionate about engaging residents and communities and centering equities in all of our interactions. we do have a presentation, and i'm hoping -- ah, thank you for
9:25 am
that. perhaps we can move ahead one slide. one more slide. thank you so much. our team has supported communication and public engagement campaigns in every corner of the city, and we're looking forward to working with you on this important issue. we can -- next slide, please.
9:26 am
>> i want to be respectful of your time, answer all of your questions, and really, we're looking at this as an opportunity to hear from you directly, and be aware, we need to go in order to make the right outreach and strategy to do this plan together. as luz mentioned, i will be leading this effort for our firm. we have a couple of project managers who are not here tonight but have done an amazing job in outreach and strategy and native speakers in both spanish and cantonese, which increases our work and the way that we can do it. next slide. so engage, educate, and
9:27 am
empower. we -- the way that i thought about approaching the work that we're doing with the redistricting task force was these three things. we've done outreach for many, many agencies, and a lot of the time, it's inform. it's give people information and then walk away, but that's not what we're trying to do here, and we really tried to think about the way that we'd like to approach this with minimum engagement. first thing we want to do is engage with communities, find folks where they are, and make sure they have the opportunities and the resources and know how to be involved in this process, and that's where the civic engagement comes in. getting the information out as soon as possible and hopefully empowering san franciscans, residents, and constituents and everyone else involved to be empowered, to be a part of this
9:28 am
process, which is a hallmark of the democratic process, which is how we redirect the areas that our folks live and work in in our communities. so in a broad sense, some of the goals that we have for our stakeholder outreach include, as i mentioned, informing and educating the public about this redistricting process to empower san francisco constituents and increase participation. we'd also like to conduct a virtual and in-person presentation to groups throughout the city. as we've heard earlier tonight, there will be plenty of opportunities for large community meetings district by district and whatnot, and all of those details are being worked out. one of the things that we really envisioned was finding a way to supplement and complement that and meet people where they are by doing presentations and community
9:29 am
road shows to give people an opportunity to have these resources, perhaps push them to the events that we've spoken about tonight, and they still have an opportunity to be involved. and in order to do this, we want to partner with community organizations, neighborhood groups, merchant associations, c.b.o.s, going to neighborhood hubs, and, you know, working with groups and with these organizations, youth, and you name it. there's a lot of folks that we see as really good outlets to help get this information out there. all right. so in terms of how we're going to do this, i think that our approach and our ethos is really what makes the work different and special and important for us. it's really, you know, important to bring people to where you are presenting information, but we also really
9:30 am
see our work as a way to honor community and a way to honor the space where people already are, and it's a big ask of someone in their regular lives who may or may not be as civically involved as a lot of people oftentimes who have the opportunity to do that through privilege or circumstance. so we really look at our outreach and meet people where they are. whether it's in their district, their cultural center, their faith-based organizations. wherever it is, we will meet the community that we want to involve and make sure that we reach folks that are hard to reach are reached by this process because this is really information [indiscernible] for the democratic process. and with that, we hope to be
9:31 am
accessible. it's often cultural colloquialisms and understanding the differences in communities that, you know, have different ideas and things that they need and how to represent. it also means putting an equity lens on things and committing extra time and resources in neighborhoods that aren't in the cultural reach and are often overlooked, and we look at innovative ways to do that. next slide, please. so in terms of what we are looking to do, as you've heard, there is going to be a series of meetings, and in addition to that, we're going to be here with the communications and the
9:32 am
messaging, developing an outreach plan that will encompass all these items and develop a framework how we reach out to clerks that will envelope the clerk's office as well as the work that we're going to be doing ourselves. that includes print and digital materials as well as website content, multilingual outreach and event staffing, and of course, all along the way, we will be tracking the feedback that we get and the questions that folks, like, raise or bring up to you. what we'd like to hear from you today is little things that you're looking for. anything we can do, from posters to signage to community newspapers, social media advertising, sending out mail or hosting, you know, telephone
9:33 am
events, whatever it may be so we can understand what will best fit in terms of what you are looking for engaging the community, hosting the community meetings that are going to be happening and do our best to make sure that as broad as the outreach that we can do, that we can target our communities that we want to encourage to be a part of this process. so in terms of timeline, i know we're all pretty tapped for time, and i appreciate everyone spending their time this late talking about this and really, really, you know [indiscernible] and appreciate all the work that it takes. we do have [indiscernible]. so the way that we've seen it is, we want to focus a lot of our work on doing a roadshow presentation, and that's reaching out to c.b.o.s and neighborhood associations, merchant groups, and basically
9:34 am
establish groups in the cities that have monthly meetings, because by doing that, we can get on agendas and doing as much as possible. we can do that by distributing materials, getting on-line, making sure we have the materials that we need, and at the same time that we are supporting the outreach, encouraging people to come to district meetings. and we know from experience that a lot of the groups, whether they're faith-based organizations or c.b.o.s or neighborhood organizations, a lot of the time, they do not end up meeting in november and december, and that's an unfortunate consequence of doing outreach in fall, but we want to reach out to them now so we can get in as many
9:35 am
outreach opportunities as we can before the end of the year [indiscernible] as we go into next year and try to cover as much area and as much space as we can in our outreach and in our engagement and, of course, presenting our summary findings and presenting a hearing next year. so i know that's a lot of information. moving onto the next slide. i assume there's many, many questions, and just want to say really happy and thrilled to be here and working on this. also, i do know that it's very late, and many of you probably have slides to go back to, so by all means, we're here to answer your questions. we want to listen and learn as we think about developing an outreach plan that we will definitely do in coordination with the clerk's office and department of elections and
9:36 am
share back with you. we're also happy to come to another meeting and continue this discussion if it's getting too late for you. we're here, but if -- we'd like to do more, and we'll continue our conversation later on, and we're more than happy to do that, as well. >> clerk: mr. chair, member ho is in the queue. >> member ho. >> hi. thank you for doing outreach in the communities, that you realize that you need to do outreach in the communities where you are and that you are sensitive to all of the available avenues and ensuring that the communities that are
9:37 am
underrepresented have -- are going to be represented and engaged and encouraged to participate, so very much appreciate the lens that you are looking at this outreach. i wanted to actually wonder if there was going to be a process where we would be able to preview some of your outreach materials and presentations before it goes out? i know that sometimes i think this was a concern that member jeremy lee had brought up in our first meeting that sometimes -- that you would hope it would be appropriate for the community, but in reality, when it's actually executed, it's not, so i was wondering if there was anything in that time frame where the members on this task force not
9:38 am
impose on what you're doing, but, like, just, like, check off on what you're doing as appropriate. >> i definitely hear that, and we have projects where maybe we put something together and intent to get it out to community. but things can change, and we want to make sure that what we're doing to get things out to the community is meaningful and appropriate. process wise, i have to say i'm not entirely sure, so i'll defer to the clerk's office how we do things together. i know as an appointed body, whatever regulations are there, we would be happy to present materials and make sure they get out in the right way and are the right materials for our community. but process wise, madam clerk,
9:39 am
if you have information to jump in on with, i'd appreciate it. >> clerk: an idea to the chair, to the members -- >> madam clerk? >> clerk: thank you, mr. chair. when something is finalized, they let the board members know or clerk know, this item is done. if i don't hear anything back from you, i'm going to release this by 6:00 p.m. tonight, so that could be sent to all task force members with the most advanced time possible, but after a certain time, you'll know that they have to send it out. >> thank you, and that would be completely appropriate, and in no way would i want to impede on this timeline that we're all very much aware that it's tight, and in no way would i want any member of this task force to in any way micromanage
9:40 am
or get in the weeds with what you're doing. i think, once again, with the certain that jeremy lee had brought up in our first meeting and i was made aware of, like, sometimes it's just not appropriate especially, like, in language or routes or modes of communication are not sufficient, and i just wanted to be cognizant of that, and i wanted to be sure i stick to my word, which was to ensure that the communities are going to be well represented and have the appropriate outreach. that's all. thank you. >> absolutely. and i will add that while they're not here with us tonight, the two senior managers that will work on a lot of this strategy are
9:41 am
abraham valens is a native spanish speaker and abbie lau is a native cantonese services. it's not just what you translate word by word, it's the cultural colloquialism. it's the understanding of what a community hears a translation in a way that's not just translated text. so that's why we have them on the team, and that's why we're going to push the strategy and really implement what we're doing. >> thank you. so happy to hear that. >> mr. carroll, is there someone else? >> clerk: mr. chair, mr. jeremy lee is next in the queue. >> yes, thank you for being with us this evening and thank you for giving us a presentation on your work and
9:42 am
plans. i do want to say with the majority of this task force either being from an immigrant community or representing an immigrant community, outreach is imperative to us. so is civic edge going to prepare an overall strategy or overall plan and, like, present it to us or are you just going to take instruction from the task force? >> that's a great question, and liz, feel free to jump in, as well. the way that i thought about it is i want to hear from you tonight, absolutely. i think we've got a lot of good context and good idea what you're looking to do based on what you've said this evening. angela, i'll defer to you how
9:43 am
the communications work, but i think we'll put together a broughter presentation for how -- broader presentation, and that we have a cohesive plan for reaching out to residents and constituents in san francisco on many levels and in many areas. and i think it's important that we see the work that we do as complementary and targeted in comparison to drawing people out to the events that you host yourselves and ask them to be involved. what we want to do is reach out, fill those gaps, and make people know what's happening and as engaged as we can. so we're going to work on an outreach plan. we'll work on that in collaboration with the clerk's
9:44 am
office and the department of elections and put something together that will be great with all the feedback that we've gotten tonight. but angela, if you just want to confirm process wise, we'll send it over and certainly take any feedback in addition you have. >> clerk: through the chair to the members and to rosy, yes, absolutely, i'll be brief. i don't need to add anymore to it, but i think that your plan made sense so that the members can consider what you're presenting and then provide any further direction. >> i'll just jump in to say, you know, that we're going to use our experience pretty much in every corner of san francisco to put together a plan that's creative in how it reaches out to communities because we know that one size fits all does not work in san francisco, and so kind of being able to create an overall
9:45 am
messaging framework, as reggie mentioned, and then looking for your input into kind of customizing it for the communities that you represent and making sure that we're really hitting all of the marks there. i think it would be a great collaboration that way. >> great. thank you. no, i just kind of want to get a little bit concrete. so basically, your work is, the main goal is, like, to increase the turnout of our meetings and just, like, increase overall awareness of this process with a focus on immigrants and marginalized communities. is that right? >> i would not say that's our entire scope of focus, but it's certainly a huge part of it. and something that i think may be hopeful to talk through, and we can talk through it, the first part of the plan, are
9:46 am
what the measures of the steps are. is success having hundreds of people attend these meetings? is it having them submit comments on-line or share how to be involved in the process on social media? the measures can change project by change, and i think hearing from you what you think is valuable would be helpful to creating the plan that we want to do. and i think when covid hit, we were stunned in a lot of our outreach work. in lockdown, we had to kind of stop and retool everything that we did. and as the clerk's office explained, there is a big desire for folks to engage virtually. there were a lot of folks that weren't traditionally involved that did get involved because of that, but we're also really, you know, very aware and try to be really conscious of the folks that are excluded from
9:47 am
that process. and the engagement on that level can be really hard. it can be really difficult. it may mean going to somebody's door. it may mean leaving a flyer on their car, and i think building the most comprehensive kind of outreach and representation is something we want to hear from you and fine-tune and figure out what these measures look like so we can implement a plan that will deliver that. >> great. and i would say, like, my last question would be, like, i moved how in -- loved how in your presentation you focused on cultural competency. it is really, really important. i was looking at last year's task force and all the ads that
9:48 am
they put in newspapers. it was in english and then just translated in other languages, and it was not competent. we can't expect english to resonate with people who speak russian, with people who speak chinese. i just want to ask, like, what are your strategies for -- for messaging to -- to different communities? because you know that you have a spanish speaker and a cantonese speaker on staff, but thinking about folks who speak arabic, folks who speak samoan? what are your strategies for reaching those communities? >> hi. excellent question. so on our teams, we have a team of folks that strategize for
9:49 am
communities that they represent. we don't have native arabic or samoan speakers, but we are working in collaboration with the clerk's office, and our hope is creating a documentation of how we're doing this, with our amazing team members, abraham in spanish and jennie in cantonese, we can create a plan and then communicate it out. so instead of just handing an internal city staff person, here's something to translate, we can say here's something we'd like you to translate and/or interpret in the way that we're thinking about so we can best communication.
9:50 am
>> chair -- >> no further questions. >> clerk: chair, if i may, at the last meeting, you heard john arntz say that he would be utilizing his resources to translate all of the material. it would be the content that would be created by civic edge and then translated by his contacts. and as far as interpretation is concerned, ocea has indicated, it was also at the last meeting that her team would be, to the extent that we have the availability of her interpreters, that they would be interpreting and consulting at these meetings. >> mr. carroll, is there another? >> clerk: there are. member cooper is in the queue? >> member cooper? >> yes.
9:51 am
thank you for the great presentations and work on local government. you have to do a lot of public engagement and outreach, i understand, and the extent of all the effort. my question is the extent that us as task members will be able to get out there, alongside your work. i'm curious, not necessarily of your expectations but kind of what you'd be looking for, what you'd be interested in seeing from us on that side? >> well, that's great to hear. i think the way that we've envisioned it is probably to have some -- a calendar or a shared calendar where we have all of the outreach events and places that we intend to be, and we can certainly share those out to make sure that folks have the opportunity to be there. something we'd like to share
9:52 am
with the board of supervisors so that if we are in any given district, they know who we're representing, where we're going, and what we're doing, and they can have that in their newsletters as well as twitter, and rely on other city agencies and partners to expand our outreach as much as we can. >> great. and another question is, social media, as a junior member [indiscernible] specifically, do you use outreach on that, things like wechat and
9:53 am
whatsapp. i'm curious over the person that has control over those accounts, how it's going to be use and express my wishes how we're able to have a robust use of social media as well as other traditional media forms? >> sure. well, i believe in angela -- i'm sorry, madam clerk to confirm or challenge, but i believe that john arntz' team will be doing the majority of the social media work and managing the facebook page. however because we're working on kind of the core messaging, to have that kind of content and share it on digital and social media as well as print media. so we want the message to be the same across all mediums or platforms, even if the tone of it changes, which it would for social media. that said, if social media
9:54 am
engagement is something that's really important to the task force, that's something that we can certainly discuss and come up with some creative options. i will say building a following in a short time period like this is pretty difficult to do and would generally rely on paid advertisements to push that content out. we absolutely want to rely on city partners and leverage the social media partners that we have and other agencies and departments, but if we're trying to create a brand social media wise for what is a short-ish process, i think that would take a lot of investment, and i don't promise it would have a huge payout. like i said, we're here to listen. we want to know what you want, but in terms of what we're thinking and how it will be managed, we're here to manage
9:55 am
the content, and john will be managing the social media content. >> clerk: there's also a twitter page that is going to be utilized in the same way that we utilize the board's twitter page. it's more of an announcement on the things that we're announcing. we're trying to have the input come to the members come from an eventually located place, if not two places. that means the website, redistricting website, in addition to an e-mail that john carroll will be managing. and so there are going to be various outlets that this information is pushed out on, such as facebook, as rosy mentioned, the twitter. in addition, ocea has invited us to utilize their networks,
9:56 am
as well, to push the content out to their community. the mayor's office has given us permission to mention this evening that their communication office will also receive content and push it out to their networks in addition to all of the p.i.o.s and all of the various departments and city departments. so we are looking to cast the widest net possible to send all of this content out that you are creating that civic edge will shape into the best messages possible to get it out to all of your district residents and c.b.o.s and other -- other, i guess, agencies that want to be a part of this amazing -- this work that you guys have to do in a very short amount of time. >> great. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. >> clerk: mr. chair, member hernandez gil is in the queue.
9:57 am
>> mr. hernandez gil? >> thank you. yes, my -- my comments are more around this question of strategy and how we make sure that we reach out to and engage in a meaningful way those communities that are hard to reach? and in my time in san francisco, i have noted that yes, if folks are very good about reaching out and engaging, the spanish speaking, the cantonese speaking, the spanish speaking, the filipino speaking communities, but there are communities that are sidelined and not emphasized. one that i want to mention are targeted communities, especially here in the spanish speaking community. i hesitate to even call it like that because i think it is not mono-lithic, but the mayan,
9:58 am
quechan, and other languages that are specifically detached, for lack of a better term, from the democratic process. i think for them there's going to be a need for a lot of political education why this process is the hall mark process, right? so i think that's going to be very important. and then, the other question within the chinese community, you have taiwanese -- my apologies. my puppy is playing in the background. i don't know if you can hear that. and then lastly, within the filipino community,
9:59 am
[indiscernible] they might not be engaged with a c.b.o., they might not be engaged with a democratic club. it's not these noncitizens, it might be seniors, it might be people who were formerly incarcerated. i think there needs to be not just engagement in this process but why this process is important, so i would love to see some of that.
10:00 am
>> [indiscernible] limited resources, but we will definitely work with the clerk's office and definitely take all of this into consideration as we create the best and broadest outreach that we can. i just want to be careful not to overpromise if we can't deliver on everything, though we would certainly like to and absolutely hear you and where you're coming from, and do truly want to engage and support these communities. >> so just to that point, if it becomes a question of resources, right, we discussed this earlier, right, i am personally happy to reach out
10:01 am
and acquire more resources because it is, to me, as the only non-u.s. citizen on this task force, it is a priority of mine to make sure that this community is being engaged in a meaningful way, and i'm happy to go to bat for you and get that, as well. not only noncitizens, but u.s. citizens that are apathetic or disillusioned with the democratic process, of which there are many. >> i don't want to commit to something and then can't deliver it, but yes, we'll work with the clerk's office and see what that means for the work that we're doing, and also in terms of canvassing, i've worked on a lot of political
10:02 am
campaigns, and it is incredible and difficult and important work. i get it, i hear it, and let's figure out what we can do. >> mr. carroll? >> clerk: the next name in the roster is member pierce? >> member pierce. >> yeah, thank you so much for your presentation. i wonder if you guys will be coordinating with the technical consultants, as wel? as we get deeper into this process, will there be opportunity for residents to give feedback on maps or data sheets that we have developed from the consultants directly? will we have a chance to weigh-in on that or will you
10:03 am
guys be taking direction directly from the general public on their needs in order to engage directly with us, as well? >> well, it's a great question. because we're just newly coming on as the consultant team to do outreach, we haven't had a chance to meet with the other consultants and technical consultants, so i'm not entire leisure of what our loss is going to be, and madam clerk, if you could shed some light on that, that would be great, but i would certainly assume that the technical engagement that we do does affect the democratic process, and if we can bring that information over, and if there is an opportunity to do that directly, we would be happy to do that.
10:04 am
>> clerk: to the chair, there will be a lot of opportunity happening, to your point, member pierce. i have had a lot of conversation with civic edge here. we will be making sure that they get the introduction to the consultant, and that they're all working together with john carroll, the clerk, so that this information, we're all touching base on the product. i don't know, lizbet, rosy, i'm not sure how you operate with the content, but we've all committed to moving in the same direction with tons of communication. thank you. >> we've often been accused of overcommunicating. i would imagine there would be lots and lots of check ins. but to your point, member pierce, we often work hand in glove with the technical consultants so that it's
10:05 am
accessible and understandable by the general public. >> mr. carroll? >> clerk: mr. chair, member ho is in the queue. >> member ho? >> hi. just one thing i wanted to add, a bit of a caveat to the asian american community. very oftentimes, specifically, the monolingual chinese community is thought of as just being in chinatown? but i wanted us to all be aware and to acknowledge that the monolingual chinese community is in all areas of san francisco and in all of the districts, and that we need to ensure that all of these pockets are includes, and that the outreach to the chinatown it not just in the chinese
10:06 am
community. thanks. >> i could not agree more. 100%. >> clerk: mr. chair, mr. jeremy lee. >> mr. jeremy lee? >> i just wanted to piggyback off of commissioner ho's comments. the chinatown community is far from mono-lithic. they have a very different mindset compared to the chinese community in the sunset, compared to the chinese community in vis valley, compared to the chinese community in the bayview. there's also direct from china immigrants that speak mandarin. cantonese is very much a language, but there's a large population that speaks toisan,
10:07 am
which is a regional dialect, as well. >> clerk: mr. chair, there are no further members in the roster. >> i have a question. i am a member of the african american community, and do you have african american members of your staff? >> at this time, we don't have a member of our full time staff that's african american, but i certainly myself have done a lot of work in the community.
10:08 am
we web working with mayor london breed, and we want to work with many community members and find folks from the community that would like to partner with us on this work, whether that be c.b.o.s, organizations, or individual folks who would like to do this work. we would love to talk with them and make sure we have the right people on this team that are representative, and also, we are investing in the communities that we're working in. >> well, i sense a concern because what i found out in 54 years of living in this town, people will come to work in the african american community, and then, they'll bring paid people in and ask the african person community to help them on their time off, but they won't way -- pay them.
10:09 am
that's been going on 54 years that i've been here, but there's never dedicated professionals from the african american community getting involved in. >> well, i'm really glad that you raised that, too. just even more broadly, it has been this kind of traditional approach to lean on nonprofits and community organizations and c.b.o.s to help do work which really is volunteer work. it's asking people to do work for free, and as a company, i think we move and try to push our clients to look past that and not rely on that because it's investment in community, and i think it's completely inappropriate to ask community
10:10 am
members to do work for free. >> let me give you a tip. the easiest way to avoid that is to have people on your staff, so you don't have to worry about your [indiscernible] authority or your hiring authority to do something about it. you could do something about it, and it would have been wiser to do something about it before you came to us than after you came to us. it's my experience that's telling me that. that's all. >> reverend townsend, thank you for that. we are looking to hire wonderful qualified people from all parts of san francisco. if you have any people, please send them our way because it is foremost in my mind every single day how to make sure that our staff represents the
10:11 am
city. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. carroll, that's my question. i'm through. >> clerk: mr. chair, there are no further names in the roster. >> oh, do we need public comment? >> clerk: we do. we are checking to see if there are any callers in the queue who wish to provide public comment on this item from civic edge consulting. mr. atkins, let us know if there are any callers in the queue. i am going to repeat the instructions for public comment. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this should call the public comment number, which is 415-655-0001. enter the meeting i.d. 2485-248-3883. present pound twice and then star, three to enter the queue
10:12 am
to speak, which will raise your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted before you begin your comments, and before we provide public comment, we should allow ocea to provide interpretation services to provide the instructions. if you are there. >> operator: mr. clerk, the interpreters have all logged off for the evening. >> clerk: they have all logged off for the evening. mr. atkins, could you please connect us to our first caller. >> good afternoon, members. this is [indiscernible]. thank you for taking the time to explain, you know, all the
10:13 am
outreach avenues that, you know, the task force can engage with in the next few months. i think with the league we are actually in contact with the other communities and jurisdictions in redistricting, and what we've seen in a lot of other jurisdictions, we've seen, like, workshops on trainings around mapping tools and having them in different languages, such as spanish and cantonese and mandarin. something we can consider, especially if the mapping tool is going to be in english. [indiscernible] too often, the community members go about the redistricting process, however [indiscernible] they turn to
10:14 am
in-person more than a digital platform, but it's still well attended, and it was also received really well by local partners. maybe something to look into. i can also send the links to the clerk later, and i think another thing about communication, you know, essentially if we're going to put u.r.l.s in [indiscernible] and making u.r.l.s easy to remember especially for folks that english is not their first language, it needs to be easy to type. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can we get the next caller, please. >> hi. this is [indiscernible]. as someone who does civic
10:15 am
communications in my day job in addition to my redistricting and volunteer work for the league, it's exciting to see this process get started, so thank you for this process and discussion, everyone. this is from the league because we've been reaching out in the community a few months ago, talking about redistricting. the good news is there's interesting from the community groups and neighborhood organizations. some people are trying to figure out what redistricting is and why it matters. others are trying to form a task force and share the information with you, why it matters. we've seen interest. the league has done two outreaches, we had about 150 people come with more who evented the event recording. we've already presented to several groups who reached out to us to understand redistricting, so i would love
10:16 am
to see [indiscernible] as soon as possible? we would recommend to get better redistricting information onto the website, whether that's a flier or some 101 descriptions or an intro video, just something to help people start to understand this because it really does take a few times. we have found it takes a bit of repetition, for sure. the information on the website is kind of dry and not really written in a culturally competent or easy-to-understand way. we need to reach people who aren't connected to government agencies already, and it's those people that are hard to reach. we will definitely reach out to civic edge consulting to understand how people that we work with to amplify efforts and also let them know what
10:17 am
plans of ours have already been successful, so definitely looking forward to working with you and talking with you more. carroll carroll thank you very much for your comments, lauren girard, and can we get the next caller? >> hi. stephen gerard from district 11, and so pleased that this was on the agenda. i'm hoping that civic edge consulting will get the
10:18 am
residents of san francisco to reach out to these redistricting and consulting meetings. i think it's very important, and thank you so much. i feel sort of like a [indiscernible] knock on redistricting, because i think it's really important for not only our district but also our state. i thank you so much, and good night. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we get the next caller, please? >> david pillpel again. so just f.y.i., tonight's website has the meeting tonight listed as a past meeting, although it still seems to be underway. i have previously worked with
10:19 am
civil edge on a variety of other projects, and they do a great job, so i am very much looking forward to their work as the outreach consultant team. please post that information on the website because that was not posted before the meeting, a clear and comprehensive plan including all areas of outreach, including the scope and task that consultants think are necessary and who does what, so that question of whether or not elections is doing the translation or c.i.a. or someone at civic edge, one of their subs, is going to be critical. and if the task force is not
10:20 am
having another meeting until november 1, which seems like a long way away, then i think at that november 1 meeting, the draft outreach plan should be before you for comment and possible approval. i just think that's important to capture all of what was in the presentation tonight into a written plan, and i got a sense from the presentation that that's coming soon to a task force near us. thanks very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can we get the next caller, please? >> operator: mr. clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. >> thank you, and this is an item for discussion. there's no further questions action, i believe. >> clerk: yes, sir.
10:21 am
>> okay. next item. >> clerk: you should close public comment. >> i'll get there. i'll get there. public comment is now closed, and we can move onto the next item. >> clerk: agenda item. -- item number 7 is general public comment. members of the public who wish to provide public comment as part of general public comment should call 415-655-0001,en enter the meeting i.d. of 2485-248-3883. press pound twice and then star, three, and wait for a prompt that indicates your system has been unmuted. i'll wait for mr. atkins to check the queue, and i understand we have a few callers.
10:22 am
could we please have the first caller. >> hello. my name is brenna, and i'm calling from san francisco rising. [indiscernible] i also thought i was in line to speak on a previous item and didn't realize until public comment was closed that i didn't raise my hand, so maybe more detail should be added to the website about how folks raise their hand to give public comment, if you could be clearer about that. but also wanted to thank members of the task force and members of the community who talked about making this process accessible to marginalized communities. it sounds like the meetings are going to start at 6:00, and while that makes sense for people that work 9:00 to 5:00, i just want to highlight a lot
10:23 am
of other community members have different schedules, have early mornings, and it's hard to give public comment on an item that doesn't start, for example, until 10:30, that it makes it much harder to participate. so students or young people that are left out of these conversations or working class people who have jobs that start early or parents who need to take their kids to school earlier, please consider doing a time that's earlier so that folks can participate, but thanks for your time so far. >> clerk: thanks for your comments. can we get the next caller, please? >> thank you. this is simon timiny with wild 11.
10:24 am
wow, it's late, but i thank you for being troopers and sticking it out. i'd like to address the general avenue. i was present at that league of women voters informational meeting. it was phenomenal, and they gave an overview of why redistricting matters, who shares areas of predominant similarities. the area from ocean to holloway falls under district 7 at the
10:25 am
moment. to have this area north of holloway from roughly lee to ashton divided from district 11 and ocean, comprised from sort of the fierce reality, i'd say, into district 7, it [indiscernible] and we have to take community history into account. now if i understand right, the population in districts 6, 10, and 11 went up. district 11 went up by 10%, is that right? if we have more people, we deserve to have that area extended. secondly, it would benefit our area greatly if we had two supervisors serving the ocean
10:26 am
area corridor [indiscernible] and we have an opportunity. we're in a position to have that. i thank you for your time and consideration, and good luck. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we get the next caller, please? >> david pillpel, hopefully for the last time tonight, but i thought all members indicated flexibility on this meeting, but i was disappointed to here some restrictions leading to limited dates and times. question. is the final redistricting data
10:27 am
available yet? i suggest having standing agenda items at regular meetings or all meetings for reports from the board of supervisors, the department of elections, and the outreach consultant team and the technical or redistricting consultant, so if there's anything that isn't capturd in that, that there's another way to do that.
10:28 am
any way, work plan and schedule. ten years ago, literally hundreds of people attended, commented, and wrote to the task force. this can get very and time-consuming. and yet, you know, with this method and platform of engagement, it takes time. so when we get to the point that hundreds of meet are interested and engaged -- people are interested and engaged, it will get to be very time-consuming. members of the public should
10:29 am
been -- be encouraged to define their neighborhoods, whether there's an individual, an organization, or part of an organization, so that that information can get to you and be useful in your work. i'll leave it at that until next time. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. i understand there are no further callers, mr. chair. >> thank you, mr. carroll. >> clerk: i'm sorry. could you please repeat that? i did not hear you. >> oh, public comment is now closed. next agenda item. >> clerk: agenda item number 8, future agenda items. members of the public who wish
10:30 am
to provide public comment, call 415-655-0001, enter meeting i.d. 2485-248-3883. press pound and pound again, and then press star, three to raise your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and then you may begin your comments. mr. chair? >> do we have any hands raised? >> clerk: yes, i see several hands raised. first in line is member jeremy lee? >> thank you. i'd just like to make a motion to add amending the bylaws to add a communications section to our next meeting. >> clerk: next in the queue,
10:31 am
mr. chair? >> yes, please. >> clerk: next in the queue is member cooper. >> yes. well, first, i'd like to second member jeremy lee's motion. this is listed as discussion and potential motion. i guess this is a question for chair townsend. do you want us to make all of our recommendations motions or do you just want us to sort of float our ideas and you'll set the agenda as -- >> it may be more efficient to make the motions so that we don't make any recommendations unless you have a better one, mr. carroll, out of your experience? >> clerk: i've never clerked the redistricting task force.
10:32 am
>> okay. why don't we do it that way, making motions, jeremy lee? >> yeah. i've seconded mr. jeremy lee's motion. >> is there any discussion on mr. jeremy lee's motion? >> clerk: it may get confusing because there are several names that are already in the queue. >> well, is there any discussion on mr. jeremy lee's motion? >> clerk: i see [indiscernible] from the office of the city attorney may have some input. >> good evening, task force members. you do not have to vote on items to add to the agenda. >> okay.
10:33 am
wonderful. [indiscernible]. >> as long as someone is taking notes of what's being recommended, i trust between chair townsend and mr. carroll, we can get all the items that we see fit onto the agenda. >> clerk: we can bring the draft bylaws as an item on a future agenda on the next agenda and do the appropriate noticing to amend the bylaws, just like we did today skprks -- today, and it would work the same way that it did today. >> my recommendations, i echo mr. pillpel's comment and mr. [indiscernible] comment about the mapping tool. i do hope that that will be up
10:34 am
and available sometimes between the last meeting and this meeting, and we'll have an opportunity to discuss with the presentation on that. i also hopefully can get information on -- i still don't know if we have clarification on what a meeting on sfgovtv, and i think we're going to be in a situation in the coming months where we have a remote meeting on sfgovtv, so if we could get briefed on what that would look like and still be able to have robust public input and public comment and access to these meetings even without sfgovtv -- >> a suggestion for the agenda?
10:35 am
>> yes, yeah, to discuss remote meeting capability status or at least be briefed on that. and i had one more thing -- oh, and talking about that going forward and how that will be different. thank you. >> thank you. >> clerk: and member hernandez gil has his name in the roster. >> thank you. my question or comment is at a future agenda, we add an item how to improve our multilingual
10:36 am
communication. i continue to see multiple translations for different processes. even the name of the task force, the name changes in contradictory terms in spanish. perhaps the same thing is happening in other languages, and i want to make sure that we can help improve that process or eliminate or at least diminish confusion in terms of the outreach. >> thank you. >> clerk: member ho has her name in the roster. >> i also want to -- i agree and second with member cooper's suggestion of how we define a community of interest and what we would consider a minority
10:37 am
group? and second, i would like to discuss around the topic of what makes a map legal? like, what makes a map legal? what does this 1% mean? as we speak so much about representation and what fair representation means, i want us to, like, actually spell out what the technicalities are and legalities are and interpretations are. i think that would be good for the general public, good for us as members, and good for everyone. thank you.
10:38 am
>> clerk: mr. chair, there are no further members in the queue. but [indiscernible]. >> okay. >> three quick things that i want to raise with respect to the task force. before we add communications language to the bylaws, it would be helpful to get input on who was putting that language together. that would be useful to spell out. secondly, on the matter of legal requirements for redistricting. some of you may have gotten
10:39 am
that. >> clerk: mr. chair, member pierce and member hernandez gil have entered the roster. >> member pierce? >> thank you, mr. chair. d.c.a. shen, i have a really quick question around that. if we -- drafting potential language for communications, we would have to run it by your office, and after running it by your office, it would have to be posted for ten days by your office, correct? >> correct. >> okay.
10:40 am
would it make sense to create a subcommittee that works directly with your office so that we can kind of do this in one step? >> yeah. i don't think the task force needs to formally create a subcommittee, but the task force could delegate a member to work directly with our office. and we're happy to work with whoever you wish to make a suggestion for. >> i have no suggestion. i just think that it would streamline things. >> sounds great. >> so what are we suggesting? >> possibly have one or two of us volunteer to work with the city attorney's office to create some draft language around communications. >> well, you're volunteering, aren't you? >> i will -- i will do that. >> and is there anyone else who wants to do that?
10:41 am
>> i volunteer. that's why i had my name on it. >> thank you. thank you. >> i think madam vice chair, as well. >> madam vice chair. >> i'm not speaking for you, i'm asking you. >> happy to help. >> thank you. so members pierce, hernandez gil, and [indiscernible] working with the city attorney. >> just to clarify, there's a couple of members we will communicate with in advance of
10:42 am
the next meeting. >> sorry. ad hoc came up. sorry about that. >> no problem. >> we can move to the next item. >> clerk: member hernandez gil is waiting to be recognized. >> okay. go ahead. >> i just wanted to volunteer. >> okay. is there anyone in the queue? >> clerk: there is not anyone in the queue, other than member of the public who wishes to provide public comment on future agenda items. hang on just a moment. i do have to repeat this each time. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on future agenda items should call 415-655-0001, enter meeting i.d. of 2485-248-3883. press pound twice to enter the meeting, and then press star, three to enter the queue to
10:43 am
speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted to begin your comments. mr. atkins, could you please connect us to our first caller? if you have heard that your line has been unmuted, that is your opportunity to begin your comments. mr. atkins, do we have any callers in the queue? please begin. >> oh, hi. good evening, task force members. thank you, deputy city attorney shen talking that there was actually a memo posted. and i think one future agenda
10:44 am
item [indiscernible] is to offer what the public know what [indiscernible] especially if, you know, the more, you know, people [indiscernible] thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we get the next caller, please. >> hi. this is laura gerard. can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, we can. >> sorry. that was my earlier. my phone stopped working again. i don't know why. it doesn't like you all, but thank you for this information. i'm sorry. [indiscernible] and i were conversing also about [indiscernible] memo had come
10:45 am
out. we've been eagerly awaiting some of that because the law is so complicated. it's times we think for the task force and public to get a presentation about the layers of local, state, and federal laws, but they need to know to really understand redistricting. that could be, as jen mentions, some language of what the [indiscernible] covered, but also for members of this task force to ask questions about these laws [indiscernible]. so given the complexity of this information, i really recommend a special meeting to discuss this and really understand communities of interest. i think it won't fit in the
10:46 am
regular committee agenda since it's a month away -- >> i didn't know i was muted, and i don't know why. >> clerk: laura gerard still has 1:28 of her three-minute public comment. >> yeah, it's muting itself. >> clerk: please continue. >> okay. also, one of the things that we noticed in this meeting is there's a lot in this agenda. obviously, it's very late, and we note that there's not time for the public and members to reflect and react. the public is going to be here
10:47 am
in bigger numbers there, so allowing time in scheduling that agenda, i think, would be very helpful fob addressing the public comment that is given. he have a lot of robust conversation, and comment on that is very important. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. i understand there are no further callers in the queue. i'm looking to see if chair townsend is here. because he appears to have become disconnected from the meeting. vice chair reiner, we've reached the end of the queue. >> shall we close public comment? should we close public comment? >> clerk: if you close public
10:48 am
comment, that's fine. >> yes, let's close public comment, then. do we have any other comments within the task force or do we move to adjournment, mr. carroll? >> clerk: what is your pleasure? >> unless there's any other comments, then i move for adjournment. >> clerk: adjournment is the next agenda item. >> okay. >> clerk: there's no further business. >> do we have someone -- do we have to vote on this? [indiscernible]. >> clerk: no, it's not necessary. we don't have to nominate a committee -- >> i don't mean nominate, i mean, just, do we need to say -- have a second or do we need to have a motion? >> clerk: it's not necessary. >> okay. in that case, the meeting is adjourned at 11:04. >> clerk: thank you.
10:49 am
10:50 am
a city like no other, san francisco has been a beacon of hope, and an ally towards lgbtq equal rights. [♪♪]
10:51 am
>> known as the gay capital of america, san francisco has been at the forefront fighting gay civil rights for decades becoming a bedrock for the historical firsts. the first city with the first openly gay bar. the first pride parade. the first city to legalize gay marriage. the first place of the iconic gay pride flag. established to help cancel policy, programses, and initiatives to support trans and lgbtq communities in san francisco. >> we've created an opportunity to have a seat at the table. where trans can be part of city government and create more civic engagement through our
10:52 am
trans advisory committee which advises our office and the mayor's office. we've also worked to really address where there's gaps across services to see where we can address things like housing and homelessness, low income, access to small businesses and employment and education. so we really worked across the board as well as meeting overall policies. >> among the priorities, the office of transgender initiatives also works locally to track lgbtq across the country. >> especially our young trans kids and students. so we do a lot of work to make sure we're addressing and naming those anti-trans policies and doing what we can to combat them. >> trans communities often have not been included at the policy levels at really any level
10:53 am
whether that's local government, state government. we've always had to fend for ourselves and figure out how to care for our own communities. so an office like this can really show and become a model for the country on how to really help make sure that our entire community is served by the city and that we all get opportunities to participate because, in the end, our entire community is stronger. >> the pandemic underscored many of the inequities they experienced on a daily basis. nonetheless, this health crisis also highlighted the strength in the lgbtq and trans community. >> several of our team members were deployed as part of the work at the covid command center and they did incredit able work there both in terms of navigation and shelter-in-place hotels to
10:54 am
other team members who led equity and lgbtq inclusion work to make sure we had pop-up testing and information sites across the city as well as making sure that data collection was happening. we had statewide legislation that required that we collected information on sexual orientation and our team worked so closely with d.p.h. to make sure those questions were included at testing site but also throughout the whole network of care. part of the work i've had a privilege to be apart of was to work with o.t.i. and a community organization to work together to create a coalition that met monthly to make sure we worked together and coordinated as much as we could to lgbtq communities in the city. >> partnering with community organizations is key to the success of this office ensuring lgbtq and gender nonconforming people have access to a wide range of services and places to go where they will be respected.
10:55 am
o.t.i.'s trans advisory committee is committed to being that voice. >> the transgender advisory counsel is a group of amazing community leaders here in san francisco. i think we all come from all walks of life, very diverse, different backgrounds, different expertises, and i think it's just an amazing group of people that have a vision to make san francisco a true liberated city for transgender folks. >> being apart of the grou allows us to provide more information on the ground. we're allowed to get. and prior to the pandemic, there's always been an issue
10:56 am
around language barriers and education access and workforce development. now, of course, the city has been more invested in to make sure our community is thriving and making sure we are mobilizing. >> all of the supervisors along with mayor london breed know that there's still a lot to be done and like i said before, i'm just so happy to live in a city where they see trans folks and recognize us of human beings and know that we deserve to live with dignity and respect just like everybody else. >> being part of the trans initiative has been just a great privilege for me and i feel so lucky to have been able to serve for it for so far over three years. it's the only office of its kind and i think it's a big opportunity for us to show the country or the world about things we can do when we really put a focus on transgender issues and transgender communities. and when you put transgender
10:57 am
people in leadership positions. >> thank you, claire. and i just want to say to claire farly who is the leader of the office of transgender initiatives, she has really taken that role to a whole other level and is currently a grand marshal for this year's s.f. prize. so congratulations, claire. >> my dream is to really look at where we want san francisco to be in the future. how can we have a place where we have transliberation, quality, and inclusion, and equity across san francisco? and so when i look five years from now, ten years from now, i want us to make sure that we're continuing to lead the country in being the best that we can be. not only are we working to make sure we have jobs and equal opportunity and pathways to education, employment, and advancement, but we're making sure we're taking care of our most impacted communities, our
10:58 am
trans communities of color, trans women of color, and black trans women. and we're making sure we're addressing the barriers of the access to health care and mental health services and we're supporting our seniors who've done the work and really be able to age in place and have access to the services and resources they deserve. so there's so much more work to do, but we're really proud of the work that we've done so far. [♪♪]
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning. and welcome to the country club. and i really want to first of all thank billy and the country club and the whole team for hosting us here today. for those who don't know, the country club is it one of the core community pillars in the castro for many people


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