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tv   BOS Government Audits and Oversight Committee  SFGTV  July 15, 2021 6:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> chairman: good morning. this meeting will come to order, and with apologies for the occasional construction noise behind me here at city hall. welcome to the july 15th, 2021, regular meeting of the government audit and oversight committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. i am supervisor dean preston prest, chair of the committee, joined by connie chan, and raphael mandelman. the committee clerk is john carroll and i want to thank michael from sfgovtv for staffing this meeting. >> clerk: the minutes will reflect the committee members are participating in this remote meeting as if they were physically present. the public access to city
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service is essential. public comment will be available for each item on today's agenda on capable channel 76, 78, or 79. each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak. comments and other opportunities to speak during public comment periods are available to you via phone by calling 415-655-0001. following that, you'll enter the meeting i.d. today's meeting i.d. 1462004570. after you've entered the meeting i.d., press the pound symbol twice. your line will be muted and in listening mode only. when you're item of interest comes up on day's agenda, dial *3 if you wish to speak for that item. best practices are to call
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from a quiet location, to speak clearly and slowly and turn down your streaming device, or whatever it is that you are using to access our meeting. you can send an moment to me, the clerk of the audit and oversight committee. and my e-mail address is: john-- hang on a moment. i am receiving word from the department of technology that we may not be broadcasting through to the public comment line, in which case i'm going to hold off for just a moment before i let everyone know how to call in. sorry for the delay. i just want to make sure that we're being heard. we do have the bridge line connected. the bridge line is unmuted. within the webex client, which i do not have access to through this side, i'm
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hoping that we can be unmuted so that speakers -- or, sorry, listeners on the call-in line can hear the proceeding. we are broadcasting live on sfgovtv. i do want to make sure that we have this connection issue corrected. mr. chair, i'm sorry to have to request this, we may have to take a very brief technical break, a very brief recess for two or so minutes. >> chairman: no problem. let's go ahead and recess, and we will be back >> chairman: thank you for your patience, everyone. we are back and have worked out, hopefully, some technical issues. mr. clerk, if you could continue with your announcements. >> clerk: thank you, mr. chair. public comment will be available on each item for today's agenda.
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the sfgovtv folks at channel 26 and are streaming the call-in number across the screen at this type. time. your opportunity to provide public comment is available to you via phone by dialing 415-655-0001. following that, you'll enter today's meeting i.d. the i.d. 1462004570. following that, you'll dial the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting. when you're connected, you will hear the meeting discussions, but you're line will be in a listening mode only. your line will be muted. when you're item of interest comes up, dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line for that agenda item. best practices are to call from a quiet location, speak clearly and slowly and turn down your television, your radio, your streaming device. alternatively, you may submit your public comment in writing to my e-mail
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address or send it to 1 carlton "b" goodlet place, clerk's office, room 244, san francisco, california, 94102. all of this information appears on the front page of every agenda we publish on our website. you can consult it if you need to review. and items are expected to appear on the board of supervisors' agenda of july 22nd, 2021, unless otherwise stated. >> chairman: thank you, mr. clerk. >> clerk: agenda item is 1 is the hearing on the investigation of complaints of sub standard living conditions in plaza east, and discussions and proposed plans for the property. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on the hearing should call the public comment number. 415-655-0001.
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today's meeting i.d. is i.d. 1462004570. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting. if you're interested in speaking on this item, you should also dial *3 to enter the queue to speak. mr. chair? >> chairman: thank you, mr. clerk. and, colleagues, we previously held a hearing at the request of residents from plaza east apartment in the filmore in my district regarding living conditions at the property, and also redevelopment plans for plaza east. to my knowledge, that was the first time that this board of supervisors or, frankly, any elected or appointed body in this city has held a public hearing on plaza east in recent history. and before we turn to presenters, i do want to make some remarks, and i want to thank some folks. i want to thank dennis
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williams, a plaza east resident, and ahead of no racism, no heat san francisco, for elevating these issues from the day i took office with me and my staff. i also want to recognize martha holland, the long-time head of the residents' council at plaza east, and the over 30 tenants who took action and filled out petitions and contacted our office with the goal of making sure that conditions at plaza east were addressed, repairs were made, and that any redevelopment plans would be done with, and not to, the residents and the community. following the public press reporting and our hearing announcement, there was some progress that was discussed, some developments that were discussed, at the last hearing. a $2.7 million emergency grant was provided for life safety repairs and
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emergency repairs. and i want to thank the m.o. c.d. director for his leadership and the committee that collectively, the interdepartmental committee that intervened for funds that were desperately needed. and there was an announcement at the last hearing of a new management company handling day-to-day repairs, and we'll get some updates from our presenters on how that transition is going. and i think we got some clarification at the last hearing that i appreciated hear. i want to thank mr. megrage from n.b.s. we learned that regardless of some of the representations made in federal applications to unlock additional funding, that the future of plaza
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east was, in n.b.s.'s words, in the residents' hands. which i appreciated hearing on the record. and we heard from mr. salazar who said, and i think it is worth quoting, that we are staying as a partner. we're doing the right thing. even if we don't make a dime, that's okay. we're here as a partner. i'm not saying that they don't have to make a dime, but i appreciate hearing that kind of commitment publicly. even with these public statements, i think it is incumbent on the housing authority, the board, frankly all of us in city government, to maintain some level of oversight here, particularly with the housing authority partnering with and instructing the same property developer that rebuilt plaza east in 2001 and managed the site as conditions deteriorated. and that is the same
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company that will be at the heart of future development at the property. and so while public statements are encouraging, i think we need to continue to have an active role in oversight, and this hearing is part of that effort. so my office requested that m.o. c.d., the department building inspection, and the housing authority, and salazar return to give an update on repairs on plaza east, and the proposed plans for the property and community engagement. towards that end, we will hear from presenters. my understanding from the report is that there has certainly been some progress dealing with conditions. i think there is clearly a lot more to do. and i'm looking forward to hearing more about the status of the repairs and management of the property. i think one thing that is
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absolutely clear to me is that any future decisions around redevelopment of the property need to be led by residents, based on full information, through a transparent process, and my office is committed to continuing our efforts to make sure that that is not just in words but in actions, what happens at plaza east. so the last thing before we hear from presenters, i just want to reiterate my
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. >> chairman: if you could start us off, that would be great. >> good morning to the board and my colleagues online and the community at large. thank you, supervisor preston, for holding this meeting. and we're going to start our presentation off with m.b.s. audi will begin this presentation, and we'll go from there with any additional questions you might have after everyone has presented. >> chairman: thank you, doctor. so let's go ahead and hear from mr. gogosh. welcome to you and your team. and if you could -- we've allotted 10 minutes for
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your presentation. go ahead. you are muted. >> all right. can you hear me now? great. and thank you. thank you for that introduction. and thanks for kind of reiterating my comments last time that the future of plaza east is in their hands, in the tenants' hands. i, and we, certainly stand by that. and i also want to augment that by saying that before we submitted our ap cights application to hud, we drafted a letter with your helpful advice, kind of reiterating that. so that is in writing and it was distributed to the residents prior to our submission. and also that sentiment and language appears throughout our section 18 application that was submitted to hud. so, you know, we verbally stand by it. we have put it in writing for the residents, and put it in writing to hud, and we consistently feel that way and are committed to that. so with that, i will share
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my screen. and just some logistics, we have a few folks presenting, myself, colleen blackwell from mccormick baron. danielle banks from s.h.h., and kevin daniel from urban strategies. so, john, if you wouldn't mind helping with the muting and unmuting with those folks, that would be great. and with that, i will bring up the presentation slide show beginning. all right. can you see that? >> chairman: yes, we can. >> all right. i will begin. here are some photos from one of our recent committee meetings, urban strategies will discuss in further detail during the presentation. a reminder of where we are in the timeline, last summer we started discussions with the resident counsel and the
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residents about the conditions of the property, and we're hearing from them that their needs were not being met in several context. as a reminder, this property is 100% public housing. as the supervisor mentioned in his introduction, fully reliant on congressional allocation of funds. and we've had a decline of subsidies throughout the years, and conditions on site being exacerbated through covid, which essentially resulted in a massive increase in operating expenses at the property, as our residents are home a lot more. water, trash, utility costs are much higher. costs are increasing by about $500,000 per year, operating costs, with our residents at home much more. we then started working on, you know, what to do. what can we do about that? we initiated -- we hired a
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licensed general contractor to walk through a portion of the unit, and began to work with our partners at the housing authority and the mayor's office of housing, to request a loan to help fund some emergency repair work. and that emergency repair work scope was both informed by the residents, and what we were hearing from them, as well as fineline's perspective that they were finding when they walked the site. in december of that year, we submitted an application to the loan committee for $2.5 million. a few months later, we asked fineline to do a 100% walk-through to confirm that the scope of work was -- and the funds requested -- were adequate to cover the emergency needs. in april of this year, we thankfully received loan committee approval for $2.5 million for emergency
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repairs, and just under $200,000. and because this is 100% public housing, we have not been able to afford social services onsite, security on site, so we're deeply grateful to the mayor for allocating funds for social services. and danielle from f.r.h. will have more. and we had a meeting to inform the residents of the repair funds, and transitioning to newer management, the john steward company, and the funds for social services. i believe soon after that is that we had our first hearing that dean preston prest called two months back. later in may, we had another resident meeting on management updates, the repair work, and beginning discussions on the future of plaza east. and then in june and july,
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we had additional resident meetings. john steward was there, and our july 1st meeting was held yesterday, which we can speak more about. with that, if i could turn it over to pauline to give an update on where we stand with the repair work. >> thanks, audi. good morning, supervisors and community members. i'm colleen blackwell. to start, just as audi mentioned, our emergency repair work is based on a section that was done in march of 2020, but we started that work may 26th. and this work really requires the collaboration from property management and services to really support residents through this. we wanted to be at the least impacting to residents. so on a weekly basis, we meet with the team. we send out notices. resident services and
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property management then follows up with door-knocking or phone calls. we sit with the residents and make sure they have met the new team members who are here to support them through what is happening in their unit, and kind of make sure and check that they're going to be available for this work. so, you know, there are some residents that their schedules don't allow for it, but we try to back-check our notices to make sure we reach as many residents as we can. just to give you an update on that work, plaza east is 193 units, and 183 of the units was identified for need of emergency repair work. these numbers were slightly from last week, so i can actually provide some updated numbers. we actually currently have touched 96 units, 69 of those units are partially completed.
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we have 27 completed units. you'll see that there is some impact outside of our control that we experienced throughout this process. a lot of it is due to covid impacts. and one of them being procurement of appliances. this was kind of an industry, nationwide issue that everyone was having. only because of that, we had to shift around the schedule a bit in order to account for when those appliances will come in. there are also lead times on windows. six weeks at this time. and then flooring was also one of our big issues, where we definitely have to work more closely with residents to support them, so that the contractor can get in and get this work done. i would like to add that, you know, the -- oh, there are some units that have very light scope of work, and there are some heavier ones. and the heavier-scoped
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items mean they need the additional flooring and the windows. part of our phasing plan to address this is that we have to get vacant units ready first so we can move residents in right away in order to get them comfortable in the interim. so some vacant units got appliances first. some residents that needed appliances got them also. so it is all in one, but we're prioritizing as soon as we get appliances in, we are deploying them out to folks that need them. also as part of this work, we have also completed all of the work that was identified with violations with the department of buildings inspections. we do have a scheduled inspection date for d.b.i. to come back out to clear those violations. that was a priority of part of this work, also. and then, lastly, we are currently on schedule -- there have been some adjustments, again, due to
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the appliances and certain delays due to covid. however, in the overall schedule, we are on schedule. we are looking at the residents on a weekly basis. so our internal week to week has changed a little bit, but over all we are in good shape. i think with that, i can now pass this on to our new partner, john steward company, who is our new property manager. and we have will daniels, who is the regional director for the john steward company that will kind of share some of his activities and support of this emergency repair work. thank you. >> hey, pauline, i'm sorry. i think you have one more slide, but my computer has frozen. it was a map that showed -- >> got it. >> sorry. my computer is froze. >> sure. thanks, audi. sorry, folks. i'm back. i want to share this site
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plan. and it is meant to be a bit difficult to read in a sense. the pink is partially completed. the green is complete work in the vacant units. i wanted to show this map just because when we started this, we had kind of a plan to go building by building. but, however, as you can see at this point, we're all over the site and that is due to us making sure that, you know, the residents were available, the time to go in was convenient for them. so this caused us to skip certain units and go to other units to keep the work going, and to address the most immediate needs. as you can also see, some of this stuff is where appliances were supposed to be deployed. as soon as we got shipments in, they're going into units, but it is causing us to actually have to get all around the site in order to kind of
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address the needs and pivot as we go along. so i just wanted to share kind of, you know, on a weekly basis we're all over the site. there are weekly meetings in making sure that we're communicating with the team and residents as much as possible. >> mr. chair, we have reached the 10-minute timer on this presentation. >> chairman: thank you. i will add a couple of minutes. i would like to hear from mr. daniels, and welcome john steward, who is now doing the on site management, and i didn't did wat to allow an additional couple minutes to hear mr. daniels. >> clerk: sure. i'm sorry, my computer is frozen again. will, if you are on, you can start with an introduction, and i'll try to get my laptop to catch up to you. >> good morning, all. can you hear me? >> chairman: yes. welcome.
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>> yes. good morning. will daniels, regional manager with the john steward company. a little bit about myself. i've been with the john steward company a little over two years at this point. prior to this, i worked with the housing authority for 10 years. i was the rad manager, with the properties that went from public housing to the rad portfolio. and before that, i worked in communities around san francisco. sunnydale, pre-development, and the robert b. pitts and the filmore. i'm grateful to have an opportunity to back in this work and be a part of this plaza east process. one thing that i definitely focused on since we've taken over the management was i did bring over some staff that were here already, just so i could maintain some consistency and have a little bit of history of things that were going on with our community members. but i also have just hired
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a property manager. and it took a little longer than i would have liked, but i wanted to make sure to handle that process with care. all applicants that made it to the second round, i brought to the property. we walked around and they understood what was going on. they saw the construction team going around. residents would stop us, asking questions, just because they saw me out and around. so it was very important that i wanted to get somebody that was going to fit here, not just with the community but understanding what would be expected of them. and mr. thompson, which will be starting on the 20th, i believe is that person. another thing that i thought it was very important to do is just communicating different-based things to the community. we have updates about our office hours, especially now that some of the covid restrictions have lifted. we sent out a communication flier to all residents, letting them know the property office
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number, how to contact services, how to contact the police department for emergency and non-emergencies. how to get in contact with our tenant association, and that's something we will continue to do just as reminders to the community. another thing that i thought was extremely important to do as we were here, was to get out additional notices for rent relief. we definitely have gotten some positive feedback about that, and residents are responding back with the need assistance. and because i have already gone through the state program process and started receiving funds, it was important for me to get the ball rolling here and start helping some of our residents with their individual situations. so in addition to all of that, working with services, even though we have a standing meeting weekly, we do meet almost daily about some of our -- we meet pretty much daily in preparation. one thing that services
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and i have worked on is making sure we're giving tenants more lead time. we're giving more than just one notice. we're giving them more than one week's notice for the work that is coming in, and so that was a big change. and some of the feedback for that has been very positive from our residents. i'm definitely meeting with the construction team every week, but i call and e-mail daily as situations come up in change. we want to make sure we're articulate tog our articulating to our residents what is going on. i have been on site every single day. it gives me an opportunity to be transparent. sometimes things get missed when we're talking about the overall projects projects, but i have definitely given residents an opportunity to speak about their situation.
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and tell them this is what we're working on. another thing we will be doing very soon is announcing the entire team to the community. we do anticipate having two additional members to the team very soon. and once we get a full team, i will do a rollout for the community so they get to see everyone's face, come and meet the team, and try to start things over. once we do that, we will be updating annuals, interims, getting everybody caught up on the paperwork and things that they need so that everybody in their household feels comfortable, they're on the lace. lease. and rent portions are right, and we can work through some of those things. the last thing i would like to mention that we spent a lot of time on with services, is some of our transfers and emergency moves, we have identified some pretty emergency situations. and with the help of
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services -- and i will let our services team and danielle speak on that -- we've been able to get some families out of some pretty dire situations and get them in -- we're working towards getting them in a more permanent, comfortable situation for their families. and so i would like to hand it off now to danielle, who is the head of our services team, with whom i've worked with before, but she has been awesome. her and her team has been awesome. danielle. >> let me just jump in because i'm just concerned we're going over time. i want to quickly clarify -- when you said the 20th that the on site manager that is hired will start, that is this month? >> yes. he did come out to the resident meeting last night just to meet as many people as he could as time permitted. >> chairman: and then the additional two team members that you mentioned are those specifically for this site? or are those part of a
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broader team serving multiple sites? >> they will specifically be for this site. we'll have additional maintenance and an additional office person to deal primarily with interims and precertifications. >> chairman: we have a number of departments we want to hear from, and i imagine we'll have some questions. and i'm sure we'll have some questions and issues that we'll get to. but i wanted to turn it over to the mayor's housing and community development, for the m.o. c.d. update. >> good morning. can folks hear me? >> chairman: good morning. welcome. >> hi. thank you. good morning supervisor preston and members of the committee. i am here to give a brief update from m.o. c.d.
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our role in the plaza east rehab program. as folks may remember, our office brought a loan quest to our citywide affordable housing loan committee for rehab money and services funds. when we were last in front of this committee, we explained our role going forward, which is to monitor the construction and the financing and the performance of the team on that loan. so we have -- pardon me while i find my text. so in essence, the team has submitted their first pay application for the construction work, which kicked off at the end of may. we just received the pay
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application at the end of last week, and we're reviewing it right now. but essentially 12% of the repair work has been completed. that means 12% of the budget and 12% of the scope. 25 units are complete. 59 units are partially complete. of the units that were completed, 14 were already vacant and those are being used for in-house relocations. there has not been any overnight relocations off-site as of this date. the project continues to be on schedule and on budget. as audi mentioned, fineline construction is the general contractor. they're well-known. they worked on many of our occupied rehabs in the past. and as pauline mentioned earlier, the only real hiccup, as we see it, is some of the appliance procurement because of nationwide delays and supply-chain problems.
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one, our construction representative actually went to the warehouse and confirmed that all of the appliances have been received, so it seems like that piece of the work is back on target. our staff has visited the site several times. our director of residential and community services has met with the services staff several times, and she attended the community meeting. she has had property walk-throughs. our construction rep from mel taylor has been to the site. he is going to walk the site again now that we have that pay application. so i would say generally that things are going really well. the only thing that we had a little hiccup with, besides the appliances, is one of the loan conditions was that the team provide before and after photos of the units. to document the progress of the rehab. and for some kind of complicated, technical reasons, that didn't happen with the first
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payout, but we're going to huddle and figure out how to do it for the next payout. essentially because of the timing of the work and concerns about door-knocking and getting access to the units multiple times, it is just actually much more difficult to deliver before and after pictures than we had really thought. so we're going to work with the team to make sure that happens next month. i think that concludes my report. one last thing, as mentioned, we did include $198,000 as a services support contract for residents, to support them through the rehab process and to help coordinate with property management, all these moving parts, to recognize that some residents may have special needs during the relocation. so we understand that that work is going really well. the services team is working with residents to schedule the
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walk-throughs, and also schedule scope meetings, so residents are aware of what is going to be done in their units. and identifying some services space just to sort of serve as a headquarters for this work. so i'm happy to take any questions. >> chairman: thank you. and thank you for the detailed responses before the hearing and also for your ongoing work to make sure things are on track. i appreciate it. let's hear next from department of building inspection. i believe we have louise, if i'm not mistaken. >> yes, good morning. i'm louis pernanal, and
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i'm joined by derek mar. director mar is assigned to plaza east, and i'm the senior inspector for the area. the san francisco housing code establishes and maintains a minimum standard of habit ability for over 400,000 san francisco tenants. d.b.i. housing inspections role is to verify ability and write up complaints if the minimum standard is not met. i wanted to talk a little bit about enforcement history that we have with plaza east. as i mentioned in our previous hearing, our complaint tracking system shows that there are 35 housing complaints from tenants at the plaza east in the last 15 years. 67, including 32 d.b.i.-generated boiler
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permits. right now there are 21 active complaints at plaza east. of these, four cases have been abated. one case since may. one has been corrected, but due to our corrode enforcement process, it has an order of abatement, and so there are a few steps that need to be taken before we can abate that one as well. one of them is partially corrected. and then five cases are unabated and have outstanding notices violations. we have nine complaints received, but inspector mar hasn't been able to gain entry to the unit to inspect the complaint. there is a variety of different issues for why that happens. we've met with a lot of folks at plaza east when we were doing other inspections, and then when following up have not been able to connect with those folks again to get into their space. so we opened cases, but haven't been able to get back in to do an
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inspection. there was one new n.o.v. issued since the previous board of supervisors' hearing we had in may. and as was mentioned in the presentation before, we have a reinspection scheduled for july 20th for eight of the units that have complaints open. so our goal is to continue to ensure that residents of plaza east are living in safe and habitable units. we are here to -- if the tenants need us, to come and do inspections or however they would like to work with us, we're always available. inspector mar, as well as i and other inspectors of the department. with that, i'm happy to take any questions. >> chairman: thank you. and thank you for your work on this. can you just clarify one thing for me.
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you mentioned five unabated complaints. and those are ones that there has been access to? there is not an access issue. i wonder what the process is on the five unabated? are those scheduled to be abated at some point? is there a deadline on those? >> so more than likely, those five will be included in the reinspection that is coming up on july 20th. and so that is the next step. and so we have to go do a reinspection. and if the repairs have been done, then we will move to close and abate those. so i believe that is where those are in terms of our process of code enforcement. >> chairman: great. thank you. so i do have some other questions for the department, but i'm going to hold my further questions until after public comment, unless my
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colleagues on the committee have questions that they want to pose before public comment, and seeing none, mr. clerk, let's open the line for public comment, please. >> clerk: thank you, mr. chair. we're working with the department of technology to bring in our public comment callers who are interested in speaking on this matter. for those who are watching our meeting on cable channel 26 or via streaming link or through, if you wish to speak on this item, please call in now, by following the instructions displaying on your screen, by dialing 415-655-0001. enter the meeting i.d. today's i.d. 1462004570. following that, press the pound symbol twice and then press *3 to enter the queue to speak. for those already connected to our meeting via phone, press star, followed by three. for those who may already be on hold, please continue to wait until you are prompted to begin. you will hear a prompt
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that informs you that your line has been unmuted. can we get the first caller, please. >> you have five callers. >> clerk: caller, please go ahead. we hear you. >> caller: hi, my name is dr. cedric jackson. can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, we can hear you. >> yes. i'm calling on behalf of f.r.h.. and i would like to not only commend the efforts that are going on, but i would like to also talk about its importance. if you understand human nature, you understand our hierarchy of needs is survival and shelter. when our shelter is unstable, it unstabilizes all of us. this is paramount to a population that has been so traumatized by its
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treatment and its neglect. to look at its housing and feel insecure also makes it food insecure. so now you have situations where people are dealing with such psychological trauma that it becomes a barrier to behavior, and it also starts a cascade of other problems. i implore you to look at housing more seriously. this is one of the foundations of solid, psychological profile. the first thing we look at is are they stabilized? housing is one of the major components of that. i applaud your efforts. i hope you guys understand the tremendous trauma that we're working with from a mental health standpoint, and how it is so necessary in these populations. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments. can we get the next
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caller, please? >> caller: good morning, supervisors and community. i'm gary banks and i'm with f.r.h. we're just excited about the work that has begun at plaza east. and we're looking forward to rehab or new housing, just to see the residents' needs fulfilled. we've been doing this work for quite some time for the city at robert b. pics and west side courts. and we've seen the changes in the residents and the family and the community when there is a holistic approach of home-building. and not just building buildings, but you're building lives. and we're excited about what is going on. we're excited about the new leadership with
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mccormick, bear, and salazar. i believe as a collective team, with all of us involved in supporting, and we're all paying attention to what is going on, i think we can have a very successful project. i encourage you to continue to move forward with the project and however it looks and fits with the residents, that's what we want to see happen. thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments. can we get the next caller, please. >> linda chapman. thank you, supervisors, for taking on this important work. i've testified at the full board about the horrible conditions that i used to see when the bus winded its way through the hunter's point housing project as i was on my way to the shipyard to take discrimination complaints. i worked at that time for the d.o.d.'s navy public works, which was responsible for construction and
6:47 pm
management and all of the d.o.d. facilities, which will were many in the bay area, and facilities like nasa, for example. it was our job to maintain buildings like this. we have -- you could not imagine any d.o.d. facility in those conditions, even when though when i worked for the army, the housing wasn't very fancy, but the housing was maintained. we had whole shops of maintenance mechanics. i used to hear people from the housing authority complain, oh, well, you couldn't do anything because you had all of these unions, and you had to call an electrician to change a lightbulb. no excuse for that kind of management. they need to inspect regularly and sign tickets and so on.
6:48 pm
it is a regular process, and it costs a lot less than having journeymen to do things that aren't needed. in addition to that, we -- you know, you have to have an on-site manager, i believe, in these places. i understand that people in the past have had a lot of trouble getting ahold of anybody. if the state housing code requires property owners, private owners of 16 units, to have an on-site manager. so i would think any of these facilities would have an on-site manager. somebody that could be called to contact someone -- >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments, linda chapman. can we get the next caller, please. >> hello. good morning. can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, we can hear you. please go ahead.
6:49 pm
>> caller: all right. thank you. my name is nubay brown. i'm from the san francisco bayou national... [audio cut out] >> chairman: and now we can't hear you. sfgovtv folks, do we still have that caller on the line? [please stand by]
6:50 pm
on the regulations, laws are in
6:51 pm
the hands of people to pass the buck off and time and time is basically what i am trying to say is justice delayed is justice denied this. is a case of reparations. the money is there and it needs to be given -- i don't remember the name. sorry. i am flustered. this is an ongoing injustice happening to poor black and brown people far too long. enough is enough. the money needs to be taken from the people that have benefited. >> your time is concluded. thank you for sharing your comments. next caller, please. >> caller: thank you. i am arnold townsend.
6:52 pm
i have been living in and around the filmore community for 54 years. extremely aware of the east and its local name that people around here called it for many years. out of control. that was applied urn fairly to many of the neighbors, i think the out of control people have for years been the housing authority and the people who manage it and run it. now we have an opportunity to regain control and to begin to improve the lives. i have worked on a couple of rehab projects, and i want to tell you that i have seen people
6:53 pm
at plaza east and other complexes living in conditions no human being should ever have to live in. it is unbelievable that in 21st century in a city like san francisco we would have people living in those conditions. right now we have an opportunity through this development to make substantive changes, but we have got to remember we are not just building housing. we have to build communities where people can ultimately take care of each other and take care of themselves. i am for you not to delay for whatever political reasons we may have for those who may not get along and want to be on opposite sides. no one should be on the opposite side of this development, but everyone should be on the same side determining how we can make this place work for the people that live there.
6:54 pm
thank you so much for this opportunity. >> clerk: next caller, please. >> there are no more callers. >> no more callers. public comment on this item is now closed. thank you everyone who called in to share their views. i have a few questions. >> i am going to pull up. >> someone needs to mute their line here. we are getting background noise. i had a few questions specifically we talked about repair issues. i want to know from either mbs or housing authority beyond the individual unit repair issues. i know there have been many
6:55 pm
complaints around security and safety and particularly onlar on theway. i want be to know if they have been planned. >> i can start. >> from the contractor given the activity that we see and hear about, as part of the scope we are longing to enhance light -- enhance to lighting so we can have better lighting and more visibility at night. a few times we put lighting up above the poles. the wires get cut. that over and over has not been a sustainable solution. we are adding additional
6:56 pm
lighting. pauline or daniel, i am happy if you have other updates on security. >> i want to highlight larch way is a private street. we don't get the benefits of city services for cleaning through there. if we need backup for any security issues that is not an area that we will get that constant city services that is a huge part of adding to our property management has been inundated with trying to manage larch way on its own. i know tom stewart and danielle is working with community offices to make sure we get as much support as we need. we know that is one of our
6:57 pm
biggest challenges, supervisor, we need more support from and continued resources in order to really again as long as they are called, they can't get through. we know parking is not enough for anybody. folks are double parked. we definitely try to get that traffic flow through as much as possible. if danielle or will want to share on that. city resources are available to us. >> some additional feedback from residents. things like street cleaning. if we can get parking under control and get street cleaning there. there are issues because of who owns it, but with your support, you know, if there is anything we can do to make it work.
6:58 pm
in other districts. i have worked with other supervisors to make it work. little things that they are asking for that we could provide to make them feel more like they are being heard. from the feedback i received personally. as far as lighting improving, you know, working with sfpd, reconnecting with officers there to be able to have realtime updates and input what is going on in and around the community, i think going forward are some of the things we can do collectively to help contribute to the confidence and repair relationships with this community. >> thank you for the responses. another question with respect to the redevelopment plans. i want to clarify if anything
6:59 pm
shifted since the last hearing. specifically, has any determination been made whether the plan is a conversion or some other path forward or is that all to be decided at a future date? >> i can start. kevin from you were ban strategies -- urban strategies. as you may remember, we had conversations with hud. i believe an it was in april about the section 16 application, and to get section 18 approval you have to show a level of cost of rehab. in our discussions about what costs are eligible and not eligible which is common for the hope sf-type projects. the staff talked about the new program as of january this year.
7:00 pm
where the impact would be significant. it would vastly increase subsidies flowing to the property. provide 80% project, 20% rad raspiers. it puts us into the regulatory bucket. we have done so much work on the rad refinancing. it puts us back to enhanced tenant protections. a more common way for all of us. that is very appealing. what we are doing is focusing on the residents impressions and what they are experiencing now and in the new community. with that, kevin, if you could talk about the discussions with
7:01 pm
the residents and urban strategies. >> i want clarity where we are right now. there is a process for notifying residents for the housing authority notifying residents for plans to pursue conversion including initial notice to all residents, meeting schedules. i am trying to understand are we yet in that process? are we still before that process? that has not commenced at that point, is that right? >> that formal process has not commenced. >> thank you. at the last hearing i imagine what you were hoping to get to with the other folks here who we talked in the last hearing about
7:02 pm
at this hearing wanting to learn what the engagement plan is going forward. if you could address what that plan is now, that would be good. >> sure, i will. did you want to say something? >> no, i was going to jump in to support you. thank you. >> it has the resident engagement with two prongs. danielle and kevin. if you are on, you can chime in. i see your face, kevin, on the screen. >> i am kevin. senior project manager with urban strategies. we began community engagement in april. we hear about two plaza east.
7:03 pm
this is a diverse community. we have is spoken with groups and one-on-one, we have had conversation with the disabled and the youth. it is important to hear all voices, not just a few. we will go forward to hear everyone's voice. in the last meeting it was the reenvisioning of plaza east. we are asking the residents what do we need to builds trust? getting things done. show you can get it done. honesty. what needs changed in the next two to three years. address gang activity, drugs, trespassing. enforcing community rules. parking enforcement, more youth activities. emergency repairs completed. next three to five years,
7:04 pm
improving the look of plaza east to get it up to code. they talk about no more plumbing issues. what about the next five to 10 years. peace love and safety, no evictions. the first question we asked how do you define homes. a place of love, comfort and safety. we created a booklet to capture the conversations and have given it back to the residents to share for accuracy. we have two committees. safety committee in the residents as well as parking committee. like i say, as a person who grew up in public housing. i understand the feeling of hopelessness. we want to make sure all stakeholders improve the conditions for residents at plaza east. >> thank you, mr. daniel.
7:05 pm
ms. banks, thank you for your outreach work. >> thank you, board of supervisors, for having us today. i just wanted to share what it is like, the work we have been doing. will daniels mentioned about our presence working with them. that has been critical for our team to make sure to add property management talking to residents we are present. we know there is one role that property management serves and role that we are here for the residents to work with directly. knowing many years they have been living in their homes they have a lot to unpack. our role is how do we help the residents? how are we serving them? what barriers to get their floors done? it is not simple task that they would need to address with their
7:06 pm
whole family. we are working with them, making sure they have appropriate services set up for them. ever since we met from the last hearing, we have also completed 42 service connection intakes and mohct income verification and completed 21 residents needs surveys. that gave us an opportunity to know what the residents want as far as programming and activities. it is a continuous effort for us to keep reaching out to residents. we have a lot of great activities going on. right now we are doing the trust building to make sure the kids and families have a great summer. this month there is a movie pass going out. hosting barbecue. also, there is a water park trip that we are doing for the families. besides the activities that ms.
7:07 pm
martha's program did we make sure the whole community at-large has access to family-wide events and activities in the city and outside of the city. that is a lot of our focus right now. making sure because of covid and sheltering in place we want families to get out and enjoy themselves with each other and the community at-large. also, making sure their housing needs are addressed. it is a lot of one-on-one conversations we are having in conjunction with the repair work. >> thank you for all of your work. i want to ask a few more questions. i will request that we really keep the responses brief. we have gone over time here. we have a busy agenda to get to. there are a couple more things. on the issue of community
7:08 pm
engagement and decision making. there is a well developed process for that ones a decision is made of which path you are going down and required notice of meetings and so forth. i was hoping there would be a more specific community engagement and decision making plan how to get to the choice of which path you are going down. there are poor decisions around whether the redevelopment plan will or will not involve demolitions, demolition or rehab, one for one replacement or higher density, market rate housing or affordable? those fundamental questions get decided later. some of which you have to have before you decide the path you are on. i just wanted to find out other than the various meetings and we
7:09 pm
agree the emergency repairs and safety at the property. is there a plan around how the engagement is going to occur and the decision making is going to occur around some of those key questions? how many units is their demolition? >> sure, and i can start and kevin will defer to you as well. we see this as part of a very long process. for us, for me. what the community looks like in the end has to bereresponsive to the residents and where they are now and what is not working and what is working. i would say we are in the process of working with residents to help ourselves understand more and help them
7:10 pm
articulate what their needs are. i think the fiscal structure is the last -- physical structure. we are in unpacking and trust building phase with the residents. kevin and urban, you are leading the work. i would be happy to have you augment what i said. >> urban strategies has experienced this. when we meet with residents now the focus is the safety concerns, getting repairs done. it is hard to lead a conversation until we address these situations. we are going to address this. we have a set plan to walk through the whole department of development. >> is there a timeline on when a decision will be made on the development path to pursue or is
7:11 pm
that to be determined? that is to be determined. in the conversations i have been part of, fewer than kevin. residents are talking about safety, gun violence, it is hard to go to work with next morning without a good night's sleep. we are unpacking that. how that is manifested to the physical structure is down the line. i think we are understanding and trust building phase right now. >> can i add we really very many to focus on stabilizing households to get into deep discussions about reenvisioning plaza east. >> thank you. i agree with that completely. part of my alarm was that previously was that applications were submitted to hudaround
7:12 pm
long-term plans. my concern about the level of engagement in those plans. i am certainly not criticizing what is the right thing of rather than jumping to redevelopment rima tourly. focusing on building trust. i want to ask just on the housing authority role here for a second. i understand the housing authority commission had a meeting earlier this week and i was pleased that had happened. i am curious going forward if they are coming out of that commission meeting or these conversations there is going to be like any grayer level of involvement or oversight from the housing authority with
7:13 pm
respect to all of the repair work and redevelopment plans going forward. i understand mbs is a partner in this effort we will say that most of our questions pre-hearing to the housing authority referred to mbs in today's presentation. i think mbs was tasked with taking the lead. i understand at some level mbs is more familiar with the day-to-day work and plans. i also am concerned it took this level of hearing for the housing authority commission to finally meet and talk about plaza east. i wonder is anything coming out of that in terms of next step or how mbs reports back to the housing authority. i asked about this and i want to
7:14 pm
reiterate a couple months later. it is the path forward how is the housing authority exercising oversight or monitoring and getting information as the plans develop? >> the housing authority and board have had a relationship with mbs as it relates to prior to my coming and my being here. it is a requirement the annual budget is submitted for approval and that there is a forecasted budget, operating expenditures, and there is a robust discussion around that. however, also, mbs adds the developer and partner in terms of running that particular site. it is responsible to ensure that things are getting done.
7:15 pm
with that being said we will continue to work closely with them along with our other city partners because the mayor's office has provided a large sum of dollars that they are tracking. we are all collectively working together to ensure the work is being done. we are collectively working together to ensure that the community engagement is occurring and is successful. we are actually attending some of the various meetings on site with residents. we are not attending them all. i think we have to be careful from the oversight perspective of how we are covering so that residents are engaging and that those who are in charge of this particular part, the engagement, are able to build a relationship
7:16 pm
while we are there but yet bending back away so they can do their work and at the same time have access to the data, access at ear shot to hear what is going on. we will come in and out physically in those meetings, all meetings taking place. we work with jon stewart. will daniels can tell you they called upon us to help them do some immediate repairs that may not necessarily be on the list for fine line that there have been things that they have needed and we responded. we have always responded and will continue to do that under my leadership. it has been agreed i meet with them every week once each week. we meet, talk about what is going on, from the property management perspective, from th
7:17 pm
repairs, concerns of residents as well. we are highly engaged in this process. i am committed to this process and committed to ensure our families get to a place where they feel safe, secure, and that they have a community that feels welcoming and is livable. it is important to me personally and professionally. i am highly committed. with that being said. when i said i, i represent our organization. our organization is committed. i am allocating resources that are not provided back to this agency at any given time that don stewart calls and says i need your help because we need this done immediately. we are there and present. they will continue to come before our board, but not just before our board.
7:18 pm
please know that we are meeting weekly before any board meetings at all. we have been working closely together. if you recall and it is stated that we from a formal perspective needed to do work with hud to determine what we could do. not solidifies plans to knock down a building, to remove units. to secure or place in line with hud. it is a long process and takes time to go through the processes that must take place from a government perspective, and so again we are very committed to this work, committed to our families and the individuals who live at plaza east, committed to mbs, committed to the city departments and we are committed
7:19 pm
to danielle and to you that we move forward in a very successful way. we are hearing and available to everyone on his site. >> thank you for your leadership in our meetings and conversations as well. it is good to hear that your meetings are happening on a weekly basis. it sounds with mbs, too. i want to wrap up here and thank everyone for all of the work. we have a long way to go, but it is encouraging just to have folks working together with more urgency. i think all of us feel perhaps in the past, which i think is something the tenants have felt for a long time.
7:20 pm
obviously resources are a challenge. i want to echo what some of the callers said. it is so essential that we not allow the federal disinvestment from public housing to continue to inflict such harm on our communities. i appreciate the clarity these hearings have brought. at this point i would like to -- and i want to say to all residents and all departments that please continue to move up as things move forward and we are available to work with you to achieve these shared goals. i do not want to schedule this for a specific date. my preference is to continue to the call of the chair.
7:21 pm
we can continue to difficult and see if further hearings are necessary. i see supervisor chan. >> thank you, chair preston. you answered my question. i am curious knowing that there are complaints that have yet to be investigated. d.b.i. is going in a couple weeks from now. i wanted to see the ongoing -- have a new on site manager coming on board. i wanted to see how relationshipping is going. i want to understand the ongoing management partnership with jon stewart. i know it is work in proking. it takes time. i look forward. i was going to ask to continue this item so we could continue to track the ongoing conditions.
7:22 pm
most importantly i wanted to make sure all this work can be completed in a timely fashion. we know the fire season is coming. we don't know what the air-conditions is going to be in san francisco. before you know it, winter will be here. i wanted to see these improvements make progress so that folks are not living in these type of conditions for too much longer. i also wanted to hear what the relationship will be and coming to terms with the new site manager on board. are they improving? i look forward to hearing the updates. >> thank you for putting this item for hearing. i appreciate it. >> with thanks to all the public
7:23 pm
comment callers, residents who are so active and all presenters and everyone working together to make conditions at plaza east bettersop folks can be safe, secure and in healthy living environment. with that i would like to move to continue this item to the call of the chair. >> on the motion offered by chair preston this hearing be continued to the call of the chair. vice chair chan. >> aye. >> member mandelman. >> aye. >> chair preston. >> aye. >> there are three ayes. >> thank you. the motion passes. let's call item 2 through 6 of the closed session. >> agenda items 2 through 6 are
7:24 pm
ordinance authorizing the entry of joint stipulation in the lawsuit filed by the american beverage association, california state outdoor advertising, california retailers association. three ordinances one resolution. litigated claim by and against the city and county. >> mr. clerk. let's open up public comment for the closed session item. >> thank you, mr. chair. any comments on the mitigation agenda items 2 through 6. if you are watching through sfgovtv if you wish to speak please call in now. instructions are on the screen. dial 415-655-0001 and enter
7:25 pm
id1462004570. pound twice and star followed by three to enter the queue to speak. do we have any callers for the litigation agenda? >> one caller, sir. >> thank you. >> i had something to say on the last meeting with plaza east. i was talked out. yesterday they said i can't speak on zoom any more. >> so you know, the committee took public comment on the plaza east hearing earlier. public hearing is closed. we are moving on. public comment now is on the lategation agenda which is a settlement of lawsuits and joint stipulation agreement with the city.
7:26 pm
do you have comments for today's litigation agenda? >> yes. >> okay. >> it is unfair that our voices are squashed at plaza east. >> just a moment. i am sorry to say the speakers are calling on an item that we have moved past on the agenda. do we have further callers for public comment for the litigation agenda? >> no further callers. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. clerk. no callers. public comment on the litigation agenda is closed. i would like to move to convene in closed session on these items. please call the roll.
7:27 pm
>> motion to go to closed session for 2 through 6. vice chair chan. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> mr. chair, there are three ayes. >> thank you, mr. clerk. we will convene in closed session. >> thank you. [closed session]
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>> we are back in open session. thank you for your patience. mr. clerk, please report on the closed session deliberation. >> while the committee was in closed session the committee acted to recommend item 6 urn
7:42 pm
litigated claims without recommendation. supervisor chan had to leave and was excused from the meeting for the following votes. agenda item 2. the committee acted unanimously to recommend agenda item 2 to the board of supervisors. it will appear on july 20, 21 s.items 3 through 5 were recommended to the board of supervisors. they will appear on the 27th of july agenda. member chanwas excused from all of those votes. >> thank you, mr. clerk. motion to not disclose the closed session discussions please call the roll. >> on the motion offered by chair preston. mandelman. >> aye. >> chair preston. >> aye. >> mr. chair, mr. chen is excused. no opposition. >> thank you, mr. clerk.
7:43 pm
call item 7. >> agenda item 7. ordinance amending the health code to repeal the requirement that advertisements for sugar-sweetened beverages include a warning about the potentially harmful health effects of consuming such beverages. call 415-655-0001 to connect to the meeting and press star to enter the queue to speak. please wait until the system indicated you are unmuted. mr. chair i received a letter requesting this item be agenda for recommendation to the board of supervisors at the next board meeting. >> thank you, mr. clerk. we are joined by deputy city attorney ann pearson to present
7:44 pm
on this item. >> good afternoon. this legislation is sponsored by supervisor walton. his office is not able to be here today. a couple words. currently the health code requires advertisers of sugar-sweetened beverages to include a local health warning. the law prescribes the text of the warning and requires it be 10% of the space of the advertisement. this would repeal article 42. repeal the duty on advertisers to include the health warning on the sugar sweet ebbed beverages. >> thank you, ms. pearson. unless there are comments from colleagues. mr. clerk public comment on this item. >> we are checking for callers
7:45 pm
in the queue. for those watching on channel 26 or through sfgovtv if you wish to speak call in by following instructions on the screen. dial 415-655-0001. the meeting id1462004570. press pound twice and star followed by three to enter the queue to speak. do we have any callers for agenda item 7? >> no callers in the queue at is this time. >> public comment is now closed. i want to thank president walton for his work on these issues and also the city attorney's office for all of their work as well. i would like to move that we
7:46 pm
forward this item to the full board as a committee report. >> on the motion offered by chair preston this be a committee report mandelman. >> aye. >> chair preston. >> aye. >> vice chair chan is excused. two ayes. >> thank you, mr. clerk. the motion passes. next item. >> item 8. resolution authorizing adoption of the san francisco mental health services act annual update for fiscal year 21-22. members of the public who wish to comment should call 415-655-0001. today's id1462004570.
7:47 pm
following that press pound twice to connect to the meeting. then press star. this is a committee report. potential recommendation to the board of supervisors on july 20th. >> thank you and welcome back to the dph team. i believe that the department of health is going to take the lead. is floor is yours. >> good afternoon, supervisors. since our last meeting we have had individual meetings with supervisor mandelman and chan. we met with someone from supervisor preston's office and took your recommendations and added a cover letter to specifically outline concerns including mentioning of our shelter-in-place hotels during the pandemic. specifically the conditions of mental health on the streets of san francisco, the challenges we
7:48 pm
are having. we agreed in the next report we will have a more robust section about the individual challenges in san francisco per recommendations of this body. we also heard recommendations of this body, went to the state and requested extension. that is taken care of. i believe that covered the list of concerns mentioned in the last meeting. >> thank you. supervisor mandelman. >> thank you, chair preston and thanks to ms. hilton and the team. i appreciate having the additional time to have conversations. i am prepared to support this item today. i remain deeply concerned about the city's response to in particular people, unhoused folks with behavior health
7:49 pm
needs. i feel like as i have said before we need to do more than fill gaps. we need to actually create infrastructure and address those needs. i feel strongly about that. i will continue to raise that issue as these come up in a year from now when the board sees the annual update for mental health services act will be in a different position. now, i am prepared to vote on this item. >> thanks. >> thank you, supervisor mandelman. i note that supervisor chan has rejoined us. welcome back, supervisor chan. seeing no further questions or comments on this item, let's go to public comment. >> thank you, mr. chair. we are checking for callers in
7:50 pm
the queue for the item. for those watching on channel 26 or through sfgovtv or he wills where, if you wish to speak call in by following instructions on your screen. 415-655-0001. id14262004570. following that press pound twice and star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak. could you let us know if we have any caller in the queue for this item 8. >> there are no callers at this time. >> thank you. public comment on this item is now closed. any other questions or comments from colleagues?
7:51 pm
seeing none. motion to recommend this item to the full board as committee report. >> on the motion offered by chair preston this be recommended as committee report to july 20, 2021 board of supervisors meeting. vice chair chan. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> chair preston. >> aye. >> there are three ayes. >> thank you. that motion passes. let's call next item. >> agenda item 9. resolution approving the director of property on behalf of the department of homelessness and supportive housing to execute a purchase and sale agreement for 888 post for $29 million plus typical closing costs from tcii at 888 post llc and authorizing the director of property to execute documents and make certain
7:52 pm
modifications and take certain actions in furthererrance of the purchase agreement, the purchase option and the lease and this resolution as defined here in. members of the public call 415-655-0001. id1462004570. press pound twice to connect to the meeting. star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak. this item is a committee report. >> thank you, mr. clerk. i would like to welcome director pen nick from the department of real estate and ms. snider from hsh. i don't know who wants to lead but the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair preston. let me pull up a brief presentation we prepared for you
7:53 pm
all. are you able to see the slide? wonderful. good afternoon, chair preston and committee members chanand mandelman. thank you for having us before you today. i am the policy of legislative affairs for department of homelessness and she and her pronouns. we are seeking approval on a resolution for the purchase option at 888 post. want to thank supervisor peskin for support and leadership on this project. overview of 888 post street current use. it is a location for the city's first navigation center dedicated to transitional aged
7:54 pm
youth. it has a total capacity of 75 beds. it has been running at 43 bed covid capacity since opening in february of 2021. in terms of the use of half of the second floor and ground floor, hsl will conduct a public process starting in august of 2021 to identify tenants for the spaces. we will return to the board of supervisors in the fall for your approval on the leases. quick overview of the previous milestones regarding the property at 888 post. july 2019 the board of supervisors approved the resolution to consider leasing or purchasing this property. in february of 2020 the board of supervisors approved the 20 year lease between the city and tidewater. march 20 to january 2021 capital improvements were conducted at the property.
7:55 pm
the key navigation center opened february of 2021. we are here today to discuss the purchase option. the city sent a notice of intent to purchase this property in may of 2021 with a fixed purchase price of $29 million. appraisal was conducted in june with appraisal review conducted this week in july. both of those appraisals confirmed the purchase price of $29 million is fair market value. upon approval today the city would begin to acquire this process before or on august 31st. utilizing the $30.1 million in giobond funding. they anticipate selling in early to mid august. with that, director pen nick and i are here to answer any questions from the committee.
7:56 pm
>> no questions from the committee at this time. public comment on this item. >> thank you, mr. chair. we will check to see if there are any callers. if you want to comment on this agenda item 9, if you wish to speak call in now. follow instructions on the screen. 415-655-0001. id1462004570. pound twice and star followed by three to enter the queue to speak. any callers in the queue for this agenda item? >> there are zero callers. >> thank you. public comment on this item is now closed.
7:57 pm
more of a comment than question. i look forward to the future companion or parallel item that allows us to have a navigation center in hate ashbury. i support this happening. i am thrilled it is coming to fruition and look forward to the hearing to celebrate the purchase or lease of similar facilities in that area where it is desperately needed. i digress. i wanted to clarify one thing which is as much a psa to property owners out there. as we prepare to purchase a $29 million property. a reminder and the director can affirm that the fabulous prop i that voters voted for and every
7:58 pm
member of this committee strongly supported last year imposes a tax on transactions over $10 million. but does not apply when a seller is selling property to the city or nonprofits for purposes of affordable housing. a important point. by my calculation we are looking at almost $2 million, $1.7 million of property tax saved by the seller by virtue of this being a sale to the city not to a private entity. i hope that is right, director. i hope i am correct the city is exempt from the transfer tax and that is one of the many benefits to property owners that choose to sell property to the city for purposes of affordable housing, is that right? >> that is right, chair preston. doing business with the city related to the transfer tax is
7:59 pm
advantageous to both sides of the transaction. >> thank you. any questions, colleagues? i think we have already spoken in strong support previously with the resolution and are excited this is happening. this is another positive step towards this being made permanent rather than one with expiration date at the end of the contract. excited to move this forward to the full board. motion to recommend this to the full board. i believe as a committee report, if i am not mys taken. >> on the motion offered by chair preston. vice chair chan. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> chair preston. >> aye. i apologize that i john i negleo
8:00 pm
check to the bla. i wanted to check if they had anything to act. i neglected to check with them before the motion. >> if we continue the discussion we should rescind the vote. >> i will declare the previous motion there was no opposition to that motion. now on a motion to rescind offered by chair preston. vice chair chan. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> mr. chair, there are three ayes. >> thank you. apologies for that. i neglected to check in with
8:01 pm
nick of the bla. there was a report on this item. i did want to give an opportunity to speak. >> thank you, chair preston. good afternoon. nick menard from the bla. this would approval $29 million purchase and sale for 888 post street. the city leases the sited for use as navigation center. that provides for $29 million purchase option which is consistent with the appraisal completed in june 2021. the appraisal review was pending at the time of our reporting. the purchase will be funded by general obligation bond proceeds. we recommend approval. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. apologies for missing you before. thank you for your report that we all reviewed as well as your comments on the record. i would like to move to
8:02 pm
recommend this item to the full board. >> on the motion by chair preston to recommend the committee report. chan. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> there are three ayes. >> thank you. motion passes. thank you, mr. snider and director pen nick. next item. >> 10. resolution authorizing the director of property on behalf of the department of homelessness and supportive housing to exercise a lease extension option for 8646 rentable square feet of office space at 601 van ness for use as administrative offices for an extended term to commence on the latter of august 1, 2021 or approval of this resolution and
8:03 pm
terminating july 31, 2026 at the monthly base rent of $30,261 for a total annual base rent $363,132 in the initial year of the extended term plus an annual $1 per square foot increase each august 1 there after and authorizing the director of property to execute documents and make certain modifications and take certain actions in furtherance of exercising the lease extension option and this resolution as defined here in. call 415-655-0001. id1462004570. pound twice to connect to the meeting. star followed by 3 to speak. this item has been on the agenda as a committee report. >> thank you, mr. clerk. we don't get a navigation center
8:04 pm
in district 5 on the agenda today. we do potentially get administrative offices for our friends at hsh in district 5 and to speak on that we have ms. snider from hsh and director pen nick. ms. snider. >> thank you, chair preston. good afternoon again everyone. let me pull up our brief presentation. manager of policy and legislative affairs for department of homelessness and supportive housing. we are here to seek approval to authorize the exercise of lease extension at 601 van ness to provide additional office space for hsh beginning in august of 2021. i do want to take a moment to thank mr. menard for the amazing work the office does specifically on these two items.
8:05 pm
they are ex spy dieted and it -- expedited and allowed this in front of you today. it would provide additional office space for hsh staff including the covid staff that is transitioning over to the department. june 30th of 2021 to support ongoing could individual programs including operations of shelter-in-place hotels and step three housing work. based on space analysis conducted we estimate a capacity to accommodate up to 50 staff. there is currently insufficient space at 440 to accommodate our new temporary and permanent staff that will be joining the department. i want to thank all of you for your support of the hsh proposed fy21-23 budget that made the
8:06 pm
significant advancements in staffing and more office space to house our amazing staff. the lease term from august 1, 2021 to july 31, 2026. the office space at 601 van ness consists of 82646 square feet -- 8646 square feet used by the human services for the network program moving to a city owned at 1650 mission by the end of july. new annual base rent of $42 per square foot is $4 per square footless than previous space rent under the original lease as negotiated by our amazing partners at division of real estate. monthly rent $30,261 with a total annual base rent of $363,132. the city would continue to pay for electricity and operating
8:07 pm
expenses will continue to be paid for by the landlord. with that, director pen nick and i will take any questions. thank you for your consideration of this item. >> thank you. mr. menard, bla report on this item, please. >> thank you, chair preston. nick menard from dla. this would approve lease extension office for the city tenant lease 601 van ness through july 2026. this space is currently occupied by the human service staff. hsh will per move staff in the budget before the board of supervisors. the total cost of the five year extension is $1.9 million, which
8:08 pm
real estate considers at or below market rate. we recommend approval. >> thank you, mr. menard. director chan. >> thank you, chair preston. this is not so much as question about the lease more of a general comment. the city as a whole leasing spaces and so i think that is actually for the city administrator and director pen nick. i think early when i first took office and had a brief conversation to figure out the understanding of the publicly owned land and what to do with it and try to understand the use of it and how to maximize the land that the city already owned. i think that, again, this brings up for me when we talk about leasing of space. also, the city owns the land.
8:09 pm
trying to understand how the property management and as set management strategy here. no doubt that the team needs space from the department of homelessness and supportive housing. i also know there are other space that sits empty that the city owns. trying to understand moving forward not at this moment but i want to put on public record i look forward to a conversation either at public forum or like my office can follow up with you directly to try to have a better understanding on property management for a city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor chan. i would be curious if there is any response. there is an ongoing discussion and we had this in other hearings around surplus property
8:10 pm
for potential residential development, affordable housing. i am curious hearing the comments whether or not there is office space that the city owns that sits empty without plans for it. i am curious, director pen nick, if you have any comments. >> good afternoon, chair preston, supervisors and director of real estate. thank you for the great question and giving me the opportunity to respond i greatly appreciate that. we have been working with supervisors chan's office on a database that would give us a better vision as to the current uses of city land and potential future uses. when we talk about surplus property and i hesitate to use the word surplus in this
8:11 pm
context. under utilized property that is in city ownership, those fall into two buckets. one office space and non office space. we have a very tight reign on what we have in the office portfolio and -- folio and vacancy 1 to 2%. there is really no unutilized office space. nonoffice space such as open space or space that might be in current use but could lend itself to higher use, that is a policy determination for the board of supervisors. we are working to get you the tools to be able to make those policy determinations. in this meeting and prior meetings, i have heard loud and clear from the board of supervisors the strong preference is for owned space not leased space. i believe i am on calendar to
8:12 pm
present a report to you in december as to what our thoughts are about trying to transition from leased to owned space in our civic center campus. that work is underway right now. as you know, even though with the pandemic there has been fluctuation in the real estate market. the availability of space in the civic center still remains very tight. it is a very challenging prospect for us. we would need a half million square feet to get out of our lease space. we would need a million square feet to get out of the lease space plus some owned buildings we would like to vacate due to due to-- seismic conditions. i look forward to bringing you the fruits of our efforts in
8:13 pm
december. >> supervisor chan. >> thank you. that is great to hear. i look forward to hearing the report back in december. before you continue with this work, i wanted to strongly recommend the possibility of having conversation with hr, human resources, city administrator and team to really start thinking about strategic in terms of tele commuting policies that i know that dhr is moving forward to develop. just kind of think about if there are staff that really can have the flexibility of tele commuting and working remotely and what that would look like for property management. i am a firm believer, too, especially given the market right now.
8:14 pm
i don't know what is up with the market right now. i was under the impression everyone is leaving san francisco so the property values must be dropping. that is the perspective and yet when you really look around the property values and the san francisco business times tell us someone is buying the san francisco properties at a very high price. i will leave that to experts like you to determine the best strategy for the city. i look forward to hearing your report. i wanted to make my little pitch to have some conversation with the hr about that. thank you. >> thank you. >> i know time is short. tele commutes is part of the effort that we are undertaking.
8:15 pm
obviously, when we have units that can tele commute a more permanent basis that gives us ability to reduce or footprint. with the hybrid where employees tele commute two or three days an week or in the office two or three days each week it doesn't lend itself to reduction in the leasehold or owned footprint because the frequency of being in the office is too great. i will go into more detail there in december. thank you, chair. >> thank you, director pen nick. mr. clerk. let's go to public comment on this item. >> we continue to work with the department of technology with the public comment callers. let us know if we have callers. for those on cable channel 26 or through sfgovtv if you wish to speak on this item please call
8:16 pm
the public comment call in number. 415-655-0001. id1462004570. pound twice and star 3 to enter the queue to speak. do we have any callers on agenda item 10? >> we do not have any callers. >> thank you. no public comment. public comment is now closed on this item. i would like to move to refer this item to the full board as a committee report. >> on the motion offered by chair preston this be a committee report to the july 20, 2021 agenda. vice chair chan. >> aye. >> member mandelman. >> aye. >> chair preston.
8:17 pm
>> aye. >> mr. chair, there are three ayes. >> thank you, mr. clerk. the motion passes. thank you, director pen nick and ms. snider. any more business before us today? >> no further business. >> we are adjourned. thank you. >> thank you, supervisors.
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shop and dine on the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do shopping and
8:51 pm
dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within neighborhood. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant. where will you shop and dine in the 49? san francisco owes the charm to the unique character of the neighborhood comer hall district. each corridor has its own personality. our neighborhoods are the engine of the city. >> you are putting money and support back to the community you live in and you are helping small businesses grow. >> it is more environmentally friendly. >> shopping local is very important. i have had relationships with my local growers for 30 years. by shopping here and supporting us locally, you are also supporting the growers of the
8:52 pm
flowers, they are fresh and they have a price point that is not imported. it is really good for everybody. >> shopping locally is crucial. without that support, small business can't survive, and if we lose small business, that diversity goes away, and, you know, it would be a shame to see that become a thing of the past. >> it is important to dine and shop locally. it allows us to maintain traditions. it makes the neighborhood. >> i think san francisco should shop local as much as they can. the retail marketplace is changes. we are trying to have people on the floor who can talk to you
8:53 pm
and help you with products you are interested in buying, and help you with exploration to try things you have never had before. >> the fish business, you think it is a piece of fish and fisherman. there are a lot of people working in the fish business, between wholesalers and fishermen and bait and tackle. at the retail end, we about a lot of people and it is good for everybody. >> shopping and dining locally is so important to the community because it brings a tighter fabric to the community and allows the business owners to thrive in the community. we see more small businesses going away. we need to shop locally to keep the small business alive in san francisco.
8:54 pm
>> shop and dine in the 49 is a cool initiative. you can see the banners in the streets around town. it is great. anything that can showcase and legitimize small businesses is a wonderful thing. all right. on 2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there
8:55 pm
are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left
8:56 pm
that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one
8:57 pm
in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the
8:58 pm
object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the
8:59 pm
right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club
9:00 pm
including free lessons log this is the san francisco rec and park commission. will the secretary please call the roll. >> clerk: [roll call] this is the recreation and park commission meeting of july 15, 2021. and i'm going to read the land