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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  April 2, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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sfmta -- at the s.f. c.t.a. board in the month of january, and then in the month of march. so there was a question that was a very logical and reasonable question: why not buy battery/electric vehicles for these 30 buses? currently sfmta have a pilot with three bus manufacturers, and we're going to be buying a total of nine vehicles. and through them we can learn a lot about the maintenance changes, operation changes, charging infrastuctures, and the service dispatching challenges as well. through the initial experiences, we have learned the pga coordination in terms of the response time has not
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been very fast. as of now, the first facility will be ready to support the battery/electric bus compensation will be (indiscernable). you can see the buses that are actually currently in production. those -- these two are the byd and the potrerro. they have an emissions policy, and our commitment is to purchase the battery/electric vehicle in 2025. however, as outlined early, our first facility actually will be ready for supporting the ebus charging for potrero will be in 2025. we had a meeting discussing about the rollout plan, and we're committed to have the next six to nine months and
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open up the dialogues with technical experts in facility and technology, and with policy-makers and an environmental group to determine if 2025 might be a viable path for the ebus procurements. and this table pretty much captures the current items seeking for your approval. and if the item does get approved today, we intend to have to go to the board of supervisors and seeking for approval in the following month. and if everything goes accordingly, we could potentially have the first vehicle delivered in the last quarter of this year, and the remaining buses will be delivered in the first quarter of next year -- 2. that ends my presentation, and i will be happy to answer any questions.
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>> chairman: thank you so much for the presentation. is there a b.l.a. report on this item? >> yes, chair haney and members of the committee. the proposed reservation would ask the board to approve a new contract tuay creative bus sales and sfmta to purchase 32-foot buses. the contract amount is $36.1 million, and this is purchased through the state of georgia procurement. we show the contract expenditures in the table of page four of our report. the total project costs about $36.4 million for actually putting these buses into service. funding has been secured for the city, $6.4 million. and we show the funding sources in the table on page five of our report, and we recommend approval.
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>> chairman: are there any assessments coming from sfmta? >> the assessments were coming from the city attorney there to revise this resolution language. >> chairman: okay. is deputy city attorney pearson with us? >> yes, i am. good morning, chair mar. i'm not familiar with assessments to this resolution. i don't remember having received any. if i'm mistaken, i'm sorry. linda -- >> yes. the amendment was forwarded to the members of these committee, and i believe it was copied to -- you were copied on the e-mail. it was sent yesterday afternoon. >> okay. if you can give me a minute. i don't remember seeing it. was it sent by you, linda?
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>> yes. >> okay. i'm going to pull it up in realtime here. >> chairman: all right. we'll come back to that, supervisor mar? >> thank you, chair haney. thanks for all of your -- thanks for the presentation and all of your work, mr. chang, on this. i'm just -- and i think this all makes sense, given the need to repair or replace the small bus fleet. and that's within -- it sounds like we're not quite ready to go to the full battery/electric vehicles for a bus fleet right now, so the timing doesn't quite work out to pursue a b.p. e. procurement. in the last part of your presentation, you mentioned that the m.t.a. board said there would be
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a six to nine-month process -- i was just wondering what is the expected outcome of that planning process? and would that possibly lead to a decision for us to be become more ready for b.e.b. bus procurement sooner than what is planned? >> sure. and let me try -- thank you for your questions, and let me try to answer that. this current many, right now, our plan, the zero emission policy that we adopted is to have rollout of the battery/electric vehicles in 2025. but as i pointed out, the first facility will be ready to support the battery/electric vehicles in 2027. our planning group and our facility planning group, at this point they are trying to have an open
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dialogue with all of the folks, and then hope we can try to see if we can push it to sooner, to meet the 2025. so at this point, i don't think i have enough information to provide a solid answer, but definitely the plan for the next six to nine months is to open up the dialogue and see if we can actually push that date to 2025. >> got it. and that sounds good. but that would not really change the conditions that were in on the decision around the replacement -- the repair or replacement of these small bus fleets? >> yes. that's right. >> got it. okay. thanks. >> thank you. chair haney, you're muted. >> sorry. >> chairman: madam clerk, can we see if there
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is any public comment on this item, and then we can come back to deputy city pearson. >> clerk: mr. chair, d.t. is checking to see if there are any callers in the cue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment, please press *3. mr. chair, there are no callers in the cue. >> chairman: public comment is now closed. ms. pearson? >> yes, thank you. i've had a chance to find the assessments and review them, and they are not substantive. >> chairman: great. my understanding is they were sort of correcting some things that needed to be changed that were pretty simple within the resolution. colleagues, any other comments on questions? i think, obviously, we're happy to see us moving towards less emissions and
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more hybrid coaches and ones that work better for our city and our operators and generally replace ones that are aging or problematic in various ways. and, of course, doing it in a lower emissions way, while keeping our goal to get to zero emissions and accelerating that process. and i know supervisor melgar was going to be here with us. is she a sponsor? what is her involvement with that? i wasn't entirely clear? >> or is she just supporting? >> she is a sponsor, chair haney. >> chairman: okay. got it. great. all right. with that, any other questions or comments from colleagues? i am going to make a motion to accept the amendments for this item. can we have a roll call on that, please. >> clerk: vice chair
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safai? >> aye. >> clerk: member mar? >> aye. >> clerk: chair haney? >> aye. >> clerk: there are three ayes. >> chairman: and now i want to make a motion to recommend this item to the full board with a positive recommendation as amended. can i have a roll call, please. >> clerk: vice chair safai? >> aye. >> clerk: member mar? >> aye. >> clerk: chair haney? >> aye. >> clerk: there are three ayes. >> chairman: this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. we'll look forward to seeing these out on the street soon enough, as soon as possible. >> thank you. >> chairman: with that, madam clerk, are there any more items before us today? >> clerk: there are no other items on this agenda. >> chairman: great. we'll see you all in a few hours, to get a little more time for lunch today.
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there is no further business in front of us, so this meeting is adjourned. [meeting adjourned at >> good morning. welcome to the march 16th meeting of the treasure island mobility management committee. please call the roll.
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>> commissioner haney. >> present. >> commissioner mandelman. >> present. >> commissioner ronen. >> present. >> chair, we have a quorum. public comment is available for each item by calling 415-655-0001. when prompted enter access code (187)871-1940 and pound pound. once you join you will be able to listen as a participant. to make comment do not press star 3 again or you will be removed. the operator will allow you two
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minutes to speak. calls are taken in order. speak slowly and clearly and turndown your radio or television volume. that concludes my announcements. >> thank you. can you please call the first item. >> item 2. approve minutes december 8, 2020 meeting. action item. >> any questions or comments on the minutes? seeing none. any members of the public to speak on item 2? >> checking the public comment line. i see no public comment. >> public comment is closed. can we have a motion and second on the minutes? >> i move the minutes. >> second. >> moved by mandelman.
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seconded by haney. please call the roll. >> item 2. commissioner haney. >> aye. >> commissioner mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. >> aye. >> there are three ayes, the minutes are approved. >> thank you. please call the next item. >> item 3. recommend acceptance of the audit report for the fiscal year ended june 30, 2020. this is an action item. >> thank you. i will turn it over to carmen and cynthia. >> good morning, commissioner. transportation authority. the financial records to be audited annually by the certified public accounting firm. it is a clean audit with no
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finding or recommendation for improvement. it was in according with generally accepted audat this timing standards. applicable to financial audit in the government standards. it did not exceed the amount in the budget and any unspent budget will be in the amendment presented for approval next month. i am happy to take any questions. >> thank you. i had one question. on page 8 the chart shows acrevenue $1.3 million lower than expected. can you elaborate on that?
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>> so there is a -- let me see. rachel, do you mind helping me out on that project? i believe we delayed to the policy adoption. there is an expenditure we expect to catch up when it is approved by the board. >> you are muted, rachel. >> rachel hyatt.
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>> if turndown your volume. >> i am not sure why i am getting an echo. i am not sure what to do about this. >> thanks, rachel. confirming the response. >> okay. is there anything more on comments? >> that is all. thank you, commissioners. >> thank you so much. i do want to say that and i want to thank you for a clean audit and for your work.
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i mistakenly called her cynthia. she is not here because she is on paternity leave. she was admitted to the hospital yesterday. congratulations. thank you, carmen for your work. any members of the public who want to speak? >> checking for comments on this item. i see none. >> does public comment be is closed. i want to move the audit report. second? >> second by commissioner mandelman. roll call vote, please. >> item 3. commissioner haney. >> aye. >> commissioner mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen.
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>> aye. >> we have three ayes. the motion is approved. >> item 4. recommend authorization of the executive director to execute a master agreement for the receipt of federal aid funds from the california department of transportation and execute program supplemental agreements, cooperative agreements, fund transfer agreements and any agreements there to with caltrans for receipt of $3 million in federal funds for the construction of the treasure island ferry terminal project. this is an action item. >> i will turn it over to you. >> good morning, commissioners. principal management analyst here to present this item.
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this is a routine administrative item to comply with caltran's funding requirements. we are seeking authorization to identify the executive director as person authorized to execute a master funding agreement between timma and caltrans to enable timma to seek and receive federal funds from california trans for the first time. when we have the agreement signed the ferryboat discretionary funds from california tran which was originally passed through from federal highway administration $3 million for the construction of the treasure island ferry terminal project. as requested by the tida they have agreed to accept funds as the sponsoring agency.
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it allows us to seek and receive other federal grants as tmma instead of county transportation authority. it seeks approval to authorize executive director to accept the discretionary funds for the ferry terminal project in conjunction with the development of the former naval station treasure island which used to be a military base. it is being carried out through public private partnership led by tida and partner treasure island community development to provide the 20% local match to the grant. construction will take place about 21 months to complete with a projected completion date of december 2023. this is a rendering of the
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completed project. the former military base will be transformed into a new mixed use transit oriented neighborhood and regional destination. the $3 million federal fundings will fund construction of the improvements for the ferry terminal including shelter, viewing and pick up areas. this project is one of the various transportation projects under development on treasure island. they are showing future transit service to san francisco including new ferry to san francisco. i can take any questions you have on the master funding agreement and we have project staff available to answer project related questions. thank you. >> i have a few questions.
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one question i had is why it took so long from the awarding of the funds to accept them. my understanding this is from a long time ago. can you talk about the length of time here? >> sure. we thought the grant was granted through city agencies with master agreements with caltrans. that didn't happen. now at tida's request to lead the implementation of the ferry terminal improvements. >> essentially we thought t usa was going to do this. they didn't do this so tima is taking it over. is it changing the roll that tima is playing? if tidh had received the funds
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as expected i imagine that may be the roles would be different? accepting the funds from tida is that changing the role of timma in the ferry development, ferry facilities or anything like that? >> i think this question may be answered by our project team. >> hi. i am the assistant deputy director for capital projects. i believe that our role would be consistent with what our role would have been if tida received the fundings. we will work with the developer on the process of federalizing the funds and enabling the
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construction of the work done with the $3 million which could be as we mentioned a number of different parts of the facility. waiting areas, shelter areas, ticketing areas. our role as management of that activity would have been the same either way. >> can i add to the answer there? i am deputy director of tima. our role has always been to help deliver the ferry service. we have been focused on the service itself. to the extent we can help develop the terminal that is consistent with delivering the overall service. we will lead the implementation. we are the construction agency for this project. that is an expansion offer what
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was originally envisioned. it is consistent with delivering the new ferry service as identified in the treasure island improvement plan. >> can you clarify the role of the developer here? the 20% local match provided by the developer. the developer was responsible for more of that when it comes to building the ferry terminal? what is their role? >> they will be meeting that match requirement. that is something that is because they are building out the rest of the terminal which greatly exceeds the 20% on the $3 million. the local match requirement is easily met.
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>> correct. the work the developer has put into the ferry terminal is on the order of 20 to $30 million, which obviously, far exceeds the 20% match. most of that work is complete. some is still to be completed. then we would do this $3 million worth of work. >> are there any questions or comments from colleagues? can you go to public comment on this item. >> checking for public comment. if you would like to comment on this item press star 3. i see no public comment for this item. >> public comment is now closed. unless there is any final additional comments, i want to
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move this item. i want to pass item 4. if we can have a second. >> second mandelman. >> madam clerk roll call vote, please. >> item 4. commissioner haney. >> aye. >> commissioner mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. >> aye. >> there are three ayes, the motion is approved. >> thank you. appreciate you all and your work. can you please call item 5. >> committee meet. recommend approval of the treasure island multi operator transit pass study and final report and add adoption of a design framework for the treasure island multi operator
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transit pass. this is a action item. >> hello commissioners, senior transportation planner at the san francisco county transportation authority. i will present the treasure island design framework and final report. this is an action item. i will provide an overview of the transit pass that we have designed, describe our recommendations and propose transit price staff and share schedule and next step for this study. the treasure island transportation implementation plan adopted in 2011 provides a program to minimize added traffic to the bay bridge and
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improve alternate means of noticeability. it calls for transit first including new regional transit and ferry service and east bay bus transit. residents of market rate households will receive a transit pass every month as part of homeowners to provide more detail in the presentation. it includes tools to discourage driving in busy period. the revenue combined the purchases and fares and developer contributions will pay for the new regional transit. we are two performance goals. first half the trip on and off the island made by transit and the program raises revenues needed to pay for planned
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regional transit level. to achieve these two goals we want to design a transit pass program to meet transit usage easy and seamless and affordable for residents, workers and visitors. as this is showing treasure island will have multiple modes including ac transit and service from treasure island to the san francisco ferry building and shuttle service. with multiple transit modes and operators there will be multiple fares and retail pass option. to support the program goals, minimize driving and maximize transit we designed the transit pass program to incentivize users to take muni or ferry or transit to meet travel needs. the goal is to encourage
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travelers to take transit. treasure island transportation plan identified two user groups as part of the program. first, one pass per market rate house they would the residents purchase through hoa or homeowners dues and one for the hotel room the visitors purchase as part of the hotel fee. as part of the study we included these groups and expanded to include two new groups including the households and treasure island workers. we included to make sure the pass is accessible to everyone on the island and using transit is seemless for everyone. as we begin the study we looked at multiple transit passes across the bay area institutional as well as
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publicly available. first is the gator pass available for san francisco state university students. this pass provides access on muni local routes as well as discounted transfer on the city bart station. students pay as part of their tuition. second option we looked at car free living program where residents receive $100 credit for transportation usage. they are able to spend the credit on clipper cards or uber or cars such as get around. we looked amount the ac transit easy pass program where alameda count enrolled employers at discounted rate. then we looked at the two retail pass available for anyone that is ac transit transbay pass and
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muni m&a fast pass. muni past pass pass the local bart station. we learned that transit pass should encourage transit and be affordable. based on this finding and to achieve overall timma goal we developed five goals for this study. first is provide maximum transit usage. to make sure that travelers that are living and working on treasure island have a product they can use as they -- for their daily trip on transit. make transit affordable for residents and workers by providing a discount. enhance the experience through
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different modes and transfer policies. implementation visibility. we wanted to design a product implemented with the launch of the overall program that includes transit services. the financial sustainability we want a program that is able to cover ongoing operating and add min costs. we have done multiple public outreach on treasure island. we presented at variation events including open housing, food pantry, committee meetings, and residents and focus groups. in public we first received feedback on what features of transit pass would be useful for existing residents and worker. we heard the product easy to use in multiple modes so one doesn't
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think about different costs or fares would be one useful app. the second is transit pass should be affordable. third, it should be easy to obtain where one doesn't have to go through multiple eligibility to receive this pass. we incorporated in our analysis and brought back two options for public input. one is clipper credit one can use in any modes that accept clipper. second is multi operator pass to include all transit modes accessing treasure island. residents and workers have preferred a pass since it is accepted in multiple modes. it simplifies tears and costs and has an affordability
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feature. first is the path structure. we recommend clipper. it will provide unlimited trips on and off treasure island. that include easy transit local routes and the ferry route that connects treasure islands to san francisco ferry building. this pass will be institution product. it will be only available to treasure island workers and residents. second is the user group. one pass titan had specified this will be one pass per market rate household that is mandatory. market rate household residents will pay for this pass-through hoa dos. for all other residents this
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pass will be optional. this will be an optional pass for treasure island workers. it will be a market rate household where we as timma work to distribute the has as well to manage the pass. the third part is hotel visitors. as tida specified the hotel visitor will receive a transit pass and visitor pass will be launched with treasure island hotel. visitors will receive a credit on clipper or on mobile app to
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use it for travel. this means they can travel from san francisco airport to treasure island on transit using their transit pass. this pass price will be determined at later time. proposed pass cost. this is not part of the recommendation today. we have the cost for analysis purposes the pass cost is 125 to $150 monthly. as i mentioned earlier affordable transit pass will be determined with timma overall affordability program. we did study 50% discount. we determined the price through understanding the retail available products such as ac transit, transbay pass and muni
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multi pass as well as understood what group it caused us to receive the sustainability. the final pass price adopted after we adopt the ac transit and ferry fare. when we know the fare of those two new routes we will be able to specify what this pass will cost and we will recommend this pass price and seek for your approval at that time. we are also working on developing pass trice adjustment principles. the two we are considering. one inflation rate. as years go bypass price will be adjusted to reflect annual inflation rate. two, transit service to make sure transit pass is reflecting the available transit benefits that are treasure island. if we increase transit services,
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transit pass price will reflect that increase. >> we are working with revenue sharing and ec transit and ferry adoption this year. based on the fare adoption we will be back to the timma committee for transit pass price early next year. throughout this process we are working with m.t.c. and clipper to make sure as clipper is updated the features are included. we are coordinating on that front. we will be working on the plan later this year to next year, throughout next year. transit pass test and launch
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will happen with on overall program launch in 2023. the three recommendations we have today this pass will be approval options that pass time report, adoption of transit pass design framework including the structure that is a three operator pass. this will be available to treasure only residents or visitors and transit pass subsidized for the future market rate residents and workers. i conclude my presentation. >> thank you so much. thank you for your work on this. this is very exciting anchor
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part of the transportation plan for the island. i appreciate the due diligence in examining the models and coming forward for the recommends. affordability and convenience and accessibility. one thing i was hoping you might clarify for the public is the timeline of the anticipated ferry service for when it will start, which i know we are working hard to expedite the ac transit service starting 25, muni expansion, on island ferry the start date when folks start moving in so people have a sense of the timeline of these transit options and connection to the transit pass.
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>> sure. we are looking to start the program pending funding in june of 2023. that would include the ferry, east bay service as well as muniwill happen as the developmt goes on. i have the project manager rachel hyatt to add to that answer. >> that is correct. this is rachel hyatt, assistant deputy for planning. that is correct. all of the transit services are planned to the new transit services are planned to launch in mid 2023. that is the same time this transit pass program was launched and the toll would launch. there was a question about muni services. that exists today.
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it is called to expand milestones in the development rollout identified in the development agreement. those service expansions we will depend on muni to fund and execute those expansions. timma is responsible for ensuring the ferry, new east bay service and the on island shuttle launch together at the timeframe we are working with now. tida is mid 2023. >> to rachel's answer there, i wanted to mention we are working with weda on m.o.u. for the next month or two. water emergency ferry agency.
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they offer the ferry services. we are going to see if we might accelerate the ferry service to before june of 2023. the schedule is for the service to be there at least by the midyear of 2023. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions or comments? none. can we open this up to public comment, please. >> checking for public comment on item 5. if you would like to comment press star 3 now. i see no one in the queue. there is no public comment. >> public comment is closed. can we -- i will move this item
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number 5. is there a second? >> second. mandelman. roll call vote, please. >> item 5. commissioner haney. >> aye. >> commissioner mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. >> aye. >> we have three ayes. the motion is approved. >> thank you so much for your work. greatly appreciate it and look forward to seeing this move forward and happen. thanks for your great work. please call item 6. >> outreach update. this is an information item. toll policy outreach update. >> mr. young and deputy director hyatt. >> good morning. eric young, director of communications to present this
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item. let me share my screen. >> what i am going to describe is the outreach we have prepared to support further development of the toll exemption for treasure island residents, and toll policy for businesses and low income employees on treasure island. here is our timeline and activities that we have planned for outreach. you will see we have parallel tracts outreach. one on residents and one on
5:49 am
businesses and employees. i will start on the right-hand side marked residents. next week we will conduct a survey of treasure island residents asking what method they prefer to exempt from the toll. fast track or license plate method. that will be going out in the mail and available online. in april we are going to analyze what we learn to help finalize work on the treasure island resident exemption policy. and in may we may bring the residential toll policy to timma committee. now, i am going to go to the center of the slide marked businesses and employees. i will lead you through that work. this month we reached out to the
5:50 am
treasure island organizing committee to follow up with that group to respond to a number of questions that they had about toll implementation, transit service timeline, residential development timeline, accounting for the pandemic effects on travel patterns and public input opportunities. by april we would like to offer co-creation with business owners and employees to program options dealing with the toll policy. just by way of explanation. when i say co-creation i am referring to interactive workshops where agency staff lead attendees to a series of questions and activities as a way to solicit feedback. these will be done virtually. in may we want to synthesize what we learn from that
5:51 am
co-creation. in june we would like to come back to the timma committee to ask you to consider adoption of policies dealing with the business. >> did we lose eric? [ inaudible ] >> on treasure island to the downtown congestion pricing. that is in parallel. [ inaudible ]
5:52 am
>> you were cut off, eric. let me just repeat. you were cut off. >> eric was saying in june we will conduct co-creation with businesses, employees and residents for the downtown san francisco congestion pricing study. that study will undergo a city-wide outreach in may and june. we will also reach treasure island residents with that. we are doing that toeing with -- doing that toeing with consideration of treasure island
5:53 am
policies. >> was there more? >> eric has a couple more slides. it was an announcement that the week of march 22 is the week we expect the resident survey to arrive in folks mailboxes. we will conduct social media outreach to public size that. there will be a mail version with an envelope to be returned or folks can go online with a link to fill it out that way. march 22 is the week those will
5:54 am
arrive and will be live online. he had one last slide. that is what the survey will look like. one more slide to show the other ways that we are planning on outreach. we have been working with the tida cab members to organize an april 3 town hall and we are partnering to publicize that. we will also publicly size the survey on social media and to the folks who signed up for the e-mail list. that concludes the update. >> one thing to underscore in terms of communication with the
5:55 am
survey. there are a lot of island residents that aren't yet aware that they are going to be exempted and have some confusion or uncertainty around that, even some of the residents that are very informed are not clear about this. to be aware as they receive the survey this might be something they are learning for the first time in some cases. it should be made as explicit as possible that is the case and all we want to learn here is how to actualize that exemption. i don't want this to lead to a whole new wave of confusion and concern and anxiety and fear of the impact of the toll because they believe they are now asked about certain things.
5:56 am
i just want to be clear and i am sure you are going about this to know, yes, this is a survey but in some ways a notification this they will be exempted from the toll and we frame that appropriately. i don't think there has been a widespread mass to everyone. it is through word of mouth and in meetings. this is a full island wide communication letting them know this is the case. with that colleagues any questions or comments? seeing none. we will open this up for public comment, please. >> chair there is no public comment for this item.
5:57 am
>> thank you for your work. public comment is closed. i want to -- well, we don't have to move anything. this is informational. we will come back to hear this again. this will be a big part of our work moving forward as we finalize and determine the various aspects of the toll policy. thank you so much for your work. next item, please. >> 7. internal accounting report for the 6 months ending december 31, 2020. this is an information item. >> thank you, commissioner. december 31, 2020 total asset amounts $1.7 million relayed to advance transportation and congestion management and also from tida. total liability $618,500.
5:58 am
we anticipate $1.1 million of program revenues. we earned $761,494 revenue. spent $587,294 for personnel expenditure in the second quarter. the budget and expenditure was in budget continuing to progress. the budget is to update in the midyear. we expect to see board approval in if the quarter of the fiscal year. i am happy to take any questions. >> thank you. any kepts? kept comments? seeing none. we will open up for public comment. >> if you would like to comment press star 3 now. there is no one for public
5:59 am
comment. >> public comment is now closed. this was an informational item. thank you so much, controller for your work. will you please call the next item. >> item 8. introduction of new items. this is an information item. >> before i turn it over to commissioner ronen who wanted to introduce this. i want to thank commissioners ronen and mandelman for serving on this committee this year and for their close collaboration and involvement in the important work of supporting treasure island residents and the future of the island and transportation access and affordability. i appreciate your time. i know you are busy people.
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we greatly appreciate it. commissioner ronen. >> thank you so much, chair haney. it is a pleasure to be on this committee. i appreciate the time to speak in honor of halstad who passed away on saturday. she will be remembered for many years of public service, roles on commissions and boards and open space preservation. supervisor peskin will introduce to the full board memory today. i wanted to remember her at timma. ann had a long history of working with treasure island. i worked with her on the transportation commission and served on the military base