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tv   SF Board of Education  SFGTV  April 25, 2021 3:05pm-6:31pm PDT

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where's the taxpayer organization. not on the slate? this is not just a rubber stamp committee so that we can continue going as we have been going. if you approve this slate, you're basically inviting a lawsuit. thank you. >> thank you. hello, gregory. >> hi. thank you. given the number of corruption scandals rocking the city, i think sfusd should have an independent board. that's all, thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, brandy. >> hi. thank you. i would actually urge the
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commissioners 7-no vote. this is a majority white slate and our sfusd population of families are 18% white. there are no black, latinx native american or pacific islander representatives on this slate. i have a couple of concerns about two of the white candidates, one is a former school board member and on a question, she said she opposed the naacp's expansion moratorium on charter schools and second has been a very loud supporter of the racist washington mural that has been donated to a ballot measure which i feel is really a conflict of interest. we have two candidates who are at odds at the district's equity standards is really a problem. if we have someone who feels that it's appropriate to have racist images about our high
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schools that's an automatic disqualification even if your qualifications say you're with disabilities, many families of disabilities have expressed upset that their children should have to be suggested to this humiliating imagery. so, yes, i really think we could do better. we have a diverse community. i would love to see a much better slate than the one that's been before. thank you. >> thank you. hello, ms. marshal. >> yes. thank you. to president lopez and the board commissioners. i beg you not to take this slate. it's really insulting to me as an african american woman. there's no one on this slate that looks like me. there's no one that's latino or samoan. we are a diverse school district.
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so why would you bring to us a slate that does not reflect the ethnic population of our students, our staff, our community? so, please, take this slate back and, if you need to reach out to me, reach out to the naac p. reach out to tax we can help you split the diversity in this group and this is 2021. and, for us, we continue to have to say to paid staff that you need to have some diversity is really insulting and it's especially insulting and hurtful on this day that we give a little accountability. so shame on you. it's very insulting to have this verdict. to have this slate. please take the slate back and i have some concerns about a couple of people on this slate
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especially racist statements and they're not diverse. so you bring to us, just know they're going forward. when you bring to us a slate that's all white, we are going to say "no." so please keep that in mind going forward. >> thank you. hello, marty. >> hello. >> yep. >> hello. >> hello. >> hi. so here i am again, one more time with sfusd staff asking why wasn't this slate looked at as racially diverse. this is not the first time i've done public comment. this is not the second time. it's getting kind of tiring at sfusd when we have committees, we're not looking at the racial diversity of these committees. i think it's sad that four out
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of six of the people on this slate are white. two of them are a.p.i. and there's nobody black. there's nobody latinx, there's nobody native american. of all of them, only one of them is an sfusd parent. we see we are sfusd. i love the values that we have in our school district, but our students are racially diverse, so why are we not creating committees. doesn't matter what the committee is for. because we're out of compliance and we have to get as many people on there. that doesn't matter. we need to make sure that our voices are heard. jenny, allison, you both did the equity study resolution for a reason because we need to create equity. we need to create diversity within this community. it stands for diversity. please vote no on this slate and relook and look at how you
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can include. who is missing, right. because like dawn -- sorry. like sfusd staff said that they can start meeting. seven people with a white majority committee, that's not okay to do. please, let's do better. we supposedly know better now. so let's keep doing better. let's make racially diverse communities better period. no matter what the topic is. thank you. >> thank you. hello, jeff. >> thank you. i hate to follow all those people. so, the only thing i want to add to this is a technicality is the resolution. there are no beginnings or ends for people. when you do get a slate that people are comfortable with, you should have a beginning and an end to the term.
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that's all. thank you. >> thank you. president lopez, that concludes public comment. >> president lopez: great. thank you and always to the public for coming out. commissioners, student delegates, are there any questions or comments? >> generally, i just feel like a lot of information should be put out about this. i know last, i guess, last meeting when this was brought up, i asked a lot of questions surrounding it because, as a student, and especially as a student lead on this board, i didn't have any knowledge of it even, you know, being in s.a.c., a lot of information isn't even shared even at these positions positive power we do have. so i think a lot of information needs to be shared around this committee and how students can get involved because it's
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really like, you know, leaving us in the dark and it doesn't really, you know, public comment does, you know, open up a lot, but we're not able to formulate our own decisions because we don't have a lot of the information. so we're kind of just going based off what we hear and what we're hearing is purely from public comment. >> president lopez. >> president lopez: yes. >> this is superintendent matthews. we'd like to pull this item. we think there needs to be deeper conversation and much more important, we think there needs to be a presentation with it and so due to the comments that have already been made, i see the board has a number of questions. we'd rather pull it, do a full presentation and then have a much deeper conversation because the presentation wasn't attached as it was just laid out. >> president lopez: okay.
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so just to respond to that, i appreciate it and i know that there has been work to get in touch and inform commissioners, but let's expand on that so that there's more clarity given the amount of questions. did you want to add in response to -- >> commissioner: yeah. so i appreciate student delegate kind foster's comments and i appreciate to have an informed dialog and decision. i'm hoping that along with that, we can have the actual. i had to look it up online. i think i'm looking at the right one but i want to look at the legislative information that is referenced so that i can check and that should be available to the public. any and all, you know, it's an article two citizen's oversight committee. if you can link that as a pdf so that the public can see it. sometimes public comment,
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people make comments, i'm wondering is that true is that not true and it's a really easy way for everybody to know what is the law, what are the requirements and so we don't have to guess and i also do appreciate that staff is going to also digest that and maybe summarize as well, but having the original documents is something that's helpful just to clear up any confusion for us and for the public. i appreciate that. >> president lopez: okay. well, thank you everyone for these efforts and for your questions. with that, we will end this item. >> sorry. can i make a request? i think, i guess meong and dawn are over this, i would ask if you guys could, you know, the presentation you're probably going to make for the board, could you also bring that to the f.a.c. because i know a lot of students listening on this meeting don't really know what's being discussed as well. >> i'd be happy to do that.
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>> president lopez i did have one more request for the presentation for staff to follow up. if there are terms for this bond oversight committee, that would be helpful too. thank you. >> president lopez: thank you. i do realize that there's a number of seats that we've been wanting to fill which is why we've come to this position, but i appreciate all of the work to help clarify for everyone. so we'll bring this up at a later time. lastly, i do want to remind commissioners, there are other appointments for other advisory committees and, at this time, i want to check if there are any appointments to advisory committees by the board just a friendly reminder to my
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colleagues. all right. >> can i just make a quick request? >> president lopez: about appointments? >> of the public. i'm looking for commitments to the charter oversight committee. i would love to choose a parent or educator in sfusd to fulfill that role. thanks. >> president lopez: thank you for making the plug. all right. we're going to move on to section e, discussion of other educational issues. the first and only item is return to in person learning. superintendent matthews. >> thank you, president lopez. very much appreciated. good evening everyone. as we start each of these presentations and actually we start all of our work with why we're here and why we exist and that's for every day to provide
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each student with quality education to give them the opportunity to thrive in the 21st century. next slide. so, today, this is our agenda for this report on the re-opening. so we'll give you an update on the status of the return to inperson learning. some highlights on return to in person learning. what's going on with secondary planning. a data review. we will talk about labor and give you some updates around labor and how we're moving forward. we also this evening will talk to you about summer programming, testing and how that's going. staffing around summer, our current staffing and what it looks like for secondary and then we'll end the report tonight with state testing which i think you heard an earlier question from one of the commenters about state testing. next slide. so around re-opening, next
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slide, once again, we have as you see the dates here, we have surpassed two of those dates, the 12th and the 19th successfully and the schools that we anticipated being able to open we have, so we're really excited about that. next slide. and, this, i just wanted people to know that if you're looking for which schools are re-opening by status, this is actually available on the department of public health website and it tells you the schools that they've approved, the schools that are opened and so as we continue to make progress in the district for a return to in-person learning, you will see more and more of the schools in the san francisco unified being open and returning to in-person learning.
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so we're really excited about the progress that we're making seeing students on campus. i'm actually going to be at harvey mill tomorrow assisting with students coming in making sure they are feeling good to return tomorrow for in-person learning. with that, i'm going to turn it to our deputy superintendent of instruction. >> good evening everyone. next slide, please. dr. matthews just mentioned our school's re-opening for in-person learning. this is just another visual that shows you the schools. we've successfully opened a number of schools on april 12th and those students open to students in tk through 2nd. and, again, those schools open for students and tk through 2nd grade as well as our mild, moderate, and severe. in addition to that, the schools that opened on
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april 12th, last week, this week, they opened up their doors. we continue to open in waves or phases if you will in progression. you will note we're on track for opening our secondary schools for april 26th re-opening. you might also note there are plus signs and schools highlighted in orange. these schools are opening at a host site. those students will have an opportunity to return to in-person learning. they will not be returning to their regularly assigned school. they'll be returning to a host site. and i'll speak to that in our secondary update. so this is a big sigh and a woo ha again that we have opened up a couple of schools. so, again, on april 12th, we opened 36 sites and, this week,
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we opened another 51 sites. so as i speak to you this evening, we have a total of elementary school sites. we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our educators, our school leaders, our central office staffs, families, and, of course, our babies for an amazing first week of school twice and a joyful week. next slide, please. we wanted to also share with you all just a couple stats about our opening last week which is what we've been calling our first week. and so last week, we opened 36 school sites. we served over 6,000 students in person. we've served over 15,000 breakfast, lunch and snacks. and provided bus transportation to about 200 students. we just wanted to list some of the images and words from our site to celebrate an exciting return to in-person. we had a principal who said,
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did you miss me and your teachers to a student and the baby said, "yes. but not as much as you missed me." and we also had an educator "thank you for teaching me today. wait is that what my mommy told me to say? yeah. that is it. thank you for teaching me today." and just so many highlights from our families. one intentional and strategic move has been again to open our schools in phases. not all of our schools at the same time and really just staggering. even though we are proud of the work thatty done to date and that we're able to successfully open the ab plus schools, we're cognizant of the fact there are some tweaks that we are still working out and we learn and assess every single day and re-opening every single week
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and continue to engage in an improvement cycle and how we can make sure that for the extent of time that our babies are in person, we continue to improve and provide and optimize the experience as much as possible. next slide, please. so i wanted to share a little bit about secondary as we prepare to return our secondary students to our school buildings next week. we have again, prioritized our secondary students in mild moderate classrooms as well as mod severe s.c.c. classrooms. for our students in our s.c.c. classrooms, we're opening both to our students in mild moderate s.c.c. as well as severe as well as students in our focal population. as we think about the structure of the day for all of our
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secondary students, we have two models if you will in mind for our secondary students in the special day class or s.d.c. programs. which means having them to attend school at their current home of record and they will be attending school five days a week. for our focal populations, our students in public housing, newcomers and those who have been minimally engaged online. those students also will be prioritized for a home school strategy and they will also be attending school five days a week. next slide. a little bit more information and a visual to support your understanding of what the model looks like. on the left-hand side, you'll see our self-contained or our program for students and special day classes. those babies will be coming back five days a week and will
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be engage wednesday their classroom teacher and in-person learning. on the right-hand side, you'll see the model for secondary focal students. those students will be attending school in person five days a week. those students will have an adult support in the classroom but will be engaging with their classroom teachers across the number of courses that they take via technology. again, reminding everyone that the secondary schedules are different from elementary schedules and all the time, students have more than one teacher in any given day to teach the different content areas. as a result, the students in our focal population will come to school, be on campus, however, they will be able to participate in their different courses across the different teachers with the technology in the classroom to support. next slide. when we open on april 26th to those populations that i've identified earlier, we expect
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to open our doors to about 1,900 secondary students and that, again, is inclusive of our students in our special day classes. we are opening 26 school sites or facilities and we have already set up and are setting up to be ready for 258 classrooms. and, i want to tell you a little bit more about who's coming to the home school and who will be engaged at a host school. next slide, please. so, remember a few slides ago, i talked about the couple schools that had the plus signs. i'm going to tell you now, first, the schools listed on this slide are schools that will be housed at their home school. if your baby goes to betsy carmichael, they will be returned to betsy carmichael. so, again, the school names on this slide are re-opening for in-person at the home school
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site, the original school sites. next slide. the schools on this slide, however, on the left-hand side are schools that will be offering in-person learning at a host school. so the left-hand side of the school of record, the school those babies typically attend, the right-hand side shows you where they will be attending for in-person. again, an example is if i have a student who attends hoover middle school during the school year, if that student is coming back for in-person learning, they will attend in-person learning. similar to students going to willy brown, they will be attending a burton high school for in-person learning. and the campuses will all have
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different access or entry points and we've made sure to make sure health and safety measures are followed keeping the students and the school communities apart. next slide. i've shown you the school schedules and where students will be located when we open on the 26th for secondary students. here are the ways the students has been and will be informed about their placement. on april 16th, families should have received a message via school messenger also placement packets were posted on parentview yesterday and a physical packet was sent out via u.s. mail yesterday as well. we anticipate that families should receive their placement package on april 22nd and so, again, this is the hard copy on april 22nd, but again, by the parent view or via school
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messenger. if you did not get this information first, i would ask for you to check your parentview accounts and then, secondly, to call your schools to confirm with your site leader that is you're basically registered for in-person and that your placement package is on the way. on the right-hand side you'll find a link to our website that will show you what you can expect to see as well as what you need to do to return to in-person learning. next slide. additionally, we have students who have transportation written into their individualized education plans and require transportation to access their instruction. families of these students were notified on april 19th. again, via school messenger and should be receiving a detailed bus route by april 21st. at this point, we're only providing transportation to our secondary students with their transportation of written and i.e.p.s.
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next slide. so there's a lot of questions and i'm sure i'll get some more this evening about our end of the year graduation ceremonies and promotions. so i want to give you an update. we will have virtual promotion ceremonies for all of our promoting 8th graders. schools are thinking about individually creative ways to celebrate with in-person experiences which might include picking up swag but there will not be a large group gathering. our designs are listed here and we are embracing joy, opportunities to reflect and celebrating the students' perseverance through this very different year. we are working in partnership with the city of san francisco to host a live, in-person
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ceremony. we will provide more information when information is available. we are in deep planning. similarly, the high school has design principles making sure this exciting event is universally accessible. if you cannot attend in person, we're allowing families to engage emotionally, of course, making sure to celebrate and making sure we are spaced as we bring our students together. next slide. there's also been a lot of questions about the possibility of us adding a single secondary grade we have continued to explore a number of different actions. we want to wait however to share these options or finalize
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these plans again, we've opened up in phases and we've learned a lot with re-opening and we want to make sure we applied that learning as we think about that possibility of adding a single secondary grade. offering an in-person opportunity and we have the staffing to support it as well and so i think we'll have more information about that and look forward to sharing more updates around the possibility of this option after we've gotten that data. next slide. so i've shared with you a lot. every day, our central office team comes together at the end of each day to engage in that
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improvement we get together every time at the school site level as well as the systems level. we've been able to really learn a lot as we open in phases and i think in the next couple slides as we tell you about the process or the journey if you will that got us to where we are today. next slide. so the data collection process for this return to in-person learning has been through multiple attendance rates for e
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first week of in-person instruction for pk-2. of the 2,900 students enrolled, 70% were assigned to in-person and in-person instructions follows three possible schedules. you can do monday through friday, among those assigned to a schedule that includes monday, 96% of them were marked as attending. the same was true for those assigned that includes monday through thursday. i don't know why i said it like that. 96% of our babies who are offered in-person seats attended last week. that was a really long way to
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say that the attendance is high. and then there's some other data points on this side as well. i'm going to pause here and pass the mic over to greg. >> president lopez: sorry to interrupt quickly. can we get a compareson to the normal attendance rate before the pandemic? >> i will get that information for you president lopez. i will tell you it's higher than normal. >> president lopez: yeah. >> normally around 94%, 95%. >> president lopez: thank you. >> realtime data president lopez. sorry. i'm going to transition now to greg to give us the labor update. >> so, good evening everyone. and i want to i have just a few slides this evening, but i'd
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like to build a lot on what ms. ford went through and that is to focus on a tentative agreement that will come up later tonight on the board agenda and with our united educators of san francisco and i want to pause before i go through these slides just to express the bargaining team and i want to express appreciation to our own bargaining team, we reached hard to get this deal and i think it's a good one. you're going to hear some terms that were mentioned and just a little bit more detail on those. so next slide, please. so she mentioned focal populations and i want to provide just a little more detail on what we mean when we use that term. public housing. limited engagement online
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students and newcomer programs. these are students that this agreement specifically reaches out to. next slide, please. you also heard some new terms. one is blended model and this is an instructional model where students attend home school but they continue to receive remote instruction with their current teachers of record. you can imagine the setup here. we have a person in the room with the students and they still are getting access to their classroom teachers through distanced learning. the self-contain model is different. these students received in-person instruction and they may receive in-person instruction. so newcomers, those are
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students that are in the self-contain model. so next slide, please. just a little bit more about the person, the people refer to as in-person support providers. just discussed a little bit about what the students are experiencing but then who are the adults providing this in-person support provider support to students. so it's really in this order. substitutes for temporary teachers. shout out to these folks who are involved in supporting our students in the classrooms librarians, classified staff not assigned to the site already and finally social workers already assigned to the sites. you might imagine what's happening in some of these groups. so providing in-person support
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to students then we understand some things will come off in order for them to do that. a little bit about accommodations just to understand how this works this has been part of our agreement in many cases, but folks who are at increased risk from covid, they'll be continued to be allowed to work remotely without loss of compensation. likewise, in the self-contain model if a teacher and then in an emergency situation. in the prepandemic.
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next slide, please and it's just to clarify, this particular mlu will expire without precedent on june 30th, 2021, unless shortened by the parties. thank you. >> thank you so much. thanks, greg. yes, good evening, commissioners. this is the chief of the early education department and i'm here with the cross departmental team of colleagues to provide you with updates on our summer planning. next slide, please, starting with our summer curriculum. this year, we have an opportunity to align instructional resources and support pre-k through 5th grade. summer programs, pre-k through
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5th will utilize tcm, the curriculum. t.c.m. stands for teacher created materials. components of this curriculum are already in use for k-5th during the school year and opportunities for staff to receive training and resources for the summer. all programs will have a schedule that includes academics and enrichment pre-k staff will additionalry receive training and classroom resources to support social, emotional skill building and now i will pass to chief of staff jill. >> thank you. good evening, commissioners. i'm just going to provide a couple of highlights around enrollment and staffing. and where we can find some
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additional information. so, justin, you can go to the next slide. over these next few slides, we wanted to provide a high level snapshot for enrollment and staffing. there had been a question at one of our previous updates wanting to understand numbers and percentages around the students we serve. summer programs include academic and enrichment programs. extended school year for students and credit options for high school students. there are also several special programs for student populations. for example, listed here for integrated language and we will continue to offer both
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existing, specialty -- existing specialty programming like black star rising and we will be adding new programs for summer 2021 like the n.h.p.i. credit recovery program and credit recovery prop-out sessions for our newcomer students. enrollment numbers that you see listed here are based on eligibility by specific programs but we wanted to provide you a snapshot of a number of offerings that we're planning. some of the percentages that we're including here are based on prior year data. for example, we offer esy to 100% of students eligible, but not all students enroll and, currently, we are in the process of enrolling students in these programs and so this information will be subject to
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change and can be updated as we move through that process. next slide. as you will see shortly in the staffing section of this presentation, we are paying particular attention to staffing and are anticipating some staffing gaps even for a summer program. this is dependent in part on staffing and so we wanted to share this information here and also wanted to take this opportunity to share there are summer jobs available and links to the job applications are posted on our district sweb site and are linked on the summer opportunities website that you will see in some of the next slides so i want to check out those job postings to apply. >> just a couple of highlights to share with you here since
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our last update which was in mid march. in partnership with d.c.y.f. and one of our c.b.o.s, we will have over 500 rising 9th graders through a c.b.o. with an internship centered around exploring careers and college and university opportunities and some of that other specialty programming is listed there. and to close out this section, we have information about summer opportunities on our district website. this is the same place i mentioned earlier. some of the job opportunities are linked at the bottom of this page. also, you'll find a link to the city's summer together which includes the registration information and it's included there on this website page that
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you see posted on the left-hand side of the slide. i think i forgot to tell you to forward the slide. there's the website link for you. job postings. summer descriptions and link to registration for the city's summer together initiative. with that, i will hand it over to chief smith for the testing update. >> i'm going to do the testing update and the staffing update. hi everyone. i'm the chief hr officer for the district and so going to talk a little bit about covid testing. so for student testing up to about two weeks ago, we had a couple of central locations where families can take their students to get testing that comes to schools launched this week on april 19th. parents or guardians have the opportunity to preregister and you only have to give consent
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one time. student who is are 13 and older can consent for themselves. parents do not have to be present for testing, but they do need to preregister their students and there are some links to information we have on our website. next slide. staff testing. so all staff returning to in-person work must be tested for covid-19. the test tests that we're using is a nasal swab. you sort of do it yourself. test results should be available within one to three days at this point it's well under 24 hours. every school site has a re-opening and a testing date. staff at that school site, do the swab and drop it off and
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then color comes and picks it up and sends it to the lab and it's now every monday through thursday. this is just an overall look at our high level testing data. we have current released about actually. we've tested. it's a little confusing. so we have three positive tests. two who are students, one who are staff and then we have another instance of a staff member who has shelf reported. i know they were not in in-person learning yet and i believe one staff member was about to return to in-person learning. but so far, i don't believe we've had any positive cases at a school site that has re-opened which is beautiful
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news. so next slide. so i'm going to talk about staffing and so next slide again. so in our agreement with l u.e.s.f. both for elementary and secondary, staff who are increased risk for severe illness or who can't safely distance from someone in that same category can request an accomodation to work remotely this spring. so about 750 staff members have requested accomodation. 469 of them have been granted. i want to be clear this does not mean we need 469 substitutes. because they're not doing in-person instruction. so that would include counselors. i believe we have a number of nurses some teachers on special assignment. so there are folks being granted these accommodations who are not typically in front of students and thus don't
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require a substitute. next slide. it switched over. so that being said, we still don't have the availability of the number of teacher and para educator substitutes. so, over on the right, you have? data on how it's going. we have about 70 of our current pool of subs who have accepted long-term assignments to cover these accommodations. we have received about 145 new applications for folks who want to be substitutes and we've processed about 78 of those which is exciting because we are definitely trying to ramp up our hiring to continue to deploy our substitutes. and over back on the left, there's a really important piece of information for families. if a substitute for an essential classroom position
3:54 pm
can't be found by 4:00 p.m. the day before and that includes a substitute or a central office person or emergency class coverage like if we're absolutely stuck and we can't find a way to cover, then families will be notified that class will be conducted remotely. wanted to share that announcement. i will say on a positive note, on a number of day-to-day absences has been absolutely minimal. so our need for substitutes has really evolved around these accommodations requests. so next slide. we are also deploying large numbers of central office staff. so a huge shout-out to folks being deployed to help us make sure that our classrooms and school sites are supported and covered. so for the week of april the 12th we deployed 88 staff to school sites that had re-opened and about six of them we're doing classroom coverage in terms of covering those accomodation requests and while it's not on the slide for this
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current week, we have 205 central office staff who have been deployed to schools to help with site support and about 22 of them are covering classroom additions. so next slide. so this section would not be complete just as we pitched summer school, we also continue to want folks to become an sfusd substitute. you can see the requirements there on the screen. i won't go through them. but we do have the application on our career's website and you can always e-mail sub hiring at if you have any questions or if you need support with the application process and that concludes our staffing portion of tonight's presentation. >> good evening everyone. this is the research and planning office. and i want to give you an
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update on the state testing. california issued a report on april 7th which indicated that the u.s. department of education or the federal government has approved the state's request or relief from federal testing accountability and reporting requirements. further, the news indicates that california schools will be expected to administer statewide assessments except in cases where local conditions meet the administration of the test not viable. going on the right-hand side of our slide, based on this information, we have already collected from all our stakeholders mainly, the board of education resolution on smarter balance assessment testing as well as letters we received from uasf and sfusd educators. the m of assessment which is
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the california assessment of performance and progress is not viable for sfusd for the 2021 school year. this means that sfusd will not be administering the following assessments. smarter balance assessments for english language, arts and math, the california alternative assessment and the california science test. however, the english language pro efficienciy assessment has resumed and will continue through july 30th. talking a little bit more about the factors that made these testing conditions not viable and that were cited within the resolution and the letters that were received. the very first one was the accessibility challenges due to
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remote learning, such as the access to secure browsers. to read directly from the resolution that the board of education put forth. many of our students do not have reliable access to communication. not alleviated this issue. educators report students freezing are being bumped out of class. that was regards to a range of technology. a second reason that makes this administration of state test not viable at this time is the capacity for proctoring and monitoring remotely both in home and from the school. it's the time for planning, scheduling, and logistics of the administration is challenging. all stakeholders have pointed
3:59 pm
this out in their letter. they have said nothing will be standard about the testing environments or the resulting data which would make the data essentially meaningless. some are testing at home and some are testing in person. it's all different environments and different conditions. coating again from the board resolution sbac testing and learning requires students to be required in a quiet place especially for younger children. this is unrealistic expectations for many of our families. the third factor that makes the administration that's not liable at this time is as we welcome our students back for in-person and there is a transition to hybrid learning for some students who continue remote learning for others, there is still a focus on students' well being and instruction for the remainder
4:00 pm
of the year. many students and staff have experienced traditional trauma as the pandemic has cost livelihoods and families already on the edge. and, as we welcome some of our students back to in-person and continue distanced learning, we want to keep the focus on instruction. to cite a uasf memo, the covid-19 subsequent learning and health and emotional impact on our students and the continued crisis of unemployment, child care and health care in our community, we object to participate in the caaspp testing this spring. so moving forward, since caaspp assessments are not viable, our district assessments will be used as a local assessment option to provide valuable information for schools and
4:01 pm
families. both the reading and the math meet the state's criteria and the spring administration of these assessments will serve as the local assessment for the 2021 school year. to increase participation and accommodate return to in-person learning. individual student reports will continue to be shared with families. i also want to say that any interested families or schools that may opt for their students to take the sbac or any other assessment can please contact us and we will be happy centrally and staff within my department to administer the assessment. so we will have more information available on our website and communicate it to families. we already have a link to our
4:02 pm
website where you can get more information and we'll be also sending a message. lastly, you know, any other questions you have, please feel free to send them to us through the website. thank you. >> so we want to end the presentation this evening by knowing that we're in the middle of our second week of the return to in-person learning and we know this was only possible if a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of commitment, just want to thank all the staff members, all of the parent volunteers, our students for their patience. this only happens through everyone being focused and really wanting to get students back in class. we just want to thank everybody and now i turn it back over to
4:03 pm
you, president lopez. >> president lopez: thank you so much for all of the information and for your continued work. i know we will continue to keep pushing and building on everything we're learning, but we all appreciate you so much. before we hear from commissioners, i'm going to open it up to public comment and i will do a 30 minute window, a minute each just to accommodate mr. speakers. >> thank you, president lopez. please raise your hand if you care to speak to the in-person learning update. sfusd parent. high school parent. >> hi, i'm kathryn dower parent of a high schooler who's been seriously affected by the district not getting high
4:04 pm
school back this year. reunited students for in-person learning literally re-opening school is the single thing that affects every one of us in this community and we can only reason that it comes four hours into the meeting is that it's not top priority to this board. our students and families are feeling. that weeks and months go by and facilities are not ready for full return. and plenty of time to ensure they'll be present day one of fall 2021. a letter of intent for high school fall re-opening needs to be submitted to dph. procrastination and piecing things together has led us to this low point as the last major district in the country to fully re-open. this is a huge disservice to our kids and to our fabulous school administrators and teachers. please put us first and put re-opening at number one at the next meeting. >> thank you.
4:05 pm
hello, courtney. >> hi there. my name is courtney saunders. thank you, president lopez, superintendent matthews and members of the board of education. i'm speaking today with my fellow member officer the ptsa at everett middle school. we are parents of different backgrounds and positions and areas of expertise. we do not always agree with each other, but we all care deeply about everett students and we recently drafted a list of shared priorities. we want to share them with you as you begin to return our students to in-person learning. the summary is this. as sfusd brings all students back to school, it will swing to the needs of our most vulnerable students and ensure right away and going forward, those students have the support necessary to catch up and to
4:06 pm
flourish. in order to achieve these goals, we hope that sfusd will allow our skilled and thoughtful staff to come up with creative solutions and lead the district by example. >> thank you. >> two of our parents are hoping to elaborate on our list of priorities shortly. thank you. >> hello, james: hello jade. are you there? hello daya. daya, are you there? >> can you hear me? >> yes. go ahead. >> thank you. good evening superintendent
4:07 pm
matthews and all the board members. i am another member of everett middle school. here to elaborate on [inaudible] . our hope is that as you re-open the schools, clearly and ultimately what we need and when. in order to open with teachers and students in the classroom together. ventilate or that you don't have necessary supplies, with unions are not [inaudible] more is needed or else we want school districts to speak publicly about it. so that we can advocate immediately on second is that as you re-open, you prioritize
4:08 pm
the need of our most vulnerable students our teachers -- >> thank you. that's your time. hello, megan. >> hi, my name is megan. i'm a behavior analyst with the school district and one of the many people supporting to open this week. it was very exciting. i also want to bring to the attention of the school board that we have to continue to focus on students who need us the most. in particular, i want to speak about students with i.e.p.s who have transportation as a service. we have been talking as educators about the fact that transportation schedules are not aligned with school schedules and that's causing a
4:09 pm
huge disruption for education for students who need education so desperately right now. our students have services that need to be fulfilled if transportation isn't aligning with those other services, they're missing out on their education that we're required by the federal government to fulfill. we have to ensure in all of the logistical craziness that we don't lose sight of our students as the center of everything we do and the people we plan around. these students are important and they deserve to be the center of our planning. if we can't align these, we have to stop and refocus our efforts to make sure that students are getting what they need. >> thank you. >> and it can't be high level. we have to focus on the student. thank you. >> hello, lita. >> hi. i'm actually here to comment in
4:10 pm
my own personal capacity. i found out yesterday that my kiddo who qualifies to go back in person. his schedule starts at 9:00, yet his bus picks him up at 8:30. so, by the time he goes through all of the screenings, the everything that needs to get him into the classroom, he will miss approximately an hour of his education. now he's got a blended schedule. he has gen ed and sdc classes. in order for him to access, it's not just as easy as saying we'll just toss him into another class in the afternoon and he'll make up what he had in the morning. he's got a lot of supports and services and his schedule was crafted by his i.e.p. team. i know i only have a minute, so
4:11 pm
i would like to see extra covid recovery funds be considered to make sure that transportation schedules are equitable so that he doesn't miss an hour of his education. it's kind of hard to make all the comments i want to make. so i will leave it at that. thank you. >> hello sabrina. >> hi, this is sapria ray. thank you for taking my comments. i wanted to comment on a few things. fist, i want to emphasize how important it is as the parent of a middle school student as well as a second grader who has just returned to school that all of our children have the opportunity to go back and that we get that process under way this spring so that we can actually have some reason able insurance that will occur in the fall. we need to give our students and families hope and a realistic basis. second, i want to comment on zoom in the room because my 2nd grade daughter is subject to
4:12 pm
that right now. the number of medical exemptions that were requested is astonishingly high and this is unfortunately out of a group of people who were all given priority vaccination or the opportunity to get vaccinations. i'm really troubled by how many people even with that situation requested medical exemptions. i don't know exactly what the criteria are for approving, but my understanding is that they are much less stringent. i would ask the board and sfusd to look at this in terms we have a better chance of getting kids back to school in person, not on screens in the fall. thank you. >> thank you. hello, gregory. >> go ahead. >> my name is sula.
4:13 pm
everyone's been saying for months that get the situation first and nobody has really been doing that, so that's all for me today. >> thank you. >> thank you. hello, carla. >> good evening. this is the advisory committee once again. i just, first of all, it was a very long presentation with a lot of really excellent points, but it also brings up a lot of questions and with a limited amount of comment. it's a little frustrating and i'll try not to talk to fast for our interpreters. one from a teacher standpoint, a lot of teachers, case managers and teachers are unclear on the three summer programs. maybe a little more guidance.
4:14 pm
this is a good presentation with your slides, but being able to send that out to those teachers so they can support families. should i send my child to e.s.y., should i send my child to summer together. there's a lot of things going on. also, i wanted to tag on alita fischer's comment about it is discriminatory to not have our students with i.e.p.s who have bus transportation written in to not be dropped off before school starts so i'm sure you'll be looking into that. and the other question we had was there's a comment about internships and we wanted to know if you made those available. thank you very much for all your time and energy too. appreciate it. >> hello, gerald.
4:15 pm
hi. first, i'd like to thank all the staff and the teachers and the district for getting at least some of the children back in school. my son started back yesterday. he's had two days. he's much happier here. i would like to mention the need for afterschool programs. sfusd is still not lowing programs to operate on campus. we do need to change that. d.p.h. allows it. i'd like to see sfusd ensure that afterschool providers can start operating on campus and in person. i know some of the providers will not be able to accommodate that. this is really important for working families. thanks. >> thank you.
4:16 pm
hello, randy. >> i'm from everett middle school p.t.s.a.. our second hope is that as you re-open, you prioritize the needs of our most vulnerable students beyond inviting them back into the building. though our teachers have done terrific work. student who is are struggling before the pandemic have faced even steeper challenges. with whatever resources are necessary for their success. our third hope is that alongside re-opening plans for 2021, sfusd will adopt and publicize a plan to address the needs of our most vulnerable students going forward. how will we support students struggling with increased physical and mental health challenges. what extra support will the district need in order to support students. we know that their needs will be great. we need sfusd to plan for it,
4:17 pm
make its plans public so that families are prepared and demand the health success will require. our last hope has to do with the faith of our own school. we believe in the school community. we urge sfusd to allow school leaders to come up with their own solutions to address the needs of our most vulnerable students as they return to school. >> thank you. >> the district can learn from their efforts. thank you for considering our recommendation. >> thank you. hello, tom. >> hi. sorry for speaking so much tonight, but i think it's important. i want to go back to the testing. i understand that sbac is not being administered. why is lpac being administered? ? as not being viable as sbac and i just really consider it.
4:18 pm
[inaudible] english language learners to i.f.p.s it's not going to show what they can really do and we're just test to go test. we're just going it to do it. and i just want to say in the past week, i've really enjoyed seeing my students. they've enjoyed being back and i'm not sure, you know, hopefully the commissioners can come to the schools next year and come and actually come in the schools, talk to the staff, talk to the students, see what we need. i see you smiling now and being happy that students are happy, but come. show us you care by doing those little things thank you. >> thank you. hello, chris. >> hi. thank you. slide 15 and sioux teen, washington high school is not on the list of returning and it should be. we're preparing to return. please note high school
4:19 pm
students primarily receive an education more suited to the blended model not the contain model. since they do not at most high schools, only one special education teacher for the entirety of the school day. they're confused abhow these classes work. finally, the transportation plans that the district has for students are a complete dismissal of their needs. these students should not be riding a bus when they are supposed to be engaging with their classes. the response when educators like me have asked why is this considered inappropriate. this is unacceptable. and it's even more work for your overload of teachers and it's unacceptable for students. these students have a right to education which they can't access if you refuse to accommodate their transportation needs in ways for them to enable them to access their classes and
4:20 pm
services. do not mistreat this service. >> thank you. hello, kathryn. >> hello. i'm cathy meldin. i'm a teacher at lowel high school. we worked so hard on this agreement and we worked so hard to come back to in-person learning. but i can also tell you at this moment, there's real doubt about our ability to support students returning to in-person learning. if the district does not honor its obligations immediately, we are set for a full scale disaster. we are exhausted and frustrated with the lack of support. sites cannot obtain adequate personnel even though that was the agreement. our students will be left without services or supervision which is absolutely not the way to serve our most vulnerable
4:21 pm
populations as noted earlier especially chris who spoke just last, many of our students with i.e.p.s ride the school bus to the site. at this time, we are told just excuse their absence from their first class. we need you to step up and honor your agreements. you need to help us make this work. thank you. >> thank you. forgive me if i miss pronounce. but hava kelly. >> hi. i just want to piggy back on that a little bit as a parent. what i want to ask is two things, the first is, during these presentations, can you include just a little bit more information for families in special education? for example, some of the issues that were brought up now and other issues, what is going on with para support? do you have enough para
4:22 pm
support? some families are getting virtual for their service providers and some are not. families are figuring these things out as we go. so i think it would be helpful if you started presenting more information to families during these meetings. the other thing is, i understand why everything is the way it is now during this time, but i'm begging you that during the fall, my son is in general education. currently, he is in hybrid. he has service providers that are continuing virtually and some are not. during the fall, i'm begging you to find a way to make this change for all families. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, autumn. >> hello, can you hear me? >> yes. >> i'm concerned that the re-opening of elementary schools is unequitable. some schools are going back for five days which gives them about 37 days of in-person
4:23 pm
learning while others have two days for just a total of twelve for the year. schools that are going back for five days like mira loma, sunniside, and pea body. schools that i know of are going back for two days marshal, chavez, starla, king. and my child's school, there are just six kids. in the twond grade, there are just four grades in the cohort. what's stopping us from getting the creative change. it was made clear to me that the role of the school's admin teams to advocate and return again and again to get that five-day approval. some parents went so far as it was clear because they got more time in-person. i'm concerned, i'm frustrated. i'm sad my child is only getting twelve days of school and that i have to explain this to her. please help.
4:24 pm
>> thank you. hello, adam. >> thank you. i'm dr. adam davis. i'm a community pediatrician and a parent of a 2nd grader and a kindergartener at s.f. public schools. i'm speaking today to ask you guys to please accelerate the bringing back the middle school students and high school students. they are developmentally inappropriately isolated with their parents. i see them in my office depressed and higher anxiety and they need to be back in school. it's been done safely across the country and in our city in the private schools. so please do that in this spring. additionally, i want to say that we are losing enrollment. my son's kindergarten class has lost 20% of their students already. we need to view each of those who opt out of san francisco public schools as a loss and as a decreased equity for students
4:25 pm
across san francisco and i think that we need to accelerate our efforts to get kids back to school so that people feel comfortable keeping their kids in san francisco public schools. >> thank you. [please stand by]
4:26 pm
4:27 pm
>> i think parents are really anxious for some kind of clarification, answers to these questions, and i'd really like to urge the district and the board and the union to
4:28 pm
adequately prepare for the fall. >> i'm perplexed why this is coming up again so late in the meeting when our president said this was the most important thing on our board's topic and yet at the time that kids are being put to sleep or eating dinner. furthermore, some board members are not even ending up on the screen, and this is sending the wrong message. this should be front and answer for the board. >> hi, simon?
4:29 pm
>> yes. thank you for taking my comment. i know you don't answer questions during this time, but i would ask why so many teachers and staff are requesting the accommodation and don't feel safe to return to school? >> as we make the move to return our students to in-person learning, we do want to make sure that all students'
4:30 pm
needs are taken into consideration and are appropriately met. we've heard about the appropriateness of student transitions and paying attention to their needs. for students with transportation in their i.e.p.s is telling them that they can makeup the time in the afternoon when they will miss an entire class in the morning continue student centered. thank you. >> at the -- thank you.
4:31 pm
i know that it was requested, you know, i think it was when the sports came out to look into the possibility that schools and principals could get parameters. i'm just wondering, is it something that was looked into or was it looked into without a possibility? i just think that it needs to be looked into because students are really to go back. thank you. >> thank you. hello, susan?
4:32 pm
>> thank you, judson. this is susan solomon, president of united educators of san francisco. i first want to acknowledge the life of george perry floyd. uesf is committed to negotiations this spring to bring back all students as i've said before. as i have said before, no one has selected distance learning. educators are glad to be back with their students, even with the difficult schedule. we are very worried about the special ed transportation. again, i want to repeat that uesf is really to talk about fall reopening. i'm sure it's everyone's greatest collective hope that
4:33 pm
vaccines will continue to roll out and for all ages and that vaccines continue to work against the variants so that we can all safely return to school in the fall. thank you. >> thank you. the e-mails, ledun1, or l-e-d-u-n-1. >> thank you. i'm speaking as a district apac leader, and i want to say
4:34 pm
that -- just a moment. let me take on the my apac hat and fill my sfusd parent hat. so i just learned today about the covid recovery support, and i wonder how parents can find out mor and some of these things that we find out later in a more equitable way. thank you. >> thank you. hello, yvette? >> thank you, mr. steele. thank you, all of the educators and families, and everyone who worked so hard to get families back in, at least for our younger children.
4:35 pm
we've heard about vaccines, we've heard about variants. 63% of san franciscans have been vaccinated, so rather than what could happen, i'd like you to focus on this m.o.u. and see what could happen next year. the time for scrambling at the end about transportation and all of these other issues, leaving our educators and family in the dark about what could happen should not happen? is there a ded line imposed so that we know what the details are for the fall -- deadline imposed so that we know what the details are for the fall, what we know outside the variants, and please, details about everyone else.
4:36 pm
>> and president lopez, that concludes the 30 minutes allotted for public comment. >> thank you, judson, for organizing that and for the public. i'm going to open it up to commissioners and student delegates. if you have any questions or comments. i know this is a lot of information, and we'll continue to share more as we go. >> yeah, i would like to ask a question about filling up potential spots. so i know that there are some students in focal groups who decided that returning back to in-person school was not the right idea for them. is there any chance that other students could fill up those spots? >> at this point, we've made assignments based on the students who we survey, and we haven't made plans to add
4:37 pm
additional students only because i think i've tried to show because of all the domino effects when we bring back students, including setting up the space, so at this point, the answer's no. it's just the students that we surveyed and that expressed an interest to return that we are making space for. >> thank you. commissioner boggus and commissioner lam? >> i'm just wondering if staff could speak specifically to the issues that some families are having with transportation and what about our s.p.e.d. students and if that could be addressed and if there was a notice before this point and just now that was happening and
4:38 pm
how we will address that? is -- address that? is >> chief o'keeffe, are you on the call? >> yes, i'm here. i wasn't sure if the deputy superintendent and mr. [inaudible] was going to respond. so all together? >> go ahead. so basically, as we were trying to get as many students back to in school as possible and we [inaudible] we have noticed some skinks, and i talk about -- some kinks, and i talk about some of those for students with i.e.p.s.
4:39 pm
i'm not sure if you want to say more about how transportation works, but that's my kind of short answer without overly complicating it with the details. >> no, i think that's right. >> i just wanted to add that back in january, february, and march, in each of those months as we talked about the return to in-person learning, one of the things that i reiterated and over-iterated, if that's a word, we knew there was going to be a lot of bumps and a lot of learnings. we know, as the deputy
4:40 pm
superintendent told us, there were going to be kinks in the system. each week, we spaced these returns out so we can learn as we grow instead of trying to learning as we go. we know as we come back, as we return to in-person learning from a pandemic, that it's not going to be perfect. there are going to be growing pains, there are going to be concerns, and we are going to learn as we go. >> may i ask a follow up on that, just clarify? >> that's fine. >> do we know how many students are impacted by this? >> so that's the analysis that we're going to do tomorrow,
4:41 pm
commissioner collins. it's about 300 students. >> yeah, it's about 302 students, you got it. >> we're going to look at each one of those 302 students to see where that hits in their schedule, and the extent that we can mitigate it, but that's our work tomorrow. >> thank you for clarifying. i see commissioner lam and commissioner collins. >> thank you. thank you to everyone who made this all possible. i express my gratitude as i continue to open that up, which is the tremendous amount of work that has gone onto returning our students and youngest learners and what is ahead in the coming weeks, and
4:42 pm
just acknowledge that yes, it is going to be bumpy, and yet we will continue to improve in the coming weeks.
4:43 pm
one question, who does the support look like in that learning space, and how are we accommodating students that choose that in-person learning isn't the right choice this spring? so maybe that's a question for deputy county superintendent? >> the persons that are going to come back, first and secondary, when they are back in the classrooms, they're all in different spaces. they're engaging with their classroom teacher via the technology. there will be an adult there,
4:44 pm
and that support looks like them providing support and assistance when the students are engaged in asynchronous subjects, as well. >> >> i know that last meeting, there was talked about the coordinated care teams and that
4:45 pm
in that infrastructure, that we know that's going to be really critical, so perhaps if the staff could walk us through what that was broad up in the coming weeks. if that could talk about what that means at everett middle school, if we could talk about what that looks like for middle school students. >> thank you, commissioner lam. so the same event that was coordinated last year is going to be coordinated for the distance and in-person learning. our counselors and nurses are going to have to coordinating and working with the groups and also providing supports of
4:46 pm
students in person, but it won't always be at both ends. there may be times that we have end some of the groups that we were doing and doing less in person because we're splitting different workplace, some of our staff will be asking to support schools "bohemian rhapsody" we may have a support staff professional on remote work accommodation, so we may have to accommodate on who the remote students that the folks are focusing. we have supports for students who may feel like they're not being supported.
4:47 pm
we planned this not knowing what it's going to be like, so we'll continue to work out the kinks and be student centered in the solutions we find. >> i look forward to some of those details as we, you know, do get more learning and to be able to share what -- how are the supports and how with we kind of building up between the spring-summer capacity. my next pocket is related in staffing. i know that we are just less than a week away the, you know, being able to focus on. do we have a sense of what students will be able to look
4:48 pm
like and as well as staff may be highlighted. >> daniel just stepped away, so i'll ask him about that. >> okay. i think -- >> let me ask chief smith, do you have any information about vaccination rates or would you rather wait? >> yeah, i can provide. so as you know, we did a really big push when the eligibility expanded, so i'm trying to -- in those times, two weeks means
4:49 pm
two years. we shared all of our information with the educators and school staff. we had the two -- three days of vaccine clinics in combination with the walgreens. we were able to share many different vaccines for staff, and we feel that all of the staff were provided with the information in many different languages for vaccination. we are not able to track whether or not staff have been vaccinated. originally, we were hoping that a student service system would be able to provide us for that, but we've been gathering that through support systems for staff, and i think we have about 3,000 folks that have been indicated that they've been vaccinated.
4:50 pm
it was the responses that formed were coming more steadily in the beginning, and it's kind of levelled off, so that's what i know about the vaccine situation. we had a lot of opportunity for staff to be vaccinated, and that was definitely, you know, with the period of there's the five or six weeks before we returned to in-person learning so people would have had the opportunity for the full dosage depending on which vaccine they accesses before returning to in-person learning. >> thank you for commissioner lam. you can ask your staffing question again, if you don't mind. >> yes, thank you. so daniel, my question was we're less than a week away from the very next base of our reopening both for secondary and our k through 5 or sixth
4:51 pm
grade. do we have a look at what staffing projections will be for next week or what a look will look like, t.s.a.s, and thank you to the staff who have been on boarding. >> yes. we're just about just short of 3600 employees who have filled out the survey last week. all the schools that have reopened plus all the schools that are reopening next week, we're going to need about 180 substitute teachers and 180 substitute paras. i don't actually know today what the pick up is for those numbers, but i know that we've had about 70 subs total pick up
4:52 pm
teaching assignments, so i would tell you that the teach assignment is 40 to 50 for teachers, and it's a little bit higher for the paras and we're pulling out the stops in terms of employing or current substitutes, new substitutes that we're hiring this week, the external substitutes that we've been talking with, and then, we'll fill the gaps, but the entire need is about 130 paras. >> and then, my question is to dr. matthews, the timelines. some of the thinking in working with the board as we get ready , the big lift has been the reopening. we know the sequencing and
4:53 pm
that. maybe if you could also share about what that looks like in the coming weeks and months around the fall planning and really landing on our fall return. >> yes. so as i said, a big part of planning going forward is learning in each of these stages, so it's us -- we have a policy team that meets three mornings per week. they are consolidated in that team. we also are beginning to think about what the ball will look like. we've already made that decision what that would look like. right now, for this 1.5 years, this load of both distance learning and then the shift from distance learning to returning to in-person learning
4:54 pm
has been bore by people, and this is throughout the system for people that have been doing more than their job, especially i would say at the central level in terms of trying to lead this work. so we're also trying to think about is there the possibility of assistance in order trying to lead this work or lead this team of bringing students back to the fall, but we are underway in terms of using these lessons to begin the planning. that will go through the summer, and as you know, the goal is to bring back as many students as want to return about five full days of instruction. >> thank you. and i just want to acknowledge president solomon from uesf about being ready to go into
4:55 pm
negotiation with the district. and my last question, i'm excited there's still discussion about bringing in a second year grade, and i know that it is based on the sequencing, particularly around the staffing capacity as we continue to bring for students back, so just want to say thank you, and we'll have this discussion in planning continues. okay. i think that's it. >> okay. i was going to split it up if you needed it, but thank you. commissioner collins and then commissioner alexander, i see your hand. >> thank you. appreciate the question on returning to in-person learning, and i guess the only question that commissioner lam didn't ask in public comment was students in clubs and
4:56 pm
extracurricular activities and things like that. i wanted to know, in addition to the work that we're trying to bring back more students in the grade, what is the potential -- because does everybody does athletics but there may be kids that can socially distance and getting out of the house? ism -- i'm talking as a high school parent. i know we had discussed that right away, and i know i want it to happen, okay? i'm just going to say it. some kids need to get out of the house. some kids are doing good academically, but they need to get out of the house and see their peers, and educators at the high school and middle school level miss their students, and there's kids that need that connection with caring adults, so i just wanted to know how possible is that that we could open up high
4:57 pm
schools for educators who are interested in meeting up with students for extracurricular clubs or activities or things like that? >> and i just appreciate the question. i just want to be completely transparent. as you know, the priority, as least right now, is on the april 26 return for our focal populations as well as continuing those third to fifth grade students who will be returning through the k-2 return this week. and then, the last big lift has been -- and this is what we heard consistently from the board -- has been a focus on trying to bring back that grade level. so we -- i'm just going to be transparent. we know that those are the two big lifts that are coming, so, you know, this addition -- and with he know there has been some talk, as you -- we know there has been the talk, as we
4:58 pm
said, about the continuance of others. but that's the discussion of policy team and throughout the system has been those two lifts right now, so that has not been a focus, and to just be real, to try to add another focus when we're really trying to, like i said right now, trying to focus on the population, getting transportation ironed out over the next few days to make sure that happens, and immediately turn to focusing on getting at least a grade level back in some way. so that would be the next two lifts, which would leave us about three weeks left of school. i'm just going to be real. it would be really difficult to try to do another shift on trying to get other students back. >> well, i guess my question is do you know what grade level you're looking at? is it middle or high? >> the conversation has been high school, and what we're looking at is trying to get seniors back.
4:59 pm
>> okay. thank you. so then, at the middle school level, at a site-based level, you know, educators, i mean, i was a debate coach. maybe they want to get out, something that doesn't require -- i mean, i know the classroom thing is a big lift because we have to check windows, we have to move furniture. but if they could meet social distancing requirements and find ways to work with their administrators to use outdoor space to, you know, even just meet up once a week or something and meet with families, is that something that the school district could support on a site by site basis? >> so just being real, commissioner collins, we tried to focus on what the requests have been. you said you brought it up, but this is a really strong requirement, and that's where
5:00 pm
we've been. so we haven't even really engaged or for us, this would be a new request. although you said it before, it hasn't been something we've engaged in. >> okay. i understand. i guess i'm a little -- in terms of staffing, like, if it's middle school -- like, if we could get middle school back. i don't understand which staff are working on what, but i just, i guess, wonder if site staff in a different division might be able to explore what's possible on a site by site basis. so i'm not going to judge. you guys are doing the work, but i'm going to put it out there. it just feels, like, people are getting together in the park. like, if there's a way to follow the rules, but like i
5:01 pm
said, i'm not talking about using classroom space, but i also am not familiar with all the guidelines that are required for folks, so i appreciate that. and then, i guess the only other specific question i have is on summer school, and i guess it said on the website that all kids are filled out an art rec and park interest form, and i guess that's by the end of this week. my i had cans, i don't think they filled one out. i haven't seen one. i'm a big fan for rec and park, and i appreciate for families, that they're being prioritized for family, but making sure that low-income families and families that are monolingual and speak languages other than english can get support in
5:02 pm
financing. we've got families that may not get access for spring or may not get access, as well? so i want to make sure we know how parents are signing up for their interest forms for rec and park and the other summer learning opportunities? >> thank you for the question, commissioner collins. i don't have the background information for the dcyf rec and park information, but i can follow up with staff to find out about that information and loop back in with you. as we've shared on our program on summer programming, the summer programming offered through sfusd is generally eligibility based or something that our students are already participating in, so in that context, we have staff that are
5:03 pm
reaching out to families and following up from swift families that we haven't heard from, so that -- >> okay. i just want to put it out there because i care about all the families, and i'm glad that we're targeting focal groups, right, and we're working on them. but what i'm seeing around the website is sfusd is focusing on some camps. i want to make sure that families, especially low-income families, also have access because it looks like they have priority access for this week and next week, and then, it will open up to those families. being some of those families, some families race to get those spots, and some families are
5:04 pm
kept out of it. i just want to make that request, if somebody can follow up with me because i want all kids to be active, but maybe they're not participating with us but they can participate through rec and park or some of other -- excel, beak on, and dcyf, as well. >> i think i wanted to make sure that everyone knows that we've been working with closely with dcyf to share announcements with this through our families with an oughty dial and text message and direct e-mail to families, letting them know. i think it's a little bit complex -- >> i got one. that's why i was saying, like, this is great, but, like, i
5:05 pm
don't know where to go. and especially, like, scholarships for rec and park, families sometimes need help filling those out. same thing with library cards. i know we're trying to do a better job in helping families accessing other agencies, and they have their own systems, and i know it's not all us, but i do appreciate any of that. >> got it. >> and then, i guess the final request is talking about after school programs and transportation for the fall. you know, we may not be able to make everything perfect this spring, but how are we going to be assessing need for the fall and then working with muni so we have more support for in-person learning and simley with the after-school programming. when will we be making -- you
5:06 pm
know, in a normal school year, we have beacons, they are negotiating contracts, so things can, like, get ironed out in the spring, and things are happening this spring? so what is our timeline for us as a district to ensure that we're also working out details with after-school programs for the fall? do we know? is that a bad question? >> i don't know who can respond. >> commissioner collins, can you repeat the question? >> so we're trying to open for four -- five full days in the fall. families rely on after school, as well, and those rely on a lot of our dcyf partners, so i wonder how we're lining that up in our timeline. we're also going to have to start having conversations with after school care providers so
5:07 pm
that they're lining upside down, too. like there was a public commenters who said we want to make sure we're doing this as well in advance as we can so that we can ensure that, you know, if we want to open five full days in the fall, i also want there to be after school programs for families, and i don't know how did he -- i know that's the goal, but what are the timelines around having those conversations or anticipating that? >> i don't know that i can after your timelines, but i can offer you my thoughts, which is that maile and a lot of other people are working on returning for spring, and with that, we're engaging our supporters. we know that a number of them are also having their own staffing challenges that prohibit them from fully
5:08 pm
supporting them the way they want do, but with the now, we're getting folks ready to staff up and work out and making sure that all staff can provide service at the increased level that they have in the past. i know those are rapping even right now, and we're trying to get our partners ready for the full return in the fall, but if all of our health and safety and our contacts stay the same, and i think we're getting ready to do that. go ahead. >> oh, i was just going to say that is true, and i think also just to say we're working on -- we opened schools last year, we're opening schools this
5:09 pm
week, we're opening schools next week. we're looking at all of the things, and we know top of mind that after school is critical to the full reopening, like that kind of fully full, so it's definitely top of mind, and it will be part of our plans, but it's hard to imagine what the guidelines are going to look like. we are working with our community-based organizations, and they will be using our facilities to provide service, write i think we will be in -- which i think we will be better. >> all right. because i want you focused on getting the students back this
5:10 pm
spring. it sounds like when we end spring semester in the beginning of june, asking you guys about that time mighting a good time for you to come back and share -- might be a good time for you to come back and share information. is that a good time that you'll be able to share information? >> i believe so.
5:11 pm
5:12 pm
>> i just have mostly questions around, like, student activities and graduation. a lot of students are asking since it's covid and a lot were
5:13 pm
eliminated, is there a limit on how much students with bring to graduation, and another question i got asked was program. >> i will make sure to circle back and get you more information. i do know that for whatever celebration we are going to have, we're going to need to adhere to the guidelines. it's likely that it'll be limited to a select number of folks. that's my quick answer, and i'm
5:14 pm
going to work on program or at least work on getting you an update for program. >> and i guess is there, like -- i guess, like, a chart. i guess a lot of students are having -- they don't have a lot of people. i know like my school, the day is confirmed already, but other things, there's, like, different dates playing around. we might have june 1 through 2, but other people are saying the 3. is there a chart for people to find when their student graduation state and time are located? >> yes. we're still nailing down all those details, but they will be out shortly, and then, those details will be available for everyone. >> and then, another question i'm getting is is sheer leading
5:15 pm
able to being identified as a sport for in-person practice. >> so i send the message to the student delegate -- to both of you about competitive cheer? and it was something that i need competitive cheer could be set up for practice, and if i missed a reply back or that e-mail got lost in the shuffle, i will send it again around that, but i do follow up with that from the last meeting when this question came up. >> there's an hinesfosters@sfusd, but that's not me. >> okay. i'll follow up and circle back with that information. >> okay. thank you. i don't think i received that e-mail. >> thank you. and lastly, commissioner
5:16 pm
sanchez. >> thank you, president lopez. i just want to express my appreciate against for superintendent and his team for the very hard work that you've been engaged in consistently and sticking to it, and i know that we all -- most of the important, if not all of us, want that secondary grate level opened up, so we really appreciate that focus, as well. the only question i have is around the cast, the suspension around that. i think that's making so many people in our district relieved, not just teachers, but so many leaders, as well. my question is around the lpac. could you just go over that again why we're pursuing that? it's a flawed test, but it's also in covid times just really
5:17 pm
hard to administer? >> so the state or the federal accountability system did not give us the flexibility on the lpac, so that is something that was considered that you have to do as a district. what we tried to do in the sfusd was classification. a priority group that we have identified are students who are english language learners and have not had any assessment for the last two years. so they are the other people that we are prioritizing. we also want to make sure that, you know, instruction doesn't get disturbed. that's the reason we are extending the window up to july 30 so that we could make sure
5:18 pm
we do the answer. >> okay. great. thank you again. >> thank you. and just to clarify with that extension, you -- chief connagh, you said that would be taken care of? >> yes. and even now, the speaking portion of the exam was taken care of by the district. >> okay. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, everyone, for all of your work, your questions, and your continued efforts. we will know be moving onto section f, consent calendar. i need a motion and a second on the consent calendar. >> so moved. >> second. >> second. >> thank you. can we check for public comment
5:19 pm
on the consent calendar? >> i think i'm just waiting for judson. >> i'm sorry, public comment? >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you. >> please raise your hand if you care to speak to any items on the consent calendar this even. and i noticed some hands were already up. >> yeah, they were up for a while, so i'm not certain -- we can still check. >> i'll check, though. how much time would you like to give, president lopez? >> we'll just give two minutes. >> hello, chanel? chanel? hello, betty?
5:20 pm
hello, lawrence. >> hello, again, superintendent matthews, president lopez, and commissioners. i am speaking about these consent items because i'm looking at the eight items that look like change orders relating to the prop a, and they total to $364,733, and as we know, we're not really good with the oversight to that. last meeting, there was about 12 change orders. if this many is possibly not used for the right purpose or
5:21 pm
anything, it's hard to change that going forward, so i'd just like you to consider these items with respect to the bonds. i'll just stop there. >> thank you. hello, gregg. >> thank you, judson. i'd like to speak to item 51 of the consent items, the emergency ventilation. first, it's not an emergency. we've been talking about this since last june. my concern is this emergency ventilation is a blank check, and it's unclear where that spend is coming from. multiple credible sources are telling a lot of people at this point that v.m.t. members and contractors are involved in occupational expenses with
5:22 pm
reopening and being paid off prop a bonds, so i'd like confirmation that this is not going to be a prop a spend. thank you. >> thank you. hello, betty, did you care to this item? okay. i believe that concludes public comment. >> okay. great, thank you. and commissioners, student delegates? commissioner collins? >> yeah, i just -- this isn't a topic for this item, but i just wanted to ask when we might get an update on ventilation as larger topic and just follow up on questions we had around, you know, mechanical ventilation,
5:23 pm
but i know chief nathan was going to be looking into over spring break. >> i can make sure we -- we have a discussion on that to bring it up in the meeting or follow up, that staff has a response. >> thank you. >> okay. and commissioner alexander? >> sorry, yeah, just real quick. i'm just curious about item 51 also. it's basically for the purpose to understand the -- what our needs are -- [inaudible] >> -- it can be a nondead contract, right? i just want to make sure the public understands why that is, that that's the extent of the
5:24 pm
decree? >> commissioner, i'm happy to tag team a response here with general council danielle houck the use of emergency response declarations, but you're right. it allows us to move forward with a dead process and selecting a contractor. in this instance, we are working in a focused manner in particular to try to make sure that we can swap out merv 13 for merv aid filters when directed by the department of public health as well as assessing kind of in the first place what the status of our filters are. [please stand by]
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